Giveaway is $200 of non-toxic reuseable straws, snack keepers, and universal lids

Congratulations to the lucky Mike Justice of Utah!

Thanks for commenting to win the healthy and fit prize package from Lynn Manning of 2fitathome!

You will love today’s prize package…..look at all the great stuff from Cindy of GreenPaxx that we’re giving away today. If you have kids, you’ll love it; and if you don’t, these make unique, fantastic gifts. Check it out here, and SHARE on Facebook and Instagram if you know anyone who would want to win this.

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238 thoughts on “Giveaway is $200 of non-toxic reuseable straws, snack keepers, and universal lids

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  1. With for young children, this would be an awesome win for me! I’ve been wanting to purchase some reusable straws especially, but the other items would also come in very handy!

  2. This stuff is so cool! I had no idea it even existed. I continue to say every day how neat what your doing is and how grateful I am for the things I’m learning everyday. Thanks Robyn

  3. Okay, why have I never heard of these products? These are Awesome!
    Love the new sweetener alternative too 🙂
    Thanks Robyn!!!

  4. I would love to win these! We are a family of 7 who drink green smoothies daily! We would love the reusable straws, we are throwing away a lot a week.
    I would love to use this product for my kids’ home lunches. Pick me! Pick me! I love that they are non toxic!

    Becky, husband, & kids

  5. Those are so fun! My little boy came up while I was watching and he said, “cute!” Love the bright colors of the freeze-pop containers!

  6. I have never heard of lucuma powder I definitely want to try it I like adding variety. I love making smoothies but I don’t always have the best ingredients and containers I love these non-toxic containers especially the containers you can make popsicles with also the reusable straws I don’t want toxins leaking into my food

  7. What a great prize! I use straws everyday in my green smoothies – the disposable ones. This is great to know! By the way, how is Todd? You look great, full of energy! Wishing you both continued success!

  8. This is really neat. Looks great for on the go sports and ballet! I’m drinking my green smoothie right now it’s loaded with baby kale!! 🙂 Great way to start my day!!

  9. I can’t believe all the wonderful products you have been introducing us to. I’m thinking Christmas gifts for my grandchildren.

  10. So neat! We could really use those around here. So many of these products have been new to me, and it’s terrific to learn about them. Had never heard about Lucuma, and I’m not too in the dark about most health foods. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Wow, these are fabulous products! I definitely love the non-glass & non-plastic straws, I find it so much easier to drink my green smoothie from a straw!

  12. I’ve never heard of Lucuma. Thanks for giving us the heads up on another super food to try, and for the tip on another great company. I could definitely use some of those lids! It’s so hard to find spill-proof lids that aren’t plastic.

  13. What a great idea! I’ve used glass straws before, but they break, when kid-ified. I’m excited about these silicone straws 🙂

  14. I had never of GreenPaxx before. I am a super greensmoothie girl … I promise…I have turned many people to green…. Can I win pretty please

  15. Looks like another awesome prize today. Still hoping for the bed though. Reporting back about my first Roxberry experience. I had the Origilangreen smoothie. I love it, but is was more sweeter than I thought it would be. I shared it with my two year old niece she loved it also. I enjoyed the nostalgic atmosphere and the music they were playing. American Pie a Classic. Bye Bye Miss American Pie drove my chevy to he levy but the levy was dry them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye……….. Have a great week end.

  16. I’ve been in the market for reusable straws but haven’t pulled the plug yet, I’m scared of glass ones breaking and metal ones not being a good choice for hot beverages. Thanks for bringing this to us!

  17. Great Ideas! Keep up the great work on the detox! My wife and I made it 2 weeks on a detox cleanse about a year ago! It is tough, but detoxes the the body very well!

  18. Great for kids but what about the rest of us?! I love this idea! If it is easy fun (and even colorful!), it will be easier and more desirable for us all to eat and live just a little bit better. Thanks for introducing us to such a great idea and a great company. Cheers.

  19. Cute, cute, cute. Not to mention that they are safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Would love these for me, and I might even share with the grandkids!

  20. Robyn I really appreciate that your background is Researching because I don’t know how you come up with these wonderful tips. Thank you for the information about Lucuma Powder and :):)

  21. Those look AMAZING! My 6 kiddos would love to take green smoothie pops in their school lunches! And what a fun way to even take veggies! We should definitely stop using what seems like 500 plastic baggies every week :/

  22. This is very helpful! I am one of those trying to live a “less toxic but still convenient” life. My schedule is busy and I prep food ahead of time to have healthy options throughout the week.

