It’s a Blendtec Three-peat!

Blendted Designer Series Touchscreen

Congratulations to Jill Guzzo of Las Vegas, NV, who won the second Blendtec!

Jill won the prize with a RHYMING comment (see below).

TODAY’S prize……yes, ANOTHER Blendtec! My readers must be destined to drink green smoothies for life from GSG & Blendtec! 💓💓💓 Man, life is rich around here . . .

But there’s a catch! You get TWO extra entries in the drawing if your comment RHYMES and encourages TODD to adopt a green smoothie habit for LIFE!

So, it’s up to you! ONE entry for any ordinary comment. THREE entries for an entry encouraging Todd that rhymes!! Go!

Here is Jill’s winning comment:

Everyone has such great tips, I love all the help! My tip comes to the tune of ‘If you chance to meet a frown’ Sing along people….

If you blend your greens each day, mix it with some flax,

your hair will shine, your nails will look fine, you’ll fly through all your tasks!

No one likes a ‘hangry’ mom, so add some protein in,

plant based vanilla, organic and raw, is a recipe for the win!!

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  1. Tod is a rod… But if we wants to maintain that figure, he’ll want to configure the buttons on that blend tec and not wreck as he makes a green smoothie like the Green Smootnie Girl does! She’s a pro and gives good advice! That goes well with this great device.

  2. Green smoothies so nutritious, very green and so delicious. This is your call Todd, to make a huge difference for your bod! So get aboard the green smoothie wagon for life, so later on your world won’t be filled with strife. (Lol)

  3. Popeye ate spinach out of a can,
    But you can do much better man!
    Add fruit and some ice,
    It will blend up so nice.
    Be a green smoothie lifelong fan!

  4. I would love to win a blend tec heard and seen so much about it but its a little pricey for my budget right now. only way I will get one is to win one 🙂

  5. There once was a guy named Todd…
    Who thought green smoothies were odd.
    He gave them a try,
    Had results he could not deny,
    And is loving his new healthy bod!

  6. Todd, oh Todd! Green smoothies are the way to go; don’t you know? Packed with great nutrition, they’ll give your body ammunition. Begin today & we’ll all shout hurray!

  7. Todd- Oh the places you’ll go
    With a green smoothie in hand
    Your health will be stellar
    Your life will be grand!
    To the top of a mountain
    To the depths of the sea…
    Adventure awaits
    With each sip of a smoothie.
    You may not be eating,
    but drink them you must!
    For a WONDERFUL cause-
    green smoothies or bust!

  8. You will be so fit
    If you decide to go for it
    You can be so healthy
    Saving junk food money
    You might get wealthy!
    Green smoothies are the way to go
    Green smoothie girl really knows!

  9. A pineapple, a parsley, a Blend Tec,
    all went up the hill,
    to make a nutritious smoothie,
    Tod drank it quick so there wasn’t a spill!
    His muscles grew stronger, his waist more lean,
    he pledged to be a smoothie boy forever,
    and Soon his friends and family were also keen!

  10. Todd you’ve got all you need to be a success.
    You’ve got Robyn, now you’re rockin with the best.
    It’s not a race, it’s for life so no need to drink the whole case.
    Ideas galore is what she gave, so start up that blendtec, and make those fat cells behave!
    Won’t you feel great being known as Todd the Bod
    What more motivation do you need to become a green smoothie God!!
    cheers to you both(green smoothie) of course lol

  11. Smoothies have punch, try one for lunch. Smoothies have kick, just take your pick! Pack it with green, to keep you lean! No more junk, keep away the gunk! No going back, stay on track! I’m so proud, gonna shout out loud! Congrats! Way to go!

  12. There once was a man named Todd.
    This poem to him gives a nod.
    To help those in strive-
    He chose green smoothies for life…
    Which helped him take care of his bod.

  13. Thanks for another chance to win a BlendTec! Green Smoothies taste great when they are truly smooth, and look much better too!

  14. No more Rockstars for Tod
    He will drink his green smoothies and nod
    Saying im going to drink these for life
    Without any pain or strife

  15. After daily drinking green smoothies
    and feeling so fine,
    Todd was heard singing,
    I just love this body of mine!

  16. The best green smoothies are made in a good blender. I started with a Magic bullet and had a hard time liking the green smoothies because of texture. We’ve moved up to a ninja which is better, but of I had a blendtec I might actually get my husband on board!

  17. Todd, Drink a green smoothie every morning and soon you will be adoring
    this healthy sweet treat –
    the nutrition can’t be beat!

  18. Todd can do it, yes he can!
    Drink green smoothies, he’s ‘da man.

    Mama needs a new Blendtec,
    Please pick me before I scream, “Oh, Heck!”

  19. There once was a blender named BlendTec,
    That changed Todd’s life from a nutritional train wreck!
    He drank smoothies each day,
    Which gave him energy to play,
    Now he will always have a great health check!

  20. Todd, Todd, Todd… you are no Olympic god. Mortal men must eat their veggies to better their bellies. So fill that blender to the top and let’s start this green smoothie machine shop!

  21. Some Blendtecs are red,
    Blueberries aren’t blue.
    Todd, keep up the green smoothies,
    You’ll look & feel better than new!

  22. We struggle sometimes to guzzle it down,
    Our goblet of green or purple or brown,
    And while less aromatic than a sizzle of bacon,
    It sure moves along the poop that you’re makin’!
    Less glamorous than the pursuit of wealth
    Is the foundation of life, our colon health 😉
    So BOTTOMS UP! With the fibrous glass,
    Unless you want an -oscopy scope up your (ahem),
    Finding pockets of mucousy, old rotten poo.
    I’ll take a smoothie over that, wouldn’t you?
    Enjoy 🙂

  23. Todd,
    You may find it odd
    Drinking Green Smoothies all day
    While the pounds slip away
    And you keep the Monster at bay.
    But in the end you will find
    A clearer mind,
    That the headaches are gone,
    New clothes you will don,
    Your health will blossom,
    And those bad foods you will toss ‘em
    All because you gave green drinks a whirl
    With the Green Smoothie Girl!

  24. Todd has been beaten, by all that he’s eaten, but no he will never despair..with a blend tec and smoothies…his life will become groovy and his body will be lighter than air…. Please choose me lol….Id love to win.

    1. He’s good! I try not to make him come over every day since he’s President of a company and all…..he lives pretty far from me……but he’s GOOD and I can’t wait till he’s over next time because he’s done great!

  25. OmG, I love my Blendtec and would LOVE to win one for my hubby so he can keep it at the firehouse (yes, he’s a fireman…well, technically he’s a fire Captain 😉 Those boys need to drink some good for you greens too!!

  26. Green smoothies are so fine, they’re so fine they’ll blow your mind, Hey Todd, Hey Todd.
    Sugar, soda, and junk food have been around too long
    With greens, fruits and veggies you definitely can’t go wrong.
    Keep guzzling down those smoothies and you’ll be healthy and strong.
    Green smoothies are so fine, they’re so fine they’ll blow your mind, Hey Todd, Hey Todd.

  27. Thanks for another awesome giveaway! And thanks for this idea for the rhymes! I got some great tips yesterday, and today it’s all laughs! Good luck everyone.

  28. There once was a man named Todd,
    who’s life was dull and but not odd
    Then with the smoothies of green
    He became quite serene
    And decided it was quite fun to be odd 😉

  29. Oh my word, someone is going to be SO blessed today! There really isn’t even another good way to prepare smoothies than in a Blendtec!

  30. Go Todd, Go Todd Go
    Drink those Smoothies
    Watch life grow, with the flow
    of those wonderfully yummy green Smoothies

  31. Drinking green smoothies are not just a fad!
    Rod you can do it to make your body so rad!
    We hear all the time you are what you eat!
    All the way from our head to our feet!
    30 days of green smoothies should be a lesson to call!!
    If Rod can do it- shouldn’t we ALL!!!

    GO ROD!!! 🙂

  32. Tom-tom. That is hostage and get just get call call call. Then this hostage and get just get change it then as it was. That’s the green smoothie call.

  33. Hooray……I still have a chance to win and show off some poetic talent as well:

    An ODE to TODD

    If I were a guy named TODD
    I would eat more things grown in sod
    Avoiding all the nasty chemical things
    That modern day food mostly brings

    A living diet to change up his life
    Avoiding weight gain and everyday strife
    With Robyn’s advice he will win
    His life and good outlook again

  34. In order to have a healthy bod,
    Green smoothies are the answer, Todd.
    Don’t ever give up or even pause,
    Since great health is an excellent cause!

  35. Drinking green smoothies are not just a fad!
    Todd you can do it to make your body so rad!
    We hear all the time you are what you eat!
    All the way from our head to our feet!
    30 days of green smoothies should be a lesson to call!!
    If Rod can do it- shouldn’t we ALL!!!

