Meditate your way to a new relationship between Self and Food

thepowerofhabitUpdate! I wrote after New Year’s about the sometimes-infuriating power of HABIT. At the time, I was turning right, instead of left, 95% of the time when I got to the top of my street. The city put a new through-street in, but years of having to go the other way controlled my brain for many weeks.

That week that I posted my goal, I was turning the quick way, the way that doesn’t waste gas and time, 80% of the time! Immediately!

And, no offense to Matthew (who loves pain as a change agent), I didn’t even have to snap my pony tail elastic  on my wrist every time I went the wrong direction. (His idea.)

It’s the power of INTENTION. And WRITING DOWN YOUR GOALS. I wrote here, in this public place, about my previous failure and what I want for the future, and that deepened my intention. Now I’m virtually always remembering to turn left.

(My other dumb New Year’s resolution was to completely give up gum. I know, it’s New Year’s Resolutions, not Lent. But I don’t think gum chewing is good, so I ditched it, cold turkey, bye-bye. So far, so good.) State your intention here of a change you want to make, and maybe that will help you shift!goals

12 Steps to Whole Foods is the how and why of the best nutritional practices in the world. Habits and recipes and how-to that leads to youthfulness, longevity, ideal weight, healthy digestion, and optimal energy.

We arm you with best practices, and 1,000 recipes in every category imaginable. But until we address your heart and mind, we’ve won only half the battle.

The fact is, we mistreat only things we do not value. What conclusion, then, do we draw from the fact that many people—most, in fact—abuse and sabotage our bodies daily?

We live in a culture where we are bombarded with images to compare ourselves to. Movie stars, models, airbrushed falsehoods. We’re given a very narrow range of physical characteristics that are socially desirable.

12_Steps_CourseIt’s no wonder so many turn away, in despair, and self-medicate with terrible food. Food that accelerates aging, spikes our disease risk, packs on 20 lbs or more, and makes us feel terrible.

The 12 Steps Meditations is a companion to the 12 Steps Course. But we offer it separately, unlike some of the pieces in the course, because it is my love letter to you.

It is intended to help you rethink and resolve your issues with living inside your body.

Through repetition, and a loving voice, I want you to shift your beliefs towards a love for the beautiful temple that houses your amazing spirit. Only then can you begin to make wise daily choices, within our 12 Steps program, to honor that temple.

I worked on these meditations for nearly two years. And finally I collaborated with my dear friend, a professional voice talent and a phenomenal musician, Carolyn Lundberg, who recorded them, set to beautiful, inspiring music.meditation love

Please listen to them every day, in your car or on your iPod. Let the complete redesign of your psyche, regarding how you view yourself and your body, take place over a short time.

This is the most singular “labor of love” I have created to date, among many information products. Creating them with Carolyn was a very emotional experience. I hope you are profoundly changed for the better by these meditations. My intent is to honor the divine in you, my friend.

LOCALS: Roxberry giving you $1 off my green smoothies the rest of March

roxberry juiceIf you live anywhere near Highland or American Fork, our friends Mark and Holly Jackman at ROXBERRY are giving you $1 off your green smoothie just for mentioning you’re a GreenSmoothieGirl reader. (I believe that only two of their green smoothies are my recipes, GreenSmoothieGirl Classic and Custom, so ask for those.)

It’s a great way to expend zero effort—they even have a drive-thru, or you can call in your order!—getting 10 or more servings of greens and fruit in roxberry or bustyour daily diet couldn’t be easier.

Roxberry Highland is 5406 W 11000 N        Roxberry American Fork is 484 N 950 W

Boycotting Hershey

food democracyYou might know I’m a huge fan of Food Democracy Now.

They’re an articulate organization devoted to exposing the tactics of Monsanto and Dow, et. al. They worked to support farmers attacked by Monsanto, whose agenda is to alter and control all the seed in the world. Food Democracy Now worked tirelessly for Proposition 37, to require food labeling laws to tell us what’s in our food.

kiss herseyDid you know Hershey’s, our nation’s biggest chocolate company, gave more than half a million dollars to Monsanto to help defeat that bill? Americans are still in the dark about where the genetically modified foods are.

Hershey’s chocolate? No surprise, chock full of GMO.

Please sign your support for the boycott HERE.

winners of the Zukay Kvass Live drinks giveaway

veggie-bioticThree alert GreenSmoothieGirl readers won a whole case of raw, live Zukay Kvass drinks, congratulations!


