Win an Infrared Sauna for Two PLUS I’ll match any $100 donation!

Congratulations, Kent Bickel of Michigan! You won the fourth and final Blendtec!

Thank you, Kent, and everyone else for your donation to Mothers Without Borders. Your dollars will change the life of a child in Zambia.

Today’s prize is my home sanctuary and one of you is about to have one, too. The whole $4,800 two-man Health Mate Infrared Sauna goes to someone giving us some love and support, or asking a question today only. Plus, it will be shipped to you free! Make sure your friends are in the drawing, too. If they’re the winner, they’ll thank you FOR LIFE! And invite you over for a sauna party.

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And, if you donate $100 to Mothers Without Borders, tell us you’ve done so below…..and I WILL MATCH your $100, PLUS you get an extra ticket in today’s drawing!

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  1. Thanks for being such troopers through this green smoothie challenge, and especially for what you are doing for these kids in Africa! I can’t get them out of my mind, and I feel guilty every time I sit down to a big meal or a delicious smoothie, knowing they can only imagine such things. We have such an abundance here–your campaign has made me much more aware and grateful!

  2. If I could wish for ANYTHING for my family it would be this amazing health tool. Why they don’t have one of these in every health club in America is beyond me. Such a great cause to help these special children so far away.

  3. I’m beyond excited to be a part of this organization! I’ve been with your company for only 4 months, but I’ve been doing green smoothies for years now. I’m leading an October green smoothie challenge now and so happy to Germany all my friends and family on this with me via Facebook and Instagram!
    :::cheers::: to day 10 from Veggiegirl! Crossing my fingers that I win this luxury gift that I’ve listed over for years! ♧♡♧♡

  4. GSG – Golly! You are a go-getter from the get-go!!!! Thank you for bringing healthy eating awareness to others and your efforts in Africa.

  5. I drink green smoothies everyday, eat whole foods, practice stress reduction, and exercise. Yet…my stress levels are high (most likely from raising our special needs teenager). He tried a sauna at the state fair a few years back and loved it. Every year during the group buy I read all the information about the saunas and WISH for a way to afford a sauna, but it tends to be out of my budget range (even at the reduced price). Having a sauna would give my family the needed extra boost to remove toxins to help us function better!

  6. Robyn and Todd, this has been a great joy following you on this quest. I wish you the best as you continue with your 30-day challenge. Your dedication and hard work for the Mothers’ Without Borders cause is commendable! Keep up the good work and thank you for all the advice you’ve given us through the years. I am a green smoothie girl because of you. 🙂

  7. You guys can do it! You’re doing great, keep up the good work! Think of all the good you’re doing for the kids in Africa, and for your own bodies, too. You’re awesome!

  8. Boy would love this all the neighbors would be over be great for the arthritis and various ailments my older neighborhood has.

  9. Mothers Without Borders and The Green Smoothie Girl have done what most of us only dream of doing. Thanks for raising awareness and letting us be a small part of a very big life changing project. We can only imagine the good this will bring in the lives of so many. Together we can bring about change!

  10. This is an amazing giveaway!! I have many family members with health problems that could benefit from a sauna party!! Thx for the opportunity.

  11. What a great cause you are doing. I am excited for you and your kids to go help out! This is a great prize! I sure wish more gyms, spas would have these available!

  12. Wow the sauna is a wish of mine to assist in detoxing since there are so many in my family who have died of cancer or have had cancer

  13. I’m going to search for raw apple cider vinegar today! It really doesn’t naturally appeal to me, but after this little lesson, I’ll give it another try. Thanks Robyn! Stay strong!

  14. This is such an amazing giveaway. Thank you! Ever since I did my first detox I found an infrared sauna locally but I’d love one in my home! Thank you!

  15. Would love to have a sauna! Is it okay for teens to use? Is there an amount of apple cider vinegar that would be good to add to say a 10oz smoothie? When you guys made the modifications to the smoothies, was it because of calorie needs or listening to what your body was asking for? I’m finding my body wanting solid food especially grains. How do/did you decide when to push through or adjust? Lots of questions, thanks for persevering guys!

  16. Robyn you and Todd are amazing! Thank you for this campaign and the information it has given me about the children in Zambia, and the additional health superfoods information for me. Keep on going you two!!

  17. This is such a wonderful cause. I have shared it on Facebook too! This would be an amazing health too for my family and friends! Thank you Robyn for raising awareness and for being so generous!

    1. Sandra, thanks, some people aren’t sharing because maybe their chances of winning are higher if they DON’T share, but you’re awesome! XOXO

  18. This would be such and amazing gift to give to my husband for our 17th anniversary tomorrow, he has terrible back problems and this would provide some relief. Keep up the great work you are doing spreading the word for this great cause!! As for a question, I wonder if my green smoothies are as nutritious if I don’t add in protein powder?

  19. Go Todd, go. Hows it going?? Update …? I do have a general question… has anyone used food grade diatomaceous earth? … thanks again Robyn for this platform.. you’re helping so many, and it’s bringing green smoothie-ites. Together to share ideas, tips and support. It’s ALL GOOD ! 🙂

  20. It’s wonderful that you are helping so many of us learn about ways to better health and helping the children in Zambia have an opportunity for an education.

  21. God bless you and Todd for what y’all are doing to help these children!! I am going to donate today and will post again once I am successful with my donation. The site keeps timing out which is a good thing because that means there is lots of traffic on their page!!

  22. First up – so VERY proud of you!! And thank you again for bringing us along in the journey!

    Now…. – this is something we truly do need
    Infrared sauna, we’ve heard, is the key
    Have researched and plotted and dreamed (yes, and screamed)
    Husbands cancer, my issues, it would cut off at the knees!

    Have scoured the neighborhood, none to be found
    Should we win, we’d share it – we’d be honor-bound
    We’d do the electrical, we’d clear space with joy
    (well that last part we’d do, just because, well – just…. ‘oy!)

    Mothers Without Borders is such a great cause
    And being grateful for blessings always does give one pause
    Especially when they’re not easy to see
    (Attitude is a choice we each make, you and me)

    So please, pretty please, should you feel this rhyme worthy
    We’d be grateful beyond words, to win this great beauty
    AAANNNDD – We’ll continue to do all we can, that’s for sure
    And stay positive, stay open, stay grateful, endure.


  23. Thankyou Robyn for doing this for those kids in Africa, what a great example you are to all of us. Those children will really benifit for good for all you are doing for them……..

  24. Good luck everyone! I get so much inspiration from reading everyone’s comments – thanks Green Smoothie Girl for all the good work you do for so many, and for the fun, too.

  25. This is a prize that I would LOVE to win! I have wanted one ever since I first read about them on your blog years ago and even more so now. I found out I have homogeneous mutations for MTHFR C677 which is the most severe MTHFR mutation you can have. This sauna would be a great tool to help me detox my body which is more susceptible than average to toxicities.

  26. Thank you for matching our donations to such a worthy cause. I did donate $100.00 today and love that is like donating $200.00. I would totally LOVE to win this sauna. I have been drooling over it since I discovered your green smoothie page through my wonderful essentrics instructor who introduced me to your incredible products. I use all of them and am having a lot of relief from my medical conditions of arthritis and fibromyalgia. I also struggle with hypothyroidism. I find that I have a lot more energy to do my eccentrics and weight classes. I believe the sauna would help with relieving my symptoms further. Please consider me for your giveaway and thank you for all you do to help us on our journey to becoming more healthy.

    1. Mary, of course we will enter you, and I’m sorry for what you’re going through! I hope for much improvement for you XOXO,

  27. This sounds delightful on a cold winter’s day! Thank you for helping us all to take care of ourselves and others. Are there videos that Mothers Without Borders has produced that I can show my family?

  28. Thank you for all the wonderful people you have introduced and for the work you are doing… You inspire me to be good. You help me remember that there are good people still out there, wanting to help others.
    Keep up the great work, your doing AWESOME!!

  29. It’s been a great ride reading the blogs everyday and keeping up with the challenge. Love all the tips. The infrared sauna sounds amazing!!

  30. Thank you for all of these opportunities to win these wonder prizes and the wealth of knowledge that you have given during these past few weeks.

  31. I have so much weight to lose and I just came through a bout with Breast Cancer so it is very important for me to detox and get rid of the bad in my body. I did not choose to receive treatment after surgery so I am trying to heal naturally. This will be a very important part of that healing and awesome if I won it. Thanks for your work.

  32. If we can’t donate right now, but want to before you go, can we still do so and have it matched? Either way, I want to donate to such a touching and needed cause! <3

    I'd love the sauna, as I've been trying to afford one knowing how much I need to detoxify post cancer treatment, and in hopes that it would help with my health and weight. Struggling to get the weight off even with green smoothies and the detox, I've been so saddened knowing there is something more that my body needs. I've been looking all over the valley for one to get to and use, but I have been unsuccessful. So this would be the most amazing thing to receive. 🙂

  33. This is a first that I have heard about the infrared sauna. Thank you for opening our awareness to all these healthy products.
    I donated $100.00 for the beautiful children.