    GO TODD!!! 🙂

  36. I am sam sam I am would you like green smoothies and yams
    no sam I would not like green smoothie’s and yams I do not like them sam I am
    Would you like them in your house would you like them with a mouse
    no I would not like them in a house I would not like them with a mouse.
    would eat them in the rain
    I could not would not in the rain not in a car not on a train.
    You do not like them so you see try them try them you will see
    Sam if you will will let me be I will try them you will see
    ( slurp munch munch)
    say I like green smoothies and Yams I do I like them Sam I am
    and I will it them with a house I will eat them with a mouse I will
    eat them in the rain and in a car and on a train
    I do I like them Sam I am
    Thank you… Thank you
    thank you thank you Sam I am

  37. Todd, Todd, he is our man,
    He used to eat Spam and Rockstar from a can,
    Until he met our smoothie girl,
    And decided to give this green stuff a whirl.
    Now he walks around with a big ‘ol glow,
    Because on his face, the smoothies show.
    He loves his new-found energy and life,
    Because he no longer feels any strife!

  38. sounds fun…but I’m a busy homeschool mom of 2 that is lacking in time to rhyme. So, I’ll just say to Todd…drink a green smoothie everyday…it will make you feel great in every way!
    It sure changed our lives….:)

  39. You’ve been doing just great
    So each morning don’t wait!
    Put a green smoothie in your bod
    And you won’t be sorry, Todd!

  40. Todd can rock the green smoothie look
    And he doesn’t even have to learn how to cook.
    Greens, greens and little bit of fruit
    You can even throw in some maca root
    Blend it, blend it in your awesome Blendtec
    Now you can write Mothers Without Borders a check

  41. Hey there mr. Todd! If you want a healthy bod, keep on blending, and God will keep on sending, health and strength your way. Here’s to blending for life, especially to keep you from going under the knife.
    Happy blending!

  42. Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who’s the fairest of them all?
    It could be Todd if he stays green,
    Statuesque, nice and lean.
    Use your Blendtec once a day,
    And drink the Green Smoothie Girl way!!

  43. Wow! The Blendtec is awesome and on my wishlist! Thanks for all your doing to promote health and help people around the world:)

  44. What you gonna with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk?
    Eat green smoothies to get rid of that junk in that trunk!!
    You can do it Todd, turn that hot bod into super hot bod!!

  45. Rockstars are something bizarre
    Green fuel is what smoothies are
    So if you want to stay clean
    Feed yourself the green.

    Good work Todd, you inspire us!

  46. SAY!
    I like green smoothies!
    I do! I like them Todd-I-am!
    And I could drink them in the rain.
    And in the dark. And on a train.
    And I will drink them here and there.
    Say! I will drink them EVERYWHERE!

  47. If anyone is getting rid of their old Blendtec, I wouldn’t mind having a used one. My current blender belonged to my husbands’ first wife who passed away. I am too cheap to buy another one.

  48. Go Todd go! You da man!
    green smoothies for life?
    Oh yes! You can!

    It’s Hard at First, but keep on tryin,
    with all those super foods
    you’ll soon be flyin!

    You’re body will change, your taste buds too
    you’ll be fit as a whistle
    drinking green brew!

    Soon you’ll be on a mission, the world to to tell
    How green smoothies for life
    got you free from the spell,

    Of Rockstars and soda, pizza and pie,
    things that were making
    your body die.

    You’ll tell them about, Mothers Without Borders
    and how it helped get
    your life set in order

    You’ll tell them of Robyn, the Green Smoothie Girl!
    and how she taught you
    to make green drinks swirl!

    You’ll tell them of Blendtec, a life changing tool,
    that mixes concoctions,
    that now make you drool!

    You’ll be changing the world, one green smoothie at a time.
    So keep on drinkin,
    it’s worth every dime!

    You’ll tell them how blessed to gain back your health!
    For that is worth more
    than all the world’s wealth!

    So Go. Todd Go!
    You da man!
    Green smoothies for life?
    Oh yes! You can!

    (to be sung to the tune of “The Star Spangled Banner”)

    Oh Todd, can you see, by the dawn’s early light
    With green smoothie in hand, you will start your day right?
    Verdant kale and bright orange, with a handful of ice,
    Add lucuma and grapes, with some protein for fight.
    And you skin will be bright from day’s break until night,
    You’ll find that your pants are decreasingly tight.
    Oh Todd — that green smoothie your energy and health will save
    Keep it up, and show the world how we all should behave!

  50. veg life, raw life, lets be examples of how the greensmoothiegirl lifestyle can be lived. She is an example that we look up to. We need to inspire others by being strict and clean and drinking our daily smoothies

  51. I’m confused. Are we getting an entry for each comment and it’s a random drawing or are you picking the most creative comment you like best?

    1. Hi Ty, Robyn here on my phone. My employee Jess wrote that, but it IS a bit unclear and my intent was that she say, we had already written today’s blog asking for rhyming, and then we randomly chose Jill’s entry this morning which happens to rhyme. The drawing is random!

  52. Whats it take for a man to win a Blendtec……..All of my friends are carnivores and I would like to have a Monday NIght Football night with green smoothies. This would look so good in my MAN CAVE. Please feel the love and draw my name for the BLENDTEC. I would even like the red one to go with my UTES theme. I need to spread the love to all of my ELK hunting friends who think whey protein and elk is a staple food every day.

  53. Here is a story about a man named Todd
    he was not happy in his unhealthy bod.
    His friend Robyn gave him the nod,
    told him to drink green smoothies a blessing from God.
    Todd stood tall like a rod.
    Said, he would take the journey, off he trod.
    Some patches were rough, he held fast to the rod.
    Now he is as happy as two peas in a pod.
    Todd’s face is beaming he loves his new healthy bod.
    I hope this rhyme wins me a Blendtec I need one sure as heck.

  54. I so want and need a new blender! I left a spoon in my cheap one when I turned it on… I ended up with pumpkin purée all over my kitchen!!!
    So Todd
    I give you a nod
    To start on your healthy quest
    You must not make jest
    And drink those greens!
    So you can start to steal scenes!

  55. Green smoothies each day…
    It should be a habit that’s here to stay.

    Come on Todd – get on the train…
    Those RockStars – you must refrain.

    You’ll feel better, that I’m sure…
    Feeding your body with something so pure.

    A designer BlendTech – I’d love to win…
    If my little poem made you grin 🙂

  56. Green smoothies are a passion, and you’ll be wearing a better fashion. New look, new clothes, new weight. Start today for a better way.

  57. There once was a man names Todd,
    Who wanted a brand new bod,
    So he ate lots of greens,
    And felt back in his teens,
    In his footsteps may we all trod.

  58. My goodness a poem
    a challenge for me
    But to own a Blendtec!
    I’ll tackle this with glee.

    I listened with horror
    what you ate wasn’t food.
    Were you the inspiration
    for Junk Food Dude?

    I fear I must warn you
    Of hard times to come
    if you don’t continue
    this green smoothie run.

    Why do my joints ache?
    My knees make me cry!
    You’ll look in the mirror
    and heave a great sigh.

    The older you get
    the problems pile on
    faster and faster
    until – well, you’re gone.

    But dwelling on those things
    is just too depressing
    It’s personal experience
    of which I’m confessing.

    Todd, you’re not twenty
    but it’s never too late
    to pile on the veggies
    and fill up your plate.

    You’ll feel good and think straight
    aches and pains you won’t have
    Second looks from the fair sex
    Now that’s not half bad.

    So please take to heart
    the pictures I paint
    No one expects you
    to eat like a saint.

    Just choose the good life
    God intended you to live
    An inspiration to others
    is what you can give.

  59. I have a green smoothie addiction
    An old blender I have just makes friction
    If I convince Todd
    To start feeding his bod
    I could win a new Blendtec addition!

  60. Todd, Todd, the Rockstar man
    Used to get energy from a can.
    Now he drinks green smoothies and
    He’ll soon be the healthiest in the land!

  61. Blendtec! Blendtec!
    Todd’s life was a wreck.

    Just 15 days past
    He was not very fast.

    Added banana and mango
    Now he can do the tango.

    Green smoothie girl gave us a chance
    To tighten our pants!

  62. I am learning to sprout ancient grains, dehydrate them and turn them into flour so I can bake my own sprouted wheat bread. A Blendtec would greatly help in this process. Also, veggies and fruits would be much more drinkable instead of chewable. A great blender is probably the most important kitchen tool any of us could own!…as long as we actually use it.

  63. Ugh I’m so not creative but here goes:

    Dear Todd,
    Drinking green smoothies is good for you
    It keeps you regular (you know it’s true)
    It helps you eat lots of fruits and veggies too

  64. Todd wants the bod
    so continue on…
    live clean…
    it makes you gleam and
    gives you steam…
    you will always beam…
    only if you eat the greens!!!

  65. Green Smoothies are the way to go, they have great nutrition as you know! If you eat one every day, your life will improve in a very great way!

  66. Shout it from the mountain top!
    With green smoothies, your energy will not stop!
    The benefits will not disappoint –
    GreenSmoothieGirl is rockin’ this joint.
    Please, Todd, won’t you give it a try?
    They taste delicious – you will not cry.
    The BlendTec makes them so smooth,
    and the nutrients! They will your body soothe.
    (I know it will be easy to get into this groove!)

