Today’s lucky winner gets my favorite kitchen power tool . . . A Blendtec!

First, I am happy to congratulate Cory Cooper of Utah on winning the amazing prize package from Drew Manning, author of the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience. Congrats!

Everyone knows I love my Blendtec…..but did you know Tom Dickson, the YouTube celebrity and founder of Blendtec, lives on my block? He’s giving one of you the high-end Designer series. All you have to do is comment here if you want a super-powerful green smoothie machine….best blender in the world, and a MUST if you’re going to eat a whole-foods diet!

Please “like” GreenSmoothie Girl on Facebook and sign up for BlendAid here to participate in this phenomenal giveaway.

And, as always, thank you for supporting me, my fellow Bloggers Without Borders, and Mothers Without Borders on our mission to build a school in Zambia.

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  1. ooohhh!! I so need this… and want this!!! I am transitioning to a Whole Foods Diet and I would be ecstatic to win the Blendtec!!! 🙂 Also, I shared on facebook 🙂

  2. I love BlendTec Blenders and have wanted one forever! I use my regular blender for my green smoothie, and I’m terrified of the day it dies on me. I would love, love, love to win one, espically a high-end one:)

  3. Hi I’m glad to see you all going strong on your journey! I’m sharing this post on FB. I would like a blendtec! lol. I do make smoothies daily. I would love more than anything to win that sauna!!!!

  4. I would love to see this sitting on my kitchen counter!!! Thanks Robin for all the great information you provide for us. Please come to Memphis in 2016!!

  5. I may actually get my mom (who has S4 pancreatic cancer) to drink a Green Smoothie if it’s not “chunky”. Blendtec would do the trick!!

  6. Blendtec is the Cadillac of blenders and the workhorse – it can do SO much!!! Of all the appliances in my kitchen this blender is used more than any other — In all my research there is no better blender. Blendtec is the superior blender to any other on the market.

  7. We love all Green Smoothie products! Tip for a quick shake, 8 oz ph balanced water, 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk, scoop of Red Light, vanilla protein powder, try omega superfood, ultimate minerals, and 3 ice cubes. Blend in blendtec for 20 seconds and get a boost of energy!

  8. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!!! I am so thankful I found your website many months ago – my family loves green smoothies! One of my boys posted “Green Smoothies = Way of Life!” on Facebook 🙂 Proud momma moment!

  9. I am currently using a VitaMix and advise my friends and family to get one of these because our family loves its durability and smoothness of the smoothies. I haven’t tried Blendtec. It is possible that Bledtec use would change our blender preference and advice to others.

  10. Sounds like a perfect tool for a green smoothie. This month has brought so much awareness to a huge humanitarian problem – what great work you’re doing, Robyn. Thanks for all the great tips this month, I’ve learned a lot!

  11. Wow… I’ve only dreamed of one of those Blendtec designer series blenders. My acupuncturist swears by them. I know I would be using that thing morning, noon and night if I won one, especially given my recent diagnosis. What a wonderful giveaway!!!

  12. The question is “will it blend” my green smoothies in my kitchen. Would love to win a red one pretty olease

  13. Oh it would be such a blessing to my family to have one of these! I can only dream of having such a wonderful piece of equipment in my kitchen to help me make green smoothies for all of us.

  14. What a great giveaway! The cost makes this a fantastic prize. It really is like a major kitchen appliance, like the stove, as it would be used daily. Keep up the green smoothies you guys are doing great!

  15. I would love to have a Blendtec and be able to do smoothies, soups and nut butters; that would be a good start for my first day! Then I’m sure I would move on to much more. Hope to win this and enjoy all the benefits. Thanks, Robyn, for doing these giveaways and for all the education and encouragement you give for a healthy lifestyle with whole foods and so much more.

  16. I had a vita mix (loved it) but it wore out. I bought a ninja (hate it) would love to pass it on. Would love to try BlendTec with family of six trying to eat whole.

  17. Really enjoy learning a little something new with each video! It’s been very encouraging to me! Haven’t been able to comment each day and I don’t have Facebook, but I’m still following, learning and enjoying each update and introduction to new people/blogs! (from a few days back- Todd you look great- kind of glowing!)

  18. Yes I would love this prize. I have just the spot for it on my counter 😉
    I’m trying to get my family going on whole foods (though my manual is missing about 3 chapters)

  19. This would get so much love in my kitchen! I have been hoping for a high-powered blender for a long time, and winning the Blendtec would be an answer to prayer. 🙂 Thanks for sharing about Monk Fruit also, Robyn. It’s another sweetener I hadn’t heard of but will be looking for.

  20. I would love to win this wonderful gift to make healthy whole food recipes for my grandson who just turned 1. I made him a healthy whole food birthday cake just for him and he loved it! I am going to be babysitting him more very soon and the blendtec would sure come in handy. Thanks for all you do!

  21. What a prize! I would love to have a REAL blender. It’s hard to get a good smoothie made with a $14.99 “blender” but I’ve been doing it for over a year now. Thank you for all you do!

  22. If I were to win the Blendtec my visits to Roxberry might be cut in half 🙂 …….I hope that does not negatively effect my chances

  23. I would really love today’s prize. Thank you again Robyn for all your efforts to build a school for these children!!

  24. I would love to have the blend Aid! I have been using my old blender for a while and I really need a new one.

  25. I’m not sure where to buy monkfruit, but i will look for it. thank you for the tip! As for winning the Blendtec, I really, really, really hope I get picked! I totally need one. I just have an old Oster blender and it just doesn’t cut it when making smoothies.

  26. Looks like all your readers have a true need for the bendtec. This is an exciting give away. Someone is gonna be ecstatic tomorrow. Sharing this on fb.

  27. I know so many people who could benefit from using a blendtec. I love mine!!! It’s up past the 1590 mark of uses and still going strong 😉
    Sharing for sure!

  28. First used a BlendTec while staying at Holly’s for Master Your Influence. What a dream! So far advanced from mine! Posting on fb, what a fabulous opportunity! Grateful for all you do, Robyn!

  29. I want a BlendAid so that my smoothies will be “smooth”. I have an old blender that I got form our local big box store and it leaves a lot to be desired.

