I’m back from Switzerland, and I hope you come, next time

Robyn and peopleIf you’ve been following GreenSmoothieGirl for a while, you might know that every 6 to 12 months, I go to my “home away from home,” the lovely Paracelsus al Ronc in the southern Swiss Alps.

I discovered them on a research tour I did, for 3 ½ years, looking for where to send people who want to opt out of “traditional” (chemo/radiation) cancer treatments in favor of something that detoxifies and rebuilds immunity.

It’s the most all-inclusive, beautiful, skilled, diet-focused, medically supervised place I found, on several continents. But imagine when I discovered that they do 7-day liver detox program, or a 7-day heavy-metal detox program. (All of us, and I mean ALL of us, need both of those.)

goatsI’ve led quite a few trips to Al Ronc, and I just got back from having a blast with the folks in these photos. And the goats in the photo. (Above the clinic, a short hike takes you to goat herds above the hamlet of Santa Maria. We also went to an amazing symphony at the gorgeous 600-year old church in Santa Maria.)

Robyn and girlsYou’re confused by these ladies drinking Prosecco at a liver detox? GSG readers from Canada to New Jersey to Texas. Well, that’s a good point. We eat vegetarian meals, beautifully prepared, three times a day. But on Friday night, after the “liver flush” on Day 6, we enjoy a Gala Dinner with Dr. Petra Wiechel, M.D. and her husband, Ulf, my good friends who own the clinic. In this photo, Marianna bought a couple bottles of Prosecco and shared with everyone before dinner got started. All detox and no play……well, and we made a couple of sightseeing and shopping trips into the beautiful lakeside towns in Switzerland and Italy as well.

Robyn and Russ Openshaw (Robyn's brother from Dallas), May 2015 overlooking Lake Maggiori
Robyn and Russ Openshaw (Robyn’s brother from Dallas), May 2015 overlooking Lake Maggiori

All over North America, Central American, Europe, and Asia, I found nowhere with a value like this clinic offers. Diagnostics, treatments, and R&R. You can read more about the clinic and why a $25 million facility is able to give us incredible prices for the detox program that would be unsustainable anywhere else, even Mexico. I will release a short video with footage I just took at Al Ronc, in a few months. Stay tuned for that by watching my newsletter.

I already can’t wait to go back. You can go, without me, over Thanksgiving this year (for about $4,000 USD), or next April. I’ll be leading a trip in August 2016. You can check the dates out and let us know if you’re up for a trip of a lifetime.


We’re going to Paracelsus al Ronc Again! May 25, 2014

Scenic Castaneda, Switzerland

I had the most fabulous time, recently returned, from our 2-week Liver Detox retreat in the Swiss Alp town of Castaneda, at Clinica Paracelsus al Ronc. Our retreat was waitlisted by the time we went, as the clinic is small with only about 20 private rooms. My GSG reader friends and I each had 40 treatments of different kinds, and 3 daily gourmet healthy meals, while enjoying the winter sunshine and ambience of one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

I discovered this biological (holistic) medical clinic in 2012—possibly the best-kept healing secret in the world—on my world-wide tour studying non-toxic cancer treatment. I fell madly in love with it, and have been there three times in the past year, now! There is nothing like it, for such an affordable price, anywhere in the world. Until I began writing about it, you could not even find any information about it in English, anywhere.

It’s a rather miraculous, seemingly random story how I even found out about it. It was through one obscure sentence in someone’s self-published book, that gave me a lead I chased, and rather accidentally landed in the Paracelsus al Ronc clinic. I was so astonished to find that it exceeded treatment standards, not to mention the four-star and full-service facility, and the gorgeous surroundings—for a lower price than anywhere I’d been. The cost is lower than several clinics in Tijuana, Mexico I have studied at–in the most expensive, possibly the most advanced country in the world, no less!

paracelsus al ronc
Paracelsus al Ronc Clinic

This is because the spectacular facility, built in 1985 for $17 million and now valued at $25 million, sold to Dr. Wiechel and her husband two years ago for $3 million, some of which was gifted to them by a grateful patient. They live on-site and do not care much for money—they love their mission and caring for those who enter their sacred healing space. What this means is that they can provide world-class care, in an unparalleled clinic, very affordably.

