{VIDEO} Learn OIL PULLING to detox yourself every morning!

I’ve got a great little video to show you one of my detoxing magic tricks, to kill millions of bad-breath and cavity-causing bacteria, to have fresh breath first thing in the morning!

Did you know that your mouth is one of the dirtiest places in your body? Oh, you did, didn’t you. But did you know that a simple, easy habit will make your life better and cleaner, and you’ll be a better kisser, to boot?

Oil pulling is a simple habit that comes from a centuries-old Ayurvedic tradition. Oils have an affinity for toxins. So, this habit is a great purifying practice that you can do every day. Keep a tub of coconut oil, and wintergreen essential oil, in your bathroom.

This easy process kills harmful microorganisms in the mouth and teeth, alkalizes in the mouth, and may even turn around an oral or dental infections. Many use it to resolve headaches, as well.  Many biological dentists (including mine) recommend it for re-mineralizing bone in the teeth.

Watch me demonstrate oil pulling in this short video, and learn more ways you can benefit from taking a few minutes, while making breakfast or getting dressed in the morning, for a great new health habit!

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Cleansing twice a year is my secret weapon against food addictions, brain fog, and joint pain, and excess weight. Join us!

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  1. Someone mentioned hydrogen peroxide dillusional (35% HyP, food grade is a must..) besides intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy which is highly effective if not the most highly effective way of oxygenating your blood and in essence your whole body. I have searched far and wide with my wife for natural and holistic ways of taking better care of our bodies without listening to in the virtual propaganda and diabolic satanic lies this government and all of its agencies in particular the FDA which could also stand for 5 days a week?? Which in turn I think they mean the minimum amount of time you should poison your body multiple times a day following their guidelines and preferred or recommended dosage usage and or ways of killing yourself faster then you like cuz it’s definitely not fast enough for them no money in cures only money and Bs treatments if you don’t know about dr. Max Gershon and the Gerson method please please do yourself and everybody you love a favor watch and download a documentary I found on YouTube called the beautiful truth which by the way has been continuously and obviously been taking down multiple times for speaking the truth about did this disgusting way this country has destroyed the very Foundation of what it means to be healthy to eat healthy to live healthy and two overall have a good life free of disease pain and a plethora of other innumerable ailments once labeled or considered incurable or barely treatable terrifying conditions diseases, both long & short. To avoid the potential misinterpretation of what I’m saying I’ll say this the government which has basically become huge corporations all want you dead or dying will happily and willingly allow you to believe all the lies all the deception all the satanic diabolic and deliberately dubious ways just figuring out how to kill you faster and make more money doing it I think they just go on the parking lot with empty capsules and just fill them up with whatever they find throw darts at an encyclopedia and come up with a name for the new wonder drug that will do everything and anything accept what it’s supposed to do thank you thank you thank you dr. Oh sorry Uncle Sam how did this happen? I’ll give you a clue it’s called complacency and comfort which is rather laziness in indignity with a Sprinkle or so full of it’s selfish narcissism and Godless self-righteousness good luck down there guys and gals… please find God and all of the wonderful beautiful just about every single possible thing we could ever need is here on this planet but no degree this is incomprehensible makes me wonder if there really are aliens or not because I can’t imagine how a human being can do some certain things too not just one or two or three or five but one or two or three or five million human beings that knowingly is destroying themselves everyone around them mother earth herself and possibly saddest of all every single generation to come please forgive us Lord for I would say we know not what we do but I think we all know that’s not true we know very well it’s not that hard two simply stop genuinely ask for forgiveness repent and love one another notice this is nothing to do with religion it’s all about energy frequency AKA vibes, and all those invisible waves of light and energy of which we are one in the same thank you Lord and God bless you all!

  2. I tried doing oil pulling with coconut oil several times .. but each time my gums became really sore and ulcerated! Disappointing!

    1. Maryann. Do you use the ‘Cold Press’ Coconut Oil for ‘Oil Pulling’?. this should be ‘pure white in colour when it’s in cold temperature. When it’s in Warm weather you’ll see the oil more like water but oily & little bit thicker….I would say, you should use the correct Coconut Oil..(not the yellow colour C.Oil).

    2. It could be the specific oil you purchased. However it’s possible that you may just be very sensitive to all that swishing or the oil itself. I personally can’t use coconut oil for oil pulling. But I love using sesame seed oil. I buy a big bottle of it since the smaller ones cost too much. I refrigerate it. You may want to try a different oil. It could also be that your teeth and gums are really in bad condition and you need to be gentle with them.

  3. I’ve been doing this for 3 years. It really works. I also feel my sinuses drain from it. I no longer take Claritin.

  4. Love that she uses Young Living!! If anyone wants to understand essential oils more in depth, please feel free to contact me and I will help you understand what to look for when purchasing essential oils. Remember, not all essential oils are NOT created equal! 😉

    1. You could use pumpkin seed oil, EVOO, sesame seed or even MCT medium chain triglycerides aka liquid coconut oil. You do not need that big ol tablespoon amount either. A smaller amount is ok, pulling for 20 is hard for many people especially if you have gag reflex or TMJ. 5-10mins is plenty especially if you floss first, you will know if you do it often because it goes from thick to oil to milky looking liquid. I agree spit in trash or toilet, just flush while you spit.

