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It’s an extra happy Monday for Krystal Luster of Oregon! Congratulations, you won the BetterBody Foods giveaway!

Event promotions will contact you soon with more details. Thanks for participating and, remember, you can win again. Just keep commenting!

My good friend, Jill Nystul, started the epic blog, with 100,000 visitors a day—probably the most trafficked blog in Utah. It’s a great life hack blog with lots of DIY on how to live a greener, simpler, lower-cost life. She really practices what she teaches and I love her.

She has also just released her book, One Good Life, and she will be on lecture tour with me sharing her amazing story—from letting alcohol control her life to breaking free and becoming a million-dollar blogger and author triumphing against major challenges. Can’t wait for you to meet her! Check out her video and fabulous $200 giveaway here.

Remember to sign up for BlendAid here, like us here, and comment below to enter to win a $200+ prize package from our fellow Bloggers Without Borders and other awesome sponsors supporting Mothers Without Borders.

Happy BlendAid-ing!

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  1. Robin, Thanks for introducing your readers to bloggers like Jill. Looking forward to following her. Hope you have North Mississippi or the Memphis area on your 2016 event schedule!

  2. Good morning Robyn I am trying maca for the first time in my green smoothie (one of your recipes in the book for 30 protein smoothies) is a different taste but will see. Can I wind now since I am the first comment lol

  3. Good morning Jill and Robyn. Isn’t a life of health and sobriety wonderful!!! Please keep sharing your talents with us. You make a difference.

  4. Will check out Jill’s blog to live a greener life. I love essential oils. I have never tried nori but family history of thyroid issues.

  5. Thank you Robyn for the wonderful, and inspiring people you bring to your site, to share their amazing and uplifting experiences. Thank you Jill!

  6. Always enjoy super food tip of the day. Jill thank you for sharing your story with us…you are to be commended for taking a negative part of your life to a positive. I use essential oils so very curious about Sparks Natural Oils.

  7. Robin,
    So glad to see you are doing fabulous! I saw your info on the WSHS facebook page and wanted to reach out you to catch up. I love your blog!
    Cindy (Dunn) Dupray

  8. Really liked Jillee’s web site. Thank you for another option for purchasing essential oils, more in my budget. will be sharing with Facebook family.

  9. Thanks for introducing us to Jill Nystul and her blog. I just subscribed and am looking forward to reading it. I would love, love, love to win this prize!

  10. Jill,

    Thank you for being so transparent in telling your story of recovery. I know it will encourage many people to take the necessary brave steps they need.

    Love your blog.


  11. A nice youtube and smoothie day too … I am completely in love with what you girls do. It’s the conscousness and energy. Rock on! Two suggesions, if I might … (a) add a sentence at the bottom of the daily blogs — today’s smoothie (or tommorrow’s smoothie) will include [add … recipie so we can follow], and, (b) include a smootie day, just one, that is dedicated to those wonderful and couragous mothers who stand by their ancient feminine power, and birth their children in the safety of their home, with nothing but a green smootie, and a husband for protection, and a candle, and several young assistants to watch and learn, and to make the smooties that mama needs (for energy, for calming, for core muscle relaxing, hmmm … a booklet on green smooties for home birthing mothers … there are lots of interesting herbs out there known to assist on the day of birth, and of course for development of the child throughout the pregnancy as well) … anyway, just a thought … one smoothie dedicated to birthing mothers … I think it would fit in nicely with the GSG culture of sovereignty, evolution and love, and Robyn’s very nicely refined GSG style of emotional courage.

  12. I am so intrigued to get to know Jill and her blog! Also thank you Robyn for all the superfood tips. I just had a baby and I admit my pregnancy took me off track to give in to too many convenience foods on those days I just didn’t have energy to cook for my other kids. It was a terrible spiral. There were days when I would start with a great smoothie and then end up eating ramen at the end of the day:(. Anyway, your sacrifice and all your tips are very motivating, and now that I look at my precious baby girl I want to do better for her. It breaks my heart to think of all the little babies and children in Africa and so hopeful at what your campaign can do for them!

  13. Jill, I have used your blog many times for remedies and ideas…I never knew your story! Thank you for sharing your story! It is inspiring to me!

  14. The sound wouldn’t work for me but I’m going to check out Jill’s blog. She sounds like a fantastic and inspirational woman.
    I’m just working on motivating myself to return to a greener and healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. Laziness and then pregnancy got the better of me, reading and hearing about others successes encourages me. Thank you!

  15. Thank you for introducing Jill! I’ve subscribed to her and looking forward to reading her blog. Thank you for a lovely package!

  16. Sounds like an awesome blog! Keep it up Jill! The struggle with addictions is a hard battle! My daughter & her husband struggle with drug addiction. I will tell her about your blog… I know she will love it!

  17. Thanks for spotlighting Jill. My husband and I are involved in the LDS Addiction Recovery program and so I love to learn from those willing to share their story. It looks like she has a lot of other great things to learn on her site as well.

  18. Where have I been? What a great website, I really look forward to making the umbrella wreath, as well as trying some of the recipes.

  19. Good Monday Morning. Thanks for introducing us to Jill and her products I thinks we should try and find one good thing each day to make our lives and the lives of those around us better. I will be sure to check out her blog.

  20. Yay! Excited to explore Jill’s website! And those books sound great too! Thanks Robyn for all these wonderful things you are sharing! Starting a little smoothie cleanse today! 🙂 Good tip on Nori!

  21. As soon as I leave this comment I’m signing up to follow Jill. My yummy Green Smoothie is all ready for me. You’re such a great example of good health!

  22. Both books look wonderful (would LOVE the children’s book for my kids), and I certainly wouldn’t mind the diffuser, either! Been wanting one for a while.

