We’re nervous. Not gonna lie. GreenSmoothieGirl CEO Robyn Openshaw, and Roxberry President Todd Woods…


(Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home!) We’ll tell you what happens in a short video blog, every day, starting Sept. 15.

Here’s what’s in it for you!

  • We’ll donate $1 for EACH person who follows us, to build a school for AIDS-orphaned kids in Africa, up to $10,000. (GreenSmoothieGirl + Roxberry + Blendtec, through Mothers Without Borders.)
  • EVERY DAY for 30 days, we’ll give away a $200 prize package to a follower who asks a question or makes a comment on the blog.
  • One of the days, someone commenting on the blog will win a $4,800 Health Mate Infrared Sauna (one of Robyn’s Favorite Things)! So make sure to check in, every day!
  • At the end, one follower will win a $1,500 prize package including a $750 Designer Blendtec!
  • We’ll immediately send you, FREE, our 30 Superfoods Green Smoothie eBook that will be our only food for a month.
  • Every day Robyn will teach you about a superfood to add to a smoothie, in her video blog.

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We are assisted in this effort by celebrity Bloggers Without Borders, and our sponsors, who love using their influence to do good in the world! See their names below, follow them, and thank them for being part of a great cause!

We’ll share MORE about these amazing bloggers and the ways they are changing the planet, during the 30 days. We have a $150,000 school to fund and build, Robyn is going there next summer to help, and we’ll keep you updated!

Robyn and Todd are testing all our health biomarkers BEFORE and AFTER the 30-day fast, making this experiment very scientific. And we’ll waive our HIPPA rights to share them with you!

What will happen to Todd’s cholesterol and blood pressure, as he gets off Rockstar and onto green smoothies? Will Robyn get enough calories, and protein, to keep running 20 miles a week plus playing competitive sports? They’ll share with you HOW. Without eating a single bite of food for a month. We’ll also share HOW MUCH we raise!

Spread the Word

Please SHARE this page on social media with your friends so the school for child-headed households gets another $1 when they follow us!


Here’s what’s in the GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE you could win, just for following us!

  • $750 Blendtec Designer Blender package, with Wildside and Twister jars
  • 1 year of free green smoothies from Roxberry
  • $250 shopping spree on (green smoothie mix-ins, superfoods, recipe books, courses)

More prizes TBA from our Celebrity Bloggers Without Borders and Sponsors.

Mothers Without Borders

Mothers Without Borders was formed in response to the global orphan crisis. Serving children in orphanages in Romania, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Nepal and Bolivia and those living in the streets or in child headed households in India and various countries within Africa, it is our goal to send a message of hope and offer real solutions to the serious problems these children face. Today, our work is focused exclusively in Zambia, Africa and includes programs that develop communities, strengthen families caring for orphans, empower women and protect and provide for orphaned and vulnerable children.