intelliBED . . . need I say more?

Congrats to Cori Carrico of Georgia on winning the prize package from Kirk and Kim Duncan of 3KeyElements. You will benefit from their amazing and life-changing info.

I’ve gotten so many emails and texts and comments in the blog…..pick me, pick me, I need an intelliBED!

Don’t we all. Check out at the intelliBED group buy deal we have going on now through Oct. 15…..with $550 in freebies plus a big discount…..the webinar has all my best tips for improving your sleep. It matters because sleep affects your overall quality of life in a very measurable and noticeable way.

But ONE of you is going to win a FREE intelliBED. Any size you choose. A King-sized bed is worth $5,000! Make SURE you don’t miss out because you have to be signed up to follow HERE.

It’s almost your last chance to share the contest with friends…..our adventures are about to come to a close.

Please give generously to Mothers Without Borders to help us with the Zambia effort… you all, and we’ll see you TOMORROW with the intelliBED winner!

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  1. 10 reasons for an Intellibed
    1. I’m a growing teenager and has a back still developing and growing.
    2. I already get sore backs
    3. My parents have one and it’s super comfortable.
    4. I have a nice bedroom it could go in.
    5. I have family that are big supporters of Green Smoothie Girl! 🙂 (but then again everyone here are big supporters…)
    6. Sleep is nice.
    7. It just sounds super nice.
    8. The only way I’m probably going to get one is through this deal since we just built a house and don’t have a lot of excess money.
    10. Happy happy joyfulness 😉
    If someone needs it more though… Totally let them have it. It’s not like the end of the world if I don’t get it… But it would be really nice.

  2. Robin, you look amazing!!! I have fibromyalgia which cause many sleepless nights due to soreness and pain… the IntelliBED would truly be a gift from heaven for me. I know many people would love to win this bed but am praying my name will be picked. 🙂

  3. I have tried different beds available but have not found one that helps keep me from tossing and turning! This sounds amazing!

  4. I watched and listened to all of the Intellibed Webinars with Robyn and Robert Rasmussen, and am convinced the Intellibed is the best bed out there. I have a lot of allergies and love the fact the Intellibed has no off-gassing like all the memory foam beds out there. Of course I would LOVE to win the Intellibed and if the Lord wills, I will win the Intellibed!! God Bless you Robyn for all you are doing for Mothers Without Borders.

  5. I’m narcoleptic. I’ve probably been asleep 50% or more of my life but still don’t feel rested. So I really understand how important good sleep is. Whoever gets this prize is going to be so lucky. So good luck to us all 😉

  6. Wow. This is an impressive prize. Intellibed is not only comfortable but have amazing customer service as well. If love to be able to give this to my in laws who could benefit from this more than anyone else I know.

  7. Boy are you right about bee pollen. It has helped me with awful Texas allergies for years and gives me so. much. energy! Glad you are telling people about the wonders of pollen!

    Congrats on making it to the end! You are inspirational and just a little bit crazy! …. but in a good way! 🙂

    I am so impressed by what I have researched about Intellbed: the quality of the bed and the products they put into it, the company, their philosophy and passion for creating a quality product. They seem like the “real deal.” We have been trying to save up money to buy a new mattress for over two years now, but emergency expenses keep getting in the way. I’m hoping I will soon be able to visit my chiropractor less frequently with a new mattress!

    I have pinned this post on Pintrest and shared it on Facebook. However, I hope you give me a whole bunch of extra entries because I was the FIRST PERSON to comment on your *VERY FIRST POST* when you started this journey on September 15th … and you weren’t even giving away a prize that day. 🙂 My prompt and quick gusto has to count for something, right? … Right? 🙂

    Kudos to Blendaid and Mothers Without Borders for working to make a difference in the lives of others!

  8. I learned all about Intellibed from you, Robyn. I wasn’t ready to make a mattress purchase at the time, but I did buy an Intellibed mattress topper to put on top of my old Tempeurpedic which was hurting my back. From the first night, I did not wake up with the lower back pain again. It is time now to get the mattress. Yea! Robyn!! For Mothers Without Borders (what a cool name).

  9. I’ve listened to your webinars and read through the intellibed site more than once in the last year. I’m convinced but the price is a challenge. To win one would be amazing. Thanks for the chance! My husband and I do not have health problems but we’re getting older and getting through a night without waking several times is a dream.

  10. I have had this major brand name memory foam mattress set for 5+ years that really has never done it for me. I wake up with an achy back most mornings. This bed looks like it will help me greatly and would love to be the winner. Thank you for the donation!

  11. Oh please please please let this be my golden ticket!!!! We have a bed that my husband had before we even got married! It has been in storage at least two of our moves because our apartment or living space was too small for it! I learned that storage units don’t stay as clean as I thought they would. I am allergic to dust mites (no need to say more). I am grateful for all that I have and feel silly pining over a bed when some people don’t even have a mattress but I would truly love this gift and appreciate it everyday!!!! (And night…and Morning)
    thank you!!!!!

  12. Intillibed has no offgassing and if you have thyroid issues, this is the bed you want. I do have thyroid issues and hope to get an intellibed soon

  13. I would love to know what a good night’s sleep feels like, instead of waking up in the morning with sore lower back, shoulders and neck. I feel fine (for the most part) when I go to bed. It’s the only logical thing to blame my bed or maybe I’m sleep walking and roofing my house. 😉

  14. You are doing a great job! Hope Todd is doing well!

    We have had an intelliBed for a few years but we actually haven’t been very happy with it. It was super comfortable the 1st six months and then downhill from there just after the exchange time was up :/ I don’t know that I would buy one and spend that much money just to be dissapointed again? And don’t have the money to do so. I would like to give it another chance hoping we just got a lemon bed? And get some great sleep again! So would love to win this one!

  15. Could I use a new bed? Absolutely ! LOL….My husband and I have the proverbial mountain between us sleeping on our king size mattress ! Everyone needs a good nights sleep to repair and rejuvenate and it’s my hope is that who ever wins the bed, really needs it, and it will bring them improved health.

  16. It would be amazing to win this bed! My husband is a truck driver, so his nights at home are highly valued for quality sleep. Unfortunately, we have a horrible bed and just can’t save the funds to get a good quality bed. I’d love to have a bed like this, I haven’t been sleeping well lately as I’m going through a lot of stress due to breast cancer screening – I have an ultrasound scheduled next week, and to be quite honest, I am terrified. I don’t know that a bed would help my stress, but it’s a nice thought.

    1. Hi Darlene, I have been following the 30-day giveaway, and I just loved that you won the mattress. As Robyn shared what you wrote, it really moved my heart for you and your hubby. What moved me the most is when you wrote, “and to be quite honest, I am terrified.” I recall writing those exact same words (terrified was the word I used) when almost 4 years ago I had sudden onset of a very rare ailment. What I’ve learned in the past several years, besides how to take care of my body–from Robyn of course–is that it is absolutely God’s will to heal you completely. He loves you so much, adores you in fact. So I just wanted to share that hope with you–that hope that I didn’t have 4 years ago. And I want to pray for you. Father, I thank you for what you are doing in Darlene’s body right now. Thank you that you love her immensely, and that you didn’t give her this breast cancer–that it is your will for her to be in perfect health. So knowing that, I pray with confidence, that this breast cancer will be completely removed from her body. Cancer, leave now in Jesus’ name. Be wholly healed and set free from the bondage of this sickness, so that Darlene can not only know, but experience, your tender love for her. In Jesus’ name, AMEN. <3

  17. This is an AMAZING give away! Thanks Robin and Intellibed! I would be so so so happy and grateful for it! But if someone else are luckier than me and gets it, I will be happy for you, enjoy it!

  18. What an awesome giveaway! It is so true how many toxic fuems we breath in while sleeping at night from our mattress and the sad thing is most people don’t think about that.
    I love all the wonderful information you are providing and appreciate all the work you are doing to educate people, including myself, about eating healthy and the power of food.

  19. My husband has chose our last 4 mattresses. They are rock solid beds. Perfect for his 220lb frame but terrible for my 110lb body. I sleep like crap! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Sleep is such a luxury for me! Between expecting a new baby, and sharing a bed with both my husband and 3 year old…my sleep is always interrupted. It was be amazing to have a bed that could work for my ENTIRE family! I try to be so aware of what my family consumes and is exposed to during the day – it never occurred to me to think about this for nighttime as well, but it makes so much sense! Love the education I get from GSG and her partners. Helps me feel empowered to make better choices for myself and my family. Love it!

  21. I’d love to win this bed, who wouldnt. 🙂 thank you for the bee pollen tip. I’ve wondered why the health food store sold it and honey. I donated a couple of days ago… I hope you’ll meet your goal for the school. I’d still like to know your input Robyn on internal use of diatomaceous earth..? Thank you. And GO, TODD, GO ! 🙂

  22. Good luck everyone, it has been a lot of fun to follow along this past month see all of the winners and great advice. Hopefully the biggest winners will be the children who receive an education and a safe place to learn.

    Have a great day.

  23. What an exciting prize! I am just starting out on the GSG way of life and loving it! Thanks for doing this Robyn! You too Todd! Hope you are doing well. 🙂

  24. this is the prize I’ve been waiting for! I would love an intellibed! I need to buy a new mattress so this is perfect timing! Hoping to see a non-Utah winner!

  25. Thank you for this journey! I’m grateful for the knowledge that I have received about the different products and services that I didn’t know about. I also appreciate you for highlighting a worthy cause. Much continued success as you continue to educate the masses.

  26. I watched the videos awhile back and am convinced of its merits, but the price is so high I doubt we’ll ever be able to own one. Even the mattress toppers are way out of our price range. My husband and I both have back issues and I have bad allergies, so owning and sleeping on an Intellibed would be a dream come true!

    1. Megan, don’t forget about actualizing what you want in the world…..and the universe assists! If you say you can’t ever afford it, you can’t! XOXO

  27. Thank you Robyn for doing so much research on all these devices that help with maintaining our health! The information can be so confusing when you go to buy something, you spend lots of money only to find it wasn’t the best value of healthiest brand!I feel confident in your research and appreciate all you to for us! I would love to win an Intellibed!I share all your stuff on my green smoothie facebook page!

  28. i have watched, read, listened all about the intellibed for a few years now…so want one! i have even referred others to the intellibed when they are looking for a new mattress. perhaps today will be my lucky day to get one myself! oh happy day!!!

  29. My husband and I haven’t slept together in years (most of our marriage). He has back problems, and I just can’t sleep without moving around, which is hard for him. Is there a mattress out there that can bring us back together? If so, I sure hope it will find it’s way to my home.

  30. Would love to win one of these. I’ve had a memory foam mattress for a few years – but wasn’t aware of the outgassing issue. Fingers crossed, and thanks for having such great prizes.

  31. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I would love to win an intelliBed. I have fibromyalgia and RA so this bed would definitely be a blessing. Thank you for the opportunity to win one and good luck to everyone!

  32. Congrats on the effort – congrats on the movement – congrats to all the winners too! 😀 Always fun to learn new stuff along the way as well, as I certainly did – LOL! (And you’re right – who wouldn’t want to win an intelliBED?! LOL!) 😀

  33. I was just telling my husband about this bed the other night. He has had terrible back and neck problems his entire life and in convinced that this bed would help him tremendously.

  34. I do appreciate the opportunity to possibly win one of these IntelliBEDS. I never even knew that they existed until I discovered the Green Smoothie Girl. What a difference it has made in my life with the green smoothies. It is amazing and I am truly appreciative. I have a mattress which is only 3 years old. I have not had a good nights sleep since purchasing it. I wish I had the extra money to purchase one of these beds, but for right now, I guess I will just concentrate on the healthy green smoothie way of life and hope that everything else will just fall into place. Thanks…..

  35. WOW!!!!!!! An IntelliBed would be AMAZING!!! I have had 4 babies in 5 years, and co-sleep with my babies and my back is not doing so well in our bed, let alone my quality of sleep has been sub-par, leaving me feeling like a zombie inspite of getting a decent amount of sleep. There are many, many nights where our other young children find their way to our bed as well. I always feel guilty allowing them to sleep in our old bed, that I am sure is full of toxins. Our old pillowtop has deep grooves where we sleep and needs to be recycled asap. God bless you for offering this out to 1 very blessed person, and for all the fanstastic awareness you have brought to Mothers Without Borders. My husband and I are going to donate our monthly tithing amount to Mothers Without Borders this week 🙂 Thank you, Robyn!

