Anyone up for another Blendtec giveaway?!?

BlendTec Designer Series with Touchscreen

Congratulations to Tiffany Olson of Utah who won the Blendtec!

Also, her comment cracked us up! See it cut and pasted below . . .

No video today! Instead, we are giving away ANOTHER Blendtec! Who will win? For a fun twist today, you get an entry for EVERY comment you make. Make as many as you want. BUT, each comment has to be a TIP about green smoothies for other readers. Anything that has helped you!

Here’s Tiffany’s comment from yesterday:

10 Reasons I need to win a Blendtec….
1. Drinks: Make Green Smoothies (or other yummy drinks!)
2. Soups: Make yummy root vegetable soups
3. Salad Dressings: Emulsify….need I say more?!
3. Entertainment: I’d love to try to Blendtec my hubby’s golf balls
4. Noise: I’d love to run my blender to help drown out the sound of my kids teen shows
5. Counter Decor: I am a bit of a minimalist with items on my kitchen counters, so I need more, really!
6. Cool Kid: Everyone who is cool has a Blendtec…I want to be a cool kid too!
7. Love: I would forever have a place in my heart for Blendtec & Robyn Openshaw (aka Green Smoothie Girl)
8. Sacrifice: I will truly make an effort to cut back on my current green juice (aka Dt Mtn Dew)
9. Winner: I NEVER win! I dream about being a winner of something, anything, but especially a Blendtec!
10. Do Gooder: I donated a shipment of playground jump ropes to Mothers Without Borders this summer!

Thank you to all for participating! Good luck!

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  1. Wish I had time in my busy teaching day to be as creative as Tiffany!! Way to go!! Tip #1 Blend your greens and veggies before adding the fruit.

    1. Yeah, good with that for me. 🙂 I usually wreck crafts, and I’m not very domesticated though I want to be. And speaking? I stutter when I write! lol

  2. I love to buy fresh pineapple and slice the whole thing including the core(that’s where the enzymes are). Then I lay it on coconut oiled cookie sheet and flash freeze. Then I bag it up for my smoothies!

  3. For kids, let them choose what fruit, greens and liquid to add in their smoothies and let them blend it (with parental supervision of course). They love to help make things and it seems to taste better to them when they choose. My son loves spinach, bananas, cacao, coconut water and honey.

  4. Tip #1: Smoothie ingredients freeze well. I love to get the giant bags of greens from Costco along with the frozen fruit of choice, and make premade smoothie bags. You have to add a little extra water (or whatever liquid you choose) when doing it this way, but it make smoothie prep in the mornings really easy!

  5. I always add a few Tablespoons of Better Body Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds to my Green Smoothy. You need a high powered Blender like Blendtec to grind them smooth.

  6. To get my son and husband on board with green smoothies, I used more fruit and used fruit juice as the liquid base. Once they got use to it, I slowly added more greens, less juice and less fruit.

  7. Tip #2: Bananas freeze well for smoothies too! Sometimes I pre slice them and add them to my premade smoothie freezer bags, but when I am in a hurry and I noticed I have bananas that are starting to turn, I toss them into the freezer peel and all. Then I just run the banana under warm water to thaw it out and it slides ride out of the peel and into my blender!

  8. Tip #3: My children LOVE pineapple added to their green smoothies. The core of the pineapple is SUPER nutritious! Lots of Bromine in there! But……..its hard! Since my kids love to eat pineapple as well, I save the more edible part for them to eat as a snack or with a meal, and toss the core into the blender with the smoothie!

  9. tip#4: another freezing tip LOL. I often make huge batches of smoothies and put them into quart jars for the next day for my husband and I to grab and go, but smoothies freeze really well in freezer jam jars! This makes it super easy to toss it into a child’s lunchbox and it will be drinkable or at least slushy by the time they eat lunch!

  10. tip #5: Amazon has these amazing freezer popsicle bags that have little zipper tops. My 4 year old twins have a harder time drinking their smoothies than their slightly older siblings, but the LOVE their smoothie in a popsicle! So I got the fillable freezer pop bags and dump their smoothies in there! I used to use silicone popsicle molds but they didn’t like them as much because they were too big, but the popsicle bags are just the right size! Frozen smoothies are so fun for kids

  11. I love adding a few stalks of celery to my Green Smoothie. Celery is a wonderful addition to detoxify. I really don’t enjoy eating celery but ❤️ it in the smoothie. To keep my organic celery crisp for 10 days I wash it and roll it up in wet paper towels that I then cover with foil. This trick keeps your celery crisp for at least 3 weeks in your refrigerator.

  12. Tip #5: Obviously I have a freezer theme going on with my tips! Another favorite in my house is to freeze smoothies in ice cube trays. My kids will either let it get slushy in a bowl and eat it with a spoon or we just toss them into cups to thaw. they thaw faster this way than when I freeze the whole smoothie in a cup.

  13. tip #7: Chocolate and greens can go really great together. Many children love chocolate. we have had success with green smoothies and chocolate, whether it is Cocao, chocolate protein powder, or even chocolate almond milk, a lot of times they will chug it down with no idea.

  14. My husband was eating WAY too many carbs for breakfast. I convinced him to switch out his toast for a green smoothie. I add chia seeds, hemp seeds, ACV, glutamine powder, frozen berries, and greens to pea protein powder. Now he asks for his green smoothie in the mornings! I’m ready to try mixing it up with the tips in these posts using a new BlendTec (hint, hint)!!!!

  15. tip#8: we don’t juice much in our house, but when we do there is SO much pulp left over! I hate to waste that so I toss it all into freezer bags and label and date it, and will just toss and handful or two into my green smoothies for an added nutritional boost!

  16. Raw Organic Beets are a really sweet addition to a green smoothie. They help detoxify the liver and add a natural sweetness to your smoothie. I peel the beets and quarter them. Add about a half of the beet to each smoothie the other half can be wrapped saved in the fridge or freezer for your next smoothie.

  17. Tip #2: after making homemade pickles and eating them all, use the dill infused vinegar base left in your jar for your smoothies

  18. Here’s a tip: I have plastic containers with a divider (meant for freezing small meals). I put my fresh greens on the larges side and berries or cut up fruit on the other. Then I take a small ziplock back and fill it with protein powder, dried greens, gogi berrie, cacao nibs, or whatever superfood I want in my smoothie. I put the ziplock bag on top of the greens and snap on the lid. I do eight of these at a time and pop them in the freezer. Now making a green smoothie is a snap! Just pull out of freezer, put into blender with liquid and your done! Works great and this way you spinach or greens never go bad in the fridge. Happy blending!

  19. I often use cold herbal teas as the liquid in my green smoothies. I like those that are red and add blueberries and blackberries which make an appetizing pink color.

  20. Robyn, could you post a single & easy to see list of the 30 day super foods. So we could print them out and post in our kitchens 🙂 I love to add Hemp seeds. Today I added Redmond Clay water 🙂

  21. My tip is don’t be afraid to experiment. google recipes and try some. some will be okay but some will become your favorite.

  22. I love to put coconut oil in them. start with warm water, mix it up, then add the frozen veggies or ice to cool it down.

  23. Even with a large family of smoothie drinkers, sometimes veggies go too quickly. I think ice makes smoothies too watery tasting, so to deal with both we use frozen spinach( 1/4 c frozen= 1 c fresh) frozen berries, kale etc. Plus it makes them nice and cold

  24. I use fresh greens and frozen fruits. I also freeze bananas as they get too ripe to use. Kids love these, I tell them they’ve already got a serving of veggies for breakfast.

  25. Citrus makes green smoothies extra delicious and cut a lot of the bitterness in kale, chard, arugula…
    Oranges, Lemon & Lime juice, and if organic You can put in some peel. Also I like to do Essential Oils to: Orange, Lemon or Lime or convenience.

  26. Learned the hard way that greens and red fruit make an unappetizing brown color smoothie. Hard to convince the family to drink that! haha

    1. If you use a little cocoa powder with it, then it is chocolate, and the proper color. Chocolate strawberry is delicious!

  27. I miss the video but you deserve a day off, Robyne! I’m going to leave a bunch of comments because since I’ve found and the whole green smoothie way of life, I have made lots of green smoothies (many thickness/chunkier) and I’ve made many opposites! Easy tip: serve your smoothies in stemware – it tastes better! I know Robyne likes mason jars but you are doing something special for yourself by eating whole and healthy so induldge with a fancy glass!

  28. I just discovered maca. So I have been putting it on my ‘chocolate smoothies’ s yummy. check this link out

  29. tip for adding coconut oil to green smoothies….drizzle in after you finish blending your smoothie. I like banana with coconut oil and chocolate protein and tons of greens so yummy

  30. I would LOVE to win a BlendTec blender to share more Green Smoothies with my family & friends that don’t live with me. My children are excited about them. How did I get them excited? Tip: Take your family, friends, & esp. children to a GSG class to try the Green Smoothies there!

  31. Use coconut flakes ( I get my online from Tropical Traditions or Wilderness Family) 3 cups to 4 cups warm water, soak in blender 3 min. Blend on high for 3 min. Strain through nut bag or white cloth into jar. Can use pulp again with 3 more cups cool water, strain again into same jar. You now have coconut milk to use in your smoothies.

  32. so I do my workout in the morning. people think I am crazy since I get up at 3 am but after that I have a awesome wonderful smoothie with dates, banana, protein, almond milk, cinnamon and some oats and that gets me going I love this combination

  33. Serve green smoothies to the kids in an opaque colored cup (so they won’t know it is green). Use straws and umbrellas for extra credit!

  34. Vanilla extract will add fabulous flavor to any smoothie! Chocolate Green Light with a touch of vanilla extract makes for a delicious green “milk shakeish” healthy treat

  35. I add frozen berries mix last to my green smoothies, this makes it more of a purple color. That way my kids aren’t put off by the color.

  36. My little girls love my green smoothies, too! Now I just need to convince my hubby! PLEASE pick me so that I can make clump-free smoothies to entice him 🙂

  37. What?! You’re giving away another blendtec?! That is so awesome. My tip? Only start with a few greens in your smoothie if you’re not use to it.

  38. If the kids grow the kale, they swear it tastes better in the smoothie. If kids are in on it from the ground up, they are more likely to at least try a green smoothie.

  39. Time Saver Tip⏰. I prepare and lay out my smoothie ingredients on my counter. Mix up a smoothie with lots of fresh ingredients. Pour the smoothie into pint size canning jars that I add lids to and freeze. Repeat a few times until I have a weeks worth of smoothies made for me and my Grandson Strider (14 months old).

  40. Today the carpenters are coming to begin our kitchen remodel. My poor little Oster blender is wearing out (doesn’t make smoothies very smooth either). A BlendTec blender would be a great addition to my new kitchen! Tip #2: Always keep a small insulated bag with you or in your car. Toss in a freezer bag and your GSG bottle with your smoothie for the day. It stays nice and fresh and goes with you wherever you go!

  41. Tip #6: Buy the book, “The Adventures of Junk Food Dude” & read it to your children (good message for adults too): This story got my children excited to drink more Green Smoothies & eat healthier foods.

  42. I have lost 120 lbs all by myself with diet and exercise (over the last 4 years) and have another 20 to go to hit my goal! I turn 40 next year! This would be the BESTTTTTT 40th Birthday present!!!

  43. Tip # 2: Freeze your fruit (bananas, berries, cherries, pineapple, apples, etc.) on cookie sheets before putting in freezer bags. They are easy to “break” apart so that they are not one big frozen chunk.

  44. Tip #7: Buy the Children’s Recipe book, “Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes” to get your children excited about green smoothies & eating healthy.

  45. I love listening to your miracle stories about green smoothies improving people’s health during your seminars! I am a kidney transplant recipient (8 years) and my doctors are always amazed that my kidney works better and better with time, even after delivering 2 babies post transplant! I believe that green smoothies are a BIG part of that! So thankful for you sharing your knowledge GSG!!!

  46. OOH! I love it when someone asks me for tips! I have been successfully and unsuccessfully making green smoothies for a while and have learned a LOT! Tip #1 YOU NEED A GOOD BLENDER!!! I started out with a cheap regular blender but each smoothie would be a battle where I constantly had to stir things around, add more liquid, pray to the smoothie gods, etc. before I would have a slightly less chunky smoothie. Anyway, we probably know this so I will also say that coconut water is one of my favorite liquid bases.

  47. Wake up and make your green smoothie first thing. That way you have it ready for your husband to take to work or for your toddler to drink before he asks for milk.

  48. Tip #8: Make smoothies & foods out of the children’s recipe book, “Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes”. This got my children more excited to want to drink more green smoothies & eat healthier foods.

