Today is your LAST CHANCE to win a Blendtec!

Congratulations to Carol Mora of Arizona! Even that rhymes (a little)!

Carol, thanks for participating and submitting an awesome rhyme encouraging Todd to keep up the good work. We hope you LOVE your new Blendtec! See her comment below.

And can you believe  I am giving away a surprise FOURTH and FINAL Blendtec? This one is a demo refurbished one. Still fabulous and looks brand new.

And the entries today are ANYONE who gives a donation of $15 or more to Mothers Without Borders! Scroll toward the bottom of our BlendAid page and click “Donate.” Tell us you did below.

And THANK YOU for supporting our cause—building a school for AIDS orphans. We would be so grateful if you skipped your latte for a few days and instead gave that money to some children in Africa you haven’t met but who don’t have the privileges our kids have. Today, everyone gets a personal reply on the blog.

Thank you and I LOVE YOU! Go Go Go! (Even if you donated in the past 3 weeks of this campaign, including at a Roxberry store, tell us here and it counts!)

Carol’s comment:

To the tune of “On Top of Old Smoky”:
On top of the counter
And into the frig
We find our friend To-odd
Who wants a new bod.
He gave up the caffeines
And replaced it with greens
We hope this new lifestyle
Will last for awhile

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  1. Just made my donation. There must be lots of people donating because it took a long time for the site to come up. Yeah!!

  2. Blendtec is the best! We got one for each of my 3 college kids when they moved out. My fourth doesn’t have one yet. This would be perfect for us!

  3. Robyn, I tried to donate on MWB website, but the donate page wouldn’t kick in. I left it up for a long time. Any suggestions?

  4. I’m determined to win a BlendAid, just like all these other smart people. I may not win but some other wonderful person will.

  5. Donation made! That’s sure a lot easier for me than creating a poem 🙂 Thanks Robyn!!! Keep going Todd! You can do it!!

  6. I just made a donation to go toward the building of the school for AIDS orphans. I encourage all to do the same. I had the opportunity to conduct humanitarian projects in the country of Cambodia when I lived in Singapore. All orphans suffer for sure but those with AIDS suffer more because they are considered terminal. The food in the orphanages was rationed for the “healthier” orphans and then the AIDS children got even less. They lived separate from the others in cement white-washed rooms with no stimulation and little human interaction. Our group hired an artist and he painted murals on the walls and we hired more caregivers so those who were near death could have food if they wanted it and loving human interaction so they could pass with dignity. The little we could do made all of the difference and their countenances were brighter despite the terrible disease. I can do without a Blendtec but these littles ones won’t make it without their basic needs met. Please do what you can to help. Thank you Robyn for giving us this opportunity to bless the lives of others!

  7. Don’t know what I’d do without my BlendTec. I’ve loved it for about 5 years now. It works great still, but everyone has to cover their ears when we turn it on. It’s been extremely noisy since my husband put a big jar of Adam’s Peanut Butter in to blend it up instead of stirring it up on his own. Can’t blame him, but our BlendTec sure didn’t like it much!

  8. Wow! Another chance to win a Blendtec blender! You guys are so generous! Excited to see the progress of the new school in Zambia as well next year and all the lives it helps to change! Blessings!

  9. Thank you for the chance to learn about this great organization and to be nudged to take action and donate. It took me a minute to find the link to donate, but I finally found it!

  10. I donated! I would also love some suggestions for incorporating Mothers Without Borders into our Christmas. With five children, our house is so full of “stuff” that I would really like to do something different this year.

  11. Thank you Jennifer. It worked! I donated Robyn. Boy, I sure could use that blender. Thank you for reminding all of us about the importance of helping and providing this very worthwhile opportunity to make a difference.

  12. I donated! This is a great cause. I visited Kenya in the late 90s and we visited schools there and were so overwhelmed by what great they did with what little they had. We came back and got donations of books that our local school district’s were throwing away to ship over there, it was better than any book they had onsite, and was a great way to recycle. If things work out, I would love to visit with the GSG once the trip is announced!

  13. Robyn you are an inspiration. You have given so freely what you have learned, educating us to live healthier lives. Thank you.

  14. Thank you so much for setting the example of doing the smoothies for 30 days. It has helped me get back on track myself. I sure would love a Blendtec to do my GSG Life Classes with.

  15. I made a donation after watching the video you posted with your friend who went to Zambia. This is such a great cause!! I hope you’re able to raise the full punt needed to build a school for these kids!

  16. Thank you for another Blendtec chance! No videos for a few days. Are you doing OK? I hope all is well in smoothie land!

  17. Blendtec is the best! Thank you for serving others by helping in Africa and sharing healthy living online. Blessings!

  18. Hopeful for a blendtec. Don’t own the best blender but I still LOVE making green smoothies, and have stuck with it. This would be a huge help!

  19. Thank you, Robyn, for making us aware of this need and opportunity to help. I’ve donated and now will wait to see if I’ve won this Blendtec. I know everybody else wants it too, but I sure hope to see my name as the winner tomorrow!

  20. Thank you for the fourth opportunity to win this fabulous prize. Maybe this fourth try might be the lucky one to win this blendtec for making smoothies for my four little ones!! 4 for 4…
    You guys are doing so great! Keep up the good work:)

  21. Yay! Another chance to win! So excited! I dream of having the tools to have a healthier life style, so I can have the energy to better support my military hubby. 🙂

  22. I donated! Thanks for the oportunity and will give away if I win. I know the perfect person who would use it in her new home! Thanks for all the great introductions to blogs and new ideas.