  36. I’ve read a lot about beds as well as the intellibed and have experienced sleeping on one. They are absolutely wonderful! It is the bed I’d recommend too.

  37. I would LOVE to win an IntelliBed!!! I wake up every morning with my hips and back hurting. We have tried many different types of mattresses but have not gotten any relief. An IntelliBed sounds like THE answer 🙂

  38. Fabulous prize! Thank you for the opportunity to win it, Robyn. Also, my stepdad used to have problems with asthma, and eating bee pollen was a part of his recovery. Locally-sourced bee pollen (like honey) is the best!

  39. You say 1/3 of our lives are spent sleeping but unless you are on the 100% healthy track like Robyn I feel it’s more like 2/5 is actually spent in bed, and the rest is spent waiting to get back to bed. Pretty sad huh? I’m working very hard on changing that with much help from Robyn.

  40. This prize will be a true blessing to whomever receives it! I hope and pray that that is me! My mattress is quite old and in desperate need of replacement. A good night’s sleep affects your everyday energy and health. Finger and toes are crossed and a quick prayer going up right now. 🙂

  41. So thankful for your generosity and impressed at the great info you share that I have not seen elsewhere. This bed would no doubt be a blessing to anyone that wins it.

  42. The intelliBed is the prize that I have wanted most of all. All the othere prizer were amazing but I need the intelliBed so bad. Being on a fixed income makes almost impossible for me to purchas. As everyone is saying, Please, Please, Please pick me!

  43. I have seen about the intellibed for a while and while I would LOVE to have one to help with restless nights, there are a few other things we need 1st, like replacing our 20 year old refrigerator that has been slowly dying. (gotta keep all that spinach and produce cold!!) I would love to win, but mostly I would love to see the sweet children in Zambia get an orphanage to meet their basic needs and more. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  44. So EXCITING!!!! Thanks for opportunity to win an intellibed, I have heard amazing things about these beds, I really like the fact there is no off gassing. I would hope this bed would help my RA. Awesome giveaway!!!!!

  45. Yeah,what else can you say, this is the bomb( in a GOOD way) I have one of the foam beds now. It’s not that old and it is sagging. What a bummer!! It would be a dream come true to have one of these. I’m going to have major surgery and it would be awesome to recover in one of these. I like the bee pollen, and use it.

  46. Whoa! So many things I didn’t know. Sounds like a life changing product to have! Is bee pollen difficult to find?

  47. I hope I can win this awesome bed
    No pain while I sleep is what I need
    Thank you if I do win
    Every night awful
    Losing sleep for me it is now and I would really
    Love to finally get some real rest
    I wish I could have it now just simply
    Because I want it so bad but no mula to buy right now
    Every night will be so restful
    Daily I will thank The Lord if I do win.

    Please let me win…..

  48. I don’t know if more comments gives you more chances but I’ll make several and hope for the best. YOu are amazing in so many ways, thanks.

  49. As I have gotten older, I have come to understand the importance of good sleep. I have a daughter with profound impairments who does not sleep well/much at all. She is 23 and I know this has affected me as well, especially since I usually have to sleep with her to get her to sleep at all. So, this bed sounds phenomenal and I would love to win it. However, I know everyone would love it so, if it is not me this time, somehow I will work on getting one (or more) of these beds in our home at some point!!!

  50. I have gotten rid of several mattresses thinking they were causing me to wake up in pain every morning, until I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica…the pain is there no matter what! Hoping that a green smoothie diet can help me to heal, and an Intellibed would be an awesome bonus to help me on my healing journey! Been wondering how is Todd doing? Am loving all of this great information, thanks! Also went to a GSG class in my neighborhood last week, very fun 🙂

  51. I would love to go to Zambia next summer with you but I just had a baby. That’s why an intellibed would be so great because the amount of sleep I manage to get would be even better on one of those.

  52. Yet another wonderful company you are partnering with! I would love to win an Intellibed- and King size would be a dream come true for my husband and I! Thanks for all the good you are doing and sharing- all so inspiring!

  53. Oh my, I SO WANT TO WIN. I have been trying to get my husband to get one but we are building a house and saving. Maybe I will get lucky this time!

  54. Thanks, Robyn, for the chance. I would love to win this for my wife, who has been wanting one for so long! Our 8th anniversary is tomorrow and it would be such a blessing to “give” her this. Thanks for all you are doing for Mothers Without Borders. We are excited to see how the 30 day smoothie fast went for you.

  55. Wow!!!! It would be so awesome to win this prize!!!! It would help dearly with my tethered spine…I would sleep like a baby…lol!!! Good luck to all the commenters!!!!

  56. We soo need a new bed. It’s been the same mattress(were scared of getting a new mattress because of out gassing) for 20+ years(and 6 children, later). We have springs poking through, so we sleep on top of layers of blankets.Thanks, for this great event and opportunity. Please pick us 🙂

  57. My husband NEEDS a bed like this so he can sleep. He’s constantly moving from bed to couch to try and get comfortable. He wakes up with migraines so severe that he’s physically ill. Thanks for the opportunity to win an Intellibed.

  58. We would love to have the IntelliBED! The last time we purchased one was 1996, so it’s time for a new one! Thank you for having this promotion… how incredible and giving all your sponsors have been. God bless!

  59. Pick me Robin! Pick me! 🙂 Of course I would love an IntelliBed, who wouldn’t?! After learning about their products and recently starting to go see a chiropractor, I decided to take some of my birthday money and invest it in one of their pillows. It has really helped my neck. A bed would complete my good nights sleep and make all the time at the chiropractor worth while! I love the work that you do! Thanks for sharing so many great products and also for helping people know the things they can do to live healthier happier lives! I’ll be sharing today’s post on FB. Thanks again!

  60. I have major back and neck problems, due to an accident when I was a baby, and then a botched surgery. I really need a great bed, this bed!, and I can’t afford one now, so of course, I would love to be the lucky winner. Thank you so much for all that you do Robyn!

    1. …and I have hip problems (from the accident), and asthma and breathing problems. I have really poor sleep, and feel tired all the time. So hearing about the non-toxicity of this bed is a huge benefit for me, too.

  61. I need and want this intelli-BED!!!! I will be forever grateful to you if you pick me! 🙂 If I don’t get picked, I’m sure I will be purchasing one soon :D. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you and everyone have done these past few weeks. It’s been awesome! Sending lots of love and hugs to you all

  62. Thank you for all of the wonderful information. I’d love a new bed. Our latex bed has turned out not to be so great. I just toss and turn.

  63. Wow! what a great giveaway! Of course every single one of us would like to win this! Anyway, best wishes to you and Mothers Without Borders and I sincerely hope to see that the school has been built!

  64. Same old story. It is really hard to find a good mattress on a $500 budget with all our health problems. We are on our third mattress, had to return two. Still not happy! What is a good night sleep like? I want to know! Just had a Birthday, made a wish, hope it comes true. Thanks again Robin for all you do! You are an inspiration to us all!

  65. Thanks, Robyn, for the chance to win a fabulous bed, and for the opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful cause!

  66. Imagine that. 🙂 What an awesome prize! My husband and I just got a bed for my father who has herniated disks, and spinal fractures, and he loves it! Definitely want one of my own after hearing all the amazing benefits for the skeletal and musculature systems.

  67. I think it is amazing how you are rallying people for such a worthy cause. Green Smoothie Girl is like a spring that births a river that can bless the winner (with a great prize) and will continue flowing and gathering awareness and resources through Zambia and beyond!

  68. My husband has been sleeping in a recliner for years, has sore hips when tries to sleep in a bed. This bed would be an amazing thing to help improve our lives

  69. I sure would love an intellibed!! Since having kids it’s a lot more difficult to get a pain-free, full night of sleep. I’m convinced my 9-year old mattress isn’t helping, either! Thanks so much you guys, what you’re doing is awesome!

  70. This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! I’ve been following Robin Openshaw/Green Smoothie Girl for over six years now. I love her products! I’ve converted my family and friends to her 12 steps. It’s a game changer. I am a health science major and have read hundreds of books on health and nutrition. The things that Robin teaches are current and life-changing. I’m so excited to win this awesome bed. I have liked her campaign on Facebook ,shared it with other,and have followed her everyday.

  71. Would love to win a good bed and get a good night sleep. Can’t afford a new mattress and I don’t even remember how old ours is. My husband and I have a good chiropractor, but know that a good bed would help even more!!!

  72. Intellibed is so great. I love their gel system and that it doesn’t off-gas. They are a great company and I would just love to sleep so peacefully every night!

  73. After being hit by a drunk driver 5 years ago, with a totaled car, my back has never been the same. Whether I am sitting, laying down, you name it, my back always hurts with excruciating pain.
    We went to Intellibed about a year ago and tried out their beds. For once in my life since the accident, the pain was gone from my back. We wanted to buy one, but it just wasn’t doable. So I had to settle for a regular mattress, but at least bought the Intellibed pillow for my neck. With the pillow, the daily migraines have stopped. But every night I still toss and turn and I just keep wishing that one day one of these beds will be mine. Maybe then I will finally sleep again.

    Whoever wins this bed, will be blessed immensely!

  74. We were just talking last night about new beds and I have looked into this and it sounds like a dream come true! Please pick me! Thanks Robyn for all you are doing!!!!!

  75. I would love to win an Intellibed, just like everyone else. But with four expensive children, a luxury like this for myself will not be in the cards for a long time. Thank you for the chance and the generous prize! I am a loyal follower and do-er (my made up word). I admire your purpose and mission! I would love to go to Zambia to help with the school. I’m certain I would want to bring every child home with me too. Thanks for all you do!!

  76. This is an amazing giveaway that I would LOVE to win. I’m pregnant with my fourth child and what mom (especially a pregnant one) doesn’t need a good nights sleep?!!

  77. This has been a great journey! Thank you Robyn for being GSG, for your dedication to Mothers Without Borders and for the opportunity to win such great prizes! Keep up the excellent work!

  78. Ooohh!!! This would be Heaven sent if I won! I have been looking online for organic beds. I have 7 children so you know I need a chemical free good night sleep! Lol!! I am believing God for this! Please answer my prayer! Blessings green smoothie girl!

  79. Honestly, I can’t compete with all of these people who have commented below… so many of them deserve it! Please give it to someone whose health and quality of living is screaming they need one. I would rather see someone’s life changed for the better (just like all those wonderful children in Zambia), than me getting one. Thank you for the opportunity, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE choose someone who would once again find a good reason to get OUT of bed in the morning after an amazing night’s sleep! Thank you for this campaign! Thank you for the hope it has created in my heart! And thank you for being a blessing that so many people pray for!

  80. Simply– my husband would than you
    And as I say to my children
    “Sleep tight– don’t let the chick-a-mucks” bite!

  81. Totally believe in the product. Hope to buy one someday if I don’t win one through here! Thanks again for all you do!

  82. Giving to Humanitarian causes is just a worthwhile goal. Thank You for your efforts.
    My son just purchased an Intellibed and says that his back feels so great.
    Would love to have one for us.

  83. What a wonderful woman you are and with a great purpose in life. Intellibed would be a blessing to a son who has back issues, but whoever gets it, dream on….

  84. I can’t imagine getting a full night sleep. First of all it takes over an hour to fall asleep. Second, I don’t ever stay asleep. I wake up anywhere from 5 to 15 times in a 6 to 7 hour time period. Oh what I would give for a full nights sleep.

  85. AHHHHHHHHH – I bought a foam mattress 6 years ago. I thought it was an actual mattress, but I found out it’s a topper so I need an actual bed & this bed is my DREAM BED!!!!!

  86. Help!!!! Please!!! I can’t sleep unless I medicate….and that’s not quality sleep! I have chronic back pain and would LOVE to try the intelliBED!!!❤️

  87. Thanks to IntelliBed for donating this amazing prize! I learned a lot about sleep watching the videos, so thanks for the information. You can’t put a price on great sleep – you will either pay for the bed or keep paying the doctor!! It has been fun to be a part of the Mothers Without Borders campaign.

