Avoid the holiday weight gain on our 3-Day detox!

Ready to ditch your bad mood, your achy joints, your brain fog, and 5 POUNDS…in just 3 days? And set yourself up to AVOID holiday weight gain?

We’ve had so many requests to bring back our 3-Day Detox, that we raided our stock, dismantled our variety packs, and remade them all into 700 last-chance 3-Day Detox kits!

The holiday season is the perfect time to do this little experiment, to remember what it’s like to eat clean for 3 whole days. Give your body a break from digestion. No stimulants, no junk food—In 3 days, you’re going to remember how eating organic, whole foods makes you feel!  More energy, and your sugar cravings will likely disappear. And that’s going to help pull you through the rest of the month of parties and hectic schedules

I tested this on myself, back in May. I wasn’t overweight by any standards, but I’d gained a few, and I, too, lost 5 POUNDS EXACTLY in 3 days! We can’t guarantee the specific number, but we certainly can guarantee that you’re getting 48 grams of clean, organic, protein, and tons of nutrient-dense deliciousness.

When you get the 3-Day Detox, I’m going to send YOU exactly what I ate, and for a price that is below our cost–and I’m paying for the shipping! Eighteen mini-meals of ALL organic, raw, whole, plant-based food. Just $30 for the 3 days of food, and the shipping is FREE.

The only problem is, we only have 700, and when we’re sold out, we’re out.  So even if NOW isn’t the time for you, order one to use when you’re ready!

Here’s what a few of our 3-Day Detoxers have said about this little program:


Day 3 is DONE! I’m down 8.3 lbs total. My joints are feeling much better.  I’m feeling really motivated to make some lifestyle changes, and my body is telling me it loves me.

—Brandon L. in Provo, UT



testimonialBSsmThis cleanse has been like youth in a bottle for me. I’m down 4.8 lbs! I just realized I haven’t had an afternoon crash where I’ve set an alarm for a 30 minute power nap before the kids come home from school for 2 straight days now!  

— Brooke S. in Mesa, AZ



Finished day 3 yesterday! I lost 4.4 lbs. I’m not overweight by any means and eat clean already, but I felt like it was a good digestive rest for me. It feels good to know food doesn’t have power over us. Woke up and felt RESTED! Love that feeling!

—Kristin H. in Santa Clara, CA

We used to limit purchase to one per household, but we know that sometimes you want one for a spouse, or a detox buddy to help keep you motivated.  So we’ve removed that limit for this last-chance sale of our final 3-Day Detox supply.

Snap one up while you can!

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