  67. There once was a fellow named Todd
    Who thought it was curiously odd
    To eat green every day!
    But he’s now on his way
    To a gloriously healthy new bod!

  68. You’ll stay strong and lean
    If you keep drinkin’ the green
    so take my advice, todd
    and you’ll be keepin’ your bod

  69. Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue,
    Todd you will be so much more healthier if you continue drinking green smoothies,
    and live longer too!

    Sorry I am not much of a poet but this is a chance for men to outlive women unless women drink green smoothies too, then men you are attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis.

  70. There once was an honorable man named Todd
    Whose business success was met with applaud
    He joined Robyn O. in a difficult challenge
    We know he can manage to repair the damage
    He took the Smoothie Challenge with a nod
    Unknowing the flack he’d receive from his brain’s vice squad
    But! He continues to persevere with the help of God
    And with our cheers, encouragement and laud.

  71. Todd, you need a green smoothie daily
    don’t dispair and and apple and pear
    and you’re life will be like George Baileys

  72. Do you like Green Smoothies Todd?
    I do not like them, they’re quite odd.
    Would you drink them on a shelf?
    Would you drink them for your health?
    I would not drink them Robyn dear.
    I thought I made that quite clear.
    Would you drink them in a pinch?
    If you drink them you’ll lose an inch.
    I would not could not drink Green Smoothies.
    Even if you gave me rubies.
    You must try them and you’ll see,
    They are everything they claim to be.
    I will try Green Smoothies.
    I will show you I’m no floozy.
    Say, I like them Green Smoothie Girl.
    I’m so glad I gave them a whirl.
    I will drink them on a shelf!
    I will drink them for my health!
    I will drink them in a pinch!
    I will drink to lose an inch!
    I like Green Smoothies Robyn dear!
    I like them, like them, that’s my cheer!

  73. I’m not a rhymer, but i’ll set my timer
    and wait with baited breath to see if i win the blendtec
    and also hope that come may
    todd will be drinking green smoothies everyday

  74. todd,if you drink green smoothies for life
    you will greatly please your wife
    so keep your blendtec blending
    and you health won’t be ending

  75. You are learning new ways to graze
    And you are doing great
    Not being swayed by each and every phase

    You are over the hump with a blaze
    Taking in nutrients like you never ate
    As you embrace the GSG ways

    Your journey is not just a craze
    But, a lifetime as you define your new state
    You are a real Rock Star, here’s your praise!

  76. keep loving your green smoothies, toddy
    because you know they maintain your body
    so don’t hesitate and you will feel great

  77. keep your green smoothie habit going your toddyness
    because they say cleanliness is next to godlyness
    you’ll be forever clean
    if you keep drinkin’ your green

  78. There once was a young man named Todd
    Who hoped to feel good in his bod
    He drank a green smoothie
    And then he felt groovy
    And said, “I must take this quite far!”

    So Todd, he joined up with a team
    Green Smoothie Girl has the answer, you see
    A green smoothie a day
    Keeps the doctor away
    And helps you feel good in your heart.

    Now, when junk food thoughts have you reeling
    Remember that green healthy feeling
    Stuff those greens in the blender
    To help you stay slender
    And forever feel better than par!

    Good luck Todd, keep up the good work!!

  79. Green smoothies will become a way of life
    and todd, drinking them won’t cause you strife
    if you keep your blendtec stirring
    your body will be purring

  80. when green smoothies become a habit
    you’ll be hopping like a rabbit
    so todd, keep adding the spinach
    and you’ll make it to the finish

  81. todd, to your green smoothies you like to add fruits and berries
    and that will make life a bowl full of cherries
    keep chuggin’ your greenie
    and you won’t be a meanie

  82. todd, if you drink caffene
    you won’t know where you’ve been
    drink up the spinach
    and you’ll be running straight to the finish

  83. don’t eat butter, not a word you’ll be able to utter
    todd,drink your green smoothies and you’ll be in the movies

  84. Don’t stop with green smoothies Todd,
    Don’t quit like a wimp!
    Else we’ll see you at football,
    Not in the stands, but overhead–
    as the blimp!

  85. I met a man named TODD
    Who decided to be healthy
    I could tell he was no FRAUD
    He wanted better choices
    And he wanted to be LEAN
    At first unsure how to do it
    Then he started seeing GREEN
    Todd was feeling dandy,
    Skipping right past the energy DRINK
    Then he started getting hungry
    And didn’t know what to THINK
    Robyn said “More protein!”
    And his fans gave many TIPS
    He contined on with green smoothies
    And looking better in the video CLIPS
    He thought it was for just a month
    But he felt too good to STOP
    Todd decided he could keep making smoothies
    It was a habit he couldn’t DROP
    Green smoothies for life- he’d give that idea a WHIRL
    For he knew that if he didn’t
    He would have to answer to the Green Smoothie GIRL

  86. we all know the story of the tortoise and the hare
    so todd, beware
    if you want to finish the race
    put green smoothies in your face

  87. I like to give todd encouragement
    not to give up on good nourishment
    i should take my own advice
    and drink green smoothies for life

  88. now i need to be on my way
    iv’e got bill to pay
    so todd, keep drinking your green smoothies up
    and you won’t go bankrupt

  89. Sing to the tune of “Smiles” AKA “If You Chance To Meet a Frown”

    If you chance you meet caffeine,
    Do not let it stay.
    Simply turn your Blendtec on,
    And blend your greens all day.

    No one likes to feel like crap,
    Make a life change now.
    Drink a smoothie once a day,
    Try not to eat that cow.

    There are kids who need your help,
    Do not let them down.
    Make the world a better place,
    Help educate their town!

  90. To the green smoothie boy:

    Your belt notches show
    You’ve made a great go

    Your skin looks so clear
    With your green smoothies near

    You’ll keep the pounds off
    No, really, don’t scoff

    Just a smoothie per day
    That’s all it’ll take

    Great job, Todd!

  91. Todd you can do it
    I know you can
    A green smoothie guy for life
    Yes, you’re the man

    Think how healthy
    You could be
    Do this forever
    And you will see

    Health in abundance
    Energy galore
    This is the life
    We should all shoot for

  92. Im Not a Poet but I love Green Smoothies. Todd was good sport to try such a hard thing. I don’t know a man in my circles that would have signed up for such a tough challenge. Would love the Blendtec in my life!

  93. Todd, and everyone drink your smoothies with delight!
    Yummy fruits and veggies will help you day and night!
    Take a peach, take a plum,
    Forget the bubble gum,
    No more fluff, no more guff,
    Just lots of all the good stuff! 🙂

  94. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Though My Challenge is Odd,
    To Rhyme for You Todd,
    What I Have to Convey,
    May Help You Today:

    Most Diets DON’T WORK,
    As MOST ALWAYS Shirk,
    To Continue with Them Very Long.

    Though This Sounds Like a Song, Please Don’t Think That I’m Wrong,
    In What I Am Trying to Say.

    Counting Calories Is STUPID,
    If You Want to Help Cupid.
    It Just DOES NOT Add Up At All.

    Personal Discipline, You See,
    Needs A Good Philosophy,
    Based on What YOU BELIEVE
    To Be TRUE.

    You Will NOT Have The Fire,
    Or The Fuel for Desire,
    To Win.

    But You FIRST Need GOOD Info,
    Ere You Give It A Go,
    And We Learn THAT
    From The Green Smoothie Girl.

    She’s A Very WISE Girl,
    With Great Nutrients to Swirl,
    In Your BlendTec Day After Day.

    Her Delicious Recipes,
    Are Most CERTAIN to Please
    Your Tongue and Your Body and Mind.

    MY Challenge is Done,
    To Help YOU Have Fun,
    And To Finish YOURS at Your BEST.

    Let’s SHARE This With ALL,
    Even AFTER This Fall,
    To Help Many MORE People
    Be BLESSED!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  95. Not a good rhyme…but

    Juicing is counterculture, which may seem odd…
    Yet so is being healthy when you have junk food around,
    But the choice is up to Todd.

  96. Todd, oh Todd
    Let Robyn show you the way
    She knows Green Smoothies need to be
    A huge part of every day.

    So let her whip up for you
    Some tasty delights
    Don’t let her concoctions
    Fill you with any frights!

    That girl can cook!
    That girl can mix!
    She knows just how to show you
    Which ingredients to fix.

    Her ways will lead you
    Down the road to excellent health
    So that your body will be filled
    With untold nutritional wealth.

    So rich are her fixins’
    So yummy are her drinks
    Just sip away on them
    Til your body size shrinks!

    You’ll be thrilled with good reports
    That your doctor shows you
    When you adopt a lifestyle
    That will make a better you.

    The recipes are endless
    So many great things to mix!
    It’s hard to decide each morning
    What drink recipe we should fix.

    Mix loads of God’s vitamin-rich greens
    Along with apples, bananas, and berries
    Add in flax, oranges, and grapes
    And throw in some pitted cherries.