  30. I have been watching and learning from you for years and saw you in person once. I learned a lot but wasn’t always as serious at making the changes as I am now, since serious jumped out in front of me. I have had MS for years and last year mysteriously started experiencing insufficiency fractures in my left foot and leg and have been recently dx’d with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I have 9 fractures since last December and now where an Aircast boot and use a walker. I still need to work, love my work and have only missed 2 days of work due to this. 3 months ago, I started the Wahl’s Protocol and have gone completely gluten and dairy free and have had very few cheats, although some days it is difficult to eat all the greens I am supposed to eat. Outcome has been no more edema in that leg, some weight loss and my BP has come back into normal limits. I have an old Vitamix, tons of medical bills and would love to be considered for this blender.

  31. I NEED THIS BLENDER!! I hate mixing my smoothies in my Oster. It’s pathetic! I have to jam a utensil in it every time I make a smoothie and I am still chewing my smoothie. Really?!! UGH! I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want/need this BlendTec blender prize. Pleeeeaaase PICK me.

  32. I will leave a comment but not on Facebook or Instant Gram so the Blendtec will go to a deserving person that is more in tune to social media. The Blendtec is amazing and I purchased mine several years ago. It makes smoothies so much easier than Vitamix as I have both machines. The twister jar is great for making Almond Butter. Robyn thank you for the super food tip of the day and you really look healthy since you and Todd started your 30 day challenge – way to go GSM and Todd we look forward to seeing you again.

  33. Not sure how you are picking the winners but it is amazing to me that you are doing all of this for others. I have been doing green smoothies for almost seven years , I recently was without a blender so I am borrowing my daughters while she is Korea teaching for a year, I was just thinking I need to figure out what I am going to do when she gets back and I have to return her blender, so thanks for this chance to win. You are amazing!

  34. This is probably the prize I could use the most….I had a BlendTec, used it several times a day for over 4 years, and I finally killed it. I have been without one for almost two years now, and I miss it so much!

  35. Ohh I would love to have this. The small one I have seems to be going on all day now that I am trying to get everyone on board of the smoothie lifestyle. If I don’t, I am sure whomever gets it must need it more than I do and SOMEHOW I will get one. Keep going, girl!!!

  36. I wouldn’t know what to do without my Blendtec blender – definitely a must have and if it broke, I would be willing to sacrifice a whole lot of other things to replace it. We had the opportunity to share our whole foods experience with a friend who has cancer. Fortunately, Costco had a sale and we gave one to their family. We have been so blessed by our change in diet and the education that you Green Smoothie Girl has provided to our family. Thank you, Thank You, thank you!!!

  37. Awesome give away! I am new to your website but I love all of your YouTube videos and really have learned a lot from you already on how to eat healthy. Thanks for all the great work you are doing on educating people on how to eat and the how healthy eating can fight cancer as well as other diseases.

  38. In the last year I’ve switched to using only whole foods and natural forms of sweetener (stevia, honey, maple syrup). Stevia is ok in very small amounts for beverages and yogurt, but I’ve been afraid to try it in baking because it can have that aftertaste.Is monk fruit good for baking? I’m definitely interested in trying it out!

  39. I’m currently using the Vita Mix. I haven’t had major problems with it, but it is pretty worn out. I’d love a new BlendTec!

  40. I have so much enjoyed your informative videos these past few weeks. Would love a good blender to further my quest to add whole foods to my family’s diet more each day. Lovin’ the superfood ideas too, thanks.

  41. Thank you for all the research you do to help us get and stay healthy. I purchased my current BlendTec 8 years ago. It was a used machine that had been rebuilt, it is still running but I would love a new one.

  42. My Blendtec just died this weekend while making my green smoothie…the worst part was that my smoothie was full of black bits and I had to dump it! I would love a new one to make my green smoothies again!

  43. Thank you, Robin and all the guests you’ve had throughout this campaign, for educating us to be able to live healthier and happier lives!!

  44. This would be so awesome to win!!! Robyn & Todd what are some of your favorite smoothies that your enjoying lately?

  45. My father in law just recently had a heart attack so I gave him my blendtec. I swear by green smoothies so I have been using my 10 year old blender to make my smoothies. Would love to win this one to replace my blendtec I gifted.

  46. I shared on Facebook AND Pinterest.
    This would MAKE my Christmas!!!

    I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: I love the purpose of this challenge and I want to contribute as much as possible. Life is crazy and there are a few days when I was unable to comment; I know that the fundraiser portion is based on how many people comment each day, but does that have to be the day it was posted? Do my comments count for the fundraiser if I go back and make sure I posted something on each day? If so I want to go back and make sure there is something from me each day, so please let me know!

    Thank you so much!

  47. Would love to win this one! Keep going strong Robyn and Todd! I shared this one on Facebook, so even if I don’t win but a family member or friend did it would be worth it!

  48. Blendtec is absolutely the best!!!! I cannot tell you how much I love mine. It was the best addition to my kitchen arsenal that I have ever made. I do own one, but I would love to win one so that I can pass mine on to my son so that he can improve his health immensely. He has seen my results and he is a believer.

  49. I agree with you Robyn, the blendtec is a fabulous tool to have in your kitchen. I bought one thru your group buy several years ago. I love it. If I win the newest model I will give mine away to a family that I know will put it to good use. I presently to not have all the newest gadgets.

  50. This and the bed are my top two favorites I have everything crossed in hopes I win them. Thanks for the superfood info. My sister wants me to make green smoothies but the thought of kale makes her sick and if it doesn’t taste good I will never get her or her daughter to drink them. So I think the munkfruit will come in handy for that.

  51. It would be fabulous to have my own Blendtec & not to keep going to my sister’s home (8 miles away) to make my smoothies. She said if she wins she will give me her old one. Yea!!!

  52. I am so glad I found you, and thereby the Blentec, too, I think about four years ago. I have convinced 6 coworkers to buy them, and others that do not have them at home want to chip in on one for the office. What a great thing it would be to win one for the office and share the Green Smoothie love with even more people at once!

  53. Wow Robyn, what a AWESOME prize! Hmm I’ve never tried Monk fruit. I will check it out. BTW how are you doing on your Green Smoothies? You didn’t tell us today how it’s going?

  54. Great idea!! It’s so wonderful what you are doing & even beyond, giving away such amazing products. Even if I don’t win anything I have gained more good insite & knowledge from your presentations.

  55. Sweet Prize! You have inspired me for years, read everything you’ve written, but I still have much to learn! I’m so excited. Hope I win!

  56. I love the BLENDTEC and am a serious user of it. They have a great warranty and honor it. I use mine so much I have had to use the warranty. I have wanted to upgrade to the bigger jar and this powerful model. I AM so open to receive this amazing gift! Love what GreenSmotthieGirl and BlendTec are doing to support Mothers Wtihout Borders and the children they are helping create a better story and a much brighter future.

