This giveaway is a LABOR OF LOVE….you’re going to love it!

Congratulations Amy Price of Michigan on winning the prize package from!

Thank you again to Lindsey of Real Imprints for supporting BlendAid, building such a wonderful site, and letting me share my story.

My friend Leah of is really a wannabe farmer. She lives in Heber, Utah, which is kinda rural, her husband is an attorney and she lives in town—but she has an amazing garden, and she’s been doing NOTHING BUT GREEN SMOOTHIES with us!
She tells you about it here. And equally important, she has MADE you so many FABULOUS gifts, truly handmade, to make your home and life more eco-friendly using reusable materials and non-toxic ingredients like essential oils. I hope you win!

Remember to sign up for BlendAid here, like us here, and comment below to enter to win a $200+ prize package from our fellow Bloggers Without Borders and other awesome sponsors supporting Mothers Without Borders.

Good Luck!

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  1. I really enjoyed this video. I think it’s great how Leah didn’t wait for life to start and used what she had, her own back yard. I think it’s awesome that she makes her own products and I’m excited to try the recipes myself. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. So excited about all the DIY information on Leah Blog. Winning this one would just be icing on the cake, oops, more like spinach in the smoothie. Hee hee

  3. Fabulous Farm Girl I just saw your wonderful video and will visit your site. Robyn when you say you are modifying your 30 day challenge what are you doing differently?

  4. ok I really want to win now. I currently use Melaluca cleaning products and really like them and I am willing to try this ‘labor of love’ ‘products’ Hey Robyn thanks for you honesty

  5. OMG Leah, you’re my hero! Can I just follow you around for a day and make all the wonderful things you do? Oh, wait, I can with your blog, so you can bet I’ll be on that! 🙂 Thanks for all the great ideas! I’m a wanna be farm girl too and my hubby is an attorney, so you’re such a kindred spirit!

    1. Kindred spirits for sure! If you lived in Utah I’d totally invite you over and we could have a DIY day. Fabulous farm girls gotta stick together! 🙂

  6. Leah, I love DIY!!! I’m excited to try your recipes whether I win or not! Good job on the increasing the green smoothies ladies & Todd 🙂

  7. Thanks Leah for the reminder that we shouldn’t wait for life to start. I really needed to hear that today! The prize package looks amazing. I’m really excited about this giveaway.

  8. Hi Robyn, just wanted to thank you for all the amazing and inspiring people you have been introducing us to! Not to mention how wonderful the Mothers Without Borders program is and the project your doing in Zambia! I’m a mother of 4 adopted children, so I can’t wait to hear more about it.

    I do have a question for you and wondered if you could help me. How do you do everything you do? 🙂 Seriously, what would your typical daily and weekly schedule look like? I’ve been following your green smoothie lifestyle for a few years but have fallen off the bandwagon lately and need some help. I’m struggling to get healthy meals prepped ahead of time and ready. When do you have time to exercise, grocery shop, prepare meals, etc…I ‘m a scheduling freak,:) so just getting an idea of your typical day and week would be soooooo helpful!
    Thanks so much!

  9. I would LOVE to win this one! I use essential oils all the time and make some of my own stuff (cleaning sprays) but would love to try and then learn how to do more!

    1. I hope you win Emily but even if you don’t you should definitely expand your DIY repertoire. Most of my recipes use EOs so you’re already halfway there. Keep up the good work and check out my site for more ideas. 🙂

  10. I love Leah the Fabulous Farm girl and her DIY products she makes. I have a huge garden in my back yard just like her. First product to make is the poo poo spray !

  11. I like Leah’s website and the easy to follow recipes. She posted an article on reasons to use raw honey. I’m going to try raw honey to help me sleep.

  12. This is so timely for me! My hubby is healing from a cancer diagnosis and I am just in the process of looking at EVERYTHING in my home and getting rid of chemicals. Thanks so much for finding out about this great resource. Keep up the great work Robyn!!

    1. Sorry to hear about your husband Shirley and praying for his quick recovery.. You are definitely on the right track in trying to rid your home of toxic chemicals. Keep up the good work!