    2. You want your oil with the least amount of processing. Cold guarantees no heat which destroys so much of the active agents the oils. Some are called hand processed. Expeller process generates some heat and loses value. Never use chemical processed. 20 minutes is the goal. I started @roughly 3min and built up (gag reflex). It takes your blood 20min to circulate thru your whole system. This may have something to do with the time. There’s good reason it’s been done this way for many hundreds of years.

  5. What other oils can be used for pulling, like Frankincense, Sweet Orange Oil etc? And what do each of these other oils help with? I only use Certified Organic Food Grade Essential Oils, of course.

    1. Work up to it. The first day I could only stand a few minutes. After that I could go longer and now I’m up to 20 minutes. If I do it everyday I stay used to it. I don’t love it but I love the results.

  6. Be sure to discard be used coconut oil into a wastebasket or empty jar… The coconut oil can rehardened and clog pipes in your plumbing if you spit into the sink, shower, or toilet.

    Also, if you mix coconut oil with turmeric powder and peppermint or clove essential oil, you can brush with it after your oil pulling to whiten your teeth dramatically. Try it and see the dazzling results!

  7. Tried it several times with coconut oil..gagged! It was awful! 20 min… is a loooooonnnnggg time to have that coconut oil in your mouth. Wheat Grass for 5 minutes is far more effective than coconut oil pulling. Have had excellent success with organic wheat grass.

  8. Here in Europe we do it a bit differently. First of all I use small teaspoon of oil and rinnse with it for some time and then have it out after few minutes as it is full of bacterias. Then do take another small tsp of oil and do it once again. If curcumstances allow I do that after every meal.
    My dentist say that I keep him idle. I do hope it stays that way, though!

  9. When you spit out the coconut oil DO NOT spit it in your sink. It will clog your pipes. It needs to go in the trash. Maybe a ziploc bag then in the trash to keep it under control. Happy pulling!!!

      1. Ditto! Do not spit it down any drain (I oil pull immediately in the morning and during my shower time). I learned the hard way from my plumber!

  10. I have two questions:
    #1 if I sign up for the lifetime membership can I postpone my detox for a couple of months?
    #2 I have tried the oil pulling and I can’t make it more then 5 min without my mouth getting so full I need to dump the oil. Is this normal in the beginning or something strange with me? Thank you!

    1. Hi Sabrina, you have 60 days to START your detox, in our system. And of course, with Lifetime, you can do it every time we support, which we usually do 3x a year. As for oil pulling, you’re just producing a lot of saliva, apparently! Start with LESS oil perhaps, and see if you can mentally keep yourself from salivating so much….but do what you can, and 5 mins is better than none!

      1. The 60 days is actually perfect..I’ll sign up when I’m done here. I’ll also try the oil pulling again, I must produce a LOT of saliva when I was doing it. I thought my mouth was going to explode. Maybe the oil will help also, I didn’t try that. Thanks!!!

      2. I have emailed twice with a question about the detox with no reply. If you buy the manual only, what exactly is that? The protocol of what to eat for 26 days with recipes?

          1. M. I’m thinking about purchasing only the manual, do you feel it’s complete and didn’t leave you with questions?

      3. The European responder said they take tsp at a time, rinse and spit a few times. I produce a lot too. I’ve just severely cut back on how much I use. But I think this might be even better.


  12. I oil pull every morning and evening with CQ10 (gel capsule–I bite the capsule in my mouth, suck out the oil and discard the gel capsule). I add 2 drops each of clove and oregano essential oil in a TBS of coconut oil and swish for 20 minutes. I love it……This is Dr. Bruce Fife’s recipe. For a mouthwash, rinse mouth with Xylitol and water solution for one minute and spit out. Also as a mouthwash use 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and spit out. It will foam away bacteria and cleanse mouth.

    1. No coconut oil pulling will not, nor will it take care of gum disease or whiten your teeth. It is your saliva that remineralizes your teeth not coconut oil. What stops remineralizing from happening is the glycerin that is in mouth washes and toothpaste. Your morning bacteria is hard at work, the worst is after sugar and carbs.

          1. I recommend NOW FOODS ESSENTIAL OILS it is about $20 cheaper and you are still getting ORGANIC without a sales pitch and brainwashed. Just like young living as well, crazy price!! You can also by Now Foods EO in many stores and online.

          2. I would never use NOW brand essential oils internally (or externally)…I’ve had crazy reactions to their oils (even the “organic” ones). There are many good brands out there…you just need to do a little research to find the ones you trust at the best price…

        1. MountainRoseHerb.com is another good source. You want at least food grade organic. Some call theirs therapeutic grade. Straight essential oil will cost more by weight. Buying blends usually means a ‘carrier oil’ is used. You don’t need a carrier with oil pulling, since the oil itself is the carrier

        2. Also, cosmetic grade is inferior and not what you want to put in mouth. Too many impurities. It’s also best to not put on you skin anything you wouldn’t put in your mouth.

    1. The first time is hardest because it is a new sensation in your mouth, especially if you are sensitive to textures like I am. Use half as much the first time if necessary, 20 minutes goes by in a flash after you get used to it. The trick is to not sit still while doing it, walk around doing your regular morning routine, I do it while doing my chiropractic morning therapy exercises.

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