  57. LOVE my Blendtec! But I don’t have all the bells and whistles to make things like nut butters. I’d love this designer series!!

  58. I have enjoyed following your blog. I have used my cheap blender for many smoothies and it is not doing as well as it used to. I will continue using it until it dies but could use a nice one that will last a long time along with doing things the Blendtec is purported to do.

  59. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the monkfruit. I love stevia and use it all the time but to not have an aftertaste would be sensational! Hope I win the blender! I love eating clean!

  60. Daily green smoothies since Sept. 1 are helping do the trick! A1C is down, cholesterol is down and 7 lbs are gone! My doc is thrilled. I am, too. Thank you, Robyn, and all your team for the support. PS, I’m 72 so change is possible at any age.

  61. I would love to have a Blendtec…I went from Bullet, to Ninja, to Vitamix and have had to send my Vitamix in for warranty repairs twice. Been thinking about a Blendtec so winning this would be AWESOME!!

  62. Single 64 year young teacher would love to share these healthy recipes with her 26 yr. old daughter and 2 yr. old grandson that live with her. I could never afford something to luxurious.

  63. I have been making our daily green smoothies with my older blender and would love to win the Blendtec. My sweet hubby has Pancreatic Cancer and I try to give him all the super-nutrients I can in the smoothies. He doesn’t like to eat veggies but will drink them in a smoothie. Winning the Blendtec would make our lives easier.

  64. I tell my kids often that a blender is their gift at graduation! Definitely necessary to operate a whole foods kitchen! I love mine, but I want more jars! I am going to share this on Facebook!

  65. I just taught GSGLife class using my friend’s designer series blendtec. I have a blendtec but this designer one is amazing!

  66. We love making smoothies at our house! I am going to try monk fruit a sweetener!.
    Thank you for all this great info and the great prizes!

  67. I so desperately need a BlendTec blender! I am using a 6 year old Kitchenaid blender that does okay, but never quite blends everything like the professional ones do. Green smoothies never taste quite the same as the ones I’ve tried at your classes.Thank you!

  68. Thank you for sharing about Monk Fruit Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo), which I had to look up to learn more! I have never heard of it or tried it! Is there a specific brand you use? Or do you market it? The ones I found are not in a red capped bottle like yours! Also, I have used a VitaMix for years and now am using a Ningja Bullet which is faster and better. One day I will own a Blendtec! Today would be agreat day! ;o)

  69. Green smoothies are my favorite part of meal plans. My Blendtec is on its 985th use. If I’m out of town for more than a couple of days, it goes with me! It is the only gadget that I could truly not live without.

  70. A True Blender Story & $100 Pledge: 30 years ago when my husband and I got married Aunt Grace gave us a blender. We already had one so I sent her a thank-you note and we returned the new blender for a refund to use toward our expenses. When she received the note she asked us about the $100 bill she had put inside the blender! We never opened the box! We went back to the store to see if anyone had come forward with the cash…no luck. We can laugh about it now but the experience was a bit painful as newlyweds. In honor of Aunt Grace, if I am awarded the Blendtec prize, I pledge $100 toward the Mothers Without Borders cause.

  71. I’ve been using a tiny little $40 “bullet” blender from Korea. Being small, it’s convenient, but being 5 yrs old, the plastic bullets are starting to crack, and the threads on one of the drive screws have stripped from the torques of grinding up frozen clumps of fruits and veggies. I’d love to have a Blendtec. Wow, $700! I could never afford one. That’s a lot. Someone’s going to be very happy! Very nice of Blendtec!

  72. OMG! PLEASE, blender gods……I need this blender! My VitaMix is on the blink and I NEED to make my green smoothies! Thank you Robyn for doing this for the kids in Africa and us!

  73. This will be perfect for my new healthily lifestyle that I am creating. Again, thank you for all your great information you share. Love it.

  74. Oh, wow! This would be such a dream come true to win a BlendTec. I make green smoothies, but I don’t have a BlendTec, and it would be so awesome to blend quickly and more thoroughly so that I don’t have chunks of spinach and kale in my drink. I could also make warm drinks and soups that are made with whole foods. This is an awesome give-away!

  75. This is the prize I am so excited about I have a Vitamix and I love my Vitamix but oftentimes I could smell a burning smell and it doesn’t feel like the container locks in a secure early as I thought it should I have heard so many good things about blank text I know that a lot of juice. Use them I would love to win this to make smoothies for my family we get together once or twice every week to have meals together if not for me exactly for my mother who is diagnosed with leukemia he is making better choices with what she eats. I am thinking about making a blog about the healthy life adventure.

  76. I promise, if I win, I will gift my current blendtec to somebody who doesn’t have one! It’s blending multiple times a day and going strong after a few years.

  77. Mothers without Borders is a fabulous group that is really trying to help kids who have on one else to look after them. Thanks for your hard work, Robyn!

  78. What a blessing this give away will be to whomever wins it! The Blendtec company is awesome for donating the blender! Thanks.

  79. This could not be a better time for this! My ninja just died and I’ve dreamed of owning a blendtec for 4 years now. thanks for all you do! shared on facebook

  80. Thank you for the great opportunity with this Giveaway! A designer series BlendTec would be so AWESOME!!! I just heard that you can blend avacado pits with it! What?!? 🙂

  81. I LOVE Blendtec!! Seriously couldn’t live without it! Thank you for this effort and all your amazing Information and products. I am in love with your protein and trace minerals!

  82. Help, my blender is falling apart! We do fruit and veggie smotheies ALL the time. I really need a new blender and would LOVE to have a Blendtec! U just can’t afford one. I have 7 kids and love giving them smoothies to pack in more fresh produce. I really would love to win this one!

  83. You are an inspiration to me ! I have lost 5 pounds and have more energy. I planted my own greens and add sauerkraut juice or dill pickles to my green smoothies. The sky’s the limit !

    to your health,
    Mary Anne

  84. A Blentec would up my green smoothie game! I have another well-known blender, but it can’t do what a Blendtec can. This will change my life for the better!
    Thank you so much for all you are doing with Blendaid!

  85. I’m learning lots of new things! Thank you for the great advice, I’m going to check out the natural sweetners, you’ve mentioned. Thank you for the opportunity to win the blender!