  34. I don’t know that I could do what you are doing for 30 days! Keep going, you can do it! 🙂 🙂 🙂 would love to win the IR Sauna! What an awesome prize!

  35. Love and support to the Green Smoothie Girl who has changed my eating habits for life! I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I found you. Now I enjoy the most wonderful green smoothies, a healthy lifestyle, and freedom from debilitating Ulcerative Colitis! Thank you for your help in my life’s journey!

  36. Love all you do for others, it is an inspiration to me. Also love your health tips. Can a person use the sauna if they have any heart issues?

    1. Hi Karen, you would want to talk to your doctor of course, but I know many cardiac patients use the sauna as it is very helpful in several ways for strengthening the heart.

    2. Karen, I work for Health Mate Saunas corporate office and I would like to chime in if you don’t mind? Robyn, is right as usual. The term “heart issues” is very vague however there are some known conditions where it is necessary to keep a cool body temperature. A few of them are; abnormal heart rhythms, unstable angina, advanced heart failure and advanced heart valve disease. Always consult your physician but I would challenge you to make sure that your physician even knows what an infrared sauna is before he makes a recommendation. Good luck to you.

  37. Robyn and Todd, you both are amazing and wonderful. Being part of this journey with you and learning about Mothers without Borders has been a beautiful gift. Your commitment, courage and generosity are great examples that bring more love to the world. Thank you! You are so loved.

  38. Such an important cause!! Caring for people is a global responsibility. Our friends just returned from a humanitarian trip to Haiti, and the value of what they had in their backpacks would have been enough to build three nice homes there. I would LOVE to win the infrared spa. I’ve struggled for many years with misdiagnosis of thyroid disease and have worked really hard to return to health through natural means. Your 12 step program, 8 week meal planner, detox program, protein and minerals have been the turning point for my health and my families health. The sauna has been on my wish list for so long, and it would help us so much along our health journey. Thank you for the opportunity!

  39. I bought a blendtec at a Costco several years ago, then went online to find some recipes and came across your site and have been a fan ever since. Can you put the sauna in a basement? Can you disassemble it and take it if you move?

    1. And mine is in my basement. In one of my homes, it was in the garage. In another, the upstairs. Mine is a 3-man, so in EACH place I’ve had to upgrade to 220V…..$400 or so each house, ouch, four different homes I’ve had it in! This 2 man we’re giving away uses a regular outlet.

  40. Robyn and Todd, keep up the good work! Thanks for all your helpful info. I’m actually going to make my own apple cider vinegar this year from what’s leftover when I make applesauce! Re: the sauna, I’m curious… since the sauna effects the cardiovascular system, can it be safely used by someone with slightly high blood pressure and bad knees, instead of running and along with other exercises for total fitness?

  41. I love the gifts you have both brought into our lives. GSG and Todd, you represent all of us and help us realize change from within is possible and that helping others creates change for good in the world. Your journey is reaching around the whole planet and leaving sweet kisses of love to all it touches. Thank you for creating a beautiful future for all of us. We are all winners because of you.

  42. Having used an infared sauna during a detox hosted by GSG, I must admit that this is an amazing prize! After 20 minutes in the sauna, I felt like a new person. Love, Love, Love them!!

  43. You only have a few days left!! You’ve totally got this!
    So how do you plan to transition eating other foods without going back to old habits (especially Todd going back to eating with the family)? How can this a family friendly lifestyle change?

  44. Greatful for my neice introducing me to your class, inviting me and encouraging me to make green smoothies a daily routine. I broke my foot recently and it caused me to have pause, regroup and make whole food eating a priority. Thanks for all the support you give to the community.

  45. You two are doing great and for an excellent cause. Excellent giveaway. Would love to win. Thanks for all you share with us and your great products you have available.

  46. Robin thanks for all you do! I have a lot of inflammation in my body. My body doesn’t want to get rid of my fat and toxins no matter how healthy I eat and all the supplements I try. I believe this sauna would help.

  47. The infrared sauna is an amazing tool for everyone to add to their immunity boosting regime. Thanks for offering this great gift. Your passion to Mothers Without Borders is a witness to your profound wanting to give back for the many blessings received through your many trials.. Thanks so much for all you do!

  48. Green Smoothie Girl was my first introduction to making green smoothies. My kids and grandchildren all love green smoothies! Thanks for all of your helpful information and encouragement! I would LOVE to have an infrared sauna!

  49. I don’t have money to donate or else I would, However, I do post on facebook every day and by word of mouth I let my family and friends know about your cause. So I hope that is good enough for me to win this sauna I could really use it or the bed I have arthur itis and the sauna would help it feel better and my 20yr old bed would be nice to get rid of for a new intelligel bed. Help an aging woman out please.

  50. I’ve been wanting one of these since the first time you mentioned the benefits on your blog. However now I want it even more for my mother who has RA. Are there benefits for autoimmune diseases?

  51. My 10 year old daughter just donated $54 that she had saved up, and I donated the rest to make $100. Thanks for helping such a great cause, let’s get these kids their school!

    1. Bethany OH MY GOODNESS this has struck me so deeply, I am so moved…..texted the GSG team about this. What is your daughter’s name? How did she earn this $54? You must have taught her to be generous. This is incredible! Blessings to you and to her. I am so grateful!

  52. You have done such a great thing to bring awareness to this cause. I give all my love and support that I can possibly give to you while you get to do such amazing things. Until I can do this myself I will live vicariously through you. Thank you! Thank you!

  53. Been a great cause to follow and see the results……I would love this sauna as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have read that these are great for that. I sure notice a difference when I am eating well to. Good luck to all.

  54. Thanks for all you do Robyn and it has been wonderful following this blog every day! Does your BP go lower when you are in the sauna? Are there any contraindications for someone with low BP?

    1. Laurie, I work for Health Mate Saunas corporate office and I would like to chime in if you don’t mind? Infrared sauna therapy dilates blood vessels and reduces the volume of their inner lining which increases circulation and promotes healthy blood pressure. High BP or Low BP, an infrared sauna provides benefits. Hope that helps.

  55. You guys are awesome! It’s such a great cause you are supporting. I have always wanted to travel somewhere to help others. I will do it someday! The sauna is a pretty serious prize! Thanks to all those who have donated these prizes! It been fun entering every day!

  56. Thank you Robyn for ALL you do to teach, inspire, educate and lead us and thousands of others to a whole food plant based lifestyle! My life changed drastically the day I met you for the first time almost three years ago!!! The world needs to know about holistic healing and plant based nutrition!! Thank you again for your years of service and hours and hours of dedication to this cause!! You are truly amazing!!!

  57. How lucky someone will be…this would be thrilling to own.
    Your just amazing Robyn…I literally stand in awe of your generosity and integrity.
    So many people can say, myself included, that their lives are better because of you.

  58. Does a sauna help you burn fat?
    My twin sister and I would love this as well as our children- Thanks Robyn for all that you do!!!

  59. What an amazing cause, I admire your work!!! I didn’t even know infrared saunas existed! This could make such a difference for someone I love very dearly and has limited mobility.

  60. Robyn, We decided to sponsor a child! After we watched your video with your friend who traveled to Zambia. My kids and I decided that if we didn’t take the toll road to school but instead took the back road (which means we have to get up and out the door earlier in the morning) that we could donate that money every month to sponsor a child with the Mothers Without Borders Program! So even though I didn’t donate 100 all at once…we will!!! Thank you! My kids loved the letter and the picture from some of the children! It is fun (well as fun as getting 4 kids out the door can be) to motivate the kids to hurry by yelling…”we need to hurry for our friends in Zambia!!!”
    Thank you for helping us be more aware!

  61. Great tip on raw apple cider vinegar, have not heard of it before.

    Q. How much was raised yesterday?

    Robyn, you are amazing, I keep watching the number for likes and have gone way up since the first week you started the videos.
    Do you have a number in mind for the amount of likes?
    I have only managed to drink 4 smoothies since you started. Motivating myself has been difficult this month. Lost 10 pounds this year from walking & jogging. The last 10 seems impossible.

  62. Thank you for raising awareness for such an amazing cause. It makes me so grateful for all I have been given and appreciate the huge abundance that we are all blessed with. We need to all do more for others, especially these kids who were born in these circumstances. I truly appreciate these daily reminders.

  63. Much more convenient than the Finnish stoke-the-fire models. Betcha can still run out and roll in the snow after sitting in it for a while, though! 🙂

  64. This is the prize I would love the most to win! I’m told it would be helpful for my son to help beat his 10+ year addiction. My hopes and prayers are on this one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Go Robyn and Todd! How many gallons of smoothies are you up to now?
    Wow…this would be amazing to have. I know this would be great for releasing so many toxins.