It is a wonderful place to go and be treated for cancer, but they also excel at helping people identify heavy metal toxicity and chelate (remove) those metals. I asked Dr. Wiechel what she feels she is most successful at, what she likes to treat. She says she has a lot of success with fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, and many neurodegenerative, energy, and gut issues. It is difficult to find holistic treatment for these health issues in the U.S. that is so controlled by modern medicine’s “Standard of Care.”

When I was there this time, I met a Stage IV esophageal cancer patient, and a lady who had been on medications for Parkinsons—both of whom had arrived in a wheelchair in September. On Dec. 1, I found them both to be walking around and looking good. The elderly lady was off her Parkinsons meds.

Please come to our next Liver Detox May 25 – June 4, 2014! It’s a 10-day trip led by GSG Coach Madeline Wilson (you’ll have seminars with her in the evenings as well) and hosted by Drs. Wiechel and Schultze at Paracelsus al Ronc. Read about the details HERE, including price, and photos and testimonials of GSG readers who went on our two 2013 retreats.

Dr. Petra Wiechel
Dr. Petra Wiechel

If you cannot come with the group on those dates, ask Coach Madeline to get you the amazing rate we’ve negotiated, for a different time that you can go. If you have cancer, your price will be dependent on the specific treatments you and the doctors elect. And you really must go for 3 weeks rather than 10 days, to be treated for cancer. But you are also welcome at the retreat, as part of your stay!

Coach Madeline is your liaison, and you can reach her at coachmadeline@greensmoothiegirl.com.

Dr. Jared Nielsen, my friend from Heber, Utah, came along for the November event. He taught a few seminars, and I’m so impressed at his knowledge of ways the human body and spirit can heal. We all so enjoyed each other’s company so much that we’d stay after our meals and chat, until someone finally had to run off for a treatment.

Diagnostics and treatments include hyperthermia, reflexology, iridology, lymphatic drainage, and many exotic European practices to help your liver regenerate itself and clean house. Experts say the liver has 500 to 1,000 different functions, so it’s a valuable exercise to spent 10 days honoring the work it does, and give it a “rest-and-reboot.” After a week, you use Epsom salts and the oil treatment to do the “liver flush.”

WorthYou can also choose to do a Heavy Metal Recovery program instead of the liver cleanse. I highly recommend, while you are there, that you take the heavy metal challenge test to ascertain which heavy metals may be causing you problems. This is an under-acknowledged but very common problem in modern people who are invariably exposed to a variety of heavy metals that are not easily eliminated by the body.

I think $4,000 for a 10-day stay at Paracelsus al Ronc would be worth it if it were nothing but an R&R vacation with the lodging, meals, and weekend sightseeing included. What you will get, though, with the medical consultations, diagnostics, and treatment, is far, far more!

Texas Gets Some Green Smoothie Lovin!


Texas Plaza employees
Hotel employees with their jugs of green smoothie.

Last time to Texas, with the green smoothie show, and we had so much fun. It was such a whirlwind trip, Houston-San Antonio-Austin-Dallas in 48 hours, stayed out all night with my brother and sister-in-law after the Dallas lecture–I slept the whole 3-hour flight home early the next morning!

Texas Blendtech
A very happy Melanie with her new Blendtec.

Good times! Sometimes I have extra green smoothie, so I give jugs of it to random strangers. These two Crowne Royal hotel employees in Houston got some of our samples, after our class that night.

I came back down to the front desk five minutes later because I lost my key. I walked around the corner and all the employees were slurping green smoothies and one of them was saying, “This isn’t bad!”

This is Melanie, in San Antonio. After Every. Single. Giveaway, she dramatically flung herself back in her chair making loud sounds of disgust when she didn’t win. I am not kidding when I tell you that towards the end, I was saying the numbers super-fast, to avoid her freakout when the first three numbers didn’t meet her approval. And towards the end I was literally thinking, “Please God let this woman win something.”

Sandy Means and Family
Sandy Means and Family

And out of 300 tickets, she won…….the BLENDTEC BLENDER! I was happy for her. She did almost pop my head off my neck, hugging me jumping up and down for approximately five minutes.