  49. wouldn’t this be a nice machine to have in my kitchen. Can not afford one, but would love to win one! thank you for a chance! have a wonderful day!

  50. Use a good blender like a BLENDTEC to blend your smoothies. That way you don’t have chunks, instead it’s nice and smooth.

  51. New to the Smoothie lifestyle… My tip is to buy or WIN a Blendtec cuz the blender I’ve been using makes it almost not worth the hassle!!

  52. For the over abundance of zucchini, if you grow a garden, adding it to any green smoothie is a great way to use it up. The flavor is so mild it really doesn’t change the flavor of your smoothie

  53. I don’t like seaweed but I knowing I should eat it because it’s so good for you. I just put a small piece in my green smoothie to amp up the nutrition. The best part is you can’t even taste it!

  54. This is awesome! I would love to win a Blendtec, I’d give it to my lovely daughter of 4 girls, 2 are 17 months, 2 are 4 yrs, and they LOVE the green smoothies she make for them. She only has a Magic bullet, so not the easiest, but she perseveres! I add frozen tart cherries to my spinach, avocado, and almond butter shakes…..yum yum

  55. My Vita Mix is making sharp creepy sounds, like it’s on it’s last legs! I need a new Blend Tek! I make a green smoothie every morning and use it all through the day to prep and cook. My favorite thing to make is chocolate/banana/almond frozen dessert…I need a great blender to do it right! I love everything GreenSmoothieGirl does!

  56. Stevia!! A little sweetness can make green smoothies dessert like. After Robyn’s recent super food tip about monk fruit, I’ll have to try it as an alternative to stevia. Thanks for all the great tips and thanks for getting all these wonderful readers’ tips out there for all of my us to use.

  57. Tip #3: when pulling root veggies like carrots or beets from the garden, wash and then put the entire vegetable…tops and all in the blender for added nutrients. Carrots: good for the eyes and immune system
    Beets: high in folate, fiber and iron boosting your immune system

  58. When I started out drinking green smoothies, they were a bit bitter. So I added raw honey or dates to sweeten it up a bit. The more green smoothies I drank, the sweeter they tasted until eventually I quit using the honey and dates. Now I even have to watch how much fruit I put in them or they taste too sweet.

  59. I sure would love to win! I need all the help I can get in my fight to be a cancer survivor. This BLentec would be great tool to add to my arsenal!!!!

  60. If you’re new to green smoothies, banana and citrus and/or pineapple (my favorite) will mask any “green” flavor
    Yes I still have more tips. I want that Blendtec!!

  61. Tip #4: check out the “cast off section” of your local grocery store. Many will package produce that is about to be discarded (bruised or ripened) at a reduced price. PERFECTLY good produce to cut & freeze or use immediately in smoothies. I HATE to see food thrown out or go to waste.

  62. I love green smoothie tips! In scanning them, I see most of the tips I’ve gotten in the past and use listed a few times, so I won’t repeat. When I can’t decide what kind of smoothie to make, I blend my greens and ask my son to pick any kind of fruit(s) out of the freezer to finish it off. We’ve come up with some winners! Good luck everyone.

  63. I always use frozen fruit in my smoothies as it makes it more like drinking a milk shake. I add frozen fruit, either fresh fruit I have frozen or packaged frozen fruit I have purchased.

  64. Congrats Tiffany! Thanks Robyn for giving us ideas on sweeteners and comparing them to stevia and honey so we can get ideas on how much to add. I don’t need much, but people new to smoothies like them sweeter.

  65. Definition of Addiction: Peanut Butter Banana Green Smoothie.
    LOTs of spinach, collard greens or kale, GSG tri-omega blend peanut butter, honey, and banana, ice as desired.
    This mom must have one each day to function 🙂

  66. Love Robin Ingram’s tip about using the pineapple core in a smoothie. I’ve not seen that one before! Thanks for all these great tips! Green Smoothies and Green Smoothie Girl rock!

  67. No one has mentioned adding a fourth of a lemon to their Green Smoothie as GSG suggests in her basic recipe. We really like the fresh taste this gives to some combinations. Of course, it isn’t great in EVERY type, but it is really good when you are following her recipe.

  68. I prepackage my smoothies for the week on Sat or Sun. I freeze the greens in a separate bag from form fruit. But also measure out my frozen fruit into individual bags so that all I have to do is grab 2 bags in the morning. One greens & one fruit. I blend the frozen greens with some liquid (usually almond milk) first. Then add the fruit next & blend again.

  69. My kids and husband enjoy my green smoothies more if I add one frozen banana — no matter what other fruits/veggies I use. They say the texture and taste is better!

  70. I love having bananas in my smoothies because it makes the texture great, but having the fruit ready and just exactly ripe, but not too ripe was a challenge. I discovered that I can put the bananas in the fridge after they are perfectly ripe and they will keep for a day or too without further ripening.

  71. Apple cider frozen in ice cube trays for your green smootihes. (in case you haven’t noticed I don’t care for plain ice!)

  72. I precut and freeze and proportion out all of my fruits so it is quick to make smoothies in the morning. I have even frozen my kale and spinach too.

  73. My best tip: Just Do It! When my husband and I don’t get our daily green smoothies, we notice lower energy and slower bowels. Just use whatever fruits and veggies are in the fridge or freezer, or grab some “weeds” like purslane or lambsquarter from around the yard.

  74. I love making smoothies and freezing them in popsicle molds – especially in the summer! I sometimes layer it so that there is some greek yogurt, then smoothie, then yogurt, etc. My son LOVES it!

  75. Freeze bananas in manageable chunks for your green smoothies. Dip in lemon juice or anything acidic or loaded w/ vit c to keep fresh appearance
    (no browning yuck)

  76. Oh my gosh her comment is the BomB! She So deserved that Blendtec! I have been trying to prepackage my green smoothies so that my husband can grab blend go. ( He goes to work at 5 in the Morning) He loves getting his green smoothie in the morning so that he has energy during the day and some when he comes home. ( his work is labor intensive) This would make his mornings go so much better to not worry how long it will take to make a smoothie!

  77. More on that frozen banana topic…I like to let mine get nice and spotty on the counter before I freeze them because then they make my green smoothie sweeter without using any added sweetener. Most of the time I don’t even need stevia or agave or honey because of this spotty banana trick!

  78. Flash freeze fruits & greens on a cookie sheet first, then transfer to plastic freezer bag for ease of use later. (don’t forget to force as much air as you can out of the bag)

  79. Keeping with the theme of the banana – use Kirkland brand cling wrap to freeze your banana. Just peel your banana, place the whole thing on the cling wrap and roll it up. It is super easy to break in half or quarters this way without dirtying your hands and then just dump the chunks into your blender. The easiest way I’ve found to freeze bananas. And I’m not kidding about the Costco cling wrap, it’s THE BEST! Don’t waste your time with Glad or other name brands.

  80. Robyn’s recommendation of blending your liquid and greens first then adding the other ingredients makes for a much easier smooth smoothie making experience.

  81. I always add a tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil to my smoothies. It has so many health benefits. Here are a few…

    Flaxseed oil also helps to:

    Reduce the risk of cancer.
    Aid in the growth of healthy hair and nails.
    Promote healthy skin.
    Reduce menopause symptoms.
    Play a role in burning body fat.

  82. You have been an amazing inspiration and addition to my life! We have health problems and I know in changing the way we eat and what we take into our body is most important. I would love a new addition to our home to make it easier. i’m not good at dishes so this would be a miracle to have in our home. Thank you Thank you for all your hard work

  83. Tell the lil gobblins it’s witches magic brew to get them to try it.and make sure you have a fun snack to go with it for them. Better yet let them help make it!

  84. For macho Hulk fans you can tell them it’s the magic Juice that gives him Hulk strength! involving children in preparing food makes them more willing to try new things. Fun & healthy, what better combo?!

  85. I’ve been making green smoothies for years, but finally watched Robyn’s video on how she does it and like it for several reasons: #1 get more greens than I used to get in my smoothies

  86. My child is allergic to milk products so I have a friends who sells us goat milk and Kefir. I sometimes put these in my green smoothies. My son loves it in his smoothies. (he’s two)

  87. My favorite way for a longer term storage of greens is to blend all the greens together (I use kale, cilantro, spinach, celery, cucumbers, anything that looks green and fresh) with enough water to just get it blended and then put them in little ice cube trays and freeze them! I double bag them up and drop in 2-4 cubes with water and then add my fruits and powders to have anytime, even if I wasn’t able to get to the store and I ran out of my fresh greens for the day. Its a great way to save money too. Sometimes my greens go bad so fast!

  88. Tip #5: the body has lots of inflammation. Add turmeric to your green smoothie. It’s a relative of ginger and loaded with curcumin, an anti inflammatory compound as well as “crime fighter” against agents that combat the obstruction of cerebral functions. If you’ve lost loved ones to Alzheimers like me…you want this daily in your green smoothie.

  89. Blendtec’s are great for hot green smoothies (a.k.a. soup, this recipe isn’t green, but it is a vegetable!) Blendtec’s Butternut Squash Soup recipe is great (especially when you add a little spicy hot pepper to it (I used dried jalapeno flakes from my garden)). You can buy organic butternut squash already diced at Costco (makes it so much easier to make). Here’s the link to the recipe:

  90. #4 reason is I like to freeze my greens just before they go bad so they blend better with the water only before I add the other frozen fruit

  91. My cousin introduced me to green smoothies. She has a blendtec, I was like you can Grind Wheat and Rice Flour! That is amazing all you can do with it. WOW! IT will make it so easier to make my soups. SO AMAZING!

  92. Sometimes I like to add Dried Goji berries to my smoothies but they are so hard and sometimes make my smoothie have little bits that bother me so I blend them up with a little water, stick them in ice cube trays, freeze them and throw one into my smoothy for the day. That way I can use it when I choose and I don’t feel bad about them going bad or wasting them as the dry out in my cabinet.

  93. Sometimes if I really want to eat food instead of have my green smoothie I will pour it into a bowl and add some healthy toppings like organic coconut flakes, hemp seeds, and slivered almonds and then eat it all up with a spoon. It sort of tricks my brain into thinking I’m eating and not just drinking.

  94. Freeze leftover green smoothie (gasp you had leftovers!?!} in an ice cube trays to make quick green mini slushies for the kids! (or just add to one of your other smoothies when you are needing to go get more greens!)

  95. I have taken my family and friends to the green smoothie presentations but still have a hard time getting them to commit. So we got your book! We read it at night as bed time stories and I even made a little picture on our fridge as a reminder.

  96. Pieces of apple frozen can be dipped in apple juice or other juice to keep apple from browning. flash freeze on cookie sheet, then transfer to a zip lock bag

  97. my favorite thing about smoothies is that everything can be kept in the freezer and no need to be constantly running to the store for produce

  98. I don’t have a lot of time to drink my smoothie, so instead of ice I use some frozen fruit. I have also been know to warm my smoothie so I can chug it down before I run out the door.

  99. Tip #6: carving your Halloween pumpkin this weekend? Save those seeds and “guts” for your smoothies. Freeze chunks of pumpkin (beta carotene/antioxidant) and dry your seeds (manganese, phosphorus, magnesium & zinc rich). Using those cans of pumpkin pie mix from the grocery are full of sugars and syrups….use fresh….so cheap in October, so hit the pumpkin patch for your health!

  100. Jello in a pinch will ad thickness & flavor boost to kids green smoothies. (Remember there’s a lot of sugar too) you don’t need more than a heaping spoonful. (I use for Non green ones too)

  101. Another tip from me: Grow a garden, bare minimum spinach and mixed greens. They’re really easy. Toss a handful of seeds on some moist soil and water it every few days (under-watering makes for bitter greens). I have literally done that at the suggestion of a master gardener. Works great! Carrots, beets and other superficial roots are just as easy but you have to invest in some serious thinning if you use the toss method, but you get more yummy green tops that way!!
    In the ground or in a pot. Doesn’t matter, except pots need watering a bit more frequently. And you can actually bring your pots inside when it freezes and set them inside by a sunny window, seriously extending your growing season. My mom has had fresh tomatoes ALL year round.

  102. I made a chart on my fridge that says fruits & veggies and each family member has to put a little mark (smiley face or a heart) next to it every time they each or drink their fruits and veggies. Its a great way for my littles (4,6,8 year olds) to actually see what they are and are not eating each day so when they ask for a snack, I can refer them to our chart and say…time to pick a veggie! Its a good reminder for mom and dad too, since sometimes the day goes by and we say wow, I need something healthy, lets have a smoothy!