    So Todd, stick with Robyn’s plan
    She can show you just what to do
    Your healthy, trim bod will display
    That you’ve created a brand new you!

    Boy, I’d love to win a new BlendTec
    It would mix and purée like none other
    Oh the joys that would come from blending
    For it’s the sweet drinks I make…that my kids thank their mother!!!

  97. Green smoothies are oh so sweet,
    Drink it as a meal or a tasty treat!
    You can do this Todd, yes you can
    cause I can’t think of a better man!

  98. I don’t do rhyming but I’ll give it a try.

    What the heck!
    They are giving away a Blendtec?
    That is so groovy
    Todd can make a smoothie
    Does he have to be choosey?
    Can he make it soupy, gooey, or chewy?
    It can be green
    That is so keen
    Todd can look at himself and preen
    And feel like a king
    He will be fit
    with his Blendtec kit.

  99. There are so many posts
    I am not sure which ONE is really the Host.
    So I will give the most
    of my enthusiasm to post.
    Hurrah for Green Smoothies and Blendtec.

  100. with grocery money you spend
    on green veggies to blend
    a powerful way
    to start the day
    I hope you take the time
    to like my rhyme
    Blendtec makes life easier
    with a green blend that’s smoothier
    I guess that was corny
    so drink in the morny
    I think I’m done
    I wish it were a pun


  101. I love love the rhyming comments! People are so clever.
    Here is a cheer for Todd;

    Get off caffeine!
    Go green!
    It makes you lean!
    Your body clean!
    Your life serene!

    Okay, I am not so clever but short and to the point.

  102. to the tune of old macdonald had a farm
    mr todd he had a blender, ei ei ooo
    and with that blender he made some smoothies ei ei oo
    with a kale kale here and a ginger there
    here a kale there a kale everywhere a kale kale
    mr todd he had a blender ei ei ooo

    and then my rhymes…
    todd, oh man, he wasnt so sure
    if smoothies were what he had in store
    but then he dove in and gave it a try
    when he realized how much better he felt he did cry!
    the tears of joy and a well rested night
    made him know that smoothies were right!

  103. I can’t compete with Rebekah Harmon’s post… so I will just comment. Todd, green smoothies for life, man… it is the way to be!

  104. Dear Todd
    Please think me not odd

    You’re lookin so GOOD
    Oh that you would

    Ditch sodas FOREVER
    Green Smoothies NEVER!

    Keep up this habit
    Eat like a rabbit

    Good health is worth more
    Than riches galore

    I wish you the best
    & let you do the rest

    And then…

    Would you be so kind
    As to keep me in mind?

    I don’t want to be bold
    But my bed is so old

    I can’t help but dream
    Of sleep so serene

    Green Smoothie Girl knows
    Intellibed helped her sleep woes

    A blessing it would be
    Intellibed for me!
    Most sincerely, LVZ

  105. Go Todd don’t stop!
    A smoothie a day will help you to play.
    It will help you be healthy and wealthy.
    So keep it in your life.
    Then you won’t have any trife. ”
    “That’s the best I got”

  106. Green smoothies are so yummy,
    They will fill up your tummy.
    Give it a try and you will find out why
    we love these drinks!

  107. Ok so I get two more entries because of my awesome encouraging rhyme! I would love to win my blender is on its last leg!!!

  108. Thirty days of green smoothies, oh my how intense …
    When the challenge is over, don’t jump the fence …
    Stick with your wise decision to blend …
    And to much improved health, you will continue to tend.

  109. You’re making this very difficult for me……but here goes: Good luck to you Roxberry man, if your name was Dan or Ryan or Stan this would rhyme. Instead your name is Todd and all I can think of to rhyme with Todd is cod and I don’t think that would be good in a green smoothie.

    That’s my rhyme. The end.

  110. Here’s the scoop Mr. Todd
    Green smoothies are the key to a healthy bod!
    Get past the color, don’t let it hold you back
    Smoothies are loaded with nutrients we lack!
    Why deprive yourself of this nourishing treat
    And the all the wonderful benefits your body will reap!!

    Will you try a green smoothie Todd? Please?
    They are full of nutrients to fight off disease!!
    I will not try a smoothie, no I will not!
    I do not like them a little
    I do not like them a lot.
    I do not like green smoothies you see
    I do not care if they are good for me!
    Would you like one in a jar
    Would you drink one in your car?
    I do not want one in a jar
    I will not drink one in my car
    I do not like them, I do not
    I will not try them I’d rather rot!
    Is it the color, don’t let that hold you back
    They are loaded with nutrients that we all lack!
    I do not like the color, it’s true I do not
    I will not try a smoothie, not even a smoothie pop!!
    Will you take just one little sip
    Can’t you just put a dab on your lip?
    I will put some on my lips
    But I know I won’t like it one little bit.
    I will drink them from a jar
    I will drink them in my car
    I will drink them any way
    I will drink one every day!
    I do like green smoothies, yes I do
    I’m glad I tried them, thanks to you!

  111. Green smoothies are part of my life now but take me way to long to make because of my dumb blender If I had a Blendtec it would be so fast so please give me a Blendtec so it’s easy pezy!

  112. There once was a man named Todd
    To whom the idea of a Green Smoothie seemed odd
    But once he tried them and saw the effect
    He consumed them daily. Yes, without neglect

    On this day, Todd is a man of great health and physique
    But, please listen, his story doesn’t have to be unique
    Blend for yourself a smoothie with chard, kale and spinach
    And you too can experience energy and vitality – without limit!

  113. Adding to my rhyme of yesterday:

    to the tune of row, row, row your boat

    Drink, drink, drink green smoothies
    Drink them every day.
    They will clean your bowels out
    And keep disease at bay!

    Blend, blend, blend them up
    A different one each day.
    Todd, you’ve got this in the bag,
    This habit’s here to stay!

    If, if, if you miss
    If you miss a day,
    Don’t despair and don’t give up
    Just make one right away!

  114. In order to be strong and healthy, Todd
    And have ladies keep giving you the nod,
    Drink green smoothies for life
    And you will find yourself a wife!

    A big, healthy strong man such as you Todd,
    Needs to do the right thing for his bod,
    Enjoy green smoothies for life
    And you’ll never feel a bit of strife.

  115. Todd keep up the good work! Total health is cumulative. Your body has no other choice but to respond positively to all the good you are putting into it. You will succeed. Keep going!

  116. A slightly altered version of Shakespeare’s Sonnet CXI.:

    Whilst, like a willing patient, Todd will drink
    Potions of green ‘gainst his strong infection
    No bitterness that he will bitter think,
    But double reward, and fit satisfaction.

  117. The Green Smoothie Girl you really must trust,
    If you want to get healthy, the Blendtec’s a must,
    Just fill it each day with fresh veggies and fruit,
    You’ll feel really great and live longer to boot!

  118. Green Smoothies for LIFE! (Blendtec would help!)

    We want you to be healthy Todd,
    we really, really do!
    When you do not eat your greens,
    we worry about you.

    Greens are a magic food you know,
    And other veggies too,
    They make you strong and help your cells,
    Protect and nourish you.

    Chop them, mash them, grate them, hash them,
    Put them in a stew.
    We don’t care how you eat your greens,
    Just make sure you do!

    But wait! I think I’ve had a bulb
    Of light over my head,
    What if we took those healthy greens
    and made a shake instead!

    Add some fruit and veggies,
    Some protein powder too,
    Put them in the Blendtec,
    “Poof!”, a magic juice for you!

    Drink it fast or drink it slow,
    We know it may sound odd,
    To drink your greens and veggies,
    But it will really help you Todd!

    Rah, rah, shish boom bah!
    You can do it, Todd!
    Lots of us are rooting for you,
    We’re the Todd Cheer Squad!

    Drink those yummy smoothies,
    And your body will be rife,
    With all the nutrients you need
    For a happy, healthy life!


  119. Not on Facebook; hubby says “no”
    He’s a tech guy and just doesn’t trust it — that’s so.
    But I’d still love to win a Blendtec so badly
    Hope my lack of FB doesn’t make it end sadly
    You’ll find my real comment miles above this
    To be chosen for this prize is a great big wish!

    Kudos to you both for seeing the challenge through
    You’ve inspired all of us to do the same — how true!

  120. To have a healthy heart,
    You must do your part.
    Eat fruits and greens
    Maybe even some beans.
    And to help it go down easy
    You’ll find a green smoothie makes it breezy.!

  121. Todd you are not a god,
    but if you want to be strong you must cut
    Fruit, veggies and lots of greens, to boot
    And put them in your blender by hand.
    Your willpower and Robyn’s open door
    Have led you to a healthier way, which will be your fave!

  122. I have 7 kids and would love to make a rhyme,
    However I just don’t have the time.
    I’m off to make a green smoothie,
    Because my kids think they’re just groovy.

