A green-smoothie toast to the new Roxberry in Orem!


Robyn and friends at new Roxberry location in Orem.

I’m so excited! Right in my hometown, Orem, my friends Mark and Holly Jackman opened a new Roxberry! I can get giant green juices, and a shot of wheat grass juice, like I’m holding here, delivered to my house! I’ve never had any place near home to buy a green smoothie or veggie juice. You can also get green smoothies. Call ahead and order yours, and they have an app where you canrox gotta get some order it, pay for it, and tell them when you want it! Just go in your App Store and search “Roxberry.”

Here are a few of GSG reader-friends who showed up to toast the grand opening and enjoy a green drink with me.

Congrats to Mark and Holly on another Roxberry opening. Please go support their contribution to a high-vibration life, if you’re local! They’re a few blocks West of University Mall on 1300 South, in the old Red Mango location.

Natural Suntanning and Sunburn Prevention and Relief

aloh veraRodale News reported recently on foods that can (a) prevent sunburn, and (b) treat sunburn.

I love to slather fresh aloe vera on it.

(Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you must have an aloe plant in your house. They are succulents and hard to kill. I’ve had mine for 15 years. Every time I burn my finger in the kitchen or get a sunburn, I cut off a stem and slice it in half. It cools, relieves pain, and helps a burn not bubble and peel. Usually the next day, it’s become a tan for me.)

Vit_D-SunI was very pale and never tanned, as a child. Because I’m in the sun constantly now, due to running, tennis, and being a baseball mom, my skin has learned how to tan. We need 20 minutes of sun, daily, as often as possible, for Vitamin D, which is the #1 correlate to cancer risk. High Vita D correlates to low cancer risk. After you’ve been in the sun, don’t shower for several hours, if possible. Otherwise you wash off the substance on your skin that your body converts to Vitamin D.

But because I drink fresh-made juice with carrots and beets and lots of greens and alkaline veggies (celery, cucumbers), I also don’t burn much any more. The red and orange pigments in beets and carrots not only color my skin to mimic a tan, but they also act as a natural preventative against sunburn.

The Rodale News report said these help, too:

  1. Dark Chocolate: high-cacao content is key. Will Clower, PhD, author of Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, suggests eating 70 grams a day of 70-percent cacao. It doubles the amount of UV that is required to get a sunburn!
  2. Eating organic tomatoes protect your skin against sun damage. In one study, those who ate 5 Tbsp of tomato paste daily for 3 months enjoyed 25 percent more protection against sunburn.
  3. White vinegar is a good topical, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug. It will kill the pain for 20 minutes.
  4. Blend up a cucumber and apply it to the skin, mixed with glycerine for sun protection, or soothing protection.
  5. Pomegranates are rich in ellagic acid, which protects skin against UVA- and UVB-induced cell damage. They are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. Eat them in the summer!
  6. Green tea (one of my favorite occasional drinks in hot weather) is high in catechin compounds that help protect against the sun’s harmful radiation. The used tea bags are good on the skin for sunburn relief, too.
  7. Oatmeal soothes a sunburn. You can grind it up and put it in the bathtub. I got my kids through the chicken pox with oatmeal baths, which calmed them considerably.

physical-chemicalFinally, get a physical sunblock cream instead of the chemical sunscreens in the mass market, which are highly toxic. Green Screen is one brand sold in health food stores that doesn’t use carcinogenic chemicals.

The physical sunblock creams don’t “rub in” easily and can have a white sheen on the skin for a little while after application. (You can buy a tinted product, too.)But I think it’s possible that chemical sunscreens cause as much cancer as sunburns do, in some cases. (They have many chemicals added that are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. And, they absorb into your bloodstream, so they’re metabolized just like food!)



First 3 to write us get a Yantra Mat, free!

yantra-annelie-back-laying-lowWant your own acupressure treatment in your home? I bet you’ve always wanted to lie on a bed of nails, right? Muahahaha. Hear me out on this.

Introducing the Yantra Mat. I had the company send me one to try out. They claim that 20 minutes a day lying on it achieves the following benefits:

*Get a great night’s sleep

*Relieve stress

*Soothe back problems

*Increase your energy

They say it seems to stimulate metabolism, and accomplishes a “remarkable improvement in your sense of well being” and “may even induce the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the body’s own pain-relieving and happiness hormones.”

Yantra sittingchair_green-low(My first treatment, I could stand only TWO minutes—you can use a shirt laid over the mat to acclimate to it. That’s because I put it on my hard living room floor. The next day, I put it on my Intellibed, and I lay on it comfortably for a long time.)

You may wonder, using it, if it’s doing anything good, or just mildly torturing you. Fact is, acupressure and acupuncture are thousands of years old and a very effective pain reliever. The Yantra Mat has 8,820 effective acupressure points. Lying on it before bed (the time they recommended I use it) may also relieve pain and help you sleep.

Don’t write us wanting a mat unless you’re brave enough to try something out of the ordinary! We don’t want to send this acupressure treatment device to someone who won’t use it!