Jana Anderson, Wyoming

Candy Nichols, Utah

Rachel Langan, Pennsylvania

Kvass line upAnd we had 10 winners getting a free bottle:

Elizabeth Fiorentino, North Carolina

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It’s not to late to go “like” Zukay on facebook and get a coupon, including one for a free bottle at your local retailer. Thanks, Zukay! I love your products!

Live kvass drinks giveaway today!

Kvass line upZukay Live Foods sent me some of all their Kvass products to try. What’s kvass? You ferment organic, raw vegetables, and then you make juice out of it.

Cultured-food habits, and gut health, is what I teach in Step 8 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. Eating live, fermented probiotic-rich foods is the BEST way to restore the health of your gut. People have used natural fermentation processes, to preserve raw vegetables, for centuries in many cultures of the world, before cooking and canning came along! Kvass is a Russian tradition.

I sometimes talk about good, better, and best foods. This one ranks in the BEST category, nutritionally! Scale of 1 to 10? This product is a 10! Not only is it organic, raw, and probiotic, but it’s full of digestive enzymes, too—more than plain vegetable juice, more than a salad, even more than a green smoothie, due to the fermentation process.

Eating live, probiotic foods is critical if you have Leaky Gut Syndrome (millions of people have it and are undiagnosed), if you have Crohn’s or IBS, or just have gas or bloating. If you’ve been on antibiotics anytime in the last few decades. If you take meds. If you have eaten hybridized grains (all wheat not labeled as organic) or genetically modified foods (nearly all corn and soy). If you see yourself in this paragraph at all, you need to get DAILY probiotic cultured (fermented) foods in your diet to restore healthy digestion.

Scott Graybek and Family
Scott Grzybek and Family

I LOVE ZUKAY’S STUFF! The founder, Scott Grzybek, makes all the lacto-fermented vegetable juiciness in rural Pennsylvania.

I’ve arranged for the first THREE of you to write us your NAME and PHYSICAL ADDRESS at, to get a CASE of 6 Kvass drinks of your choice.

Don’t write if you aren’t interested in fermented foods and love CRAZY-AWESOME nutrition. If you’re a newbie just dipping your toe into the green smoothie concept, adding very little green and lots of agave, and if you make a scrunchy nose at the word “fermented” and get it confused with “rotten”….this product isn’t for you.

It’s a product the uber-crunchy and the open-minded and the “I’m willing to try anything good for me” folks will love. Tastes like vegetables, but TART.

And the next 10 runners-up will get a free bottle of your choice, shipped to you. Anyone who doesn’t win can “like” Zukay on facebook and then write, to get a coupon book.

veggie-bioticIf Maria or Amy writes you back, it’s because you’re a winner! (If not, sorry, watch the blog for giveaways in the future, and be quick about it!)

Maria and Amy will forward your email to Zac at Zukay to hook you up with your freebies, if you’re a winner, and we’ll post the winners here later. has a store locator, to show you where you can buy, or I just got some cases online, myself, HERE. Bottoms up! Thank you, Zukay, for sharing with my readers.

Tomorrow GreenSmoothieGirl is ALL NEW!

Today at noon, freezes. No blog comments approved after then. For 24 hours.

We’ve been working, since March, on a complete, total overhaul. It was a nice starter site 5 years ago, but it was patched together with chewing gum and baling wire as we grew to have up to 100,000 visitors monthly.

We have an amazing new site. (Only six months past the due date, and $60,000 over budget. INSERT DRAMATIC STRANGLING SOUNDS.)

It will go live TOMORROW AT NOON MST. Check it out then. Check out Events, and Coaching, this Blog, and the Store, especially!

We. Are. So. Pumped.

Like many good things, it has been a saga of drama and stress that is FINALLY going to be worth it. To be honest, it has dominated my 2012, and has made it the hardest year of my career to date.

It started when a long-time GSG reader, Jason, approached us with a 27-page proposal for a radically better site. We fell in love with the proposal, and him. We met and agreed to the budget. In September, two months past the deadline he had promised, he dumped it back in our lap, one-quarter finished and way over budget.

Actually, he didn’t dump it back in our lap. He locked us out of it, and demanded we pay a big ransom to get it.

What ensued was one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Luckily, the law of karma can be trusted, and integrity prevailed. We were able to obtain the assets and start again.

A group of high-end developers, BlueChannel, who read my newsletter and got the S.O.S., came to our rescue. They are not cheap. But they are uncommonly competent developers and communicators, and we finally have a site to show for all the work and worry.

