New Yorkers are nice, and just tells the truth

My daughter and I just had a big laugh this morning. She fulfills book orders for me of The Green Smoothies Diet. If you get the book, you’ll see her 14-y.o. handwriting on your package (but the autograph is mine, LOL!).

She just walked into my office and said, “That lady who asked for two free books because she’d already bought 12 Steps and then bought a blender, is so nice! We didn’t hear back from her so I didn’t send her the books, but a month has gone by and her email, reminding us, is so nice. I thought New Yorkers were mean, but she isn’t!”

I said, “Yeah, she is, and plenty of New Yorkers are very nice. And actually, people everywhere who read our site are actually THE BEST, even when we screw something up.” (I love that my daughter gets to do customer service and learn that people are lovely all over the world.)

But then I remembered a notable exception and told my daughter. A woman took the nutrition quiz on the site, which admittedly has a high bar. If you haven’t taken it, here you go:

Those on my site who are already well down the path of getting away from the S.A.D. do well on it. Those who are newbies but feeling good about the fact that they are making a first step or two–quitting the coffee habit, starting green smoothies after a lifetime of S.A.D.–are sometimes frustrated by it. Sometimes they want to be told they get an “A” for those first steps.

But one woman wrote me recently and screamed, “I eat better than my co-workers and I got an F on your quiz! AN F!!! Fix your stupid quiz!” Well, I wrote her back a nice email. She wrote a week later and said, “I just looked at your quiz again and you haven’t changed anything! F*** YOU, GREENSMOOTHIEGIRL!”

Anyway, Emma and I ROFLOBO. That’s internet/text-speak for Rolled On The Floor Laughing Our Butts Off. (It’s the nice Mormon version of the more standard ROFLMAO.)

Please don’t have your feelings hurt because my bar is high here. Don’t slash your wrists if you get a bad score on the GSG quiz. We’ve strayed so far from good nutrition like billions of indigenous people have eaten for thousands of years, that the comparison (like what’s on my quiz) can be SHOCKING. If knowing what a phenomenal, disease-preventing diet looks like will upset you, please DON’T take the quiz and just start with Step 1 and enjoy the journey.

If I gave my college students an A for high-school writing, no one would try to write outstanding upper-division papers worthy of an elite business school at an outstanding university. That’s where you are if you’re reading this blog/site: I’m teaching you elite nutrition–on a budget for busy people.

I could certainly tell you a bunch of raw-food sites to go to, where the bar is HIGHER.

But this is, in fact, a high-bar kinda place. If I could find a way to TRUTHFULLY tell you that much of anything about the Standard American Diet is good, I would! You’d certainly love me more. (Ditto letting my kids sit around here watching TV without responsibilities–they’d think I’m nice, and fun, but my parenting would be lousy! It’s not going to happen.)

I’m going to just tell you the truth here at GSG. Unvarnished and plain though it may be.

Thoughts after BYU’s Education Week, and Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, Part 1 of 5

I was at Brigham Young University ’s Education Week most of this week, with my gorgeous sister and two favorite cousins.  (That’s saying a lot about how cool Rochelle and Quinn are, since I have 48 first cousins and they all rock out loud.) I got to see a few GSG readers here from out of town I’d arranged to meet, or who saw me in classes.  (Lala whipped out her empty green smoothie container from her backpack, and I learned that her dad is one of the authors of Crucial Conversation, one of my all-time favorite books—I was there to attend his lecture. Fun!)

Here’s a photo of us at our last class, my sis next to me and cousins on the outside.  The incredible class we’re sitting in was taught by Kathy Headlee Miner, the founder of Mothers Without Borders, who I am meeting with tomorrow.  GSG readers will be hearing more later about how we are gonna get good nutrition to orphaned children together in third-world countries!

I have lots of comments about things I learned, so this will be a multi-part series.  Education Week has literally hundreds of classes all over the huge campus, about everything from single parenting, to Isaiah in the Bible, to gardening (to give you an idea of some of the things I learned about).

I got Quinn and Roch (12 Steppers) addicted to Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, since they stayed at my house.  Roch told the others that she dreamed about it at night.  Just sixty seconds ago, she wrote me an email about how she made it for her family and they were mocking her because it was disgusting.  Then she said, “I forgot the strawberries!”  She would like me to write you a “testimonial” that says this: “Don’t forget the strawberries.”

If you’ve tried it and don’t like it, you made it wrong.  LOL!  If you can’t find fresh young Thai coconuts (by the case in Asian markets), never fear.  You can buy coconut water/liquid (not milk, high in fat) in cans.  I get them $1.19 by the case, and one can has about 2.5 cups in it, so it’s no more expensive than fresh.  It doesn’t have live enzymes because it’s not raw when it’s canned, but it’ll do in a pinch and has many other health benefits fairly intact.