  66. My husband’s not the biggest fan of green smoothies…but I know he’d love this sauna, that’s for sure! And I would too 🙂

  67. thanks for all the inspiration these past weeks! It’s exactly what I’ve needed. I’m hoping and wishing to win this amazing sauna. I’ve been saving up for this for the last year and an still no where near $4800! Here’s hoping!!!

  68. Kudos for a wonderful awareness campaign so far and many thanks for all the great info! I love the daily super foods (some I know and use, others I have tried, and still others are now on my radar). And thank you not only for the chance to win this infrared sauna but for the great information on infared in general (if you have not watched Robyn’s infared sauna videos, take a look – they are packed full of science and health info).

  69. It is so cool that you’ve put this together and how it helps so many people!!! This would be so fun to win, every year when you do the group buy it deepens my desire for it!!! Thanks Robyn!

  70. The apple cider vinegar and infrared sauna sound like the way to go. I wasn’t aware that vinegar turned alkaline in the body. I stayed away from it because of acid reflux but will definitely introduced it slowly back into my diet. Thank you for the info Robyn.

  71. We have enjoyed watching and participating in the green smoothie challenge journey. So many good things have come out of it. We have been introduced to new products and websites. We have been made aware of the children in Africa. This sauna looks great. It would look great in my house, too. Thank you.

  72. I can only hope to one day make as much of a difference in someone’s life as you are doing with your participation in Mothers Without Borders. We were foster parents for a while back and it was fulfilling but became too painful when we had to return the children. I imagine it must feel great to see the reactions of the children you are helping when they see volunteers with Mothers Without Borders and have hope.

  73. My sauna is my sanctuary too! I love it so much. Whoever wins it you will love it too! And I love you Robyn and thank you for all you do and for all you teach me and have made possible for me to experience in life.

  74. Push forward to your goal, you amazing woman who can move mountains!! “Sometimes when you least expect it, the miracle arrives.” -Kelly King Anderson

  75. Thank you, Robyn for your strength in educating so many, for introducing new companies to us, and for sharing your love of humanity.

  76. Thank you for all you are sharing. First for Mothers without Borders and those precious children. Second for all the super food ideas. Third for the encouragement – if you and Todd and go 30 days on just smoothies, it gives me more motivation to have my breakfast smoothie every day. Fourth for the introduction to so many helpful (and healthful) products. And finally, for the amazing prizes you are using to be a blessing to people.
    You may think you are just doing a quick video each day, but you are having a huge impact on many lives.

  77. I met you about 3 years ago at Creative Health Institute in Michigan. You were such an inspiration then and still today. I drink green smoothies every morning because of that moment of meeting you and the great demo. Love to follow your blog and trust what you write about. Blessing Green Smoothie Girl. Grateful for all that you do.

  78. Having grown up with a gifted carpenter father who was very proud of his Finnish heritage, I was blessed to be very familiar with saunas. They always either had a regular electric or a wood burning sauna heater. I have read of the many amazing benefits of infrared saunas and it is on my dream list, just not in the budget at this time. I would love to win this sauna and be able to relax and sweat my way to better health.
    I have donated $100.00. Thank you for matching everyone’s $100.00 gifts and thank you for the extra chance to win!

  79. Hi Robyn, I very happily donated $100.00 today! Children are so precious and so helpless. I am blessed to be a blessing! I would give you a lot of “smooze” about why I would love the sauna…(who wouldn’t!), but I’m sure there are many more people that need it more than I. Give the kids a hug next summer and tell them God loves them more than they will ever know. Thanks for matching the donation.

  80. This is personally one of my favorites. I travel to an infrared sauna probably about twice a month. Would be so blessed to have one at home!! I have knee troubles that act up, especially when I exercise a lot. One session in the sauna and the pain is gone for a few weeks!! My sister also has been trying to loose weight for several months. She usually works out 6 days a week (half of those with a personal trainer), and has very little success with weight loss. After 6 sessions in the sauna, she has lost 10 pounds already!! I will be definitely donating $100!! Keep up the good work Robin and Todd!!

  81. It would be a dream to go to that level of health with a sauna! I Hope you are doing well with just smoothies. You are the absolute best. I am so fortunate to have found you. Have shared this healthy knowledge with my kids and now my grandsons. We all love smoothies! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. I too had This question when I was pregnant and there is very little info on the internet about it. I ended up emailing health mate with the same question. The sauna is not safe during pregnancy as it does heat up your body temperature which is harmful to the baby. Also it is not safe to use the sauna while breastfeeding as the sauna helps move a ton of toxins that can be transferred into the breast milk. And if you’re asking cuz your prego – Congrats!!

  82. Wow, it sounds almost too good to be true: warm, relaxing, detoxifying, and you loose weight without exercising?!? Teach me how to sweat, too!

  83. What an amazing prize!

    Adding ACV to a green smoothie is intriguing. We like the drink on the side of the Bragg’s bottle.

    You and Todd are awesome – thank you for inspiring and motivating us.

    Here’s a haiku for you:

    Smoothies are yummy
    Adding greens make them better
    Robyn and Todd rock

    1. Thank you, Katie! I think Jess on my staff will be emailing you about your sister’s experience, 10 pounds in 6 sessions, wow! I appreciate your helping us raise money so much!!

  84. I never knew a sauna could do that.
    Very grateful for all you’re doing and the many others supporting this cause. It’s hard to know where to start to help the world sometimes or who to donate to and support. What a better way then starting with children and this trustworthy organization.

  85. Thanks for the great tip on RAW apple cider vinegar. I didn’t know it came in a raw format with probiotics. I’ll go get some today and start adding it to my green smoothies. Is it sold in grocery stores, or only in health food stores?

    I’m really excited about today’s prize. It would be so awesome to win that sauna!!!

  86. Thank you Robyn for keeping us informed on ways to stay healthy. I have been a fan and follower of yours for many years and have wanted an infrared sauna for quite some time. I hope I am the winner of this sauna. You are a Super Awesome person. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  87. I love all the motivation I get from you each and every day. I tell every one I see about you and your work, smoothies and recipes. I already have a place picked out in my home for my sauna. Lol.

  88. Thank you for everything and your team does. Due to your presentation I got into green smoothies had a very healthy pregnancy and now have a very happy healthy 3 year old hooked on to green smoothies.

  89. Robyn and Todd, you have been such an inspiration! Thank you for raising awareness of what is going on beyond our boarders. It has been a dream of mine to own one of these saunas for years!! It would be wonderful to have one to enjoy with family and friends.

  90. I like my green smoothies with a lot of fruit. Is there any way I can get the wonderful texture and flavor of the fruit while also getting all the healthy greens I need also?

    1. Spinach and cucumbers are mild in flavor and have great benefits without compromising the fruity taste as much. Hope that helps some. I used to use kale more but the flavor is much stronger.

  91. My salute to all of you in this participation. Your goals are phenomenal from the sponsors to the participants and all of you are best. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you on our journey together.
    The sauna is a reminder that we need to take the best care of ourselves. We cannot help our neighbors
    and family if we do not take the best care of ourselves.

  92. Robyn – The green smoothie diet works well for you! I think your skin color improved over the last few days! Thank you for the raw apple cider vinegar tip. I read about it a year ago or so (after I did your detox manual protocol) and regularly add about 1-2 teaspoons of it to my salads, smoothies and water (between meals). I also add a drop of one of the essential oils to my water. Do you know if this is a good combination? My question about the infrared sauna concerns its safety inside the house. Does it have to be installed in a bathroom or outdoor area? Would heat or steam damage the ceiling/walls inside the house? – Thanks

    1. Wow, Robyn you have come a long way since our days of watching our boys play super league. You have built a green smoothie empire! Congrats!

    2. Hi lifeclearing…..NO heat escapes, there is no steam, and the heat is completely contained. 🙂 Thanks—my skin changes colors regularly depending on how much I’m playing tennis outside, haha.

  93. Dear Robyn,

    I have absolutely no business financially making a donation at this time – I have two daughters who joined the LDS church when they turned 18 and both decided to go on missions at 19 without any prior plan/savings to do so and I am supporting both of them – BUT what you are doing in this campaign is so amazing that I can’t not donate. Being a mom has been the most fulfilling, significant, challenging, stretching, wonderful calling I can ever imagine having – including the years as a single mom with 4 kids at home. I am so deeply touched by how you are reaching out to children in more difficult situations than most of us can handle. This is the work of an angel on earth. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute $100 to move this work forward.

    Thank you for being a light.

    1. Sherri, that is an amazing sacrifice for you, then, may you be blessed by it, and for supporting your daughters, that’s quite a story, and if you’re a former single mom of 4…’re my sister of course! (Seems to be a permanent condition in my case. 😉 LOVE to you!

