Do You Know about “Ear Candling?” [Free Tutorial!]

Ear candling is a very old, tried-and-true way to get fluids in the ear moving, remove pressure on the ear drum, to clean out the ear canal from excessive wax, or begin to clear a middle ear infection.

Ear candling supplies are inexpensive and can be found on some online stores and local health food stores.

Since the FDA, whose members all have conflicts of interest with drug companies (major stockholders, former employees, and more), have banned claims that ear candling can help earaches, sinus headaches, and allergies, let me say this:

I don’t make and sell ear candles. I don’t have a book on ear candling to sell you. However, I’ve had LOTS of really amazing experiences helping friends adopt this practice, and it’s another way to avoid antibiotics and their terrible side effects.

I’m a very experienced “ear candler,” and I want to share with you my thoughts on the practice, and how to do it safely and effectively. (I’ve also never been paid to do ear candling, and never will. I’ve done it only with lots of family members and friends.)

So if you’d like to try it, watch the tutorial video and grab my instruction sheet on how to perform this simple procedure that may save you painful, expensive, or invasive medical intervention. It’s not hard, and it’s very safe, if you follow my directions. But there is fire involved, so when you click to get the instruction sheet, we’ll also send you my short tutorial video to watch (my subject is my gorgeous former boyfriend and long-time friend, Lyle), to make sure you’re ear candling safely.

Medical doctors paid to write articles against holistic practices say, online, that there is no ear wax coming out of the ear, using this practice, but in fact, it is the wax from the ear candles themselves, colored orange by the colors in the candling materials, that make it appear like ear wax.

This is easily proven false–what’s in the bottom of the candle, when we’re done, is clearly orange ear wax, and the candles are white, non-colored candles coated in food-grade parrafin or beeswax. You can find quality Ear Candles from Wally’s Natural on Amazon.

I'm giving my friend Lyle an ear candling here - no pain, no mess!
Ear candling

The “anti-quack” folks are literally assigned to debunk everything outside of drugs / surgeries / medical technologies (the centerpiece of Western Medicine’s mega-billion dollar monopoly) on sites such as and WebMD. Snopes isn’t the final authority either. You can see on these sites how thin their research is, quite often, and how Quackwatch, for instance, takes on virtually everything in holistic healing, from the entire profession of homeopathics, to every natural treatment or practice out there. We’ll set aside the general agenda of a number of these large “muckraking” sites on the internet, to deal specifically with ear candling.

As with many things, you may wish to try it for yourself to decide if it’s legitimate or not. If you decide that you do, I’ve prepared a set of instructions to you, which I’ll send to your email right now.

Those “debunking” ear candles claim that there is no vacuum created by the tube, and the flame. This, is also easily proven false.

When you perform the procedure, as I have done on many others, and I have also been the receiver of the treatment, probably 100 times combined, you can feel the wax deep in your ear melting and moving, as it often tickles; and you hear, against your eardrum, the movement of fluids.

In WebMD articles, or Quackwatch, or SkepticalInsider, who all just repeat what each other says….

…..they make fun of the “ignorance” of ear candles as a practice to remove wax or get trapped fluids moving. But until I discovered ear candles, because I have small ear/nose/throat passageways, I repeatedly had wax-buildup-related hearing problems.

In college and beyond, do you know what doctors did for my problem?

You wanna put WHAT softener in my ears?

They put stool softener in my ear, and then they Water-Pik’ed my ear, sometimes for up to 20 minutes at a time. It was dreadfully painful. I’ll take the “risks” of ear candling (easily mitigated with the safety tips in my video and instruction sheet) any day over that tortuous procedure that probably had serious risk of rupturing my ear drum!

You read that right. They, the MD’s, nurses, and physician’s assistants, attacked my ear drum with a high-pressure water hose sold for cleaning teeth! This didn’t just happen at one clinic, but multiple clinics: the student health center when I was a student, and then a private clinic years later.

The last time I had it done, I didn’t have an ear infection when I went in, just hearing loss. But I had vertigo, and lots of pain for two weeks after the treatment. In one episode, they never got anything out of my ear, and my hearing was not restored.

The WebMD article also cites evidence of people having melted wax from the ear candles burn their eardrum. In my many, many times using ear candles, this has never happened, and many quality ear candles come with a safety tip to prevent this.

And, it isn’t as if Medicine itself has a really sophisticated way to eliminate excessive ear wax when it affects hearing. Perhaps they should do legitimate research and evaluate whether the candle does, in fact, create heat and a vacuum that brings wax out of the ear and has been helpful to thousands of people.

I’m giving Lyle an ear candling session here. No pain, no mess!

Every time I do it, my hearing comes back. Usually instantly. It gets stuff moving, so that often my hearing keeps improving, hours or days later. (I always seem to need it after scuba diving, swimming, etc.) My ear often tickles for several days or even a couple of weeks, because of fluids moving.

And by the way? When I told my own pediatrician, many years ago, that I wouldn’t be filling the antibiotic prescription for my young daughter, until I’d tried ear candling? She said, “Great, that works, and let me tell you why.” (She then explained exactly what I’m telling you here. Years later, when I brought my teenage son to her to freeze off his warts, I told her that I wanted to use essential oils but he refused—and she said to Tennyson, “They work, and let me tell you why.” And then told me she uses them with her own six little kids, after explaining to Tennyson why oils are worth a try, and not painful like what she was doing to him with the nitrogen.) Some MD’s, these days, even though their med-school training includes exactly nothing holistic, do their own research, and try to avoid drugs and surgical interventions with their own families. I am blessed to have found a pediatrician who is a mama of six young children and a fan of other modalities as well.

So, like I said earlier, research and try it for yourself to decide if ear candling is for you. I’ve made a very easy list of instructions, supplies you’ll need, and tips that I’ve learned and used for years and years.

Just click to tell me you want it, and I’ll send it straight to your email along with my tutorial video. You can print the instruction sheet, keep it for reference, and feel free to use your knowledge to help others outside your own family who may want to know a method, tested by many generations and many cultures, to safely and effectively clean out the ear and get the gook moving to resolve problems before they get serious.

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  1. Earcandling is the only thing I haven’t tried. Never in my 72 years have I had any problems with my ears…..,til now. Washed my hair as usual but for some reason afterwards I couldn’t hear from Left ear,still can’t after months, w-a-a-y too long. Need more info.

  2. I tried ear candling at home, and I kept the candle straight up and ended up having to remove it before it reached the 3 in mark because hot wax dripped from the candle into my ear. Now it is incredibly painful, sounds are muffled, my ear keeps crackling, and this morning a piece of “wax” from the candle came out of my ear. It feels like there is more in there:( Any suggestions on how to relieve these issues? I read to use the candle again to extract the wax. But I can officially say I learned my lesson and will never do that again

    1. elizabeth, strange! i use ear candles without wax….i’ve done this countless times on dozens of people…..shouldn’t be anything dripping. i DO hear crackling, always, as ear wax liquifies against the ear drum.

  3. I placed my order, but the Sprouted Broccoli-Chia-Flax Tri-Omega Superfood. is there anyway I could still get a discount when it gets in stock? Also, I forgot to add the straws to my order and it was over one hundred dollars. Thanks

  4. Can you tell me who your pediatrician is that you mentioned in this article? I have really struggled to find a good one in Utah county.

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