Another great giveaway from, must comment to win!

Jennifer Gober of Utah wins the amazing prize package from Jill Nystul of! Congratulations!

Check out today’s giveaway from Lindsey of, whose mission is to share real stories of real people who triumph over challenge and catastrophe. Her message is perfect for this humanitarian campaign where we focus on helping people half a world away who have less than we do in our blessed circumstances.

I was fortunate enough to share my story on video with her, and have enjoyed learning about some seriously inspirational people from her site. Today’s video tells you what lovely gift Lindsey is giving to one of our followers today! Check tomorrow’s blog to see if you’re the winner.

Enjoy reading the amazing stories on, and comment below for a chance to win this prize package full of inspiration, hope, and empathy. Check it out, and support her, tell her if YOU have an inspiring story.

And thank you always for supporting BlendAid. Stay tuned for more chances to win!


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  1. Darn!!! Looks like I need to move to Utah!! That’s where the winners are. Congratulations!! I want to win pretty please lol. I want that sauna so bad I’m looking around my home trying to figure out what I can sell lol. I’m still rooting for you guys and commenting!

  2. it is so cool to learn about these new people and their sites! so much good stuff out there and instead of having to hunt for it, you are laying it in front of me! thanks and keep up the green smoothie drinking for a super cause!

  3. Never tried mesquite before, I’ll have to get some! And the books and conference sound amazing, I could really use the uplift right now.

  4. Are you still doing the yearly group by for nuts and seeds, etc.? When will that start? I am glad you are still going strong Robyn!

  5. I love hearing stories! I love learning about what other people do and have overcome. Realizing that we are not the only ones that have a story.

  6. I share on facebook because I think the information you offer us is very helpful and hopeful. Right now my sister and I are going through a difficult financial challenge. It has been since 9-11 happened that I have had an income so that burden has fallen upon her. Now, it has become overwhelming for her. She has serious health issues that make matters worse. I have issues of my own. Last year I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had surgery. Life is hard and we need all the help we can get to help each other through it.

    1. Maggie, you’re incredible….a lot is on your plate! We hope you find some hope and healing in others’ stories! We’d love to feature your story on Real Imprints if you ever feel inspired to share! Thanks for your comment and our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  7. So inspiring to hear your story again Robyn on Real Imprints. I’ll be sharing your Real Imprint link shortly as I continue to campaign the millions of benefits of eating more whole foods. Can’t wait to try Mesquite.

  8. Oh! I would love to go to Ashlee’s conference! I am familiar with her story, as I live in the same city as Ashlee; however, I have never met her. I also know the perfect person to take with me–who really needs this conference. Hang in there with the Green Smoothies! I would love to know how you are switching it up so that you are not getting sick of the same green smoothie.

  9. Rock stars hang with rock stars…so how could anyone expect any thing less than awesome from you and the people you associate with. Thanks for all the good information. And yes you are a WHOLE FOODS ROCK STAR Robyn!!

  10. I just went over to her blog and saw such inspiring stories. Definitely need to read her blog when I feel my life is too hard. Will make my trials seem so much smaller. Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is such a neat service Lindsey! thank you Robyn for bringing out the organizations/blogs that are mostly-undiscovered-to-me/us, especially those of us not residents of Utah. So fun following you daily. Even caught the blog yesterday while in Mexico for a consultation with a Holistic & Biological Dentist (that topic is a revelation I hope to share with all of you)!

  12. Loved watching Robyn’s story on! Totally off topic, but Robyn, I am trying to find your blog entry about your recovery from your ATV accident. My grandma (105!) just fell and broke 3 ribs. Seems like you wrote about what you did to support your body while it was healing. Can you please refer me to that entry?!

  13. What a great Giveaway. I try to inspire people when I can. Robyn we also say things like we do hard things here. Lately it has been We don’t quit or give up. We keep trying. We are allowed to get frustrated and take a break but we have to come back and finish it!

  14. Wow, I never thought of using mesquite before. That is such a great idea. I also enjoyed listening to your story it is truly an inspiration as I start a journey of getting healthy. Thank you.

  15. So glad to hear how well you are doing Robyn. You know a wonderful group of people. Thank you for sharing them with us. It is inspiring.

  16. I went to Lindsey’s website and want to go back many times. Due to my severe agoraphobia, one of many mental illnesses I have, I don’t want to win because I would not be able to attend the seminars (unless I could win the book and blocks. 😉 The saying on the blocks have significant meaning to me and one of my siblings). I only wanted to let Lindsey, Robyn and other brave individuals who have posted their stories on that I thank them for sharing.

  17. Great post! Congrats to all the winners! I want so badly to win the Intellibed! I hope I do not have to be in Utah. Seems like ever since I had chemo I can’t sleep like I should. Sounds like the bed would really help:)

  18. hi there. Missed a couple of days of green smoothies and boy did I feel different. Had another big one this morning and I just have felt great all day!!

  19. Every day I love to see who and what you are highlighting for health and happiness. It’s a quest I’ve had for years and thank you for bringing so much attention to it–as well as for your products, recipes and now connections with all your favorite people that contribute to a happy, healthy life. Waiting to have my name picked daily 🙂

  20. Thanks for sharing such awesome information and stories with us! It gives me something to look forward to in my daily email. Keep up the great work!!!!