  123. Not very good at rhyming, but really good at scheming, especially on how to make my next smoothie and stopping the sighing by making it smoother:)

  124. Smoothies of every color, mostly green, but purple smoothies due to the addition of many blueberries totally rock. I need a blendtech. I have been making smoothies for 3 years and cannot afford a good blender. I would say THANK YOU!!! every day of my life if I win one!!!

  125. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Spinach is green
    And kale is too
    Life can be short
    Even tho we would like it to be long
    So drink your green smoothies, Todd
    To be healthy and strong
    We know it’s a struggle to drink green smoothies each day
    But keep up the good work, Todd, we know it will pay
    At the end of 30 days the deal will be done
    And you will know your fight with energy drinks you have finally won!!
    So keep on drinking your spinach, kale and berries of all sorts
    And we will ALL agree that you have been a MIGHTY GOOD SPORT!!!

  126. Once upon a time,
    I had to come up with a rhyme
    About some good habits
    That resemble a rabbit’s,
    But ensure you plenty of enzymes.

    One habit, you see, is to drink
    Loads of greens blended up near the sink
    Add in flax and some fruit,
    It’s a smoothie to boot!
    You’ll enjoy the results, I think.

    If the same old smoothie makes you sad,
    Just try changing up what add.
    Who knew that some beets,
    Carrots, dates, and some seeds
    Could blend up together so rad?

    The Green Smoothie Girl, it seems,
    Paired with BlendTec: what a great team!
    Sharing knowledge of health,
    Convenience and wealth,
    Helping people accomplish their dreams.

  127. Green smoothies, chug ’em down.
    No, you won’t drown!
    They’re good for you and not too bad.
    Just one a day will keep you…awesome!

  128. I hope William Ernest Henley forgives me for what I have done to his poem Invictus.


    Out of the night came dreams of steak,
    Fast seared but bloody inside.
    I think the fell steps of circumstance
    There is no temptation within reach.

    In the fell grips of hunger
    I have not cheated but have cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of fast food
    My pallet yearns, but battles.

    Beyond my hunger, longings, and cravings
    Looks but the Horror of disappointment,
    And the glare of the Green Smooth Girl,
    Finds me, and I am clean.

    It matters not the taste of tacos,
    How charged with punishment my BMI score.
    I am the master of my waist line.
    I am have vanquished the energy drink.

  129. Rod wanted to change the way he was eating
    So he took up a challenge that gave him a goal
    Instead of processed food, and fast food lunching
    He’d join a 30-day smoothie quest instead of munching

    He said he would blend and veggies be drinking
    two weeks later he was asking what was I thinking?

    Detoxing and not chewing might be Rod’s undoing
    but the bloggers were cheering and Robyn assuring
    that all would be well, if Rod could keep blending
    to the power of smoothie his will would be bending

    The challenge was not so easy and detox felt so grim
    took a while to feel the new Rod and he was getting trim

    He blended and blended until he could see
    What was happening inside was very good indeed
    Now the time is almost here to finish the quest
    Rod and Robyn have given their very best

    Rod you did it! We knew that you could
    And here’s to you going green for good

  130. Todd…Oh Todd…What can I say?, You definitely need a Green Smoothie each and every day! To beat the cravings and lose the weight Go..Todd..GO and do not wait !

  131. Todd wants to be healthy and Robyn knows the way.
    Just drink a green smoothie everyday.

    Caffeine addiction is so bad,
    Green smoothies are rad.

    Goodbye feeling yucky,
    Todd you are so lucky!

  132. A guy named Todd
    With a pudgy bod
    Facing midlife
    With some children
    And a wife,
    A house, but not a cow
    Not a farm, uh uh,
    No, not now.
    What to do,
    To keep his wife,
    Be a Boo?
    A push up,
    A sit up,
    And a Green Smoothie
    Or two?

  133. Ode (for my new Blendtec)
    Imagine a world where bodies feel new
    With vigor and energy; where bowels do what they do.
    Imagine if skin was pink and bright.
    Imagine if head aches were not a fight.
    What if heart disease was scarce and small?
    What if there was no PMS at all?
    If our bodies weighed just what they should,
    If blood sugar was stable and even good,
    If hair was shiny and smiles pure
    If muscles were strong and could endure
    Imagine if the only addiction
    Was just to clean, raw good nutrition.
    Then would we choose a different world?
    I’d imagine not greensmoothiegirl.
    So Todd, you know just what I’ll say,
    Drink green smoothies every day!

  134. Oh man, I am terrible at making things rhyme and writing poetry! So I will say Todd, persevere and keep your focus on the long-term benefits! Being healthier and having more energy to live life to the fullest is worth making the change to eating green smoothies regularly!

  135. Todd Todd he’s the man.
    If Robyn can drink green smoothies anyone can.

    When you are feeling hungry and weak
    Add some GSS protein powder or an avocado, get the energy you seek

    Think of the benefits you will see
    Better hair, skin, concentration, what a hottie you will be

    You can tell those energy drinks goodbye
    All those green smoothies, it’s the new high

    Who needs eight hours of sleep a night
    Do it for the children, put up a fight

    Hold out to the end, be a green smoothie guy
    All those life long benefits you can’t deny!

  136. Shared on Facebook! Made my rhyming post way earlier today too. Go Todd! These comments are cracking me up and so great! See what happens when our brains get good nutrition! 😉

  137. Sung to Happy Birthday
    Smoothies are good for you.
    They will make you feel new.
    Vegetables and fru-it
    And some kefir to boot!

  138. With my new Blendtec every time I drink a green smoothie it will be in your honor, Todd, to encourage you on your journey, knowing that your new found health will be an example to others and bless you in ways you never could have imagined!!

  139. Oh Todd– How’s your bod? From Head to Toe. A little of this and A little of that and…. It’ll be ready to GO! So drink your green smoothie. The Blendtec–blended way~~ Everyday! And before you know it you’ll be saying “One Bod~~One Life” It’s a GSG kind of day! Aye!! (I live along the Canadian border:)

  140. It’s time you listened to Green Smoothie Girl
    And take that Blendtec for a whirl.
    Get some veggies and fruit,
    And give that unhealthy stuff the boot.
    Once you start, you won’t stop
    You can have smoothie instead of a lollipop .

  141. Not very witty But I’ll give it a try
    Winning a Blendtec would make me cry!

    Keep it up Todd
    You’re the man!
    Just keeping saying
    I think I can, I think I can!

  142. I’m not very witty But I’ll give it a try!
    Winning a Blendtec would make me cry!

    Keep it up Todd
    You’re the man!
    Just keep saying
    I think I can, I think I can!

  143. O.K here it goes! Todd…raspberries are red and good for you! Blueberries are blue and great in smoothies too! Add some spinach and GREENSMOOTHIEGIRL SuperGreens, and feel your heart beat with love, and glee!!!!

  144. I would really love to win a Blendtec to get my family started on the right direction of the green smoothie. With my bartop blender the greens are chuncky my kids wont touch that kind of smoothie. They never did like the texture of applesauce. Please help us out and let us win.

  145. To the tune of “On Top of Old Smoky”:
    On top of the counter
    And into the frig
    We find our friend To-odd
    Who wants a new bod.
    He gave up the caffeines
    And replaced it with greens
    We hope this new lifestyle
    Will last for awhile

  146. Hello,
    I don’t have a mixer, so my hand’s the fixer! If I attempt to make a green smoothie and it appears blue – no, wait – it’s just my reflection! After all that, it isn’t odd, I just really wanted to be more like Todd! He knows life’s full of strife(he found by adding more green to his day, it’s really great!)and that’s why he should do it, for the “rest of his life”.
    I hope that’ll work-thanks, take care, “GOD Bless”-sincerely Randy.

  147. Todd Todd you’re so strong
    Drinking green smoothies all year long
    Keep this up forever more
    You’ll Live to be 104!!!!!!

  148. A green smoothie will make you smile as you run that extra mile… a green smoothie is great for your brain irrigation as it provides that much needed integration… a green smoothie a day will keep your waist trim as you peer over your empty,mason jar rim…so drink that green, healthy nutrition and make it your daily mission!

  149. Listen listen what’s that sound?
    It’s that blendtec spinning round.
    Todd’s smoothie is almost done
    And a blendtec I have won!!

  150. Thanks for the fun rhymes, it makes for good times, Eat your greens, you will be so lean! This is for you, Todd, you’ll soon have a great bod!

  151. Todd, Todd, I know you not,
    But I imagine you’re not too hot,
    Because you refuse to blend your greens,
    Which makes people look amazing in their jeans.

    So grab yourself some chia seeds, spinach, and kale,
    Throw in a whole apple, it’s a Blendtec, so what the hell,
    Blend up those delicacies and soon you will see,
    That you, too, can be as hot as Robyn and me 🙂

  152. So excited for the blend tec giveaway! Me and my son are drinking green smoothies, but it’s extra work with the blender we have. Would be awesome to have a high power blender 🙂

  153. My husband started his green smoothie habit in Feb. 2015 by adding a little herbal stevia to his smoothies. Today he doesn’t add any stevia. I’m so proud of him.