The recipe is in Ch. 10 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.  Even though it’s really yummy and virtually all raw, it has beets and carrots in it. Anyone, please tell me a breakfast containing those ingredients that you’ll enjoy as much.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll tell you a couple of REALLY interesting things I learned before I go off about modern dietetics based on a nutrition class I attended.  Watch out: I’m fired up and both barrels are loaded.

Where to find “The Green Smoothies Diet” in Canada

Q: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:   I am from Canada and would like to purchase “The Green Smoothies Diet.”   Do you know where I can purchase a copy of your book?

A: We were told by one of our readers that you can find the book at the Chapters/Indigo bookstores. So, if you haven’t gotten a copy of the book yet, check with these bookstores and see if you can snag a copy!

–Jenni (GSG admin)

more edibles, and the book tour

Did you know the leaves of your squash, cucumber, and cabbage plants are edible?   (You probably already knew the leaves of grape, radish, beet, turnip, strawberry, and carrot are edible.)   Toss them in the blender with fruit.   I’m going to do a little video shortly (be a YouTube GreenSmoothieGirl subscriber) showing and telling about 6-8 edible weeds in a field near my house where I run.

We’ve had lots of interest in my coming to your city with my book tour for The Green Smoothies Diet.   My assistant Jenni will give you a press release on the book, a script for talking to the health food store (or book store) near your house, and a sheet for them to fill out and fax to us.

Please write her at to get those things if you want to line up a couple of venues so I can teach a free green smoothie class/demo (with book signing) near you!   This will be fun!


Want a GreenSmoothieGirl class in your city?

One of my Brigham Young University students had serious digestive problems, and when I taught him green smoothies, he had such massive health improvements, he became an evangelist!   He ran a booth at a farmer’s market yesterday selling green smoothies and my new book–just arrived and probably not yet in your bookstore–The Green Smoothies Diet.

The Green Smoothies Diet 1

The Green Smoothies Diet 2

The Green Smoothies Diet 3

I think I’m going to do a book tour Sept. 14-18.   I don’t want to just sit there and sign books–I’m far too hyper for that–I will do free green smoothie classes and sign books afterward.   My classes are high energy and information packed and fun!   So, if you live in a Western U.S. city, do you want me to come to you during that week?   If so, please write us and tell us what bookstores or health food stores (that sell books) we should come to, and if you’re willing to make that contact with them.   I have found they’re virtually always ecstatic to host an event–and it is an EVENT rather than a passive book signing–if you explain it to them.   They can check the book out on Amazon or here.

I’d love to meet you in person and get everyone you know pumped up about a mostly raw, whole foods diet!

It’s a long and winding road to good nutrition!

In my first newsletters, I told you a little about the rocky path to health that my family and I traversed.  It’s not very often clear and linear, that path, is it?  You try a lot of dumb stuff, yucky recipes you throw away, before you end up at the truth—and that’s if you’re lucky.  (A lot of people spend an entire lifetime following false prophets and believing false information.  Like the folks who put all their faith in the barbaric practices of oncology, or the crazy dietetics of the Atkins Diet, for instance.)

The good news?  That the failure of all the dumb stuff you tried before (drugs, Atkins Diet, etc.) were useful in one sense: they help you recognize the truth when you see it.

The longer and more twisty that path, the more likely you are to recognize the beauty and efficacy of pure, simple truths.  Like the one is dedicated to: that eating an unadulterated diet of whole plant foods is a savior in a thousand different ways.

There’s the thing you’re preoccupied with now.  It might be cancer, or psoriasis, or leaky gut syndrome, or Epstein Barr.  An affliction that’s kinda wrecking your life right now, or someone close to you.

But the crazy thing is this.  Not only are your chances of addressing all degenerative disease and energy issues HIGHEST with a diet approach (and everything else I’m teaching on, but you’re going to have so many unexpected health and wellness benefits, you’ll barely be able to count them at the end of a year.

Once I took RESPONSIBILITY for my own health and my little son’s, I undertook my own private health course. (I found that health and nutrition education in traditional institutions were heavily influenced by industries like meat, dairy, processed foods, and pharmaceuticals.)

Although my program 12 Steps to Whole Foods is a crystallized version of the education I underwent for 15 years, if you’re a reader, you can immerse yourself in the very best books.  I’ll give you a leg up, because I read a lot of dubious stuff.  Here’s a link to the very best, my favorite books by authors you can trust:


To Your Health,

–Robyn Openshaw

p.s.  The first thing you should do as you’ve decided to get healthy is invest in the most important tool in my kitchen: the BlendTec Total Blender. It’s so much more than the best tool ever for making mixed drinks at your next party. You’ll be a green smoothie chef in no time at all!