  86. Way to go Robyn. Would love to be able to make healthy-to-go soups for the colder months! Not to exclude the smoothies of course, which I have dubbed healthy fast food on the go! Thanks for the daily update on the soperfoods!

  87. I would give this to my dad who has many medical problems, including depression. I’ve pretty much gotten rid of all my health problems after drinking green smoothies and I’m confident that daily, no-longer-chunky green smoothies would help him too! 🙂

  88. You guys are doing great! I have been praying for you both as you go through the month of green smoothies, and for all that you are doing to help this cause! I make smoothies daily for myself, hubby & 4 young kids and would love this!

  89. I would love to give my son my blendtec I’d I won a new one. I have himaking them now bit He has to use something else. He is home for a quick visit and mentioned how much smoother mine makes the smoothie.

  90. This is so fantastic!!!! I would LOVE to win one!!! I’ve been dying to try a Blendtec because my Ninja has just about had it with me and my smoothies! I love waking up and making them for a quick and easy breakfast but that’s getting harder as my blender gets older!!! Gotta save up the money though!!!

  91. Almost EVERY DAY I drive over to Fresh Market and buy a $7 green smoothie with wheat grass. I am recuperating from breast cancer treatment and am trying to get as healthy as
    possible now so it won’t come back. The blender in my kitchen looks so weak and powerless
    compared to the one that you are giving away! Please help me turn into a green smoothie
    girl in my own kitchen! Thank you!

  92. Just got a new replacement jar for my old Blendtec…which is still going strong. But wouldn’t mind a brand new one at all 😉

  93. Enjoying your blog posts. Please consider adding a list of the super foods you mention to your list of favorite things. Thanks.

  94. Still pulling out my binder I have from your first month to month emails you sent out for each chapter of your first “12 months to Whole Foods” book. My husband researched blenders like crazy and really wanted to buy one but we have had 3 kids in college and just no extra money. Your book helped him to stay quit from smoking, got his lymphatic system back in shape and helped us from him having to go see a therapist from depression because he quit smoking.

    Great benefits!

    But…we would love to have that blendtec! We are still using an old “oster” blender from when we were married 25 years ago! it works okay, but I have to run it twice to get enough for the 2 of us.

    hope we win!!

    best of luck to everyone!

  95. Our family is committed to excellent nutrition and exercise as a path to lifelong vitality and well being. We are currently using a blender purchased from Goodwill; receiving a BlendTec would be amazing.

  96. I have missed a few day of watching the blogs and feel a need to catch up. Robyn I think you should continue with your blog and your special guests. I have absolutely loved it! I do not have a BlendTec but what I do have makes good powder smoothies. My green smoothies, however, are chunky and undesirable. So, if I were lucky enough to win one that would be over the top amazing!

  97. Always wanted a blendtec, but can’t justify spending that much money on one. Been using my cheap blender for the past 3 yrs just fine. Yea it takes longer and doesn’t do ice but it keeps on working. A Blendtec would be nice to have, but reading the other comments there are other people that need it more than I do!

  98. My neighbor gave me a green smoothie to try one day, and I thought it would taste bad. I was shocked when it actually tasted pretty good! I personally cannot make them because my blender is an old Oster that is actually fairly weak. It wouldn’t blend enough to make the smoothies. I also cannot afford a new blender at the moment. This would an awesome thing to have!

  99. This would be perfect timing. My smoothies are starting to be more “chewable” lately. I think the greens Have dulled my blades are my current blender… Aargh!

  100. Robyn, you’ve been an encouragement to me as I do my 26-day detox. It’s not easy and hard much of the time because I’m just plain ‘ole hungry for something else, but when I get whiney to myself I just think, “Geez, Annette at least you get to chew most of the day! So be thankful.” 😀

  101. WOW!!!! I WANT that blender! I love what you are doing with green smoothies and helping to build the school building for those little children in Africa. Best of luck with that. And hang in there with the green smoothies. You’re almost there. I so admire both of you.

  102. Would love to have this. Have gone thru two blenders and one ninja. Need this! Blend tech would be the last one I ever needed!

  103. The greatest thing about a Green Smoothie is how easy it is to put healthy food into my body. Kale is the best with spinach a close second. I keep it simple. A few berries and huge amounts of greens with a little stevia and lemon.

  104. Ok, so anyone still have a K-tech that works? Mine has seen better days, but is still going strong. I have a Ninja also, but would love to have a new BlendTec!

  105. I started following Robyn about 8 years ago and started making green smoothies a huge part of my life. I drank one everyday for two years and still have continued to be able to make this a habit in my family’s life. My kids make green smoothie’s all the time for themselves and even their friends. I have went on to teach classes on making green smoothies, you tube videos, instragram, and other social media sites because I want to share with others the difference that green smoothie’s make in your life. It is a huge part of my mission, which is to teach moms how to incorporate real foods and healthy habits into their families. I have used a Vitamin for 7 years and it is slowly dyeing. I would LOVE to give the Blendtec a new home and be able to show case this to to others. I have always wanted to compare how they work with each other and now is the time that I need a new one. I PROMISE you it will get used at least 1-2 times a day, because that is how much we use our Vitamin. It is a huge part of my routine and kitchen tools. I would say it’s my most valuable tool. I also promise to keep teaching and supporting others to a better whole foods lifestyle.

  106. I am shopping for a new blender. I sadly will not be able to afford an awesome blendtex blender. But would love, love, love to accept the free blendtex that you are giving away. Please consider me for your give away. I would be so excited.

  107. I have to admit I’m jealous of anyone who has a Blendtec because I’ve heard they are amazing. I’ve always wanted one, but it’s always been a little out of my reach price wise 🙁 I would love to win one!

  108. Oh I would love to win this prize for my mom. She is 77 and just starting in on green smoothies. I make some for her or she struggles through using her week regular blender. She would be thrilled!

  109. ME! ME!! I want to win the Blendtec Blender!! My mom has one and I love it! I borrowed hers for a week and I loved everything about the Blendtec, and green smoothies are so much easier to make in it!! I have a horrible blender that smells like something is burning up when I run it! And I can’t make green smoothies with mine unless I freeze the greens so they break up easier when blending. I LOVE making fall soups and blending roasted squash in a Blendtec for my favorite soup would be a dream!!

  110. BlendTec is the best! I have used mine for years and years! Would love a new one and my daughter would love for me to have a new one so she could have my current one 🙂

  111. I always have trouble wanting to drink green smoothies in cooler/cold weather. Same like I have trouble eating salads then…they both just seem/feel/taste like warm/hot weather drinks/foods to me. You need to publish a book of soup recipes 🙂

  112. I love my Blendtec, but my daughter is very concerned about what she will do when she moves out. If I win this I know exactly what to do with it.

