Next Giveaway TOMORROW!

We are taking a day off today…, one more day to comment for a sauna on yesterday’s blog.

Comment gets an entry, and $100 donation gets matching from me!

Thank you!

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  1. Got to experience this sauna in Switzerland with so many memories of our hikes up the mountain with the goats and drinking water out of a pipe!! So, yes, I would love to win this sauna!!! From your East Coast fan club member!
    How about posting how you guys are doing on the 30 day challenge?

    1. Hi Barbara, miss you!!! I thought you had EVERYTHING I have ever talked about on the GSG blog and newsletter?? Yes, we will next week…..we didn’t want to bore everyone with too much talk about the DETAILS of our little saga! So much to cover in every video!

  2. I am thankful for all the healthy info available on the internet…I appreciate all the knownlege and care you offer to so many. NOW I need time away to sit and detox and think on improving myself. Sitting and pondering in Infrared Sauna would be a dream come true. I so need time away from all the noise in this busy world! Thank you for opportunity to win such a dream!

  3. Your sauna looks amazing!!!! Thank you for all the excellent info I’ve learned following the Green Smoothie Girl. I would LOVE to win the sauna. 🙂

  4. How are you doing Robyn? Please give us a detailed update.
    Also, I am seriously considering taking my 14 year old son and making this trip with you and your troup. I can’t wait for the details.This is a once in a lifetime experience. Who knows maybe it won’t be only once

  5. Would truly love this sauna! My dream is to sit in the sauna while oil pulling and dry brushing. Now that would be good use of time. Still hoping it can help my son. That’s my main wish/want. Love my son.

  6. EVERYONE would love to win this and EVERYONE has the BEST reason why. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in ourselves isn’t it? I donated $100 to help these sweet children and had to fight the thought that it would just get me closer to winning this AMAZING prize. Sad how when I have everything I need to survive and be comfortable it’s hard to see past my own family to the needs of others, huh? This is my life long challenge. – And yes I would still LOVE this amazing health tool 😉

  7. You guys are seriously awesome, I agree with so many others, I would love to know how you guys are doing with the challenge!

    Sending many well wishes!

  8. Can two women get into the sauna instead of 2 men? lol. When I use a steam sauna I usually get a splitting headache. Does the infrared tend to do the same? (ie. make you really hot?) Thanks for your commitment to great health!!

  9. Thanks Robyn for all you do. I use your products almost every day and with all the “health” info out there, I feel I can trust yours. I’m a 2x bc survivor so would REALLY love that sauna.

  10. Enjoy your day off!!! Robyn you can’t play with us like this. My heart was pounding hoping I’d see my name, then I read the email. I could barely sleep last night Lol I’m hoping for another entry for the sauna!! I know it’s a big prize so maybe it’ll give more followers a chance to donate. You really are doing a great thing. Thank you ma’am!!

  11. I cannot wait to hear how much money was raised from this great challenge!! I donated 100.00 yesterday, commented and shared too but I will share again to spread the word! Of course, I would LOVE to win the Infrared Sauna 🙂

  12. Oh, another chance to win a great prize! We are all anxious to hear how well you have done Todd!
    Thanks for all you do to educate us Robyn!

  13. Robyn and Todd, this has been such a great fundraiser/give-away project! Thanks for doing it and keep up the good work, you are almost there!

  14. Definitely would put a sauna to use. Seeing all the benefits for healthy and longevity for using a sauna regularly i would be very blessed to get one.

  15. Just FYI, your video was missed today, but hope you have a great day. Enjoy learning about the “superfoods” too. Thank you. Keep up the great work.

  16. Green smoothies and a spa seem like the perfect start to anyone’s day…..good luck everyone and thanks for the fun.

  17. Such a prize! Robyn, thank you so much for your heart to educate along with a heart to help. You are accomplishing that on two fronts! I was just thinking the other day how valuable the recipe book you created for this event is, not to mention all the tips you have given along the way. I am keen to get the family drinking at least one smoothie a day every day, and that is the best resource! Thank you again. 🙂

  18. Robyn,
    The prizes and product presentations are wonderful but pale to the inspiration you are to us all. I have learned new healthy options that will compliment my families current health regime. Most importantly my heart has been opened to the orphans I didn’t know existed. I love what you and Mother’s Without Borders are accomplishing for these beautiful children. You are providing an awareness that most of
    us would not have encountered. I like how you use your platform for the better good. I am proud of Todd for taking the 30 day smoothie challenge, I am sure it wasn’t easy for him to go cold turkey. I look forward to seeing Todd’s end results and hope he is encouraged to maintain his healthy lifestyle.
    Many Blessings to you both.