Texas veg restaurant

This is our Senior Apprentice Sandy Means, who brought me some healthy vegan food in San Antonio, from this restaurant, because I’ve blogged before that it’s officially the hardest place to eat right I’ve ever been. Here’s a photo of Sandy’s adorable young family, and you can attend her classes in the Houston area, check them out HERE.

Her friend’s daughter, Gisele, pictured here, enjoyed a green smoothie after our Dallas class.

Texas Gisselle

I love the green smoothie show and will miss it! The GSG coaches will continue teaching it, and if you want the green smoothie show you’ve seen me do, by one of the coaches, just write us at support123@greensmoothiegirl.com. We’ll try to get a GSG coach to your workplace, or to do a class for all your friends, in your home or business.

In January, it’ll be a whole new lecture, but I will still be giving all the free stuff away, and still lots of fun and much to learn.



Michael in Seattle brings Green Smoothie Love to the Seattle Deaf Community

Micheal before
Micheal Before Greensmoothies

Michael DuMond in Seattle is a firestarter in the hearing impaired community in Seattle. He’d been to my lecture before when I spoke with David Wolfe a couple of years ago, but this time he brought 20 deaf friends and two interpreters. This story was told to me through one of the sign language interpreters, Marlene Bell.

Michael is totally committed to eating a high-raw, plant-based diet after his doctor said he was in late stages of congestive heart failure and would live no more than two years. He had Type II diabetes and was on medications for high cholesterol.  He said, “No, I won’t die in two years! I will change my life!” At the time, Michael weighed over 300 lbs. at about 5’8″. His diet was fast food, pizza, diet pop. “7-11 stuff,” as he put it.

He started working out at the Y. And he and his wife RaeVern began drinking green smoothies and eating raw plant food. He loves his tomato flax crackers, chocolate mousse, walnut-based “tuna” pate on a sandwich.

Tomorrow I’ll run Michael’s 9 Favorite Recipes:

Raw Lemon Cookies, Tuna Walnut Pate, Raw Chocolate Mousse, Raw Energy Bar, Tomato Flat Bread, Flax Herb Bread, Onion Ring (or raw pizza crust), Oatmeal Chocolate Milkshake, and Cheesy Kale Chips.

He says, “I have lots of things to eat that I love, and I have a big garden.” He’s organizing a co-op. I think he had much to do with the crowd of hearing impaired friends coming to the lecture.

Micheal Today
Micheal today with Marlene Bell

That was 7 years ago that his doctor gave Michael a death sentence. Now, at 53, he has lost 114 lbs. and has normal blood pressure (formerly 160/104, now 117/74), and is off all drugs, with all disease states eliminated.

Unlike before, he now has lots of energy, sleeps well, has a better memory and a more positive and stable mood. He had hip replacement 10 years ago and was told he’d have lots of problems, but he’s had none. RaeVern also lost 40
lbs and eliminated joint pain.

So, this is to honor Michael (SO PROUD OF YOU!), our ASL interpreters, the deaf community, and anyone who wants to turn their life around, starting today. Having good recipes you love is the key, and that involves a learning
curve that’s totally worth your time and effort.

Two more amazing women win blenders in the Pacific Northwest

Downtown Bellingham, Washington

I almost didn’t go to Bellingham. I’d told Debbie T., who works in the Pacific Northwest, that doing 4 lectures in 4 cities, in 48 hours, is just too intense! We’ve done it many times. Kristin and I call those lecture tours “Butt Kickers.” The ones that end with two lectures on Saturday and a flight home Sunday morning.

But I caved in and agreed to it.

A few days before I arrived in Bellingham, Washington, a beautiful college town on the water, I got an email from Janis. She said,

“I watched your new video on how to talk to a cancer patient, since my sister recently was diagnosed with kidney cancer. My mind went back to how YOU were who I found four years ago. To inspire me on the ‘how-to’s’ of eliminating bad foods and introducing good.

“I’ve followed many gurus out there, and have gathered good tips here and there. But for one reason or another, usually I’ve become disappointed with them in one way or another. But GSG has been the most consistent, reasonable, and knowledgeable source of information: my go-to for a huge array of information and a consistent display of integrity. I’m proud of me today—I often “think” my gratitude by rarely take a moment to share it.”

totalblender-200x300Janis then told me her husband recently passed away, and she told me about her daughter who is struggling, and doesn’t have support from hubby and kids, but wants to get healthier. Janis said, “I am here for her!”

