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October: do you want a GreenSmoothieGirl class in your city?

If you’re near Fullerton, CA (or even as far away as San Diego), do you have a venue and an audience and want me to come do a class in October? I am likely coming to Orange County Oct. 14. I’m also looking at making stops in Boise, Idaho; Abbotsford, Canada; and Denver, Colorado that […]

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raw almonds and 15 other items in upcoming group buy

Newsflash, this blog was hacked into late last week, and I’m sorry you couldn’t read or post comments. It took my webmasters a little while to figure it out, THANKS CHRIS AND RITESH!, but it’s fixed now. The downside is, everyone has to re-register and get a new password. Sorry about that. But please do, […]

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more questions I’m answering about the raw almond buy

Back to my five-part series tomorrow.  Today I figured a way to get my cases of raw/organic agave SHIPPED in our raw-almond buy . . . and also add some great deals for you on raw walnuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, raw honey, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, and other items like dried fruit.   I’m excited! […]

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Q&A about the raw almonds

My assistant Jenni has compiled the questions coming in after my email PRE-announcing the raw almond buy.  Here are my answers: When can I order? We won’t have almonds coming out of the trees until Oct. 15, and we’ll send out an email letting you begin placing orders Sept. 15.  This year I will give […]

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The Green Smoothies Diet 1

Want a GreenSmoothieGirl class in your city?

One of my Brigham Young University students had serious digestive problems, and when I taught him green smoothies, he had such massive health improvements, he became an evangelist!   He ran a booth at a farmer’s market yesterday selling green smoothies and my new book–just arrived and probably not yet in your bookstore–The Green Smoothies […]

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free class this Weds. at PowerTri in Lehi

Hi everyone, I am doing a green smoothie demo / clinic at PowerTri in Lehi, Utah, this Weds., July 15, at 7:30 p.m. and you are welcome to attend.   It’s a new store for triathletes opened by 12 Stepper Jamie and her husband.   Here’s the address and directions: PowerTri 402 S MillPond Dr […]

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a few links for you

I’m doing a 12 Steps to Whole Foods class in Lehi, Utah, on July 17.   Here’s a new link to sign up: Check out Dr. Denise Punger’s blog.   She’s a 12 Stepper,  and I endorse her recipes and courageous advice to her patients to eat right, as well as her book Permission […]

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locals alert . . . amazing prices on strawberries, cherries, more at Ream’s

Back to the weightier issue tomorrow . . . I taught a GreenSmoothieGirl class up gorgeous Hobble Creek Canyon today at a women’s conference, which was great fun.   On my way down the canyon, I stopped at Ream’s in Springville because of these amazing prices, through Tuesday–worth a bit of a drive, I think, […]

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I have some items left in the group buy

Hi LOCALS (sorry if you’re not)– I made a mistake and placed our group order with three people unpaid.   They  still haven’t  picked up  or paid, so I have some items here (being stored in air conditioning) for you, while supplies last.   You don’t need to order $200 minimum–just let me know what […]

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Green Polka Dot Box registration ending

Hi everyone, Green Polka Dot Box registration is ending May 31!   Here’s the link to sign up (no need to spend any money, and this just holds your spot): If you didn’t get to participate in the teleseminar about GPDB, it’s here in the video section on the site (scroll down towards […]

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