Get Healthy With Alkaline Water! (my online class July 28)

A lot of what you think you know about water isn’t true! You’re made up of 70% water: Fact. Your brain is 80% water: Fact. But:

Would you be surprised to know that some of us aren’t hydrated, even by 8 glasses of water a day? That our water has gotten really acidic, causing more burnout of our organs?

Did you know that increasing the pH (and therefore, mineral content) of your water can help you lose weight?

How about this. Did you know that you can increase your pH through drinking alkaline water, more than with any other habit, even adopting a raw vegan diet!

It’s one of my stealth arrows in my health quiver. And once a year, we teach you about it. And get you a CRAZY discount, unavailable anywhere else, on a water ionizer of your own.

Join me at Noon or 7 PM MST on July 28 for my class, “Get Healthy With Alkaline Water!”

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You’ve probably heard the buzz about alkaline water. Sign up for the class this Thursday, and you’ll immediately get a free eGuide on how to lose weight using alkaline water.

(What could be easier than drinking water?)

The class we’re teaching you is all about why alkaline water has the potential to dramatically improve your health in dozens of ways.

You may have heard stories regarding better energy, toxicity cleansing, and disappearing symptoms with the use of a water ionizer.

I’ve had my own, installed under my sink that dispenses from a faucet drilled into my counter, for years now. I love it!

The human body needs to be slightly alkaline (about 7.4 on the pH scale).

acids are prevalent in soft drinks
Acids are everywhere – in the foods you eat, in the sodas you drink

Unfortunately, you are bombarded with acids every day. Those come from dairy and animal proteins, junk foods with chemical, sugar and white flour—and possibly worst of all, soft drinks.

Coffee and tea, electromagnetic frequencies in your environment, pharmaceuticals, even stress lead to an acidic inner terrain.

When we become too acidic, our bodies rob alkaline minerals from our cells, depleting critical stores. The blood must remain at an exact pH, or you die. So when it needs ions, it steals them from bones and other tissues.

As acidosis occurs, the body’s ability to absorb nutrition is damaged, cells cannot repair, rebuild, detoxify, and maintain energy.

Cancer cells thrive in an acid climate, and we are overall prone to fatigue and disease.

A LIFE Ionizer water ionization system
A LIFE Ionizer water ionization system

Before I bought my own ionizer, I spent several months researching alkaline water: studying, talking to experts and people who own ionizers, interviewing company reps, and testing water from different machines.

I was separating fact and evidence–from hype.

I studied all the different brands, and measured their water’s pH level, compared it to the claims.

I didn’t want to spend $5,000 on the network marketed unit, and I didn’t feel that most of my GreenSmoothieGirl friends could afford the price tag without going into debt.

Still, I’ve come to believe that drinking alkaline water has powerful potential for our health.

Grab your free “seat” in the class, and when you sign up, I’ll send you the free weight loss eGuide.


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  1. Hello, I was just on the webinar. I am still confused about the distiller. If we distill our well water, do we still need one of these systems? Your guest said it was the same as ionization, so it wasn’t clear to me if they did the same thing. My parents drink the water from the still, but I drink the tap water because I like the taste of it better. Also if your urine tests alkaline with a ph strip, does that mean your system is alkaline?

    1. Sheryl, no, I think the pH strips are indicative of urine, not your overall system. First thing in the a.m. testing your saliva is more indicative. As for well water, it’s not the same as ionization, nor is distilling. In fact, distilled water is actually more acidic than tap water is! (But it’s clean.) I would call Life Ionizer with your questions? for all the deets. Thanks Sheryl, have a great day!

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