It’s our LAST giveaway, don’t miss this…..

Carl Johnson of Utah, you just won the Primal Pit Paste Prize Package!! I know you’ll LOVE using these non-toxic, metal-free deodorants to keep you fresh AND healthy!

Today the highlight is hearing Todd’s story of CHANGE from drinking tons of green smoothies every day for 30 days. And staying off Rockstar and junk food! (We both ended up modifying, we didn’t last on green smoothies ONLY!)

And, we’ve got one more prize I hope you LOVE! Check it out, and thanks for your support. It’s not too late to donate to We will make sure that your contribution is fully appropriated to make meaningful change. LOVE YOU!

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  1. Please please please pick me! I need to get my health back on track and have gained weight at an unhealthy job which I just quit, but now am incomely challenged!

  2. Thank you Robyn and Todd! It was the highlight of my day, to read about the blog, guests, superfoods, prizes, and if I won or not…lol! Happy for all the winners, and thank you again for inspiring us. Blessings your way!!!

  3. wow.. those are really good results Todd. Robyn, per your request for the information – I donated 107.00 a few days ago. I didn’t know you had a blog until this event. will definitely come back to the site for more info and inspiration. thank you for doing this. Cath

  4. Todd, you look different than the beginning. You are more radiant in your presence and face. Way to go Robyn and Todd. You are amazing!

  5. You guys are awesome for taking on this challenge to raise funds and awareness for Mothers without Borders! Glad Todd is healthier and feeling great. You are both an inspiration.

  6. Todd and Robyn my 3 year old asks to watch these videos everyday then we go make our green smoothies! Thank you for doing this and inspiring all ages! My 3 year old wanted me to say “I love you!”
    I’m soooo excited about your results Todd and soooo proud of you! I have been struggling with the detox wanting hot food during the green smoothie days…so I can only imagine the struggles of only green smoothies! I am unable to donate $100 at this time but plan to follow mothers without borders via green smoothie girl and hope to donate over the next year to their cause! I am also praying and hope to be able to go to Zambia! I’ve been to Kenya and fell in love so possibly I’ll be able to go with y’all!!

    Thanks again!

    PS I did a green smoothie class after teaching group fitness for some ladies to teach them to star with a basic green smoothie and can’t wait to share this video on the Facebook site we have!!

    1. Crystal, you should earn some money teaching those classes! Go check that opportunity out at, our sister company! XOXO

  7. Very very beautiful — on many layers as well. The video history of this little adventure in green shows a nice progression of change all the way through! For both parties.

    Todd’s changes were clearlly visible. He’s more radiant and confident. Lots of energy, but it was somehow quieter … less jittery and more powerful. Clearly visible.

    But … IMHO the GSG herself even went through some changes. But no one talked about them. Todd didn’t talk about them, because like all girls, even GSG is sensitive about stuff. If one goes back and looks at the first weeks of tapes and compares them to the last week of tapes, the changes are clearly visible … to me anyway.

    There a growth in happiness and confidence, although the change is subtle and understated, once seen it is nonetheless very powerful. That kind of change might even be what green smoothies are all about. That might even be the biggest message of this little mini-event.

    Not that GSG isn’t already a bundle of confidence, but over this month, whether it was thinking of children in Africa or just the greens, she became more confident of herself … as herself … as to something about her true nature … of where her tasks and happiness really come from. The change is more than subtle. It is also visible even at the level of the wardrobe selection. In the beginning, the wardrobe started out not quite so simple and nicely understated as it became at the end. In the beginning (from memory) it was more … arghh … a little complex and confusing. The energy was “in the wardrobe” and not so much in GSG, just as herself. As she progressed through her month of smoothies (with no decrease in activity … but herbs, dairy and ferments are much fresher and more powerful in Europe and Eastern Europe than in America), she slowly became a little more radiant, quiet and confident of herself … and at the same time her wardrobe became kind of simpler and … less distracting or something.

    So we were all witness to two very beautiful, parallel changes.

    BRAVO to both of you, for courage and leadership!

  8. Good job Todd! Very encouraging to see such results very quickly. I did donate $100.00 to Mothers Without Borders – thanks for matching the amount. I have learned a lot during this journey, and found some great super foods and ways to cut the toxic load. Well worth the time; looking forward to following the blog.

  9. Awesome job you two! You’re amazing and inspiring! Keep up your green journey Todd!
    I wasn’t able to donate $100 but I did $25 a few days ago. Hope you raise all you need for the school!

  10. Congratulations, Todd. What great results. Being newer to the GSG and green smoothies, it would be wonderful to get a chance to try some of the products.

