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Sugar as dangerous as alcohol and cigarettes

A study out of University of California at SF says that sugar should be regulated like alcohol and cigarettes, because it’s every bit as dangerous and deleterious. Click here to view the News Video on Sugar Study It changes your metabolism, raises your blood pressure, and destroys your liver, they say. They state that it contributes […]

Vegetarians’ favorite question

My daughter Emma, 17, and I had a convo the other day about how every vegetarian gets sick of the question, “How do you get your protein?” (I bet we hear from some of them here!) I often point those asking that question to my report HERE called “Protein: Are We Deficient? Or Overdosing?” A […]

Green smoothies and hospice

I got this email recently from a reader telling us that her grandparent duties would keep her from attending my upcoming Bountiful, Utah class, but she wanted me to know what whole-foods habits had done for her: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: Our family has had a daily green smoothie habit in the past and I can truly […]

Cancer: now it’s personal, part 3 of 3

I finally had to excuse myself from this meeting with Tall&Handsome and his doctor. T&H was smiling and enthusiastic. Wanting to translate German research and have me help publicize what this European doctor knows and is doing, that can help many American prostate cancer patients. The effect of this conversation, for T&H, was optimism and […]

Cancer: now it’s personal, part 2 of 3

It turns out T&H loves books like I do. Loves words. Walks up to me and says a word he just learned. We climb an old cannon turret dripping with the morning’s rain, explore a church and a graveyard (a weird pastime of mine wherever I travel). There are all kinds of treasures like this […]

Cancer: now it’s personal, part 1 of 3

It was bound to happen. I’ve been jet-setting all over the world trying to learn what people can do, when diagnosed with cancer. Stuff that doesn’t involve DNA damage from burning gamma rays, or injecting the bloodstream with toxic metals and chemicals. I’ve met a lot of people with amazing stories. I’ve met a lot […]

Age 70, running 36 miles/wk: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Happy birthday to my dad, whose character can be defined by consistency, work ethic, and commitment to principle. He’s been nicknamed Bob-Dad for 25 years now (my ex-husband nicknames everyone—this one was inspired by Bob-Dog on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood). He’s had plenty of stress and bad things happen to him in his life, like pretty […]

The Extraordinary Science of Junk Food

This is a very long article by Michael Moss of The New York Times, called The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. My blog entry today is my abstract and analysis of Moss’ work. (Matthew always tells me, “You’re my shortcut to the library.”) If you don’t have time to read the whole article, just […]