I had told the original developer, “Please don’t do this if you can’t nail the July 4 deadline you’ve proposed. The worst thing in the world, for us, would be to find ourselves NOT done with the new site, as we launch our coaches, and go into the Group Buy.”

But that is precisely what happened, and we have struggled through having to double-develop, for six months now: on the existing site, and the new one we were building behind a firewall.

GSG represents my 10,000 hours of expertise that I contribute to the world, and so I am infinitely grateful to those who rescued us from calamity and helped me breathe new life into it. I am thankful for GSG reader and our webmaster of 18 months, Marianne, for her dependable help, too.

Thank you to Paul, Karen, Mick, Jeff, and Liz at BlueChannel. Thank you to Jason, too, another GSG reader with the same name as the first developer who put us in a terrible situation. New Jason has jumped in as our newest webmaster…..

……so we can put AWESOME NEW CONTENT UP ALL THE TIME. We’re ramping it up around here. We have the BEST DETOX PROGRAM in the world, coming soon. And a cancer site devoted to educating the world about non-toxic treatment options. I will continue to speak in 50 cities a year. I’ve got a lot to do in 2013. This slowed us down…..but not forever.

Check us out tomorrow after noon!

what’s the best humanitarian cause EVER?

Congrats to these GreenSmoothieGirls who won three free products from! They jumped right on it when we posted the last giveaway blog about non-toxic deodorant.

DeAndra Jarboe, Watauga, TX

Ashley Hardy of Springfield MO

Elizabeth Fiorentino of Durham, NC

Do you know a great charitable cause? Something that helps people help themselves? Something innovative, and preferably related to health? Something that doesn’t have bloated administrative overhead? U.S. based?

When we launch the Detox (January? I hope hope hope! But maybe February)….I’m going to give $1 for EVERY pound everyone loses, to the best causes I can find. And $5 to those causes, for every testimonial you write us, about your experience with the Detox.

That way we’re ALL “releasing” not just weight, but TOXINS—bye-bye forever! And funding things that change the world, at the same time.

We’ve had about 35 beta testers of the GSG Detox program now. It’s a 26-days program, and everything is detailed for you: daily diet and habits, recipes, shopping lists, lots of info if you want to know WHY you’re doing all this.

Two levels to participate at, one for beginners, and one for the hard-core.

Everyone has lost between 7 and 20 lbs. My daughter and I were the only ones who lost only 7 lbs. More importantly, my beta testers reported their joints are free of inflammation, their head is clear, they need less sleep, their mood is positive, and they universally report feeling AMAZING.

Well. Matthew did report a few days of feeling homicidal, because he wanted to eat peanut butter. Or I don’t even know why he said that. I just tried to stay out of his way. You know how skinny people are. They’re not used to being deprived of anything.

Anyway, the point is we are VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT! Stay tuned around here and we’ll make a BIG DEAL about it when it’s ready. Every day you get a video or conference call with a detox-expert doctor on a different related topic. You get my coaches’ help (they helped test it!). You get a forum to talk with others participating. You get an email from me every day. You get a complete manual with all the recipes, information, shopping lists, and supporting information and science.

So back to the charities. I love Food Democracy Now, an organization that educates and fights against Monsanto, and fights for labeling laws so that we know what’s in our food, so we can eventually overturn the power that Monsanto has. My dream is that we stop genetically modifying our foods. At a minimum, tell consumers what’s in their food so we can OPT OUT!

That’s something I’m passionate about, where some of our dollars should go.

Tell me, WHERE ELSE? I intend to give thousands of dollars to some great places, starting in 2013! GreenSmoothieGirl staff will check out any U.S.-based humanitarian cause you send us to.

We are hiring! (Utah County locals only)

We work too much!

We need a LOCAL (Utah County) Site Director’s Assistant, starting at $12/hour, 20 hours per week, 4 hours a day. In my Lindon home office.

Kristin needs someone smart, self-starting, dependable, accountable, intuitive, easy to get along with, a multi-tasking wizard, a problem solver, not easily offended (we don’t offend people, but it’s a core value around here to check our egos at the door for the sake of our work).

She’s hiring someone reasonably experienced on a computer (spreadsheets, email, internet research), with good written and verbal communication skills (I love English majors), and free of kid duty at least 20 hours a week.