  11. This has been great watching your journey. Congratulations Todd on your great results. I have been using all the green smoothie products for about 8 months. I can really tell a difference in how much energy I have when I drink my smoothie and when I skip it. Love all your products and would love to be able to restock some of my supply so I can give more to my daughter who struggles with weight and health issues. Thanks for all you do in educating us and helping us on our own journey to better health.

  12. Great job, Todd! What a major achievement!! Woohoo! I just made a $100 donation. Thanks for matching Robyn. This has been so much fun. The only thing that would make it better is to win the $200 shopping spree on GSG. Blessings!

  13. Way to go Todd! That is a huge improvement in your lab results. Glad you feel the change that the greens can make in your life. Keep up the great work. You are worth it!

  14. Thank you so much for all the effort and education
    I have also gotten very curious about UTAH. It seems you have quite a movement going on there. As a foreigner who has recently moved to the great land of USA I want to learn more and more.
    Hope i can make it there some time soon
    Great work!
    (as I sip my green smoothie 😉 )

  15. Wow, I would LOVE to win the shopping spree to your web store! I have been drinking green smoothies (with just greens, fruit, and liquid) for a couple years now, and would really enjoy trying them with some of your products. I need a bit more variety, and an even bigger nutritional boost.

  16. This was a huge undertaking for Todd. He did so well and I know I can do better. GREEN SMOTHIE GIRL is an inspiration and help to me.

  17. This is the prize for me! I would love to detox with all the great products and continue to endeavor in good eating habits.

  18. Congrats Todd, looking good! Thanks Robyn for all you do; keep up the good work and getting your message out there. Our health is so important and I think too many people just take it for granted.

  19. Congratulations Todd! Such excellent results, and encouraging ones. 🙂 Thank you both for the terrific education along the way. Had no idea that Robyn was traveling during the challenge (and to Eastern Europe…wow.) This was a very gutsy thing to take on in light of all of that! I didn’t win anything (was so hopeful to win a Blendtec), but couldn’t do the Facebook part so I’m not surprised. Even so, it has been very worthwhile to check in every morning!

  20. Thanks so much for taking us on the journey with you, it was fun and informative, and congrats Todd on the results and the weight loss. That IS significant change in just 30 days so I pray you are able to keep it going. Will be going into GSG withdrawal after this!

  21. That would be a great prize. I would love to try more of your products. I use your protein powder now and love it. Yeah, I would love to get to know more of your stuff, thanks.

  22. Love green smoothie girl products! The ultimate minerals has helped my hair grow long and not fall out nearly as much as it used to.

  23. SOME THINGS in life are just special and helpful. Thanks to everyone for
    ideas and enthusiasm. Sometimes keeping it together seems like impossible,
    but with fun people it is truly doable. I look forward to the months and years
    ahead of using the suggested products and recipes. Thanks

  24. No matter how you modified, that is an incredible accomplishment! I think the 3 days of just green smoothies on the detox is hard enough. I can’t imagine a month! I also can’t imagine my life without a green smoothie each day. Way to go, Todd!! I’m so glad you saw the positive health changes already. What is the first warm meal that you’re going to eat?? 🙂
    I have enjoyed being a participant in this campaign. It was fun to watch the videos each day, and I learned so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and bringing awareness to Mothers without Borders. I made a donation to them earlier in the challenge.

  25. Awesome job Todd! Hope you continue to eat healthy! Robin, I just wanted to say that I have been wanting to get my husband to try an all natural deodorant for a while now. Yesterday he was in the room when I was watching your video and he seemed very interested in trying an all natural deodorant finally! So Thank You!

  26. Congrats to you both, and toTodd for sticking it out & reaping some amazing results! I continue to be inspired by Green Smoothie Girl!

  27. Congrats Todd. Those results are amazing! I’ve been following GSG for a couple years now and love just about everything she talks about. I especially love her detox and just started one.

  28. I so appreciate you sharing your 30 day green smoothy journey so publicly. It’s refreshing to see Todd, that you didn’t misrepresent yourself. You said this wasn’t easy, but I didn’t quit, here’s what I accomplished & you can benefit from a greener life too! Congratulations to you! Also, thank you Robyn for sharing your vast knowledge of food & nutrition; I learned a ton! Finally, thank you to both of you, Blendtec, & your participating blogger friends for your generosity in raising funds for Mother’s Without Borders! I went to Zambia with MWB & saw firsthand how education is changing these beautiful childrens lives. God bless all of you for stepping forward to make a difference! I can’t wait to hear the final tally! ♡

  29. It is nice to hear that you don’t have to be perfect, but to do the best that you can with your plant diet. I also wish my hubby would follow my lead, but all I can do is to encourage him. Thank you so much for encouraging me. Diane

  30. I know this cause is all about the money and I am sorry I don’t have any to donate but I appreciate the education and would love to win the GSG products. I posted the cause on facebook every day.