  13. Robyn thanks for being honest – I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be drinking only green smoothies! I think Leah’s “hot smoothies” from her blog/website are a great idea! Good luck and thanks for sharing great ideas!

  14. I have been collecting the recipes for and making household and personal products for a couple of decades, so am looking forward to investigating this site. I’m certainly not going to “Poo-Poo” anything Leah said!

  15. How neat! After developing a fragrance sensitivity, I have gotten creative with some of my own products. It’s exciting to see other do-able things. I look forward to exploring your blog.

  16. What an amazing gift! I will definitely check out the blog and recipes, as I enjoy using essential oils and would love to try making some products. This is a great, no excuses post. I like the “blooming where you’re planted” reminder. Good luck, Leah, on your own green smoothie journey.

    1. This was filmed a week ago so I’m actually on Day 17. Check out my site as I just posted about how it’s gone so far. I’ve definitely learned a few things but so far so good!

  17. so cool. I am definitely going to visit this site! I am a wanna be DIY selfer. not particularly scared of it, just lacking in time! can’t wait to see what I can make….maybe I’ll start with a DIY christmas gift to give this season. I have to say this IS the coolest prize thus far. 🙂 and yes…totally get the glass thing…I too am trying to switch….the hardest thing for me is finding a good freezer alternative b/c it’s not too good to open the stuffed freezer and a glass jar with soup or something falls to the floor.

  18. I will definitely try some of her recipes. Especially would like to try the poo poo spray! Robin I love your honesty. Thanks for all you do!

  19. Yes, I am one of those a bit overwhelmed by the idea of all DIY even though I love it
    Hope to learn
    Robyn, what do you mean by “modify”? Keep it up!! You can do it!!!!

  20. First, I would like to thank you, Robyn, for your complete honesty with regard to the necessary modifications on your Smoothie journey. It empowers us all to know that sometimes a slight change is required, but that doesn’t mean one has failed.
    I, too, like that Leah did not wait for life to line up just so, to start living the desires of her heart. She started right where she was. And that is so true for many, we wait to make changes in our life until this happens or that has passed… The excuses are endless. Everything presented along this BlendAid Challenge, is to JUST DO IT NOW. BRING the desires of your heart to you, don’t wait for them to COME to you. Thank you for all the great information.

  21. In 1960, my husband and I did some of the things that Farm Girl did(we both grew up on farms) but
    unfortunately we did not continue. Life happens. I cannot wait to follow her blog now today. WOW!
    She is a dream come true.

  22. Really awesome giveaway, I’d love to win this one!! She’s an inspiration! You both are awesome. Shared this on Pinterest as well 🙂

  23. Just started reading on her blog. Thanks for all you are doing and again thanks for all the new people you are introducing us to

  24. Been trying to follow a healthier lifestyle for almost a year now. Found out I have a few “allergies” to some foods so avoiding them can be tricky at times but I’m chugging along. Loving today’s giveaway! I have a very picky eater myself plus several grandchildren so sharing this with my daughter and her family would be amazing. 🙂

  25. What an inspirational video! Blooming where you are planted is the best way to live your life. Thanks for reminding me of this principle.

  26. Thank you for introducing us to this fabulous woman! She is exactly what I’ve been needing/looking for. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this prize!!!

  27. I love this lady! And I totally dig the poo poo spray :). I’m gonna check out her blog. Still trying to figure out my garden and I’m on year 6.

  28. Yeah!!! I love what your doing here! Plastic is definately terrible! I can’t believe what they put into our supplies! Anyway… I love essential oils! And am loving the do it yourself approach as well. Good luck with the challenge and thanks for all you do! Oh, and I’m with you Gail Hernley! It would be great to have one of those Intellibeds, as well as this prize here! My parents have one that is super comfortable, and as a teenager going to high school with a heavy backpack… Well… Let’s just say my back needs all the support it can get! 🙂

  29. I’m SOOOO impressed Leah. I’ve just started making a few of these products myself with varied results so I’m thrilled to be able to support you and also try your products. I would love to be the winner and know that the Universe will choose just the right person to receive all your wonderful creations! Here’s to DIY and continued success to you and your family!

