Congratulations, Kathy Clark of Utah on winning the Health Mate Infrared Sauna! I know you will benefit immensely from this product that I love.

We here at GSG were so moved to read the comments this weekend. One of my readers told us that her daughter donated $54—all the money she had saved up—and her mom made up the difference in order to make a $100 contribution. Another reader, with her children, decided to take the back road instead of the toll road to school, and then they would use that saved money to give to a child they are sponsoring in Zambia. These stories of sacrifice have really inspired me and I hope they inspire you, too.  Thank you to all my followers for supporting the cause.

And a BIG THANK YOU to my friend, John Thackeray, for a $500 donation to Mothers Without Borders!

Check out my friends Kirk and Kim Duncan of 3KeyElements, local celebrities who do packed seminars that change people’s lives. Today we have FOUR prizes, so don’t miss the video!

For everyone donating $100 or more to Mothers Without Borders to build our school in Zambia, not only am I matching you $100, but Kirk and Kim are throwing in an amazing gift too…..check it all out here!

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  1. Again! Amazing people that I never knew existed only to be introduced to them by Robyn. Thanks so much. I donated $100 but not sure how to go about receiving those awesome CD’s. Also shared in FB!

  2. Robyn, Thanks for opening all of our eyes to this special need. I donated $100. It is so generous of you to match donations, and all of your friends to offer such awesome gifts for the giveaways. Also can’t wait to hear the Duncans. I can’t believe they each lost 100 pounds.

  3. So many amazing people jumping in on this! Thank you for all the knowledge they each have brought!
    I’m starting some kiefer babies… Can’t wait to start using them for my family

  4. My husband & I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary in December. I would love to win the couples rejuvenation package. We have 3 beautiful children that we pour our heart & soul into therefor we are in desperate need of “us” time! My sweetie & I both work full time, & to avoid our kiddos being in daycare we work opposite schedules. On top of that, my hubby is in school full time. Our time together is so precious that I would welcome additional support from Kirk & Kim to ensure that we are making the most of our limited time together. I want to do some “housekeeping” to ensure that the next 17 years are the best years yet!♡

  5. I LOVED Master Your Influence taken in August with other GSGLife Instructors. I adore Kirk and Kim’s excitement and passion to help others! I want to do this seminar it again with my husband Mike.

    I know it would unify for both of us toward our goals going into retirement and catapulting my GSGLife business together! So looking forward to coming to your beautiful state of Utah again.

    A scholarship would be very much appreciated. Thanks Kirk and Kim for your generosity! I love you guys! (PS – My niece Anna Marie Littlefield says Hello to Kirk and Kim. she says she’s been to your house)

  6. WOW!! Very generous. Looks like some great tools to help get my brain out of this funk I have been stuck in. What you are doing is amazing and motivating. I really appreciate all of the introductions to these generous companies, their products and educational information on the superfoods.

  7. Mother of six growing boys over here. I just started following GSG and now I see there’s even more to it! My family and I are really trying hard to get healthy inside and out! This will be a fun adventure that will have life long benefits. Thanks GSG and all who are involved!

  8. Ok I love the Duncan’s they are amazing. Have really helped change my life as you have Robyn. I want to say if you have mot berm to any of Kim and Kurt’s classes, find a way to go. Thank you Robyn for all the good you are doing. Annd sharing with others. Congratulations Kathy Clark. Enjoy!

  9. Ooooh! This is wonderful! Exactly what I am focusing on in my life right now!!! What generous folks! Thank you, Kirk and Kim, for sharing this with us all!

  10. The Duncan’s are an inspiration. They walk their talk. The classes are well worth attending and then implementing what you learn. Mind and body health. Thank you to all who continue to motivate good people to do good things.

  11. Love, love, love everything Kirk and Kim have done! Powerful tools for changing and shaping lives. And how cool is it that they are gifting everyone who has donated over $100? Kirk and Kim Duncan Rock! – I did my donation of $100 2 days ago 🙂 and
    feel really great about that already!