  113. I would love to win this designer series BlendTec. Thsnks for the tip about monks fruit. I am currently in the process of weening myself off of sugar. So hard, but I’m going to do it.

  114. Thank you for all the ideas to make green smoothies a variety. This is helpful in sharing with Moms to give different options for picky kids. My kids love green smoothies and like to share with friends. 🙂 I’m excited for the work you are doing!

  115. I would love to win a Blendtec package to replace my pitiful blender and delve into smoothies made without chunks of fruits or vegetables floating around!

  116. I want to go to Africa with Mother’s Without Borders! I can’t wait for you to tell us when it is. And, I love your green smoothies!

  117. BlendTec sounds like a wonderful blender that I would love to win! I am into making a smoothie every day and do feel better and more healthy.

  118. I want it! I want it! I want it! My Blendtec is on the outs, and I would just rather replace it with this new one, than have to send it in on the warranty. I am sure like everyone here, I LOVE my Blendtec! Thanks, Robyn and Tom!

  119. I would love to win any of these great prizes! Thanks for all the great information you so selflessly share with your reader!

  120. BTW – Robyn, I am curious, so I hope you see this question… you’ve been talking in a couple of your videos about having “modified” your 30-days of green smoothies. I did nothing but green smoothies for 21-days back at the beginning of 2011, and am thinking about doing it again. But I want to know what you did to modify. Will you please fill us in on what your doing and why you chose to modify? Thanks!

  121. Also, a question on Monk Fruit… should I get the extract? or is there a “whole food” form? I can find the extract at my local grocer’s, but where do you get yours, and in what form? Thanks!

  122. I love this cause and appreciate all the give away to help spread the word! This is the give away I want to win the most ! I am about to do the GSG detox a second time with a group of friends and this would help a LOT!!

  123. Robyn and Todd, I appreciate your commitment of eating mostly green smoothies to raise awareness and funds for Mothers without Borders. You two are amazing!

  124. Thank you for your passion about whole foods! Just when I feel like giving up as my toddler pushes my green smoothie away. again. I watch a video of you and am recommitted to try harder.

  125. This is such a great prize and after 20 days of being on the green smoothie challenge, I think it’s something everyone should have in their kitchen. 🙂

  126. Good luck everyone! THE most vital step to following the Green Smoothie lifestyle is a good blender – my old storebrand model just can’t get through the greens and any frozen produce or ice.

  127. I would love to win the blender, mine is getting worn out too. I use it every day!! I would love the twister jar for hummus and sunflower butter!!

  128. I have been wanting a power blender for years. My kids won’t drink green smoothies because my blender doesn’t blend everything well enough. I would love to win this!

  129. I would love to win this Blendtec to surprise my daughter with, who is in the last year of nursing school. Being a busy college student and on a very limited budget she has done so well at improving her diet with her little Nutri-bullet. It’s just about had it. My husband has fixed it several times and hes not sure if it can be fixed again. This man can fix anything. Through all of her studies she has realized how extremely important your diet plays a part in your overall health. We as women, mothers and mother’s to be have so much influence on the next generation. It all starts with us.

  130. Love my green smoothies really SMOOTH! The only way to,do that is with a strong blender ! Can’t wait to see the results of this remarkable commitment to others. The children deserve the prayers and efforts of all involved in creating a better world for all souls.

  131. I am Sooooooo hoping I win the Blend Tec! By the way I personally don’t have a Facebook account so the like is under my mom’s email. I hope that doesn’t mean I am not eligible to win.

  132. Monk fruit… I have never heard of it. Thank you for that super food tip…maybe can be used when blending the seaweed. Gosh, forgot what that seaweed was called.

  133. Thanks for sharing about the super food of the day and the opportunity to win a designer BlendTec! I would love to add it to our home kitchen! Thanks!

  134. What a terrific gift to make terrific smoothies…the best smoothies! This would be awesome. Way to go peeps!

  135. I am really enjoying the videos each day and learning about new super foods. Even though I have a weight problem and sleep issues, I’m trying to work towards eating healthier and hopefully will carry over to my energy level and sleep issues. I love that your efforts are going to such a great cause!

  136. I sooooo want to win this my blender is starting to smell like it is burning up every day I use it! I know it’s going to die any day now! Pluse I have followed and commented every day but one

  137. You’re so lucky to live near all these extraordinary people Robyn. What a true blessing to be such an extraordinary person living a healthy life as well. Still dreaming of the Sauna for detoxification. Good luck on your journey!

  138. Ok It’s because of Robyn 2 years ago I went looking for a blendtec but Bed bath and beyond was out so I bought a vitamix. I would love to replace it!

  139. What an amazing prize package! I’m making a list of all these super foods to try. Thanks for sharing them, some are new to me. Thanks!

  140. I also love my BlendTec more than my Vitamix. The Vitamix is good also – five hard years and it is still problem free. The BlendTec is better. Not a blade to cut fingers…a bar that smashes food rather than chops it. The food gets into the blades with me pushing on it. The major downfall of the Vitamix is the constant use of the tool to push the food into the blades. I have poor adult daughter at university. She needs this BlendTec.

  141. I have a BlendTec that has somehow started to leak. 🙁 I’d LOVE to win a new one to replace the one I’ve obviously worn out with my daily smoothies!

  142. Sweet Prize! You have inspired me for years, read everything you’ve written, but I still have much to learn! I’m so excited. Hope I win!

  143. Thanks Robyn for all the you do to help people who want to live a better life! I love going to Costco to eat all the samples made with the BlendTec!

  144. It’s funny how I strated craving green smoothies again after watching your video blogs for just the first 2 days! I have been drinking copious amounts of them again and am feeling great. Thank you for the inspiration once again 🙂

  145. Omgoodness…. I would love this. My blender motor is starting to go from all my green smoothies! This would be awesome! Thanks for the great updates!

  146. What is the best way or how would you recommend a way I can get my kids and husband on board with drinking green smoothies? Is there one you would start them out with?

  147. Thanks, Robyn, for the great tip for us, for a new Natural Sweetener!

    And Thanks, Robyn & Tom, for the chance to WIN a BlendTec!!!