  88. I would luv to win this, I have Lymes with fibro and CF, so sleep is very important, but hard to get, all body parts hurt!!! I think this would be an amazing help for me! 🙂

  89. Hormones, pre menopause, tossing and turning, and a 13 year old mattress = terrible nights! A new bed would be just what this sweaty mid 40s momma needs!!!

  90. I can’t imagine anyone not needing or wanting one of these incredible beds! Can’t wait to see the results of the Zambia effort…great things are happening due to the exposure you have created Robyn. Congratulations on bringing Mothers Without Borders to the forefront!

  91. So I need this bed because me son spends entirely too much time trying to have sleep overs……Please, please draw my name so I can give him a bed of his own…..We love our intellibed.

  92. Robin and Todd you are AMAZING. I have had nothing but green smoothies for the last three days and it is tough not chewing food!! Keep up the great work for such an amazing cause! You two are awesome!!! I could really use a good night’s sleep! I don’t’ get nearly as much as I should. Keeping my fingers crossed that you pick me!

  93. A good nights sleep is priceless in so many ways!!! AND something my husband struggles with everynight AND the fact that IntelliBED can give you a good nights sleep along with ZERO toxins is PERFECT 🙂

    Shared on FB 🙂

  94. This would be so awesome to win! My husband has a terrible time sleeping and I have a couple of autoimmune diseases, so both of us would benefit from better sleep! Thank you!

  95. What an Amazing giveaway, I would love to replace our family bed, where we are co-sleeping with our 1 year old. Thanks for all of the invaluable info, I will never look at beds the same way again

  96. Wow – I’ve been waiting to find out about this Intellibed and I have to say – it looks incredible! Would LOVE to win this – no more backaches, no more pain and actually sleeping – amazing!

  97. Hi Gal!
    I am making as many changes (good changes) as I possibly can towards my family and my own wellness.
    I have incorporated green smoothies, cut meats, added healthy foods.
    I have severe back problems and thought I would have to learn how to live with the pain.
    What a change!
    I can go on with my life without having pain as a frontrunner in everything I do.
    When we moved I spent a fortune (at least for my budget) and bought the best mattresses I could.
    I hope I win this intellibed. With all you say I am sure I could aim for a full night sleep. I haven’t had one for YEARS!

  98. Wow!! This is too good to be true!! You will not believe this, but I have been literally researching the Intellibed all morning via the internet! I had previously watched your video on your site about the Intellibed. Now after a month of not sleeping well at all and waking up with backaches every morning due to a horrible mattress, I woke up this morning more driven than ever to do more research on this Intellibed and see if it’s right for me. After re-watching your video, your webinar with Bob Rasmussen as well as multiple others (even some negative ones that couldn’t even seem to manage to say anything bad about the Intelligel), I am convinced that Intellibed could solve all of my back problems and also that my current bed is toxic. 🙂 In fact, I just sent this tube link to my husband to further convince him of the Intellibed approximately 55 minutes ago. (I am so serious!!) 🙂 I know this is the right bed for us, but being on a very restricted budget right now, I don’t know how we would ever pay for it. As I was waiting for his reply, I got a notification that I had received a new email from greensmoothiegirl saying that you are giving away a free Intellibed!! I had no idea. I was seriously in shock and still am! I sure hope I am the lucky winner! I could do a little positive social media advertising out here in South Carolina! 🙂 Please, please, please!!

  99. This gift would be such a blessing! Dealing with chronic pain for so many years, I don’t know what a good nights sleep feels like anymore. I’ve been through so many pillows and new mattresses but still can’t find the perfect match. I too recently went on a mission trip to Africa (Kenya) to help abused teenage women and children. When I go again next year it would be amazing to come home to an intelliBED! I have a degree in nutritional sciences as well and having seen it firsthand myself in Africa I understand and absolutely love and admire what you are doing over there.

  100. I would be thrilled to win an Intellibed I have back issues resulting from a car accident and it would be wonderful to get a good nights sleep again!!! Thx for the chance and for all the Amazing giveaways you offer your readers!

  101. After investing in a certain bed over fire years ago, I started feeling worse every day I woke up. My allergies were worse, my bones hurt and I had zero energy and I could not get my weight down. This bed put a strain on my marriage as my husband started sleeping in the guest room to avoid the bed because he too would wake up feeling badly. But because I spent more than I usually would I felt like I had to stick it out. This past summer I was working with a holistic doctor and we figured out that I had heavy metal poisoning from flame retardants, the chemicals were most likely in the mattress and “bonus free pillow”. A new non-outgassing bed would be such a blessing!!

  102. This sounds like the ultimate prize. OF course I would love to win and have this awesome bed. I have no catchy poem to write or sob story. Just a wish and dream that you pick me!

  103. Sweet dreams for our green smoothie champs! I am so pleased and proud to be following this oh-so-worthy challenge! It is inspiring to know people who are such “intentional blessings”!!!

  104. I almost don’t want to comment, it sounds like everyone commenting could really use this. But…..I would still love to win it too. Sleep is just so important, and so hard to come by.

  105. I completed your Detox program over the summer and I felt great! I am thinking it’s time to do another detox again now that summer is over.

  106. This would be such a blessing to win – my husband hardly sleeps due to pain & discomfort. I’ve read nothing but good reviews on this bed & would love to win!

  107. So that is why I am not able to think clearly, Tim says we toss in our beds 20 to 40 times a night. In addition one of our twins wakes up between midnight and 2 to sneak in our bed. Thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize.

  108. The Intellibed sounds like the answer to a lot of prayers for me so of course I hope I win it. The challenges it would help greatly with are fibromyalgia, disturbed sleep from chronic Lyme, back issues from a couple of whiplashes, and chemical allergies. Of course, green smoothies are helping improve my health too.:) Best of luck to everyone, and may we all have extra provision to afford it soon if we don’t win.

  109. If I win this, it could not have come at a better time! I have been hurting every night for the past year and didn’t realize it was the bed until the other night when I went upstairs because my husband was snoring and slept in our guest room. That bed was not a great one, but I felt much better and wasn’t laying there in pain. That’s when I realized it’s our mattress!!! So, I told my husband it’s Columbus Day on Monday and we need to buy a new one! I was looking for mattress sales, and remembered my friend, Alisha Merrick recommending to me the intelliBED and just as I started watching videos about it, your email came! Fingers crossed! This would be such a blessing!!! Thank you for always sharing the most amazing products! I’ve loved everything so far that I bought from your recommendations!

  110. Thanks for what you are doing. I feel fortunate that I have a bed to sleep in every night; so many don’t. Whoever wins the bed will be extremely fortunate. Happy Monday! 🙂

  111. What would it be like to really have the BEST BED EVER??? I AM SOOO ready to have a toxin free, best postural supportive bed!! Thanks for ALL that you share!

  112. I have woken up everyday for over 3 years now with back pain. I use to love my memory foam mattress, but my body has changed. I have forgotten what it is to sleep through the night due to this. My husband and I have looked into new mattresses but have always had something else we have had to buy. I would love to win this and remember what a good nights sleep is!!! =-)

  113. I realize how important sleep is for our health. I’m sure sleeping on this bed would make a huge difference in me and my hubby’s quality of sleep!

  114. Hi Robyn I am looking forward to hearing how things went with drinking smoothies. I guess we will all be looking forward to finding out about the winner for the bed, I have never won anything so I guess I should not have my hopes to high , but it sure would be nice to have since I have had back problems my whole life and I do not see any hope to be able to afford a bed like you are talking about, so I will wait and see,
    Best wishes to you in your effort to help build a school

  115. An intellibed would be amazing!! What a fun and awesome journey this has been watching your videos and learning all kinds of new things for smoothies!

  116. Thanks Robyn for all that you do! Can’t tell you how many mattresses we’ve been through over the years! My neck and lower back would love an Intellibed.

  117. We have a sleep number that is dying, I really really really dislike that bed and wish we would have never gotten it. This would be awesome to have

  118. I had put 4 kid-twin intelliBEDs in the on-line cart (my husband was going to kill me!) when I heard about this giveaway, so I decided to wait a few days, comment here first, and cross my fingers! We have a king intelliBED, and my kids all love it, so they sneak down and crawl in with us. I need them to have their own mattresses so that i can sleep again!

  119. I was just thinking earlier that my current standard mattress must be a couple of decades old. This would be an awesome upgrade. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  120. Nothing else has helped my sleep , I wonder if this could. My partner had back surgery and has chronic pain so this would be amazing!

  121. This looks like my kind of bed. I love that it is non-toxic and that it relieves your pressure points. I WOULD love an intelliBED. Thank you for the fun month we have had and the amazing products and sites you have introduced us to.

  122. Robyn, this is an amazing giveaway!! I have wanted one of these beds since your first webinar with IntelliBED. Thank you for all you do to keep us all healthy! Good luck to everyone, and let us all remember the main reason for this and share what we can for those children in Zambia.

    PS. I shared the post on Facebook

  123. Oh I would love a good night’s rest! My body would totally benefit from it. To have an intelliBED would make me a happy woman(as well as my family!) whomever wins this prize though will be so fortunate!
    Thank you Robyn and all of the other sponsors for your generous donations!

  124. Hi Guys,
    Congratulations on the amazing job you are doing!!!
    You are almost there…
    Shortly after the birth of our first daughter, I started researching EVERYTHING to to try and provide the safest, healthiest environment for her. We started early on with organic food thankfully, and as I researched more and more I was appalled to discover all the toxic ingredients in baby products.. When it was time for our daughter to get her “big girl” bed we ordered her a full size bed from a local sleep shop… Should have researched it before but after I ordered it, I started. Well, it scared me so much reading about conventional mattresses that after the bed was delivered I refused to have our daughter sleep in in any longer. We had it for three nights and I drove my husband so crazy talking about it that he dragged it down the stairs and threw it on the front lawn.. I didn’t care. $ wasted, had the sleep shop pick it up, no refund. We scraped to buy her an organic mattress. Since then, we have had triplets who are now ready for their ” big girl and boy beds” !! My husband and I are still sleeping on our 15 plus year old mattress… As parents, you give up everything for your children:)
    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize!!

    1. BTW, Robin, we met in Indy a couple of times. I shared with you about the multiple cancers in my family (a baker’s dozen–lost 2 of my boys…and love of my life…), and about my daughter’s current leukemia battle. She’s all done with her 2nd stem cell transplant and doing much better now. Leukemia is all gone! We would love to win this bed as we all need a good night’s sleep. Especially my daughter as she wakes up at 2-3am every night. She and I are big GreenSmoothieGirl fans. 🙂

  125. An Intellibed sounds amazing! What an awesome giveaway. And I am going to try a grain of bee pollen in my smoothie. I’ve tried it plain before and it’s not so great tasting, but should be masked in a smoothie I would think.

  126. Husband’s a 265 lb hard-working trucker with job and weight related neck, back, hip and leg pain issues. If we were fortunate enough to have this bed, he’d likely be happier to get r & r in the intelliBED than to spend time with me and the family! But, that would be okay with us – he’s a wonderful man who deserves the best!!

  127. Hope bee pollen can help our family allergies. We have allergens to the environment but nothing shows up as having a specific allergy to anything. Maybe our bedding and carpets are to blame. Thanks for the warning on how to use bee pollen. Shared on FB & liked

  128. My husband bought a twin intellibed three years ago through the group buy. We put it next to our other twin to make a king. He slept on it the entire first year. I slept on the old one but would take naps on the intellibed any chance I got! Then I got pregnant and took over. My baby turns one this week and I’m still sleeping in the intellibed and I don’t plan on going anywhere! I will get pregnant again if it comes to that It is my husbands birthday so if I won this bed it would be the best birthday of his life! And it would be a pretty great day for me too. Keeping these fingers crossed all day

  129. Robin, my kids and I are big supporters of you and your site. I have been following you since the early days and even helped edit recipies for one of your books. Thank you for doing all you do and inspiring the rest if us!!!
    I hope you will consider me for the itellibed drawing, I need a new bed si bad and I would so love to have this one (as opposed to the cheaper, off-gassing ones I can afford).