  103. When I’m at the peak of training for a marathon sometimes I’ll blend up oats into oat flour to add to my green smoothie for my post workout meal. They blend right in and give the smoothie a nice flavor.

  104. I like my green smoothies cold so when I am on the run I add a few ice cubes. This helps with my h2o consumption as well!

  105. Probiotics are a super important element to staying healthy especially for my little ones so I like to add them to our shakes, I get a refrigerated powder at the heath food store and sprinkle it into the shakes and the kids never know but get all the benefits. Ive tried making my own kefir too but it doesn’t always go over as well. 😉

  106. Want to start adding more greens to your smoothie other than just spinach? Start with white chard, it’s so mild and it’s blends up nicely. I found kale and red chard a bit too strong at first, so learn from my experience and ease into more vegetables with mild greens.

  107. Love the winner’s comment – very cleaver 🙂 Again, would love to win a BlendTech to give to my Mom who is 77 and just starting her green smoothie adventure.

  108. Tip #13: If you don’t want to or or unable to try a different kind of smoothie twice a week, then try a different one once a week.

  109. Use powdered peanut butter (like PB2) for a super yummy, fat free addition to your green smoothie. Use powdered peanut butter, almond milk, chocolate green light, lots of spinach, and a frozen banana – it is like a milkshake!

  110. Tip #14: If you don’t want to or are unable to try a different green smoothie once a week, then try a different one twice a month.

  111. Tip #7: I love making color concentrated smoothies….like all green produce. One of my favorites: green apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, lime, wheatgrass, kiwi, and a nub of ginger.

  112. Just feeding my baby so I’ll continue making comments and tips
    For anyone that has said add stevia – grow it. It’s a green (an herb). The leaves are the sweet you love. Fresh is and raw is better for you I’m sure though I don’t know the actual nutritional and mineral content, but dried is sweeter.

  113. Michelle’s Tip #2 I’ve found that glass bottles made by Lifefactory are the best for travel. My smoothies are much more concentrated nowadays, so the 32 oz carries plenty.

  114. Adding a nut butter like almond or peanut butter can give your green smoothie some extra staying power and a really nice flavor. They blend in really nicely as well! I’ve found that adding this fat helps my blood sugar levels if my smoothie is a little too fruit heavy (carbs).

  115. Tip #15: Find your favorite green smoothie as your “Go To” smoothie when you may be in a hurry or not have the extras you might want or need.

  116. Michelle’s Tip #4 Tupperware makes these produce containers called FreshMates. They make all your produce, especially your leafy greens, last much longer!! These have been a lifesaver!

  117. Make an extremely tick green smoothie, pour into a bowl, top with granola, coconut flakes, fresh berries and eat it with a spoon! It is a nice change of pace and feels like dessert.

  118. Fun green smoothie recipe for kids is a rainbow smoothie: red-strawberry, orange – carrot, yellow – pineapple, green – spinach/kale, chard, blue – blueberries, purple – beet juice or purple cabbage

  119. Aloe & coconut water are an excellent starting base for a great green smoothie great for hydration, skin, electrolytes & much more, depending on what else you add!

  120. Tip #19: If you skip a day without a green smoothie, instead of stopping the daily habit, just start again the next day and keep with it.

  121. Along with letting your little ones be involved, for play-house age, buy a little toy blender. I love to see my 2 year old playing “drink green smoothie”!

  122. I rarely suffer from seasonal allergies since I started drinking green smoothies made w/ GreenSmoothieGirl protein powder and raw flax. Food heals!

  123. Tip #20: Make a large batch & freeze into several different containers so you just have to grab one the night before & put it in the fridge to thaw out for the next day. (I have to go to an appt. now, so I will cont. my Tips later today)

  124. Michelle’s Tip #6 Don’t have a Blendtec yet? Burn up your old blender first! I told myself I wouldn’t buy a new blender until i wore mine out. That way you’ve proven to yourself that you’ll use it, you’ve made a healthy habit, and given yourself time to save for it!

  125. If your kids don’t like anything green, blindfold them and play the taste test game. Make sure the green smoothie doesn’t taste green to them, Pineapple is the best disguise I know of! and spinach is the easiest to blend without it tasting green to them.

  126. Sometimes I grind up flax seeds first before putting them in the smoothie. But maybe that is just because my current blender doesn’t grind it up enough…a Blendtec may just be what is needed.

  127. After 22 years of chronic back pain, six months ago I decided to drink a green smoothie (huge !) EVERY DAY
    That is 22 years of bed rest for months, not doing many things, not sleeping for more than two hours on a row, crying in the shower so that my family did not see how much it hurt EVERY DAY
    Guess what? I haven’t had my medicines for a month!!
    Does in hurt? Sometimes
    Will it get better? SURE!
    And the best thing: I’m getting everyone on board

  128. Also, ice and frozen fruits are wonderful. They taste great, and they help pummel the other ingredients so it is only slightly chuncky, instead of really chuncky. Again, maybe a Blendtec could help with that.

  129. If you have a reluctant teen who is in love with the trendy chain coffee shops, try adding coffee to a creamy green smoothie to woo her over to the whole food, green way of life! Almond milk, vanilla extract, chocolate green light, spinach and a frozen banana with a little decaf coffee…tastes like a frappachino! A step in the right direction and a real treat! Great alternative to the real thing!

  130. I really need the Blendtec…….first of all I cant keep up with your green smoothie challenges if I do not have one at work. I have one at home but lets face it work is where I spend a lot of my day. If I am unable to win the Blendtec……I must be a shoe in for the water ionizer. I just celebrated my 21 year anniversary and if I took that home my wife would be in seventh heaven……she has wanted one ever since you spoke about them. To be honest I love all your group buys and everything you endorse but I can only work so many nights to pay for infrared saunas, intellibed, blendtec, all your products that we purchase including a house full of almonds etc. I don’t know if I should thank you or submit your emails and web site as spam……Thanks for changing peoples lives !!!! me and my wife love what your about and what you do….!!!!!!!

  131. I am from India and since I moved to the USA have fallen in love with thesE filling and nourishing smoothies. Green smoothies are a better option than fruity ones for everyone so I love your site with the various options for green smoothies. I have a few tips here..
    Tip#1 for those of you who don’t like sweetened stuff like me, I like gree smoothies which are blended and a dash or lemon salt and pepper thrown in. It gives a whole different t flavour to your smoothies.

  132. My daughter had to give a short lecture for her peers.
    The subject she chose was “Nutrition: your fuel”
    The title “All you have to do is add”
    And guess what she handed out before starting ?
    My special energy balls and…GREEN SMOOTHIE!!
    One of the children said: Bahh it’s GREEN
    And she answered: I have a secret that may come as a surprise to many…It doesn’t TASTE green!!!!


  133. I like to throw in an avacado, because it evens out the flavors un the smoothie really well. I think it also helps my smoothies to be more smooth, but maybe a Blendtec could help…I think I need one.

  134. Every time I make smoothies for my children’s class it takes several batches and lots of time.
    I would love to put this beauty to work for all !!!

  135. How many comments do you speculate for today’s post?
    A personal favorite recipe sure to please any newby or kid or even my father in law
    2 cup coconut liquid or water works for this
    Big handful (my official form of measurement) of spinach or kale
    A banana
    A bunch of grapes

  136. Teach others in your household how to make green smoothies so you’re not “THE ONLY one that can make them right mom! ” says my 16 year old long before the sun comes up before early morning Seminary, because making them the day before “does not taste the same and so must not be as good for me” says my cutie Soldier hubby while I’m trying to do morning homeschool. (I can’t resist him in uniform and the cute smile).
    Moral of the story: TEACH EVERYBODY HOW TO MAKE GREEN SMOOTHIES RIGHT! And win a Blendtec so you only have to make 2 batches for your family of 7.
    Thanks Robyn!

  137. Use different greens! There are many delicious greens to add more nutrients and different flavors to smoothies. I enjoy raw collard greens and radish greens as well.

  138. Tip #8: want to keep that smoothie quarts cool while running errands? Take 2 of those ice pads (mat of grid gel squares you freeze for lunch boxes) and stitch a cotton sleeve for them to slide in. Stitch velcro at the ends and create a frozen sleeve for your mason jar. Got the idea from champagne chilling sleeve I was gifted.

  139. If you add few spoonfuls of baking soda to your sink of cold water for your last rinsing of purchased greens. (even organics are sprayed w/ albiet safer sprays) You will get the pesticide/ herbacide residue off your leaves try it! Lift leaves out of water & see what’s left behind…. Unless you happen to have an alkaline water machine, then all bets are off. lol You may rinse off the leaves with plain water again if you wish.

  140. Green lemonade! Start with water, part of an organic lemon, peel and all (or should I say zest?), stevia and lots of greens – spinach and kale are favorites. You will have a fabulous lemonade flavored green smoothie that is especially refreshing after a workout!

  141. The other day I used smooth peanut butter in my smoothie. Pack in some added protein, and make the smoothie a little more creamy and tasty. Maybe a Blendtec would be awesome if I used chuncky peanut butter…or maybe even whole peanuts. Wow the possibilities of a Blentec.

  142. When I motivate friends to get started with green smoothies, they tend to complain that they are not filling enough. I add chia and ground flaxseed to my smoothies to keep me full. Protein powder is another great, filling addition. Nuts, coconut oil, avocado, and other good fats will be delicious and filling in smoothies!

  143. One of my boys hates tomatoes, so I like to throw 1-2 into our smoothies. You never taste it…but the only problem is you can still see the tomatoe skin boys left behind…I think a Blendtec could just solve my problem here.

  144. I give up. I don’t drink green smoothies and that’s why I hoped to win the BlendTec. I’m not creative enough to come up with anything to entertain you in my entry. I don’t have the money to start changing my health by purchasing a BlendTec, or any of the other giveaway prizes. So, although I am going to keep entering out of sheer desperation, I realize I will not win. I don’t have any tips on green smoothies except what I have heard Robyn say. So that’s my tip, save money to purchase Robyn’s books and favorite things.

  145. I hate cooking probably because I am not good at it and it takes up too much of my time so I drink a lot of green smoothies. I would love to try a blentec sometime.

  146. Tired of berries turning moldy overnight on you? Dip/Rinse in a sink of cold water that you add a 1/2 -1 C white vinegar to (depending on how much water you use). rinse gently. set berries out on toweling to dry, put a couple layers paper towel in the bottom of container place berries on this cover loosely & refrigerate. Your berries will last longer than you thought they ever could this way. (They won’t taste like vinegar either)
    Fresh berries in green smoothies!

  147. In order to get your family to drink green smoothies made with an old blender (like my 60-year-old Oster that was Grandma’s), USE A STRAINER. Don’t like taking all that extra time, scratching up the backs of your spoons on the metal mesh and losing part of your ingredients down the sink? Simply enter to win a contest like this, and hope and pray you will win an amazing Blendtec so you can retire your strainer. 🙂

  148. I’m so glad there is another chance to win a BlendTek. I would love to win this, as my current blender hardly makes the grade as a smoothie maker.

  149. I like to put in some yogurt too. I adds some flavor, calcium, and also smooths out the smoothie. Maybe if I had a Blendtec they would be smooth with or with out yogurt, LOL. I would love to make green smoothies that were actually smooth, and not ones you have to strain through your teeth.

  150. My tip would to be sure you have enough liquid in your smoothies….a thick smoothie is hard to drink!
    Blendtec……I am so excited to start using you:)

  151. I love making green smoothies for my twin toddlers. They love them! Unfortunately, it energizes them even more than they already are. Pure chaos. But I’m sure their cells thank me. Even if I’m on the brink of insanity. My tip is to start with the greens and fruit you like/enjoy and progress from there. Create the habit and then expand it!

  152. I want the big red one Gordo!! ha that was on a car ad a few years ago. The model I need now is a big red blendtec!!!

  153. We LOVE green smoothies!! Robyn, I have recommended SO many people to your great site…for you taught me through your videos how healthy they are and how to make them!! I love to put pineapple, oranges, blueberries, strawberries and kale in ours!!!

  154. Pre assemblig frozen packets of ingredients can make things go quicker in the early mornings or easier for teens even. Great way reduce the I didn’t have time excuse for not grabbing a green smoothie in the morning Packet of frozen stuff, liquid, fresh greens & whrrrr you have it! & Go~!

  155. Wash or at least rinse your blender right away and you will save yourself all kinds of work and time! If you wait – it is so much harder and time consuming to clean.