  94. This would be a great blessing. I have been disabled due to a back injury and this would help with that. My wife is also a police officer and has been exposed to toxic things in her career dealing with drug homes. Thanks for your education on being healthy

  95. I have been whishing for this for a long time, it wood be fantastic to win it, I can’t believe you are giving it way, my fingers are crossed.

  96. I have been whishing for this for a long time, it wood be fantastic to win it, I can’t believe you are giving it way, my fingers are crossed.

  97. I can’t quit looking at it, and dreaming of it in my home for me to use everyday. thanks for the work you have put into this fund raiser, it can’t me easy. I have been doing the GSG for 3 years now and love it, I have bought your books and products and they are the best

  98. Robyn I have officially DONATED my $100 to this great cause!!! Thank you so much for going in halfsies with me lol. Everything that you and your team have done/will do for those children is beyond selfless. You all will be blessed 10fold. I also shared on FB. Hopefully others will see the blessing in sharing. I have been following this blog since the day before it went live. I have enjoyed watching all the videos and learning every bit of information that you, your guests and Todd have shared. When I opened my email this morning it was like Christmas. THIS is the only prize I truly wanted since I learned about it under your favorite things. It is my favorite thing!!!… Though I haven’t had the opportunity to experience the benefits. The closest one to my home is 2 1/2hrs away. I, like so many others can’t afford it on my own but could benefit soooo much from it. I want it more for my son who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. He needs detoxing. I just know it would help. He is now 10 and has a twin brother who isn’t on the spectrum but has asthma and severe eczema. I’ve tried so many natural things that do help some. This would be a GOD send! I want to see Joshua have the best future possible. I also have a 15 yr old who’s going to undergo surgery for a severe case of pectus excavatum during thanksgiving break. From what I’ve read about the healing benefits, I know this would help him heal as well. I also suffer in the winter/fall from winter solstice. I need this!!!! Lol. Even if I don’t win I’m gonna find some way to get it because I have so many family members, friends and neighbors who could benefit. I am praying so hard for this!! Ok I’ll put up my little violin now.
    Thank you all again for bringing attention to this cause, the gifts, time/effort and videos. I feel you have made us all better people by involving us daily.
    So sorry for this long post but please address how much it costs to help in building. I truly want to know and have asked in a previous post. It’s going to be a beautiful sight to behold!!

    1. Oh my goodness, Candace, I can see why you want this sauna! I hope you win. (I have to stay OUT of drawing the winner because I’m so moved by all the stories, though I do love them, and all of you…..)…..big epic thanks for helping me raise this money. It’s going to go to a great cause.

  99. I think you guys are pretty amazing to be willing to do this challenge for such a great cause. Here’s my question, where will I put the sauna when I win it? 🙂

  100. This has been such an amazing fundraising effort to watch. So impressed not only with what you’ve done but for each person and company that has contributed.

  101. I’ve been inspired to change my life and help many others do the same. Thank you for the continual motivation and education and for giving back by helping out these kids in Africa. What a gift to them!

  102. This is at the top of my wish list! I think this would do wonders to help with poor circulation in one of my legs due to severe nerve damage. Fingers and toes crossed! 🙂

  103. How is Todd doing? Robyn, you seem to be breezIng through the 30-day challenge, which is a testament to the benefit of your healthy lifestyle. I’ve only seen Todd twice and would love to hear more of his experience before things wind down.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway and for introducing me to these cool companies and organizations. My favorite video was when your friend related her experience in Zambia of the little boy who said, “Don’t forget me.”

  104. Robyn, you are an incredible woman with energy that I have only imagined. I love green smoothies and the way I feel when I drink them regularly. I have used an infrared sauna only a couple of times as here the cost is $15 for 15 minutes. It has a real healing affect on my fibromyalgia.
    Thank you for all you are doing for the children in Africa, I pray your mission is a successful one! and thank you for raising awareness regarding our health and the hidden ingredients in everything. We would be at such a loss without your good work. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  105. Thank you Robyn for helping so many others along your journey to good health and being a good role model! I would love to have this sauna in my home to enjoy and open it up to others to use as well!! Todd, I have been thinking about you and encourage you to stay focused on gaining the best health you have ever imagined!

  106. This is the One prize that got me the most excited. So many great things people have been winning though! What an awesome cause!!!!

  107. I have been drooling over this Sauna for ages. I just love it. My husband is finally totally on board with a whole foods diet and I would love to add the benefits of this sauna to our new life! It has been such a treat to watch you guys throughout this journey. You guys are doing such an awesome job for these special children. Keep up the good work It is truly amazing!

  108. You are awesome! The benefits of infrared are too numerous to be mentioned here, I commend you for offering one as a giveaway! Whoever wins it, will be thanking you forever!

  109. Wow! What an example you guys are!! It is not easy to eat healthy when there is so much available to us all the time that isn’t so healthy! You have made a choice to make it happen and to help others see the benefits of doing so!! I have attended your class before and I learned a lot!!! Good health is one of the most underappreciated thing we have….thanks for making a difference!!! Keep up the great work!

  110. Thank you for all of you help and inspiration! I am very interested in having my Africa Club students partner with Mothers Without Borders. I feel there is so much we could, and can, do. I want to know what kind of smoothies you have been using to not be sick-to-death of smoothies by now. I’m sure you are not drinking the same green smoothies every day, several times per day. It would be great to have some different ideas of what we could make.

  111. I love, love, LOVE Bragg’s ACV!
    Last fall I got sick EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH! Once January hit I was tired of it and took matters into my own hands. I used the recipe on the ACV bottle and drank about a quart of that drink every day for many weeks!
    This year I’ve only been sick ONE TIME for about a day and a half.

    With winter approaching you can bet I’m going to be drinking gallons of the ACV drink. Not only did it boost my immune system but my energy SKY ROCKETED!!
    And I hope that after I drink my ACV drink that I’ll be able to hop into that new sauna your giving away, too. =)

    For those of you who are curious, the basic recipe is:
    Stir 1 to 2 tsps Bragg Organic Vinegar
    in 8 oz. Glass Purified Water and (optional) to taste
    1 to 2 tsps Organic Honey, 100% Maple Syrup, Blackstrap Molasses, or 4 drops herb Stevia.

    ***I added the vinegar and honey/maple syrup to a quart of herbal tea (Raspberry or Lemon Grass) then sprinkled in a little cayenne just to make it awesome!

    & Good luck with your Blendaid Campaign, Robyn!!

  112. To win such a gift would be such an inspiration to work on me becoming healthier! Winning would be a dream come true to have this in my home. I have had so many obstacles in my health the past few years and this would be a dream come true! Thank you for allowing me to try the sauna! I seen one of these at a health fair a few years back and trying to win one makes me smile!

  113. Hooray for Todd and Robyn! It is so awesome that you guys are doing this, Thank you so much. And congratulations to all those who have won!

  114. I attended a lecture given by Robyn 2 years ago and since then my life and health has totally turned around. I have told many friends and family about the things I’ve been taught and implemented in my life. My neighbor Greg passed away one month ago due to multiple health issues and eating horribly all his life, Maria (another neighbor) just got diagnosed with cancer, other neighbors are suffering with depression, joint pains and allergies. Everyone is getting on board with drinking more greens and eating more wholesome fresh foods. We are all working together and using the knowledge we gather and share. It feels good to be part of a group that helps and cares for each other. SAUNA for a community!!! …We are so excited to see photos of the new school in Zambia–we know the goal will be reached!!

  115. Green smoothies are so great- keep up the good job of spreading the word. You’re an inspiration that what seems impossible can be done!

  116. What a wonderful way to bring awareness to Mothers Without Borders helping those precious kids in Africa!I would love to have that sauna and experience all the detoxing benefits!

  117. I just gave $100 to MWB.

    Green Smoothies for Blendaid from A to Z
    A is for Acacia powder
    Berries, if you please.
    C is for commenting
    Done with Ease
    F is for Facebook.
    G is for giveaways.
    H is for healthy Ingredients.
    J is for juicy.
    K is for kids.
    L is for Living quarters, a Manor or Nest.
    O is for orphans.
    P is for project.
    Q is for quick to make smoothies.
    R is for a Rad
    T is for tasty.
    U is for united.
    V is for the Very,
    Xceptional, Wonderful Youths of

  118. Robyn, what an AMAZING cause and what great things you do not only to help people learn to be more healthy but also the amazing things you do as a person like this mothers without borders. If I had the ability to go to countries to help build schools or work in a lacking community or donate my time and efforts somehow, I sure would and hope I have the chance someday.