  130. I am grateful to the green smoothie girl for introducing these things to all of us. I’ve been on a raw diet for the past couple of years . recently, started back up everyday with the dry skin brushing. The bed would be unreal for back and neck issues. Thanks for the chance to win it and for all your commitment to living healthy.

  131. Thanks for the great information!! The Intellibed sounds amazing!! Just what we need in our lives! I have been loving your video blogs… so fun! Crossing my fingers for a win 🙂

  132. I would LOVE to win once. My daughter started with green smoothies since birth and to put her in a bed like this would be awesome! Good luck to us all. Thank you for your hard work Robyn.

  133. I would love to win a free intellibed! I have a sleep disorder called Narcolepsy and the main issue with Narcolepsy is not getting into deep sleep fast or long enough. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older, that this is complicated by aches and pains as I sleep which cause me to toss and turn, hindering me from that deep sleep which is already hard for me to get. I’m also very concerned about the off-gassing of other beds. I could sleep in peace with the intellibed and hopefully improve my quality of life. My children would love to have their mom awake for a few more hours a day.

  134. Fantastic prize. I would love this more than anything right now! Thanks for all that you do Robyn! I have all of my family hooked on green smoothies now 🙂

  135. I am currently sleeping on a mattress that is 20 years old. I have lower back problems and don’t sleep well at night. I suspect my mattress could be part of the problem. I watched the video on the Intellibed and would be thrilled to own one. Winning one would be a DREAM come true!

  136. Sleep is something that can be taken for granted. It needs to happen every day. There are many reasons that this needed and natural part of our lives can be interrupted and become difficult for many. There are many factors that come into play in helping us have a good nights sleep, whether it is from physical, emotional or stress factors. A good bed can help give your body the physical resources it needs to truly be comfortable and help you get the rest you need.

  137. Thanks for all you are doing to make this world a much better place. THANKS for encouraging us to take responsibility for our own health and do and be better.

  138. I’ve been waiting for this day!!!! One LUCKY winner will be so happy! Shared on Facebook so all my friends can enter too!

  139. Wow! What a phenomenal prize! You have done so keep ch for your cause and you have taught us all a lot along the way. Thanks for all you do.

  140. Ok WOW so AMAZING I think everyone here wants this as bad as the blendtec. What an amazing opportunity for one blessed soul.
    Hope you guys are doing well….miss seeing you Todd!

  141. My dad, who just retired from the police force of 30 years, just bought a sleep number bed. Unfortunately the chemical smell of the bed has been the cause of my poor step mothers terrible incapacitating migraines she has woken up to every morning since buying the bed. She now has to sleep on the couch. When they tried to return the bed they were told they could only return the top, and still have to purchase the mechanical part which is a huge part of the purchase. I’ve done my research (only wish they would’ve too 😉 on intellibed and my husband and I are currently budgeting to get one ourselves. Changing our lifestyle one step at a time. If I won I would gift the bed to them, So that they may sleep in the same bed together, and get the best night sleep from here on out!

  142. What a fantastic giveaway! I would sooo love to win this bed and be able to get a restful nights sleep without tossing and turning and waking up without a sore back.

  143. Hi all, I would love to be able to gift my win of an Intellibed to my son. His 25year old mattress needs to be retired:) oh my I thinks its closer to 30. life goes so fast

  144. This is the one I’ve been waiting for…just like everyone else! Too bad every month can’t be like this month–it’s been fun to learn so much. Already using the black salve which I had never heard of previously. Let me say…it works! Robyn, I’m sure after this month you want to spend a few more hours in your intellibed 🙂

  145. Congratulations on making it to the end of the green smoothie challenge. You are awesome!!
    I would love to win the IntelliBED myself, but mainly for my husband who hardly ever has a good night sleep.
    Thank You for the chance to win!!!

  146. IntelliBED is a fantastic Give Away! Who would love to win this? All of us! Thank you for the bee pollen information. We took this years back and kind of faded away from our routine. Thanks for bringing that back to life again.

  147. We started a savings account specifically to some day buy an Intellibed. My husband has MAJOR sleep issues which I’ve tried everything I can think of to help. I’m hoping Intellibed will be the answer. I love what you’re doing here Robin. You’re bringing people together, helping them improve their health, and in turn allowing us all to help those who need the most help of all! Big Thank You!

  148. My husband and I have been saving for this bed ever since i first read about it on your blog Robyn. We just moved cross country and had to use those funds unfortunately, so we will start saving again! My husband snores very loudly (despite my attempts to help him alleviate the problem) so I’m hoping a more comfortable gel bed that doesn’t let off chemical gases will help him (and me!!) sleep more soundly!

  149. There are a few of us that have posted daily. I think drinking green smoothies daily would have been easier than finding time to post. I am avoiding laundry, dishes and toy cleanup so that I can win an IntelliBed today. Shared, liked

  150. To be able to sleep through the night would be an absolute life changer. The IntelliBed could make all the difference. No one ever knows if the mattress they are sleeping on is the reason they can’t sleep. Why is this so difficult in the day and age we live in? I trust your judgement and research because I know what a healthy eating habit has done for me. Thank you so much. Life changing!!!!!

  151. It would be truly amazing if I were to win this bed! I would give it to my parents who just moved across the state to be by us so we can help them when they need it. My dad had a stroke almost 2 years ago and my mom has rheumatoid arthritis and it getting harder for her to take care of him. She could use a good night sleep! Good luck to every one!

  152. I would love to win this! By the way, enjoyed a great green smoothie this morning before yoga. I now have super powers to take on my day and make it awesome.

  153. I’m a huge fan of GSG and I love how much useful information you give us, Robyn. My husband and I are about to move into our first house. We each recently quit our day jobs and are running our own businesses. We are also preparing to adopt. We need new furniture, but are on a tight budget, so we would LOVE an intelliBED. Plus, I’ve been intrigued by them since I first heard about them on your blog. My husband has always had trouble sleeping, so maybe this would help! Pick us!!!!

  154. My comment isn’t going to be witty and cute, because I have 4 small children running around me begging for glasses of water and snacks right now. However, I would LOVE this bed!!!
    Crazy Momma

  155. So, I am in a hospital in Galveston Texas to help bring my fifth grandchild into the world. I had a moment to myself and saw the email to remind me to go to Robyn’s blog ….YAY!
    I love good sleep. Yoga and water aerobics have helped with my sleeping issues a whole lot. No, doubt an IntelliBED would be AmAzInG!!!!
    Thank you IntelliBED for your generosity please deliver the ‘KING’ size bed ASAP. I need to feel what it’s like to sleep like a queen again! Just thought I would thank you in advance;)

  156. Would love to win…my mother really needs a new mattress on her bed. We all wake up with acing backs after visiting her house. Not sure how she doe sit.

  157. Please, please, please let me win this bed. My bed is over 20 yrs old and I am desperate for a new bed. I have been unemployed since I was laid off due to 9-11 happening. My health is in decline and I could really use a good nights sleep to work out all the stress in my shoulders and back and life. I am sure there are many deserving people out there but I would be oh so grateful to have this bed.

  158. How do I even begin? I would LOVE an intelliBED! It is a long process to remove toxins out of your home, and this is a big area I haven’t done yet! We sleep on a toxin filled 8+ yr mattress that needs to be replaced with an intelliBED! Thank you much for giving me a chance to win!

  159. Love that you are using your influence to change lives. Melts my heart and so glad I can do my small part. My green smoothies are a must! They give me the energy I need to get through the day. Thank you for your example! God bless!

  160. I have fibromyalgia and hormone imbalances and suffer many nights with insomnia! My husband has had two back surgeries and two full knee replacements done so we are quite the couple! It would be an incredible blessing to win this intelliBED! Thank you for all you do!

  161. I was in Utah with my mother last year and we stopped by to test this amazing bed…would LOVE the chance to have one of my own! Can’t wait to see the end results from a month of green smoothies!

  162. Holy Green Smoothie Bat Man! This is the ACV “Mother” of all prizes!!

    Would love to win this of course. The mattress I have is probably going on 9-10 yrs and it’s about that time. I would enjoy getting better rest when I am in my bed because as a busy mother of 2 I’m not in it that much 🙁 And when I am – I have 2 extra bodies that come in and out. I realize a new mattress isn’t going to solve that problem for me but… it would make it the most comfortable. Plus I would feel better knowing the whole family is not breathing in the terrible gases. Pick me please! Pick me please!

  163. The intelliBed sounds fantastic! I love that it does not off gas. That is so important. Can’t wait to see Todd’s results soon!

  164. What an awesome prize, so want to win one to help my hubby get a full night of sleep… and the bonus is that I would also benefit !! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  165. I would love to win an intellibed too! New mattresses are so expensive these days and it’s a very confusing racket. Intellibed is both safe AND comfortable and owning one would be divine!

  166. I have always wondered what it would feel like to actually experience well rested sleep. Sleep, sweet sleep…….not waking up because of having to shift my body from side to side, repositioning myself all night long because of body aches and discomfort. It would be a dream to sleep in an intelliBED!!

  167. I’ve had a foam bed for years and fear it is giving off toxic gases, so a replacement Intellibed with this quality would be a true Godsend. I also have neck problems and I think this would help. It’s probably unlikely I will win, but thanks for the opportunity anyway. It’s nice to dream…..

  168. All these prizes are amazing! Thanks for helping people take better care of themselves! By the way, my mattress is 24 years old!

  169. What an impressive mission you are on. It is so important to help those in need. What great examples you ate setting for us all.

  170. OK Robyn so you know me and you know that I’m generally a pretty joyful person, heck I even wrote a book about Joyful Living and yes I know that joy isn’t necessarily found in things but boy would having a new intelliBED sure bring me immense JOY! Not only would it help me sleep better with my scoliosis I’ve had since I was a kid but talk about toxic fumes…I’m still sleeping on the very same mattress I shared with my ex-husband for several years! So not only am I breathing in literal but also extremely emotional toxic stuff every night! I’m so ready for a new bed! 🙂

    This has been so fun following you and Todd on this BlendAid journey and learning so much great stuff from you and many others. I’m so excited to continue learning and sharing and growing along with you in your many adventures and look forward to being a part of it however I can. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life!

  171. I’m not trying to be sneaky and enter twice, but my comment doesn’t seem to have posted. Anyone would love this awesome bed; my current old foam bed is, I fear, giving off poisonous gasses, and I have neck pain which the Intellibed might help address. Of course I’d love to win, although I realize it’s unlikely :{ But miracles do still happen so here goes…

  172. I’m incorporating green smoothies into my diet just like you Green Smoothie Girl and I would so love to sleep on an Intellibed just like you Green Smoothie Girl!! Hope you and Todd are staying strong in this challenge. It is so meaningful for these kids you’re going to help!!!

  173. I haven done my research along with Robyn! The IntelliBed would be a dream come true! I have had back problems and neck issues for years in spite of lots of money spent on chiropractors, smoothies with every superfood you could imagine. What a gift from heaven if I would be the lucky one! How much money so far has been raised for Mothers without Borders?? I do wish I could join your journey next year!

  174. p.s. Just thought you might find this interesting…yours was the first health-food blog I ever read or even knew existed. Our neighbor across the street died of congestive heart failure, and someone at his funeral was handing out Green Smoothie Girl flyers–to educate all of the funeral attenders. My mom and I were so interested, as we were both sick. We knew a few things about off-gassing, eating organic (although we weren’t really doing it at that time), etc. But I never would have dreamed up green smoothies, which our whole extended family drinks now almost daily. I learned almost everything I now know and have implemented about healthy eating and living from you. It was interesting for me to reflect on that just now–from the blend-tec and the 12 steps book (fermented foods….what’s that?!) to the black salve just recently, and everything in between. I even read the China Study book, I think because you mentioned it! I know about a lot of other healthy-food blogs and get recipes from them, but you’re still the foundation and the only one I follow regularly. Whenever we get a bed next, it will be an intellibed. You’re like our personal shopper 😉

  175. I’d LOVE to win this bed for my son. He always get the short end of the stick (hand-me-downs from his big brother, used toys that were his brothers, his brother’s old bed and bedding, etc.). I’d love to be able to give him something like this that is HIS and only his. Fingers crossed!!!

  176. I have a son who needs a new mattress and is MAJORLY susceptible to chemicals and off-gassing! This would be perfect for him. He doesn’t sleep well and needs a higher quality of sleep. Thank you for all of the great information!