I did notice my energy increase, during the day. I’m always willing to suffer a little, for my health. I’m rolling my mat up and keeping it in my bed to lie on in the morning before I get up. The best idea is to meditate while lying on the mat. The company says: Allow your thoughts to float by. Do not let your thoughts take hold; let them vanish.

Yantrabags-3 ColoursThe first three to write us at support123@greensmoothiegirl.com with your name, hometown, and address for shipping, get a free Yantra Mat! Continental U.S. only. The FIRST one also gets a KIT, check it out HERE. If you don’t win one, buy it on that link and let us know how you like it! (I am not an affiliate and make $0 sharing this with you.)

Only the winners will be notified, due to volume of responses. Watch this blog for an announcement of the winners!


Goodbye to Heinz. And the mannequin named Bob

Heinz and Coach Amanda at Paracelsus al Ronc

I’ve been processing, since the death of my amazing friend, Heinz Valenta, on May 29, before I could really write anything cogent. I’ve rarely been so impacted by someone in a short year. My attraction to him was a rare soul connection.

His story, and our story, is all tied up with my world-wide cancer research. We came together in a most spectacular, unexpected way due to the power of the Internet.

Beautiful Boulder Colorado

In Heinz’ last days, although he is adored by a big community of friends in Boulder where he lives, he had no family present. His brother was in Singapore, his college-student son was in Vermont, and his mother was in a care facility in Canada. His housemate and dear friend Ann was maxed, unable to go to work, and not sleeping at night, because of Heinz’ increasing need for care.

Talking to Ann on the phone, I decided to throw a few things in a bag, jump in my car and buy a ticket at the airport–and look for a rental car when I got to Denver. A few hours later I was at Heinz’ bedside, learning how to care for him, administer morphine and the anti-psychotic that morphine necessitates.

I told Ann to go to bed, shut the door, and sleep deeply. She is a saint, and she needed it.

I then proceeded to have possibly the most stressful night of my life, on a mattress on the floor in Heinz’ bedroom. It wasn’t Heinz, so much, although he was agitated and needed to get up about once an hour. Really, part of the stress of that night relates to Bob. Some of Heinz’ friends told me they secretly were weirded out by Bob, a mannequin who stood at the head of Heinz’ bed. They’d asked if they could ditch him, but Heinz had earlier been emphatic: Bob stays!

death1Somehow, there was no rail on Heinz’ hospital bed installed in his bedroom. So I didn’t sleep, terrified that he would try to get up, and in his weakened state, fall and injure himself. I imagined him crumbling–which seemed a distinct possibility, as Heinz’ bones were now full of cancer.

If I started to doze off, I’d wake in a panic because I’d see Bob standing at the top of Heinz’ bed, and for a split second, I thought it was Heinz trying to stand. I’d gotten only a few hours of sleep the night before I came, so I was nearly delirious for lack of sleep when Heinz was restless, in pain, and often trying to sit up or stand throughout the night.

It didn’t matter how many times I reminded myself, “IT’S JUST A DUMMY!” I’d still be startled, heart pounding, every time I opened my eyes and saw Bob in the night, stock still.

On the evening of Memorial Day, unplanned, about 15 of Heinz’ friends gathered in his bedroom. Heinz was no longer saying much that was coherent. He mostly seemed to be somewhere else, in his hallucinations, or in the next world, the one he was transitioning to. Maybe both.

His friend Beth came, and played her guitar and sang some of the music Heinz was so crazy about. He loved music, talked about it constantly, loved beautiful things, women, friends and community, fast sports cars, words and good books, and life—even as it dwindled due to disease. He makes me remember to live life fully present. Being happy  now—not waiting for X or Y to happen before choosing to be joyful.

Into the LightAt one point in our vigil, I told Heinz, not knowing if he could hear me, that there was nothing more to do. He had lived a life he could be proud of. That he was surrounded by a room bursting with adoration for him, by so many. That we were all graced forever by our relationship with him, which is eternal. I told him that where he was going, there was no more suffering there. That there was nothing to fight or resist. That we all wished him Godspeed on his journey and would love him forever and never forget him.

He visibly quieted and was never agitated again in his remaining 2 ½ days. The next morning, he spoke his last words. I woke up and walked over to him and said, “Good morning!” He said, “Good morning!” back and I was stunned. Heinz was heavily sedated, and blood vessels were bursting in his extremities, causing extreme mottling, as his body protected only core functions, neglecting extremities. He was in an advanced stage of multiple organ failure, and lucidity was rare.

Tears welled up in my eyes to hear him respond. He reached out and held my hand. “Hi, baby. Last night…..” he said, looking into my eyes and shaking his head slowly, acknowledging the wonder of a most magical impromptu evening honoring his transition. Then morphine took him away.

death not end“I know,” I said. “It was so magical.” It meant everything to me, to know that while we couldn’t tell whether he was cognizant–he knew. He enjoyed the music, candles, words, and love that we wanted to offer as balm for the journey.

Cancer is a bitch. You suffered mightily. It wasn’t pretty. I heard you say some strong words when pain detonated fireworks in your brain. Who can blame you?

Rest in peace, Heinz. I will never forget you and your love for me, for life, for people. I pray you fly with angels.

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