  31. Congratulations Todd! That is amazingly wonderfully super duper awesomely GREAT!!!
    Go to the next phase! Look forward to your continuing journey. Keep it GrEeN dude!!!!

  32. Thanks Todd and Robyn this has been an awesome learning experience…I’ve lost 12 lbs by now and am going for more. Love the recipes, videos…all your products. Thank You for the inspiration and support. Blessings to all.

  33. Wow, it was really great to hear the fantastic results you got Todd! You look great and I know why you feel great…. Robyn, you also look vibrant and healthy. Despite all those travels.

    Even though I didn’t win anything, I loved learning about all the different healthy options and even though I don’t smoothie every day, I feel so much better when I do. And so on the days when I don’t smoothie (you’ve made it a verb!) I do like utilizing some of the extra suggested tips. Like I really love the Chia seeds. When I don’t have time to get all the ingreds together, I just add to my yogurt, or just take a handful and eat them that way. They taste so good to me!

    Blessings to you for your fundraising effort and educational aspect of this whole blog, Robyn.

  34. very inspirational! wish i had run across this earlier in the 30 days, but has definitely given new life to my plans to do more juicing!

  35. What an inspiration – nothing beats hearing how a person hangs in there and makes a tough change. I have learned so much and have some new resources – thanks!

  36. Thank you, Todd, for your courage, persistance and willingness to share and inspire! 🙂 Thanks to you, Robyn, your staff, ALL of the sponsors for all of the time, energy, and donations! Thank you Robyn for the dedication, the education, the goodwill and lotsa love given to us and to this wonderful charity. What an incredible journey this benefit has been! Thanks for bringing us all along!

  37. Great job you guys. I’m super proud of you, Todd especially- what a great transformation. You can tell from the first video to this one that you have so much more glow and color and energy and happiness. That is amazing!!

  38. I’ve been following you, GSG for a while now. We just recently moved to Utah and I am looking forward to attending your local events. Would love today’s prize!!

  39. Todd, you look great! I am sure it was a difficult month, but you did it! I donated another $15 today. Still trying to think of a way to incorporate this into our Christmas. Thank you!

  40. Thankyou so much for all the insight as to what else health wise is out there and for all your tips for additions to smoothies…good job Todd for your steadfastness in healing your bod.

  41. Thank you for YOUR COMITTMENT and INSPIRATION to so many who need your encouragement! God bless your efforts to change the eating habits one person at a time and support for Mothers Without Borders. Yay purposeful moms (and dads)!

  42. Nice Job Todd!! I hope you keep up the work because you look fantastic and thank you so much Robyn for all you do and are doing for MothersWithoutBorders. You are nothing but inspiring and a beautiful person.

  43. I’m kinda sad this will be over soon…
    I’ve enjoyed all the info I’ve learned! I’m a sponge and thrive on learning new things 🙂

  44. Wow, I won the Primal Pit Paste giveaway! Thanks so much. Like I said I’ve been wanting to try their products for awhile now, and now I get to try them all! But you know I’ve won so much more. Robin, I was a student of yours at BYU (that old guy–remember?) and when you started your Green Smoothie Girl business I attended one of your meetings and purchased your program. Soon after I had some serious health issues: heart problems (AFib), pancreatitis, gallbladder removed, just to mention a few and ballooned up in weight because I couldn’t do anything physical for awhile. Now I’m back in the game. I drink a large (a full Wildside Jar) green smoothie everyday and I’ve eliminated all processed foods, grains, sugar, etc from my diet–nothing but whole foods. I’m down almost 100 lbs. and feel like a 20 year old again. Thanks for what you do, I only wish more people would listen.

  45. Congratulations, Robyn and Todd! Thank you for putting yourselves out there and sharing your experiences. I do hope, with Todd’s success story, my husband will jump on board. By allowing so many people to walk along this journey with you, I believe you have planted the seed of motivation.
    I, also, want to thank you Robyn, for introducing some many other healthful products.

    I would like to share some information, especially for the winner of the intelliBED, Darlene Rohn from Nevada, and anyone who is facing the concerns of cancer. (However, this information is a must know for all.) There is a video series called, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” by, Ty Bollinger, available at: This is a 9 video series, tonight is #4.
    I found this to be very informative and just wanted to share.