  177. I’m anxious to hear how both Robyn and Todd did with the 30 day green smoothie only diet. Can’t wait for the lab results. I’m guessing that they will be positive on both counts. I’m also anxious to hear how we did in supporting Mothers Without Borders, if that is published. Great campaign. Good on you for taking on the challenge.

  178. The ogre’s hair was matted. Long strands of hair slicked with sweat to her face and crooked neck. Her small eyes were sunken, framed in deep purple hues, and her mouth carried a permanent snarl revealing both her disposition and acrid breath. As she opened her mouth to speak, only a raspy croak was heard where words should have been. Moving slowly, her gait awkward and unpredictable, she made her way to the front of her cave, her left leg dragging reluctantly as if half dead. As she limped ahead, she caught her reflection in the broken fragment of a mirror, noticing her her back bowed impossibly into an arch. She liked to think her posture wasn’t that bad, that is, when she was lucid enough to do so, but her constant agony betrayed her.

    As she came to the entrance of the cave, she reached her hand to the wall to steady her. Sunlight poured in, cheerful and horrid. She swore she heard birds crooning without care, mocking her. How dare they all carry on so blissfully while was so miserable? But she realized it was her own doing. She had been cursed years before, when her younger, more beautiful self had encountered an enchanting merchant on her way home one evening. He bewitched her into a impulsive decision that slowly reduced her into the bitter shadow of her former self she now was.

    “Stupid curse.” she was able to mutter, though gravelly and almost incoherent. “I should not have fallen for his trickery, telling me straw and rocks would suffice.” she said, now angrier.

    “No, I could have avoided this nightmare. I should have followed my gut.” She was now gently weeping.

    “I should have gotten an intelliBED.”

  179. The IntelliBED sounds amazing! I’ve listened to you extol the excellence of this bed, and can only dream to own this bed one day. I too have insomnia. I try to work with it, but I know that a better night sleep from the right mattress would help me along to true health for body, mind, and spirit. Thank you for all you do. You are a wonder. I love your honesty about the green smoothie challenge that it is getting old, but I know that you can do it. You are promoting a great cause.

  180. What an amazing prize giveaway! I hope the BlendAid campaign is going well so far… you’re making a difference in this world and I thank you for that!!

  181. I want to win this bed for my mama!!! She hardly sleeps at all these days and doesn’t know what else to do. I am so grateful for people like you who do and give so much to help others.

  182. If I had all the time that I wasted in dread,
    From waking up in a lousy bed,
    I would be invigorated and my blurred vision would be gone.
    Because of a new bed, I could sing a new morning song.

    So if a new bed would brighten each hour,
    Perhaps my new morning song should be kept in the shower.

  183. I have had back issues since high school. Through the years I have tried multiple beds but with little relief. It’s sad when I go to a hotel and the hotel bed feels wonderful! Guess it means it’s time for a new mattress! I know when I find the mattress that lets me dream, I will need to replace all of my mattresses in my house or I will end up with a roomful of kids!
    If I don’t win, at least I have enough info to move forward with the purchase of a new mattress. It may be a few more years before I take the plunge though!

  184. It would be wonderful to replace my 25 year old Somma mattress with an Intellibed. My aching srthritic joints would be SOOO thankful!

  185. Possible pregnancy, missing disc in lower back and in bulging in neck.. Hubby loves his cushy and I need firmer.. And we have a waterbed now! I NEED A BED! Lol… Thank you for posting this giveaway and this series on your blog.

  186. Even though I don’t expect any freebies, I want you to know that I admire what you are doing and I have followed your campaign for Mothers without borders this past month. It is good to see people doing good for those in need in the world today. Needless to say, I am planning on saving for the IntelliBED. It seems perfect for my aging years and my husband although he doesn’t admit it would benefit from it also. The things that are important to you are important to me and therefore, I feel like I bond with you in that respect. Congratulations on your success with GreenSmoothieGirl.

  187. I made it to day 13 on 26 day detox. Off coffee. Cravings gone. 5 lbs down. Better digestion. Nice skin. Have done the 26 day before but this time didn’t make it past day 13 but still got huge benefits. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  188. Well, I’m definitely commenting here today. I”m 72 and absolutely NEED this Intellibed! My “old” back just can’t take a regular mattress any longer. Thanks for choosing me—-I mean, you DID choose me, right???? Oh please say you choose me. I love you, really, I mean I love you! How can you turn me down when I want this bed so badly?

  189. So many excellent reasons to win, that I am embarrassed to enter myself. But, you can’t win if you don’t try, so here is mine. I have been home now for over three years with an autoimmune condition and fibromyalgia. Along with that, I have had insomnia for more than 10 years. I am in bed right now, writing this reply, as I spend a lot of my days here. It would be incredible to have a comfortable bed, not just for myself, but also for my husband with arthritis all through his spine. Good luck to all, thanks so much for the opportunity to participate, and God’s blessings to everyone who give so much to Mothers Without Borders.

  190. I would love this! Somehow of all days I tweaked my back, I do this with every pregnancy and now with my final pregnancy I’ve been trying to save my back but being super sick my back always seems to be the thing that goes out first and then I’m in physical therapy for the next few months trying to strengthen it. So with that being said I hope I win, plus it might be time that my husband and I get out of a full size bed that we’ve had our whole marriage. 🙂

  191. So many people wish to win this bed including myself. I really wish I had the money to just buy it! I’m sure my off gassing bed is not only causing sleep problems… I toss all night but allergies, neck and back pain. I did get a buck pillow for Christmas last year from my son which sort of gave a little relief and since then also purchased an air purifier. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. Hope to hear all about your results Robyn! Will be following as usual!

  192. This bed looks awesome, I’m sold!! And I def want to try the pollen. Keep up the great work, looking forward to hearing your end results!!

  193. IntelliBED

    I – 888-435-2339
    N- No more tossing and turning
    T- Technology has perfected the science of
    E – Eliminate Chiropractic visits
    L – Less pressure while sleeping
    L- Learn why your current mattress may be
    causing allergies, asthma, autism,
    cancers and toxins
    I- Important to eliminate sleep deprivation
    B- Back support and spinal alignment
    E- Environmental friendly no-off gassing
    D- Durability – 30 year warranty and 60 day

    Why are mattress manufactures allowed to create a product that is harmful to our bodies and the environment for the past 50 years?

  194. Again thank you so much for all the work you have done and the information you have shared with the world! I have and continue to learn so many wonderful things from you! Thank you! Even if I don’t win this intelliBED I am on a mission to someday purchase one for each of my family! Baby steps towards health!

  195. I have been looking at the intellibed for a very long time—wishing that I was able to afford it (sigh). Our current mattress is older than dirt and it is an ongoing struggle all night for my husband and I to keep from ending up in the middle of the bed’s “deep, dark, hole”. Over the last few months I have read and re-read all of the wonderful reviews that this mattress gets. I would love to see my husband stop suffereing from chronic back pain and stop taking the medication to ease his discomfort….so, I am hoping that maybe, perhaps, we might win–hoping so.

  196. Hi Robyn. Yes, I would love to win the bed. My husband and I have been sleeping on the floor for the last few years since our “Sleep Number” bed was found to have black mold growing between the layers. When we asked the company what they are doing about this, they replied they are using more and stronger chemicals!!!! No thanks. Thus we have been saving for a “safe” bed. Since we are from the Dave Ramsey school of finance, we no longer use credit cards, but this has been a tough one. Thanks for all you are doing around the world.

  197. I cannot even imagine having a bed like this. My 64 year old teacher body would be in HEAVEN!! And it would be all for me as I am not married! What an awesome healthy gift for someone indeed. Blessings to the winner!!

  198. After having done research on what kind of non-toxic bed to purchase, the IntelliBED is at the very top of my list! Oh, and thanx so much for the videos you & others have made which have greatly influenced my final decision.

  199. Oh my goodness!! I have wanted one of these beds for YEARs now!!! I’ve been Saving up!! I would love to see my name with IntelliBED!!!
    Thank you for all the information you bring us Robin! You have helped to change my and my family’s lives!!

  200. And bee pollen is a favorite of my husband because it’s a natural aphrodisiac! Haha! Fitting that you would share this superfood alongside the giveaway of a BED. All joking aside, I want to win this bed! My 12 year old daughter is a competitive gymnast and soccer player. She could REALLY use a better mattress…as could the majority of us. Thank you once again for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us and for being an incredible example of charity for all,

  201. Reflecting on your adventure “challenge” we have gotten to know your passion for health and people. You have shown us HOPE is an open heart, LOVE is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. That it only takes one person, and one act of kindness to inspire others and create change that is exactly what you are doing. I feel my time on your blog was not wasted time. Thank you for sharing your endeavor. All God’s Best!

  202. My wife’s birthday is in 3 weeks. She has awful back pain and sleep issues. A new intelliBed would make a great birthday present!

  203. I have had my bed longer than my husband of over 16 years! I can sleep just about anywhere but my husband has back issues so a new bed would be wonderful and this Intellibed would be a blessing!

  204. What an incredible journey for all of us to watch unfold as we have seen so many give of their hearts to this cause. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your energy and touching my heart.

  205. After taking advantage of a GSG offer have been sleeping soundly on the IntelliBED. I have someone that really needs one but can’t afford one and it would be awesome to be able to bless them with this!

  206. Thank you for your advice as always. Bought a new bed recently and wished we would have known about this bed. Not happy with mine.

  207. I would really, really, really love a new bed, we need one sooo sooo sooo bad, my back aches every morning, picture it, taco bed sloping toward the middle.

  208. What a gift! I am going to start saving to buy one of these beds for myself and my husband and each of our kids. I am not thrilled to know that our mattresses are toxic 🙁 Good luck everyone!!!!!

  209. I know that everyone wants to win an Intellibed. I have to throw my hat in the ring and give it a shot. I really do appreciate the awareness this whole campaign has shown and brought to my attention. Thank you for all you and so many others have done for this cause.

  210. Thanks to you, Tim and intelliBED for your generosity! Winning the intelliBED would be such a great blessing for my husband and I. We currently are sleeping on a used, thrift store bought, full-sized mattress that has some broken springs. It is a bit tight quarters (especially when our toddler joins us) and I don’t even want to imagine what sort of toxic junk is off-gassing:-/. I am currently pregnant and my husband has a hard time sleeping due to gout. Our budget has been too tight to purchase a new mattress and we would all really benefit from a safe and comfortable place to sleep. I have shared your post on Facebook. Thanks again for the chance!!

    P.S. Thank you for the bee pollen tip.

  211. About a month ago, I heard about the intelliBED for the first time. It sounds WONDERFUL (just not in
    the budget right now). I have chronic pain and I know a bed that isn’t “lumpy/bumpy” would help tremendously. 🙂

  212. Wow, more great tips and products. The bed sounds amazing. I love the fact that there is no off-gassing.

    Do you know the difference between the pollen and propolis? I am trying to find more info and someone who has tried both.


  213. I would LOVE an intellibed. I have already looked into the group buy deal you have and unfortunately it is still WAY over our budget. I just had a baby 4 months ago and you know how bad your back and body can feel after that. My body is often sore because everything is trying to still find its way back to where it used to be. We are also paying lots of medical bills for that and for his hospitalization a month ago from having viral meningitis. I also have a husband with bulged discs, degenerative disk disease, and he snores MAJOR LOUD! I am hoping with this awesome bed it will help solve all our issues. PICK ME PLEASE!

  214. My husband and I have the crappiest (is that a word?) mattress ever and have been looking for a new one for a couple years, but can’t settle on one that we really feel will be worth the ridiculous amount of money that good mattresses cost these days. So, like everyone else, I would LOVE to win the intellibed! My sad back and neck would love it, too! So here’s hoping…..

  215. I would love to have this bed. My husband tosses throughout the night and I bet he would have a more restful sleep if we had this bed in our home.

  216. Awesome! So many people could benefit from this. Thank you for all the great information. Would love to win but I will be happy for whoever wins this awesome prize. Thank you Robyn!!

