Want to get heavy metals off your skin, out of your blood?

I seriously love educating you about stuff most people don’t know, about products that can improve your health, and stuff you’re using that you shouldn’t!

Today’s giveaway lets me do just that…..teach you about deodorant and how you can avoid the heavy metals and toxic ingredients you may have unknowingly been putting into your bloodstream every day!

Primal Pit Paste (clever, huh?!) has a fabulous prize package for you with non-toxic deodorant and other natural products healthy for your skin.

Tomorrow is our LAST day, so stay tuned for Todd’s test results!

Love you, thank you for all the support! Go HERE to donate!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this vital information! I never realized how dangerous deodorant is! This would be a great prize to win, 🙂

  2. Great name for non-toxic deodorant! I’m watching The Truth About Cancer Ty Bollinger’s latest online docu-series (7 days left and free). He had a segment yesterday with Dr. V, the Cancer Conqueror (hwr breast cancer) and her 7 steps. One is getting all chemicals away from your body, inside AND out. Awareness is key! This gift is perfect!

  3. This is a great giveaway. I haven’t used regular deodorant in over a year. And I still haven’t found anything that works really well. I have to check out this company.

  4. I would love to try this brand! I have made my own deodorant before and tried a couple things with essential oils for deoderants, but have not found what works best yet–maybe I need a different combination of ingredients, but for now I just buy them at the health store. Great job Todd! Will be neat to see your results.

  5. Love the name, Primal Pit Paste…awesome giveaway! Robyn thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so that individuals like myself can make healthier choices. Looking forward to tomorrow’s results…way to stick with it Todd!

  6. This product is a good step forward to better health. I just assumed everyday products were fine ..until finding out better info from GSG!

  7. Fantastic-I’ve been wanting to try this specifically for my husband who has extremely sensitive skin-sometimes our homemade deoderant irritates his skin…thank you!

  8. Wow! So interesting. I totally need to switch! I wonder how much this is contributing to my health issues because I eat so healthy.

  9. That sounds so very interesting. I have never heard of this product. Thank you for introducing it to my life. I would love to win the Primal Pit Paste gift package.

  10. I stopped wearing deodorant a few years ago. Even before I knew about the aluminum, I knew I was getting a weird rash on the outside of my armpits.
    Though I feel like when I eat no meat, my sweat doesn’t stink. Maybe I should get a second opinion on that 😉 but I know that when I did cross fit for a few months I got convinced to eat more animal protein. I had to start wearing deodorant again because I smelled horrible (among other problems). And I don’t think my favorite sports bra will ever really recover.
    But maybe I should try some primal pit paste for others benefit 😉

    1. I read in a book one time that a guy went to a dr. for super bad body odor and he was told to get off meat/animal protein and that is what was causing the odor….so I think you are right. 🙂 Pretty sure it was a Don Colbert book, but can’t remember which one.

  11. This is a funny and nice giveaway. I’ve had stupid restless leg syndrome that has improved greatly since being educated by our Green Smoothie Girl in the last detox. Wow, last day tomorrow! Looking forward to the results of all this healthy living!

  12. Nice to know about this company and what sounds like great products!! Thank you! Looking forward to hearing your (and Todd’s) thoughts about this challenge!

  13. I actually use this product and I love it. I usually get on board with most things Greensmoothiegirl recommends. I appreciate all the research and effort Robyn puts into her recommended products. She is my”go to” guru for living a healthier lifestyle. Primal Pit Paste equals Christmas stocking stuffers!!

  14. I stopped using commercial deodorant about a year ago to the day (smile on my face.) So I’ve been through many different natural deodorants and my underarms have been through just as much, from burning to chaffing to smelling (sad face.) I have yet to find a natural deodorant that helps, currently I switch off between two different ones, one that doesn’t smell very pleasant and one that smells great but doesn’t work past the first hour of me putting it on. I spend 4 hours of my day commuting in a train and it would be great not to feel like I’m a contributing factor to the aroma on that train on my way home. I’m crossing my fingers for this giveaway. Thank you for all that you and your team do. ~Jo

  15. We’ve used primal pit paste and it works well! We stopped using typical deodorants/anti-perspirants a while ago. Now that my kids are getting to the age where they need something as well…we’re glad to have found this!

