{GIVEAWAY!} {VIDEO!} Honey: friend or foe? And what to do with it!

Honey is a subject of a lot of controversy. Friend or foe? Let me share whether I think you should buy it, or not.

Vegans don’t like it, because a bee toils her whole life to make ¼ of a teaspoon!

Honeybees in the hive

(I’m in awe. I think of this amazing effort, every time I eat it. I can’t lie, I feel a little guilty.)

Luckily, our harvesting honey causes beekeepers to help bees proliferate, which the environment needs, plus it doesn’t kill the bees. So I’m okay with it. I wouldn’t want to EAT the bees. Einstein said that when the bees die, the human race will die.

So, beekeepers are doing us a huge service. And they wouldn’t do it, if there were no market for honey! That’s my reasoning for why buying raw honey does the environment and the economy a wonderful service, despite that some vegans won’t eat honey on moral grounds.

But, what comes next is even more important!

Honey from our favorite supplier, White Lake Farms, in Utah

I want to share with you 4 reasons you absolutely want at least 5 pounds of raw honey in your pantry, plus 5 pounds for each person in your long-term food storage.

But, please don’t buy honey unless it says it’s RAW! I’m excited to be doing a giveaway on THURSDAY, from White Lake Farms’ honey–to 3 randomly selected people who answer a question in the comments on this blog post.

The question to answer, with your name and hometown, below, is: what’s the benefit of raw honey you’re MOST excited about?

(While it’s great if you answer on Facebook, we’re drawing the winners from the blog, so answer here!)

We’ll announce the 3 winners of FREE, RAW, HONEY shipped right to you on the Green Smoothie Girl Facebook page–also check out my Facebook Live Post about Honey while you’re there!

If you buy heat-treated honey, you’re losing out on the anti-allergy, immune-strengthening properties, which is my favorite thing about raw honey. I used to take awful steroidal inhalants for my really severe seasonal allergies, in my 20’s—now I have no reaction to pollens or anything else, which is really exciting to me. So I love to share my experience, and hope it works for you.

Grab my 4 FAVORITE HONEY RECIPES, which I’ll send to you in a pretty PDF, to your Inbox. And I’ll also send you my demo video making my kids’ favorite candy–all whole foods, has 3 ingredients and takes 5 minutes! We keep them in the freezer and who knows, maybe one a day keeps the allergies away!

I don’t even trust some of the brands that say they’re raw, because I can tell by looking at them that they’re not! And watch out for “honey” that’s really just honey-flavored corn syrup, which is a terrible substitute lacking any health benefit.

I love White Lake Farms honey—it’s a family owned business that started as a family project with 3 hives. Now they have 1,000 hives, all here in my home state of Utah. (I love supporting local companies doing something good.)

I know that the honey is extracted at White Lake Farms and taken straight from the hive, with no heat, unfiltered, preserving all of these exciting benefits:

Always look for RAW honey. Even if it crystallizes, just put the container in a sink of warm water. It never goes bad!
  1. It lasts forever. No expiration date.
  2. It’s an amazing treatment for burns. Once I was at a friend’s house and she asked me to make gravy in her blender. The lid blew off (it was boiling, duh, what was I thinking?) and the boiling, fatty beef broth was all over my arm. By the time I raced home, I had 3rd degree burns. I put raw honey all over my arm, wrapped it in Ace bandages, and a week later my skin was perfect, no scarring. WOW!
  3. I credit eating raw honey with my seasonal allergies disappearing. I had read that it can act as a homeopathic, since many bees, pollinating many plants, contribute to a single jar of honey. So, I started eating almond-butter-and-honey sandwiches, or my #1 favorite way to use honey, a treat of really easy-to-make Halvah Candy.
  4. Honey is high in minerals, as well as those immune-stimulating pollens that other sweeteners don’t have.

So I’ve got some really great honey recipes for you, including that delicious favorite with just 3 ingredients. And honey lemonade. Oooh, and two of my favorite salad dressings, Honey Mustard Vinaigrette, and Honey Dressing.

Pasted image at 2016_07_14 01_59 PM
Delicious, 3 ingredient Halvah Candy!

Grab your download here. I freeze Halvah Candy balls and eat one or two, a day, when I’m working at my computer. My kids love them, too. When we send you the printable recipes, I’ll also send you a video of what my employees are calling “Retro Robyn” making the Halvah Candy! I think you’ll get a kick out of the tutorial video I pulled from the archives, showing me when I still had all four kids at home, and made Halvah Candy every week!

If you don’t win, here’s the link to purchase truly raw, fabulous raw honey from the supplier we trust:

White Lake Farms

Don’t forget to grab my favorite RAW honey recipes here, including easy, delicious Halvah Candy, fresh honey lemonade, and honey-mustard vinaigrette dressing! Let me know if you love these recipes!

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    1. We used honey in lemon water to help our throats and use honey in desserts (added benefits of minerals from honey). My favorite food storage food is Honey as it lasts forever!

      1. My two favorite uses of RAW Unpasteurized honey are: 1. allergy soother: when I started eating RAW unpasteurized local honey, I stopped having hay fever and having to have allergy shots three times a week. 2. I use it when I have a sore throat in hot water with lemon juice. It’s very soothing and seems to clear the phlegm.

  1. Candace Walton, Augusta, Ga
    I love raw honey too!! So many benefits. My favorite health benefit is that it has completely eliminated my allergies. I’ve been giving it to my twins for many different reasons. We also take bee pollen because it has everything our bodies need to sustain life. So, technically it would keep us alive with a bit of water and rufage. You are so right that bees have to exist for us to survive. Thank you for the opportunity and for introducing us to another great company.

    1. Raw honey has kept my husband healthy! That, along with lots of veggies helped him overcome numerous health issues such as allergies and asthma.
      Thanks for all you do.

  2. I got raw honey for the first time through the group buy and i love it. I use it to make your granola and on my tea among other things. It taste so good. I love it….it helped with my husband’s allergies

  3. I like knowing that I’m getting all the wonderful enzymes from RAW honey. Isn’t it true that you need to buy RAW honey that comes from the area you live in, so that you get the benefit for allergies? I would really like to know the answer to that. I’m in SoCal, but would the honey from White Lake Farms help my seasonal allergies?

    1. Polly, no one knows for sure, but the theory makes sense. Bees range a long ways, and they go to many, many plants, so I’m not too worried about it being local!

  4. My favorite health benefit from raw honey is that it provides me with lots of minerals so I’m glad to use it as a sweetener in salad dressings, granola, and snacks

  5. Candi – Afton, Wyoming. My daughter has pretty bad seasonal allergies, and I’m trying to get her to eat more honey to see if it will help.

  6. I’m most excited about raw honey helping with seasonal allergies. We suffer from those in my house and are not consistent with using honey, so I want to start using it regularly…especially with your candy recipe! Marlene, San Marcos, CA

  7. I really love using raw honey as a facial mask – it makes my skin look amazing! And of course I’m excited about all the other health benefits as well. Amazing!