  119. I would love to win this !!! Please please please !!!
    My husband and I have been drinking green smoothies daily since accidently running across your site. Wasn’t even looking for nutritional information. But boy oh boy am I sold on them now. Husband too ! Yea. He’s a nurse and didn’t take care of himself. Go figure. ???? So glad he’s made the switch!
    Anyway, I’m sooo sold on them that I’ll be getting in touch with you or your organization after the contesting is over.
    God Bless Everyone
    Shared, Liked, Commented etc…

  120. On a side note….I’ve been in Robyn’s sauna and they really are amazing! Whoever wins will reap so many health benefits. Again Robyn, your amazing! I’m glad Jodi and Julie were able to Brno out as well….three friends of mine that have started their own, very successful businesses….amazing!

  121. Keep up all the good work! It is amazing to see all the ways people are making a difference in this world. Thank you.

  122. Thanks for the great challenge of drinking green smoothies for a whole month! It’s been interesting to see your journey! I strongly believe green smoothies are so good for you and can affect your health greatly!! What a wonderful mission with helping those in Africa! A group of wonderful young women I work with locally are putting on a shoe drive right now to collect shoes to send to Africa and it has been fun to see their excitement in helping others with so much less than we have. Keep up the great work!!

  123. Well, another great prize and another chance to win! You have given great prizes and thanks for the delicious smoothie recipes. I am addicted to my daily smoothie.

  124. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. It is fun to see how people are stepping up to make a difference. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration !

  125. Thank you for being an ambassador for good health throughout the world! You are making a difference in so many people’s lives. I love my Blendtec blender and green smoothies, and love the health benefits of far infrared saunas. Thank you for this awesome giveaway, and for all the good you are doing with the Mothers Without Borders group.

  126. Robyn, Thank you for your love and care for people around the world (in Africa & here at home). You show us at every event how & why to improve our health, as you have yours. This BlendAid challenge and fund raiser, also is an act of love. Thank you, again, for your generosity! Suzanne Elliott

  127. You guys have done an awesome job with this challenge and are an inspiration to all of us. How are you both feeling? Also liked on facebook.

  128. Sauna? Yes please!! What an amazing treat this would be!! Love hearing all the knew ideas about green smoothies. Thanks for keeping us healthy, and keeping it fun. 🙂

  129. This is the prize I’ve been waiting for. I have wanted an infrared sauna for years. Thank you for all the giveaways and thank you for all the good you are doing in Africa.

  130. You guys and girls are awesome! Thanks for all you do! You’re a great example of service and love. I wish you well with all you do… My question is… So Tod.. How’s the smoothies? Do you enjoy them yet? 🙂 they grow on you… Sometimes. Haha. Good luck with all that! I love the chocolate green smoothies. You should try them sometime! Unless… You already have… 🙂

  131. Fun couple of weeks following your progress, as well as your partnering friends and companies! You are all doing so much to help improve all our lives as well as the sweet children in Africa!

  132. Thank you so much Robyn and everyone helping with this campaign! The children in Zambia are so lucky to have you in their corner. And we are so lucky to be a part of this great work as well! I can’t wait to learn about more ways we can help.

    If we gather school supplies and other needed items how can we get them to you for the children?

  133. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    What a GREAT PRIZE, Robyn!!!

    And A Wonderful Charity Fund Raiser for the Zambian Orphan Children!!!

    And Great Nutrition Tips, too! — I highly recommend You often!

    **** I SHARED this GSG blog website today with 72 email address and 31 text message phone numbers. 🙂

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  134. Such an awesome cause. Thank you for all the awareness you are bringing to Mothers Without Borders!
    Thank you also for helping to motivate me to get clean and get healthy.Love the sauna, it is an amazing giveaway.

  135. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Now that I have that out of me I would just like to say thank you for inspiring me to be more health conscientious. I love what you are doing.

  136. Robyn! What a wonderful prize and such inspiration for your mothers without borders. Great comments so far, have enjoyed the neat things said.

    I LOVE how FIR saunas pull out toxins & heavy metals like dental/vaccine/food-containing mercury, lead, aluminum & toxins from vaccines and chemicals of all types hiding in our bodies. Love how it liquefies cellulite and that stubborn visceral fat without heating our brains! And cancer hates a sauna.

    Love you, Robyn, you’re the best and such a nice example to us all!

    Keep up the good work, you’ve inspired me to drink 1-2 smoothies/day since beginning your challenge and I feel so much better.

  137. What a great way to give to a good cause GSG/Todd/ and sponsors. Todd – keep at it! You are inspiring many people that struggle with changing to a healthy lifestyle (me included!). Sauna and bed are two things I think would help me and then would love to pass the info on to others if it worked. But are too expensive even with the great deals you provide. Thank you though. Question – How much have you raised so far?

  138. An infared sauna? Why yes, I’ll take one of those. I have the perfect spot picked out in my basement. Would love to use this as another detoxing option.

  139. What an amazing product. Thanks for introducing it to us. We are all the better because of it. Here’s hoping today’s my day!

  140. When my immune system pretty much shut down almost 3 years ago, part of my therapy was using an infrared sauna every day. They are amazing and I would LOVE to have one of my own!!

  141. Wow!!! What an amazing giveaway, Robyn!! Thank you for all you do for others…and the chance to win a great prize! God bless!!

  142. Robyn, I am so enjoying watching your progress and having daily (almost!) updates and videos to view….. was missing that as the frequency of blogs and posts dropped the last few years and things have gotten SO busy for you. I am praying, crossing fingers and sending positive intentions that my normally “unlikely to win anything” status changes this time, as this is the one thing I have dreamed about getting and just can’t afford to spring for. Many health issues that could be addressed with infrared currently in my family, so I am happily throwing my hat in the ring for this drawing. P.S. Thanks for sharing and for all you do!

  143. Thanks for all the great information! Love your 12 Steps to Whole Foods Program and all of your products! The sauna looks amazing! How long and how often do you use it to get the benefits?

  144. I love using raw ACV as a natural antibiotic! My aching muscles and overall health would love love LOVE to win this amazing sauna! Thank you for all of the great tips, information and recipes for a healthy and healing life and what a blessing this will all be for the awesome kids in Africa 🙂 (Maybe I can even come help!)

  145. WoW thank you for sharing your month with me! So inspiring! I would love to be apart of your trip next year. So rewarding! GSG Life is the life for me! And I’ve really enjoyed learning about all your tips and tricks, and all your guests and their great offers, and Todd and Robyn… Such amazing examples!! Keep it up! Thank you for your generosity!

  146. I wish these saunas were available in more gyms or spas! Having my own would be so incredible. I would need to make room for it though. Sharing on FB and Pinterest

  147. Thank you for the amazing tips and products! I have found so many great uses for apple cider vinegar but never thought about putting it in my smoothie. I will now! What an incredible giveaway! It would be so beneficial and comforting during the winter temps. I also want to thank you for the great protein powder. I have bought soo many different kinds (I think even on here a while ago) and some were all right, but there were always a couple ingredients that I did not care for. How refreshing to find a delicious protein powder that contains ingredients that I like! I did have a couple questions. 1) Is that protein powder allowed during the detox? and 2) How is Todd doing?
    You guys are amazing! I feel like this month is almost over so quickly, but I’m sure you’re feeling it a little more. 🙂

  148. Oh, I have dreams of owning one of these saunas one day! I am 36 years old and last year I was diagnosed with MS. That diagnosis explains about ten years worth of previously unexplainable medical problems. I am on a journey to heal myself without having to use the intense drug therapies my doctor wants me on. It may sound crazy to some but it feels right to me. We just adopted our first child a few months ago and I want to live a healthy life for and with her! I’ve read a lot about the infrared saunas and think being able to use one regularly would be helpful in my healing. Thank you for what you’re doing for Mothers Without Borders, for all of the helpful healthful tips you’ve been sharing and all of these amazing giveaways you’ve been hosting. You are blessing many lives.

  149. I have never checked a site so often as I have this one! Such wonderful giveaways and all for such a worthy cause. It will be fun to see how clean your blood work will be after this 30 day challenge. I sure would love to win this one!

  150. I have enjoyed every blog and guest. Thank you for bringing us into your world! Also, big thanks for raising awareness for the children. They deserve to have their basic needs met. What a beautiful thing you are doing!

  151. Robyn and Todd you both are an inspiration to see the dedication of striving to live a healthy life. And Robyn I applaud you for your effort and love to help these children to have a better life. Please, keep up the good work.

  152. I would love to have a “sanctuary” like you! Thanks for all that you are doing, it is truly a selfless and heartfelt thing. You’ve also introduced me to a whole new world of smoothies, the green kind, it’s been nearly a year since I started following you, and it’s been very educational, and I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful it’s been for me. Thank you again!

  153. Thank you for offering such a great prize! This would be awesome to win. We’re struggling with behavioral problems with our 3 year old and currently doing some detox with him. It would be nice to have this and have us all regularly detox.

  154. I love Bragg vinegar! Need to start using it like you suggested. I have a question, Where could I get some good extracts/flavors? I want to start making my own kombucha and would like to add some flavor. I love all the products you bring to our attention.