  19. Just wanted to say, that I wasn’t thrilled about this give away,because I don’t have the space. But today I tried out one, and read about all the benefits it has, for your well being…now I’ll put it in my bedroom and sleep it if I have to if I win it….seriously! Lol!

  20. This Sauna looks fantastic to try! Please Enjoy your so very much deserved day off! You are such an inspiration, the two of you, bringing so much information to all of us. Gratitute to you!!

  21. You’re amazing and an inspiration to us all.
    Robyn, I actually have a random question. I love your ultimate minerals. I was reading about Humic acid and one thing said that if mixed with water that has been treated with chlorine it gives off a toxic byproduct. Our well water is run through a reverse osmosis system (ionizer I wish). So I’m not worried for myself, but do you know about that? Should it be a concern?

  22. I have looked at these so many times. I have read everthing that Robyn has said and financially just have not been able to do it. I can’t do steam saunas because I can’t breathe in them. I wonder if this would be different?

  23. Oh I hope I get to win. I don’t remember winning anything except at a church Halloween party cakewalk as a child. Good luck especially to Todd, I can’t imagine drinking nothing but green smoothies for 30 days so he is incredibly brave to me. I like the feeling of chewing. Good luck to Robyn too. Although, I think she has a bit of an advantage over Todd being The Green Smoothie Girl .

  24. Sounds like everyone wants to be “in Fred’s” sauna….
    see what I did there?
    Get it? Get it? Ha!
    But no joke, you are doing great work, Robyn. And you have the coolest name ever.

  25. What a wonderful way to spend the winter months that are just around the corner. Thanks for a chance to enter…good luck everyone!

  26. I’m currently on day 5 of the Green Smoothie Girl Detox (this is my 4th time doing the detox, I do it every 6 months) and I NEED this sauna to make my detox experience even better!!! Please pick me!

  27. Robyn, I just recently had my fifth child and I have been following you since my first baby. I have had very healthy babies and pregnancies. I attribute all of that to the things I’ve learned from you! We have moved from Texas, to Utah, and now my husbands work is taking us to Canada. I’m excited but worried about enduring the long, cold winters with five little ones. Winning a sauna would take away all those worries! I would be ever so thankful to be considered! Thanks for all you’ve done for me and my family.

  28. Robyn, I made my donation. I’m a childcare provider. My wee ones have all there needs met- shelter, food, clean water, diapers, medical care, education , toys .. all is taken care of . … all is taken for granted. My kids wanted for nothing. They never experienced a day of hunger. I pray that any one out there (Facebook land), hesitating, will be led to give to this cause. WE CAN make a difference. Cath denluck

  29. All these great prizes and Its all because of you Robyn! You are an inspiration and always provide an abundance of knowledge to those who don’t have the time to research. Haven’t heard much on your journey but I assume you are doing great. Enjoy your day off!

  30. Such a great thing you are doing here, even if I don’t win anything, I admire you in every way. I feel wonderful and it all started with your green smoothies.

  31. I have had a gym membership for a year and love the steam room and sauna. I feel renewed the next day and grateful for the sweat!

  32. Robyn,
    I unlike Barabra, DO NOT have EVERYTHING lol. (I actually don’t have anything) But this wonderful, fabulous,awesome, healthy, beautiful, spectacular, to live for,to scream about SAUNA is a really GREAT start!!!!!! I am a real dumb dumb with all this Facebook and computer stuff. I have been trying to follow “how to win” instructions. If I’m not succeeding, please know it’s not from lack of trying :). I have never blogged before this contest either. Setup my first Facebook account….not sure if it’s correct either. Point is… I’m trying my heart out to win. Thanks for hopefully an entry ticket. Lol

  33. Glad you guys are taking a day off! 🙂 We would certainly love to win this. I am still just in so much awe over what you guys are doing for Mothers Without Borders, and your desire for others to live a healthy lifestyle. You guys are so generous!!