  217. Robyn, You are such an inspiration. If I happen to be the lucky winner of this AMAZING bed I will gift it to my mother and father. They are constantly complaining about back pain. My parents are two of the hardest working individuals that I have ever known. They have given me so much and they deserve something as INCREDIBLE as an intelliBED. Thank you for all that you do.

  218. Intellibed would be so sweet, make me feel good from my head to my feet. Make me sleep throughout the night so i can run hard when the sun comes to sight. A intellibed would be cool 🙂

  219. I definitely need a new bed so this would totally be awesome to win, especially if it could help my 3 or 4 hours a night sleep be more restful!! Even if I don’t win it’ll still be the one I’m saving up for!!

  220. Love to win this bed for my retired mom! She is on a fixed income and needing a new mattress. Thanks for giving us so much helpful information!

  221. Thanks again for another superfood! Thanks for helping me boost my health and my family’s health with new ideas to add to our daily smoothies. Wow, an intellibed! This is definitely on my to buy list! It is hard to believe that every day toxic mattresses are even available to buy!! How can companies be allowed to sell such crap?! Once a seed of truth is planted in my head, it is hard to believe I was once so trusting in what I thought were just every day normal products. Why I never even gave my mattress a second thought! Guess I should have, seeing as I have had a life long battle with allergies. Hmmmm! On another note, my children were complaining about being hungry just a bit ago, gee that had eaten less than an hour before! I had them watch your video about mothers without borders, went to their website and we made a donation to help children who really know what hunger is. Thanks for all you do!

  222. Thanks for the info about bee pollen! It’s been fun learning about all these new superfoods. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    We would love to win the IntelliBED, of course!

  223. Would love to win this bed. Do not have one of my own. I also have 2 separate back issues ,one from a fall and scoliosis so it would help a great deal.

  224. That tip of trying bee pollen I have heard before…i hope i can try it out. Since moving, allergies seem to be an issue. Any advice on good greens or fruits to pair it with, that taste good. Does it have a honey-like or flowery type flavor?

    Oh wow, I have been waiting for this day ever since BlendAID started. I am only 29, with 2 small kids, and am pretty active, but I wake up stiff as a board, and with the feeling of knives poking through the bottoms of my feet when I stand up out of bed in the mornin. We have a memory foam mattress topper but its not much better than our old mattress underneath. I have been dreaming of this bed for a year now. Finances are very limited for us right now. A good sleep and A body that isn’t sore all the time, would be heavenly.

    I love that you have paired up with such amazing companies to bring light to the cause and change people’s lives for the better with each free gift. Thank you, and bless you. You are all an inspiration to try harder each day, when the SAD diet and lifestyle stares us in the face every day.

  225. In keeping with the spirit of this past month if I won the bed I would give it away to someone in my life who is struggling and could use it more than I. It’s been a wonderful month and lots of great prizes have been given away. good luck to who ever gets it!

  226. I spent way to much on a sleep number bed and still am not comfortable. The foam keeps cracking in half…I really hate this bed. After 3 surgeries, the last being a spinal fusion, I need a good nights sleep without pain and constant tossing and turning.

  227. This bed would be such an incredible blessing since we are sleeping on a quite old hand-me-down mattress right now, but even if I don’t win, I want to say a big “kudos” to GSG for this amazing month of raising awareness and funds for a great cause.

  228. Most people I know are on the search for the ideal bed and a good night of restful sleep. This technology makes so much sense and the off gases should be a concern for everyone. 1/3 of our lives in bed!!! Count me in!

  229. Intellibed, it’s what I’d like
    with it I will sleep all night
    No more backaches
    no more pain
    and furthermore it’s natural and pure
    the bed I’ll love for evermore!

  230. Awesome stuff you’re doing with Bloggers/Mothers Without Borders. Such a great cause. And IntelliBEDs are great too. Thanks GSG!

  231. My husband and I both have neck issues and spend too many hours at the doctors and chiropractors office. My husband has neck ablasion injections every six months to keep his chronic headaches under control. Our bed is over 20 years old and desperately needs replacing. This bed would be such a blessing to us. Keep up the good work Robyn!

  232. Please count me in! Arthritis makes sleeping restfully a challenge. Looking for all the help I can get! Thx, Robyn and team.

  233. This entire challenge has been so informative for all of us following. My hubby tosses and turns and hardly sleeps at night, then he can hardly stay awake by afternoon. Seems like we’ve tried just about everything…except an Intellibed!

  234. Terrible sciatic and hip pain during my pregnancies with many sleepless nights, this would be a great help before we prepare for baby #3!!!

  235. intelliBED sounds like a miracle bed. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 18 years and sleep quality drastically affects how I feel each day. Sleeping in a wonderful bed would be a dream!

  236. Shared it! I’d like to win this bed for my super amazing teenager. My son has grown several inches this year & his feet hang off the end of his bed. He has a really cheap mattress on it & so I find him asleep on the couch most mornings. He suffers from insomnia & he’s always bargaining with me to let him sleep in my bed just until I go to sleep. He’s fallen asleep in school several times this year already. 🙁 It’s awful but a new mattress is not in our current budget. I’d love to see my kiddo get a long, restful nights sleep.

  237. Woo-Hoo! ok, I’ve heard Robyn talk about the bed before and I’ve even talked to a customer service rep and came ‘this close’ to ordering but something held me back. maybe because I’m supposed to get it this way??!!! I recently turned 60 and have heard so many people (no matter the age) complain about lack of sleep, lack of energy etc. I practice a healthy lifestyle, smoothies, plant based nutrition and I still don’t have optimal sleep, so I just know an intelliBED is in my future. thanks Robyn for being a ‘scout’ for all these wonderful products and information

  238. Woohoo!! Who ever wins this prize is super duper lucky. Some day I would love to try out one of these beds. I really like my tempur pedicure,but the thought of the chemicals and toxins is icky.

  239. I’m embarrassed to say my current bed is over 20 years old. Yikes! An intelliBED has been on my “wish list” for quite some time now. I’m hoping it will help with my sleep as well as back/neck issues. Great prize!!

  240. I would LOVE to win and my hubby of 41 years and I REALLY need a new bed as ours has hills and valleys from years of use. We are at a “mature age” where sleep doesn’t come easy, and then there are the trips to the bathroom and trying to get back to sleep…. So we really would be blessed by an amazing Intellibed won through your Blendaid giveawy. We drink Green Smoothies every morning, and do all we can to live the healthy lifestyle you promote. Thanks for all the good work you are doing, and your generosity.

  241. This is an amazing giveaway! My husband, in particular, has sleep problems, largely due to back pain and discomfort. This could be just what he needs!

  242. This giveaway is amazing, and whoever wins will be so grateful. I’m sure hoping it’s me :-). We have been wanting a new bed for years. My husband wakes up tired and with a sore back pretty much everyday. This would be a life changer.

  243. Please me pick Robyn!! Our box spring broke recently and we currently have our mattress on the floor. It’s makes for terrible sleep!

  244. Ahh.. I would be overjoyed to win this bed!!! I’ve struggled with pain and sleeping well for as long as I can remember… This would be such a tremendous blessing! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  245. What a wonderful prize! Our bed is so old and not good for our backs. I would love to win it! Perhaps this will be by lucky day!

  246. I have been inspired by what you have done for Mothers Without Borders! Thank you for making me aware of this amazing organization!!

  247. What a great thing you are doing!!! Luck to everyone. I would love to win also, have fibro, husband has had back issues for years. You are awesome, Robyn!!!!

  248. Moving away from toxins is hard when you’re sleeping in them nightly! Love the non-toxic/no off-gasing aspect of intellibed.

  249. Love what you’re doing, Robyn and team! I’m getting my body ready for our first baby and am totally sold on the benefits of the intellibed.

  250. What an awesome giveaway!! My life has been changed by green smoothies and I am always looking for new ways to better myself and my health. I’m in 🙂

  251. To sleep, per chance to dream….
    I have sleep apnea and other health issues, but that is minor compared to my husband passing away, unexpectedly in our bedroom. He had a heart attack just after his 50th birthday. He wasn’t feeling well and was spending the day in bed watching tv to rest. A new bed, especially an IntelliBED, would be gratefully appreciated. I am disabled with kids and have nothing extra to save for a new bed. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  252. I know my health & life would benefit & be blessed by an amazing intelliBed! Fingers crossed! And legs, arms, & toes…….

  253. Our mattress is 16 years old and the last two years have manifested its’ age! Our backs seem to always be stiff when we wake up now. It’s time for a new one and it looks like Intellibed is the best. We trust you you Robyn! Thanks for doing this!

  254. Love your contests and your focus on helping Mothers Without Borders. My wife is in charge of health knowledge, and she feeds me green smoothies whenever she can catch me.

  255. Hi Robyn, The IntelliBED sounds WONDERFUL! LOVE that you are helping others. Wish you success! I’ve mentioned you on FB!

  256. Wow. I would love to win this bed. I hope I win. But if not, I am super excited for the person who does!!!

  257. Ahh! It sounds wonderful–a comfortable, peaceful, uninterrupted (by tossing and turning) night’s sleep. Hoping it will be arriving at my door! Thank you, again, Robyn and all the sponsors, for these giveaways; they are great. I will be especially thankful if I actually win one!

  258. I am having so much fun! I’ve already post on facebook, and googleplus, and twitter to spread the word. I also encouraged all to donate to this great cause! 🙂

  259. You look so great Robyn. Keep up the great work–you’re on the home stretch! Since you first started blogging about IntelliBED mattresses, I’ve been trying to convince my husband that we NEED one! It’s our ten year anniversary coming right up, and regular mattresses brands say you need a new one every 7-8. I guess we’re overdue ;). Winning one would be the best gift in the world! I know I could convince him to buy three more for our little girls if he can sleep on one and see how great they are. I hope I’m the lucky one today. Bless you for all you do for us and all those sweet little children abroad.

  260. Would love an intellined! But more than that I want updates on y’all’s progress people!! (Maybe because I’ve never slept on an intellibed.

    Keep it up Todd and Robyn

  261. It seems many have serious physical problems and need this bed more than I. But it was fun to see Tim in the video. He looked scared to death of the camera before he started talking and got back into familiar territory.

  262. Sleep is very elusive. Would love to get at least 4 hours straight. Hoping to win the IntelliBED to see if it will help. Have watched your videos and the IntelliBED seems awesome.

  263. Yeah for Bee’s and Bee pollen! I’ve been putting Bee pollen in my smoothies for several years now. You definitely want to start out with a grain or two! This stuff is the real deal! As far as this amazing bed, I sleep on a day bed and I’m 5’10”. Believe it or not, there is still plenty of room for tossing and turning, especially with night sweats! Geez! Is there a way to freeze the underlying gel pattern for a cooler bed as well??
    Rock on Robyn! #greensmoothiegirl#motherswithoutborders#intellibed#sleep#totalhealth#zambia

  264. If it is God’s will, this intellibed would be a very welcome blessing for my husband and I ! Our bodies would be rested and without pain. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these.

  265. I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the 30 days already! Excited to hear how things turned out for both Robyn and Todd. And of course I would love to win a new IntelliBED!! (Well, honestly, I would love to have won any of the prize packages.) Hang in there for these last few days, Robyn and Todd!
    P.S. Does anybody know where you can get bee pollen that is sourced in Utah?

  266. Robyn, Thank you! Thank you!
    For this amazing chance
    To win the bed of a lifetime
    Makes me want to dance!

    Our current bed sadly
    Sags and dips.
    Boy would we ever benefit from
    One that’s good to our hips.

    My hubby would love
    The proper alignment of the spine
    What heaven it would be
    To wake up feeling SO fine!

    Our necks, backs, and hips
    Would surely thank us.
    For our current bed makes us feel
    Like we got hit by a bus!

    What an awesome giveaway!
    An Intellibed we would MOST adore,
    Please, please pick us
    So we don’t have to sleep on the floor!

    Thanks Robyn!

  267. Oh how I would love to win this bed. I suffer with arthritis and fibromyalgia. I can’t tell you how many nights I sit up in a chair because I hurt to bad lying in bed. I Have tried so many kinds of beds and still have not found one that is really comfortable. This bed sounds amazing! I know I am not the only one with health issues that would love to win this bed, but would please consider me. I think the work you are doing with Mothers Without Borders and made my $100.00 donation yesterday. I use all your green smoothie products to and am hooked on them. Keep up the good work!