    When I started eating nutrient-dense greens, regularly — thanks to GSG — I burnt out 2 blenders, on all the dandelions, I started with, from my backyard. 🙂 … 🙁

  148. I thought I was in heaven when I got my Vitamix, but then I got to try out a friend’s Blendtec while on vacation. Now I’ve added that to my wish list. I still make my daily green smoothies with the Vitamix, but I’m looking for Santa to come a bit early this year by winning the Belndtec. This challenge has opened my eyes to so many things. Thank you for sharing with us each day.

  149. I would love a Blendtec! Maybe my son would drink his smoothie! He complains there are fruit chunks in the ones I make. 🙂

  150. Love Blendtec. We’ve enjoy the demonstration and wonderful smoothies you’ve made with it. Of course, we would enjoy using it everyday.

  151. Would LOVE to win a Blendtec!!! Healthy eating has made such a difference in my life and having a Blendtec in my kitchen would be awesome!!! 🙂

  152. I am so glad you have taken this great journey for such a great cause. It is truly inspiring. I am feeling lucky! Green smoothie cheers from CA!!

  153. My blender went kaput last week and I went and bought a New one and my husband decided it was a good wedding present for a friend lol! Not only do I need a new blender I need the best to make green smoothies for my growing athlete boys in my home. I would love a blendtec!!!!

  154. I love that you are telling us about alternate sweeteners we can use that are much healthier. Thank you for all the amazing information you have given us!

  155. I meant to send this comment awhile back but so little time. I can’t tell you enough what a nice journey I have had with you following all these incredible blogs I would never have known about if it were not for you Robyn!! I thank you for all you are doing and have done! Someday I would love to meet you!

  156. I have ENDLESS ideas and possibilities in store for this BlendTec! I plan to introduce my entire family to a happier and healthier life, full of DELICIOUS goodies straight from the blender. I can’t believe its a Designer Series, too! Good luck to everyone

  157. I want to win so I can my sweetheart this. He is an amateur bodybuilder and is always mixing up smoothies with interesting ingredients. He needs a strong blender to keep up with him!

  158. I have been making green smoothies and it is just so wonderful how I feel when I drink them! My children love them It would be amazing to have this blend tech, All the things I could do! My husband loves green smoothies for breakfast. I would love to do the green smoothie challenge, but it would be easier with a blend tech. I’ve used one before and their is no comparison! They are amazing!

  159. I am sooo ready to do more than green smoothies on my quest for health. A new Blentec would definitely make my transitions to whole foods a million times easier and better!! 😀

  160. I would be delighted to win this… I have a friend who is really struggling with their health & wanting to make lifestyle changes. I taught her how to make green smoothies but her blender is awful & truly makes “chunkies’… I would love to be able to give her a blendtec since she can’t afford one!!!!! I love mine & use it every day!

  161. BlendTec thanks for a chance to win one of your amazing kitchen tools! Robyn thanks for telling us about the new sweetener too – can’t wait to try some myself!!!! Would love to put a red BlendTec Designer Series in my kitchen!!! Thank you!!!! 🙂

  162. I tell everyone I talk to that I have lost 70 pounds and kept it off for 5 years now, just by drinking green smoothies. I have an old vitamix that I purchased from Sam’s Club. I would love to win this prize!

  163. I DREAM of someday owning a Blendtec!!!! How cool that they are Utah products!! Thank you for your recipes, sharing your knowledge, and for this opportunity to WIN!!

  164. I use an ordinary blender every day for basic smoothies but a BlendTec would give me the opportunity to do so much more!

  165. Love Blentec! After going through 5 regular blenders from lots of green smoothies, it was time to get a Blendtec.
    Anxiously awaiting the intelli bed give away!!

  166. These are beautiful machines! Thank you for such a great opportunity, Robyn and Tom! And thank you for bringing attention to the importance of nutrition!

  167. Oh my goodness I have been saving up for one but I would really really love to win this prize. I enjoy my ninja but It’s not that great for smoothies to be super smooth.

  168. YES PLEASE!!
    10 Reasons I need to win a BlendTec….
    1. Drinks: Make Green Smoothies (or other yummy drinks!)
    2. Soups: Make yummy root vegetable soups
    3. Salad Dressings: Emulsify….need I say more?!
    3. Entertainment: I’d love to try to BlendTec my hubby’s golf balls
    4. Noise: I’d love to run my blender to help drown out the sound of my kids teen shows
    5. Counter Decor: I am a bit of a minimalist with items on my kitchen counters, so I need more, really!
    6. Cool Kid: Everyone who is cool has a BlendTec…I want to be a cool kid too!
    7. Love: I would forever have a place in my heart for BlendTec & Robyn Openshaw (aka Green Smoothie Girl)
    8. Sacrifice: I will truly make an effort to cut back on my current green juice (aka Dt Mtn Dew)
    9. Winner: I NEVER win! I dream about being a winner of something, anything, but especially a BlendTec!
    10. Do Gooder: I donated a shipment of playground jump ropes to Mothers Without Borders this summer!

  169. I’m on liquid diet now due to my TMJ problem for recovery. I’d LOVE to have a powerful blender. not many blender does fine job on chopping things up and I don’t have $500 to spend on a blender. 🙁

  170. The Blendtec Designer Series with the 25 pre-programmed blend cycles sounds like the Cadillac of blenders. I currently use a Vita-Mix. It is several years old and has been used almost daily, sometimes several times a day. I am in need of a replacement. Winning the Blendtec would be wonderful. Your neighbor is a very generous person. Thanks for keeping us motivated.

  171. my blender is over 30 years old and on it’s second motor…. we would love to retire it by winning a new high-end designer BLENDTEC so we can continue drinking Green Smoothies every morning!!! Thanks.

  172. Yes please! the one I am using is going out… or course It’s not a Blendtec… I miss not having them. The headaches I am getting because I can’t do my green smoothies are unreal…

  173. I would love to have one! I’m a college student finishing up my nursing degree and I love drinking my green smoothies. I some times get the craziest looks from my roommates. I have an infomercial blender and it struggles with frozen foods, the blade gets dull quickly, and it’s terrible at mixing. I would love to win a Blendtec!

  174. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Blendtec, but it’s a much older blender. I would absolutely LOVE to have the new and improved Blendtec! It is my favorite, most used appliance in my kitchen.

