Winner of the intelliBED is . . .

Hi everyone, before we announce an incredibly lucky winner of the intelliBED, let me say that we choose the winners randomly through our system. I personally have nothing to do with the choices. My staff chooses them, and the amazing, heartbreaking stories, or funny comments and poems, are things we share because we want you to “meet” the winner…..

Many people told us their incredible challenges in life. The ways owning a new intelliBED would bless their lives. To be honest, we are all very humbled about it, around here. But please know…..this is a random drawing winner here, because we could NEVER do it any other way…..maybe karma wanted her to win it……

It’s Darlene Rohn from Nevada. Here’s what she told us:

“It would be amazing to win this bed! My husband is a truck driver, so his nights at home are highly valued for quality sleep. Unfortunately, we have a horrible bed and just can’t save the funds to get a good quality bed. I’d love to have a bed like this, I haven’t been sleeping well lately as I’m going through a lot of stress due to breast cancer screening—I have an ultrasound scheduled next week, and to be quite honest, I am terrified. I don’t know that a bed would help my stress, but it’s a nice thought.”

Do you believe “everything happens for a reason?” I don’t know if I do. I have thought a lot about this, my whole life. Because people always say that. But in case it’s true, I’m not going to get in the way of that “random” drawing, in case it’s karma.

God bless you, Darlene, and enjoy. Everyone else, I love you and wish I was Oprah and that intelliBED and I could give everyone one!

TOMORROW AND FRIDAY are our last 2 days….and recapping our experiment, stay tuned.

Anyone who donated $100 to Mothers Without Borders, please write with your physical address so they can send you the fantastic gift set of inspirational talks on achieving your best life, either download or physical set of CD’s if they prefer.

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  1. To Darlene: I wish for you happiness, love, peace. The love of the God shines in every cell of your body with complete health.

  2. Congrats Darlene! You’re a lucky girl!!! May you have awesome sleep from here on out! Good luck with your cancer screening…keep on drinking those green smoothies and healing naturally!

  3. oh , I’m so glad Darlene won the bed. sounds like they really need it too. I’ve enjoyed all the comments and tips. great way to ‘meet ‘ fellow smooth-ites. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Congratulations Darlene!!! I too had to have a ultrasound screening after a routine mammogram and after the ultrasound I had to have an MRI screening – which I had to fight the insurance company on as back then you had to have a history of breast cancer before they would approve it. My mother was adopted so honestly I do not know whether there is a history of breast cancer on her side of the family. I had to wait 3 months before they finally approved it. It was a stressful time but thank God the MRI showed that I did not have breast cancer. My prayers are with you Darlene!!

  5. Congrats to Darlene and her husband! I love hearing about all the new companies and products that are good for our health and well being. Excited to hear the results of your journey tomorrow. Thanks for this experience.

  6. I’m a firm believer that God lovingly works out all things for the good of those who love Him and have placed the hope of their salvation in Jesus alone (SO much better than karma, working for it, etc.!) He also lovingly orchestrates events to bring those who don’t know Him to a realization that He alone is the way, the truth and the life. I don’t know which camp dear Mrs. Rohn is in, but she has been blessed either way! So happy for her and her had-working hubby. Also, anyone who is concerned about breast cancer might want to check into their iodine levels and supplementation. Breast tissue is is one of the most iodine-hungry areas in our bodies and low iodine levels (which most Americans suffer from) can lead to cancer. Such a simple solution, but one we don’t hear much about!

    1. Iodine, magnesium and all sorts of other God given natural stuff she can look into. The great thing about following Robyn’s blog is that the smoothies are rich in magnesium and all sorts other cancer fighting goodies that she is in the right place. Great prize for just the right person. Thanks Intellibed and Robyn for that. … and Claire, I posted here because of your eloquent words were worded so well. I fumble in my thought process and just wanted to tell you that.

  7. Darlene, So happy for you and your husband. Hope you have many peaceful nights of rest. We will be with you in spirit as you go thru this stressful time in your life. I was there 3 years ago and all turned out well. Hoping the same for you.

