Three More Lucky Winners for 3 Key Elements!

3KeyElements Prize Package

Hi everyone,

My staff didn’t know that on Sunday we were supposed to pick FOUR winners, and they picked just one. But this is good news for all of you. First, we have 3 MORE WINNERS for Kirk and Kim Duncan’s prize package AND there is one extra day to make a comment to win the intelliBED on yesterday’s blog!

And, to make it easier to find people who can really ATTEND Kirk & Kim Duncan’s 3KeyElements, we picked the three winners from UTAH.

(Sorry. We don’t favor our Utah readers over the rest of y’all, we love the rest of you tons, but we want a high chance that they can ATTEND his events.)

So, come back tomorrow and Thursday for our LAST TWO GIVEAWAYS + the WINNER OF THE INTELLIBED…..and here are our three 3KeyElement winners, CONGRATS!

  1. Kandace Wittwer
  2. Janacy Horsley
  3. Lisa Clark

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  1. Well even with the additional 3 chances and living in Utah my luck did not hold out. Here’s wishing that the luck has been saved up for the intelliBED. “Bonne Chance” to everyone and have a great day.

  2. After researching IntelliBed and watching their informative videos I hope that I win 🙂 We have a Tempur-Pedic mattress and it is awful – after watching one of the videos on IntelliBed’s website I now know why it makes my back hurt so bad. Good luck everyone!!

    1. When I bought my IntelliBED, i was informed there’s a pending class action suit against Tempurpedic for formaldehyde VOCs. My mattress promply was packaged up in the IntelliBED plastic and box and went into the garage to await sale on Ebay! Google the suit and see if you can be apart before the hearing in Nov.

  3. The suspense is killing me!! Ahrrg matey!! Loves the only house big enough for all the pain in the world. But an intellibed would be a good start!! Just sayin’. Just waitin’.

  4. OH! Kind of anticlimactic since we are all on pins and needles, but one more day won’t hurt. I’d love to hear more about the fundraiser – how much money has been raised? What are the dates and the cost of the trip next summer? For those considering joining or bringing older children, the sooner the details are released the better. Huge trips take time to plan and organize. How soon will you announce this information?

  5. Congratulations to the winners! Here’s hoping there is an east coast winner for the mattress! 🙂 Maybe me? 🙂 I could definitely attend that one . 😉

  6. Love, Love, Love the IntelliBED products and philosophy! Watched all their videos on YouTube, too. We bought 2 crib mattresses for our first and second grandchildren, one already born and one almost born. Their parents were so excited to get this unusual crib mattress! Totally Non-toxic, safe and indestructible for hopefully many more little Farringtons!

  7. Congratulations to the people who won! I hope they all enjoy those events. 🙂
    As for me, I’m excited to see the results for Todd and Robyn as they reach the end of their journey, they have both worked so hard and I’m glad they’ll be able to eat solid foods again!
    Thanks again Robyn, for putting all this together. Not just the fundraiser, but also your blog. It has helped me improve my life so much in the past year since I started reading it, my body is truly happier, which means I get to be too! Hugs!

  8. One more chance…yea!!
    Hope with the “blend” of these two replies
    from yesterday and today.
    I will be “aid”ed in winning the prize!!!

    1. One more chance…Yay!! (oops)
      Hope with the “blend” of these two replies
      from yesterday and today.
      I will be “aid”ed in winning the prize!!!

  9. After watching the intelliBED video I know why my bed is so aweful ! I hadn’t heard of intelliBED before. The information about the bed sure makes me wish I had one. I’m sooo tired of the morning back aches, waking up tired and having to take a nap within 2-3 hours after getting up. Many times I’ve awakened to severe back pain and would make a pallet on the floor and lay there for a while. I’ve never won anything before, I hope the intelliBED is meant for me 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. What an awesome opportunity to have another chance to win! Thank you for all the wonderful information and the support that can be found on your blog and your website. I am ready to jump in and begin my journey to a healthier life. Thanks so much!

  11. for anyone who doesnt know, intellibed does have a fire retardant layer, however with a doctor’s RX, you can have it made without!! for anyone with thyroid issues…this is awesome with an already awesome bed

  12. I am so glad that there is one more chance to win the intellibed! We were working out in the yard yesterday and by the time we came in I was suffering from major allergies! I took a Benadryl to help with the nasal congestion and swollen eyes (maybe I should start putting bee pollen in my smoothies) and could only keep consciousness long enough to put my 4 month old to sleep (this is one of the reasons I hate taking medications). So, to make a long story longer, I woke up at 1:00am from tossing and turning and asked my husband (insomniac) if he had commented on here to win the bed? He told me that he hadn’t and I was so sad. We have been hoping to get one of these beds for years (since Robyn) first introduced them to us. Alas, money doesn’t always let us get what we want. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for everything that you are promoting during this great event!