    Robyn’s Green Smoothies, products and reading materials, lay a great foundation for the necessary changes
    for increased health and a stronger immune system. (Todd is walking proof!)

    May God bless us all and give us the guidance, courage, and confidence to help ourselves, and others, reach their wellness goals! And, let’s not forget the reason behind the BlendAid, the innocent children orphaned by AIDS. May we all come together to help those who are far less fortunate.

    Blessings and gratitude!

  46. Thanks for sharing your numbers with us! That is a HUGE change!! Hard work, but worth it. I hope you do an after picture as well.

  47. Smoothies and juicing has become suvlch an awesome tool in my health box thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm for health

  48. Well it’s been a blast. I just donated 15.00 to mothers without boarders. Thank you for all your education and enthusiasm.

  49. Thank you for telling us how your progress has gone. I can’t wait to hear who you are touring with next year! I missed you last year and hope to catch you next time around! And I would LOVE a shopping spree on your site! Fingers crossed for a Washington State winner!

  50. It is so amazing to hear the changes in Todd’s numbers. It is amazing what a few changes in our diets can do! It is also great to notice how different we feel when eating different foods. I sure can feel a difference now that I have made changes and if i give in to certain foods I used to eat all the time and then don’t feel good after eating it now. Way to go!

  51. Thank You! I’m a big fan. I’d love to win I would share with my 3 college age kids who need help with better high quality nutrition. Good luck going forward Todd and Robyn I will stay tuned for your tour.

  52. Oh, how I would love to win! I’m so impressed with the journey you’ve both taken these last 30 days and for all you’ve given to so many! Thank you!

  53. Whoo Hoo!!! Go Todd, keep up the good work and remember how good you feel today. Super proud of both of you for pursuing this amazing journey.

  54. Yay Todd! I hope your story inspires many more people to start eating plant based foods. I am amazed at your blood results in such a short time. Robin, I can’t wait to see you next year in this new adventure with other speakers. I hope you post how much money was raised for Mothers without Borders. I gave $101. Thanks again for all the info on super foods to add to my smoothies.

  55. Yeah one last giveaway!!! What a fun and educational month it has been. Thanks for all the great information on staying healthy and introducing me to new products. You guys did an amazing job! Good luck with the Mothers without Borders! It sure is a wonderful thing you are doing!

  56. It has been interesting watching you both go through this. We’ve been doing veggie for over 15 years!! It is an awesome way to live!

  57. Thanks for introducing me/us to so many new sites and products. I would love to have your shopping spree to start a green smoothie habit. Have done it now and then, so I know it works!

  58. Way to go Robyn and Todd!!!!! Thank you for this fantastic journey of learning, sharing, giving, and growing!! What did you each do to modify that kept you going???

  59. Congrats to Todd on the positive health changes to your body! That is great! Keep up the healthy eating! Thank you to Robyn for sharing her knowledge of healthy eating. I was introduced to by a family member back in 2009, and it has changed my life and the way that I eat for the better. I started out with green smoothies, and just went from there. However, I must admit that I have not been perfect with eating healthily, and have even fallen off the band wagon a couple of times since starting the green smoothies. But when I realize that I have fallen off track, I use 12 Steps to Whole Foods to get back on track again. Just like using my scriptures for spiritual nourishment, I use 12 Steps to Whole Foods as my main source for physical nourishment. I am one of those people who has been influenced by Robyn’s example. Thank you to Robyn. I hope to meet you someday, and keep up the good work!


    P.S. – I am excited to start baking with a sourdough start that I have aging in my kitchen. It is almost ready! I look forward to using it next week. My first recipe will be the sourdough bread in 12 Steps to Whole Foods! Again, this would not be possible without Robyn’s book. So, thank you again for sharing your knowledge, recipes, and for changing lives!

  60. Thank you for the inspiration to keep on drinking green smoothies! What an awesome thing you guys are doing for children! You haven’t had a winner from Texas… Here’s my last chance & I would love to go on a shopping spree at green smoothie girl!

  61. Still would love the chance to try your products with a $200 shopping spree. Please and thank you for all that you both did to inspire me and hundreds of others.

  62. I was hoping the final prize was GSG products. I am unemployed and not able to give at the levels you mentioned at this time. I will keep the organization in mind when the income returns.
    Bless you both for sharing your journey with us.

  63. Grateful for all the great information you brought to me and the awareness of Mothers Without Borders. You and Todd are an amazing example, showing us how green smoothies can make such a difference in our health and wellbeing.

  64. I love your products and your store and website. You are awesome. You are my hero. I love you and all you do. Thank you!

