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GSG Coaches Share Healthy Cold-Weather Recipes, Part 3 of 5

This soup recipe, plus the chocolate frosting, is from Portland’s Coach Debbie Tuttle, our resident chocoholic, so we couldn’t include her without telling us how to get our chocolate in, without resorting to anything low-brow with a Nestle or Hersheys label! Beans and Greens Soup (adapted from David Gabbe’s recipe, see One of my favorite […]

GSG Coaches Share Healthy Cold-Weather Recipes, Part 2 of 5

Here’s a recipe from Coach Madeline ( in Indiana (near Chicago), where it actually gets COLD. Winter Warmer 15-Bean Veggie Soup 1 20-oz. pkg. “15 Bean Soup”  (throw away the “seasoning packet”, very toxic!) Soak beans overnight according to package directions. The next morning, drain the water. Then rinse beans well twice (eliminates much of […]

GSG Coaches Share Healthy Cold-Weather Recipes, Part 1 of 5

I asked the GSG Coaches for their favorite cold-weather recipes. I’ll be sharing them this week—feel free to lift any recipe that looks good to you, and try it out. Interestingly, our two Texas coaches wrote me first, with their best, healthy, plant-based hot soups. Even though I’m not sure it’s ever truly cold there. […]

Cheryl L. Wins Our Sauna Contest

With our annual group buy on infrared saunas going on now, I thought you’d like to see how Cheryl L., who won a FREE SAUNA last year in our facebook contest, is enjoying hers. (You had to “like” Healthmate Sauna, as well as GSG, on facebook, and then we had a drawing for those 5,000 […]

GSG’s Linda!

Linda has helped tremendously with the group buy–her first year doing it, and she’s been so amazing. She’s cheerful and positive and kind to our customers, and we love her. (I tell everyone who works in customer support my philosophy of that function: the customer isn’t always right. But regardless of how they treat us, […]

If only adults knew what this 3rd grader does!

I love science experiments. I did one with my Cub Scout related to an email that has gone around for years, saying that microwaved water kills plants. We sprouted seeds in vinegar water, sugar water, microwaved water, filtered water, and tap water. The microwaved water did the BEST. (I’m not advocating for microwaves here—microwaving is […]

GSG is sick. Don’t tell anyone.

So I’ve been a little too braggy lately. I wrote this blog entry recently about “I haven’t had the flu in more than 10 years,” and “I’m healthy even though everyone around me is hacking up a lung,” and it just posted. Oh, how the mighty fall. I just went back and edited my previous […]

Is eating kale going to kill your thyroid?

I have a number of people asking about kale, since a New York Times columnist recently implied that her diagnosis of hyperthyroidism could be related to eating kale. And flax. Never mind all the devastating endocrine disruptors out there, like chlorine and fluoride in our water, BPA and phthalates in plastics we drink from. Those […]

So you say you don’t want to get sick?

Kelly Titmus, our apprentice coach in Boise, Idaho, and a mom who wants to motivate her kids to be well created this poster. Thanks, Kelly! Ten simple things! I do all of these every day and believe they are the reason I haven’t had the flu in many years, even though I was literally sick […]

How many supplements are spiked with drugs?

Turns out, according to this USA Today article, at least 123 companies have been convicted of putting drugs in their “natural” supplement.At least two of the companies in this article have asked GSG to sell their stuff. From another company, I had the illegal, doped product (according to this article) in my possession that a […]