  156. Always try a little of a new ingredient to make sure you like the taste before you add a lot:) I have learned this the hard way:)

  157. My next tip involves the time to blend your green smoothie… if you want your smoothie to be the consistency of say pot roast, then that’s a good 15 minute blend time. If you going for something a little more smooth, like say jello fruit salad, then that will take 30 minutes. If you want it Blendtec smooth, well then…be prepared to run your blender until it burns out, or go and buy a Blendtec! I really need one…

  158. That is hysterical Tiffany!
    You totally for got #11…”If by some crazy chance I do win then I would like to spread the love by giving my BledTec to some lady in Friendswood Texas named Rebecca Oliver”. LOL!

  159. Hooray for Tiffany! I too, would love to win a Blentec, my current blender is wearing out from awesome usage! It is my most used appliance.

  160. How about adding flavoring extracts such as vanilla to your smoothie for the kids? Out of lemon did you say? Hmmmor just a drop or 2 of Lemon extract or EO to the rescue!

  161. Best Purchase Ever!! Tip: Let the kids help!! I swear my 2 year old will only drink green smoothies if he actually has a hand in making it, and watches me pour it into his sippy cup! Plus it’s a great opportunity to teach!!

  162. If you are pining away for a Blendtec and presently have an underpowered blender to make your smoothies, be sure to add the harder-to-blend ingredients to the mix first. Dates, cocoa nibs and seedy berries will blend more thoroughly if there is less volume in the mixer carafe.

  163. Tip #9: create your own gazpacho lunch in smoothie form with a few chewy yummy chunks added at the end. Recipe: 16+ oz water, 1 can crushed tomatoes, ¼ cup red onion, ½ cucumber, 1 red or green bell pepper, parsley, chive, garlic, dash red wine vinegar, 1 tbsp lemon juice, squirt of honey (balance acidity of tomatoes), hot sauce to your liking, dash worceshire sauce, add diced tomatoes after blending to each mason jar (amount you want for the chew factor).

  164. Okay…so my last post did not have a tip so I guess it doesn’t count. My tip is always put a banana in your smoothie for two reasons…first it is smoother and thicker and second for the potassium.

  165. A pinch of Himalayan or other good salt (or Sole) can slow the enzymatic browning/oxidation of your smoothie if you’re a slow drinker like me. Plus extra minerals and it brings out more natural sweetness from your fruit.
    Extra non smoothie tip: A little water with Himalayan/sea salt is also a less tart way than lemon to keep apple and banana slices from browning so quickly.

  166. Don’t forget Chia Seed in that smoothie if you have a late AM meeting that can run long. Bye Bye hunger pangs. Chia will help keep the hungries away for awhile.

  167. I am having surgery Nov 2 because my appendix burst because it had a cancerous tumor in it. they will be messing my digestion so Iv’e been drinking the smoothies and will be getting back on them post surgery also. I sure this will help get things perking along!!! thanks for all your info and help.

  168. I simply enjoy the fresh taste of green smoothies. When you drink them you can feel the energy from the fresh vegetables and fruit especially if you can buy fresh organic products. Also Robyn has helped me with her products on line. Her book titled 12 Steps to Whole Foods is an eye opener and I recommend this to anyone that is serious about their health and want to make lifestyle changes. Thank you Robyn!! How is Todd?

  169. Tip #10: Good idea to chew your smoothies. Chewing your smoothie allows the ingredients to mix with enzymes in your mouth (salivary amylase – responsible for the first stage of carbohydrate digestion) which aids in assimilating nutrients at the start of your digestive process. So chew that smoothie even if sucking it through a straw!

  170. I find that blending my greens first with water or orange juice makes for a less chunky smoothie…then I add all the other YUMMY ingredients!!! I’d LOVE to win a Blendtec!!

  171. Green Smoothie tip #4: If you aren’t feeling good, make sure you are drinking your green smoothies. Doctors wanted me to go on medication for heartburn I was having every day for almost 1 1/2 years. Then I learned about green smoothie girls website. I had to drink 2 quarts a day, but as soon as I did, heartburn was gone. I did all the natural methods that everyone suggested. Nothing worked like green smoothies.

  172. When you buy your fresh fruits and veggies at the beginning of the week….put them into separate bags for each day with all the parts of your smoothie. This makes for a quick smoothie instead of pulling out all the different fruits and veggies and getting what you want,you only have to get 1 bag with everything you need;)

  173. Find a few favorites and rotate your green smoothie menu! Don’t get stuck in a rut – you will be more likely to get tired of it and quit. Vary your “recipes”, it is good for your diet and good for your motivation. Go with something creamy one day, mix it up with a refreshing citrus blend, then try something with lots of berries or an all veggie green smoothie. Variety is the spice of life!

  174. Tip #11: I like using metal straws to slurp my smoothie with. Metal straws are better for the environment (reusable), keeps plastic out of landfills and best when using essential oils in your smoothies (especially citrus oils which breaks down plastic…don’t drink a toxic smoothie!).

  175. I think that what you’re doing is simply amazing and these giveaways are just as amazing! A Blendtec has been on my wish list for forever…or at least a reallllly long time 🙂

  176. One way to always have some greens on hand is to blend them up in the water and then freeze in ice cube trays. Then when making a smoothie blend up some fruit in water then add the frozen green cubes.

  177. My older kids love experimenting with green smoothies. They will go to our garden and put all sorts of things in, squash, peppers, zucchini, kale, spinach, carrots…most of the time it turns out well (bell peppers…not so much for me). We offered some to a neighbor once. She looked at it’s consistency though, and gave us a funny look. Maybe if we could do smooth smoothies in a Blendtec we could change the world one neighbor at a time. I think I’m already in love with a Blendtec, without ever having one.

  178. Green Smoothie tip #5: Always have frozen bananas in the freezer. Always! If bananas aren’t frozen it is not as good.

  179. I often sing a silly song about each ingredient as it goes into the carafe. The kids think it’s hilarious and are much more open to drinking all those ingredients when they get the finished smoothie. It’s even more funny when they start adding their own verses….

  180. Carrots add sweetness to a green smoothie without adding a lot of sugar (like fruit). Also a great source of fiber and beta carotene!

  181. #4 TIP: Save money on your fruits by purchasing when they are in season and on sale. Cut the fruit up into chunks: place on a cookie tray with wax paper. Once they are frozen place in ziplock bags. Be sure to date the bags. You can freeze your spinach and kale too.

  182. Green Smoothie tip #6: If you can’t get to your greens soon enough–Freeze them. I didn’t know you could do this till I was educated by Green Smoothie Girl.

  183. Avacado! Avocados add creaminess, a great reenact color and the taste is fabulous. Also, avacados are great for your health, super source of healthy fat and a variety of vitamins.

  184. #5 TIP: If you don’t win a BlendTec then start saving your pennies because there is nothing worse then a chunky green smoothie…I guess you would call that a ‘green chunky’. I have never actually touched a BlendTec but I hear they are magical. So, my tip is make sure you have the right tools for a yummy smoothie.

  185. #28, oops, I wasn’t numbering, You could even add smoked salmon, & sesame seeds (along w/ previously mentioned Wasabi) to a savory blend. Serve in short glasses along side sushi. Don’t overdo it…. just enough for added protien. You might find a whole green smoothie new path.

  186. Tip #12: Try stainless steel straws. They come in several diameters….¼ up to ½ inch and lengths…8, 9.5, 10.5 inch length. I like the longer length to adapt to taller tumblers, mason jars….even long enough when recycling those Starbucks Venti cups for the next day’s smoothie.

  187. If some of your family members have allergies, but not all, first blend the ingredients everyone can handle. Serve that mixture to those with the allergies, then add the more problematic ingredients for those who don’t have an issue with them. For example, two of my kids are allergic to banana. If a smoothie calls for a banana, we always save that for last, and pour the smoothies for those two kids before adding it. This keeps me from needing to make two entirely separate batches of smoothies, and everyone is happy! 🙂

  188. I love to add beets, beet greens, or beet kavas to chocolate green smoothies. It hides and compliments the taste better than a vanilla one. You can use the green smoothie chocolate protein powder and even add some raw cocoa nibs for more fiber and chocolate taste.

  189. Orange juice concentrate is a great base. It gives a great flavor, and you can make the flavor as subtle or pronounced as you wish.

  190. #6 TIP: Use extracts to add flavor. I like vanilla, almond and orange.Not all together but, almond with bananas and vanilla with almost anything and orange with any citrus.
    I hope they are not toxic. I am pretty new to this so I hope this isn’t a no-no from Robyn.

  191. Tip #13: Themed smoothie names for kids lure them closer…ha! Create the story line and the rest is history. Never had a child walk away from one. “Fairy princess pink potion” – strawberries, raspberries, spinach, beet, banana, honey, avo, water or almond milk.

  192. In a bind I have used freeze dried bananas (not banana chips) and spinach. I keeps a few freeze dried fruits and veggies on hand because the shelf life once they’re opened is a whole year.
    Freeze dried also blends into a nice powder that only needs water added, if you need a green smoothie to travel with. But fresh is always best.

    *bonus info if you care to know: Freeze drying leaves the most nutrients and enzymes enact, more than regular freezing or dehydrating because it’s instantly frozen using liquid nitrogen and then a vacuum removed the moisture – no heat. And no you can’t just buy a home machine. I’ve tried. There are only a small handful of actual freeze drying machines in the US. They supply all the companies that offer it.

    1. Hi Emily, Yes they now do now sell a home freeze drying machine. But cost is high like $3000. and a load take I think overnight to 24 hrs. If you could do more quicker, It might be more realistic.

  193. #7 TIP: This is my last tip because that’s all I got. Use almond milk or my new favorite coconut/almond milk in place of water or you can do half and half. (half water half almond milk…not the product half and half…eek).

  194. I stock up on fresh fruit and veggies when they are in season and freeze them so it’s easy and less expensive to throw them in my smoothies.

  195. Look at juicing recipes for more smoothie ideas (if you have a high-powered blender like the Blendtec). Not everyone needs to avoid fiber (as juicing does), and think of how much easier it is to clean a blender carafe than a juicer!

  196. Dehydrate your veggies from your garden and throw them in your smoothies for a boost in healthy protein instead of using nasty tasting protein powder.

  197. Tip #14: ever taken a “got milk” photo with kids? Well, they LOOOOVE selfies with the green smoothie “stache”. You’ve heard it before….”let me see my picture”. So….pick a friend or family member who needs a little bump to eat healthier or learn more about smoothies. Allow your child to pick the ingredients for a red or green stache…..blend…..take the selfie….send with a message of love and invite them join you and your child for a smoothie date. Be sure to take a selfie of your child and the friend from their date (sending them home with a recipe)….then pass it on! Spread the smoothie love.

  198. I also mash up ripe avocado put appropriate amount in a baggie with some lemon juice and squeeze the air out and freeze. Also freeze cut up beets.

  199. DidI already tell you my blender broke last month and I went and bought a New one. I didn’t even get a chance to get it out of the box and hubby decided to give it away as a wedding gift for a friend. : ( Maybe me and the Blendtec where meant to be. : )

  200. Very clever, TIffany! The One, and Only, reason I would love to win a Blentec, is to “Spread the ‘Health'”!
    Here’s my tip: Add -1- prune to your smoothie for a rich, chocolate flavor, to mask the “green” that so many kids (even adults) turn their nose at, and may even prove to be a “smooth move”!

  201. #30 a Green savory cold smoothie by another name could be called Gazpacho, Tomatoes, onion, garlic, bell pepper, some spinach, a lil kale & or Chard, lemon, parsley, salt, & pepper with perhaps a tiny dash of cayanne….. Yummmmm!

  202. Don’t be afraid to walk out to the garden and pick your broccoli, cauliflower, beet, etc greens and throw them in your smoothies. They taste delicious and are full of nutrients!

  203. Tip #15: I just discovered coconut milk powder….wow….great for the emergency box or camping trip. Add in the emergency box with your hand crank blender! Just learned about those from Robyn…brilliant.
    *PS…would luv to win that Blendtec Robyn!

  204. I’m loving reading everyone’s tips. Thank you!!
    If you love orange Julius try a green orange Julius:
    Fresh oj or better yet a whole orange or 2 (minus the peels)
    Big handful of spinach/greens
    Almond milk or Powdered milk and water
    stevia leaves or raw honey or a natural sweetener

  205. Throw in some cinnamon, turmeric/black pepper, cayenne powder, honey, etc for extra nutrients/health benefits that your body needs.

  206. #31 Cucumber Peeled if not sure of source (You don’t want wax in there!) Spinach,Yogurt garlic, dill salt, chives, mint ice for another savory idea.

  207. Tip #3: do you love cherry chocolates? My kids favorite smoothie is some almond milk, almond butter, banana, cherries, cacao powder, and then I squish as much spinach as I can in. Yummy!