  175. Blendtec’s are AWESOME! We have had one for 7 years and tell lots of people about it. We have family that would love one still! Hope we WIN today. 🙂

  176. I’ve had a Vitamix since 2006. It was a refurb, and it’s about toast. We’ve been talking about upgrading but don’t have the cash. Would LOVE to win this! 😀 <3

  177. Oh pick me, pick me! There are a whole lot of people commenting on here but I would really LOVE to be the recipient of a Blendtec!! My blender is tired and sucky and it takes me forever to blend smoothies for my kids in the morning. Since we have been making green smoothies EVERY MORNING since we did our challenge, I’m exhausted. I may or may not be getting buff though from all that shaking I have to do with my dang blender. I have to put my whole body into it so technically I’m getting a workout 😉 But I’d rather get my workout the old fashioned way… At the gym. After I’ve breezed through making a green smoothie with my Blendtec. Sooo pick me! Pretty please 🙂

  178. I love all I am learning through this humanitarian campaign. Thankyou Robyn for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I also love my blend tec, but wouldn’t mind a new one!

  179. Wow Robyn!!!! This is such a cool give away! The others were too, but I really need this one so I can keep giving my green smoothie classes and raw food classes. The Vitamix we bought used is kind of having some issues. How are you feeling these days? You look fabulous!

  180. I would LOVE this. Our family loves smoothies but we don’t get all the benefits with our regular blender. Good luck everyone!

  181. If anyone has not seen Robyn at a seminar, I encourage you to do so. Two years ago I went and really expected it to be a two hour BlendTec commercial. I WAS WRONG! It was much more like food witnessing. Robyn shared her journey to a healthier world for her family and herself. I am now thinner and healthier and it is rubbing off on my family and even my coworkers. ( Someone in the break-room has made off with my copies of Robyn’s books) Good Journey

  182. I’m starting my journey (green) 🙂 and I NEED this Please, please, please! I’m cleaning out and giving away much of my food. Low nutrient foods. Yes I’m giving someone else poor food….they want it and don’t care ! I did feel bad about already bought food going into the trash. I have a hard time throwing things out. I love to repurpose everything. I am looking foreward to “green smoothing”. I am so excited. To see what changes happen with my health, clarity and energy. I hope to get off of some medication-sleeping pills in particular. I will stay awake for well over twenty four hours. I really don’t know how long my wakefulness would last actually. My heart starts to flutter from lack of sleep so I end up taking generic ambien. If I lose weight, great. But my goal is a healthier me. Everything else will fall into place hopefully 🙂 Everyone have a blessed day ~~

  183. I would love to win a blendtec and am excited to start following green smoothie girl and start becoming healthier

  184. The recipes on the Blendtec site look amazing! Hard to imagine being able to accomplish all that with one machine! Would allow me to create so much deliciousness my itsy-bitsy kitchen. Props to Tom!

  185. Thank you for this opportunity Robyn and Tom..very generous of you. In my job caring for children in their homes, I’m always carting a blender to each house to make green smoothies for myself and all children. Parents are amazed at the veggies, fruits & proteins they consume in a fun way thru smoothies. We make it a fun activity by learning the names of veggies in the produce section and then bringing home the “pretty ones” to blend them up. I’d love to have a Blendtec to make these smoothies from house to house. One parent just emailed me that she bought a Blendtec from Costco after my week with her children and their new found love of green smoothies. It would be the perfect tool to share smoothies with kids and their parents….a teaching tool for sure!

  186. I love my BlendTec. I first head about it on GSG about 5 years ago and have used it almost daily. Any time I have had ‘trouble’with my blender, BlendTec has been so gracious to help. They even replaced my first one without incident because it wasn;t working…after 3 years of use! Great company and great blender.

  187. I have started making green smoothies again using my Vita mix. It works okay, but I have been wanting a BlendTec for a long time because I know they are a much better machine. Pick me!!:)

  188. BlendTec is the Best! It has made living a whole foods life style, with daily green smoothies, and so much more, so much fun to live! Ever since this precious little blender entered my life and home a few years ago, it has been a most welcomed and loved addition to my little family! 🙂 May whoever wins this, love it, use it and be as grateful for it as much as I am mine! Best of luck and love to you all!

  189. I have always wanted to try a Blendtec blender. My boyfriend wants to start drinking green smoothies, so if I win I will make it a housewarming gift–for both of us. Thank you for the chance to win!

  190. Well, as much as I would love to win a new BlendTec, I doubt I will. So please know, Robyn, that my life changed the day I picked up your book, “Green Smoothies Diet” about 4 years ago. I try to help everyone I can to adopt the simple habit of a green smoothie. I guess if I did win, I would give my Vitamix to my parents who struggle with their diet- particularly my father who has a lot of chronic illness and heart problems. Anyways, thanks for all you have taught me and for the wonderful cause of BlendAid!

  191. I ran into you at the Sister Missionary Mall the other night. I didn’t have a chance to talk you. I am following you now! I have heard great things!

  192. I’m using a blendtec, too, after using vitamix. The best part about blendtec is that the blades are not sharp so it’s easy to clean. Yet, I have to get a new jar almost every year because of leaking in the bottom. It seems that blendtec are not doing a good job with the rubber part at the bottom of its jar. Both of the jars that I have leaked and smelled really bad because I can’t clean the green smoothie residue stuck at the leaking site. I’m waiting for the 3rd jar I just purchased. I wish these jars could last longer.

  193. I’ve heard great things about BlendTecs! We have a VitaMix, but have had to send it in for repairs a few times and the warranty is about to run out. This would be awesome to make smoothies for my little ones to get more veggies in their diets!

  194. Wow!! Awesome giveaway. I’m dealing with a $24 walmart special…It’s crap….There’s no other way to put it. I would love a blendtec so I could finally make a real smoothie.

  195. My Vitamix has broke several times too. It’s on it’s last leg and I’d love to use a blendtec! My whole family is thrilled with all the different smoothies I make and my neighbors are in on it now too! Love the idea of munk fruit for a sweetener! Can’t wait to try it!

  196. I blender is on its last spin and I would love to have a BlendTec. I’m loving smoothies and am always looking for new recipes and foods to put together.

  197. I absolutely LOVE my Blendtec and use it everyday!! Blentec really stands by their amazing warranty and makes it very easy, quick, and pleasant to get a completely free replacement/part if anything goes wrong. I would LOVE to win this one so that I could “pay it forward” to my sister and her family. They have a lot of health issues caused by their diet, particularly lack of raw vegetables. I know that this would be a fun and effective way to get the parents and their teen boys to eat raw vegetables daily, and kickstart their journey to health and fitness.
    Robyn, thank you for talking about monk fruit and stevia. I have wanted to ask you your opinion on drinking all-stevia soda, particularly Zevia. I realize that it’s not “health food”, but do you think that it’s bad to have (maybe one or two cans per day, maybe every day) (when I get a sweet craving)? I switched from (aspartame) diet soda to mineral water years ago, and now I started drinking Zevia. Should I go back to (only) the mineral water?! Thank you for sharing your opinion on this!