If you want more hours, that is entirely possible, so let us know how much you want to work.) Someone with kids in school (if you have any) is perfect, and if you have the flexibility to work MORE hours sometimes, that’s helpful too. If you’re AWESOME, this could end up being a full-time, salaried job, so tell us how many hours you want to work.

Some of the work is kinda physical (like loading the car when we do classes), so we need someone physically healthy and lively.

You’ll be making my travel arrangements, running errands, helping run the Detox program, working with Kristin on forecasts, orders, inventory, working with vendors, research, site testing, making phone calls, working with our coaches, helping with newsletters and posting blogs, and just lots of other tasks. Maybe traveling with me to run events, if your talents fit that. LOTS of room to grow in our little tribe of incredible, cause-oriented people.

Apply if you love our mission. Don’t apply because you think we’d be fun to hang out with—because when we’re workin’, man, we are HEAD DOWN. We’re fun AFTER HOURS!

We give annual reviews with raises and lots of love and appreciation for competence, and we have a great mission to be a part of that changes people’s lives—and you get to see that everywhere we go, which is a rush!

We want your emotional maturity, flexibility, and caring enough about what we do to help generate ideas and really contribute. In exchange, this whole team is kind, fair, inclusive, authentic, and talented.

Some days we don’t care when you put in the hours, between 8-6 daily, and some days you can work from home. Sometimes we may have special needs and may ask for specific hours. So, it’s helpful if you’re flexible in that 8-6 window.

If you’re the right person for the job, tell why. Send a resume and tell us about you, in a detailed email!

I almost go Dumpster diving in Malaga, Spain


I finally know what my Spanish minor in college is good for. (Okay, I didn’t actually finish it. I got to 300-level classes, couldn’t get A’s competing with classrooms full of Mormon returned missionaries who were immersed in the language for 2 years. I dropped it, for a quick-and-painless Poli Sci minor.)

My trip to Malaga, Spain was an epic adventure, and not in a good way. Speaking Spanish (rather pathetically) wasn’t just handy, but critical.

The morning after we landed, I went for a run and got lost. Thanks to the fact that every road twists and turns and lasts only 100 yards before it meanders 20 degrees and becomes a different street name altogether. I run everywhere, all over the world, and haven’t ever been lost before. I supposed I was due for it.

Two hours of wandering later, I’m supposed to be at the clinic meeting Dr. Jenkins. I don’t have my cell phone with me, or any money. I have no recall of the address of the flat we’re staying at, not a street name, nada.

Instead I find a police station: no phone number to call, and three policia have taken my photo, vital stats, and interviewed me. I’m totally humiliated and stressed, with tears welling up in my eyes.

Fortunately I know enough Spanish to NOT say “Estoy embarazada,” which doesn’t mean “I’m embarrassed.” It means, “I’m pregnant.”

Finally I get back. (Turns out I was two blocks from home. Even more embarrassing.)

Unfortunately, I go in the apartment building next DOOR to mine, can’t figure out why 6D doesn’t look anything like I remember, and have to walk to the Budwig Clinic to find out that there are TWO identical apartment buildings side-by-side. I meet Dr. Jenkins with a tear-stained face, no makeup, in running clothes. To ask him and his staff what the problem is, that I cannot find the apartment I was dropped off at, the night before.

I tell Dr. Jenkins I’ll be back in an hour, cleaned up. For the rest of our visit to Spain, Shari tells me, to make me feel better, “This town is SO easy to get lost in!”

On our way, we’ve come through Charles de Gaulle airport, with only a 45-minute layover, and have to sprint, inasmuch as one can sprint, dragging a carry-on with wheels. They hold the gate for us, luckily. But unluckily, our luggage never makes it. Not for THREE DAYS. The Malaga airport gives us a toothbrush and a white t-shirt. We spend three days hand-washing our only set of clothes, hanging them on our balcony to dry, and sleeping naked.

Travel lesson learned: take a change of clothes in carry-ons, if you’re checking a bag. I’ve always heard that before, but now I’m actually going to DO it.

Trying to leave Spain, later, having finally just gotten our luggage, we’re dropped off at the airport to learn that all the pilots in the country have gone on strike today. We’re forced to get on an Iberian Airlines plane for $2,000 to Germany, in order to be at the next clinic, late that night, and we will sit in airports in Malaga and Madrid, waiting all day.

