Want to get fit and healthy?

Congratulations, Kimberly Martin of Pennsylvania! You won the LABOR OF LOVE prize package from Leah, the Fabulous Farm Girl!

Thanks to both of you for participating and helping me support Mothers Without Borders build a school in Zambia!

Back to my question up top . . . Of course you want to get to fit and healthy! You’re on the GreenSmoothieGirl blog, after all. Well, my friend, Lynn Manning, is here to help. She is the mega-hottie behind 2FitAtHome.com, check her out. She’s giving one of you a FREE year-long membership to her program. She’s a certified women’s fitness expert and has meal plans and fitness programs for all levels. She is the wife of celebrity Drew Manning whose Fit2Fat2Fit experiment has just become a reality TV show.

Enjoy this video, and tomorrow we’ll announce the winner who gets to work with Lynn for a full year!

Sign up here, “like” us on Facebook, comment below, then share with a friend to win this awesome prize package!

Happy BlendAid-ing!

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  1. I’m very grateful that you have shared additional sites worth looking at. I don’t often have time to cruise the internet for worthy blogs, etc. Thank you

  2. PS – Todd looks great! Keep it up. Does that mean that Robbery will be adding some additional green smoothie options to the menu? We get one every time we are in SLC. Its sometimes just nice to have one made for you instead of doing it yourself and its great to have an option while we travel.

  3. What an awesome giveaway! Knowledge is power & I would love to learn how to improve my health & wellness from Lynn! Shared…fingers crossed.

  4. This sounds like a great website. I will have to check it out. As if I don’t have enough blogs I check that keep me from work – what’s 1 more 😀
    Todd: Looking good! I can really see it in your face. Also, your skin looks amazing – it has to be all the extra greens.

  5. Yeah Todd, we are your cheerleaders! Eventually you’ll run out of notches for your belt. Not a bad thing. Running to check out Fit2fat2 site.

  6. Nice work you guys!!! Todd, when I followed the Green Smoothie Girl Detox before I also felt like the physical detox/withdrawal symptoms were totally manageable and I give credit to the power of smoothies and greens!
    You both are doing such a great thing!!!

  7. This is awesome – will be checking out their podcast! You are both inspirations with how great you are doing on the challenge!

  8. This is another great blog that you have shared and wow, what a transformation for Drew on gaining that much weight and losing it again. You both look great. Keep it up! Shared on FB

  9. Roxbury SERIOUSLY needs to expand eastward. To say. …..Georgia! We have a serous shortage of healthy restaurant options. Then again if I had a place to buy my green smoothie I might get in trouble budget wise. Can’t win! Thanks for teaching us so much every day Robyn abd Todd.

  10. I have heard people talking about this and totally want to try it but just cant because I truly cant afford it.
    I feel like I am ready to enter a revolution of really just tailoring everything about me to speak the truth about who and what i really am and truly want to be. It would really jumpstart my start to win this. I hope I will. I really appreciate all the work you are doing with this and how you are helping us be healthier and more true to who we really are. I am also a breast cancer survivor of 6 years now and Mom of 8!!

  11. Wow!! Todd looks So good!! I wish there was a way to get my husband on board doing something like this… he is also a caffeine/sugar addict and I know he would love moving up on the belt loops 😉
    SOOO excited to see and hear about the before and after results
    Hang in there!!!!

  12. A dash of cayenne pepper to a smoothie will have to try that, I have been doing smoothies here and there but no where close to what you are doing.

  13. First of all Todd you look and sound energetic and happy! Tried the 26 day detox and couldn’t believe the energy and weight loss I experienced! Awesome stuff!

  14. As I get older, I find it more difficult to keep fit. It has always been a struggle. I eat healthy, but still gain weight. I’m frustrated and would love to find a way to stay fit and healthy all the time!!

  15. I love listening to Todd and your accomplishments It keeps me motivated. The sites that you have shared are great and I have gone to each one and explored them.
    Have a super great day!!!

  16. I really think I am always behind in commenting but I live in another state so maybe the time difference? I do comment first thing in am but think its too late.

  17. Congrats on doing so well with the green smoothie challenge! Keep it up! 🙂 I’ve heard of fit2fat2fit but wasn’t aware of 2FitatHome. Thanks for another great site to follow!

  18. Todd you are looking great. You guys keep going. I myself did two smoothies a day last week and this week is just green smoothies…it is hard and I have failed just a little bit not much 🙂

  19. You guys are glowing!!! Looking awesome. You said you’ve modified. Will you share with us more of the specifics! Keep it up! Lynn Manning, I’ll be checking your website out 🙂

    1. Sure Camille- I needed to add a salad a day with some lean protein and occasionally a cup of soup..just got too hungry…but still getting the results. Thanks for the comments

  20. I would love this – especially if she is willing to work with a plant based person. I want to get healthy in a healthy way and take my family down that road as well.

