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Terms & Conditions Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Effective January 1, 2014

Scope and Eligibility

Our Affiliate Program is designed to provide an incentive for Affiliates to regularly promote GSG products and services. The program will reward health professionals and educators who demonstrate a regular effort to promote GSG products and services. Affiliates are paid a referral commission based on a percentage of the sale amount of an eligible sale.

Being a GSG Affiliate requires ongoing promotion of GSG products or services through any of the following venues:
1) a website that actively promotes GSG products or services,
2) an active blog, social network presence, newsletter, or email campaign that actively promotes GSG products or services,
3) a health practice or program that actively promotes GSG products or services.

Please contact customer support to see if any alternative approaches to promoting GSG products and services qualify.

What a Referral Is

A referral is a record of an eligible sale that resulted from a visit to via an affiliate link.
Example A: 1.) Joe clicks on your affiliate link, 2.) Joe purchases an eligible item, 3.) you are credited with a referral.
Example B: 1.) Jen clicks on your affiliate link, 2.) Jen does not purchase an eligible item, 3.) you are not credited with a referral.

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Calculation of Referral Commissions

Only regular-priced, non-discounted, non-sale products and services are eligible for referral commissions. Not all products or services are eligible.

Referral commissions are based on the net price of the sale. Qualifying items earn 20% of the net price, except Detox memberships and manuals which earn 40% of the net price. We do not currently have a list of eligible products and services. A list will be provided when it is available.

  • Taxes, shipping, and coupon values are not included in the calculation of commissions
  • Items sold via Amazon or external vendors are not eligible for referral commissions
  • Coupons, sale-prices, or other discounts disqualify orders. The only exception is the coupon FIVEOFF; which does not disqualify orders from referral commissions.
  • Ineligible Items: Group Buy, Blendtec, doTERRA, food bars, Ionizers, Saunas
  • Books other than Robyn’s are not eligible

Bonus Rate Opportunity
A bonus commission rate is available to Affiliates for the months when they generate over $1,000 in eligible sales. To qualify for the bonus rate, an Affiliate must generate $1,000 per month in eligible sales for 2 months. The bonus rate is then paid for any subsequent month during which the Affiliate generates $1,000. The bonus rate of 30% applies to eligible sales where the regular rate is 20%. The $1,000 monthly bonus rate does not include Detox sales, since they earn 40% already.

Rates and terms may change without notice.

Commissions Summary

  • Regular-priced items only
  • No coupons except FIVEOFF
  • Not all items are eligible

Payment of Commissions

Commission payments are made to the email address associated with the Affiliate account via PayPal. Unclaimed, denied, undeliverable, or returned payments will not be re-sent without detailed notification from the account holder. You are responsible for keeping your Affiliate account email address current. Payments are made according to the payment schedule in the Affiliate Area.

Commission Payment Chargebacks and Miscalculations

Chargebacks are retractions of commission payments due to refunds issued on orders that had generated referral commissions. If a refund is issued for an order which generated a commission for an affiliate, the commission will be retracted in one of two methods described below. If a miscalculation has resulted in a commission payment to our detriment, the commission may be retracted in one of two methods described below.
1. The retracted commission amount will be deducted from the Affiliate’s current or future commission payment.
2. The retracted commission amount will be billed to the Affiliate’s PayPal account.

Although we take measures to minimize chargebacks by postponing commission payouts until the typical refund period has passed, it is possible that chargebacks will occur.

Federal Tax Documents – 1099-MISC

As of January 1, 2014, any Affiliate who is paid at least $600.00 by GSG during the calendar year, whether through the GSG Affiliate program or by other means, will be sent IRS Form 1099-MISC as required by law. By participating in our Affiliate Program, you agree to provide the information necessary for the processing and delivery of this annual tax document.

Regardless of the amount of Affiliate earnings, Affiliates are responsible for reporting all Affiliate commissions as gross income. It is taxable income.

Terms of Affiliate Program Membership

Affiliates will not receive referral commissions for their own purchases unless they have generated more than one customer referral and have demonstrated an ongoing effort to promote the products and services offered for sale on the GSG website through an approved venue. Affiliates will not receive referral commissions for their own purchases during any calendar month unless they have generated monthly sales from other eligible referrals of at least $200.00.

Our affiliate program does not allow participation for the primary purpose of earning referral commission for your own purchases. Since determining this type of misuse of the affiliate program can be difficult, we rely on affiliates and customers to refrain from and report such misuse.

If you have used our affiliate program to primarily receive referral commissions for your own purchases, and we have paid you for those referrals, it does not mean we permit such use of the program. Accounts that are discovered to have used the program for personal benefits may be closed without notice.

Reciprocation of referrals between affiliates to meet monthly minimums is not allowed and may result in closure of both affiliate accounts.

Returns will not be accepted for orders placed by affiliates if the reason for the return is that the affiliate did not receive an expected referral commission for the order.

Program Membership Summary

  • Ongoing promotion required: Affiliates must actively promote GSG products or services in an approved venue
  • Non-personal use: the Affiliate program may not be used primarily for personal purchases
  • $200 monthly minimum: an Affiliate must generate minimum sales of $200.00 in any month to receive commissions for personal purchases made during that month

GSG Right to Manage the Affiliate Program

Affiliate accounts in violation of any terms may be deactivated without notice. Violators may also be banned from the GSG website without notice.

We reserve this right to raise, lower, or discontinue commission rates at any time. We reserve the right to decline or terminate affiliate accounts if we feel our products or services are not being publicized in an appropriate manner or if we have any other concern about the advertising or marketing techniques employed by the Affiliate.

Affiliates have no obligation to continue and may terminate this agreement at any time.

Terms and conditions may change without notice.

Please direct Affiliate Program questions to the webmaster. Affiliate Area