  23. Amazing story! I have never heard of the website but I will check it out now. Interesting how the 40’s brings out a lot of need for change. I’m on a journey and searching for my passion too.

  24. Thanks for the video! Looking forward to visiting your blog Jill. And thank you Robin for the tip on the nori. How much do you use in an average smoothie?

  25. Thank you again Robyn for having a great host today. So excited to go check out Jill’s blog and if I don’t win the books, getting those. 🙂

  26. Jill, I love your home made laundry soap and (sweat) stain remover!!
    Thanks for sharing your story! Sharing this great content with others

  27. I love learning about other great blogs to follow! Thank you for sharing. I am excited to learn all about it…and I LOVE essential oils!

  28. Will have to check out Jill blog further when I get home, but it looks very helpful. Robin, how do you decide which super food(s) to add to your smoothie and how often do you add them? I can’t imagine trying to drink a smoothie with every super food in it at the same time.

  29. I receive every day. I really enjoy her tips and the way they are written. I would really like to win this giveaway. All the prizes are items I would definitely use!

  30. OMG – I won a giveaway!!! I’m so excited to receive my BetterBodyFoods package 🙂 I’m commenting today because I love Jill’s blog so much. It’s been my go-to for any DIY home cleaning product for about 2 years. Everything I’ve tried has worked and I love it because it’s less toxic and less expensive! Would love the prize package, but 2 days in a row is probably not likely… Keep up the good work Robin & Jill.

  31. I love the happy ending to Jill’s story! Congrats on your hard work and finding your passion. I love the book and oils give away! I will be following you! How is everything with Todd and Robyn? Is is harder or easier??

  32. I just looked at the blog, I will keep going back, I would enjoy the essential oils too! Our whole family likes green smoothies! I have enjoyed learning new things from GreenSmoothieGirl. Thanks!

  33. I start following Jill when I have to start healthy life. She is incredible, I love her blog and of course her book. Both of you, you are doing really good job. Robyn continue to do the great job!!!!

  34. Boxed is great especially for moms! I can’t wait to read your books Jillee,especially the children’s book . What a great title!!!

  35. Thanks for sharing the information about another source for reputable essential oils…. will go check it out now! Fingers crossed I am a lucky winner to find out firsthand about their quality :).

  36. I look forward to checking out Jill’s Blog. I love essential oils I have never heard of spark naturals but I will be checking them out as well! I commend you on your journey Jill, Addiction runs heavily in my family so I try very hard to not drink and if I do it is usually one. I am lucky to have a mind set and understanding that drinking after a bad day can only lead to more problems. Robyn thank you for doing what you do!!!

  37. Robyn loved your tip for adding sea weed (kelp) to smoothies. in fact I have a package in the pantry I Couldn’t manage to eat. I’ve also signed up for One Good Think looking forward to following.

  38. Based on your story, it does sound like you turned your life around to be just that “one good life.” Good for you, Jill, finding your passion and turning everything right side up.

  39. I make vege Nori rolls all the time and never thought of putting it in my smoothie! Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check out Jill’s blog…and I was just shopping for a diffuser before I read this, so I would sure love to win that prize! Thanks for all your inspiration and great friends you’ve introduced us to.

  40. I have come across Jill’s blog a few times and love it! So it was fun to watch the video with Jill and Robyn- two great inspirations! Thanks for all of your work!

  41. Love your story Jill. I lost my Mom to addiction while I was pregnant with my first. She missed being a Grandma by 4 months. My whole food journey was motivated by a desire to deal with mental health differently than my mother. Addiction is such a dark and awful place. But there is hope! And you are proof the story can be rewritten before it’s too late.

  42. Wow! This is great. You guys are going on strong!!! Awesome. I’m still following and sharing on FB for extra tickets please!!!

  43. Hmmmm what to say today. This journey is so hard. Do they put crack in food that is bad for you to make you crave it? Not sure I can eat nori. When I eat sushi I have to get a soy wrap, but I will try it.

  44. One surprising thing to me about following your green smoothie journey is how fun it has been to meet these new people and their products and hear their stories. Looked up Jill’s blog, read a little and want to go back for more!

  45. Ah! What a great package! I have been wanting to read Jills book. I have been following her blog for a while- she is an inspiration!

  46. Good for You Jillee! Nice blog website!
    Thanks, Robyn!
    I’ve been almost pure vegan for over 3 1/2 years (partly because of GSG), except honey & milk in bread & granola bars, when I somehow didn’t see them in the ingredients label a couple of times, which I ALWAYS read. And recently, after eating a spirulina a few times, I was surprised to learn, from my friend, that it and other algae and seaweed is non-vegan, because it’s actually not really a plant? Who (else) knew?! (Guess I missed that in public school and college, and since.)

  47. I love learning new things and learning about new people. Thanks for everything you’ve been teaching us and the people you’ve introduced us to along the way

  48. Beautiful blog, Jill. Thank you for sharing your inspiring life story! I will share it with someone who needs to know that her challenges, too, can be conquered.

  49. I am so excited about Jill’s website and her books! This would be such a special treat! I loved the tip on Nori. I also do not like seaweed, but I am going to try what you suggested today. Thanks for all of the great advice that you give us!

  50. I volunteer with the International Refugee Center in SLC & it’s one of my favorite things! It’s been life changing for me & my kids. I’d LOVE to join you in Africa in July

  51. Hi Jill, thank you for sharing your story. Looking forward to checking out your website with all the wonderful “good things”!

  52. Thank you for sharing so openly. Who knows how many people a story such as yours can help people. Love finding your passion!

  53. I really appreciate all the awesome resources I am learning about through this challenge, thanks again to Robyn and Todd for doing it!

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