  208. Tip #16: So many smoothies are full of sugar….ever noticed the ingredients from those smoothie shops…all fruit + sweetners! How many show vegetables? Talk about messing with your glycemic index. I like 4 produce + 1 fruit in my green smoothies. I usually choose from kale, spinach, cuc, celery, peppers, radicchio, cabbage, and 1 fruit like banana, apple, peach, kiwi, date, plum etc.

  209. Flax seed meal, oatmeal, sunflower seeds and chia seeds are a great source of protein and fiber. Add them to your smoothies for an extra boost!

  210. Drink a smoothie for breakfast before you do anything else for a jumpstart to your day. I love to drink one right after I get off the treadmill at night too. It’s a great refreshing bedtime snack!

  211. #32 Watercress lettuce & spinach w/ the cucumber is another base for a savory stepping off point for a meal replacement green smoothie option.

  212. Tip #17: ever tried coffee or express in your smoothie? Great with banana, almond milk, cacao nibs, vanilla and cinnamon for a dessert smoothie. But drink it early in the day in the event it messes with your sleep!

  213. Add some raw cacao powder or even just regular cocoa. Yum. Robyn’s chocolate greens are really yummy too but I always need more cocoa because they’re too sweet for me.

  214. When the bananas are getting too ripe to eat I smash ’em up and freeze ’em in snack size baggies for use in future green smoothies.

  215. when blueberries or any fruit are in season, I wash, dry and lay on a cookie sheet and freeze quickly and then bag them up. I mark the date just to make sure I know when I froze them. what a great way to save money and eat healthy

  216. #33 You could use some cooked white beans for protein & a thickening agent for a savory meal replacement type Green Smoothie, The rest of the ing can still be raw & fresh, No law for all fresh that I know of.

  217. Wow so many great green smoothie tips! Thanks ya’all for sharing. One of the green smoothies I drink has kale, cucumber, celery, fresh ginger, celery and pineapple (I have to put pineapple in so it is at least a little sweet) and then ice. What I haven’t added to this one is protein- will do that next time for sure!

  218. Tip #18: ever heard of “Freakers”? Smart kids from my town invented these knit drink covers (some call them koozies)….you know, they cover your beverage can or bottle. Well, I use mine on my mason jar (full of green smoothie to keep cool and for good grip). I think Robyn should have a custom one made for GSG! They do all kinds of customized images or logos. They went big after they appeared on Shark Tank. Check them out Robyn and Todd!

  219. if your bananas are starting to turn, my daughters started cutting them up and freezing them as well to add to their smoothies. they also like to cover those in all natural, no sugar added peanut butter and freeze. Yummy!!

  220. If I sense my greens are close to going bad, I put them in the freezer- works great to preserve them and use them for smoothies!

  221. Dandelion greens are super healthy even though they are obnoxious in your grass! Pick some greens to add to your smoothie for an extra protein boost. (Just make sure you pick them from areas that haven’t been sprayed with chemicals.)

  222. One week ago I was convinced that I wanted a Vitamix which I thought was the best blender on the market. But after reading some online reviews and watching a couple of videos, I am now a BLENDTEC believer. Yes….I drank the green Kool-Aid. Not having to use a tamper, the ease of making nut butters with the twister jar and the touchpad screen are the most important features to me and differentiates the Blendtec from the Vitamix. A new Designer Blendtec is going to be my Christmas present to myself this year, unless Christmas comes a little early this year.

  223. #34 It’s Fall Y’all! Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie!. Incorporate some healthy canned Pumpkin. (Or cook down your own. (maybe even a chunk of fresh, not too much now,,, Better have a Blendtec if you try this) make sure to add in some spices such a cinnamon. (good for blood sugar) and nutmeg perhaps a pinch of cloves. use some almond or other milk. You can top it with (chilled in the fridge several hrs) canned coconut cream. skim the thick cream off the top, wha~la

  224. Green smoothies are a great way to get leafy greens in your diet if you are big on texture and can’t stomach eating much salad.

  225. You don’t need a lot of fruit in your smoothie to make it delicious. Make sure you add plenty of carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach and other veggies to get your protein in there!

  226. Congratulations Tiffany! I loved your creative comments! They had me cracking up as well, especially #3, putting your husband’s golf balls in the BlendTec. Hilarious! I wish I could be that creative with my comment, but I work in work comp industry and my day consists of very dry and boring conversations with lawyers, doctors, and insurance adjusters, so my creative juices don’t have time to marinate. 🙁

  227. Once your green drink approaches the “too green to drink” stage, add some dates, it will sweeten it up with good-for-you natural sweetness and dates are a Superfood. It’s a win-win!

  228. The white noise of a blender not only drowns out teenagers, as Tiffany mentioned, but can also soothe a colicky baby
    … Sometimes

  229. My boys get tired of green smoothies after a while (ours can get in a rut according to what fruit is cheapest that month). To shake it up I will try new flavors. The latest hits are adding coconut oil with the pineapple for a green piña colada flavor, and adding natural peanut butter with the strawberries for a PB&J flavor.

  230. No excuses! You say you’re “too busy” to make a green smoothie? Try this: make your ingredient bags in advance, you can either make one the night before for the next morning, or go all wild-and-crazy and make a week’s worth on Sunday. Recycle some produce bags and fill them with all the contents of your green smoothie and place that in the freezer. In the morning, grab a bag, add some water and ice and any other super foods and blend. Placing the ingredients in the freezer gives you more “cold” for your smoothie so you need to add less ice, thus watering it down less!

  231. Tip #19: Great fall weather smoothie. Steep tea of Rooibos and Chai (I use tea bags in a large glass vessel with a top to steep). Add tea + almond milk, cinnamon essential oil or powdered cinnamon and banana. Drink warm or cold…yummo.

  232. #35 An Elvis Monkey shake green smoothie, Add some of that new dried peanut butter base to your green smoothie & make sure to add some banana in with it. Don’t have room for more banana in your fridge? try drying them. With a Blendtec I’m sure it can pulverize them before you add the liquids. 🙂

  233. One time we were low on fruit and so we just added lots extra lemon and stevia, and a little honey and ice to our blended greens and drank them that way. My boys called them limeade slushies!

  234. Your body will absorb more of the green-goodness if you include some fat with your green smoothie. “Fat?” you say? Yes! The obvious is coconut oil and avocado, but did you know that there is also fat in Flax? Add a couple tablespoons of the GSG Flax Sprouted Superfoods to your green smoothie!

  235. If your kids (or you) tire of having a green smoothie every morning- try mixing different fruits or make a milk-based smoothie with banana, peanut butter (or other nuts), chia seeds, cacao, with plenty of greens. It changes things up and still gets those wonderful greens in!

  236. I’m pretty sure that the SUPER FOOD of fresh lemon juice along with the SUPER FOOD of greens, makes for a SUPER DAY!

  237. i have a friend who I share drinks with twice a week…one day she will make a green smoothie and I will another. It keeps us motivated and we agree to drink it all, waste not a drop. 🙂 we’re keeping track of the ones we like the best, and helps to vary the ingredients too!

  238. Tip #20: Want to cut down on your smoothie making time? Tiired of opening the fridge, grabbing some produce, then going back to open the crisper drawer again, then over to the fruit basket, then back to the fridge….and repeat? I put all my smoothie fixins for the week in a large plastic tub or basket (holes for breathability) on the bottom shelf. Grab the basket and turn to the counter…then go! Return basket and you’re done.
    *really hope spreading all my smoothie tips brings some Blendtec love to my doorstep 🙂

  239. The most fun of all is that it’s now multi-generational! My 20 month old grand daughter, Lilly, begs my daughter for a green smoothie every morning, And my mother, Lilly, begs me to make one for her every day. So great grandmother, grandma, mom and baby — smoothies everyday! Love it!

  240. I have found I don’t get the best result with high seed content fruits – raspberries or blackberries. Maybe I need the Blendtec 🙂

  241. I’ve found that when using frozen fruit, especially strawberries and peaches, letting them at least partially thaw before blending them or letting my smoothie sit on the counter for a bit after making it helps bring out the flavor and sweetness of the fruit.

  242. #37 Winter is just around the corner…. Shhhh, I know. Anyway Chocolate & mint just go hand in hand. Make that Green smoothie sing with the flavors of Choc & mint. Fresh mint can be found in the produce section in many grocery stores. & if you can get cocoa nibs, (only if you have a strong BlendTec or other blender) you can use organic un processed cocoa, but you can use Hershey’s powdered cocoa. this would mean you probably would want to add a sweetener to this one. I personally would top this with the coconut cream mentioned in the Pumpkin pie tip.

  243. Kids and smoothies: I took my kids to a pick-your-own berry patch this spring, froze tons of blackberries, and then EVERY smoothie I added the “fruit of their labors” to was a hit, no matter what greens I hid in them!

  244. Please Green Smoothie Girl! Pick me! My whole life would be complete with a Blendtec green smoothie blender and an Intellibed! One thing at a time I guess. My old blender just doesn’t cut it. I’m forever picking big chunks of green spinach out of my teeth. Save me!!!

  245. I’d love to win this. Question. – has anyone used diamacious earth (food grade) internally? If so, why and what results? Thanks

  246. My kids see me eat purslane, my favorite wild green, on every walk. After a whole summer of being exposed to it, I can now add it to green smoothies without a fuss. One leaf at a time!

  247. I’ve been adding a small slice of lemon peel to my smoothies….just a tiny bit and don’t even notidce the bitterness.Awesome health benefits!

  248. Never run out of greens! I buy the big bags of spinach at Costco, 3-4 at a time. One comes home and goes in the fridge for cooking that week. The other ones go into the freezer, even though they are not “old and wilty”. That way there is no chance they can get wilty! I then make my smoothie from the frozen spinach.

  249. Tip #21: going to visit a friend out of town and wonder about your food choices when staying with someone? First ask if they have a blender….and if not….take yours. Then pack up all your smoothie add ins – powders, seeds, spices, oils etc. and put them in small spice jars and label the tops. Store in a large zip lock and stuff inside the shaft of those favorite boots your taking (packing tips too…ha!). Grab a few index cards and write out your favorite smoothie recipes. Hit the grocery when you get there (cards in hand) and no panic when you wake up the next day. Blend and share with your host. Leave those recipe cards behind and spread that smoothie love! Win win for all.

  250. #38 Valentine’s Day Special ~Think Chocolate dipped Strawberries! Add to your mild green smootie, Chocolate, such as un-processed Cocoa powder,(( Cocoa nibs, please only w/ a BlendTec or such)) Hershey’s powdered Cocoa if need be, and Add strawberries as well. Top again with Cocoanut cream if desired & a tiny sprinkle of cocoa powder.

  251. I like to buy the old discounted bananas at the store and freeze them. Then I always have something frozen to put in my smoothie and it saves me some money!

  252. Some Blendtecs have a button for “smoothie”, when I have used one I have found it best to use the button for “soup” and stop it when there is 30 seconds left on the timer! Perfect consistency every time, and no need to blend the greens first then add the fruit. Just dump it all in at once and hit “soup”…be sure to add some ice!

  253. I have macgivered a way to get nuts into my smoothie with a crap blender. Take a 1/4 cup of walnuts and grind them up I. Your coffee grinder and add them to your smoothie mix!

  254. Remember at The airport a couple years ago , you said I’d win something lol I still haven’t received it . I was the one who tried your smoothie.. Lol

  255. TSA Traveling Tip: if you intend to take your blender with you on a plane, be sure to pack the part that has the blades (even the Blendtec whose blades are not sharp and couldn’t cut anyone!) in your checked luggage. You can pack the bottom part with the engine part in your carry on, that will save precious “pounds” in your checked luggage!

  256. Sometimes I make extremely green green smoothies that way I only need to drink a cup or two instead of four cups. This way I feel like I get my dose of greens but can eat something else too. I usually have to plug my nose when I choose to do this

  257. I need to win. Some good luck. It’s been a bad year and I don’t have a blender and can’t afford one after our truck and car have broke down numerous times and now our two for wheelers. And our divorced daughter with 6 kids , her car has a broke down a few times and we have spent thousands of dallors on all the vehicles.. The money from our retirement .. Do you feel bad for. Me yet lol. Ty ❤️

  258. #39 Kids Easter Bunny Special Orange Carrot, Green smoothie. Aside from using your greens sparingly in the bulk of this so as to retain bright orange color.Make & pour into tall clear glasses, leaving plenty of head space. Make a smaller batch of vibrant green smoothie/ pineapple included. Pour vibrant Green mix carefully on top of orange carrot. Serve to smiling kids~!