  13. Robyn your killing me here! I must wait one more day in anticipation! You are great. Thanks for all the giveaways and for supporting such a great cause. It has been fun! I’m excited to hear the results on the 30 days of green smoothies.

  14. “A life not shared is a life not worth living.” Thank you for sharing your life with us this last 30 days. Thank you for all the many people that donated so many amazing prizes and for the awareness this campaign brought. I am inspired to do more to help others and live my life more like you and all those that I have seen with you this past month. Just love you all!

  15. Yay! in so many ways. Robyn and Todd are almost finished with there 30 day green smoothie challenge, money has been raised to help children, people have won prizes, we’ve been introduced to new products and ideas, and we still have a chance to win an intelliBED. Good luck everyone!

  16. congrats janacy, kandace and lisa. that’s why I didn’t comment on your earlier prizes that sounded local. hope you and Todd are doing well. green smoothies rock !

  17. I have tried 3 times to donate to the Mothers Without Borders via the link and it can’t seem to bring it up. I’m all for donating and love the support the Duncan’s are giving with the extra gift for those who donate. I would love to hear where you are at, Robyn with your fundraising. Maybe if you are close to a set number, we all can help make that happen. Share the good news!!!

  18. Can I trade my 3KeyElements prize for the intellibed SINCE I LIVE IN GEORGIA? Haha
    Fat chance I know but I had to ask. Good luck to all including myself. Excited your fast is almost over Robyn and for all the things I’ve learned this whole month.

  19. Need that bed. Woke up in pain again, don’t feel like I’ve slept in years. Will be jealous of anyone that gets it. 🙂

  20. Robin you have been a blessing to me and my family to give all the information on your website, YouTube. The smoothies have really been a great need for my health. I lost 3 siblings in 5 years and my parents with heart attacks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all the information!!! May God bless your work abundantly!!! This bed would be a dream!!!!po

  21. Here’s to another day of hoping I will get to sleep in a new intellibed! Congrats to today’s winners and good luck to everyone on tomorrow’s grand prize

  22. I toss and turn every night and am lacking sleep like most of us. I have a foam mattress that I know is off gassing but what do I do??? I dream of Robyn sleeping like a baby on her much earned IntelliBed! I’m keeping my fingers crossed along with arms, legs and toes! Wishing the best to the real winner to an exceptional prize. Who ever gets this bed is one lucky person!

  23. My hubby just asked what I was doing and I said, “I want to win the intelliBED so we can sleep well without breathing in toxins and chemicals!” He just smiled.

  24. Am I reading Robyn’s comment wrong? My understanding is that we do not get an extra entry for the intellibed, but rather an extra day to make a comment if you didn’t already yesterday.

  25. Congratulations Janacy. You deserve it. Thanks for sharing GSG with me. I have been having my geen smoothie everyday. Learning what I like.

  26. Very excited for this chance to win this wonderful prize! Also excited for your group but that’s starting. Thanks for all you do for so many, Robyn!

  27. I need more sleep and a new bed would sure help. Of course, my kiddos getting older and sleeping more makes it more likely too.

  28. Keep up the great work & informative information. Just FYI for future, if it is a Utah prize, I am down there all of the time visiting family and it’s only a 3 hr drive. I think others would feel the same if they live closeby.

  29. IntelliBed…need I say more? Yes, I Pray I win, I need a new bed & would love to win this in hopes that it would help with my migraines ! Fingers & toes crossed

  30. I’d love to win the Intellibed for my parents! They have shown me the way to natural health and I appreciate it more than I can say. Plus I’d love to sleep on it when I am back home for a visit! My mom and I met you last year in Cleveland and it was an amazing day! Thanks! I love all the information you share with your viewers. Please help me give this awesome bed to my parents! Thanks!

  31. I think all non Utah residents should get an extra name in for the intellibed hahahahahaa
    I am doing the GSG detox a second time and am in the end of phase one all green smoothies only all day and seriously am reminded how hard it is can’t believe y’all have gone almost a month! KEEP IT UP!

  32. All of the giveaways are so thoughtful and great! Thank you for finding things that will help us better ourselves and our homes!
    This whole month has been informative and inspiring!!
    A small group of us here decided to do a 30 day green smoothie challenge in conjunction with your campaign. It has been fun!
    Thank you

  33. IntelliBED, IntelliBED where oh where is your new home? Utah, Virginia or Idaho at this point who really knows… All sitting on pins and needles wherever you go you will be welcomed.

  34. Thanks for doing this challenge, Robyn. I would love to hear how it went for both of you, how much you raised, etc. And of course I am hoping to win the bed for reasons I mentioned yesterday! Thanks for rounding up these wonderful prizes as part of your challenge.

  35. That’s great! I was also curious about the books 3keyelements is giving away to those who donate $100–was that just that day or is it still open? Thanks again.