We arrive in Germany and find the bad luck hasn’t left us. The prearranged driver isn’t there, so we have to take a $200 taxi ride, driven by Ahmet the chain-smoking Jihadist….to a clinic in a tiny little town, population 50, where our “hotel” turns out to be dark, closed, and locked.

But back to Spain. In the ill-fated Malaga airport, a nationwide strike isn’t our only challenge.

I’d bought a $65 carryon bag with roller wheels, because my Nike bag was killing my shoulder. In the U.S., I have Gold Medallion status and Delta looks the other way at my too-heavy suitcases. In Europe? Forget it. No forgiveness.

One ounce over, and they have you opening your suitcase in front of God and Everybody and pulling out all the heavy stuff, to carry it in whatever’s on your shoulder.

Turns out the $65 bag is a P.O.S. That’s short for “Piece of Sh**,” if you didn’t know. Two airports and the thing is falling apart already. Drags on the ground, hard to pull.

I break down buy a nice $350 Samsonite carry-on set in a luggage shop in the airport, and I ditch the P.O.S. bag in the middle of the airport.

Two hours later, having gone through security, sitting at the gate reading a book, I remember that all my cash for the trip was in the P.O.S. bag I abandoned. $1,000. In a tiny little zippered compartment.

Keep in mind I just had to fork over $2,000 to get us to Germany. Through Madrid. At midnight. Plus the overpriced luggage.

I’m grumpy.

I tear off through the airport, back to the scene of the abandoned bag.


Lost and Found? “No lo tengo!” they say.

Ah, la policia in Malaga! Otra vez! Geez, these guys won’t be sorry to see me leave the country.

They gather around and make calls and find out that an officer found my P.O.S. bag abandoned and threw it away. The head of Security hangs out with me, while two officers go into the bowels of the airport, where apparently a Dumpster contains the P.O.S. bag I refer to as “mi maleta roja,” since I do not know the translation for “piece of sh*@.”

The chief of airport security is no novice at discovery. He grills me. In Spanish of course:

Chief: So, you left the bag in the airport on purpose?

Me: Yes.

Chief: And it was empty.

Me: Yes.

Chief: But you want it back now?

Me: Yes.

Chief: Why?

Me: Because it has something in it that I need.

Chief: We looked through it. It was empty.

Me: Yes Except in one small part.

(You see what I’m doing here? I’m giving as little information as possible. He’s good, though, and isn’t going to let it go despite my dodginess.)

Chief: Ah. And what is it you are missing?

(You can see his curiosity is very high at this point. And it’s at this exact moment the elevator doors open and two officers walk toward me, holding out the P.O.S. red bag.)

Me: Dinero!

I open the bag and all 3 men peer into it with me, as I unzip a tiny pocket and pull out a folded stack of $100 bills. Their eyes get VERY WIDE.

I thank them and shake their hands. The $2,000 on the airfare, the $65 and then $435 luggage, losing half a day sitting in the airport….all my annoyance is gone. Instead I’m high on recovering something that was lost.

I’m feeling lucky that we’ve escaped a strike. Add that to my other travel adventures in recent years: outrunning a landslide, a fire, two hurricanes, and an earthquake. As my friend Laura says,

“Either things turn out well, or they make a great story later.”

Looked at from that angle, “It’s all good,” verdad?


What baby sleeps on. And why it matters.

sleeping babyYou do it 8 hours a day, if you’re the average American.  I do it 6 hours, since I converted to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. It’s all I need.

Sleep. We think about it very little. Many Americans have accepted that even though they do so much of it, they rarely feel rested.

The idea you need 8 hours is based on American averages. Most people are eating heavy, toxic food for dinner and need an extra two hours to recover, because their bodies are working overtime while they sleep. Instead of RESTING.

I’ve become a real believer in the role a mattress plays in the quality of sleep received. I used to sleep on this crappy Craft-Matic bed.  My dad worked for them and got it for me, free. The only good thing I have to say about it is that it was nice to have for the 6 days I didn’t walk, after my ATV accident in June 2011. Because I could move it up and down to get out of bed, when I was in excruciating pain with two broken ribs and a bruised kidney.

I used to look forward to getting away on my business travels, where the Marriott and Hyatt beds let me sleep far better than I did at home.

Now it’s the exact opposite. I now dread sleeping in even high-end hotels, because my IntelliBED at home is so awesome.

Lots of you took advantage of the group buy we did on IntelliBED last month. (Right now they’re letting us leave it open: check out the webinar we did with IntelliBED founder Bob Rasmussen. And check out the deal you can’t get anywhere else, just for GSG readers, HERE.)