  23. I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family, with out BlendTec smoothie have a drink or two. Oops I slipped some vodka through.

  24. I would love to win the Blendtec. I am a smoothie drinking cancer survivor and am helping a single dad of 4 girls get healthier with smoothies. I would give the blender to them. The oldest daughter (8) has leukemia. This blender would be such a blessing to them. Thanks!

  25. Good luck with your donations. Even though it was a small donation, I hope it will make an impact as a whole. Thank you for your challenges so that we may challenge ourselves.

  26. My husband and several children have health issues that I am determined to help alleviate and I am so happy to have found I am SO impressed with your efforts at not just helping people improve their health through your website, but in helping Mothers Without Borders. Of course, I would LOVE a Blendtec with fresh ingredients, instead of always, every morning, using my daughter’s $20 blender with my frozen banana and meal replacement and running it ragged. I am definitely watching this blog.

  27. A blendtec would really help me get more greens in my diet and to gain some much needed weight. Thanks for all you are doing!

  28. Wow another chance! God is Good! Good luck to us all! We have already been blessed by all the helpful and kindly people on this blog. Looking foreward to pictures of the new school next year !!!

  29. I donated as well. Such a great cause! I had a blender and I donated to a friend who didn’t have one. She wanted to make smoothies for her kids and couldn’t afford any blender at all- so I gave her mine. Now I would love to win the refurbished one so I can get back to making my own. Thanks again for all you are doing for all of us!

  30. With enthusiasm and heart felt gratitude…donation just made (order #835). Thank you Robyn and Todd for inspiring us all with healthy tips, honesty in hardship and hope for others on the other side of the world.

  31. I donated. Thank you Robyn for your humanitarian love of others. It’s evident with your sharing your knowledge of nutrition and also with those who can’t help themselves. There’s a special reward for you 🙂

  32. Loved your video. Can’t wait for the recipes to get started. What a great way to raise money for AIDS victims and get healthy at the same time. Kudo’s

  33. I know many people who have been participating in the Green Smoothy Girl giveaways have HUGE hearts & want to help with a good cause, but don’t know where to start. They want to make sure that their hard earned money is really going to help & not in an organizations back pocket. I totally feel the same way! My 15-year-old son & I have been to Zambia & worked with MWB. We’ve seen 1st hand how donations are being used to change these amazing children’s lives. I made a donation today, & you can too, just click on the donation link below & “be the change” today! Robyn special thanks to you, Todd, & all of your fellow bloggers for the chance to win fabulous prizes, & more importantly for raising awareness!♡

  34. Been a bit nervous about doing this, got a slow start a week ago, from the first Green Smoothie: lightness all over, zero lower back pain that has been going on 2 months plus; some doubts, no strong cravings…particularly for sweets (went shopping at Walmart, dared to go test myself by going thru the Gauntlet of the Ice Cream aisle with “Eyes Open” and to my surprise “Silence” there was no strong urge, desire/craving, my stomach did not leap/lunge forward telling me it “Had to have this”. Am finding this an interesting adventure. Weighed myself on the 4th day and was Shocked to find I lost about 6 lbs. Now, going for more to lose…Thanks Robyn you certainly give us Inspiration and Courage to keep on… Blessings to all on this Voyage! ! ! (PS. I’m still pinching myself to check if it is All Real???)

  35. Our Blendtec is at the end of it’s life, to no fault of it’s own, we just use it and love it so much that it’s ready to be retired! We’d love to replace it with another awesome Blendtec…..because we all know, once you go Blendtec, you can’t go back!:-)

  36. Thank you so much for everything you are doing, Robyn. You are a wonderful example in many ways. Besides all the green smoothie tips and other things I have learned from you, the thing that touched me the most was when you posted the video where you talked about being able to forgive someone who had wronged you. You had to make the choice–and I’m sure it was not easy to leave that behind and move forward. And thank you so much for the Blendtec–I started crying when I read that I won. I am so grateful. I teach 6th grade, which I love, but it can sometimes be a thankless job. It’s so wonderful to win something and feel appreciated. My students will benefit because a happy teacher=happy students!! Now I can put to rest my $30 Black & Decker blender that makes chunky green smoothies (that I love anyway). I tried donating on two different devices but was not able to get through–I’ll try again tomorrow.

  37. Waiting for the site to accept my donation. Also, pressed like in 2 places. I had the opportunity to visit Zimbabwe with my cousin who is a Doctor Without Borders. He was helping with research on why AIDS is growing in Africa and decreasing all over the rest of the world.

  38. Thank You Robyn!
    Thank You Todd!
    Thank You Mothers Without Borders!
    Thank You All of The GSG Staff and BlendAid Partners!
    And Thank Y’all who are Donating and Following GSG BlendAid! — Good Luck!
    And Prayers and Blessings for the Zambian Orphan Children and Everyone else who is in need.

  39. Congratulations to all the winners of previous BlendTec giveaways!

    And way to go Robyn & Todd for doing a Green Smoothies feast for 30 days. So inspiring!

  40. A couple years ago I was having gut issues. I reached out to Robyn about it and she told me adding more diverse veggies in my smoothie would help and…IT DID! I no longer have the major gut problems I was experiencing. Thanks Robyn

  41. Would love to have one of these in my kitchen. I make smoothies every morning and this would be great to use for that.

  42. I think the blendtec machine looks like a fabulous machine. So will Todd as he continues to blend green smoothies as he builds his bod.

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