  155. Bless you Robyn…much Love and a Huge Hug for introducing all the WONDER of the “How To?” fix many health issues with Green Smoothies. All your years of hard work and dedication are paying off for you and everyone you touch with the videos, programs, recipes …etc.
    My question as a vegetarian and neophyte to the Green Smoothie 31 day challenge…Green Smoothies period, vegan diet, etc.:
    — If feeling “weak” energy wise and feeling the need for something more…like solid food, veggies, etc. to pick up the energy of the body; especially after going out of the house to do things, shop, work on items needing to be done…IS IT OK to have some veggies, solid food ?? (Dumb question?)
    –or is more Protein supplement needed?
    –Is this “Purification”?
    –How do we do a Quick-Pick-Me-Up for body energy not feel low at times?
    –Is your answer more or next smoothies??

    And…Thank You Robyn for being there/here for us as we transition to our next level of Consciousness and a Sat-Yuga, Golden Age for all Humanity. Your contribution is speeding up our growth, making it easier for us to NATURALLY be Clearer, Healthier, Happier…in some very SIMPLE Ways…easily and effortlessly with just the Right Foods…With “Awareness and Integrity”! ! !
    Your Actions Bless us…and…
    We Bless you in kind! ! !
    (Is it possible to get an emailed Answer…as well as this blog?)

  156. Good luck on the final stretch of your green smoothie challenge! I love the superfood info every day and will miss your videos.

  157. What a great giveaway! Thank you for introducing us to all of these health and wellness tools and for raising our awareness for Mothers without borders.

  158. What an awesome prize! I’d love to win this sauna for my whole family to enjoy the amazing infared health benefits. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful product and websites for better health. My question for you is… you sauna daily? weekly? morning? extra if you are under the weather???? Thanks!

  159. I’ve been waiting for this!!!!! I wanna bake myself in this sauna – not in the 100 degree weather we’ve been having. LOVE Health Mate Sauna!!!!!!

  160. Thank You for all the super food info! Will you be teaching us what you and Todd have used to supplement your green smoothies and why?

  161. Hi Roybn! Been following every day! My parents have an infarared suna that I use each time I visit. They have one because of your wonderful wise words. Would LOVE to have one here in Colorado! It is amazing. Everytime I’m sick it does wonders to bleed the toxins from my sysyem! Thank you again for doing this awesome giveaways!!

  162. Donated $100. Thanks for matching Robyn! Thank You for making us aware of this Great Cause and letting us share and help with it! Best Wishes for you and Todd on this home stretch!!!

  163. Thank you for all you are doing to improve so many lives!! And thank you Traci for the Bragg’s ACV recipe. I already take some every day. I guess I will up my intake:-)

  164. Please, please, please pick me!! I am trying so hard to get well and the sauna would be an EXCELLENT tool to help me SO MUCH In my journey. I have homogeneous mutations for MTHFR C677. I am also hypothyroid and suffer from adrenal fatigue all because of the MTHFR. My husband and I have been hoping for our second baby for almost 3 years. So far I’ve had 1 surgery to remove scar tissue and another to remove an ectopic pregnancy 🙁 The faster I get well the faster I can have another beautiful, healthy baby to be the sibling to our 4 year old!! I have worked so hard to be healthy and have been an avid GSG reader and follower. I have done your detox twice and use your products daily! I will share on Facebook and also donate $100 to Mothers without Borders!!!

  165. I have been to several 3rd world countries and the poverty and living conditions are heartbreaking! Thanks for all you are doing for such a great cause!

  166. Thank you Robyn and Todd. You did an amazing job bring awareness on many levels. As a family we sponsored a child and have inspired us to take a trip with you. This has been a fun journey. Thanks for sharing.

  167. I have been drinking a pint to a quart of green smoothies every day since last December when I took your green smoothie challenge. Then in February I began a six month long yeast free diet, along with the nystatin. But my weight is just staying in the 138-140 range, and my stomach is still bloated. I haven’t been eating sugar all year. I have only been eating whole grains, not much bread, no sugar. Why am I stuck here & why is my stomach bloated? Do you have any suggestions? I am eating a whole foods diet, trying to eat 60-80% raw. What else do I need to do?

  168. Would be so excited to win this! Ever since reading Robyn’s article and researching a little, it would be fabulous to enjoy the benefits.

  169. This week is my 1 year anniversary making green smoothies with GSG products! It has truly been life-changing. The best part is my teenage girls actually ask for them every morning! Never thought I’d see that day. Thanks GSG for being an awesome company with products that are actually good for us!

  170. Awesome effort … I hope someone who needs it will enjoy the sauna. Take a copy of Katrina Blair’s book on 13 international “weeds” that can save the planet. We call them “weeds.” Every where else on the planet, they are basic nutrition and food. And being survivors, these “weeds” also provide soil cover, retaining soil moisture for microbes and soil life. A very important work, IMHO.

  171. Thank your for all the great information and tips. I drink Bragg’s apple cider vinegar with water and honey but never thought of putting it in smoothies. Question: When you put ginger in with an apple cider vinegar drink or in a green smoothie, do you use fresh ginger and how much? would love to win the sauna. I have been wanting one every time you do the group buy. Thank you!

  172. Robyn, Love how you live to help others live healthy! I have had access to one of these saunas for a month and LOVED it.

  173. Wow! Such a powerful tool. I could use the detox and weightless — I rarely sweat (would be nice to activate my sweating/detox through my skin).

    It looks/sounds like it would help address issues with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) too. Do you know?

    Bless you Robyn and Health Mate for your generosity to one blessed winner.

  174. This is so deeply profound. We can’t do enough to learn how to love others and understand just how amazing people are. Thank you to all who are sharing their mother heart with the motherless.

  175. Not sure what I’m going to do once you complete your challenge. Each day I look forward what new information you will share with us. You have inspired me to make better choices with my health and to do more to help others!!

    I shared on FB

  176. I am so proud of you and Todd for sticking this challenge out to the end! And even prouder of you for your giving hearts!

  177. Robyn… I hosted a woman from Ethopia who came to the U.S. for educational opportunities. She shared many stories with me. I feel like I hit the lotto just being born in the US. We have so much to be grateful for. Your energy and dedication is so very commendable!

  178. Thank you for helping to give some motivation and support in having a healthy diet in this crazy world!
    You are inspiring. Your month long challenge is brave and exciting and sounds very difficult but rewarding!
    But even more, your contribution and awareness to mothers without borders is admirable and I am sure that in this life you will never truly know the great difference you have made.

  179. I sincerely appreciate what you guys are doing for Mothers Without Borders, and applaud your generocity for those in need, as well as for those of us who are following your journey. Although I don’t know you, I have been praying for you guys!!! What really strikes me is the sharing of your heart with your viewers-I really feel how important this is to you, and I will continue to pray for you both! Thank you so much for raising the awareness of people who really need our help. Keep it up, only a few days left!! 🙂

  180. The sauna looks heavenly! What a miracle it would be to have one. I have looked into purchasing one before, but alack I fear I shall never be able to afford one. I shall dream.

  181. I was wondering if you are putting on the annual group buy? I think I remember it being during this part of the year before? Thank you for all you have done for me and in turn my family to live a healthier lifestyle. Keep up the good work with the smoothie challenge. You guys are almost there!

  182. Thank You, thank you, thank you for inspiring me not only to make many dramatic life changes that have bettered my health and that of my family, but to see opportunities to share my many blessings with those who ate less fortunate. I have been DREAMING of owning an infrared sauna. I am currently building a new home and I totally put the electrical outlet in for a future sauna! Here’s to hoping that sauna won’t be too far in my future! I shared this on Facebook, Instagram, AND Pinterest!

  183. Robyn, what a great prize for today. I do think winning the sauna would be great for my whole family. My son has autism and I am researching lots and lots of ways to help him. He is 15 now, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop trying to find a way out for him. … I want to say thank you for doing this great blog. I wanted to tell you you gave me the courage to quit coffee, cold turkey. I know it’s so not good for me and on day two of no coffee, I am proud to say that I have no caffeine withdrawl symptoms. … back to today… I wish I had an extra $dollars to donate to the poor children, but I do not. I just wanted to say that you have a heart of gold to do this blog, first of all and secondly to match donations, and educate us all at the same time… all while giving away great prizes.

  184. Robin you are an inspiring women. I was so moved with the Mothers without borders program that I am sponsoring Oliver Mutale. I’m saving up cause I want to go with you next July! God bless you with this endeavor.

  185. Before I discovered green smoothie girl, I had so many bad habits!! Including BIG HAIR!! Tons of hair spray, every aerosol can you can imagine was in the cabinets of my bathroom!! Products galore that clogged my skin and entered my bloodstream I have been dreaming of a sauna to finally get to detox my poor body of all the pollutants!! I’m so grateful for the lecture I first attended in San Diego that brought me to fueling my body with healthy whole foods, now I’m desperate to expel the toxins from within daily!