  21. Yay! guys lookin’ good! I’m doing your 1st week of detox right now. It Is totally hard to be feeding and eating food with the family and be around all that other food but it is soooo worth it!

  22. Turning 49 in the next couple of weeks, so I know what you’re feeling. Just learning about your site and products/programs, going to jump on board too so I can have trouble keeping my pants up…tighten that belt some more…Keep going!

  23. Thank you so much for Sharing this, Its exactly what I am looking for, I have all of the motivation but don’t know where to start or what to do. Fingers crossed for this awesome prize as that is a real life changer. Thanks again for all you are doing!

  24. I love hearing about the Super Foods! Just got my GSG Protein powder and Tri-Omega Sprouted Flax and Pro Enzyme and the fabulous Minerals! Thank you Robyn. Fingers crossed.

  25. Todd mentioned it being hard to focus on just drinking green smoothies while being around family. I totally understand. I have been dealing with diabetes for twenty years and try to control it with diet. It is hard to not eat the sugar and the other things family members are eating right in front of you. It gets to the point though that feeling terrible after eating bad foods helps a person not to consume the things that are bad for them, but the secret is to feel both extremes so you personally know the difference. Hang in there. It is definitely worth it.

  26. Thanks for sharing so much information with all of us and for all the giveaways. Would love to learn about healthy meal plans and exercise.

  27. Todd looks on top of it now instead of underneath it — and so much freer!
    Just wondering if it’s necessary to “like” GSG on Facebook in order to win? I must be one of the five people in the country who don’t have (and really don’t want to have) a Facebook account.

  28. Looking good Todd! Congrats on kicking the caffeine addiction. I was a big caffeine drinker myself so I know how hard it is! I kicked the habit over four years ago and feel so much better for it! Keep up the good work!

  29. Congrats to Todd for all you have accomplished! It’s simply amazing the turn around you have made with food. Keep at it! Wow, another awesome prize! Thanks for sharing another new site to use.

  30. keep up the great work. I can’t imagine drinking only smoothies for 30 days. I love my smoothies and drink about a quart a day, but not chewing for 30 days would be super hard!

  31. Even though I may not will any prizes I like getting info about all the great products and sites. I sure would like to cut down on caffeine. Maybe I’ll get brave and do the detox!!!

  32. I am grateful for green smoothie girl! It has changed the health of my family. Your products are wonderful. I love that I can ship them to my son in college and he can benefit from them.

  33. Way to go Todd, looking good my husband tried several times to get off caffeine, finally we started green smoothies and has not had caffeine for several years…. Thanks a bunch Robyn. Sharing for sure

  34. Todd-you really do look awesome! Your skin tone reminds me of the success stories on Dr. Furhmans website (Eat To Live). In the before and after they look “tanner” almost. It’s amazing that what you eat really shows up in your skin. So you are sporting the glow! And nights are hard for me too.

  35. You are doing amazing Todd and Robyn. My husband wants to do better at being healthy so I am showing these videos to him. I can’t wait near the end what my husband things. That’s so good about the cayenne. I grind my own cayenne that I grow and dry from my garden. I will try that in my green smoothie especially this coming winter. Love all your super food tips. Thanks.

  36. I would love to win one year of membership! I need something to help me to get motivated. Being able to do it from home would help so much since I have little ones.

  37. awesome! i’m not going to let age slow me down 🙂 following this blog regularly has been very inspirational

  38. Great job you two for hanging in there, and thank you Robyn for all the nice giveaways… hope I win one soon! Lol.

  39. Loving all these great resources you are sharing thanks for doing this! My heart goes out to the children and I’m loving being educated on the need they have and finding out what we can do to help! Thanks Robyn!! And great job Todd, keep it up!

  40. You two are just amazing! Thanks for inspiring us all, and thanks for the cause you are supporting. I can’t get it out of my mind. God bless!

  41. Have you really been doing this for almost 4 weeks? It seems like maybe 2 weeks for us at home:) You are almost there. Keep it up, you are looking great.

  42. I love following the Mannings! I followed Drew from the beginning of his Fit2Fat2Fit journey and meet he and Lynn when they came to the Clearfield Aquatic Center! This would be a dream to win!

  43. I could use this help in getting fit. My diet isn’t bad, but I cannot get enough energy to do anything other than walk and occasionally bike. I weigh more now than at any other time except when I was pregnant, and I cannot get a handle on it.