  268. Well who doesn’t need better sleep? This will be a life-changing prize for someone. Thanks for all the great prizes and the chance to help such a great cause!

  269. Yes, please IntelliBED and thank you! My current ‘mattress’ creaks & groans like no bed should! Years ago I bought my dog a bed made with this material & it was AWESOME! Momma needs one now. Robyn you’re looking GREAT. How’s Todd? Hang in there Todd! We know, we know, how hard & amazing it is to do what you’re doing!

  270. SLEEP:

    Simply impossible to live without!
    Luscious, luxurious, luminous, laudable, liberating…LIFE!!!
    Exponentially effective at enabling endurance and effervescence!
    Empowers us to make a difference!

    Thank you for giving back, both to our world community and to your readers! I’ve been truly inspired to make big changes which have already drastically changed both my outlook on life and my ability to accomplish my goals. Thank you!

  271. This is one that I am very interested in. I have checked them in the stores and I am waiting to be able to afford one

  272. I have fibromyalgia and sjogren’s syndrome, and I am not sleeping well at night. I have tried essential oils, that are helping, but I struggle to get comfortable enough to sleep. I have a lot of pain at night and struggle to find the perfect place to sleep so that I am out of pain. This bed would be awesome!

  273. This is a dream since I don’t think I’ve EVER had a great night sleep. Between anxiety, allergies, migraines and having young children, good sleep is a luxury!

  274. The Roxberry president, Todd
    was hoping to work on his bod.
    By eating green smoothies
    and avoiding the woozies
    his effort has not been slipshod.

    The end is in sight! Keep strong Todd & Robyn.
    Thanks for the inspiration and education.

  275. Hi Robyn, thanks for all the wonderful freebies you’re offering during this 30 days! The intellibed sounds wonderful, and I’ve been looking for a new bed for a few years. I think the Intellibed may be the one….and maybe this one you’re giving away! 🙂 Mostly, thanks for the money you’re raising for MWB and all the education you provide for so many of us on nutrition and health! Many thanks!

  276. Would love to win one! Great bed for snuggling in when the grand babies come to visit! Can’t wait to hear the test results for Robyn and Todd.

  277. Congratulations, Robyn and Todd! You are nearing the end of your 30 Day Smoothie Challenge, that’s amazing. Not to mention, the multiple “prizes” we all have already “won”; the tips, tools, invaluable contacts, that were presented to reach greater health. For that, THANK YOU!
    Would I love to win the IntelliBED, of course, perhaps it would help with my husband’s sleep apnea. I hear myself say this, and I feel greedy. The orphans in Zambia, have FAR LESS, yet seem so grateful for the little they have. I pray that God will bless them, and all those in need. May the individual who would benefit from this gracious gift, the most, be selected.
    Thank you for this opportunity and for all the invaluable information you offer.

  278. Would love surprise my husband with this amazing bed, he always has back pain, and I would love it too cause we are due for new bed.

  279. I love that a teenager is making comments on your blog! So inspiring! The intellibed looks so comfy. Like so many others, I struggle with Lyme & it would be so wonderful to get a Good nite’s rest while being pain free & breathing easier…Another crazy thing is I’ve had my same bed since early 90’s..I love my comfy bed & its the only bed I really know; however, it’s probably best to upgrade for my health. Just 2 show that I’m a woman of longevity….My Chevy Cavalier is a 1999 & I’ve had it since March 2001. I absolutely Love my Cavalier, yet just decided that I should think about getting an AWD for the winter…Hehe.. I adore u Robin! 😉

  280. I can only hope for a good nights sleep. I am hopeful the IntelliBED can provide this missing piece of my health puzzle. Fingers crossed.

  281. After much research I believe the Intellibed is the best mattress there is. I am sleeping on a mattress that has broken down and would love to win this! This is the only way I would get this right now, but I know God will see that the person He has picked out will win it.

    Great job to you both, Robyn and Todd! Can’t wait to hear your results!!!!

  282. I have researched and tried the beds at the state fair. This will be my bed of choice! I’m dreaming of sleeping on this with my new bionic hips AFTER I dry brush with the new brush and instructions I ordered from you last week. My husband can already feel the difference in the smoothness of my skin. Thanks for the tips about the best things to keep us healthy!

  283. Love all the positive things you are doing. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome prize. This is amazing!

  284. I have been looking for the perfect mattress to help with my low back and neck issues, but have never found the ONE. I have heard wonderful things about Intellibed and how it can improve your overall health and give you the restful sleep that everyone craves and deserves. To have the chance to win such an amazing product is a blessing! Thanks Robyn, Tim and Intellibed!

  285. Would love to win this! We bought a pretty expensive mattress not that long ago and it is not holding up well at all. I wake up nearly every morning with a sore back and think this would help tremendously. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  286. My husband is a 24 yr U.S. military veteran who lives with chronic pain 24 / 7. He rarely gets more than a couple hours of sleep due to his pain level. This bed sounds like it might help relieve his pain and help him get a little more sleep each night. I know he would be grateful for any relief and the idea he could have restorative healing sleep would be a miracle.

  287. This would come in so handy right now…I’m moving, and need a bed! Besides my back/spine issues, it would be nice to have something that will aid in me finally getting a decent night’s rest! I’ve got my fingers, toes, eyeballs, legs…everything is crossed!!!!!

  288. We have looked at theses mattresses for a long time now but have not been able to afford one yet. Good luck to everyone! What a great giveaway!

  289. Wow! It would be amazing to be a proud owner of this bed!
    Robyn, you are sooooo amazing to be dedicating yourself to help so many people. Even if I don’t win, I will continue to be a lover and supporter of your mission. Go you!!!!

  290. I would love to win this so I can give it to my parents. My dad has surgery every 6 months and has a difficult time sleeping and getting comfortable. My mom has been sleeping in an old lazy boy chair because she has back problems. I would love to be able to get my parents back in the same bed and give them better quality of life and healing. The bed they are in now is 30 years old. What a great 58th anniversary gift this would be!!

  291. Super-awesome give-away! We all want to be the one, don’t we? So happy you guys are hangin’ in, you’re nearly there! Thanks Robyn!

  292. My sister has this bed and loves it. My husband and I are married 41 years and I’m embarrassed to say we have had the same mattress for over 20 years.
    Positive karma to all of us. Thanks for your generosity Robyn.

  293. What an awesome journey this has been!!! I love learning about eating healthy and green smoothies! I also admire what you guys are doing to help others! Keep it up!!

  294. I wake up with headaches alot because of my bed and pillows being subpar. Yes! I would LOVE one of these awesome mattresses!!!

  295. I, like everyone else who has responded, have issues that would greatly benefit from having an IntelliBED. That being said, I want to thank you for all of your wonderful give-aways (products and information) and for your efforts to spread the word about Mothers Without Borders. I recently began sponsoring a child as a direct result of this campaign, and am very excited about being able to help a child in need.

  296. Please, oh, please? My husband is on the verge of sleep apnea, tosses & turns all night and never feels rested. When he doesn’t sleep, it affects the whole family. I also believe that sleep is so important for total health and would love the opportunity to test out this bed!
    Keep up the fabulous work Robyn & Todd. You both look great! Can hardly wait to see your results and how you feel once Blendaid is complete!

  297. How are you feeling, Robyn? I’m so glad I found your site in your 4th year after it went live. I’ve learned a lot from you, and it’s been great to see you so blessed. I hope you are successful in reaching this goal.

  298. What an amazing bed! Wow! Also, great job on the GSG Detox! I know it is hard, I only did it for 2 weeks, but I was ready to get back to food! Keep up the great work!!!

  299. I had no idea that most beds emitted harmful gases. Very interesting. Thanks for educating us all about this great product. Crossing my fingers and toes that tomorrow will be my lucky day! P.S. How is Todd doing these days?

  300. My husband is starting the journey of better health and losing weight. He has sleep Apnea and gets poor sleep on our little hand me down queen mattress. We actually have promised each other a new mattress for our 10th anniversary (3 years from this month) when we can save better for it. Help us reach our dreams just a little sooner!!

  301. It would be such an amazing opportunity to win such a phenomenal bed – I have battled my own share of health issues, but I decide every day to be happy and I am thankful for all the blessings God had favored me with. My passion is trying to make a difference in some small way every day for I believe a heart of servitude reflects what we are all born with and it is so rewarding to share with others. Thank you all for your wonderful contributions and reasons to smile 🙂

  302. Wow! Someone is going to be such a lucky winner! I know it won’t be me who wins the Intellibed because the chance is slim, but I know most of us could really benefit from such an intelligent bed.

  303. I’ve coslept with two out of three of our children. With a new possible co sleeper due in less than two months, I would be beyond thrilled to have a bed without toxic off gassing!

  304. I pray the person that needs this intelliBED the most gets picked. I have shared on Facebook and hope my contacts look at Robyn’s website. My immediate family has taken a couple of pointers.

  305. I would LOVE an intelliBED! My husband and I are moving into our new place in November and we do not have a bed, so this would help us immensely! Love your videos. Thank you 🙂

  306. I would be *so* incredibly blessed to win this bed. Having a bed that doesn’t off gas carcinogenic chemicals would truly be a blessing to me in my fight against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I don’t even had words to describe how much it would mean to me. Thank you for this giveaway, regardless of who wins, and all the giveaways that you’ve done this month that have blessed and improved the lives of so many people!!! It reminds me of a quote by Ronald Regan, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”… You all have helped a lot of someones with this challenge / giveaway!!!

  307. Wow! Awesome prize…I would love to win this. I am in need of a new mattress. I spend $2000 on the one that I have now and at only 4 years old it needs to go. I toss and turn all night. I wake up with aches and pains…for once I would like to get a good night’s sleep and this would definitely be the way to do it!

  308. The stress of the world today is taking a toll on everyone, I think. We’re all trying to better our health, ourselves. Whomever wins this prize will benefit greatly. I have my share of issues, too, but there is always someone who has it worse. Cheers to the dreamers, the believers and the ultimate winner!

  309. Enticing! Can’t wait to curl up in my new intelliBED…if I am the lucky one! I will need it for my next phase of life!

  310. Wow!

    All you lucky people that have old beds that need replacing! I don’t have a bed at this time- I’m sleeping on my sofa! To have ANY bed would be awesome! (LOL!!) I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS and am learning to move forward. In comparison to the circumstances of these children, my circumstances seem trivial.

    This entire experience following the blog and Robyn and Todd’s journey has been educational, inspiring, and humbling. I know that the end of Blendaid is near. Wonder if any of the remaining giveaways might be a trip to help build the school? Would love to take part in that!! Will be “dreaming”
    of sleeping well in a real bed and of being able to raise a dwelling to help these children improve their future and the lives of those near them!

  311. I would love one of these beds for myself, but more than that, I would love to give it to my sister-in-law. She has neck problems and needs a new mattress, so my brother brought home a used mattress that had been in very questionable places–one of which was on a front porch where the chickens laid eggs on it!!!

  312. Hi Robin
    The intelliBed would be a blessing to me as I suffer from Fibromyalgia, left hip problem, my rotator cuffs in both shoulders are painful…along with some Osteo-arthritis in my right knee, lower back problems,and finally a pinched nerve in my neck…which is causing headaches. It would be nice to a great nights sleep just one of these nights.
    I know there will be lots of people trying to win this bed and even if I am not picked I will still be happy for the one that does because they will be having a good nights sleep.
    Thank-you Robin

    Shelley Collison

  313. I sooo need a new bed! My husband and i have been putting it off for a couple of years trying to save for a great bed. I am a massage therapist who needs a lot of sleep and to save my body as much as i can. My wonderful husband needs it even nore than i do he has had back and shoulder issues for years now and a great bed would help greatly.

  314. This might be an answer to my difficulties in sleeping lying down. It has been several years since I have been able to regularly sleep in a bed. My recliner has become my place for rest. But thankfully I am doing better than I was before.

  315. You were right about the Blendtec blender, and the sauna, so I trust your judgement on the intellibed, too. May the right person be chosen. Hope it’s me. ☺

  316. Robyn, I scrolled through many of these comments and some just make me sit back and realize how fortunate I am. I see your response to some, which is yet more proof of how amazing you are. I know you don’t like to be acknowledged and simply do what you do to help all and for that I say thank you.
    I never win anything so took this opportunity to say what I said. Again, thank you from all of us.
    Just in case you pick my name I accept!!!