  65. These last 30 days has been totally awsome. It has been fun, adventurous, and exciting. With all your friends, bloggers, and fabulous prizes. It was fun cheering Todd on and hopefully he will continue his healthy lifestyle. Keeping Todd encouraged also kept me encouraged. I know my small donation of $20.00 isn’t much by itself, but hopefully this contribution will grow with other donations and help make the school a reality. I can’t wait to hear about the school progress and what you have in store next. Thank you and Todd putting yourself out there and making us part of these last 30 days. I love your GSG products and love to have more. I even gave up my favorite chocolate protein shake to my daughter, so she would drink her smoothies. I’m telling you it was tuff!!!

  66. Ultimate minerals would be awesome to win. Then I wouldn’t have to do the sole while waiting for them to go on sale. By the way, way to go Todd. Thank you all who were involved in this project. I’m hoping there will be a list of the prizes given away and how to get them on our own in the future…….please.

  67. Wow, Tods results are awesome! I did green smoothies and they just gave me gas and bloating even after drinking one every day for over a year!

  68. Todd it was inspiring to see how you have adjusted to a new healthier way of living. And Robyn I am so looking forward to hearing about the tours you will be doing next year with others like minded celebrities. Hope one of the tours will be on the east coast. Hoping to join you & Mothers Without Boarders.

  69. Todd your results have totally inspired me! Just being able to get off caffeine is amazing! Also, Thanks Robyn for all you do and for sharing your knowledge with us. You both are amazing!

  70. awww, I’m sad that its over! But so inspiring! I’m glad you guys listened to your body though and modified. That’s something I’m learning as I get cleaner and cleaner. Even with super good eating you can trust yourself to eat what it feels like you need within guidelines. I’m relearning how to listen to my body. Its a balance between denying what the eyes and mind thinks it wants (because old habits die hard) and giving in to real cravings of true nourishment that the body needs. Been enjoying the new videos and I’m looking forward to more videos in the future!

  71. It has been a fun journey this past month. I have learned about many new products and been inspired by the videos that have been put up. Thanks so much.

  72. Thanks for letting us follow you along this journey. It was a lot of fun for us watching at home as well. Keep up the good work!

  73. Thank you so much!! I have really enjoyed this last month and have learned many new tips and found new great websites, companies and bloggers to follow. I also donated $20 to Mothers Without Borders. Thank you again!

  74. Great to hear, Todd, that your blood sugar, insulin, & triglyceride levels all went down to a healthier number! You and Robyn are inspiring me to do better with my diet and my family’s diet (good to know you both are “real”–having to adjust with the green smoothies diet–shows us you’re being smart about it & for all of us to be smart with whatever dietary needs we have)! Is there a place we can donate after today to Mothers Without Borders (I have to wait ’til pay day)? I’d love to support such a great cause. Great job and Thanks for all the encouragement for all of us followers!!! I’d absolutely LOVE to win the $200 GSG Shopping Spree! Best of luck to you both in the future.

  75. That’s REALLY Great News of Your Great Results, Todd!
    Congratulations on Your Belief, Decision and Efforts paying off for You!
    I used to eat a lot of junk, but now I’m vegan and I would say I can’t believe how easy it was to change, for good, but I can’t NOT believe it, because that’s all it’s been for me.
    A few times I decided to go all vegan and no junk, and then just decided, not tempted or weak, just decided to change back a few times, too.
    But for the past 3 1/2 years I just decided not to go back to my old S.A.D. Standard American Diet. My positive decision is, as I explained in my poem several weeks ago, my Decision, Diligence and Discipline to eat healthy is based on my Desire, which is based on my Philosophy, which is based on my Belief of Good Information — so much of which I have gotten from Robyn, The Green Smoothie Girl.
    I burned out my blenders, but I kept eating greens and other good things.
    Thank You, Robyn, Todd & Everyone!
    My Best Wishes & Blessings to You All & to The Zambian Children!

  76. Thank you and congratutions on a fabulous month Robyn and Todd! Todd, way to go on your health results…and you look great too ha!

    My cousin’s daughter Betsy loved your book ” The Adventures Junk Food Dude” so much that I want to get it for all of the other little ones in our family!

  77. Way to go, Todd! It’s been fun following along on this journey. Excited to hear how the school building goes next year! Best wishes with that, Robyn!

  78. Your work is inspiring! Love that your are taking it out into the world! I made a donation of $100 and think that your matching donations, beyond the commitment you’ve already made, is beyond generous!

  79. I was away this past week and know it is too late for the drawing, but just wanted you to know that before I left I did donate $50 to your project. I missed my green smoothies while we were gone but I plan to get back on them asap. They really do make you feel better — alot!

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