  8. I love honey with lemon and hot water first thing every morning. It cleanses, refreshes and wards off colds with its immune building properties. Love it raw!!

  9. Our family of nine makes a throat-coat concoction whenever that tickle begins in the back of our throats. We use ~1 tsp of fabulous, raw honey as the base and couple that with some potent essential oils. This clears congestion and coats our throats nicely to ease pain and swelling. This makes swallowing more pleasant – delicious home remedy! Honey is definitely a favorite staple in our pantry! Another bonus – IT LASTS FOREVER AND EVER! Woo-hoo! Susan – San Antonio, TX

  10. I Love everything about Raw honey but how awesome that it never goes bad!!! And the immune support is another bonus for me! I ‘s

  11. I love honey! My favorite thing about the honey is the immune strengthening capabilities as well. I have young kids and building their immune systems in a healthy way is very important to me especially with all the sickness that goes around.

  12. I love the benefits I get in reducing my allergies from raw, unfiltered honey. That is definitely my most favorite benefit. I also absolutely love lemon ginger tea made with raw honey! It’s my favorite thing to drink in the winter time when I’m cold 🙂
    -Charlotte, Riverton UT

  13. I love all the natural antioxidants and healing properties! Just amazing and it tastes great too! (Wheaton, IL)

  14. The benefit of honey I am mostly looking forward to is anti-alergy effects. I started suffering from allergies that cause me to have trouble sleeping by constant phlegm in my throat and chest making it difficult to stop clearing my throat or swallow. I can’t wait to try it out and get some sleep!

  15. Jillian Beardall, Farmington, UT
    My favorite benefit is the help with seasonal allergies!
    (Jillian Beardall, Farmington, UT)

  16. Serena Maughan of Nibley, Utah
    I have stomach issues and just found out mold and other food allergies and have to be gluten free. Love honey. Hope it will help my issues. Thanks for your great information.

  17. Favorite raw honey benefit for me: minerals! Favorite benefit for my husband (who has asthma and allergies): anti-allergen! (Deb T; Provo UT)

  18. Hi! Christen from Sacramento, Ca here! I love honey! I use it with lemon for a mask. I lighten my hair by putting some in my conditioner. My husband suffers from seasonal allergies. I mean it REALLY BAD. You should see him around dust! I’m told him about using raw honey to relieve his allergies so we are most excited to try some local honey!

  19. Hi my name is Stephanie and I live in Plano Texas. I love that raw honey is a natural anabiotic. I started taking raw honey after I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia over a year. And it help me tremendously! I also put honey with ginger and lemon to make a hot tea for when I have a sore throat.

  20. I’m lost excited about helping a daughter with allergies that we do not control with medicine. AND the fact that I tee up with hives in our backyard and haven’t had good honey since then! (Southern California)

  21. Laurie Mandeville, Apalachin, NY
    I have suffered with allergies my entire life and I’m most excited about honey helping me with my allergy issues!

  22. Raw honey is so amazing! It contains natural antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. I love it mostly for the enzymes that help with digestion and other things, plus, duh, we all love something that is sweet…
    Pleasant Grove, UT

  23. Dani Whisel – Warrensburg, MO. The immune boosting and helping my son’s allergies are the benefits I love about raw honey.

  24. I’m most excited about helping a daughter with allergies that we do not control with medicine. AND the fact that I grew up with beehives in our backyard and haven’t had good honey since then! (Southern California)

  25. Lee Ann, Red Oak TX
    My favorite thing about honey is NO EXPIRATION DATE. I love honey, but don’t eat it everyday (will start now, though). So I always worried about how long the honey in my cabinet would be good. Thanks!

  26. Hi Robyn, I love raw honey and this is the first I’m hearing that all raw honey is not created equal, so to speak:) I have a condition in my eyes called blepharitis and I have been trying different natural remedies but haven’t found as yet the key or keys. I remember reading once about using honey, actually putting it in my eye might just actually be the key for me. I need exceptionally good honey so if you say you have found real honest to good raw honey that really has never been heated then I am all in. My eyes are slowly dying here, so help, please help. Take wonderful care, from Patricia Hayes here in Chino Hills, CA

    1. Blepharitis will reoccur unless treated with an antibiotic. Only Manuka honey from Hawaii has been used in “dry eye” studies, with little benefit. My blepharitis returned immediately without an antibiotic… (My Dad was a Beekeeper with 5 hives!) Don’t mess around with your eye-sight! Good luck.

    2. I grew up with a Beekeeper Dad (5 hives); I was the Centrifuge Drum Queen—turning the comb trays around & around as the honey was extracted. Sore arms, but great honey benefits: jars & jars! We baked it in our whole wheat homemade breads; used it in our cooking; made P-nut butter & honey sandwiches & baked it in our cookies too. We drizzled it over pancakes for breakfast & made honey masques to clear up teen acne. My Dad has been gone 6 years now & eating honey hasn’t been quite the same since….nothing compares to local, raw honey! ❤️❤️

  27. I love raw honey!!! I like that it can stay good forever. It is good for burns and have seen that firsthand! Honey is really amazing!

  28. I have two favorites: one is that it is a sweetener that I can feel good about feeding my family, and second is the seasonal allergy help. I used to get very severe allergies, but now they are mild to none. Awesome!

  29. I would like to know more about the skin care benefits of honey. I am most excited about using it on burns. We are always burning ourselves around here!!
    Fountain Green, UT

  30. I’m really excited about the prospect of relieving seasonal allergy systems! It would be a blessing to not have to take drugs that make you drowsy and do who knows what else to your body.

  31. Jaime, Kennesaw GA
    We recently moved across the country and started suffering from allergies for the first time. I stocked up on local, raw honey and I helped tremendously! My husband, children and I also add a bit in our green smoothies, yum!

  32. I am most excited about relieving allergies! As a kid, I had to take shots for my horrible allergies. Luckily, with herbs, homeopathics and a whole foods diet, I no longer suffer. But my 3 kids now have allergies! I wish I had known about raw honey as a kid! (Cathy Owens, Orem, Utah)

  33. Jana Taylor, Idaho Falls, I’m super excited that it helps with burns!!! I didn’t know that until now. Thank you for your awesome information I love reading and learning.

  34. I have grown up eating raw honey. My parents always tried to keep buckets of it in our long-term food storage. My favorite benefit is the fact that you could survive in an emergency on nothing but honey! (Because it even contains Water! Wow!!)

  35. I use honey as a sugar substitute in recipies. I can tell my body metabolizes it MUCH better than hfc or beached out sugar. Just a teaspoon of honey gives me an energy boost, if I’m running low in the afternoon. Beverly
    Jacksonville, NC

  36. It’s hard to pick just one attribute of raw honey but the last thing I used honey for was a swore throat. I mix 2 – 3 Tablespoons of raw honey in 8 oz of warn lemon juice. Drink it slowly letting it trickle down your throat. The lemon juice kills the germs and honey heals raw throat.