  16. Would love these products! And I’m glad for yall that tomorrow is your last day! Can’t wait to hear about Todd’s results!

  17. Awesome! I’ve never heard of Primal Pit Paste, and I’m always on the lookout for natural deodorants since I quit using commercial ones about 5 years ago. Hope I win!

    Can’t wait to hear the final results of your 30 day green smoothie challenge tomorrow!

  18. What an awesome journey…I love learning about all of these wonderful companies!! Thank Robyn and Todd for doing this challenge and for bringing awareness to Africa children’s needs.

  19. You are sooooo on point. I am very careful of what I and my family and drink
    But I had not given a second thought about deodorants !
    What a great giveaway.
    Hope to see your numbers tomorrow <3

  20. I’ve tried other “natural” and “organic” deodorants but they do not work! I’m excited to try these products. Thanks for the tip on watermelon – great way to use the leftovers.

  21. awesome products! looking forward to hearing from you & todd tomorrow & seeing your test results! thank you for all the educating, great tips you have given robyn. you are inspiring!

  22. I need this for our family! I am excited to see Todd’s test results! I am sure he will be pleased and excited to eat clean and stay healthy! Thanks!

  23. I would love this giveaway. I’ve been making homemade deodorant for years for myself. But my family doesn’t like it so they use the gross stuff. I would love to try this product and protect my family from heavy metals. And Robyn, I have a question. Was the 20% off code for Crio Bru for that one day only, or for the entire challenge?
    I can’t wait to see Todds results!

  24. I’m hesitant to use natural deodorant because I don’t like the look of wet underarms, but I’d be willing to give it a try. I am wondering how both of you are doing, especially Todd.

  25. We have tried alot of the non-aluminum deodorants but none have worked very well so far, will have to try this one and see if it works! Can’t wait for Todd’s results!

  26. Have tried more “natural” deodorants without aluminum, but none have really worked – esp. for my daughters who have been involved in sports. I haven’t tried this one. Can’t wait to see Todd’s results.

  27. Love your hair today with the wave in it, Robyn! I have been making my own deodorant, but have been wanting to try this product for a while.

  28. I have been educating myself on the dangers of using conventional deodorants. This Primal Pit Paste package would be ideal for me to move myself forward in eliminating deodorants from my daily routine!

  29. I cease to be amazed by all you have learned about living a healthier life. Thank you once again for sharing. Also, I am deeply touched and thrilled for the lady that is receiving the IntelliBED.

  30. WOW!!!!! This is an amazing prize. I stopped using commercial deodorant a long time ago also. Also looking forward to seeing Todd’s result tomorrow! Thank you all, it was fun checking out all the great guests and info. you shared with us. It is for an amazing cause…Mother’s without borders.

  31. WOW, I could so use this. Having problems with my skin for all my life and sure toxicity is the culprit. Have been reading lately a lot about toxic going into our bodies and want to change my life. I just turned 58 and slowing down some, so need more enegry for sure. Thanks for all your information.

  32. Sounds like a great prize!!
    Look forward to hearing about y’all’s results positives and negatives tomorrow!! This is my 3 day of green smoothies on the detox and I can’t imagine even one day more!!

  33. So excited to see the final results tomorrow for Robyn and Todd!! Today’s health topic is one I’ve recently been looking into, so this is a very “cool” giveaway!

  34. I really want to lose my Mitchum…but not my dates:/…I bought some natural deodorant at the farmers market, and it really didn’t ahem do anywhere near the job that my Mitchum does. So I’m back to the Mitchum. I would really like to give the Pit Paste a workout I mean whirl;-)!

    PS: Robyn, I should preface this by saying that I look at green smoothies (and mine are *really* green and and veggie) as fuel and nutrition, not as entertainment, and I’m not one for recipes, I wing it…but when I threw some leftover watermelon into my typical green smoothie (maybe replacing the few strawberries or blueberries that I sometimes include), I have to say that it was rather un-tasty. *I* drank it, of course…but I often (pay it forward!) to gym friends, friends, and family…but ha this batch was not a candidate!