  30. I just started making my out products. We made bug repellant and fabreeze. I believe I will have a good time on this site. Thanks again for doing this givaway.

  31. can’t wait to check out your blog. My journey also started about 5 years ago. Sometimes trying some new diy project can be intimidating. I’ve had many fails but also lots of great successes.

  32. I would love to try those fabulous farm girl products! It is lik
    e she says it is kind of scary to pay for the ingredients if you don’t know if it works for you! Thank you for offering this! I hope I win! I am totally not wary of DIY products and think for sure that they would be safer and cheaper than anything one could buy! Thanks for all your work! Thanks for making us aware of this sight! JM

  33. Ok–to be honest I saw what the video for today was and I was not excited until I watched it. WOW! I need this website! Thank you so much for including Leah in your prize giveaway and introducing us to her.

    I am definitely checking out this website. Where do you get those cool glass spray bottles?

  34. So exciting! One of the best parts of all this is learning about new products and websites. I’m super excited about her website and can’t wait to try making more things at home.

  35. This stuff looks great, Robyn and Leah! I’m going to go look at! I’ve used a highly marketed version of the Poo-poo spray, cuz I live in my motor home. I would love to make my own! Thanks!

  36. Can’t wait to go on your farm girl site! I would love to make the DIY products for my home and the environment! Especially interested in the Poo Poo spray,

  37. just really enjoying all the information and inspiration. running out of my Green Smoothie girl chocolate protein powder…time to place another order!

  38. What inspiration, I’ve thought about making my own products, but the prospect seems daunting. Thanks for the blog. Hope I win.

  39. Leah!!! This is amazing. I try so hard to make a lot of my stuff homemade but I have to admit that cleaning and hygiene products fall to the way side. I cook almost all of our food from scratch and I joke with my husband all the time about owning a farm. I wish we could travel back in time and just make everything. Going off the Grid would be my dream. I can’t wait to start making the products on your site!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You go girl! I will say that store-bought cleaning products are the worst offenders for increasing toxic load in your home. Definitely check out my homemade cleaners which are super easy to make. Good luck on your journey!

    1. You rock Krystal! Keep up the good work and definitely check out my site so you can start branching off into other DIY products.

  40. I dream of having a small homestead someday! For now I have to be content with a small garden and containers of plants. Definitely going to look up some of the DIY recipes on!

    1. Homesteading is a state of heart and you’re definitely a homesteader in my book. Keep loving that little garden and and learning how to make your own stuff. When you get that property you’ll be so ready for it. 🙂

  41. Leah, your website is exactly what I have been looking for with all my pinning on Pinterest! Thank you for what you are sharing and living out before your followers and family. I am so pumped!

  42. Leah, you had me at “poo poo” spray. 😉 I’m a wife & mom of 3 whose been looking for alternative products to help my family live healthier. I’m super excited to check out Fabulous Farm Girl!

  43. I have made a few DIY personal care products but took a break over the summer. Can’t wait to get back to it this fall/winter. Would love to try these 🙂

  44. We have a few chickens and expanded our garden and fruit trees over the last couple of years. Baby steps, right? I would love to start making products for home that are better for my family and the environment.

  45. OMG this is so wonderful!! delighted to know about Leah – and fingers crossed as would so love to win this (could make a movie script out of my family life these past two years… nobody’d believe it, LOL!)

  46. Can’t wait to look at your website Leah! Always wanted to do more with essential oils, so hopefully this will motivate me! Thank you.

  47. I’m excited to try the sleep salve! I just need to pick up two of the EOs. And find my beeswax… I bought some. A while ago. With good intentions. I don’t know where it is…

    I haven’t read much of your blog – it’s late – but I just love the tone on the sleep salve page and look forward to reading more.

  48. Oh I loved your message Fabulous Farm Girl! We live at the beach…dream of having a farm…but jumped write in with our raised box garden. You’re right…seize the day. Love your products and can’t wait to jump over to your blog and try some. Thanks for being apart of Robyn’s journey. Good luck on your 30 day green smoothie adventure!!! I too want to try it.