  12. I have been reading on the Neuroplasticity of the brain via Limbic system and was researching to see if I could speak truth into my children with the aid of essential oils and without having to sit through hours and hours of tapes. I had once tried something with music for my son and it had no effect on him, neither better nor worse. This sounds interesting. ….. Congratulations to Kathy Clark in winning the sauna… You sure are a lucky duck! Interestingly, I had read your testimonial the other day and turns out you won. Congrats. ……….sooo, coconut juice? Do you have a method of fermenting it? How long does it sit before you can use it? Sounds interesting and I would definitely use it in my smoothies…. ….so, I gave up coffee and it was REEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY really hard today because I was having breakfast with my baby and I really wanted one. See whenever we have breakfast one of the things is that I have myself a nice cup of coffee with my meal and it just makes a romantic perfect accent to my meal with my honey (or at least in my mind). Something about the warmth and sweetness of the coffee does it for me. So, my husband just didn’t understand how it affected our occasional weekend ritual. I couldn’t explain it, but I am now thinking it is a mental thing. Most definitely. Any way, I didn’t drink the coffee, but it kind of brought me down that I couldn’t have one, and it kind of brought my husband down as well. But I know I can change that and will some day. I want to focus on the joy of just us. It’ll happen. I know it will.

  13. Wow! Kirk and Kim you are so generous! Thanks Robyn for all you are doing. Wish I was able to donate at this time. I will donate as soon as I’m in a better position to do so.

  14. Thanks for constantly motivating and inspiring me, Robyn. This is another wonderful opportunity to learn more! ❤️

  15. Thanks for introducing us to this great company. I’m looking forward to learning more about their products. Keep up the great work.

  16. The prizes from the Duncans would be so beneficial to our family. This past month I was told by 2 prospective employers that I didn’t get the job because there were a lot of highly qualified people who applied. Not helping my self esteem or paying my bills. At a loss of what I am supposed to be doing.

  17. Congratulations Kathy!!!
    I hope You & Yours enjoy all the benefits from Your Health Mate Infrared Sauna!
    I’m looking forward to buying one as soon as I can, after all else gets paid.

    Nice video today Robyn! Thanks for the additional nutrition tip and resource that Kirk and Kim provide.
    I’m glad to hear all Your Success Stories of Personal Improvement, Growth, Progress and Contribution.
    I’m looking forward to joining Y’all in that, very soon, and encouraging others with that, too.

  18. I’d love to know how you make your coconut juice keifer smoothie! Please list all the ingredients. Thanks for another superfood intro. Thanks also for amazing guests!

  19. Love all your video’s and helpful Superfood tips. 🙂 I don’t know what’s been going on but the last email I got from you was, “My insane love for my Bed”??? I’m traveling with my husband right now and I’ve been reading your Green smoothies Diet book in the car. Both my husband and I are signed up to do the 31 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Can you please check and see why I’m not getting my daily emails from you? I’m glad I scrolled down to the old email this morning and saw this video and give away. Wow would really love to win the couples give away. Love all that you do Robyn to share and your passion for helping so many.

  20. Darn it! I missed this Video yesterday! I am going to donate the $100 bacause I want to help you reach your goal Robyn! Is there any way I can still get the DVD’s from the Duncans for donating?

  21. Robyn, Thank you for this special opportunity and showing us what Mothers Without Borders does. I donated $100 to this cause. It is amazing that Kirk and Kim Duncan lost 100 lbs each. In February 2016, my husband and I will have been married for 18 years. We have three wonderful teenagers all of which are homeschooled. My husband and I own our business and both work full time. So you can imagine the possibility of getting away for a much needed vacation together with no kids. The last time we had vacation time together with no kids was before my oldest was born in 2000. Is there a way to get this video set on a website? As an overweight mother who has 100 lbs to lose, I would be very interested in the video set.

  22. Watching you on this journey for the past couple of weeks has been great for helping so many in need, but I have to say this is my moment – I am in such need for a new bed. This would be a total blessing to win.

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