    So, my question is…when you talk about making a watermelon smoothie, are you meaning just to blend up a bunch of watermelon, ice and water…or?

    And also, (and I buy nearly everything organic), when buying a seedless watermelon, is it important to buy an *organic* one? As TJ’s only has conventional, and WF’s organic ones are super expensive. Thank you so much!!

  35. I’ve been researching Primal pit paste, and want to try it so bad! Im trying to show my kids all the ways we can use products that are healthy for us, not just the popular stuff in advertisements they’re bombarded with in media. This company has so many fun sounding names and beautiful packaging! There’s just nothing like this available in stores. I’ve tried to make my own deodorant in the past and it was a colossal failure 🙁
    Here’s hoping! 🙂

  36. so excited that you are sharing this. I’ve been using Arm & Hammer without any metals. ok, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than our bodies accumulating metals. This would be another product I would love to try!

    Had my green smoothie today…yummy!

  37. Thank you for doing this! I would love this price. I had a blood test that found toxic levels of aluminum in my system (also a couple of other metals). I have been trying to figure out how to get them out of my life and products.

  38. Love making my own things like deodorant, moisturizer – and they are not only healthier but work so much better than items I used to buy in the stores!!!!

  39. I will have to check the ingredients of my “natural” deodorant when I get home tonight!! Thanks for making us aware of all the awesome companies out there that help us stay away from the “bad guys”!!

  40. Another awesome looking product to try. I have a running list of the websites you have shared so I can find them again. Can’t wait to see the final “reveal” tomorrow.

  41. I’ve known about Primal Pit Paste for awhile now, but I just haven’t worked up the nerve to switch to an all natural deodorant. Like you Robin, I play a lot of tennis (it’s my job), cycle, and workout, but I just couldn’t see their products working for me. Winning this giveaway would give me a chance to try these natural products once and for all!

  42. I’d love to try these products. I have been experimenting with different natural deodorant options. Right now, I’m using the crystal stick and it does work very well.

  43. I love PPP. The name alone, I mean, come on. Seriously, this company has THE BEST hands down, service I have ever received. I love them So much. Please pick me!

  44. Can I say this video was the ‘pits’? That was me trying to be funny if anyone didn’t get it.

    I want to see the numbers tomorrow. We stopped getting reports about Todd.

  45. Thanks Robyn! What a cool prize today!! I would love to try all these products. Looking forward to your post tomorrow to hear how Todd is doing and how he feels.

  46. Hi, again, everyone!

    Thank You for the Watermelon Cleanse Tip, Robyn!

    And Thank You, for the Primal Pit Paste product line intro & info.

    I also haven’t used commercial deodorant/anti-antiperspirant for years either, after I accidentally discovered something, all by myself. (In deference, it may not be appropriate for me to disclose the details here, that may compete.)

    I have only done a “de-tox” program once, several years ago, but it was with a de-tox supplement pack, and I don’t know how well it worked.

    But I have been a vegan, this time, for 3 ½ years, (after being vegan, and junk-free, for several months, a few times in the previous few years,with whole foods, and not too many processed foods, AND NO JUNK FOOD OR DRINKS, and I try to drink a whole squeezed lemon in water most every morning, but not as much as I want recently, and I try to drink only filtered water to get the chlorine and fluoride out, etc, and I quit fluoride toothpaste years ago.

    Fluoride is toxic and damages the teeth and municipal water line pipes and the thyroid and the brain, etc. and lowers IQ in children.

    Google: “Harvard Fluoride Lowers IQ”

    Google: “Fluoride Alert”

    BUT I don’t exercise much and sometimes go a long time without it, (so busy & behind) and I don’t have a Health Mate Infrared Sauna to help me de-tox, and I need to use more natural chemical-free personal hygiene and cleaning products.

    (But sometimes it makes you wonder, Why must there be SO MUCH to learn, and to do, to try to maintain and fight for good health for The Amazing Gift we’ve each been given by God — Our Physical Bodies ?!?! 🙁 )

    So I’m sure I have a lot of heavy metals and other chemicals in my body and brain, and still need to get a lot of mercury fillings and root canalled teeth out of my mouth.