The webinar covers how sleep is affected by the support and comfort that the mattress gives, and we talked about toxicity in a mattress. Did you know your mattress off-gasses? I didn’t know either! Did you know baby mattresses do, too, and that research suggests a link to SIDS?

We talked mostly on the webinar about adult mattresses.  Today let’s talk about what babies sleep on.

It took me five years, several miscarriages, lots of fertility testing and drugs, to get pregnant with Kincade. Before he was born, his twin died. I was terrified that SIDS would take my baby who I spent years trying to bring into our family. I studied everything I could. I learned of a potential vaccine link and stopped immunizing him. I learned that baby boys die of SIDS at age 4 months, at a higher rate, if they have a cold. I was terrified of him being around sick people.

Crazy to think that a crib mattress could poison a baby, but there are, in fact, a number of toxic substances in bedding and mattresses that our faces are buried in, for one-third of our lives.

US News and World Report asks the question “Does your child really have ADHD?” HERE.

The article says,

“A lack of sleep can damage brain neurons, particularly in the prefrontal cortex region,” says Karen Bonuck, lead author and professor of family and social medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. This may be due to a decrease in oxygen and an increase in carbon dioxide levels; interference with sleep’s restorative processes; and a disruption in the balance of cellular and chemical systems. What can result is inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity—the classic trademarks of ADHD. When the disorder is suspected in a child, “nighttime sleep patterns should be reviewed with the primary care doctor,” says Bonuck. “Parents may even wish to video or audio tape the problematic behavior as a first step.”

What if it isn’t ADHD at all, but our kids suffering from poor sleep beginning when they are babies?

A related article in the same publication entitled “Nine Drug-Free Approaches to Managing ADHD” suggests that two of the things I write about constantly:

….that diet and good sleep on non-toxic materials are two of the most important approaches to managing ADHD.

When women get pregnant, they are encouraged to increase their sleep to greater than 8 hours. A study from the University of California, San Francisco reveals that an overwhelming percentage of pregnant women in the U.S. have high levels of toxic environmental chemicals in their bodies.

The trial found that out of the 268 pregnant women tested for toxins, 100 percent showed traces of several individual chemicals in their blood or urine. They include certain PCBs, organochlorine pesticides, PFCs, phenols, PBDEs, phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and perchlorate.

Two new studies have provided even more evidence that toxic chemicals used in everyday products contaminate the bodies of pregnant women, who then pass the chemicals on to their fetuses before birth. Scientists from both the Harvard School of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that certain chemicals like PCBs, toxic flame retardants, and Teflon chemicals move across the placenta to the fetus, with concentrated levels found in breast milk.

Most women in the U.S. are sleeping on a modern mattress that is full of synthetic foams that contain many of these toxins.

This research has common themes: the need to get better sleep from the time we are babies to when we reach adulthood, plus the need to eliminate as many toxins as possible from our living space.

IntelliBED products help with both. There is a lot of evidence out there suggesting that one of the biggest off-gassing offenders is petroleum based polyurethane foam (including memory foam).  Many of the crib mattresses being sold today are full of it, as is almost every adult mattress.

Knowing that, IntelliBED designed a crib mattress that has no foam of any kind in it.  Their “Just Gel, Baby!  Crib Mattress” is made of a plush layer of Intelli-Gel.  Intelli-Gel is so safe, it was approved for use in baby-bottle nipples, and is used in many toys.  It is made of food-grade materials and has been shown to be non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

The cover of the Just Gel, Baby! Crib mattress is made from organic cotton.  And they don’t use spray-on additives to make their crib mattresses meet the Federal Burn Standards required by the Federal Government.  They use a non-off-gassing silica fiber that is naturally burn resistant.

Pregnant moms may not be able to afford a new mattress, but a great “budget” option to solve these problem may be an Intelli-Gel Mattress Make Over.

This is a topper made from Intelli-Gel, with almost no foam in it.  It will not only provide substantially more comfort increasing the likelihood of better sleep, it will also form a barrier separating you from the surface of your old mattress and all those potential toxins.

When you order a new Just Gel, BABY! Crib Mattress, the Mattress Make-Over or a new mattress, use the “greensmoothiegirl” coupon code I worked out for you, and get a 10% discount plus free shipping – it is the best deal you can get.

Just go to, click on the “Store” tab and place your order. Before you check out, click “Have a Coupon Code” and put the code in.