  186. Your protein powder has been such an incredible blessing to me! I am 35 years old, married, have three little boys (6,4,2) and was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. I went through chemotherapy Jan through May and had a difficult time with nausea. Your protein powder tasted amazing when most foods did not. Thank you for making it as it was a life saver to me! A few of my more natural doctors have recommended getting an infrared sauna and I really want one for my health! It just isn’t in our budget right now with all the other medical expenses. I would be so incredibly thankful to win this!

  187. Ok two things: 1. I never knew about all the benefits of an infared sauna. That’s awesome! Thanks for having all this Info already for us on your blog.
    2. What in the world is in that vinegar? It seriously looks so creepy! I don’t know if I could use it because it would freak me out!

  188. Robyn, I’ve been following you for at least 8 years. I remember talking to you on the phone about my daughter who has crohn’s and you were so concerned and took the time to help find solutions and gave me advice on what you thought could help her. I really appreciated that. Today, I was going through my drawer and found a binder with your 12 steps to whole foods that I had printed off (before you had your book published). I don’t even remember how I stumbled across you but I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being an inspiration fon healthy living, for sharing your passion, and for educating us, oh, and let’s not forget when you showed us how disgusted and repulsed you were by hotdogs on national television in a wife swap episode. Thanks Robyn!

    1. Ah, Kathy, you are a veteran…..thanks for the smiles. Hot dogs are still gross and I still haven’t eaten one since that day 8 years ago!

  189. I meant this to be continued also on the other message I just left–You guys are WONDERFUL in sharing what you have learned!! It so heartwarming!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. I bought some celery for smoothies this week because of one of your tips. I didn’t realize it had some benefits. 🙂 I have have learned some new things and would like to try your products. Thanks for a chance to win.

  191. I would love to win the sauna!!! Robyn do you think you could share some of your recipes for the green smoothies you have been drinking all month???

  192. You guys have been awesome during this challenge. I was a green smoothie girl for a year and a half, but even after all that time I still would get bloated and gassy, tired and no energy from drinking a green smoothie. I feel better without it, I do still eat healthy. Don’t know why that was. Keep it up!

  193. Robin robin your a star! Your doing so much for humanity! Thank you for all you do and continue to do! Certainly am grateful for the updates and tips and research you have done for the greater good. Now about this amazing gift is there anyone who couldn’t improve there over all health with one of these varieties especially over the winter cold and flu season! Yes please fingers crossed ❤️

  194. I love anyone who spreads the word about living healthy abundant lives free of disease or sickness. So thank you for being a great messenger.

    My question, what next after the green smoothie challenge? A winter immune system builder challenge? I will be making tons of brown smoothies this winter,full of chaga tea, gynostemma, medicinal mushrooms and super foods. Pau d’arco and Rehman Nia teas are another winter fav. Hope some will follow me and introduce more probiotics and immune system foods into their daily meals.


  195. I can’t get over these amazing give-a-ways!! Plus, giving to Mothers Without Borders. So much generosity!! I would LOVE to own one of these saunas but haven’t been able to swing it financially so fingers crossed!! I have used them a few times in a spa/salon near my house on a Groupon and WOW was it amazing!!

  196. I have learned so much about using infrared heat from your books Robyn!! You are an amazing wealth of knowledge!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  197. Even though I’m late in the day (or early the next) – I hope I’m not too late!!!! It’s been a very busy day! Up in the middle of the night preparing for a class my husband and I are giving on treating water – making potable water from the nastiest stuff you can collect. We just finished loading the car – doing the class 3 times in one day in 3 different locations! This is the link to our online preparedness manual if you are interested: The sauna looks heavenly. And I’m sending you love and light across the miles right now. You are wonderful to take all of us on this journey with you – we are learning so much. Thank you Robyn and Todd.

  198. You are unstoppable !! It is inspiring to see that you have taken responsible of your health , then your families. You have helped others to get healthly and now are helping those who are unable to help themselves. How wonderful. Blessing others so much. May we all follow in your example. ” We do hard things in this family”. All to the glory of God

  199. Words cannot even begin to express how much I’ve learned over the last few years from Robyn aka Green Smoothie girl and how much I’ve enjoyed watching her and Todd taking this challenge. The info I’ve learned will undoubtedly be a powerful tool in my fight against a very rare form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which I was diagnosed with just 4 short weeks ago at the age of 40. I’m wondering if you can share with readers about the benefit of infrared sauna on the lymphatic system?

    1. Christine, I’m so sorry for what you’ve been going through!! I’ve asked HealthMate Sauna to come on and answer some questions. God bless.

  200. Robyn and Todd you both are truly an inspiration as to what a person can do if they are truly determined. I have so enjoyed watching your journey and learning about your cause. You guys are helping so many. Bless you both.

  201. This is one of my husbands dream items. He has several health issues that this would help. And my mom who lives next door would be able to use it as well to help her. What amazing gift this would be. Whoever wins this is super lucky.

  202. Loved learning about the benefits of raw apple cider vinegar and why it should be raw and not just the regular kind you see in the store.

  203. I’ve used the infrared sauna at my doctors office. I never sweat. Do I still get the same benefits if I’m not sweating?

  204. I really, really, need this. My husband really, really, really needs this, too. We check out the infrared saunas when we go to home shows but I like this one the best! Thank you so much for donating it!

  205. It feels like I already won this, and I’m slowly warming up, feeling the gross toxins seep from my body, I’m in sheer delight. Good luck everyone. Save a spot for me, in the sauna

  206. Oh yeah! This would be the so amazing to win! I’ve tried infrared saunas before, and feel so “filtered” & clean after using them. How cool to have my own for my family, friends, & those I’m teaching/influencing!

  207. As a long time fan, you never cease to amaze me with how much good you are doing for people. Thank you! Someone very lucky and deserving will receive a wonderful gift from you with this sauna. Awesome.

  208. Can you install the sauna outside? I never hardly just sit and relax, taking a nap is relaxing for me, this would be awesome.

  209. That would be awesome to win! Also thanks for the campaign to build a school for the AIDS orphans! That’s an important cause.

  210. I’ve used ACV off and on for years. However, I’ve never heard about using it for dental health. Can you expound on that? Also, how much ACV is a good amount to use daily? Can you use too much?
    As always, I think you’re pretty amazing, Robyn, and what you are doing with Mothers Without Boarders is just phenomenal. You have such a big heart!

  211. Here’s hoping! I have wanted a sauna for so long but it is just not in my budget. Would love the health benefits! Thanks, Robyn for all you do! You’re a shining example.

  212. This would be amazing for some health challenges my family has faced the past few years. Such an amazing tool. Keep up the amazing work Robyn! We are definitely blessed living in America.

  213. Robyn, I’m the last person who would be a fan, but I have to say, I’ve been one of yours for many years now…and you just keep showing why.

  214. What a generous giveaway!! Would love to get the ongoing detox that the infrared sauna offers! Thanks for the opportunities this far

  215. Thanks for all your wealth if education on being healthy and supporting Mothers without Borders. Slowly my wife convinces me to put spinach in my protein smoothies 🙂 This would be such a benifit to have due to my injuries and hope to win. Thanks!

  216. EVERYONE would love to win this and EVERYONE has the BEST reason why. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in ourselves isn’t it? I donated $100 to help these sweet children and had to fight the thought that it would just get me closer to winning this AMAZING prize. Sad how when I have everything I need to survive and be comfortable it’s hard to see past my own family to the needs of others, huh? This is my life long challenge. – And yes I would still LOVE this amazing health tool

    1. Cori, thank you!!! Yes we all have to be reminded about what’s outside our own little world…’s a very BIG world and we can make a difference but we have to be reminded. And then we have to dig deep and make sacrifices. I appreciate yours so much.

  217. I was fortunate to experience the wonderful benefits of an inferred sauna early this year, and for four days in a row. Wow, I couldn’t get enough! Thank you for offering this, and for helping to get the awareness of them out there. What a terrific thing this will be to have…

  218. Using a sauna is an amazing thing to do for your body. Love them. I would love to win. Feel guilty though wanting to win an amazing sauna when so many people are suffering. What your doing is great. Keep up the great work.

  219. I have been a gsg loyal follower for years now! You have helped me and my family so much by your constant inspiration. Winning this infrared sauna would be such a blessing! Hoping!!!….

  220. Another great video! And an awesome giveaway! I would love to have a sauna . Thank you for such amazing opportunities to learn.

  221. I appreciate the superfood info, it’s helping to boost my green smoothie power! I’ve been telling my hubby about the infrared sauna for years and how great it would be for our family.

  222. Living with migraine headaches since high school, besides many allergies and sinus issues. I had looked into this Healthmate infrared sauna at a healthfair a few years back. Being single, owning a home and other bills I wasn’t able to afford. Owning such an item as this…I know it would improve my health and emotional stresses in my everyday life! If wishes were horses…I would be riding ! Someday I do intend to own one!