  317. Congratulations Robyn and Todd for seeing this through! I can only imagine how difficult drinking only green smoothies would be for this long! You look great! This bed sounds amazing. I have thyroid disease so a good nights sleep is only a dream. Scary to think about the off gassing with my bed (now I’m really not going to be able to sleep thinking about that at night). Thanks for all the great information and the mentoring you provide for all of us. You are simply amazing Robyn.

  318. We haven’t had a new mattress since we were married 22 years ago. I know…BAD. So we really need this! Liked and shared on Facebook

  319. I would love to have one of these for myself, but if I win it, it will go to my 36 year old nephew who suffers from major back problems.

  320. I just cannot seem to figure out this sleep thing. Normal for me is 3-4 hrs per night. I am a mother of two small children with a busy active lifestyle. The last time I can recall sleeping through the night was as a 15 yr old teenager. If a different mattress such as intelliBED could aide me in my restlessness,well… I’d consider myself very lucky. 🙂

  321. Since everyone here really wants this bed, I will just cross my fingers and hope it’s me. It never hurts to try and so I am. Thanks to IntelliBed for their generosity.

  322. A king sized bed would be nice! Have a queen generic Temperpedic like mattress that is comfy but probably off gases and that’s not good!

  323. Hi Robyn and crew. I have WANTED everything you were giving away. But I REALLY NEED this prize. Almost ten years ago hurricane Katrina came through and damaged our house. (Yes we had a blue tarp roof for over a year ). When our home was eventually repaired we took the insurance money alotted us for a mattress, head and footboard and put it ALL into a “good mattress” or so we thought. We didn’t buy a head or footboard because we wanted the funds to go for the mattress. (We had been sleeping on a used garage sale mattress). We bought a mattress and it was way better than the used one. However, the more we slept on it the worse we felt. We flipped it, rotated it did everything we were supposed to do. (Mattress pad, special pillows, covers for everything) a chunk of money into this… Money above what ins. Paid. Eventually My husband started sleeping in another room on another old mattress that we had doctored up with toppers on toppers! I sleep on the yucky expensive mattress in our bed room alone. I sleep cross ways on the mattress. It’s better than sleeping the regular way ( looks silly and I have had to take a lot of teasing for it! But hey!! You gotta do what you gotta do!) My spine hurts so badly that my husband will come in in the mornings and rub my back until the pain subsides and I can get up. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hypothyroidism and benign essential tremors. I realize these diseases are not going to be cured by any bed. But they are a daily aggravation. The MOST important thing I want is to be able to have a great nights sleep and be with my husband. It’s been ten years. I would love for us to be together at the end of our day. Thank you.

  324. Wow what a great cause. Just found the challenge link and it is almost over. Hope it is going well. Can’t wait to hear the results.

  325. This is awesome. I sleep on a 6 year old mattress that is not big enough for my wife and I, and neither of us have had a good nights sleep for a long time it seems. My back aches every morning before I go to my job. Having this bed would help my wife and I so much. We both cannot remember what a good night sleep feels like. Its crazy how much a mattress can affect sleep.

  326. An Intellibed – It looks wonderful!! Sounds like my husband and I would finally get a good night sleep. Would love to be picked for this give away. My brother-in-law owns a mattress store and I know he doesn’t have anything that compares to the Intellibed. Love green smoothies by the way!! Thank you, Robyn for all the great recipes. It’s fun to mix so many healthy things together and see what it all taste like. I’ve had cancer twice and have been eating healthier, drinking green smoothies, and using essential oils.

  327. Please pick me!!!! I need good sleep so badly!!!! I have been eyeing an Intellibed ever since you introduced it on your GSG site!!!!

  328. I need an intelliBED because I am a busy, tired, but blessed mother of four little ones, and I need the best quality of sleep possible!

  329. Wow, I have learned so much by these products and about health over the last month. It has been such a great and creative way to raise $. Thank you for sharing your passion and educating us on simple ways to bring health into my family.

  330. My husband and I are on a air mattress right now and then on to a used mattress from a great uncle. This would be a ‘dream’ if we ended up with this.

  331. You are my MENTOR! I’m going to do everything you do ! I believe in you totally. YOU ROCK Thank you, thank you, thank you. Going to tell everyone that will listen about you!! WIN or LOSE I’m following you forever. KEEP IT UP !!

  332. Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the Lord the intellibed is mine to keep
    Learning smoothie tips has been so fun
    Lots of spectacular prizes have been won

    Healthy bloggers have so much
    Knowledge to share
    In an effort to build
    a special school with care

    I have enjoyed all
    the amazing superfood tips
    Adding health and vitality
    to every green sip

    Robin and her friends
    have inspired us all
    To be a part of something bigger
    To answer her heart’s call

    I pray blessings on all of the
    Mothers without Borders
    May the children of Zambia be blessed
    With a school made to order!

  333. what a gift! thank you so much for offering us this chance. We all do so much, have so much running through our minds it’s hard to sleep. I can’t imagine how this intellibed would make our sleeping so much more enjoyable, thank you for this!

  334. I’m really enjoy learning about all these super foods and amazing products. I’m determined to save up for the special alkalizing water device. Thanks again for all you’re doing. Robyn, what is going to be your first meal when you break your 30 days of smoothies?

  335. Y’all, this intellibed is intelligent and has been calling my name! I believe my longstanding sleep issues have not been resolved by my current tempurpedic bed for the reasons mentioned on the intellibed website. I wake up in pain any time I’ve been asleep too long on any side. I need this bed!!!

  336. I have been wanting one of these beds since you first shared it a few months ago. This would be an amazing win. You are almost done. What an amazing journey you have let us all be a part of!

  337. Maybe no more Ambien for SLEEP. Then no more groggy mornings til med. wears off !! Yea.. Thinking about the possibilities makes me too excited to sleep! I might have to have some medicine. Lol

  338. Yo ho, yo ho, an intelliBED for me
    It is a’ time to sleep on
    And dream of what may be

    Yo ho, yo ho, an intelliBED for he
    So we may grow old together
    And sleep so healthily!

    Yo ho, yo ho, tis’ time for r green smoothie
    We’ll wake up in the morn’in
    Ready to conquer the sea

    Yo ho, yo ho, yo ho…
    An’ Cheers to intelliBED!

  339. Sleep! Ahhh… I would love a great night sleep. After 5 kids, I feel constantly sleep deprived. It would be great to have an Intellibed.

  340. I have to put pillows under my back to sleep on my bed and many times I have just slept on the BARE FLOOR. MISERABLE !!!!!!!!!

  341. Ohhh I have desperately wanted this bed for so long. I have a chronic illness with so much pain and would just absolutely be on my knees in gratitude if I won. Thanks for the opportunity.

  342. Man of man this would be so great to sleep on. I’m so sick of my Select Comfort Bed that I wake up every morning on with a back ache. Pick Me Robin, Pick me! Good Luck to whoever wins.

  343. Sending out positive vibes to win such an amazing bed and bring an amazing nights sleep my way from now on in my new bed! Thanks for the chance! So generous!

  344. We so need a new bed. I wake every morning with a backache. Maybe with the IntelliBED I would get a good nights sleep, which my fibromyalgia seems to prevent. Saying a prayer and keeping my fingers crossed.

  345. I have the intelligel pillow and I need the bed to go with it. I have three littles and I am just coming out of the fog of the early years…this would help!

  346. No joke, date night this week was scheduled to be a trip to the Intellibed store to check them out! It sure would be great to be able to have one and save some money!

  347. Would love to win, have purchased two new mattresses within 3 years trying to find one that really gives the support my husband and I both need. Didn’t know about intellibed before the last purchase, may have to save up for one…but would rather win this one!! Thank you Intellibed and Robin for all the great info and for giving away the bed!

  348. Recently We went to the local fair and we were staying in our camp trailer i told the Intelligel salesman that in the night i was going to sneak over to the fair and take a nap. I would love an intelligel!!

  349. I have Fibromyalgia worth chronic daily headaches and a lot of neck and back pain. I would love to see what this bed could do to improve my comfort and sleep.

  350. I have enjoyed this blog and how it supports everyone. Very uplifting. I too would like the IntelliBed. It sounds like a great start to a new beginning as I amstarting a journey of lifestyle changes (food choices, exercise). I am currently significantly over weight because of the lack of energy that I have. My NP attributes the energy change to my sleep apnea (for which I have a CPAP for), and the pain I have while sleeping. I am halfway there by having the CPAP and believe the IntelliBed is just what I need to achieve the sleep that is necessary to achieve the lifestyle I so want and need. Good luck to all!

  351. I know everyone has very legitimate reasons for wanting and needing an intellibed. All I can do is add my story and try not to make it too much of a “woe is me” story and I’ll try not to make it too long. It happened 4 1/2 yrs. ago. I never had any problems with my teeth. But I went in for a sore molar that ended up changing my life. The procedure (root canal and then extraction) damaged a nerve in my gums and I’ve had “toothache” pain ever since. Burning, searing nerve pain…like someone is putting a hot poker stick in there. 24/7…it never stops. After seeing over a dozen practitioners & specialists, no drug, acupuncture treatment, supplement, etc., ever stopped the pain. Good sleep is one of the hardest things for me as you can imagine. My bad back, shoulder tendonitis and neck pain doesn’t even touch what this pain is like! OMG! Sounds like I’m falling apart LOL! My husband and I live on a retirement budget, sleep on a horrible bed and an intellibed has seemed out of reach. But since you offered the group buy again, we went ahead and got out the plastic! I’ve been kind of stressed about how we’re going to pay it back, but at this point, anything that will help me sleep better would be more helpful than you know. Winning that bed would be such a blessing! Then I wouldn’t lose sleep over how to pay it back haha! But either way, I know LIFE is a blessing and I just take it one day at a time. Thanks Robyn for all you do. xo

  352. The intelliBED, one more step in my journey to healthful living. This would be another tool beyond whole food plant based eating that will improve my overall health.

  353. Intellibed – where have you been all my life? A great night’s sleep is something you can’t really put a price tag on. Thanks for introducing us to this product and raising awareness of Mothers Without Borders. A great campaign indeed.

  354. Thank you, Robyn, for all that you do to research, educate and inspire. These giveaways have been fun to watch, and winning the best bed in the world would be a tremendous blessing. Take care!

  355. I need that intelligent bed! My current bed doesn’t remember anything I tell it and it doesn’t even talk to me, and they said it was a memory foam. What a lie.

  356. INTELLIBED means:
    No more insomnia,
    Toxic off-gases – a thing of the past,
    Efficient rest,
    Lots of quality sleep,
    Love my bed,
    Improvment of my health,
    Bedding materials of high quality,
    Energy anew,
    Daily wake up rested in my INTELLIGEL BED!!!!!!!!!!

  357. Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that is attacking my lungs. I have been so blessed and grateful to be alive. Since this illness I have completely changed every aspect of my life- diet & smoothies being a big part of that. I also started researching my mattresses since my lungs are so compromised and because I was sleeping so poorly. I was tired of waking up in pain, being exhausted all the time- even worse after becoming ill-and tired of having go a hard time breathing at night and needing a rescue inhaler and more oxygen at night. I did a lot of research and took a lot of time asking questions. Nobody was more open and transparent than intellibed. In fact they gave me the information and encouraged me to take my time and ask questions. There was no pressure to buy. I bought an intellibed and it has changed my life! Sleep is more important to my body than ever to heal, keep down inflammation and keep me up and active through the day, even with oxygen 24/7! I don’t wake up in pain, I have energy and I don’t have breathing issues any more at night or or when waking up. I know this is all from the well designed, toxic free intellibed. I would love to win the mattress to give to my parents. My mom has horrible scoliosis and it is getting so bad her feet are going numb. My dad also has degenerative disk disease and wakes up in pain. I know the intellibed would change both their sleep and lives for the better and would love to be able to give them the gift of restorative, healthy sleep and reduce their pain. They would never invest in this for themselves. They deserve it and it would be a great way to thank them for being by my side through every step of this difficult illness.