    Dawna R Wertman
    Gloucester, VA 23061

  37. ValaRee, Hyde Park, UT
    I am torn between the two benefits of helping with allergies and that is lasts FOREVER. Thanks for all of your information and changing one life at a time, which has rippling effects, like a pebble tossed into a lake. Thank you for your time in research, honesty, and distributing your distilled knowledge. Thank you!!

  38. Sandi from Fort Worth TX. I would like the immune strengthening benefits as well as help from the seasonal allergies.

  39. My favorite thing about raw honey is that it helps with my allergy symptoms as well as an appetite suppressant for me when mixed with cinnamon. Dee from Clovis Ca.

  40. My favorite thing about raw honey is … actually the bees who make it.

    Like humans, little baby bees have developing immune systems. And, like humans, they get from their immune systems from their mother, the Queen Bee. She adapts their growing immune systems to their specific environment, much as human breast milk adapts baby’s growing immune system to baby’s changing envirornment.

    From … thegrownetwork.com/mandatory-vaccination-for-honey-bees/, see the two paragraphs under “How Bees Vaccinate their Young.”

  41. We don’t have allergies in our home (maybe it’s because we eat raw honey), but I do believe the nutritional benefits go beyond allergy prevention. So probably my favorite single benefit is that it does not expire. Not many foods last forever and a never worry about overstocking on raw honey :).
    Rhonda, Boise ID

  42. I think for us the allergy relief is top on my list. I had no idea this could help and I can’t wait to try it. Thank you!

  43. For something that lasts forever, wouldn’t that mean that it has indeed life force properties in it, the kind of properties that heal, really heal from the inside out, properties that can heal eyes, the natural moisture barrier in eyes that if damaged can be repaired with raw honey. Please help me, Patricia Hayes, Chino Hills, CA

  44. I love using raw honey, but I have never used it for seasonal allergies, but I would love to. I have a house full of people with allergies

  45. We love raw honey in this house! I’ve used it on burns and is our main go-to for sweeteners. I love the seasonal allergy idea and know my kids would Love a daily dose of honey to prevent them
    Janacy, St George, Utah

  46. Hi. My family loves honey. My husband uses it in everything. He puts it in his coffee in the morning for a sweetener and I also bake with it. One of my favorite parts is I feel like we’re getting health benefits from our sweeter(honey). Sugar does not have any real health benefits but honey does. I was also excited about its healing properties, very cool. I didn’t know about using it on burns and will definitely try that next time. Im from Montana originally but have recently moved to Seattle.

  47. Hi Robyn! I love raw local honey for its sweetness, differing flavor and character from each locale and for the diverse minerals, enzymes and immune boosting properties. I’d love to try Manuka honey one day and attend a honey festival & tasting! What an opportunity and sweet rush!

  48. LOVE the taste and smooth texture of raw honey-have been eating it for years! I always take a spoonful as soon as I realize my GI system is on the fritz again (this happens often as I have had food poisonng 3 times and am gluten, dairy and egg intolerant as a result). The honey is both soothing and healing-and of course the delicious candy treats that one can make are a wonderful bonus any time.
    I have been geting Raw Honey from Canada but even if I don’t win a free bottle I am going to try the honey you recommend. Many thanks, Robyn, for all your good advice.

  49. I just love raw honey in general! I remember one time my parents bought a large 5-gallon bucket of raw honey from some friends of our family when I was a young child. I loved sweets, so it was pretty exciting to me! It reminds me of a healthy caramel! I got off track for several years and developed health problems eating refined sugar. After getting married and having children, I basically was reminded how great raw honey is for my family, & have been buying it again for awhile now. I’m always happy to find great sources of places to get it from. I too used to have severe seasonal allergies, but do not suffer from them now. I attribute that to eating raw honey. I know raw honey helps to moisturize the skin (whether in lip balms or lotions, or applying it directly to the skin, etc.) It also helps with rashes, eczema, cuts, scrapes, burns & the list goes on. Raw honey helps make baked goods more moist & yummy! I learned that raw honey is better than heated, processed honey for diabetics or those with blood sugar issues, but not to eat too much.

    Also, I’ve learned pretty recently that raw honey actually can help with Candida Overgrowth, but again, not to eat too much–you can google articles about this topic online.

    Of course everyone needs to research things for themselves and make sure they are doing the right things that work best for their bodies.

    I would love to try this company’s raw honey!

  50. Kelsey from Milwaukee WI. We love raw honey in our house! The taste is so good, plus the homeopathic benefit for allergies is awesome. We use it for when we have colds or coughs as well. And the fact that it never goes bad makes me happy (even though it doesn’t stay on my shelf for long! We all love honey!)

  51. I made eye drops with honey and cleared up an eye infection that I had gone to the Dr. for several times with no relief.

  52. I tried “honey” while traveling with my grandkids & caught one of their colds. Voila! overnight relief. I’m a fan!!! Raw organic honey is hard to find, but thank heaven for friends like GSG.

  53. I love raw honey with warm water and lemon first thing in the morning. I also love the allergy benefits!
    Katrina-Meridian, Idaho

  54. Wendy Portanova from Rockledge, FL. I think the burn treatment is awesome! Didn’t know honey could do that!

  55. I have heard of using honey for allergies, but have never tried it. Presently i have very bad burn from being at craft show and not feeling too well. So I am glad to know that raw honey can help my burnt face and arms and plan on trying this as soon as I get off work today. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  56. I just posted this, but forgot to put my hometown–Kerry from Payson, Utah.

    I just love raw honey in general! I remember one time my parents bought a large 5-gallon bucket of raw honey from some friends of our family when I was a young child. I loved sweets, so it was pretty exciting to me! It reminds me of a healthy caramel! I got off track for several years and developed health problems eating refined sugar. After getting married and having children, I basically was reminded how great raw honey is for my family, & have been buying it again for awhile now. I’m always happy to find great sources of places to get it from. I too used to have severe seasonal allergies, but do not suffer from them now. I attribute that to eating raw honey. I know raw honey helps to moisturize the skin (whether in lip balms or lotions, or applying it directly to the skin, etc.) It also helps with rashes, eczema, cuts, scrapes, burns & the list goes on. Raw honey helps make baked goods more moist & yummy! I learned that raw honey is better than heated, processed honey for diabetics or those with blood sugar issues, but not to eat too much.

    Also, I’ve learned pretty recently that raw honey actually can help with Candida Overgrowth, but again, not to eat too much–you can google articles about this topic online. Of course everyone needs to research things for themselves and make sure they are doing the right things that work best for their bodies.

    I would love to try this company’s raw honey!

  57. The benefit of raw honey that I am excited about is the help with allergies as you mentioned in your video. I have several friends that would also benefit from this information and will be passing it on.

  58. Getting rid of seasonal allergies would be a great benefit…besides the fact that it tastes good 🙂 Marbara in Louisville, KY

  59. I love honey! Its amazing to me all the many benefits that come from such a simple thing. I am most excited about the benefits of reducing my families seasonal allergies plus helping with my eczema and asthma. Tiera Sims-Nevada

  60. I like to boost my immune system, and never knew raw honey was an option! Great information!! Liz, Pacific, MO.

  61. Margaret, Hinckley, IL
    I love being able to sweeten foods I make for my family & friends with something that actually promotes their health instead of compromising it.