  36. It’s just been a great month of information and sharing. I have a nephew-in-law who was diagnosed with a rare cancer that was removed in April from his lower spine It was wrapped around the end of the spine that is exposed, but luckily they were able to remove the whole thing, but they waited a little too long to operate and he had some extreme nerve damage. He has such problems sleeping as the nerves in his back have not come back yet. He is still using a wheel chair, I have been encouraging them to drink green smoothies (working on that). It would be encouraging for them to win something like this and help him sleep better so that he can get up and continue to work for his family (they have a 4 year old daughter). This is who I would give the mattress to should I be so lucky to win this!

    Thank you Robyn for your constant effort to uplift people and encourage them to change their lifestyle.

    God Bless.

  37. Thank you, Robyn for another chance at the IntelliBed! Can’t wait to hear about how things are going with you & Todd!
    This would be such an incredible blessing to our family, in so many ways. I am so happy to have found your blog, what an encouraging and vibrant community!!

  38. Would seriously love this bed for my wife, she has been struggling with sleep and feels poorly most days from poor sleep quality. We have 4 very young children that she cares for every day and would love for her to finally get some good quality sleep so she heal. Thank you Robyn & GSG team, blessings to you!

  39. OMG (Oh My Greens)! Another great chance to win the intelliBED; I can hardly wait! Hopefully, my luck will change. Everyone needs a good nights sleep; I would like to try one on for size.
    And did someone mention thyroid? I had mine out (3/4 of it), 33 years ago; I never thought to consider our mattress (which is 19 yrs. old – is that typical?)!
    Good luck to everyone! And, again, congratulations, Robyn and Todd, for all of your accomplishments in BlendAid! Also, thank you for all the great information!

  40. I kinda thought there were supposed to be four 3Keyelements winners…if any of you four winners don’t really want your prize, please let me know : ) !!!! On to the intelliBED…Ya Hoo!!!

  41. I have loved learning more about the intelliBed! After being injured severely in a car accident over 20 yrs ago & added weight. A new mattress would be wonderful. I have started a journey to better health and learned about you! We love green smoothies at our home. I love the Duncan’s too and it would be amazing to attend one of there events. Thank you for the opportunity!

  42. Congrats to the winners! Living in utah still didn’t give me the luck 🙂 I suppose I don’t have much chance for the bed either since they’ll probably pick someone out of state so that we utahns don’t look favored. Good luck ya’ll 🙂

  43. I’ve enjoyed every day of the BlendAid month. Sorry to see it end. Thank you for sharing so many new products with us. I’ll wake up rested in my new Intellibef if I am chosen! What a fantastic month!

  44. An intellibed sounds fabulous! Deep restful sleep sounds really fabulous! I, like so many others, hope I am the winner of this great mattress. Meanwhile, a special thank you to you, Robyn, for your teaching both with words and by example in caring for our health and also in this great work with Mothers Without Borders. Praying for you.

  45. I commented once but not sure it went through as my computer is having difficulty. I would love to try out an intellibed. Is there anywhere I can do that? If it could possibly help me get a good night sleep, I would promote this bed “Big Time”.

  46. I was wandering what happened to the other 3 winners and the people who donated $100 would receive an audio talk. Thanks so much for your generosity.

  47. Thank you for one more chance to enter the Intellibed give way! I would love to treat my body to the super restful Intellibed every night!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Here are the Superfoods I have learned sbout from Robyn.

    1. Chocolate- highest level of antioxidants and mild stimulant
    2. Maca Powder – an ancient Indian root, helps sustain energy
    3. GSG superfood products – sprouted flax and whey protein
    4. Water – Alkaline
    5. Avocado – healthy fat, coconut oil or milk has long chain fatty acids to support neurological functions
    6. Celery – natural sodium
    7. Lemon & some peel – has bioflavenoids, helps keep skin cancer away
    8. Ginger Root – increase cardiovascular health and helps the libido
    9. Better Body Foods – Superfood is PBFit
    10. Nori seaweed – high in protein, natural iodine, 100% of iron
    11. Raw cacao
    12. Mesquite – high in potein, mild sweetner, can be used as a flour
    13. Cayenne – stimulates cardiovascular, hightens other herbs, warms the body
    14. Lecuma powder – alternative sweetner
    15. Raw honey – antibacterial, allergy relief, great for burns
    16. Monk fruit – low glycemic, sweetner, nutritious
    17. Raw apple cider vinegar – fermented apple juice, probiotic, immune function, dental health
    18. Coconut juice water- electrolytes, can make kefir
    19. Bee Pollen – helps with allergens

    Some of the numbering is off due to a superfood not being introduced on a specific day.

  49. Even if I don’t win I will be purchasing a Intellibed. Will make the trip to Austin to speak with a sales rep and most importantly lie on this cloud of pleasure.

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