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What coaches have to say about their visit to Utah. Part 4 of 4

This is what some of our coaches said about their 5 days in Utah: What an amazing week! We learned, laughed, cried, hiked & did yoga in the breathtaking Fall colors of Sundance. I am so impressed with Robyn, her team and the other coaches. These ladies are smart and fun! They are knowledgeable, capable, and experienced. The […]

Back to certifying 15 coaches! Part 3 of 4

We all took the Sundance chair lift and hiked down in the explosion of Fall colors and perfect weather. Early the next morning, we took another sunrise hike to Stewart Falls, another favorite part of my favorite place on Earth. It’s in Provo Canyon, where A River Runs Through It was filmed. (Brad Pitt starred with Robert […]

Looking for a web developer (back to regular programming tomorrow!)

Our plans to re-launch a massively improved suddenly came to a screeching halt, after several months of expensive development…… If you know a great web developer, have him or her write with a resume, and answer these questions: Are you moonlighting after your FT job, or are you a fulltime contractor? Are you […]

Half-Raw Vegan Reuben Sandwich Recipe

Here is the recipe—coaches loved it, and my kids gobble Patty’s Reuben sandwiches (with my raw sauerkraut). Patty’s Half-Raw Vegan Reuben Corned Beef Patties In a high-speed blender combine: 2 cups of black beans 3 cups of veggie pulp (I used the pulp from cucumber/beet/carrot juice) 1 cup of sprouted sunflower seeds 3 Tablespoons caraway […]

We certify 15 GreenSmoothieGirl coaches! part 1 of 4

You thought I went off the grid? Maybe you didn’t notice. I NEVER go 4-5 days without blogging. But we’ve been holed up from early till late every night at “The Hideout” at Sundance with the 15 women who will make the GreenSmoothieGirl mission explode by 1,000 percent this year! I have become my own […]

Depression and Anxiety Nutrition Strategies, part 3 of 3

  More strategies, if you’re serious about addressing what causes your depression and/or anxiety: 5.      High-fructose corn syrup has to go. I noticed that any HFCS, such as found in candy, drinks, and cheap processed food, caused me anxiety for several days after I ate it. In a few times in my life, when life circumstances […]

Depression and Anxiety Nutrition Strategies, part 2 of 3

1.      Are you getting enough greens? They contain the most bioavailable minerals of all foods. Bioavailable refers how much of the nutrient is actually utilized by your body, as opposed to how much of that nutrient is in the food. (For instance, dairy milk is high in calcium. But human beings use very little of it, […]