  154. Fruits & veggies all in one

    Blend in some nuts just for fun;

    Full of vitamins, minerals, & fiber to help you grow;

    It’s a rainbow of colors that will help you “Go”;

    Keep it up Todd for a lifetime of health,

    It will prove to be much better than wealth.

  155. Todd good job
    You make hearts throb
    Poetry and songs
    Have helped you along
    It’s been a challenge
    Of that there’s no doubt
    But throught perseverance
    You brought it about
    And as this contest ends
    I want to thank you
    For machines that blend

  156. C’mon Todd, we know you can do it!
    You’ll feel so good you will never want to quit.
    Become a smoothie junkie and get right to it!

    The longer you drink them, you form a habit for life!
    You will lessen your chance of going under the knife!
    And as an added bonus, you will impress your wife!
    (Or your future wife!)

    Now two important tips for you:
    For more nutrients, don’t forget to chew.
    And don’t faint if you have green poo!

  157. I love me a green smoothie, Todd. They’re so worthwhile, though they might look odd. Drink one every day, so you can keep the doctor away. I really need a Blendtec. I don’t mean to beg, but my Vita-Mix is on its last leg. 🙂

  158. Todd, to be healthy is not so hard, but you need to minimize lard.
    Eating good is a breeze if you if you blend and drink you greens.
    It is true the hard work has been done.
    Now it is time to show of those hot buns.
    You have weaned off caffeine and kicked all those horrific cravings.
    I say to you now, Hang in there little buddy, this will keep you from getting chubby.
    Todd it is true God has given us just one temple to honor.
    You better take care of it, you don’t get another.

    1. Todd, to be healthy is not so hard, but you need to minimize lard.
      Eating good is a breeze if you if you blend and drink your greens.
      It is true the hard work has been done.
      Now it is time to show off those hot buns.
      You have weaned off caffeine and kicked all those horrific cravings.
      I say to you now, Hang in there little buddy, this will keep you from getting chubby.
      Todd is is true God has given us just one temple to honor. You better take care of it, you don’t get another.

      Sorry had to correct spelling. Lol. Should really put on my readers!

  159. Todd, stop and think,
    when you want a drink.
    Will not make you a happy man.
    A bright green drink,
    Or maybe one that’s pink.
    It’s Robyn’s best you can tell.
    It will treat your body well!

  160. some might think i’m crazy
    and i’ll admit i sometimes get a little hazy
    but a green smoothie will clear that right up
    so todd, keep tipping that green smoothie cup

  161. Ode to the Blogging to raise awareness for Zambia
    (Which should be reason for Todd to continue use green smoothies for a year until GSG goes to Zambia to build a SCHOOL)

    Todd you might be tired of so many green smoothies
    But remember to go back to energy drinks for your body would be a doozie
    By the end of this challenge Your fitter not fatter
    That must be a motivator that matters

    Sipping that smoothie from a green pax straw Helps you be 2fitathome
    Even though your family with other food might roam
    You could start your own farm get away from plastics stick with glass
    But you’d be a fabulous farm boy not girl so don’t fall on your (heeeeey you thought It I didn’t type it)

    Find your real imprint in your journey and find one good thing with Jillie everyday
    And a better body food can help you on your way
    Don’t forget you’ll get to dress your truth in a smaller size
    But don’t forget to teach your super healthy kids to be wise

    Sometimes it will be tough so When you need a little more motivation
    Remember the children in Zambia from Cindy Martin’s presentation
    Then get on board to go to Zambia next year
    And take some thrive freezer dried so a smoothie shortage you won’t fear

    When you use water in those smoothies it can be wonderfully ionized
    The conference with moms gets your wife on your side
    And how could you go wrong when Robyn Openshaw’s has your back
    Don’t have time to make it? then get one of your Roxberry smoothies so you don’t lack

    Miss the caffeine grab some Crio Bru and mix it up fast
    Then get on board with a blendtec to make it last
    Mothers without borders will help you learn compassion
    Blogger without borders help people take action!

  162. To Todd, the green kind-hearted lad

    Fill with green, once more thy glass
    The hours tick, this day shall pass
    Remember all that shall receive
    and thine woes will fly like broken leaves
    Fill once again, your ills will go
    Thy shall blossom, to and fro
    Sending thee strength, Go on, Alas!
    Remember the kids and fill up your glass

  163. Hang in there Todd!
    You’ve made such great strides and we’re all proud of you.
    This is a life change…one you will not regret…nor your family.
    Do it for them!
    Best of luck 🙂

  164. “It all begins with you.
    If you do not care for yourself,
    you will not be strong enough
    to take care of anything in your life.”
    – Leon Brown

    GO TODD!

  165. Being green for our lives seems so easy, so neat.
    But for whatever reason sometimes we are greasey and beat.
    The GMOs, and hormones beware,
    For bloated and icky we must bare.
    Have been in the gutters of “food” once or twice,
    And with Robyn’s help feel so clean and quite nice!
    Striving for that healthy life style,
    Gives me such a bright smile!
    So we thank you Todd for being such a great sport!
    As we are all here for love and support?

  166. Go Todd
    Work on your bod!
    Down those green drinks!
    Work out any kinks!
    You’ll feel great!
    Before it’s too late!
    Rah rah boom

  167. Try this rhyme on for size.
    Are you ready? Here we…
    Go Todd, Go Todd, Go Todd,
    With Green Smoothies you’ll get a lean, buff, bod!
    You’ll love green smoothies, I cannot lie!
    Commit for life and you will not diiiiiie,
    For that nasty tasting junk,
    Buried deep, down in that trunk!
    Do you hear me, loud and clear?
    Mix one now and do not fear!
    For your life, there’ll be no compromise.
    In fact, you will have won the ultimate prize…

  168. Todd or shall I say Hot Rod Todd…thats what your Nick name will be once you start drinking green smoothies. They’re grrreat in the morning ☀, in the evening , and underneath the moon .

  169. A Plea to the Blendtec Vender

    My husband has declared my blender a pretender.
    It bumps, it jolts, it spews, it bolts. If it were a car it would cause many a rear-ender!
    This slender offender is beyond a mender, so I surrender!
    Call me the sender of a request so tender to the vender of the Blendtec Blender contender.
    I wish to experience the splendor of a blender that will not require me to see a moneylender.
    Now before I am perceived as a very long-winder, I wish to encourage all those of my gender to go for the prize of the Blendtec blender.

    The Ender

  170. An ode to Todd about blended smoothies of green
    From Arugula to Spinach and all varieties between
    It’s the stuff of phytonutrients, fiber, and such
    Without fruits, admittedly, it doesn’t taste like much
    But add a splash of non-dairy liquid and toss in some fruits
    Blend it up and it will fuel all your daily pursuits
    You’ll be as regular as a Swiss Commuter Train
    Cells will be firing on all cylinders throughout and back to your brain
    No need for little blue pills, as the nitric oxide will keep things pumped down below
    And you’ll receive lots of compliments on your healthy, radiant glow
    So, it’s all win-win as you’ll be in the good graces of Green Smoothie Girl
    And I’ll have a new Blendtec to take for a whirl.

  171. Strawberries are red
    Kale is not blue
    And if Todd drinks a green smoothie
    His body will be thanking him too

  172. Entry #2.
    To the tune of, “We love you Conrad” from Bye Bye Birdie.
    We love you Todd, oh yes we do!
    Drink those green smoothies, and you’ll come through.
    They’re green and luscious, don’t be a tool.
    Push toward your goals and you’ll build that school.

  173. Dear Todd,

    3 Years ago I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease.
    For 10 years now I’ve lived in extreme chronic pain, more terrible than bleu cheese.
    I used to spend my days touring the world as a musician.
    Now I spend them making a healthy life my mission.
    See, if I could have health as an option, I’d give anything.
    It’s so hard to watch others throw their good health down the drain.
    McDonalds, Energy Drinks, Drugs, Cigarettes.
    “You only have one life, so party without regrets!”
    Well I only have one life. And at the looks of it, it’ll be quick.
    What I wouldn’t give for ONE day not feeling sick.
    So tonight when my husband and I get on our knees and pray to God,
    We’ll ask for an opportunity like Todd.

    P.S. Making daily green smoothies in a Ninja is most certainly subpar.
    We all know that Blendtec is the star!

  174. Todd, we haven’t seen you in a while
    So why not go that extra mile?
    Go clean,
    Go green.
    We are each a fan,
    So stick with it, Todd
    “You the man!”

  175. Take kale, spinach and pineapple and blend it all up
    Vitamins, minerals and protein will fill Todd’s cup
    An organic and satisfying medley that cannot be beat
    That sounds like a winning way to get Todd off of his feet 🙂

  176. Todd, Todd, you Rox!
    You totally blow off our socks.
    Chuck the caffeine and junk
    and you’ll be our #1 hunk!

    *insert a cartwheel & back flip

  177. I’m not much of a poet
    And now you all know it!
    But what the heck,
    It could be worth a BlendTec!
    So, Todd, keep it up
    There’s no need to sup
    When a green smoothie would fill you up!
    There are fast and delish
    All in just one dish
    So give it a whirl
    Just like the Green Smoothie Girl!