  44. Such a wonderful prize. I am on a quest to get fit and healthy. Thanks to GSG, I have learned so much! I enjoy your videos, your website………..thank you!

  45. What a great way to get fit! I really like the do-it-at-home plan! Way to go Robyn and Todd. Keep up the great information and the reminders of the importance of this entire campaign.

  46. Go Todd go! BIG BIG accomplishment turning your back to the caffeine!! Love that you are promoting online personal trainers. So great to workout on your own time and have accountability with an online trainer. I have found one and love mine…loyal to her so don’t pick me to win. Good luck as you cruise to the finish line of your wonderful humanitarian campaign! Thanks Robyn

  47. I am becoming healthier by losing weight. I have come a LONG way (50+ pounds) but still have about 20 pounds left to go. I need to add exercise to my routine – something I can stick to and be motivated to follow. I really don’t know what to do, and I believe this may be the answer to help me get healthy, fit, and FABULOUS!!!! 😉

  48. Todd, I’ve done the detox twice and know your pain. I don’t have any extra to lose, I know what it is to be weak and still try to be active. Keep it up the reward so worth it.

  49. It is always wonderful to see Todd and hear his story. Keep up the good work buddy….if it wasn’t for GSG I would be in horrible health. I am 67 and Love to exercise and try my best to eat healthy and do have the Green Smoothie every day.

  50. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for teaching us about all these new websites and way to get and stay healthy! You are awesome!

  51. You both are such an inspiration! Thank you! Such awesome prizes. I would love any of them! Keep it up-you both look amazing!

  52. Way to go! Keep up the great work! This would be an awesome way to help me get and stay in the shape I’ve always wanted to be in! Thinking winning thoughts…

  53. Always wanted to hire a personal trainer to make me workout. I am so tired when I get home I don’t want to think about moving even though I know it will help. Ugh… I will have to check out site. Thanks for the info Robin.

  54. Wow, Todd, You can really tell you have lost weight, and it is very awesome that you kicked the coffee habit to the curb. Really great. … Robyn, I liked the face you made when you introduced the Cayenne as the super food.

  55. Hi Guys. Still watching and rooting for you two to finish strong. Almost halfway there!!!!! I’m still participating.. Two smoothies daily. Feeling pretty good!

  56. I love all the guest , their story and their sites! I never knew so many awesome ones are out there! I’m keeping all the information I’m learning from these sites collectively in a note book to read back over later and also for quick reference. I’m ready to jump on board w green smoothies and healthy living and I believe my husband is 99 % there!!! Everyone is looking good. You guys can do it. All the way!!!

  57. I have struggled with migraines for years! I have been drinking green smoothies for 5 years or more now and the headaches are very rare! Such a blessing! Keep up the good work!

  58. Way to go! I totally relate to the difficulty of sticking to something when the family is around and they aren’t doing it. Keep it up!

  59. You guys are amazing! Thanks for all you are doing and all you are teaching us! You guys have inspired me to get my booty I gear and get healthy!

  60. It was good to see you Todd! Looking good. So glad your caffiene withdrawal wasn’t too bad! You and Robyn are doing a wonderful job and I am with you in spirit. Green smoothies are yummy!!

  61. Todd is looking great! His transformation looks healthier with more coloring in his face. I am sure it hasn’t been easy but I am so proud of him for dedicating 30 days to a healthier him. He may not drink green smoothies all day after it’s over but I am sure his body will desire to stay on a healthy eating lifestyle.

  62. Cool give away! I love going to the gym but lately I have been so busy I have going much less then I’d like. Lynn’s home workouts would be great to try when I can’t make it to the gym.

  63. Great video today!

    I try to eat cayenne everyday, but I hate hot “spicy” food, (although I eat and love many other “spices” and herbs everyday, too). It’s just too hot, and it just doesn’t work for me, and it decreases the good flavor and takes the joy out of eating anything that has too much of it or that’s too spicy hot for me. … SO I just eat cayenne pepper powder plain and wash it down with water quickly, so I don’t have to mess up my food with it. 🙂

    Good job, Todd! Glad You’re experiencing the positive benefits of consuming good nutrients and quitting the bad or deficient junk — which is such a waste — of Your money, body and brain.

  64. I am so grateful for the websites that have been provided since you began your green smoothie challenge. I love having the resources. Thank you!

  65. Oh nice. I dont know if i would gain 70 lbs on purpose. Thanks for doing that drew. Lynn thank you for your help in bwing fit at home and loving yourself

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