Win the Fit2Fat2Fit prize from Celebrity Drew Manning!

Congratulations, Theresa Kasprzyk from California! You won the GreenPaxx prize package from Cindy.

Thank you both for participating, and remember you can have the chance to win again if you keep commenting.

Someone is about to win two 30-minute coaching calls with celebrity, Drew Manning, the author of Fit2Fat2Fit. Watch this video to see how he decided, as a personal trainer, to gain 70 pounds on purpose, then lose it, and document the whole journey.

Now he’s put a bunch of other fitness professionals through the same experiment on a reality TV show . . . stay tuned! And Drew is on our epic speaking tour next year, with 22 bestselling author-celebrities in wellness and personal growth…..I’ll have an announcement Nov. 1!

Meantime, win Drew’s autographed book, 2 coaching calls, and his menu plans by commenting today!

Happy BlendAid-ing!

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  1. another use for honey — it’s also stimulates root growth in plants

    say your neighhbors have some nice fruit and nut trees and/or berry bushes that you’d like to add to your garden, then, in the fall, make a few cuttings of new growth of the plants you want, then using your fingernail, lightly soften up bottom 1/2″ of the tender bark, and dip it in raw honey! The raw honey stimulates healing for the plant. Plant hormones emerge that will cause the twig to sprout roots. So place the bottom of the twig, that was dipped in honey, in a cup of soft potting soil, keep it moist over the winter, and voila, in the following spring you will have a whole bunch of little fruit and nut trees, and berry bushes to plant, ready for planting in your garden.

    raw honey … amazing stuff.

  2. Thanks again for another superfood to add to my smoothies. I appreciate these videos! I’d still love to see a video about how and what you decide to put in your smoothies. Do you have a favorite smoothie?

  3. Going to check out he farmers market tomorrow for raw honey from my area. I keep listening and one day it will sink in and lead to action.

  4. Wow. That is an incredible transformation. I was looking at other transformation stories on his webpage and they are amazing too. Shared on FB

  5. Robyn, While watching today’s video, your photo on the GSG posting was right next to the video. I could not help but to compare the 2. Your skin color is awesome. YOU look absolutely amazing. I love the data you gave about the raw honey and the upcoming Group Buy, which I always take advantage o as it is the best opportunity to stock up on the best of the best ingredients and at affordable pricing.
    I would love to hear more about exactly what you are “eating” on this 30 day challenge. We are all excited for you and each day’s introduction to people and products I never knew about is just great. Thank you!!!

  6. Wow! I totally forgot that You were ever that big before, Robyn!
    Thank You for all the great knowledge You have accumulated and for all Your Personal Preparation Efforts, to be The Wonderful and Contributive Information and Motivation Resource that You are TODAY!
    And thanks to all Your friends, allies and associates, like Lynn and Drew, that You introduce and feature in Your blog posts, videos, product line, live events, etc.
    I’m so glad You’re SO Healthy, Fit and Energetic as a result, so You can continue Your Awesome Service!
    You are Truly A Product of The Product!
    And we all can be better and better, and solve a lot of our personal and world problems by trying to live and share The Green Smoothie Girl Lifestyle.

  7. Wow, 70 lbs. Is a journey so many of us mom’s go on more than one time, at childbirth. Not that we gain a whole 70 lbs. Every time! But watching your body go through unfamiliar changes is difficult. I have tremendous respect for Drew for doing it on purpose, and coming the full journey back!

  8. Thank you Robyn for your explanation of the health benefits that Honey produces. Your daily tips are always welcome and your giveaways are wonderful not to mention the guests you have on your blog.

  9. Yay someone from California won. CongratulationsTheresa. Planning to buys stuff on this next group buys Robyn and honey is on my list.

  10. I really need this, two years ago I lost 86 pounds and the program was so expensive that I quit and went to another one, and I sobbed every week at weigh in. I kept gaining and gaining and I finally quit them after three months. I have gained most the weight back. I don’t know what to do or back on some meds. That I had gotten off of..

  11. Wow this prize could be life changing for the winner… I bought local raw honey yesterday it is so good. Love this superfood.

  12. Robyn, since we have all these opportunities to leave comments, I’ve been thinking I’d like to ask you if you would consider sharing the TV show episode that has made you a celebrity! A couple of years ago I googled and checked Netflix, but never could find the episode of Wife Swap with Robyn Openshaw:) I thought it would be so fun to see how your “new kids” for a week enjoyed their green smoothies!

  13. Thanks for the honey tip Robyn! How’s Todd doing? Wow…70 lb transformation. He can seriously say he’s walked in someone’s shoes while coaching…admirable feat. I bet he’s a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for sharing all your peeps with us!

  14. I love honey and my kids suffer with allergies, I just give them a spoonful of local honey a few times a week! It works my kids allergie reactions have significantly reduced!