  62. I love that I can have a sweet dessert made with raw honey and know that I am building my immune system at the same time I am satisfying my sweet tooth!

  63. I am excited to learn about all the benefits of raw honey! I have been care-giving for precious family members for years, and I need to get my health back on track. I am most excited about raw honey boosting my immune system and helping with allergies.

  64. I had no idea there are minerals available in raw honey! Excited about that and helping with seasonal allergies! -West Valley City, but hometown of Reno

  65. I love that raw honey is a sweetener that is actually good for you. It’s not just empty sugar calories. Rhonda -Hutto, Tx but only for a few more weeks 🙁

  66. I’m excited to try it to eliminate my seasonal allergies and to add minerals into my diet. Thanks Robyn for sharing all your research to help us all get healthier!!! Penny, Rochester Hills, Michigan

  67. My favorite benefit of pure honey is the anti-bacterial & immune supportive properties! (Brenda – Erhard, MN)

  68. The benefit of raw honey that I’m MOST excited about is that it helps teach my gut bacteria how to function properly. With it’s ability to help neutralize free radical activity and to act as a prebiotic is amazing. It blows my mind that over 75% of honey sold in grocery stores is heavily processed and contains zero pollen. It’s very sad that I cannot easily find raw honey. I would love to have some raw honey from you and my 5 kiddos would love it to!

    1. My name is Chelsie and I live in Syracuse UT. I also forgot to mention that my dad used to raise bees and I would get raw honey from him, but he’s older now and hasn’t done this for about 5 years. I miss my honey so bad!!!

  69. Raw honey has many heeling benefits. I know it’s important to be raw and not heated. I have also used it on burns. Thanks for all you do.

  70. Lynn Ward, Mona, Ut
    We love honey and had heard of the benefits of raw honey a while ago and are just happy for a good place to get the raw honey.

  71. My little gut has such bad seasonal allergies that the doctors want her taking Zyrtec 3x a day. Plus nasaral as well. This feels like too much, so we’ve been interested in trying something more holistic

  72. It has helped my family and I for allergies! I have just recently been introduced to the local bee pollen and I love putting that in my green smoothies! I just had the greatest class from one of your GSG teacher! She was awesome! I loved being able to meet you, but I know that doesn’t happen very often, so was stoked when given the opportunity to take this class from her. You were my first health blogger I started following and you have changed my life. So it is very exciting knowing there are so many of us out there spreading your good words! ❤ Thank you for all you do for our world!

  73. I love the possibilities of it taking away my family seasonal allergies! I’m curious to know how I can tell if my raw and unfiltered honey is the right kind…. Laura from Mesa Arizona

    1. Hi Laura! It White Lake Farms here, there is a couple of ways to tell if its pure. You could pour a little bit into a cup of hot water, if the honey starts to dilute its not pure, you want it to puddle on the bottom. OR you could do the thumb test, place a little drop on your thumb, if the honey stays put its pure. If it immediately starts to drip, its not pure. OR (our favorite) you could do the burn test. Take a cotton ball, twist the end to a point, and saturate the tip in your honey. Take a lighter (be careful) and light the end. If its pure, it will burn like a wick, if its not pure it will just smolder. Also, Pure Raw Honey will crystalize pretty quickly, faster than pasteurized honey.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  74. My favorite benefit of raw honey are the immune building properties and the fact that it lasts forever. (Pam from Highland, CA

  75. Honey is one of my favorites to use in making cough syrup. I used a recipe to help with my daughters pneumonia, we broke her fever and improved her breathing. Thank you GSG for your teachings.

  76. Deborah Kennard, Charlotte, NC. I suffer from allergies all the time. I want to try this raw honey to see if it helps. Thanks

  77. I am most excited to try raw honey for its mineral benefits because I know that I don’t get enough that my body needs.

  78. My favorite use for raw honey is the benefits for allergies. I have them really bad and it dies help tremendously. Thanks

  79. The raw honey benefit I am most excited about the immune-stimulating pollens. Logan, UT

    And thanks for doing this through your blog, since I do not do Facebook.

  80. I love honey because I struggle with craving sugar, and it’s nice to have something sweet and healthy to substitute in recipes and to just have a spoonful to cure the craving instantly! Thanks!

  81. I am most excited about the benefit that Raw Honey brings to my tongue! I love honey, and the sweetness of it.

  82. Susan O, San Jose CA
    I love love love the anti-allergy, immune-strengthening properties of raw honey❣ Thanks for sharing your wisdom, experiences and recipes

  83. I love the healing properties of raw honey! I use it with warm water and lemon for a sore throat, I also use raw honey as a face mask or even a face wash when my skin needs extra help. (Noatia – Anchorage, AK)

  84. I am most excited about the raw honey and its potential to eliminate my seasonal allergies. Lisa from Sussex, WI

  85. I would have to say its my seasonal allergies as well … now if it would just work on food allergies :/

  86. I am new to eating organic. I have heard that there are many benefits to eating raw honey, but was never sure if I was getting a good product that is truly raw. Thank you for providing a good source! I have 2 young daughters (5 and 3) that seem to get respiratory issues every time they get a cold, even to the point of being unable to breath without a nebulizer. I have been searching for natural options to help them with their almost asthma like symptoms. I am curious and excited to see if eating raw honey could help them!?!? I am loving the idea that honey can heal a burn! Thank you for your amazing posts on how you have kept your kids healthy over the years!

  87. which benefit of honey are YOU most excited about?
    I love applying it topically to skin issues (cuts, scars, etc) for fast healing!
    Catherine Phillips in Phoenix, AZ

  88. i like raw honey, for its skin healing qualities. . removal of scars and healing of the skin, softening and brightening of the skin as well

  89. I love raw honey because it helps with my allergies, but I especially love raw honey because my daughter that has intestinal issues can tolerate it very well even though she is sensitive to other sweeteners. It is a way for her to have a treat that I can fix for her and for her friends 🙂 –South Jordan

  90. I love raw honey because it’s traditional very much a part of many human groups diets and moreover, since I’m pretty sensitive to sweet things, I find that the pollen (when present) and enzymes, plus the gut soothing quality of truly raw honey agrees well with me, and frankly, when brewing herbal teas/concoctions and tonic drinks, there’s really nothing that matches the flavor and qualitative upgrade that those honeybees work up into their special “nectar”. Thanks for putting out the good word on honey!

  91. So many awesome benefits!! Seasonal allergies for sure and a close second would be antibacterial purposes- love love raw honey!!

  92. I love that seasonal allergies disappear. I think that is amazing! Living in Erie, PA we have a household of allergy sufferers who would love to try honey.

  93. I like that you can use honey to heal burns and other wounds. I have also heard it was good to put on bites.

  94. 0 We love honey! Especially in our chamomile tea! I really like the relief from allergies from using local raw honey.