    1. Thanks Allie! I miss the beach so enjoy it while you have it. I’m on day 17 now of the Green Smoothie Challenge and I just posted about what I’ve learned so far. You should definitely try it. 🙂

  49. I definitely want to check out this blog and get some more ideas on making your own chemical-free products. This is awesome! liked on FB

  50. I love DIY spray, lotions, toothpaste, you name it! I am going on your site to check out that poop spray! 🙂 What an awesome treat you are giving away.

  51. I myself am a wannabe farm girl and love to hear about others adventures in health and getting back to simple, whole foods and care products. I love it all!!

  52. I love your items. Or the idea. I have not tried them. I didn’t know of you. But I will ck out your site. I’m all about being as natural as I can be and finding products that will get me there. I love the DIY sites so much that I spend literally ALL day on them. Researching what I can make that will function and save me money and live a healthy life. You go girl!

  53. I love the idea of DIY home products and I dabble in it now and again. But with 5 young kids, it really is hard to take the time to find it, prep it and make it. Having a great site like yours where I can go to find anything I’m looking for is awesome! Thanks! At least you can be sure they are getting their green smoothie everyday 🙂

  54. I LOVE Fabulous Farmgirl, Leah!! I appreciate that she started with what she had at the moment and bloomed where she was planted. Inspiring! I will visit her blog to get these awesome recipes!

  55. Leah, your sight is what I have been looking for just didn’t know how to find it. I shared on FB too. Slowly, we have been changing plastic to glass, just tough with little ones who drop everything.

  56. This is something I really believe in and want to win. There are so many ingredients in products now that are not good for your body inside and out. Thanks for doing the giveaway and for your blog.

  57. I almost missed seeing this today! So glad I didn’t. Robyn thank you so much for giving us a new blog everyday to go see. I loooovvvveeee homemade, safe, healthy products. I so am going to go to this site and make lots of recipes so I can stop buying them at the store.

  58. Robyn….You are doing great! This is a tough challenge! Farm girl Leah…. I love love love your blog and have am all about oils and making my own products. I love how you just did it…So happy to have you share what you have learned.

  59. Thank you Robyn and thank you Leah for sharing this information! Everything sounds incredible & I love natural products. Can’t wait to check it out!!

  60. Love Leah’s fun personality and energy. I’m super excited to run over to her blog and share it with my friends on FB. Wow would I LOVE to win all her goodies. 🙂

  61. Wow! Would love to win this! I’ve toyed with the idea of creating things like this at home, and it feels so overwhelming…

  62. Happy October, Today is Oct. the first. Just dropped off my niece and her boys at the frontrunner to catch a flight to Colorado for a wedding. She left her phone in the car and I didn’t notice it until I got home. I am sure she is having withdrawls from not having her lifeline. Hope all is going fine with the Smoothie Fast and my hope of all hopes is I win that bed. That would be an answer to a prayer. Have a great day.

  63. I LOVE these people that Robyn is highlighting during this challenge – such amazing people! I am really trying to DIY more and more in my life and FabulousFarmGirl really stands out as someone I’d like to follow. Thanks, Robyn, for bringing these wonderful people and their causes to our attention!

  64. Excited to check out Leah’s blog and make more natural products. Love all the glass, we’re trying to phase out all the icky plastic too! Thanks for the great video.

  65. Great video Leah! I need to try more of your recipes. Love all the ones that I have tried. Poo Poo spray is next on my list 😉

  66. Want to comment even though the giveaway is over. Thank you Leah for the great blog! I have been moving toward a better, healthier lifestyle for the last few years. What a treasure to find a great blog like yours. Looking forward to making my own products from your recipes. And thanks to Robyn for introducing us to all of the fabulous people that have been sharing their passions, businesses, and products with the rest of us who can now benefit from all of these services! And further thanks to all of you for educating us with the entire Blendaid mission! Bless all of you.

  67. So totally want to get bees, but have hesitated because I’m concerned about the neighbors. I’d love to learn to make body butter out of beeswax.

  68. Wow I really love this video I am one of the people that want to make homemade things but I’m scared to. I don’t think they will turn out I think they’re too expensive and I won’t have the time. I will have to follow your blog. Thank you for your encouragement and help.

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