how much does a green smoothie cost?

Jumping the gun . . . drum roll please . . . I just might be opening the first-ever Green Smoothie Bar!

Yep, I have an interested party who already owns the perfect facility to try the concept out here in Utah County (then roll it out in other places if it finds traction). I’ve had SO many people tell me we should open a GreenSmoothieGirl shop. I don’t want to run it, but I want to have a place for people who want to skyrocket their consumption of fresh greens/fruit but don’t want to make GS themselves.

Here’s the OTHER cool announcement that isn’t in my book . . . or anywhere else . . .

In order to gather cost information, I purchased (from Costco and Good Earth) greens and fruit at retail prices, made a blenderful, and broke down the cost per ounce. I think you will be amazed at what I found:

A 96 oz. blenderful (in addition to water/ice):

Organic chard ($.66) 1/3 of a bunch

Organic kale ($1) 1/3 of a bunch

Spinach ($0.85) 22% of a 2.5-lb. bag

2 cups frozen mixed berries ($1.66)

2 oranges ($0.83)

2 bananas ($0.42)

2 Tbsp. raw/organic agave ($0.28)

= $5.70 for 72 oz.

That’s 7.9 cents per ounce.

A quart of green smoothie (my recommendation for adults) is then

And to think that the biggest resistance I get from people is, “IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!” How much is a Starbucks latte? Twice that much? How about a Power Bar? About that much. A Happy Meal? These are things people don’t think twice about spending money on.

For about $2.50 you can get 12-15 servings of RAW GREENS AND FRUIT in your diet. Amazing.

Would you spend $1.25 a day for your child to have a pint of green smoothie, 7 servings of raw greens and fruit? So her only serving of fruits or vegetables isn’t ketchup or French fries like most American kids? The ketchup and fries will cost you that much.

All the excuses just disappeared.

double header Saturdays

Today I did what I’ve come to think of as quintessentially SPRING for me, for the past 10 years: DOUBLE HEADERS! One of my favorite things in the world is 4 hours of baseball on a sunny day.

My 16 y.o. Cade said something slightly snippy to me the other day about all those green smoothies he drank in the dugout that made him look like a “tard” in front of his friends. (I used to make his friends GS when they came over, too.) I reminded him that if it weren’t for GS and good nutrition in general, he might not be throwing 80 mph and hitting a GRAND SLAM this last week against Timpview HS and hitting 6’2″ on his 16th birthday. (Lowest ERA, by far, of all the pitchers, the most triples of all the batters–okay, I’m done bragging now.)

After all, before I educated myself, he was on FIVE COURSES of liquid steroids before the age of 2. Read the intro of my book The Green Smoothies Diet: his pediatrician told me 5 courses “virtually guarantees stunted growth.” That’s when I “checked out” of the doctor’s office forever and took my family’s health into my own hands.

So it was Tennyson’s double header today. He’s 9. He hit several doubles as “cleanup batter” (strategically placed #4 in the lineup) and struck some guys out as pitcher. As 3rd baseman, ran to field a ball at the pitcher’s mound and tripped over the pitcher, but not before throwing the runner out at 1st.

Ah, so many memories of my boys drinking their pint of green smoothies in the dugout at Burgess Field in beautiful Alpine, Utah. I wish I had a camera, today, for the shot of Tennyson slurping his GS, next to a kid drinking a Gatorade, and two other kids on the other side who were munching on Cheetohs and drinking a soda. What a great photo that would be for the kids’ book on nutrition I’m going to write.

Ten said that the kids asked him for some of his green smoothie. I love it!

Who ever said that baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie are the ultimate Americana? I’m going to pick and choose in that lineup.

I love Texas, Texans, and Whole Foods Market, part 3 of 3

Pamalee of Dallas wrote up her notes from my class and sent them to her family. Here’s what her niece wrote back to her. I agree entirely, including about the fact that while children may stray from what you taught them nutritionally, out in the junk-food world, they’re SO much more likely to come back if they have a grounding and education to come back to.

“Thank you auntie for taking the time to send [your notes] out to us. Here’s my two cents…..

“Well, our family is well on our way to daily smoothies. I have always fed  my boys lots of fruits and veggies,  hardly any sugar or refined foods–but I am thrilled to be turned on to the green-smoothie way of life.    I try to buy fresh as much as possible (and organic for the high pesticide-level produce). It has been shown that buying fresh produce is not that much more expensive when one stops buying processed junk, and cuts back on meat, etc.  And my heavens, when we’re talking about our  families’ health, vibrance, and livelihood it’s worth it!  My boys love their smoothies. Ethan asks me to make them and comes back for more every time!

“The spiritual and physical health of my children is the most important thing:  Raise them up in the way they should go, and when they are old they will NOT depart from it.