    1. I hate typos, but I can’t edit my comment! BlenDtec, Blendtec, Blendtec…!!! But I love BlenDtec, Blendtec, Blendtec!!!

  198. Uhm I think I would be willing to part with a kidney to get my hands on a Blendtec! What an amazing giveaway! I just turned 40 & I’ve been working hard to make healthier choices. I’m running my 1st half marathon in a few months. A Blendtec would definitely be a huge asset in the kitchen. 😉

  199. My blender smells like burning plastic from all the wear, I am a single mom and cant afford anything!!! I have been praying to win a blend tech from Robyn for nearly 3 years. They are Amazing. Thank you Robyn for all you do for others

  200. I would love to win this. I’ve been wearing out my blender over the past several years making green smoothies and beet smoothies. 🙂

  201. Love, love, love my Blendtec. Would share a new one with my daughter so my grandkids can drink green smoothies!

  202. I would love this so much. I have an older vitamix but have really wanted a blendtec. Also shared on Facebook, twitter and pinned on pinterest.

  203. I just love the common sense this woman brings to eating. Keep up the good work Robin! 🙂 I wish I could talk some sense into my dad, who’s dying very slowly of heart disease. Love to have a blendtec blender

  204. I would love to play with a Blendtech! I love homemade smoothies, dressings, sauces, sorbets, soups and the like and knowing what’s inside. I would so love to win.

  205. This would be awesome to win…I love watching g his videos of blending things up like batteries and such with my husband…completely fascinating 🙂 I’ve wanted one of these blenders since being introduced to your lifestyle years ago after attending a green smoothie girl event.

  206. Definitely trying monk fruit! Blendtec….fingers, toes, arms and legs cross….praying, praying, praying. Dreaming of new blendtec.

  207. I have had my Blendtec blender for almost 5 years now. I use it every single day. We even had to get a generator for the camp trailer so that I can make my green smoothies while we’re camping!!

    1. Would be so blessed to have a Blendtec. It would help me in my journey for better health for my family. Best wishes and much success to you 🙂

  208. I would love to win this just to put it up against my Vitamix Professional Series which costs the same as the Blendtec designer series. If it beat it in a few tests I would sell my Vitamix for sure.

  209. I’ve been begging my husband for the ok to buy a blendtec! He’s like I’m not paying that much for a blender. Pls, pls, pls, let me win this!

  210. Making and drinking the smoothies helps to keep me going and feeling great inside, but I have to admit, I feel even better now that I am a Mother Without Borders Sponsor!! Thank you Green Smoothie Girl for giving me the wake up call I needed to follow through and make a difference across many borders!

  211. I still get excited when I use my BlendTec belender. Thinking about how energizing & nutritional ‘my smoothie creation’ will be, not to mention ‘tasty’!! Bottoms up – Enjoy

  212. 47 or 69? Shares for More Entries to Win

    Hi Robyn!

    What’s the correct way to notify You of sharing, to get additional entries, for additional chances to win?

    Does text messaging and emailing count for social media sharing? (I recently finally got a Facebook & a Twitter account, but I don’t have much going on there yet?)

    After commenting on the GSG blog, I sent Your link & invitation to check it all out & enter to:

    47 different people
    thru 69 total share attempts
    via text messages to 27 different phone numbers
    & via email to 42 different addresses

    Please let me know what, if any of that, counts & what the actual qualifying criteria for social media is & how to notify You correctly to get credit.

    Thank You!

  213. Wow! I would love to wind a blendtec! They are fabulous! Will be checking to find monk fruit and try it out. Thanks for the tips!

  214. I’m from Arizona and we cannot live without our green smoothies in the summertime! A Blendtec sounds like heaven!

  215. We need a new REAL blender, my kids love blending!!!! We’ve been using “bargain” ones and they don’t work well or last long. Thanks for this awesome chance! Lia S

  216. I would love to win a blendtec! My 2 year old daughter is a green smoothie fanatic! I freeze leftover smoothies to make popsicles too = )

  217. I have never head of monk fruit for a sweetener. I would love to win a Blendtec. Bless you and Blendtech for your generosity and this fund-/awareness-raising project.

  218. My husband was the first person to tell me about these amazing blenders and now I hear about them all the time! I would love to win one for our family! Thanks for the chance to win and all the good you do!

  219. Hi Robyn ! I have never heard of the BlendTec before (I am new to being healthy… @ 57, sounds incredible I know, but TRUE! I’ve been on this path for 4 months now) I am learning so much from you and others like you who are dedicated to providing info to teach others how to be healthy. Congrats to all the winners so far !

  220. Just found you on Facebook and am so happy to see a smoothie blog that is all about whole foods and the Blendtec! I will be following from now on, thank you!!

  221. Awesome!! I’d love this blender to help with my new nutrition goals!! You inspired me to make a change at Elevation.

  222. I put most of my smoothie ingredients in a container the night before to eliminate the “I ran out of time” excuse in the morning. I just dump it all in and blend.

  223. I’d love to see a BlendTec replace my old school blender in my kitchen! I’d actually get to make a real SMOOTHie!

  224. I’ve been blending for several years now since I was introduced to I would love to win the Blendtec and give my old tired blender a rest. Thank you Robyn for all you do.

  225. When my 4-year-old went through a “No! Not another SMOOTHIE!!” Phase, I took the time to hold her on my lap and shower her with positive attention while she drank. Time consuming! But my now 6-year-old smoothie drinker is perfectly ok with this life-long habit, because she knows how happy it makes her mom. She loves me! Green smoothie style

  226. I really enjoy making green smoothies. I’ve had a Vitamix for almost 20 years now and it’s getting old. I use it just about every day making my own salad dressings, raw and vegan desserts and of course a variety of smoothies. I would love to try a Blendtec, I heard a lot about it. I am really curious about the Twister jar as we all love nut butters and it would be great to be able to make them at home.
    Thanks, Robyn for all you do and for sharing your knowledge and many great recipies!
    Keep up the great work!

  227. Always smell your spinach and make sure it is still good before you use it in a green smoothie:) nothing worse than a rotten spinach smoothie!