  23. I have little children and they love carrots and green smoothies. that would make it so fun for them when it’s lunch time and snack time. Love the idea. Those are amazing products thanks for sharing

  24. I have never heard of Lucuma. I’ll have to check it out. Fun giveaway, I’d love the reusable straws and containers.

  25. You had me at the straws! I’ve been wondering about what to do with those since I’m trying to get away from plastics. Love these creative entrepreneurs.

  26. This would be fantastic! I’ve just reached the point in life where I’m sending kids to school all day and would love to have this!!

  27. Oh, I need these. I feel so guilty sending all the zip lock baggies to school. I even tell me kids to bring them back home for a 2nd use if it isn’t something messy or greasy. Love it!

  28. We have the straws, have used them for several years, and LOVE them! They are perfect for my little guys, and I love how easy they are to wash. The snack packs look super awesome, too. 🙂

  29. I LOVE products like this! I’m so happy to see somebody making alternatives to plastic that are fun, functional AND go in the dishwasher.

  30. I would love these for my grand children. They come over with crazy straws etc…and I throw them away. They get upset but I try to explain that I can’t get them clean and they are unhealthy. They also would get a kick out of placing the lids on their cups and filling and taking snacks with them in the cutie pie snap containers. Ok! I would too! You can’t be around kids without some of it rubbing off ! 🙂 shared on FB.

  31. The videos have been quite interesting! I’m so glad all of u are bringing awareness and much needed funds to this project.

  32. Awesome products. Robyn you were right. Never knew about these products. Thank you! You look fabulous. Would love to hear your comments on how the 30 day challenge is going.

  33. Very cool, I’m always looking for kid friendly juice and smoothie cups, lids, straw, etc. And you are helping me realize how many plastic baggies and containers we go through at home and how I need to make some better choices there, thanks!!

  34. Another great product for avoiding toxins!!! And also another option for a sweetener!!! You are so awesome!!! Thanks for bringing these to our attention!!!!

  35. Looking good Robyn! These would be great for my college kids to take with them. Hectic week so first time I could check in.

  36. Todd your really looking good……stay with it man. Robyn you always look good so i don’t want to leave you out.

  37. Oh my gosh, these would all come in so handy with all of my kids in school now! We have some reusable straws but they’re used as soon as they’re cleaned. It’d be nice to have a larger supply. And the reusable snack bags are a must!

  38. Great Video Roybn. I love the greenpaxx invention and will come so handy for my daughter’s lunches. Quick question, I thinking of purchasing the Lucuma powder, but want to know if it’s gluten free.

  39. What an amazing giveaway! My 2 year old has been drinking green smoothies with me and he can sure make a mess, this would be so helpful.

  40. These are way cool! I love all the super food tips! I have been putting lemon peels in my smoothie for a week now, and I bought seaweed but I’m nervous to try it. If it helps my thyroid it is so worth it though.

  41. I’m such a DIY girl too! Will check out Leah’s ideas and get creating w my own spin, just need labels w ingredients on items for friends. Love the “nourishing” aspect of wholesome skincare! Yum

  42. I’m amazed at all the neat ways people come up with to help live a more healthy life in a very toxic world! Great stuff! Thanks.

  43. How amazing! I’ve been wanting to find something to take the place of my plastic bags. I could always use a good straw too

  44. Thank you for taking out the guess work on safe snack and straw ideas. I’ve been looking for something instead of harmful plastic.

  45. Too cool! Love seeing people in the medical profession doing MORE good for the world thru health and nutrition inventions. Love that she designed these bpa free! This is a win win for kids and adults on the go. Great Xmas gift ideas! Thanks for sharing Robyn! Never heard of Lukuma (sp?) and will be online googling that one next!

  46. What great items for my grand kids! We need to save our environment for our future generations! Thanks for all the great resources.

  47. I forgot that I have lecuma powder in my pantry, thanks for the reminder. My kids would like the straws. I reuse the plastic ones already, seems like a waste to toss them.

  48. A great gift to use with our daily smoothies. And my grandkids would truly enjoy the cute snack paxx. Love them Cindy!

  49. Thank you so much for your useful, helpful info in a world that seems to be ramping full speed ahead. It takes time to research healthy alternatives, but as I revisit your videos it gets easier and easier. XXOO

  50. Cool product. Would have been nice to have had when I was raising my kids – none of whom have wanted to pay attention to my total peace with becoming a grandmother someday, which would give me a reason to go look for GreenPaxx products. ha ha.

  51. So excited to learn about Green Paxx. I am always looking for ways to store my childs food in their lunch box while keeping it green.

  52. Missed this video somehow and my 3 year old is loving this prize we will be looking at website thanks for ideas

    Keep it up Robyn and Todd!!!

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