“I don’t even buy milk anymore, and yes, we are THE ONLY species on earth that continues to drink milk after weaning.  In our house, we  buy rice milk for cereal, cooking etc. The only bread I buy is Ezekiel, and now Food for Life brown rice bread (which is DELICIOUS). Yes, a little higher in  price, but I don’t want junk  processed bread products turning into paste in my children’s bowels!

“The mantra in our house is “nutritious and delicious!”

“Every once in a while when Mason bucks the system and doesn’t want his smoothie: “Too bad, so sad! Nothing to eat or drink until your smoothie is gone!”   This nonsense I hear of parents letting young children decide what they will or won’t eat is just that, nonsense. It’s a matter of training, just like any other part of child rearing….who’s the boss?  Us? Or them? (I guess that’s called “tough love.”) We do try and make it fun though. The kids like to sometimes pick which fruit we use, I let them “throw” it in the Blendtec, and let them press the buttons. Then sometimes we go outside for a “smoothie picnic!”  The boys have watched Robyn on YouTube many times, and the other day Ethan said, “Let’s watch green smoothie girl while we drink our smoothies!”

“Well, speaking of which, time to go blend up a smoothie in my Blendtec! (Thank you Jesus for my Blendtec!)”

Love, Rachel

Green Smoothie Testimonials, Part 15

Well, my friends, I’m off to Anaheim for the Natural Products Expo, to see what’s new and cool in raw, whole foods and natural healing.

While I’m gone, it’s time for another round of . . . are you excited? . . . I am! . . .


I’ll do just a few days’ worth. Enough for a morale boost. Not so much that you’re bored. (I get excited about green smoothies again every time I read what y’all have sent me! So check in here every day.)

If you’re new and want to contribute your testimonial, write us at support123 [at] with whatever part of your name you’re willing to have publicized on this blog.

Here’s a good one I received from Eddie:

“I started doing smoothies twice a day (breakfast and lunch), July 14, 2008. At the time, I had no idea what to expect, as I was just trying this on a whim. After about two weeks, I noticed I lost about 5 pounds. I decided to continue this process, and switching up my dinners to be cooked, mostly vegetarian. Another 2-3 weeks passed by and I lost another 5 pounds. Something was working… I suspect it was the combination of green smoothies and going mostly vegetarian.

Well, along my journey, I started seeing books about raw food and 80-10-10, and just a whole bunch of information. I decided to try doing raw, and for the most part I have been able to maintain about 90-95% raw since I started doing this. Every week that passed I noticed I kept losing 2.5 pounds a week, for an eventual total loss so far of about 47 pounds. About 3 months into my journey, I read 80-10-10 Diet by Douglas Graham, and have implemented a lot of his concepts in my daily routines, so most of my daily intake consists of fruits and vegetables, with very small amounts of nuts/seeds. I noticed that with gourmet raw using high content fat (ie. nuts and seeds), I would do alright but I truly thrived doing 80-10-10.

As far as exercise goes, even before I started smoothies, I was doing twice a week at the gym doing a cycle/spin class, and I would occasionally do some light weights at home. I have noticed that my cycle/spin classes, I have been able to maintain extreme high energy levels and not gas out when on 80-10-10. I also noticed that when doing raw-gourmet (with higher fat), that I would not be as energized. Another thing I should note, my muscle recovery times have improved dramatically with 80-10-10– gone are the days of recovery, instead my muscle recovery occurs in about 15-20 hours, ready to hit up more exercise the next day.

I used to have a sinus headache about once a week. Those are all gone. I sleep much better, and noticed that I can go on my day with less sleep and still have a ton of energy. My daily diet still consists of two smoothies a day (one breakfast and one lunch) and my typical dinner meal varies, but it is typically in line with 80-10-10. It took me about 6 months to lose nearly 50 pounds, but the whole process was pretty easy. It is just a matter of committing your mind, and making great habits and breaking the bad ones.”

–Eddie Yee

even the dog loves green smoothies

Here’s a fun email I got this week from a mom at my son’s charter school:

Hi Robyn,

Love your program and everything in it. I wish that I had known about this sooner. I always saw on the back of your car, but never paid that much attention to it. im glad to be on the right track. I am reading the China Study book and have the next book to read Eat to Live. I just can’t get enough of the information.

Keep doing the awesome work that you’re doing. I am telling everyone about the green smoothies hoping that they will listen.

I’ve just been on the green smoothies and raw whole foods diet and water for 3 days. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. It’s amazing when you treat your body right, it works like it’s supposed to.

I keep my CD changer in the car full with your 12 Steps audios while I do errands or carpools. I absolutely love it.

Also, you’ll find this kinda funny. Sydney was having a hard time drinking her first green smoothie. So she said, “I bet the dog won’t even eat it.” I said, Well lets pour her a bowl of green smoothie and see if she likes it. Well, as you can imagine, the dog ate every morsel of the green smoothie. So since the dog ate the green smoothie and liked it, it must be good. She hasn’t complained since then.

Have a great day!