  95. Love the taste of honey in my lemon water, and oatmeal. I try and use honey each day to help support my immune system. Raw honey also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which helps sooth sore throuats.

  96. Time to take raw honey for seasonal allergies. Great to know raw honey is useful for burns. Raw honey is beneficial because it has limitless shelf life and has so many minerals, antibacterial, anti fungal and phytonutrients.

  97. I am excited at the thought of healing these allergies (especially the one symptom of sinus drainage) AND allow me to be healthier! I am Deb from Mt. Sterling, Ohio. Also, do not wish to take any more prescriptions that may help just a short time.

  98. My name is Vanessa, Logandale NV, I use raw honey, fresh garlic, and cayenne pepper to get rid of strep throat. Amazing! Would love some more! Thanks so much!

  99. The thought of raw honey being able to provide anti-allergy, immune-strengthening properties,is exciting to me. I would find more ways to use it than just to sweeten my smoothies.

  100. The ability to get rid of my seasonal/all year long allergies. I don’t have a Facebook account so is it still possible to win? Hometown: American Fork

  101. the benefit I’m most excited about is that it has no expiration date, and I can make Halvah candy…mmm mmm good!!!

  102. After watching your video and doing a little more research on raw honey, I am excited about several benefits such as its support of good intestinal bacteria and that it may also help promote a better nights sleep. Since going through menopause, I would kill for a good nights sleep!!!

  103. Susan – Boerne, TX. I’m most excited about helping my children have relief from their seasonal allergies. I was most fascinated with learning about its healing properties where burn are concerned. That’s a nice thing to know, especially as a mom!!

  104. I love it for it’s healing properties and immune support. I have Lyme disease / co-infections and keeping my immune system on top of it’s game is important to me.

  105. Cindy from Cypress, TX
    I’m most excited about getting ALL of the benefits of raw honey!! I am already using it in my overnight oats, and coffee, although I’m not sure that it’s RAW. Anyway, I am excited to try the candy recipe as my son has seasonal allergies, but doesn’t really like honey. I have minor allergies which I’m hoping to kick, and also am happy to down anything immune boosting! I am always inspired (by things you’ve shared) to ditch the antibiotics when my kids get strep throat, but haven’t the guts to yet. Maybe if I can boost their immune systems, they won’t get it in the first place! Thank you for all of the time you put into researching and sharing about healthy living!

  106. I love honey for the help with my seasonal allergies and the unfiltered particles that are good for nutrition.

  107. Honey is a treasure chest filled with GOOD nutrition, GOOD bacteria for the intestinal tract, and good antioxidants which will help to support your GOOD health.

  108. I use raw unfiltered honey for my ezema. I literally wash my face with the honey because it’s anti-bacteria and anti-fungal. I also take in a teaspoon everyday…

  109. Favorite possible benefit? Belief from seasonal allergies. Drippy eyes and nose, not a great way to greet customers at work! I’m sensitive to medication and subject to side effects, so I don’t use the allergy medications.

  110. I love that raw honey can help with seasonal allergies! Honey is great for your skin; I use honey as a facial mask. Thank you for sharing your honey source and information.
    ~ Ashlee from West Chester, Ohio

  111. LaTonya Watts (born in Birmingham) living in Las Vegas. I am most interested in the seasonal allergy relief with the raw honey. I developed allergies and suffer daily from them

  112. Dear Robin, Bless the Bees and may they live and prosper! I only use raw honey that I get in my own home town. I want to support local beekeepers and want local honey for myself to heal with allergies and to add to my lemon tea in the winter every morning and every evening.

  113. My favorite thing about honey is that we can use it (instead of chemical & artificially colored syrups) for sore throats and coughs!

  114. I have heard some of this before–about raw honey being great for conquering allergies, but I’ve never really done anything about it. I always bought the cheapest honey I could find at Walmart. Now I realize that is quite a dumb choice! I would like to get my 14 yr old son to eat raw honey everyday to help with his allergies! (Carol Mora–St. Johns, Arizona)

  115. I’m most excited to use raw honey to alleviate my seasonal allergies and my son’s. Taking pills everyday all summer long isn’t good and i worry about the side effects. I am also wanting to see how it works on acne and acne scars. All 4 recipes sound amazing and i think having a natural homemade candy could help curb the sugar cravings. I love supporting local family businesses too! Thanks for all you do Robyn!
    Vicki ~ South Jordan

  116. I love to use honey as a natural sweetener and that it has other health benefits as well. A local favorite honey is fireweed honey! Anchorage, Alaska

  117. Anti allergy, also to change from refined white sugar. Many diets say don’t eat it at all, but I don’t believe it when God made it!

  118. Hi Robyn, I am excited because for all my life, 70 years, I have had year roundallergies plus exaggerated seasonal air born allergies, and I am looking forward to giving this a good solid try to improve myhealth situation. These allergies have caused my once singing voice to decline as I have this on going post nasal drip and it has caused me to try many medications that I would much rather not be on.

    Thank you for all the information you share with us out here in cyber land.

    Phyllis Miller, Las Vegas, NV 89139

  119. I love raw honey! I like to use it for a scratchy throat or when I’m “sneezy”. Love to the bees! Connie from Corvallis, OR.

  120. Fran Clairmont, Sammamish, WA. Here is my honey story. Hearing so much about high fructose corn syrup and how bad it is (it is basically waste product that someone decided to use), I looked for a supernatural sweetener for my hot tea and iced tea. So I figured out how to use Honey for both and now have yummy healthy drinks. I am most excited about Robin’s seasonal allergies disappearing. I have had to take Benadryl and all kinds of unhealthy decongestants due to seasonal allergies – cottonwood is not my friend! Now that I think about it; This year was not too bad – so now I am trying to figure out to use honey to improve my allergies. I want them to disappear!!!

  121. I use honey when I have child with a cough. I’d like to see if it’d help my daughter’s allergies.
    Christina in Orem

  122. I love the taste and benefits of raw honey. I am especially interested in using raw honey to combat my seasonal allergies. I truly would like to try the candy recipes for honey for me and my grandchildren. Thank you for your inspiring posts and healthy living tips!

  123. I am impressed with immune support, personally because good to excellent health is important and worth a million. If you have a million $$$ and not good health your miserable so Go Raw Honey and get better. Its worth it to bee Honey Healthy. I must add I was impressed to hear about getting healed from a boiling hot gravy burns and be scar free from Raw Honey.
    Thank you for your sharing this news and White Lake Farms. Also an additional note or two: My mom made a throat healer and immune booster when I would start coming down with a cold she would use raw egg yolks and sugar, it worked great and tasted great too. It was hand stirred with love and concern. Just think how much healthier that would have been with Raw Honey. Oh and more recently, I mix raw honey, with warm to hot water and some Braggs apple cider vinegar for a cleansing, refreshing morning drink.
    Evelyn K. from Costa Mesa, Calif..

  124. I love the immune support of raw honey. Had no idea that it lasts for ever and can be used for burns. Thanks for the info.