  178. Green smoothies are a tasty treat
    They are so great they can’t be beat
    Todd should try them because they are nutritious
    But does he know they’re also delicious?
    Blueberries, spinach, mango and flax
    Make sure you don’t give chia the “ax”
    Though, use a blendtec or you will chew,
    Which is not my favorite thing to do!

  179. One quart a day will seem like a breeze
    After entire days of a green smoothie brain freeze.
    Stay clean of the Caffeine
    And your muscles will stay super lean
    Terrible rhyme
    Maybe I’ll do better next time;)

  180. Todd, take a green smoothie on the go, and it will give your body a good flow! And little do you know, how much your body will glow! Do it for life and you will find little strife! And a bonus is your wife might love her life!

  181. Todd Todd – don’t you want a hot bod? It’s right there waiting for you – liquid, green & true. Smoothies can help your mind when you are feeling blue.

  182. No poem here… But it is about flower power! Shift the color and maximize your green smoothie – Add a handful of organic edible rose petals to the blender as the last step. Those rose petals are aromatic and will also ramp up the smoothies frequency. btw- other flowers can change the taste of the smoothie, such as nasturtiums for a spicy flavor, calabasa flowers for sweetness, find your own special blend!

  183. Todd,
    Roses are red, violets are blue
    You’re giving us courage to be like you!
    You’re doing a great job and helping us know we can make the change to a healthy lifestyle too. Thanks.

  184. Todd,
    You may not think it odd
    That a member of the green smoothie squad,
    Has noticed that you have lost a wad
    Off your bod.

    So with an approving nod
    And lots and lots of applaud
    I’m giving you an encouraging prod.
    To keep going, Todd
    Cause man, you’ll be looking like a Greek god!
    (And I’m not just telling you this so I can win that Blendtec pod.)

    Ok, so maybe that last line is a facade.
    But truly, there’s nothing flawed
    About you, Todd.

  185. Spinach, kale and berries, Oh My!
    Come on, Todd, give these smoothies a try!
    We all think there’s no time to slack,
    They’re a great way to keep your health on track!


  186. Sorry there is no rhyme. Todd, if you stick with smoothies for life you will never look back and say you regretted feeling so good.

  187. Okay, I wrote my rhyme as a parody to Uptown Funk…it’s pretty fun to sing:

    Green Smoothie Funk

    This one is for Todd Wood, trying to graduate to super food
    This is for an amazing challenge, to help you to subdue the urge to binge.

    Energy drinks, and quick fast food; your choices in health are in doubt.
    Time to make the switch, improve your life or your time here may just run out.

    I’m too rushed. (Just blend!)
    Those smoothies gonna help you, yeah
    I’m too rushed. (Just blend!)
    Science tells us that this is true, yeah
    I’m too rushed. (Just blend!)
    They’ll give you even more energy
    I’m too rushed. (Just blend!)
    A slimmer waistline you will see.

    Robyn sent you, Hallelujah
    Robyn sent you, Hallelujah
    Robyn sent you, Hallelujah
    Cause green smoothie funk gonna give it to ya
    Cause green smoothie funk gonna give it to ya
    Cause green smoothie funk gonna give it to ya
    It’s high time to have the body you want, don’t believe me just watch.

    Don’t believe me, just watch. (repeat)
    Hey, hey, hey, ooooh!

    Stop! Wait a minute…
    Fill my cup, put some green smoothie in it.
    They are packed with vitamins, antioxidants,
    This change will increase your confidence.
    Throw in some spinach, chard or kale.
    Chia seed, flax seeds, you cannot fail.
    Bananas for potassium,
    Drinking them will make you look awesome.

    I’m too rushed. (Just blend!)
    Frozen strawberries and acai
    I’m too rushed. (Just blend!)
    Changing most your food to alkali
    I’m too rushed. (Just blend!)
    They’ll give you even more energy
    I’m too rushed. (Just blend!)
    A slimmer waistline you will see.

    Robyn sent you, Hallelujah
    Robyn sent you, Hallelujah
    Robyn sent you, Hallelujah
    Cause green smoothie funk gonna give it to ya
    Cause green smoothie funk gonna give it to ya
    Cause green smoothie funk gonna give it to ya
    It’s high time to have the body you want, don’t believe me just watch.

    Don’t believe me, just watch. (repeat)
    Hey, hey, hey, ooooh!

    Love what you’re doing for Mother Without Borders,
    Securing a future for these kids is in order.
    Raising the money to build up a school,
    They will be leaders to write the new rules.

    Green smoothies pump you up, green smoothies pump you up. (repeat)

    Blend! Just start it
    If you have a Blendtec, then use it
    If you wanna be healthy, then do it
    If you want that body, then show it.

    Blend! Just start it
    If you have a Blendtec, then use it
    It’s high time to have the body you want, don’t believe me just watch.

    Don’t believe me, just watch. (repeat)
    Hey, hey, hey, ooooh!

    Green smoothies pump you up, green smoothies pump you up. (repeat)

    Shout out to all those who have put in their time
    And to Green Smoothie Girl for this amazing prize
    I’d love to get pumped up with a Blentec as well
    So I, like you, can feel energized!

    Green smoothies pump you up, green smoothies pump you up. (repeat)

  188. Todd, this may seem rather odd, but if you want a better bod, simply turn the BlendTec knob! You put the greens in and take the toxins out, your put the greens in and take the toxins out, You put the greens in and the toxins in that’s what BlendTec’s all about!

  189. I’m no poet,
    And I know it.
    To have a Blendtec to make
    Every kind of green shake,
    Would help me, like Todd,
    A healthier body make.

  190. An ode to Todd, I do write
    Monsters are gone, “out of sight”
    Green drinks are in, they’re so cool
    They chase away, the caffeine ghoul
    Stay the course, you’re on the road
    That leads to HEALTH, and JOY foretold!!!!!

  191. Rockstars are now in the past
    Your body’s glad, make it last
    Todd keep going, we cheer for you
    What a great cause, we see you do
    Saving the children, with a school
    Robyn and Todd, your so cool!!!!!

  192. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I SHARED with 20 People Today, This GSG Blog, after posting my poem, this afternoon.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  193. Yo Yo Yo Todd
    To keep a well tuned bod
    You need to eat plenty of raw whole foods and greens
    And ditch the Monsters, sodas, and coffee beans
    With determination and will power
    You will surely make it past the final hour!!!
    Good Luck in your journey

  194. Roses are red
    Smoothies are green
    Todd they will make you
    Lean and mean.

    Smoothies are green
    Skies are blue
    Smoothies for life
    So good for you!

  195. Great Idea to get Todd going!
    I really need to get mowing!
    Yes, I can’t rhyme well and need to do yard work
    Wish I had a rhyme with a better hook!
    Point it this…
    A Blendtec…without…I would miss!

  196. Just realized my rhyme was not a motivation!
    Todd needs to think of this as a vacation!
    Tropical in all its glory.
    Pineapple, spinach, mango – that’s the story!
    Just a few more days Todd!
    and then you can enjoy Cape Cod…
    crab cakes that is! 🙂

  197. I would love to win this Blendtec blender! Already starting to pack on the end of year pounds. My little mini Hamilton Beach just won’t cut the mustard.

  198. Don’t have time to rhyme, ’cause I’ve got to get to bed. But still wishing you well on this green smoothie journey!

  199. Todd Oh Todd. Green smoothies are from God. You really should have one and keep up that bod. The minerals that are in them aren’t really that odd. Magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, oh my! Just nod your head yes and have one today.

  200. Red Bull and fast foods might taste really good, but eating like that won’t make you feel like you should. Green smoothies are healthy and really taste great, change your habits now before it’s too late.

  201. Please help this girl get her own Blendtec blender so she can finally move out of her mom’s house and still enjoy green smoothies and healthy eating! (I love you mom, but I need to NOT need your belnder anymore!) TODD, put away the resistance and the strife! Give in to enjoying green smoothies for life! (You know you want to!)

  202. Oh man, I just put in the wrong email in the comment I previously submitted. I guess I didn’t get enough green smoothie today 🙁

  203. The health of a person is really the foundation of happiness and power. …
    BE the POWER Todd,…. Live, Give, take, learn, every day you can enlighten and brighten, when you find the power within.

  204. Todd…drink green smoothies, eat raw vegetables, drink water, do Crossfit (or some other real exercise every day)…and you won’t *miss* all the SAD garbage you’ve been consuming!! And you’ll look and feel great, too!!

  205. “Buckle My Shoe”

    Todd You’re Almost Through

    One, Two,
    You’re almost through
    Three, four,
    Drink some more
    Five, six,
    Greens do the tricks
    Seven, eight,
    Support Mothers Without Borders before it’s too late
    Nine, ten,
    Don’t stop, try try again

  206. This is for sure a three pointer that no one can deny, It comes from the heart with sentiment for that BlendTec in the sky.
    So many colors to choose from not sure how to use one, BUT send it and I’ll give it a try.
    Mr. Todd you’re a brave one for 30 days you’ve had no caffeine, which used to help you get by.
    You turned a new leaf with nothing but green, if you stay the course you will fit in those new blue jeans!

