Detox starts January 4th & it’s 30% off!

Our 26-day Detox is 30% off through Dec. 31!

How was your Christmas? Wow, I went from Salt Lake City to Kansas City to New York City to Las Vegas, and then back home in the past 2 weeks. I’m Citied out! I take my frozen green juice through Security (liquids no, frozen yes!), and pack a few extras in my checked luggage. One of the tricks up my sleeve to get great nutrition on the road.

But still. There were too many restaurant business dinners too late at night. Time to DETOX! I’m doing it with you this time on January 4, can’t wait!

And another Christmas present we have for you is that our 26-day Detox is 30% off through Dec. 31. You want to order by then, anyway, so we can ship you your Detox Manual and Quick Start Guide and other materials.

We haven’t hosted it, LIVE, since May, so it’s time! We’ve had over 5,000 people do it with us in the past, and we’ve gotten HUNDREDS of amazing testimonials. You can read some of them, and see my short video telling you how and why I spent 3 ½ years developing this program.

I leveraged the clinical expertise and research on detoxification from Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Richard Anderson, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and more of my heroes I’ve been studying for 25 years. The human body’s detoxification systems are miraculous. But when we open up the avenues of elimination, rest our heavy-lifting digestive system, eat only clean, nourishing foods and engage in many simple practices to assist the body, we have a profound experience.

Nearly everyone loses weight and many report experiencing:

  • better digestion
  • increased energy
  • clearing brain fog
  • disappearing joint pain and headaches.
It’s only 26 days but it will give you a reboot to start 2016 off right. The average weight loss is over 12 pounds!

Nobody is ever sorry they completed the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox. I love reading the testimonials that pour in about what happens for people with a commitment to clean food and solid, scientifically supported detox practices for a short period of time. I’ll support you, LIVE, with two Q&A calls PLUS our amazing detox expert, Kristin, will answer your questions in the forum.  Sign up and I’ll see you Jan. 4!

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  1. I am trying to purchase the 22 supplements accell products and the product picture has no where to click and process. Can you help me?

  2. I am so frustrated. I have not received my manual yet. I was out of town & the UPS tracking # that was sent to me doesn’t exit when I called UPS. Don’t know where my manual is!

    1. No it’s not a green smoothie detox. There is actually a lot of delicious food! If you’d like you can check out my Instagram page. @Eat_juicy I have several pictures of some of the food I ate on the detox back in May!

      1. I don’t want to do a lot of fruits in the green drinks, is that ok. More dark greens to fruits, that should work ok right? I guess I am asking, with doing her programm it dosen’t throw it off if I don’t do as much sweet fruits with the greens. I do more avacados, cucumbers. lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

        1. There is a very specific way you do this detox. You actually use NO fruit at all the first 4 days. You do fresh lemon juice with greens and some stevia if desired. You gradually add fruits in throughout. The manual explains everything!

          1. Your right! Lemons are a fruit. Just not a sweet, high sugar fruit as you mentioned, and very alkalizing and detoxifying. Forgive me:)

  3. I have tried to sign up for this detox. I have done it in the past. I’m having great difficulty. Is there a 800 number that I can call?

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