  223. I really want to take my teenage daughter on the adventure you have planned in Zambia this next summer. It is so wonderful to be a part of making a difference in the lives of others! Which is also why I would love to win this giveaway so I could offer it to friends and family to make a difference in their health!

  224. Oh my gosh! I love Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar! I use it for everything: salad dressing, cleaning-although I often use other vinegar for this, in my bath, in my lemon and ginger drink in the morning, breaks up mucus from allergies and colds, helps with digestive and gut stuff, help with my daughter’s stomach issues…Why haven’t I thought of putting it in my green smoothies? Now I will start doing that. I have to tell you I am trying to make a batch of my own apple cider vinegar from apples from my orchard. It is fermenting now so wish me luck! Thanks Robyn!

  225. Oh my goodness, it would be absolutely AMAZING to have this sauna. Green Smoothie Girl is so generous! Fingers crossed!!! This month has been so great!

  226. This would look amazing in my backyard :). So excited about all of the good work that GSG is doing in the world. It has inspired me to find ways to reach out as well. In fact, my husband and I are starting a t-shirt business that will offer organic and socially inspired designs with uplifting and fun designs. Life your passion and send posiitivity to the world. Way to go GSG and Mothers without Borders!

  227. Would love a sauna. Several people have recommended one for me as well as my Dr. Didn’t even know their was such a thing as an infrared sauna a few months ago. Now I am excited to own one for our whole family to use. Thanks for what you do Robin and God bless.

  228. I used an infrared sauna for awhile at a spa and loved it. Someday I will have one in my home. This has been way fun to follow. Love it!

  229. Wow! This is so cool. I did not know that you eliminate toxins through the skin. So if I spend a lot of time in the sun does that count for anything? Or do the damaging rays out number the positive ones?

  230. Robyn, thank you for all you do to help so many and teach and encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle! You have changed my life and helped me so much with your products and knowledge and encouragement! The minerals make my mind less foggy and more clear and concise. My energy levels go up and I’m less hungry.
    Thank you for helping these children. You are an amazing person! I can’t afford to donate right now my husbands work has suddenly cut way back on his pay and we don’t have money for all our bills and enough food to feed us the past two months, but I know God has a plan so we are working on improving things. Hubby got a part time job delivering pizza recently and just got a better job that will be starting on the 26th. He will be working full time, not commission this time, making $16 an hour. Bless you for all you do for everyone! I am excited to hear how the children are doing after you help them. I love volunteering, so if I can help in any other way than financial please let me know!

  231. I have been wanting an infrared sauna for the last 10 years. It’s something I have been trying to save for because I truely believe will improve my health. I have severe allergic asthma and am starting to have arthritis issues. I’m only 40 years old, but on rainy days I feel about 80. I really love your website and have been following for some time. Thanks for such and awesome giveaway!

  232. Followed on FB (thought I already was??! I think that was GSGLife:) ) and I would like to win sauna for my health recovery! This is pretty amazing. Thanks for doing this!

  233. Robyn I have been looking for a natural remedy for anxiety. Exercise helps a ton, but is there something I can add to a green smoothy to help as well? I’m pretty sure a sauna would help too…lol. 😉

  234. I used to have a regular sauna at home and it was our natural cure.
    I can only imagine how fantastic this can be, Unfortunately we had to leave the country were I grew up and where my family home was but one thing no one can take away from you is your memories, right ?
    Thank you for bringing those back, Robyn.
    Hope you all the best

  235. You guys are in the home stretch! Keep it up! I can barely get myself to drink ONE green smoothie a day, much less live off of them for 30 days. Kudos to you! Can’t wait to hear of all the positive changes you’ve experienced!

  236. What a great way to help everyone touched by your work! Having a two-man sauna would be a dream in our home. It would help us address health issues in a powerful way! Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place!

  237. I also LOVE ACV! I never thought to put it into smoothies though. I feel like I have been severely detoxing for 3 years, many days not being able to leave my house. I know a sauna would be so much better than Epsom salt baths! Are these safe if you suffer from chronic dizziness at times? Would the heat make that worse?

  238. I’m currently on day 5 of the Green Smoothie Girl Detox (this is my 4th time doing the detox, I do it every 6 months) and I NEED this sauna to make my detox experience even better!!! Please pick me!

  239. Our family loves donating to charities around the world and “Mothers Without Borders” is one example where a small amount of money can go a LONG way. I hope Robyn and Todd are not SICK of drinking green smoothies but I’m glad they are doing it and bringing awareness to a huge need. May these precious little souls find a huge measure of happiness as they feel the love and concern of those praying for them.

  240. There once was a girl in Ohio
    Who cried, “What a sauna, Oh-my-oh!”
    As the toxic load lifts,
    She sighs, “What a gift
    For a girl and her kids in Ohio!”

  241. So my question is for Robyn… what is your viewpoint on agave and why? I know there are a lot of people that say it is bad and is like high fructose corn syrup. So, why do you believe what you do and what proof do you have. 🙂

  242. I have learned so much about infrared saunas from this, and looks like I need one! Thanks again Robyn for all you’re doing.

  243. Wow, I just contributed a $100 to Mother Without Borders. What a wonderful idea and the faces of the beautiful children pictured brought a smile to my face. Thank you!

  244. Ahhh….to dream of sitting in a sauna, the cares of the day melting away, drinking a Green Smoothie and a glass of Pellegrino….delightful dream!

    (I donated a $100 to your matching project and posted it.)

  245. Wow! Sounds like you are still going strong and the days are ticking by! How awesome this has been for awareness, fundraising and some very happy winners! I would be so happy to win the Health Mate Infrared Sauna!

  246. What the haywire!!! This is amazing! I can’t believe how incredibly generous you are and have been. Love it and green smoothies for life. I would live in that sauna, I’m sure of it.

  247. I want to win this sauna really really really bad. I love everything about it. i love what your doing for the children in Africa.

  248. This giveaway is to die for! My dream is to have one of these in my home someday soon along with “the shaker” 😉 I am pregnant with twins at the moment and unable to use either, but green smoothies and GSG protein shakes are 2 things that get me through each day. Thanks for educating all of us with your knowledge.

  249. Robyn I am so grateful for your mission to educate others about nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. I have attended your classes and enjoyed your blog posts for years. I have been doing green smoothies for years and growing my organic veggies to nourish my family. I’m so glad you are showcasing Mothers Without Borders and their wonderful mission. I met the founder, Kathy, in Colorado years ago, and loved the work she was doing in Africa where my son was serving. Thanks you for the good you are doing. I am so excited for the opportunity to win a Health Mate Infrared Sauna to help my husband and family with our healing. I know that whoever wins will be blessed by this generous gift of health. Thanks!

  250. Did I mention I shared on Facebook? Because I did and I now have four more friends following this awesome campaign. SWEET HUH!

  251. My wife and I support orphanage in Uganda and we have donated $200 to Mothers Without Borders since you started the 30 day green smoothie challenge. We enjoy green smoothies every day, workout and try to eat healthy. The Infrared Sauna would really compliment our lifestyle and would be a great addition to the house. Robyn keep up the wonderful work you are doing in Zambia … I can tell you are really committed to make a difference for the children as we are in Uganda. God Bess You and all of your supporters.

  252. I love that you are giving us knowledge on healthy foods and products so that we can improve our lives, and you are giving us the opportunity to improve the lives of others. It’s a win win! Thank you!

  253. Robyn and Todd, you’re amazing. I couldn’t imagine having to go hungry like these orphaned children, or live on only green smoothies for a month. Thanks for spreading the message of health and hope. My husband and I have tried everything to clear some decades-old skin conditions, and my dad is fighting cancer; I feel that this would be the answer to that healing. I would be the luckiest girl in the universe to have an infared sauna, and would share it with all my extended family and friends (letting them know all about you and green smoothies while they’re soaking in the healing and detoxing infared wink wink). Liked, shared, and followed! Thanks for everything!!

  254. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh..I’ve wanted an infrared sauna for the looongest time- this would be AMAZING to win!! Thank you for what you are doing for these kids in Africa and also for your YT channel, I have learned so much about taking charge of my health!

  255. Thank you for all you do to put yourself out there to share about better health! I hope to win the intellibed and sauna!!! I’ve been saving for both for over a year now…and still saving!

  256. I finally have been able to get on to Facebook and participate in the challenge.
    Thank you Robyn for passing on all your nutrition research to people like me who have concerns but just do not have the time to dive in to the loads of info out there!
    And thank you for what you are doing to help out the kids in Africa! We take so much for granted in America. This is a good reminder to be grateful for what I have!

  257. Thanks for educating people on how to be healthier. I am dealing with my own health prob right now. The sauna would be an amazing gift and It would definately benefit my health.

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