  34. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hi Robyn & Everyone!

    I hadn’t checked out all the info about the Health Mate Infrared Sauna, that You web linked, until tonight.

    It really is amazing!

    Thank You Robyn, for all of Your research on it, and Your experience using it, too,
    and also with so many other great products and info, that we get to learn about from You!

    And Thank You SO MUCH for getting a discount price and extras for the Health Mate Infrared Sauna, and other things in Your GSG Group Buy.

    I am taking Your GSG Ultimate Minerals, and recommend them for everyone!

    I learned that everyone is deficient in essential minerals, because of our depleted agricultural soil, even if we’re eating whole foods of all kinds.

    I also learned that exercise, night sweats, etc., sweat out more minerals, too,
    and that’s why some athletes wind up with health problems — because they do not replenish the minerals.
    So it’s important to increase mineral supplementation for that, above the normal dose.

    And it’s great that You have us covered, as You mentioned in Your Health Mate Infrared Sauna Webinar, with Your GSG Ultimate Minerals, too, that everyone really needs!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, again, for the chance to win this Health Mate Infrared Sauna and so many other great prizes with this Great BlendAid Charity Fund Raiser for the Zambian orphan children!

    And Thanks to Todd & Your Prize Partners, and Blogger Friends and Everyone else who is participating, too!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. Hi Robyn! Wondering if you will be offering a discount on your GSG products? I need to stock up!
    Keep up the great momentum with the smoothies Robyn and Todd!

  36. GSG is really setting the bar in supporting Mothers Without Borders and getting the followers involved! My son has already offered to “house” the sauna in his bathroom! I think this prize needs to have a home in NM! Thanks!

  37. After reading all the good info about an infrared sauna & watching Robyn’s video promotion, I am convinced of the many health benefits it would bring to family and friends. Thank you for sharing it with us. I would love to have one.

  38. I am commenting again to get an extra ticket in the drawing!! I would LOVE to win this to help with my health issues that I am trying to resolve as quickly as possible (3 years and counting) in hopes of having more children! I have wanted a sauna for a long time!!! Also, I will share this on FB!!

    1. Im sorry for so many comments but I just made a $150.00 donation!! I am happy to help Mothers Without Borders and feel especially happy because as my husband and I wait for the opportunity to have another biological child, we feel that we have also been called to adoption!! Although it is hard and comes from tragedy, we feel that it is a true privilege that God has called us to adopt! Thanks for all you do!!

  39. Grateful that you’ve been so generous to everyone out there who has won/will one of the many prizes you’ve been giving away!

  40. I am so excited about this give away! But I am more excited about the difference this “Blendaid” will give to these kids in Zambia! I love what you are doing!!

  41. Thank you Robin for taking us on this journey! I would love to experience the infrared sauna. My dream is to have one. After seeing yours and listening to your video I’m a 100% ready to have one be part of my daily routine. Thank you for this opportunity!

  42. I really would love to win the sauna! So cool! Thanks for all the daily tips, I love them. This daily blog has got me excited about doing green smoothies again which I hadn’t been doing for a long time. I have been feeling better already!

  43. Having Lupus has put me onto the health food “heathy” trail and sauna is part of what I want to add to my tool belt! I forward goodness to us all!

  44. Thanks for taking us on this journey to great health with you. You are such an inspiration to all of us by showing us that one courageous person can make a difference in the lives of so many children. Thank you!

  45. Your are not getting fried, tied or dyed by darker skin from the sun.
    Instead you getting the benefits of the sun without the hassle.
    It’s wonderful!

  46. Hi we were neighbors when I was a little girl I have learned so much from you and have a friend starting to do green smoothies Monday! Yay!! Thank you for sharing the goodness!

  47. This is such an amazing prize! Thank you again for all your knowledge and help with mine and my husband’s journey to wellness! 🙂

  48. The health benefits of Infrared Sauna are numerous! Would love it! Thanks again Robyn for the opportunity to change my health for the better!

  49. Suffering from severe fibromyalgia, along with Diabetes… sleep? What is that? I’m told to get an intelliBed… I have no extra budget decor that. But doing Green Smoothies, and eatingnl green has been beneficial… a bed would complete the dream!

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