  259. Tip #22: Got inflammation? Try this anti inflammatory smoothie: 16 oz water, 1-2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar (Braggs is good – millions of benefits like immune support, digestion, energy, acid reflux, good sugar regulation & more), 1 tsp turmeric powder (long time use in India and China for anti inflammatory properties), juice 1 lime (loaded with vitamin C, especially the organic peels) and add honey or natural sweetener, handful of spinach and ice cubes.

  260. Robyn, I’d love a blendec. I’d even let you I have the brand new one and take your used one. I need to loose weight and get healthy.

  261. When my 4-year-old went through a “No! Not another SMOOTHIE!!” Phase, I took the time to hold her on my lap and shower her with positive attention while she drank. Time consuming! But my now 6-year-old smoothie drinker is perfectly ok with this life-long habit, because she knows how happy it makes her mom. She loves me! Green smoothie style

  262. When I let my very independent 2-year-old push the blender button for the smoothie of the day, she drinks it better, because she helped!

  263. Yep It’s me again lol I was on a wieght loss plan and lost 86 pounds. I couldn’t afford it so I quit the program and went to another one and gained most of it back. I’m so frustrated. I need help and the blendec to help me loose wieght and get healthy again.. I’m stuck. Help please . I’d love to win and get healthy please!!!!!

  264. I love my Blendtec and promise to give my current one away if I win! I’m blending multiple times each day, so I know it would have a happy home with me.

  265. #40 Pineapple coconut easter delight…. Sometimes we want desert. All things not always being the top of our nutritional hit list. Making out green smoothie a mild one with spinach as premier star adding in pinapple & coconut milk. (Or even fresh coconut if you happen to have one!) one can sneak in some of that bottled cream of coconut found over where the wine & such is kept in the grocery store. Adds a bit of indulgence to this one~ Careful to not indulge too often as the calories prob aren’t as good as the taste. The sky is the limit when it comes to green smoothies! Some just are greener than others. Just always add the green goodness!

  266. When I have less motivation to drink my OWN quart of smoothie, I think about how much better my mood and energy levels are when I’ve had a green smoothie instead of any other snack. My kids deserve a happy, hearty mom! They are my motivation 🙂

  267. Add one tablespoon to your greens along with cinnamon which both disguise the taste if it is not palatable for you. Another addition , of course, is ginger if you like ginger as I do. It aids in weight loss! Love the Blendtec and also have limited time to comment. Willing to pay for shipping to CA if that is an issue with regards to a win

  268. Tip #23: What liquid to use in your smoothie? I use water most of the time. Helps me reach my goal of ½ my body weight in ounces of water per day. Another great choice is natural, unsweetened almond milk as a base. At 40-60 calories per cup, unsweetened, vanilla or chocolate flavored almond milk provides a consistency and flavor that beats plain water and has fewer calories than milk or yogurt. Considering that many people have difficulty digesting milk proteins, almond milk is a great choice. Another great choice is coconut water, which is an excellent, replenishing post-workout beverage because of its naturally high potassium and mineral content.

  269. Important tip for healthy kids and family…. Have your children help you make the smoothie! From the handful of spinach, to the fruit, scoops of flax/protein, liquid, and to pushing that beautiful button to make the blender go! (If only I had a Blendtec! 😉 I love watching my daughter help me because it makes her want to drink it!

  270. My friends and family know I’m crazy about GreenSmoothieGirl! Her products are awesome. I have more energy since I started drinking green smoothies. You can too! #gsgprotein

  271. Have spent soooooooo much money on blenders looking for the right one and because of that I have not had the justification to spend more on a blendtec which I dream of. Hasn’t stopped me from drinking them everyday but many times not as palpable as I would like because it comes out chunky….harder to drink but I do. A good blender is key to enjoying what is good for you….A Green Smoothie! Celery is awesome in drinks but not the string!

  272. Freeze your greens. Use them straight from the freezer. A couple handfuls go straight into the blender. Bam! Easy! You won’t end up wasting half a bag of greens that get all wilted and slimy in the fridge.

  273. Tip #24: not able to always use organic produce? I get it, it’s expensive and we can’t all grow everything we eat. Tips I’ve learned in my whole plant lifestyle to share. When using fruits like apples that are NOT organic, always cut away the top where the stem is. That’s where the pesticides will puddle while on the tree..sounds yucky right? Cut it away before adding to your blender!

  274. #41 Feed your face. This is a bit of an unorthodox tip. But a good one. You know sometimes we have some of that green goddess goodness left over. (Gasp, who’d have thought!) well, you’ve already made a bunch of green smoothie ice cubes & green gobblin Popsicles. (shhhh I won’t tell!) you just hate to throw it away….. How about a spa day? Uh`huh. You know where I’m going now….. Smear it on your skin! The enzymes, the fruit acids, the nutrients. etc. they will give your external skin a treat too. Depending on what’s left carry it on into the bathroom & slather it all over. Leave on 10-15 min. wash off, pat yourself dry, & moisturize. Your fresh baby soft skin will be saying thank you!

  275. My very first beginner green smoothie included pineapple and spinach — that’s a great way to start if you’re overwhelmed by green flavor!

  276. Oh yea…I sooooooooooo want one!!!! And hubby says NO WAY JOSE to buying one!!! BOOOOOOOO on him! So, I think I should win, that will show him!!!! Right? I have a blender but I know a few who own one of these and they are making all sorts of things with it, AND their smoothies are, well, SMOOTH!!!!! I would be able to enjoy smooth, delicious smoothies, soups, sauces, all sorts of healthy, scrumptious foods! And I most likely would not be chewing my smoothies!!!! BLAH! If I won, I would be forever in heaven! Well not really but I’m certain my taste buds would be much happier!!! I don’t like grumpy taste buds! They can be mean! Maybe if I won I would finally get the WHOLE family in on this smoothie thing…they don’t like to chew their shakes either! Fingers crossed, and legs and eyes and whatever else…..go me!!!!

  277. I used to want to blend everything on speed 10, but I found it didn’t usually work. Now, I start out on speed 1 for a while, especially if I am starting with a lot of frozen fruit.

  278. If you need more super powers on a particularly challenging day, throw a teaspoon of matcha in your green smoothie and watch the magic happen!

  279. holy yikes! 441 replies already —

    here’s my standard smootie

    -homemade yogurt, from raw grass fed milk from A2A2 Guernseys (in my state, this requires a herdshare)
    -homemade kombucha, with bubbles, made with green tea, ginger, and panela from El Salvadore (where Monsanto has been banned for 15? yrs now
    -any three fresh fruits, but freeze them first, usually a pineapple skin and core from Korean store
    -any two fresh salad greens, also freeze them first as well
    -leaves from at least one wild weed, like dandelion, thistle, plantain, echinacea, … (see Katherine Blair)
    -one major splash (2 tbsp?) of flax oil (be careful — once you get used to smooties with a big splash of flax oil, then forevermore your smoothies will never taste right without it
    -tbsp of panela syrup or molasses
    -himalayan sea salt — vital, a good dose, even 1/2 tsp
    -turmeric, powdered usually, from indian spice store, but fresh turmeric is nice too, skin and all
    -dash of black pepper (boosts the turmeric)
    -cayenne pepper (for the blood)
    -lugols iodone (in memory of fukushima)
    -2 asparin tablets powdered (im in my 70s — never take asparin by itself)
    -magnesium oil
    -vitamin D oil

  280. Another mistake I made was stuffing everything in the blender at once — water, greens, frozen fruit. I can rarely get it to blend when I do that, and I have to push it down with a wooden tamper. So now, I start out with water and LOOSE greens and blend that for a few seconds. Then I add more greens and blend for a few seconds. Repeat again, and then add your frozen fruit and do a full blend cycle.

  281. Make your smoothie the night before and leave in a jar in the refrig. That way it is ready to go when you walk out the door.

  282. I don’t like raspberry seeds in my smoothies. If I’m using mixed berries, I start with the berries and water and blend them for a full blend cycle on top speed. Then I add the greens (a little at a time), and more frozen fruit or ice. This eliminates the seeds, and the smoothie doesn’t get too warm from excessive blending.

  283. Prepping is the key! To make mornings easy peasy I pre-measure organic fruit and put in small freezer bags. It’s easy to grab a bag of fruit and toss the ingredients into the blender!

  284. Tip #25: Conventionally grown or organically grown…wash your produce! Removing bacteria is important. It could come from handling from farm staff, farm equipment, market employees, even the person ringing you up. Washing bulk veggies when you return from the store works great with 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar in a large bowl. Soak 5 minutes while you put away all your other groceries. Scrub any large root veggies with a veggie brush or designated toothbrush. Let dry and then store. You’re ready to add to your smoothie with one less prep step.

  285. Spinach tip: when I don’t think I will use up my whole package of fresh spinach, I divide it up in small plastic baggies and keep them all together in a larger one. Plus it makes my smoothie making even quicker.

  286. I asked my husband for any green smoothie advice. His tip? Add sugar. 🙂 Take that for what it’s worth! My tip for my husband: add greens! He regularly makes smoothies but not the green kind. The first time he tried one years ago has scared him away. The green smoothies I make go like this: pack the blender with greens, enough water to get everything moving and then add maybe a cup of fruit and some other add-ins (non of which are sugar). I’d been drinking them for a while and didn’t mind really green tasting smoothies but it was a shock to his system. Husband dear, if you added a handful or two of spinach to your super sweet smoothie the only difference you’d notice would be the color! Couldn’t hurt, right?

  287. Tip #26: spending the entire day in mother nature? on the boat, fishing trip, hiking a long trail, school field trip. Days like those can wreak havoc on your nutrition. Most backpacks or tote bags are full of granola bars, dried nuts, chips, energy bars etc. Be prepared to have your greens! Make your favorite smoothie and pour into ice cube trays. Fill your water bottle, nalgene bottle, mason jar or whatever vessel works with those smoothie cubes…leaving some space for when it melts. There you go….your smoothie to enjoy when you’re 50 miles off shore…..or sitting on a mountain top. If you’re prepared, you won’t make those nutrition mistakes when you THINK there just aren’t better options available.

  288. Romaine lettuce, butter lettuce, and Swiss chard grow easily in a sunny window for cheap, fresh organic greens for smoothies year-round!

  289. I prep my smoothies the night before. In addition, I will prep 3 of my smoothies at a time either in mason jars or big zip lock bags, and one right in the blender. This way, it saves me time for the mornings. My kids love Robyn’s chocolate protein, so I prep those smoothies the night before as well. This way I have several ready to go.

  290. My husband and I drink a fresh veggie juice (without pulp) in the morning and a green smoothie later in the day. Keeps us healthy with our busy schedule! A Blendtec would be a wonderful addition to my countertop!

  291. What would I do if I were to win? Give it to my parents who use a dinosaur blender that no longer even has a lid! My mom holds a Tupperware over it to ensure it doesn’t blow up!

  292. Tip–my husband used to prefer more fruity smoothies and I wanted mine to be more green. So I would make the smoothie more green, pour out my quart, then add more fruit for his smoothie.

  293. Tip–when I get an over-abundance of produce suitable for green smoothies, I cut it up in small chunks and freeze it to use later in green smoothies.

  294. I am in need!! I love making 40 oz of green smoothies every day! My other blender blew up and my life and diet has been compromised

  295. In a hurry, prepackage a daily smoothie mix into freezer bags for a quick dump and blend each morning. Grab out of the freezer each morning and you have an instant breakfast ready to go.

  296. I love making bars(similar to Lara bars) raw and wholesome for my family with GSG protein!!! Need a blendtec to continue

  297. Tip–when I have plants that I haven’t killed, I like to dump some of the water I have used to rinse out my blender into the plant.

  298. Without a blender I am no longer able to make GSG quinoa/ black bean burgers my favorite!!!! Would love to start up again

  299. I believe in giving back and educating, so if I win this Blendtec I will host a class to teach others what I have learned through the years of making smoothies, and have a raffle (like Robyn does) to give away a blender! It would feel very rewarding and exciting!! I have been following Robyn for eight years, which means smoothies for 8 yrs and have learned so much over these years. I have also done her 28 day cleanse and just finished a eight week cleanse for candida. I have a lot to teach others now, especially since I have been a personal trainer for over 15yrs. Lastly, I can teach this potential class about Robyn’s products: I have many from the powders to mineral drops to products she promotes like ionizer, infrared sauna, and good quality oils – which are great to add to smoothies. 🙂 Thank you Robyn for all you have taught me over the years.

  300. Did you know you can bulk blend the night before for easy grab and go lunches. I do this often for me and hubby. I blend water or coconut water with enough greens to get to the 6 cup mark. Then pour into 3 one quart jars (2c each). Then add 1-2 cup water and I blend the fruit, GSGLife protein and TriOmegas until 6 cup mark and pour evenly into the quart jars. Waala, we have 3 quarts of GS for the next day. No morning too busy excuses.