  21. It has been great checking in each day and seeing all the great products that Robin has researched for us. Amazing. Thanks so much.

  22. I had never heard of the website but watching it as it was scrolling down the video got me excited to go immediately to it. It is fantastic so of course I would love the books and essential oils !

  23. I love her story about how she couldn’t sleep and had this great idea for her website. I’m looking forward to reading the story about the mom who’s husband had an affair and she was getting ready to give birth to her 5th child. Unbelievable.

  24. i’m almost afraid to win the intellibed…which is why I keep entering, because our mattress needs to be replaced! I’m afraid I will like it so much I’ll never want to go anywhere!

  25. Lindsey and Robyn, you both do such wonderful things and are inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about these great websites and products as well as share in your success as you work toward building this school.

  26. Go Green Smoothie Girl. Have learned so much over the past few years. I feel very healthy at 57 just keeping it clean and green!!

  27. Thank you! I need to start enjoying the variations of green smoothies that you keep suggesting! Still enjoying the basic one I started with! Great information as always!

  28. I live in the High Desert where Mesquite trees grow. Even my dog likes to eat the pods. It is nice to see awareness of this super-food spread to the mainstream!

  29. I love hearing and connecting with others through their stories. What a great work you’re doing making that possible for more to share and learn from. We all have so much hope, healing, love, and joy to offer others through sharing our stories. I shared some of mine in my recently published book on Amazon “The ABC’s of Joyful Living: Simple Ways to Create Joy Everyday Regardless of Your Circumstances.” And as Robyn knows she’s a big part of my hope and healing. Thank You.

  30. mesquite sounds awesome! I’m going to have to try it. I love nutty chocolate caramel. This is a way to get that flavor in a healthy way.

    1. I love your mission. I’m definitely going to be going to your website to read stories. I identify with people going through hardships and need some real life inspiration from people that have gotten to the other side of their struggle.

  31. Life is hard but one needs to keep a smile on their face and believe in themselves. Helping others is a blessing and what goes around comes around! Bless you Lindsey.

  32. thanks for reaching out to people like this. sometimes we see all these happy moments on social media and it can be really hard to try and compete with living up to an ideal like that. We are real people with real stories. Looking forward to reading those books even if i don’t win, 🙂

  33. Thank you Jill for following your impressions. What a wonderful work to be involved in. Just hearing you talk about what you are doing brought tears and I want to hear more…going to your website now. Thanks again Robyn for sharing a bit of your world and friends

  34. What a touching, beautiful story about the 9 year old Haitian girl. She has so much courage and love. Thank you all who are trying to help people like her.

  35. Lindsey, what an awesome idea for a website! I have experienced 1st hand how sharing our stories of struggle & triumph with others is uplifting & healing for both the one sharing & the individual listening. I found Ashlee’s blog at a low point in my life & reading it made me realize that I had the strength to “do hard things”. I’m looking forward to viewing your website! Hope to win the giveaway…thanks for sharing! 😉

  36. I shared on FB. Will tell my sister about the Real Imprints site. Her life has been a challenge since 4, more things happen to her than most people on the planet. Several types of cancers, MS, fiance was killed last year etc. It never ends. On a good note, made another smoothie today. I will post notes around the house for my little ones that they can do hard things.

  37. It is so true, it’s so easy to be in the” poor me” thought, and if you think about it and get out of yourself theirs always someone who has it worse than you. Thank you for sharing and bringing these stories to life. They help us to be more thankful for the blessings we do have.

  38. Such great stuff and so much to learn from so many great people. In truly blessed to have so much great information “fed” to me everyday. Thanks Robyn. I’m still praying for the Sauna though. Wink wink

  39. Hi Lindsey, thank you for sharing these stories! I was feeling a little down and out this week, and just this 5 minute video was enough to perk me up and feel encouraged!

  40. Very inspiring! As a nurse, I know the joy of being able to help others, and to receive appreciation is an added bonus. We can all change our lives around simply by making the right choices and not choose to be a victim or blame others.

  41. Green Smoothie Girl has made a diff in my life. I would love to win a give away. Some of my friends come to
    My home for smoothies. I am 77 and have learned a lot about eating healthy. Green smoothies are the quickest, cleanest, easiest, most nutrition packed ways to eat .

  42. Robin:
    Would love to win a giveaway. You are my inspiration. I make green smoothies all the time and for my friends. What a clean, nutrient packed, easy way to get a variety of raw food with live enzymes in the body!!

  43. There are so many neat people out there who do great things. Thanks for sharing some of those with us. Cool way to lift others.

  44. Love your website and great information on keeping fit and healthy….sounds like the intellibed mattress could solve a lot of my problems…thanks for the energy you put into your blog.

  45. For the newcomers. It takes just a little extra effort to get started with the green stuff… And some experimenting to get the taste or flavor you want. Then a little more dedication to stick with it. Whenyou see the results it’s easy going forward for the value you get from making these better choices.

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