    Okay maybe only 1 point

  207. Someone pinch me! This is way to good to be true! Blendtec giveaway #3…yes please!!! Ok, brace yourselves here comes the rhyme/cheer. Todd Todd such a hottie look what the Green Smoothie Challenge has done to his body! Ok, seriously hope Todd & his wife get a chuckle out of this & not a restraining order…lol! Cheesy rhyme aside, way to stick with it Todd; keep it up! 😉

  208. Todd, you are an inspiration to many,
    So just keep on pluggin’ along;

    You’ll find you’ve helped yourself a plenty,
    whilst drinkin’ the greens all gone;

    Who knows, you just may find that
    Someone else will chug’em down too
    Because they know you were drinkin’ thems
    Green Smoothies you don’t have to chew…

    Because you have a BlendTec!…
    And I really need one TOO!

  209. Todd, a habit of drinking green smoothies isn’t tough, when you use the right stuff, all the fiber and vitamins erase a life full of dietary sins, so keep your smoothie full of green, and I bet you’ll never go back to the caffeine!

  210. Go Todd, get them greens in
    Use’n that BlendTec of yours;

    Show us how it’s done, Todd,
    We want to go to your store;

    To buy lots of green smoothies from you
    And have a healthy bod! Go Todd!

  211. I am so impressed with all the poetic talent shared here by everyone, must be a result from the extra brain function every has from drinking so many green smoothies!

    Here’s my measly late night attempt to encourage Todd:
    Adapted from Emily Dickinson “Not in Vain”

    If you can keep your smoothie habit from ever breaking
    It shall not be in vain
    If you can keep your life from aching
    Or ease a digestive pain
    Or help your beating heart
    and fuel your living brain,
    It shall not be in vain.

  212. There was a man named Todd
    Who owned a Roxberry

    He decided to try something
    Called a “Green Smoothie”

    He drank it, and drank it
    Until he could say,

    “I shall do this crazy habit
    Each and every day!”

    So from that day on,
    He drank all that food
    And noticed some changes
    That were reflected in his mood

    My body feels lighter
    My mind seems so clear
    I know that this habit
    Is a WIN-NER for all years!

  213. OMG I need this soooo bad. My stupid blender does not blend all my greens correctly. Especially the celery! Thank you for my new blender so I can make Jen K. happy!

  214. So I posted this comment below on a different post–BEFORE midnight on October 7th, but I noticed the posting time does not reflect that. Just hope it is counted for. THANKS! Way to go Todd and Robyn! It’s a wonderful thing you are both doing for the children in Zambia! Oh, and “Todd is on his way, to go and save the day!” –(just in case this comment is counted too… :>) What a fun idea with the rhyming.

    “Todd, you are an inspiration to many,
    So just keep on pluggin’ along;
    You’ll find you’ve helped yourself a plenty,
    whilst drinkin’ the greens all gone;
    Who knows, you just may find that
    Someone else will chug’em down too
    Because they know you were drinkin’ thems
    Green Smoothies you don’t have to chew…
    Because you have a BlendTec!…
    And I really need one TOO!”

  215. Todd, we all know temptations are everywhere, but it’s time to show our bodies that we care.
    It’s hard to swim against the stream, to look in the mirror, to follow your dream.
    Green living foods are all we need, and with the right support we all can succeed.
    Start by eating the foods you like, and telling the fast foods to take a hike.
    Eat exciting foods day after day, and soon you’ll be forever eating this way!

    1. Oh Todd, Oh Todd
      You know you can
      Have the bod
      You dream of, Man!
      Greens and cukes
      You’ll think they’re nukes!
      Blendtec will help you
      Put up your dukes!
      Fight the bulge
      And just indulge
      Berries, cherries
      Pineapple, kiwi
      Getting the bod
      Will be so easy!!
      I want that Blendtec
      I want it bad
      Winning and grinning
      Will be sooooo rad!!!

  216. I would love to win this Blendtec!

    Todd thought juicing was the way
    But he accepted Robyn’s challenge one day
    He had no clue
    As to what smoothies could do
    He defeated caffeine
    And now his new bod is lean
    He is happy he finally went green!

  217. I feel like I have already won. Information to last me a life time “Thank you” to all of you wonderful people for sharing your recipes,thoughts and experiences with us all! Take care,stay well and smoothie it up!

  218. When you start to Blend
    Your pain will end
    Greens bring health
    The best kind of wealth
    Happiness and joy
    You’ll shout “oh boy!”

  219. Tod you need greens,
    in case you don’t like beans,
    it will keep your belly clean,
    way past being a teen.

    Erinda, Oakland NJ 🙂

  220. Green smoothies keep you strong, and boy are they the bomb!!! Drink your green smoothies every day, and you will never feel grey!!! 😉

  221. Frustrated! – But i’ll let it go. If in the beginning you would have told me that you were looking for your posts to invoke creativity (which is what i understood from the first blender giveaway post) in order to become the winning factor in a prize contest as opposed to building your marketing base, i would have done so. I will continue to follow your site because i truly believe in what you are doing and your education has made a difference with our family…that being said, i’m tapping out. My intentions will continue to be to help you spread the word about health.

  222. To the tune of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. The Blendtec on Tod’s counter, blends a smoothie everyday. Green smoothie girls says to drink a quart a day. If I had a Blendtec I could join in on fun. But this sad lady just sits here watching Tod slim down.

    1. As you can see I missed a word… (I could join in on THE fun.) and my rhyming sucks!!!! I need a Blendtec so my mind will get sharper from all the Green Smoothies I’ll be able to drink. Just Sayin’.

  223. I have only one thing to say to Todd, and that is that many may think drinking green drinks is odd. Let me tell you they are plain wrong, and they’ll know it when they see that your life is turning out to be one of health, vitality and happiness and lasts long!

  224. I’d Like to win. I’m wishing Todd nothing but success! I hope by now you’re noticing a big improvement in how you feel. Robyn my question is how do you and children volunteer for the building and is there a cost involved? Thank you
    P.s. Sharing on fb as always

    1. Hi Candace, I think it’s $3500 to do the 10- or 12-day humanitarian trip. That’s the cheapest I’ve ever heard of. I think your airfare is on top of that….around $1500. And it’s half personal development training, half helping / work at the job sites. We’ll write the BlendAid list with details of the trip.

  225. We all know fruits and greens help us eat more clean.
    Just blend ’em without a care; and you won’t taste them in there.
    With a blender so fine, on great nutrients you’ll dine.
    Soon your health will be great, so start smoothies, don’t wait!

  226. Oh Todd you must try it
    I promise you’ll like it!
    Soon you will crave them
    Your body demand them

    With fruit and spinach as friends
    Life and happiness will blend

  227. I’m a truly believer that our body TEACHES us in many ways… If we are aware of what it is telling to each one of us and we give it what’s asking for, we’ll soon have everything we need. Because if you give your body what it wants and needs, it’ll return you what you want and need.

    So here’s my paradox: I STRONGLY believe that many of our bodies are asking us for MORE AND MORE GREENS -also called smoothies- and if we give that to our body, it will give us more capacity to be connected with it and more conscious about it, and then we’ll realize that actually we needed all that nourishment power and we’ll soon realize even more extraordinary surprises about our body that will give us the health to live in an awesome way and for so long!!!

    Everyone deserves a blendtec, and for the winner and anyone having a blender I would reccomend (and I hope to have a blender one day to do it myself!):

    -add flaxseeds for fiber, protein and omegas
    -add acai/maqui/grape seed extracts for POLYPHENOLS, which reduce inflammation and turn off some genes that cause illness. They’re super potent antioxidants (other powerful antioxidant is pine bark extract, but it’s more difficult to find)
    -try to have protein,fibre and helthy fats when adding fruit, this will allow you to not to have an insulin spike (which creates inflammation, has been linked to the cause of chronic deseases and makes you gain weigh because it converts excess sugar to fat)

    Hope everyone will enjoy the smoothie art one day!

  228. Todd, you’re a winner for drinking green smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t fall off the wagon now, continue to drink them, and you won’t become a cow!! Green Smoothies for life!!!

  229. I am new to the GreenSmoothieGirl website. I ran across it when I was looking up the correct way to dry brush, and now I’m hooked. The giveaways are great too. I’ve wanted a new mattress for years, but I fell on hard times. This would be a great win, and looks like it’s amazing support for my spine. 🙂

  230. I would love to have one of those beds!!!!!! I bought a new one and it was aweful so then I bought a second hand one which is much better.

  231. I’m not a poet, and I sure know it, but I drink my smoothie every day. No better way, I must say, to get good nutrition with little effort. So that’s my poem, and now you know ’em, I was right the first time–I’m not a poet and I sure know it! LOL

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