  301. Tip–spinach has a mild flavor so use that if you are just starting out. Then try other greens to get variety and plenty of different nutrients.

  302. Making smoothie bags has saved me so many times! I have a very busy schedule, and I prep a lot of food on Sundays. I put smoothie ingredients together and place them in individual freezer bags for the week. I also put my dry ingredients together in a separate bag. No excuses when it comes to health, and I can tell the difference when I don’t get my green smoothies!

  303. Love making the Hot Pink Bfast smoothie! The coconut water adds so much nutrition and jumps starts your morning. Using coconut water in a lot of your recipes adds extra nutrients to your smoothies

  304. Many know to put greens and fruit together, but have you tried a savory smoothie? Think of what you like in your raw salad and give it a blend. Some horseradish blended in is my favorite to give it a little kick. Think of it as a V8 drink 🙂

  305. Even in Ca soups are awesome right now. You can get some great root veggies and a basic veggie broth or coconut milk for a creamier soup. Easy and healthy!!

  306. Raw beets and Alaskan blueberries make a delicious combination!! Fresh mint also adds a delicious, refreshing kick, especially when can grow it yourself. 🙂

  307. Are you in a hurry getting a balanced meal on the table for your family? Consider a small 2 cup green smoothie as the “side salad”. This works great when my kids have activities after school and I want to make sure I get their greens in 🙂

  308. I show my mom how to make green smoothies and she likes them. She wants a recipe but I tell her it’s whatever you want to put in your body and make the emphasis on the greens, not the fruit!

  309. I pick berries during the growing season and freeze them in gallon ziplock bags to use throughout the year for our smoothie making. It has now become a family affair since everyone enjoys green smoothies in our home. An extra freezer in the garage is very helpful to accommodate the extra produce. Plus I am getting in season berries, etc., supporting my local farmer AND teaching my kids where food comes from.

  310. I would love to win people think I’m wasting my time no way I need this!!!! I LOVE the RED one it would be beautiful in my kitchen

  311. Freezing whole packages of spinach or kale has changed my green smoothie life — no more tossing the slimy spinach or kreepy kale.

  312. I love to add flax, chia, or oatmeal to our smoothies for extra fiber. Who couldn’t use a little extra fiber?

  313. Tip #27: Well hello? I have to share a tip from my fruit added to today’s smoothie. I hit a killer deal on kiwis and bought LOADS of them months ago. They ripen quickly, so I peeled them ALL, sliced ½ inch thick, spread on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and froze them. Then I carefully placed them in one layer in a large zip lock bag so they don’t stick and placed on the bottom shelf or flat in the freezer. Lumping them all in one bag makes them stick together and wastes space when trying to store them.

  314. I love to buy bags of frozen kale and spinach to add to smoothies. When I buy fresh, some of it ends up going bad before I use it.

  315. I just tried a new ingredient in a Green Smoothie. I love healthy, dark chocolate bars and have lots in my pantry. I put 4 squares into a little water and put it in the microwave for several seconds, until it was soft. I poured this into my old blender over spinach, banana, orange, avocado, vanilla protein powder & Greek Yougrt. It was fantastic!

  316. When buying lots of really ripe bananas for freezing, be sure to double bag so the other stuff in your freezer doesn’t taste like bananas — banana-flavored broccoli is NOT good.

  317. I love hiding healthy things that my kids wouldn’t normally eat in green smoothies, like brewers yeast, for extra nutrition.

  318. Tip–If you are going on a trip, you can freeze a quart of green smoothies and eat it the next day. The texture is a little different but at least you got your green smoothie! That way you don’t have to pack a blender and shop for produce.

  319. Tip #28: except for my kiwi, I have designated the inside door of my freezer for ALL my frozen fruit. My fridge has the smoothie “basket” of goodies and the freezer door is my one easy place to find my fruit. Anything to make the organization simple will ensure your stick to a process. I hear friends say….”it takes too much time”….well yeah….if it’s all over the place it does. Remember KISS….keep it super simple!

  320. I love adding homemade yogurt, kefir, or water kefir to my smoothies to give the smoothie probiotics. Helps us not get sick as often & helps with allergies.

  321. #1 tip about Green Smoothies…Just Do It! They aren’t that much work, they taste great, they’re healthy–what’s not to like, what’s keeping me from it, why do I sometimes let myself think it’s too much work, or I don’t feel like having one? I don’t really have an answer to those questions, because going back to the beginning, they are easily made and it’s an easy clean-up, they taste great, and they are healthy. Remind yourself of this and let’s Just Do It! Enjoy!

  322. I like to make green smoothie packets, so everything is ready to go in the morning. I just dump into my blender, add almond milk, and mix. Of course, if I had a BlendTec, it would be even easier. 😉

  323. Tip–feel free to put things in your green smoothie that you would normally throw out–beet greens, cantaloupe innards, pineapple cores, celery tops, etc.

  324. I love to sprout and add extra sprouts like alfalfa sprouts, and broccoli sprouts to green smoothies. Adds a lot of nutrition.

  325. Did you know that you don’t need to peel your kiwi? Just drop it in, skin and all, to save time. (My husband eats them like an apple with the skin on – I can’t bring myself to do that, but I don’t notice it in my smoothie.

  326. Tip #29 (dedicated to my 75 yr old Mom): Blenders can be loud and she doesn’t care for the sound. Her smoothies always contain ice cubes, which creates some jumping and jolting to grind up. She doesn’t want to stand there and listen to the blending and hold her hand on top of the blender, so here’s what she did. The blender sits a few inches under her cabinet. She takes a block of wood that wedges nicely between the cabinet and the top of the blender top. She hits start and then walks back to her bathroom to start fixing her hair. She cracks me up….but she found a way to have her smoothie made….blender not jump off the counter, and not have to listen to the noise. She’s a multi tasker…what can I say!

  327. My kids drink more smoothies when we have straws for them, so I always make sure we have some. I think it helps them not get brain freeze.

  328. Tip–make and drink your green smoothie first thing in the morning–then you can’t forget and the day doesn’t get away from you.

  329. I use “seasonal” produce to make my smoothies more economical. What is in season is usually what is on sale. It keeps me from making the same smoothie over and over too, so we don’t ended up in a rut, and getting bored.

  330. Have had 4 friends buy blendtecs because of my encouragement the last few years… When not nauseous 24/7 from pregnancy (and some even in the midst now!), use mine every day. Would be ao blessed to get a new designer series and ESPECIALLY the twister jar!!!

  331. For those who are short on time in the morning to make a green smoothie, premake freezer smoothie bags with all your greens, vegtables and fruits. A quart size filled, 2 cups liquid = 32 oz of delicious green smoothie and nutrition.

  332. Would love one! I need to get a different take. Have tried all kinds but like the sounds of this. I’m 63 and have not been able to loose weight the 15 to 20 lbs for years I don’t eat! So would love help to get healthy! Love to win something

  333. I like to do frozen tropical fruit for smoothies for my kids – they act like it’s ice cream, and I’m sneaking kefir and a ton of greens into them. Total win. 😉

  334. Fact: I am unable to eat yummy avocado’s because they make my stomach hurt; however, blended up in a smoothie I am just fine. Who would have thought! Not sure why but hey it works.

  335. Tip–Adding a chunk of purple beet can make your smoothie appear less green and perhaps more appetizing to family members.

  336. I love the hot pink breakfast smoothie. To save time, I peel a beet then dice.and I dice a carrot. Then, I put diced beet and carrot in a snack size plastic bag and freeze.

  337. Tip–if you don’t have the awesome blendtec, blend your smoothie a little bit longer to get it smoother with fewer chunks.

  338. Skin is our biggest organ. And extremely permeable. I dry-brush, find a sauna I can borrow and use some homemade fruit masks for hair, body and face. Blend, Blend, Blend

  339. Top for smoothies while camping: When we are headed out camping, I make ahead a quart of green smoothie for every day we’ll be gone. I put each quart in a quart size freezer bag, and freeze them all (make sure to lay flat in freezer so take up least amount of room). The, each morning of trip, take one out first thing to let it thaw-when thawed, put a straw into bag and drink! Can throw bag out so no mess!

  340. Tip #4: I’m glad my students have a project to work on in groups!! It is fun thinking of more tips for green smoothie drinkers! I saw a “superseed’ mix in Costco recently and realized I had most of those same seeds at home, so made my own mix of hemp, flax, and chia seed that I add to my smoothie each day. Makes it so much quicker to make my smoothie!

  341. Another tip: switch it up sometimes to a chocolate shake! Yes, almond milk, frozen banana, chocolate protein, cocoa powder, handful of frozen power greens, a bit of stevia, chia seeds – its great!

  342. It’s easy to over think the green smoothie. For me, the best are typically the most simple. Greens, water, and a fruit or two. The only thing else would be a superfood or two. When looking at recipes, I can often feel like I need to get bogged down with details and lots of ingredients, just keep it super simple so you do it regularly!

  343. Tip #30: do you have family members or kids that like different smoothies….the siblings can never agree right? A great way to prepare for smoothie making is to take all the ingredients they like…wash, peel, cut, cube etc. and pack in individual baggies and freeze…cacao nibs and all. Then it’s just add your liquid and blend. Much less fuss for those with little patience 🙂

  344. Tip–we love to use the metal straws you can buy at gas stations for our green smoothies. They are wide and they get cold from the smoothie and that’s fun.

  345. My favorite Green Smoothie is with GSG life Berry Protein, Tri-omegas and lots of greens and 2 cups of frozen fruit… for a refreshing flavor add a cucumber…. yum!

  346. I throw just about any thing that is growing in my garden that is green, sometimes this causes the green smoothie to be a bit strong but hey once I get it down I am good for the day. With it all blended I figure it saves me a great deal of chewing.

  347. Tip #6: Grow a garden! If you don’t have much room, make different varieties of kale part of your landscaping! Our LDS temple in Seattle has Tuscan and leafy kale growing amid the flowers! A friend who works there brought me one of the plants when they took it out. I cleaned and froze the leaves for future “heavenly” smoothies!! Plus I’ve been freezing the kale and chard from my garden. I’ll be eating from my garden all year!

  348. Below are some of the topics I would hit on during my FREE educational seminar while giving away the FREE Blender and having a donation mug to go towards Mothers Without Borders:

    Top reasons why I drink smoothies, do cleanses, and eat healthy – especially lots of raw food:
    Clarity in head
    Increase mood & energy
    Easier to wake up (especially if go to bed around 10:00pm)
    Increase quality of workout

    What I have learned about different supplements

    Favorite recipes & smoothies

    Collagen protein powder, great way to increase good quality protein without changing the flavor of your food or smoothie (great for kids too)

    Benefits to Infrared sauna & ionizer (good quality water at minimum)

    Ways to rid Toxins: Oil pulling, Epson salt bath, saunas, cleanses, etc

    Herbs especially tumeric, cumin, garlic, & parsley

    Smoothies tips and how to keep it simple (reusable straws, prep when not in a hurry, freeze veggies & fruit when getting too ripe, etc)

    Most effective shopping: Google express, stock up when sale, Amazon, share shipping with a friend, buy in bulk, buy during group buys

    What is healthy digestion

    Meditation: clearing the mind, settling, becoming conscious of how you really feel

    Support System:
    Asking for help through my faith & family: which in turn grows your relationship for one another

    Going through a journey (sometimes not a fun one) strengthens you, educates you, and even though the journey is hard the harder it is the more you grow

    Helps your whole family:
    You do more to help your children and their health: feel more confident on how to feed them, your a positive role model, teach them about the colors on their plate and why they eat certain foods at meal time, teach them that the right fat is great & good for them: avocado, healthy oils, nuts, seeds, eggs, chia, hemp seeds, etc

    Tips on ordering meals at restaurants

    Drink more water: make it fun with adding stevia and DoTerra (good quality) oils, and drinks like Kevita (no sugar but full of probiotics)

    Two of my Favorite websites that I use often:

    You can spread the word about green smoothies by going to your child’s classroom and showing the kids how to make healthy smoothies while allowing them to sample of course afterwards. I have done this multiple times before (and read Robyn’s book: Junk Food Dude) and I have my next one planned for Oct. 27th for my daughter’s 9th birthday. The children will get a healthy smoothie for the birthday treat instead of cupcakes or other sugary foods.

    Ok, I want to do a seminar to educate others even more now that I can see what I have learned and what I can teach …. and this was just brainstorming for a few minutes 🙂

  349. Sometimes when I look at my schedule and I know my morning will be tight to make a smoothie, I make a bunch and freeze them in my mason jar. I can sip on them throughout the day as they defrost. They just made my crazy schedule manageable.