    I was glad to see Robyn, The Green Smoothie Girl, recommend My Dentist, Dr. Wendell Robertson, who is definitely one of the best — or maybe even THE BEST DENTIST in The USA & even The World (NO Exaggeration!).


    Well, we’re almost through with Our Green Smoothie Girl Healthy-Info BlendAid Journey & Fund Raising Campaign for Mothers Without Borders for The Zambian Children.

    Thank You, SO MUCH, Robyn!
    & Green Smoothie Girl Staff!
    & Todd!
    & Mothers Without Borders!
    & Products & Services Partners & Prize Contributors!
    & All the GSG Followers & Commenters!

    NOW, Let’s all practice using as much as we can of we’ve learned —

  47. This has been such a fun journey. I’d love to win this package. Thanks for all the stories and information. Can’t wait to hear your outcomes and see how much money you raised for a good cause.

  48. Oh my goodness I cannot believe this – just last night my husband said our little boy needs to start using deodorant- I told him I do not want to put deodorant on him because I know it cannot be good- I have got to find something more safe and non toxic for him and I to use- and this morning on the way to work I was making a reminder to myself to check into this very thing- and then I see this for today- it was meant to be- would love to win this!!!! 🙂

  49. What a great product!! My heavy metal levels have been tested and I am positive for high lead counts. I am currently taking alpha lipoic acid and EDTA. This product would be a perfect compliment.

  50. I like how you called them flavors. Wonder if they work well. Have you used them before? Because my underarms need some serious deodorant!

  51. Will be interesting to see the before and after test results. Hopefully this went by fast for you and Todd. Will miss ur tidbits on superfoods! Can’t wait to go on Primal Pit Paste website!

  52. Would love to win this pamper package. I have been using the deoderant aka primal pit paste, for about a year now. I found it after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I have since tried the tooth powder and lip balm and love them all. Hoping to try the rest of their wonderful products!

  53. I considered trying Primal Pit Paste, but I ended up making my own deodorant instead because I had all the ingredients and several recipes. Their herb powder sounds interesting. I’ve read that something like that is a good compliment to using natural deodorant. I would love to try some of their products!

  54. I just found Primal on Amazon a month or two ago and LOVE their deodorant! It goes on smooth and lasts. Can’t wait to try their other products… Too Cool!!!
    Excited to see the end results

  55. I found Primal about 2 months ago on Amazon for myself and my newly maturing daughter 😉
    I Love their deodorant and can’t wait to try out the rest!
    Excited to see the results tomorrow!

  56. Wow!! Awesome prize. I’ve been looking for a natural deodorant that actually works. I’ll try this out (even if i don’t win:)

  57. Oh wow – would love to win this one. I’ve tried making my own, but it didn’t turn out so hot. Say good-bye to heavy metals 🙂

  58. I had an idea that deodorant and especially anti-perspirant were bad for you, but didn’t think there was a healthy alternative them. Thank you for introducing me to Primal Pit Paste. Win or not, I’ll be buying some of this soon. Looking forward to seeing how Todd’s journey treated him.

  59. I’ve tried (and really enjoyed) Primal Pitt Paste Deoderant. It would be awesome to win and get to try these other products too! 🙂

  60. It’s so good to hear personal experience with a product. It’s hard to search through the coop and online without buying something that doesn’t work! I have a few in the closet!! The end is near and it’s so wonderful to read each post, inspired to help others and my own family. Love!

  61. This might be a little too much info but I have pits that are almost always sweaty and so stinky no matter how much deodorant I put on or how many times a day I do it. My husband has told me on numerous occasions that I smell like BO even after just putting deodorant on and taking and scrubbing my armpits. I even made my own for a little bit and it worked for a while but then my pits decided that nothing was going to touch them. Sometimes I feel like I am that woman in the commercial that is afraid to lift up her arms because her deodorant doesn’t work, I am just so self conscious of the stank that I may have. Please oh please let this be the one that I get and stop the stank from happening anymore. P.S. My husband will love you for it.

  62. Thank you so much for introducing this product. My mom, sister, and best friend have had breast cancer and were told not to use deodorant again and have yet to find a product that has work. I am passing the word on!!!