  15. I have always been bigger than the other kids I went to school with and I was called fat by them, that is all I see, and believe even to this day. I saw an old picture of myself back in the day I think I was about 13 or 15 I thought if I could have maintained that weight I might not look to bad right now. At the time though I thought I was a big fat loser. Some days I still feel that way its a struggle. Being fat I kept me from being who I want/think I could be. I still haven’t figured out the way out but I keep trying. Thanks Robyn for the opportunities to meet you friends and learn about them and the things they offer.

  16. I’ve heard so many amazing things about raw honey! Just don’t give it to a baby. What an amazing story about being burned and becoming healthy after being obese. Way to go Robyn!

  17. Thank you for more great information. Can’t wait to use all the new tips and super foods. Almost there!!! Hang in there!!! Your body is loving doing extra work of repairing and the children will love their new school! Keep it up! You can do it!!!!!

  18. Seriously? I’ve never heard of honey for burns. Wow. And thanks for the reminder about the allergens being addressed by raw honey. I knew that but got away from it.

  19. I love honey. We had bees on our farm when I was growing up and every year the honey farm gave us a couple of cases of honey for letting them have their bee boxes on our farm. Love the tip on using honey on burns.

  20. Thank you, Robyn, for all the information you share in the blog and your website. I didn’t know that about honey. I’m going to try that the next time I get a burn.

  21. Will look for raw honey in my area. Normally buy honey from the store. Great tip on using honey for burns. Also, learned from Burt that it acts as a rooting hormone. I am learning from others who share their comments.

  22. That sounds like an amazing journey to read about! And it would be even more exciting to visit with him in person for some direction and inspiration, too. Thank you for sharing all these great people with us everyday, Robyn.

  23. This has been a great daily reminder of my commitment to my own health as I watch you document your commitment in support of children in Zambia. Stay strong.

  24. I love raw honey! What a cool journey Drew took in the name of healthy and now he can truly help so many others in their own journey just as you do too Robyn. Thanks for helping me in mine.

  25. Love Raw Honey. My Doctor wanted my son to put all these chemicals on his face to clear up his acne. We just moisten his face with a little warm water then put a thin layer of Raw honey on his face for 10 minutes or more as a face mask. He now just washes his face morning and night with raw honey.

  26. I really need to this. I can’t even put it into words how much I need to this. If it’s meant for me it will happen. Thank you Robyn!

  27. I was looking for the 12 steps to whole foods course with the cds and could not find it on the website- are these not for sale anymore- My friend purchased a course with the cds a year ago we listen to them all the time very motivational- I hope these are not being phased out- love the courses with the DVDS and CDs

  28. I didn’t see the prize for Sun. the 4th but want to do my comment for the day. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next prize and tip!!!

  29. I would like to try this. It took me awhile to lose my weight I was down, then gained due to an accident. I was told not to diet or exercise. I am now cleared by my Dr to be healthy enough to do both.

  30. Another great prize! I’m enjoying getting back in the habit of a green smoothie a day. It makes a huge difference in many positive ways.

  31. I Am in such need my journey has been halted due to my blender exploding a couple of months ago!! Would Be ecstatic to get the blendtec

  32. Thank you for all the great tips you share with us. I’m always “sharing” your tips with my friends and encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter.

  33. Great information, Robyn! Raw, unfiltered local (if possible) honey is fabulous. Glad to know now that it benefits allergies and heals burns. . . Want to make more green drinks and look forward to learning from you.

  34. I am so excited to keep up on the blendaid blog and all the good that is coming from it. This is such a feel good time for everyone involved and I wish you all the best.

  35. Blendec is the key to having a gorgeous green smoothie life! I have had one for one year and it totally stopped working! I know that is rare, I need help, replacement or refund ( or repair). Would absolutely love to win


  37. My mom loves blend tec! And frankly, so do I. They’re very nice for the stuff we cook around here. It would be very nice to get one of those for when I go off to college in the next few years. That way I can stay a lot healthier than the popular trend of Mac and cheese would believe. 🙂

  38. Would love to win this so my wonderful hubby can stop sharpening the blades on my Ninja every 6 weeks. Shared on Facebook.

  39. My daughter-in-law, Elona, told me about your site. Love it !! Thanks for all the great recipes, and for sharing your knowledge to help others become more fit and healthy 🙂

  40. My husband and I took the green smoothie challenge a year ago and we are still going strong. I felt so much better (even though I thought I felt pretty good before!) that I went on to do the detox. It is so great!

  41. I need to pull out some of the readers green smoothie recipes and try some new recipes. I would like to find one that is mostly vegetable and still tastes great! Any suggestions?

  42. Robyn –the extent of your knowledge is amazing. I love to read about nutrition (trying to get motivated to eat even better) and I feel like your information is excellent.

  43. I am really enjioying all the information I have gained during the blendaid event. Sure would like to join you in Zambia next summer!

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