  350. If I ever have leftover greens or sprouts I haven’t had time to use. I blend them with a little water or coconut liquid and freeze them in ice cube trays. Nothing goes to waste.

  351. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Since I said it 3 times, that means you’re going to pick me, right? 😀 I would love to actually be consistent with making green smoothies. I’ve been off and on for years now, but I’ve been off for too long. Hoping following this blog will make me inspired to make lots and lots of smoothies to come.

  352. Tip–use the produce you can find on sale when it’s in season–makes things less expensive! Or grow it in your garden. I grew spinach one year and it turned out great–wish I had planted more.

  353. Tip #31: gifting green smoothies? Find a colored mason jar (fun ones at JoAnns). Type some of your favorite smoothies and print them out on colored paper. Cut and fold them up and stuff inside the mason jar. If they aren’t familiar with protein powders, print some of the GSG product info and cut/fold/insert those as well. Print an image of a Blendtec and Robyn’s comparison of Blendtec vs Vitamin……cut/fold & insert as well. They’ll have reading all the recipes, product tips and know exactly how to start their green smoothie journey. Decorate the top with ribbons, raffia and attach a metal straw. Voila…more ways to spread the green smoothie love.

  354. I put ginger and Tumerick in my Cuisinart and slice them then. I then lay them out on a cookie sheet and freeze them and once you they are frozen I put them in a bag to add to my green smoothies every morning

  355. I used to say to my husband, I wish there was a drink that had everything I need in it to nourish my body. I being a person who eats to live and my husband be one to lives to eat, it has taken years for us to find our balance with this. When I begin to make green smoothies I was thrilled, he was tolerant. Years after I had been making green smoothies I realized I could finally make a drink that had everything my body needed to keep it strong and well. So grateful for all the information you make available to all of us in this arena.

  356. Tip #7: Did you buy the cucumber bag at Costco and can’t eat them fast enough? Cut in chunks and freeze them too! They are great alkalizers for your smoothies!!

  357. I like taking large aloe vera leaves and scooping out the insides and blending them and freezing them in ice cube trays. I add to my smoothies to aid digestion.

  358. Make sure you smell your spinach and make sure it’s still good before you use it in a green smoothie:) There is nothing worse than a rotten spinach smoothie!!

  359. Tip–try a different “super food” that Robyn recommends. You don’t need every super food in every smoothie. Just try a new super food every once so often to mix things up and try something new.

  360. Why should I win this Blendtec?
    – My 8 year old Blendtec is tired of me and is begging me to let her live with someone who may not abuse her so much.
    – My old one is ashamed because she isn’t so glamorous as the newer model…and I just can’t have a negative blender sitting on my counter! Who knew a blender had so much drama?
    -My puppy thinks my blender is a small airplane, maybe the new beautiful model will make her think it’s a beautiful butterfly.
    – The kids and I LOVE new toys!
    – I have several friends who drink “chunkies” rather than smoothies and would be so happy with a blender that could let them REALLY experience a smoothie!
    – I NEVER win!

  361. It’s a great time a year at frozen cranberries to your smoothies. If you ever have urinary tract infections, I’ve heard it also helps with that issue.

  362. Tip #31: seasonally, I like to do a cleanse. One happens to be a heavy metal cleanse. These are GREAT to add to your smoothie to help detoxify your body of heavy metals (acquired from certain fish, dental procedures, pollution, water, vaccines, paints & more). CILANTRO (my favorite), Coriander, Clove, Lemon, Green Tea, You can add as fresh produce or use high quality essential oils.

  363. I like to use for my liquid in my green smoothie a hibiscus and elderberry tea. It has a great fruit punch flavor. Elderberry is great in the winter and it’s an easy way to get it. If I don’t have any tea made I will add freeze dried elderberry powder to my green smoothie. It is helped me not to get sick in the winter time. Dr. Joel Furhman talks about the benefits of elderberry in his book super immunity.

  364. Using frozen fruit is perfect for these cooler months coming up where fresh isn’t so readily available, plus I already prefer a cold smoothie and don’t like to use much, if any ice.

  365. Bananas are a great natural sweetener and make smoothies creamy, but to keep the fruit sugars lower, you could replace it with half an avocado to get the creamy texture and added healthy fats.

  366. I can’t top Tiffany’s comment. I just need a new Blendtec because my light went out on the display. So please don’t make my light go out by not awarding me the Blendtec give away today!

  367. Green smoothies are yummy. When someone gives you a hard time or makes a comment about green, eww! Gross! Just mention the completely unnatural color of their favorite soda or cookie icing. Eww! Gross!

  368. I prefer thicker smoothies, where my husband prefers them thinner. I blend up a huge blender full, pour mine out, then add a little water to the rest and give it a quick whirl. No need to make multiple smoothies. I do the same with vegan protein, he doesn’t want it and I do…I’ll just toss mine back in the blender after pouring his out to add the protein.

  369. Another chance to win?!!!! Yayyy!! Awesomeness!! 🙂 My tip: I like to add a tablespoon of coconut oil to my greens and fruit smoothies…gives it a great “tropical” coconut flavor 🙂 🙂

  370. My kids love their “chocolate milkshakes”! Almond milk, bananas, cocoa powder, almond or natural peanut butter, spinach, a drizzle of agave and ice. They feel so spoiled when I make this…They think they’re getting something “bad for them”.

  371. Ginger and lemon are amazing in smoothie. When Robyn said that in 12 Steps to Whole Foods I was skeptical. Several months later, I finally tried it and was hooked. I buy ginger in bulk, peel it, then cut it into pieces and put a bag in the freezer. I also bag lemon peels like she suggests and freeze those.

  372. I’m working today so I’m trying to comment any chance I can get. Tip#3 sauté your kale and spinach in a little coconut oil and then freeze for use in your smoothies. You have now protected yourself from the Oxcilic Acid and any negative effects you may have gotten for your thyroid.

  373. I would love to win a blendtec because chewing my smoothie isn’t as delightful as you’d think it would be. Thanks for the chance again!

  374. If all you buy at Costco is frozen fruit, it is worth the membership. Best price anywhere by a mile. Spinach too. Costco is like a cheap green smoothie paradise.

  375. Smoothies that contain greens, broccoli, and spinach gives you the protein you need. Another reason for a Blendtec.

  376. I am working the polls today at Valle Vista Elementary School for an Albuquerque City election. I am telling everyone about my green smoothie, and how it satisfies my cravings and how I do not have arthritis any more and that I have not gained back the 70 pounds I lost 5 years ago!

  377. Ha ha that is funny! Way to go Tiffany. I hope she really does give up Mt Dew. Tip: start small, if you don’t like something just put a little in your smoothie and progressively add a little more. You will develop a taste for it. It has worked for me for just about anything!

  378. make green smoothies a daily habit….it takes a bit of time to get in the habit, but not very long to get out and find yourself back into your old habits. 🙂 plus…once you start, you’ll feel so good you won’t want to go back!

  379. Dang it! I forgot to leave my tip. I Blend flax seeds into powder before I add them to my smoothie. It makes a great thickener!

  380. I love Robyn’s smoothie template because it allows you to add any produce that is on sale. My husband is currently in graduate school and we are trying to do it debt free so the grocery budget doesn’t have any wiggle room. Honestly, without the flexibility of the template, green smoothies would have had to go. But my 3 kiddos get one everyday!

  381. lemon is what makes a great green smoothie!! when I first started making them (without lemon) I got a lot of yucky faces from my kids….I added lemon and wow! what a change. It’s a small change, but oh, so yummy!

  382. I’ve left a few comments because my vita mix is dying and I hope to win this. Here’s one more idea… This suggestion is actually for Robin Openshaw aka GSG Girl. You should make superfood mixes (green smoothie 2.0 add ins) in yummy combinations. Things like Ginger,Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Maca, bee pollen, cinnamon, elderberries, mushrooms and others you keep mentioning on your blog. We like good products simplified. Add a scoop and go….

  383. My oldest struggles with green smoothies (she’s 5). It is amazing what a a tablespoon of orange juice concentrate to the blender does for her. I don’t use any other sweetener and she will actually drink it! I keep orange juice concentrate in the freezer and take it a scoop at a time. Not perfect to use I realize, but she gets her smoothie everyday this way.

  384. wish I could win the blendec…all this work without a blender makes e melt.. I’m melting melting melting . Oh what a world what a world without a blendec,,,

  385. Fall is back along with one of my favorite smoothies..pumpkin pie. Add almond milk, walnuts (from GSG group buy of course), canned pumpkin, a teaspoon or two of Ceylon Cinnamon, spinach or mild kale and ice. If you like it sweeter add a pear or banana. It is delicious!

  386. this isn’t a green smoothie tip…but I LOVE my blendtec and tell people all the time that it is such a great investment in your health. While I would love the twister jar and some add ons…I can do just about everything in my wildside jar. When I brought my impulse buy blendtec home years ago my husband couldn’t believe I spent that kind of money on a blender….but now he’d replace it in a heartbeat if something happened to it. On that note…Blendtec has incredible customer service and warranty….we’ve had several jars replaced and the blender base….but everything has been covered by the warranty. I even broke a blade one time which pretty much never happens according to customer service, but the blade has a lifetime warranty! So, if you don’t win and you want one….save up your $$…it is very worth it!

  387. Tip for a green smoothie….hmm. Add chocolate and a shot or two of something hard for a funner smoothie. I would drink this! Of course I need this BlendTech blender and then I would make a video of my fun smoothie to share with you 🙂

  388. Not a smoothie, but another great way to use a high powered blender to stay healthy. Make a winter ‘tonic’ to use when you feel something coming on: I use 1 large white onion, an inch of horseradish root, a whole head of garlic, about 2 inches of ginger, a couple of red jalepenos (seeded) and a jar of Braggs vinegar. Blend well and pour into a mason jar then top off with more vinegar. This will ward off just about any bug…and maybe a few people too. Does it taste good? Not really but haven’t been without it for at least 7 winters now

    1. Just wondering what size vinegar you use . Where do you get red jalapeños? I have only seen green. Also probably a stupid question but when you say seeded does that mean you take the seeds out or leave them in? And last question how much do you take? Thanks!

  389. Green smoothies are high in antioxidants and other nutrients giving your body optimum health and fitness especially if you have a Blendtec!

  390. Sweeten your smoothies with some dried fruit or fresh dates. I tried dried pineapple recently and it was delicious. It’s a natural healthy sweetener.

  391. You need a good blender for good smoothies! Speaking of, I need a new one… I inherited mine from my grandmother. lol It’s a hefty, solid thing, but it just doesn’t have the power of a modern machine.

  392. Kid contigo bottles with straws are the best for green smoothies with kids. Seedy smoothies don’t get stuck. And they don’t leak.

  393. If you use chia seeds in your green smoothie and it is going to sit awhile before you drink some or all of it, make sure to add a little extra liquid because they soak it right up unless you want a thick shake consistency that you might not be able to suck through a straw.

  394. If you get green smoothie on your carpet, use COLD water and Shout to get it out. Treat it like a grass stain. Same on kid clothes. If you use hot, the berry will clean out but it will set the green (ask me how I know).

  395. Green smoothies gives you more fiber intake which gives you good Colon health especially when you make green smoothies with a Blendtec!

  396. Beet Greens can lend a very strong flavor to the smoothie so go easy if you don’t want it overpowering the flavor you want.

  397. greek yogurt, especially homemade, is a great way to add protein to green smoothies if you don’t like the texture protein powders add to them. Also it gives some good probiotics.

  398. Tip–if you are just starting out and can’t handle such a green smoothie, try putting more fruit in and work your way into a greener smoothie. This works for husbands and kids too.

  399. Strawberries on my favorite green smoothie fruit. They make a very lovely swamp brown color in your blender. Not the prettiest, but when I get asked “What on earth you are drinking?!” inevitably it is because I put in extra strawberries. At least it’s a great conversation starter. Mixed berries don’t give me that opportunity nearly as often.

  400. Green smoothies are a great source of minerals like calcium and magnesium which help you have healthy bones, especially if you made them with a Blendtec.

  401. My tip for smoothies is to alternate ingredients so you are getting lots of different health benefits and flavors. Think about what fruits and veggies would go well together. Besides the fruit and veggies, add additional boosters such as flax or chia seeds, raw oats or wheat germ. I always add 1 tablespoon of Nutiva Coconut Manna and Manuka honey!

  402. Tip–sometimes we need to be reminded that we eat some things because they taste good. Other things we eat because they are good for us–like very green green smoothies.