  63. I could really use this. My dad died last year. He had Altzheimers (don’t know how to spell it) and Parkinson’s disease. I have a neurological disease that can and may progress to Parkinson’s, I’m half way there. I have been trying to get off of deodorant but it seems like I’m trading one dangerous ingredient for another. So I use less dangerous ones on days when I’m at home and dangerous ones on days that I have to be out in public. I live in Louisiana so durring the summer and frankly a good portion of the year it is really hot and sauna like humidity. So we need strong working deodorant for our climate unfortunately.
    I bought some EDTA chelation formula to get rid of metals but have been afraid to take them. Does anyone know if this is safe to do. My condition is getting worse and worse. I’ve started to drink green smoothies for help and health. They are not very green. Maybe I’m not making them right. Anyway I would love to have these products they sound like they can help me get rid of the metals in my body. I used to cook in nothing but aluminum pans. Now go figure, they were dangerous all along. And I fed my poor children from them. Hope they don’t get this disease. Some days I can hardly talk or eat. My food falls off my fork or spoon before it gets to my mouth. So if you think it’s a good product and will be helpful, please choose me if you feel it is the right thing to do. I live in a tiny tiny town, not even a caution light and we have no options here for products.

  64. I am really interested in learning more about this primal pit paste. I have been going without store brand deodorant for awhile now and have been experimenting with alternative solutions. I think I have found one that helps overall but I would love to see how this works with my body and my children. My 8 year old is already getting BO and the all natural brands from the store isn’t cutting it for her. I need to find something that will help her but keep her body chemical free. Thanks for all you do, Robyn! All the best!

  65. I make my own homemade deodorant with the ingredients you mentioned but would love to try this company’s if I win. Thanks Robyn for everything and all the encouragement. You look great!!!

  66. My wife changed her deodorant years ago but I haven’t made the switch yet because its just easier and cheaper to grab the ones at the big box store. I don’t use the antiperspirant ones though with more chemicals. Anyways, thanks for the watermelon tip. I love watermelon and could (and do) eat a half a large watermelon myself daily when they’re in season.

  67. Love the superfood smoothie tips! I’m putting a silent auction basket up for my daughter’s school Fall Fest this month with the theme Super Smoothie Basket. I’m adding many of the superfood suggestions as well as Green Smoothie Girl Protein and Sprouted Flax!

  68. I forgot how bad commercial deodorant is! Thank you for the reminder, I really need to make the switch! I would love this prize 🙂

  69. Boy this month has flown by. I hate to see it coming to an end. Robyn, I live on the east coast of NC. I have been a fan of yours for years. I appreciate all you have done to help educate us on living healthier lives. I have been to many of your seminars. Whenever you came to the Charlotte or Wilmington,,NC areas I was there. Thank you for all that you do.

  70. Yeah, I donated!! 🙂 It feels good to help, especially after watching all your videos through this challenge. I have really enjoyed this experience and learned new things along the way, thank you.
    Primal Pit Paste sounds awesome, I would love to try their products!
    I look forward to hearing and seeing Todd’s results tomorrow. 🙂

  71. Theses products sound awesome ! I actually made some deodorant recently…baking soda, arrow root, and baking soda. It’s nice to hear that’s the right concept !

  72. I love your giveaways! They are all awesome.
    Cancer runs in my family and I recently found out anti-persperants may be linked to breast cancer. So I have been struggling to stop using regular deodorant. I first started using Tom’s but that didn’t really work for me for all day, I tend to sweat and I would notice a smell. Then I started using Crystal roll-on and that worked great… Until about 2 months ago when I got a rash under both arms that still hasn’t cleared up. 3 weeks ago my husband made me switch from the liquid roll on because he thinks that may have been the source of my rash. I went back to Tom’s, I just put it on more often. I am trying to stay away from aluminum but there really isn’t a great option at drugstores.

  73. Excited for whoever gets this.
    I make my own homemade deodorant, using a recipe I found at scratchmommy.com. I can’t use baking soda recipes because they irritate my skin.

  74. Bummer that I missed this video yesterday. I use natural deodorant now, but haven’t heard of this site. Like you said, can’t forget the name. Lol. Will check them out.

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