  8. Congratulations Darlene! I would have been so happy to have been the winner – but am MUCH more happy that you were chosen! You are also in my prayers for a good outcome with the screening.

  9. I am so happy for Darlene, your message is one of the comments I read too and remembered. I pray that you and your hard working husband enjoy your new bed and start getting a restful nights sleep. Blessings to you both.

    The rest of us have to get our funds together to buy this amazing bed!!!

    Thanks to Robyn for telling us about this amazing bed! I showed it to my husband and he is convinced. He has been looking for the perfect mattress for a good nights rest too, his hands go numb after a few hours of sleep. This at the top of our priority list for purchase. I can’t wait!!! to all!

  10. Well, as much as I could use that bed, if I couldn’t win it, at least someone who needs it even more did. Congratulations…and hope it brings both of you the rest and rejuvenation you need.

  11. Congratulations! And yes, I KNOW things happen for a reason. God is in charge even if we don’t like or understand what is going on, HE does. We just have to figure out what WE are to learn from it. I’m not going to apologize for my what I wrote because it is truth and it is how I feel.

  12. I don’t even know what to say other than THANK YOU so very, very much! I would love to respond to each and every one of your comments, but I’m afraid I’d get nothing done today. No one knows how much I appreciate the encouragement and well wishes. And thank you, Robyn for an incredible giveaway!

  13. I love how GSG brings everyone together like this. Such inspirational and loving comments! Congrats Darlene, you and your hubby deserve some rest.

  14. I cried like a baby when I found out this morning, and I’ve come back to the page to check and make sure that I wasn’t dreaming and that I really did win. And get all teary eyed again. I cannot believe the outpouring of good wishes and prayers that I have received. It’s really overwhelming. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!

  15. Congratulations, Darlene!!!

    Best Wishes & Blessings to You
    & Your Husband & Family for Great Health!

    Thank You, Robyn & intelliBed co.!!!

  16. I’m very glad to have been able to follow the BlendAid challenge and to be blessed by the generous sharing of personal journeys, insights, and resources that has taken place as a result. I expect that each of us is coming away a winner, whether a physical prize has been won or not. Thank you all for sharing and being here to make it all worthwhile.

  17. Congratulations. It sounds like the bed is a blessing for Darlene. Now…i personally stink. Deodorant would be nice!

  18. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most deserving of an intelliBed? Darlene and her husband are. Best of luck on your screening for breast cancer. I started getting screenings since 30, my auntie had both breast removed in her 40’s.

  19. May GOD bless you Darlene and any others who need HIS blessings at this time. The POWER of PRAYER is REAL it has blessed my life so many times. Thanks be to GOD, HE will not leave you alone through all your going through!………..A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet seems one of the best things to heal cancer, get restful sleep, and help reduce stress!!!

  20. Thanks for sharing on how the winners are chosen. Initially that is how I thought it was, but had begun to wonder with some of the things I had read. Was really close to stopping my entries since I knew I didn’t normally have the time or energy to try and be witty or deep, so I felt my chances of winning would be null if they were no randomly picked. So YEAH, no pressure!!

  21. Congratulations to you and your husband Darlene! Best wishes that your medical issues turn out with good news! In the end, we’ve all been “winners” in that we have been able to support a wonderful cause, receive great nutritional information on what to add to our smoothies, and learn new resources through new blogs, and businesses that we were introduced to us throughout this journey. What more could anybody really ask for? Again Darlene, congratulations!

  22. Congratulations, lucky Darlene. I hope you don’t have cancer, but whether you do or not, I highly recommend the current Cancer series offered for free on line: You’ve missed the first 3 episodes, but there’s more coming! You can also purchase the recordings. I encourage everyone to listen in; it may help to save your life or someone you love. Blessings.

  23. In case there is anyone still following this, I just wanted to let you know my ultrasound went well and I received results today that everything is normal. So relieved that I sat and cried. Thank you everyone for your prayers and blessings, it means so much to me.

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