Days later, as both Janis and her daughter sat on the front row in my lecture, everyone held their breath as I reached in to pull out a ticket for the winner of the $435 Blendtec Total Blender:

Janis gasped. She won the blender. Her daughter was stunned. I asked her what she would do with her blender, and she said, “It’s for my daughter.”

Her daughter’s eyes welled up with tears and kept hugging her mama and whispering, “Thank you.” As Janis sat down from being introduced as the winner, I heard her say to her daughter, “The power of intention!” After the class, Janis told me that she’d said, “I am going to win the blender for you, honey.”

seeds of loveSimilarly,  Debbie S. won the blender in Seattle out of 275 people in the audience. When I called her up to the front, I asked her what she would do with it. She said, since she has one already, that she intended to give it to someone who needs it. I challenged her to learn who that should be and make it count.

I love open-hearted people who love to help others. Debbie S.  is a nurse by education and background, but she was weary of dispensing drugs. You’d think she had it all together, if you saw her: a thin, pretty, young mother. But she has had some fearsome health challenges. Both of her similarly young and lovely sisters testified to that—to how hard it has been to watch Debbie go through so much—when we all had lunch before one of our classes.

Much of Debbie’s return to health has been due to eating whole plant foods. She has spent countless hours coaching others down a similar path towards health.

I love when someone very, very special wins the blender. In my next blog, I will tell you the really beautiful story of another very special winner who stayed to report on what’s happened since she won the blender at our Seattle class last year.


A Story About Maureen in Orlando

Orlando TampaSuch cool stuff happens at my nationwide traveling green smoothie class. I love visiting a city near you and telling stories and research and giving you ideas and incentives to add simple but life-changing habits to your routine.

In Orlando and Tampa, a lady named Maureen volunteered, to my staff, to make the green smoothie samples.

It’s a big job! Not only does she make 3 oz. of smoothie for each person–and our average audience size is 200–but she also provides me a blender, demo ingredients, and more. It’s shopping, blending, organizing, transporting, and serving.

Maureen ekes out a living buying and selling things at rummage sales. She isn’t living a country-club lifestyle. But she is a woman of service and integrity. She does what she says she’ll do.

Somehow she didn’t know that we actually PAY our volunteer to make the smoothies. She had agreed anyway, when Coach Jeanette asked her. She made them for Tampa, with her $20 yard-sale blender.

The next morning, she woke up and was panicked to realize she didn’t have enough money for gas to get to Orlando. So she prayed about it. She says she then went down to the parking lot, and $15 was lying on the ground.

She got stuck in traffic and arrived at the class an hour late. She set up the blender and demo ingredients behind me as I was lecturing.

totalblender-200x300As I went to give away the $435 Blendtec Total Blender we take to every class for one lucky person, Coach Jeanette was standing in the back. She’s an agnostic, not a praying person. But, as she told me later, she was putting out the hope into the universe with her every cell, that Maureen would win that blender. At that point only Jeanette knew Maureen’s circumstances. “Please, please, please,” she whispered, “let Maureen win.”

I pulled out a ticket and read it to the crowd.

Long silence. Maureen let out a tiny gasp. It was her number. She came up to claim the prize with tears in her eyes, speechless. I would learn from Jeanette, only later, what Maureen had been through to get smoothies to several hundred people an hour apart in Florida, two nights in a row.

I also would learn that Maureen was SHOCKED when Kristin paid her for giving her service to us and to the audience. She would have done it for free.

thankyou readers I **love** my readers. As Kristin often says (she works with 5 volunteers at every class), “GreenSmoothieGirl readers are a cut above.”

They are people committed to a life that transcends what “everybody else” is doing. They love sharing the good news about a plant-based diet with others. They are from all walks of life, all the strata of the economic spectrum.  But a desire to help others, and a love of nutrition and wellness, are what bring us together.

god blessMaureen, I don’t know if you read my blog. But if you do, please accept my thanks. I am most humbled to have been served by you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your sacrifice. I know you’ll use that high-end Total Blender to benefit a lot of folks you meet. God bless you.

Next time, another story of cool stuff that happens at the GreenSmoothieGirl show, and a video I made with a young mama named Marlena who also won a blender in Redding, California.