  125. Im interested in the healing benefits of raw honey. Im just learning about honey and how it is good for your body to fight inflammation. Would be so exited to win a free jar of this raw honey. The recipes are an added benefit..Thanks for all your info. Love your site..

  126. i love all the things honey can do fo your. as well as clearing up woundsI would really love to have a jar of YOURhoney.

  127. I’m most excited about allergies being GONE!! I’ve suffered for years, and nothing seems to help get rid of them for good! This is Diana from Kaufman, Texas.

  128. never used raw honey. Trying to lose weight and cut out all simple and artificial sugar. I like the idea of having something nutritious in my diet that also provides alittle sweetener.

  129. I started eating a little bit of local, raw honey every day and my seriously annoying seasonal allergies that I have had for years disappeared completely! I’m most excited about that benefit continuing on to next year! I love all the other benefits too, though! And I can’t wait to make the halva. 🙂

    Elise Powell from Centennial, CO

  130. I love the anti-allergy part about honey. Give it straight to my boys when allergies are bad.
    Christy. Harrisburg,NC

  131. I like raw honey for the natural immunity properties it has. I also love, love the taste of honey & enjoy using it as a natural sweetener in recipes.

  132. I am excited to share the raw honey with my 92 year old mother. She loves sweets so this will be a healthier alternative for her to put on her toast to start and so much more! I know it will help her with allergies and other issues that she has. My husband and I love raw honey. We eat lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies and honey provides us that extra we crave in a healthy snack. Love using it in recipes. Will try more of yours!

  133. I’m most excited about using honey for burns. I already knew the other 3 benefits, but I’ve never heard or just didn’t remember about its use in treating burns. Leilani, Katy, TX

  134. I’m most excited that raw honey is an anti-allergy, immune-strengthening properties. I have been making and eating Sauerkraut for the pro-bionics. I love eating as natural as I possible can without using medication. 🙂

  135. I am excited to try to eat a little raw honey each day and see if it will help my terrible allergies. I also have taken too many allergy pills and daily steroid sprays. Even then I still have allergies almost every day. I’ve been tested for food allergies and don’t have those, so I know it’s everything outside (and maybe inside). I’m going to start taking a spoon of Raw Honey every day and see what happens. — Sharon, Granada Hills, CA

  136. I love using raw honey for many reasons from alleviating allergies to how it doesn’t spike my blood sugar, but the reason I’m most excited about it is a practical one – it doesn’t expire and doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I don’t have to worry about constantly switching it out – it is always ready to use:) Jill Zimmerman Rexburg, ID

  137. I love the fact that honey is rich in minerals and it is great that there is no expiration date! Awesome.
    Kim from Oceanside, CA

  138. Autumn, Lehi, UT: I would love relief from seasonal allergies! And a natural burn treatment is always good to have on hand with four little boys!!

  139. Thanks for this article about RAW honey, Robyn! I hope it helps my seasonal allergies disappear, too! I look forward to trying your recipes. Yum!

  140. (Sonia, Springville).
    My favorite benefit of raw honey is improving seasonal allergies!!! I am so excited to know about a place here in Utah where I can buy some!

  141. Hi Robyn! I grew up on honey, so for me it takes better than anything else sweet. Agave is too sweet and processed, and sugar, well that’s just EEW! I have noticed allergies going bye -bye as I eat raw, local honey every day, especially as the alfalfa is in bloom here in Payson, UT, not far from you!! So, yes, I think it is the best support supplement.

  142. My favorite benefit of raw honey is the immune-boosting properties, all in a sweet, wholesome natural way! My name is Amy Blair, and my hometown is Elko, Nevada.

  143. I love that honey doesn’t worsen my allergies, but it can help with them!! I think honey is one of my favorite sweeteners! Plus raw honey is delicious!
    Thanks for letting us know if a great place to get raw honey!
    Kimber (Kennewick, WA)

  144. My favorite think would be that instead of making my allergies worse (like most other sugar), honey can actually help it!!
    Kimber (Kennewick, WA)

  145. Hi Robyn, My name is Dolores Murphy (Dee) from Hermiston Oregon. I am new to your blog but am loving all the information I get as I learn to eat whole foods. The thing I am most excited about with Raw honey is the benefits of getting relief from allergies. I have suffered with allergies all my life and I am hopeful it will help me. Thank you for the time you take to help others.
    Dee Murphy—- Hermiston Oregon Watermelon country!!

  146. Great to have some resources. When I find one it, it sells out before I can buy it. One lady was selling the comb. Is there any benefit to eating/chewing that?

  147. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and since moving here a few years ago I have suffered with more and more allergies to the pollens, both Spring and Fall. To be able to use raw honey to build up my immune system would be great.

    Thanks for an amazing and, oh so helpful, blog.

  148. Jennie of Newport News VA, I like it to sweeten my hot tea and to make hot lemon and honey to sooth a sore throat.

  149. Leigh-Ann from Methuen, MA. Incorporating raw honey has reduced my plaque psoriasis to nearly unnoticeable.

  150. The benefit I’m most excited about is to see how raw honey could support seasonal allergies for our family.

  151. I also am a big fan of raw honey it’s got lots more flavor than the store-bought honey that has been heated I believe that I love the benefits of it Being a immune booster we all need that stronger and me and system so thanks for this great chance to be one of the lucky winners of this raw honey like you say it’s amazing

  152. I’d like to use honey to reduce my son’s seasonal fall allergies. I didn’t know it might even cure his allergies.

  153. Ever since I can remember my mom would give us honey lemon water to help with out soar throats. I never realized how many benefits there were from honey. I like the immune boosting benefits and I love that you can cook with it and that it has no expiration date. Great for food storage!!

  154. I love raw honey! I too have used it to help with my allergies. My husband planted 100 navel orange trees on our property several years ago and when those blossoms bloom, Wow! My neighbor has bees and he gave me some of his honey and after just a week I was feeling much better. Now I use a little honey every year just before everything in my yard blooms and I’m just fine. Honey is one of Natures blessings.

  155. From Lehi, UT! I am most excited about raw honey is for allergies! I love all the awesome benefits of honey but that one is the best one for me! I just received my 12 steps program and am so excited and this honey would help make a great start!

  156. When I am eating honey, I am thinking, “Mmmm everything in this is good for me, minerals, etc. I am super excited knowing I can use honey on burns! Tami Barber, Idaho Falls, ID

  157. I am not sure if this is where I comment on my favorite thing about honey–I am computer illiterate! But the thing I like the best is that there is something besides fruit that satisfies a sweet tooth in a healthy way. My name is Karen from Payson, Ut and I love all of those great qualities of honey.

  158. Dear Robin, I appreciate that White Lake Farms’ honey is certain to be an excellent quality product, but isn’t the whole premise for using “local honey” for seasonal allergies that it be local to the user?

  159. I think one of the benefits I love about raw honey is how it takes care of burns. I did not know it could heal the skin like that!! that’s pretty cool. Another thing I love about raw honey is you can put it in your eyes to heal them. Native Americans did that and they were known for their exceptional eye sight.

  160. I love raw honey for many reasons…can’t pick just one. I love the seasonal allergies benefit, although I have read that it has to be local to you in order to be effective. The great thing is, I live in Utah so this giveaway is local to me I love it for its nutritional benefits and healing properties not to mention taste. And it is good for and can lighten hair, although raw honey is probably too expensive to do that with regularly.

  161. I am most excited about relief for my family. All year long they are plagued with allergies and to seem them FINALLY clear up is a godsend.(Shauntay, Nampa, Idaho).

  162. I love to use raw honey as a mask on my face. I get it right from my beehives. I also use it with apple cider vinnegar in water to detox. Another fantastic use is to wash my hair…turns out so soft and smooth. Then a quick rinse with apple cider vinnegar a couple teaspoons in a quart of warm water. Lovely…and no chemicals

  163. Kristen Allan from Jackson, WY. I’ve heard that raw honey can help with allergies but I’ve never tried it. (I didn’t have seasonal allergies until we moved to our new house when I was 45.) I’m excited to try the recipes and see if it helps. Thanks for all you do Robin!

  164. Would love to win some raw honey! I’ll be looking for some local raw honey to see if it relieves my seasonal allergies. I’m in Syracuse, NY, and after visiting an allergist, was told I am allergic to all local trees and grass. Thanks for the tips! ~Kerry

  165. I LOVE raw honey! Thanks for sharing your recipes and the great health benefits. Love that raw honey is helpful for seasonal allergies. I’m Michelle from West Point, Utah.

  166. I love raw honey for the health benefits it has. In the winter I always make and keep in the frig, honey, ginger and lemon mixed together to make a tea. Reduces the colds and cough.

  167. I love raw honey in my herbal tea – can’t drink tea without it! So soothing and relaxing. I mostly drink my tea at night time 😀

  168. Cathy Scarborough, South Jordan, Utah. Raw honey has helped my family with burns and with sore throats. I will only use raw honey.

  169. Scooner – Lexington, Kentucky. I am totally in-love with the natural healing effects of unprocessed raw honey to seal and heal open wounds, such as burn wounds and other types of open bodily wounds. I have seen the very real healing effects of this for myself. God provided us all a true miracle when He gave us the honey bee.

  170. I like using honey in a detox drink recipe I have used (I need to drink it more often!) – and I’m excited to learn that it is immune-boosting as well as providing minerals….I wish I could raise bees myself 🙂

  171. Terry, Phelan, CA
    I love raw honey because of its healing properties; it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and it has lots of B vitamins. I use raw honey in snack recipes, in my tea, and with apple cider vinegar when I’m not feeling 100%.

  172. Heather Friedlander, Sebastopol, CA
    We love honey for so many reasons but what got us started on it was as a cold remedy by mixing as much ground cinnamon or cinnamon essential oil as the ou can tolerate with a tablespoon of honey and eat a few times a day to help with colds. It’s also a great natural sweetener! Yum

  173. I love raw honey, especially locally produced. I am most interested in its ability to reduce seasonal allergies. I am intrigued by the burn healing properties you speak of. Honey wouldn’t have been my first choice for burn treatment but I’ll try it.

  174. I am very impressed that honey healed your burns! I would like to use it to heal seasonal allergies for myself and my family. This year we seem to be more bothered by them than usual.

  175. I love using the benefits of raw honey for sore throats and as a sweetener in my hot tea and fruit smoothies.

  176. I use it as a natural sugar replacement and love It on multi grain bread with figs and honey for a treat!

  177. When I get a sore throat I take a spoonful of honey. Honey is an old sore throat remedy. It also works as a cough suppressant!

  178. I have been using it for sore throat for years. I also have been taking it to boost my immune system. I love it in smoothies and raw treats.

  179. My favorite benefit is for sore throats and colds. I just love the soothing effect on the throat:) (Melanie Holbura, Vancouver WA)

  180. My favorite benefit is just the awesome taste , i could never go back to store brand Honey (Rocky, Chandler Arizona)

  181. I love the taste of Honey which is great! I heard somewhere that a little honey before bed will help with better sleep. I have been experimenting:) (Draper UT)

  182. Penny and I’m from Murphys, Ca.
    I had breast cancer 9 1/2 years ago. Chemo…the works. Since than I have completely changed my diet, life style. Make all my home made lotions and use honey in my body lotion. Love the healing power that it has

  183. Lori- Hooper, Utah
    My favorite benefit I’m most excited about is that it lasts forever. And that it’s so amazingly delicious!!!!

  184. I love raw honey because it is a sweetener I can use that doesn’t cause mood swings or bingeing. Denise- Ft. Lewis WA.

  185. Janice – Depew NY
    It’s really hard to pick just one favorite because raw honey has so many great benefits. But if I had to pick one from the 3 you mentioned above, I would pick a burn treatment. I have 3 teen boys at home and they are explores to say the least. Had a couple smaller burn episodes a few yrs ago, wish i had known about this then. Will definitely try it if, God forbid, another burn happens. To be honest I hope I’ll never need to find out. Thanks Robin for sharing all your great health & wellness information you’ve learnt over the years and through your own trial and error. I am beyond grateful.

  186. I am most excited to try local raw honey for the prevention of allergies! Anything that is all natural is the way to go. I love that nature has provided so much for us

  187. My favorite thing about honey is that God loves it! After all, He called the promised land, “the land of milk and honey.” It’s gotta be amazing!
    –Nanette from Nashville

  188. The affect on allergies! I used to get hay fever super bad when in fields and around horses, hay, etc. I started eating raw honey. Fall season came and I went to a Halloween farm/corn maze with my kids, jumped in the hay with them, played and played and not one red itchy eye, no hard time breathing, nothing!!
    I forgot about how it can help burns! I’ll have to that one.

  189. I love raw honey for first aid in my storage and also to flavor my kefir, both the water and milk kefir. It is my first choice to use for my cooking and for sore throats. allergies and I love how it stores. Raw honey is the best!

  190. I love raw honey, I use it in my first aid kit for storage, in my pantry for all cooking purposes, to flavor my water kefir, milk kefir and for sore throats and allergies. Raw honey is the best!

  191. A tablespoon of raw local honey every morning has eradicated my seasonal allergies!! And we have no use for sugar anymore, as honey is our go-to sweetener for salad dressings, nut butter balls, and smoothies. Love our bees!!

  192. I use honey mostly for cooking and as a natural sweetener in recipes and beverages. My older kids have allergies and I’m going to buy them some local raw honey so that they can try it out to see if it helps relieve their allergy symptoms. (San Jose, CA)

  193. There are just so many uses that I love raw honey for. My favorite lately is actually as a face mask/cleanser! I love how it makes my skin feel. I love raw honey for its overall health benefits as well as wound healing properties. Raw honey is just one of those things I never want to be without!

  194. I had a nasty cut on my thumb. It was right where I would constantly aggravate it. I decided to try putting raw honey on it . Within 3 days it was completely gone. Nice smooth skin, no dried up scab snagging on things.

  195. I love the benefits of honey! While I have used it for my daughters seasonal allergies and think it’s awesome! It also works to calm a cough. When I’m sick, i heat up hot water and put in honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

  196. I like rAw honey instead of sugar in drinks and I put it in smoothies. A great healthy sugar alternative. Farmington Utah

  197. I am fighting leukemia going alternative and doing all natural everything. Honey and my immune system are one main reason I am excited to always have honey in my diet, raw honey.

    Elk ridge utah

  198. My favorite way to use it is for seasonal allergies and also for when I have a sore throat I feel like it helps soothe it! I’ve been wanting to try it for a face mask as well but I haven’t worked up the courage to put honey on my face yet lol.
    (Peoria, AZ)

  199. My favorite thing about Raw Honey, it has helped eliminate itching and for storage that lasts. Thanks so much! Jenn-West Jordan

  200. I love raw honey. My allergies are non existent. I even used it once to clear pinkeye overnight. I make a lovely recipe of lemon, ginger and honey to keep on hand to make tea around cold season. It’s delicious and really does the trick to clear my throat, relieve the tickle in my throat or a cough.

  201. Honey is a great eye wash and helps prevent cataracts. Just a drop in each eye. It burns for a moment but then the eye floods with tears and feels so good afterwards. Have a washcloth by you to catch the tears. My mom did this for yrs and never had cataracts. Mildred Carter suggests this in her book ” Body Reflexology” .

  202. Without a doubt I love the idea of treating my allergies. I am miserable each spring and have to take medication just to maintain my ability to breathe. Being able to cut back or even eliminate my daily medication would be lovely.

  203. We love warm honey lemon water for a sore throat. We also cook with it and have heard that bee pollen helps with seasonal allergies but I thought bee pollen was something a little different from the finished product of honey. Twin Falls, Id

    1. My grandma would always make up honey and cayenne pepper and give it to us on a spoon for sore throats, it really helped.

  204. My favorite benefit of raw honey is everything. There’s not just one. Raw honey has so many benefits from the minerals it has to helping with allergens and medicinal benefits. I just bought some raw honey imported from Germany. Very very delicious

  205. I started eating raw local honey several years ago and I am truly amazed at how much it has helped my seasonal allergies!! It has been life changing!!

  206. I keep raw honey handy as a first aid treatment for bites: be they mosquitos or spiders, et al. Wet the skin a bit, keep rubbing honey into the bite until you feel the area flatten out under your fingers. Might take 2-4 applications, but all itchiness leaves immediately. If skin gets too sticky, apply a bit more water and more honey. Adding some lavender oil afterwards is the icing on the cake, too.
    One more thing since it is summer time:
    Sunburns respond beautifully to honey.
    Soak in tepid bath with apple cider vinegar at end of the day; while skin is still wet, liberally apply honey (and aloe Vera juice) all over your skin. Put on cotton sweat shirt and pants and go to bed. You will be amazed the next morning…very soft skin and never any peeling.

  207. Love the benefits of raw honey! Teenager in my family uses it for acne breakouts and it really helps!! Natural verses toxic chemicals! I live in Huntington WV.

  208. I’m most excited for my hubby to try the raw honey for his allergies. I’d love to see him receive some relief!
    Rachael Byington- Kuna Idaho

  209. I have never heard that honey was good for allergies. I am super excited to hear this. I suffer from seasonal allergies horribly. Can’t wait to give it a try. How long does it take to start seeing the benefits?

  210. I love RAW honey for its almost innumerable health/ nutritional benefits but my favorite is that it can be stored forever (within reason) and is the perfect storage / preparedness food. I am a backyard beekeeper and am inspired by my bees every day! Industry, organization, and teamwork are just a few lessons we can learn from honeybees.

  211. I love love love raw honey!! I suffered from allergies and tried every medication out there. They just made me feel worse. I was just about to see an allergist to inquire about allergy shots and I found out about raw honey. Now I am allergy free and feel so much better. I helped others with their allergies too. I am so thankful that this helped me. I feel like a new person!!

  212. I would like to try some raw honey for our seasonal allergies!! I have also heard it is good for acne and ulsers.

  213. Immune-boosting properties is my favorite thing about honey. With 3 kids at home, we try to stay as healthy as possible!

    Michelle Borrero – Livermore, CA

  214. We use raw honey for, cooking, sweet tea, cough syrup, wounds, diaper rashes, skin cleanses, and facial masks. I have 10 children so we go through 10 gallons a year and I buy it in 5 gallon buckets

  215. My seasonal allergies get so bad I want to sleep 24 / 7 however that is not possible being a first grade teacher and a mother of 8 and 29 grandchildren. So please consider me for your drawing. Thank you for the wonderful information.

  216. I’m most excited about raw honey helping to get rid of my seasonal allergies. So excited to try theses new recipes.

  217. I had to have allergy shots along with 3 – 4 allergy medications for 12 years. Every two weeks in to get poked:-( I started eating raw wild honey and using coconut oil and within 6-months was tested for my allergies and was deemed I didn’t need to have them any more! This has been life changing for me. The key is the raw local honey. I live in Utah so the closer to home I can get my honey the more effective it is. I enjoy a tablespoon every day. I wanted my friends to learn what this pure gold could do for then so last Christmas I put two gallons into smaller jars and gave them to my friends. Several of them have returned their empty jars and said they would not mind a refill this year. It was a real hit. The flavor of raw wild honey is amazing. My favorite splurge is vanilla ice cream with honey and pecans on it. The cold makes the honey turn to a Carmel consistency. Love my honey! I even plant flowers that bees love to help them out.

  218. Allergies of course. It is much better than sugar. Love it in my coffee and tea. Awesome for coughs and sore throats. A natural antibiotic.

  219. I had no idea that raw honey helped with seasonal allergies! I’ve had migraines for weeks during the past allergy season and dislike taking any medicine for it. Raw honey would be a great help! Plus, I splurged and bought raw honey for the first time a few months ago. I told my husband that life is too short not to buy raw honey! 🙂 I’m excited to learn about the health benefits.
    Katy (Mukilteo, WA)

  220. Hi my name is Ilene and I really enjoyed what you had to say about raw honey. I love the healing properties of raw honey especially because it is so good for my immune system

  221. Hello,
    I am just beginning my journey into a healthier lifestyle and it is so much fun! I am amazed at how many things I did not know. One of my favorites is making my own herbal teas, and using raw honey in them. I did now know raw honey could help with burns until now, that is very interested and I think I am most excited about that!

  222. i love raw honey i like to put it in my raw desserts it taste so good and i also put it in my avacado ice cream made with my vitamix. also it has a lot of good benefits such as being nutrient rich, it prevents cell damage, it is good it you have a cold, instead of using the store bought cough medicine, you can use raw unfiltered honey and it really helps get rid of the cough.

  223. I use 1 tbsp of YS Eco Farm raw honey in my smoothie, I love all the immune boosting B Vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties superfoods

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