Today’s giveaway is $200+ in delicious BetterBody Foods stuff!

Guess who wins the Dressing Your Truth prize package from Carol Tuttle! It’s Kalli Smith of Utah! Congratulations and Enjoy! Also, CHECK OUT TODD!

We’ve still got an Intellibed, a Health Mate Sauna, a Blendtec Designer Series, and MORE coming up. You don’t want to miss a single day till we’re done!

Today, my friend, Stephen Richards, who owns BetterBody Foods shows the MOST delicious green smoothie that I’ve had on my journey thus far—all made with his superfood products! (I may have overdone it on the peanut butter powder, since I gained 2 pounds in a single day of eating so much BetterBody Foods deliciousness! Maybe don’t eat 2 cups of peanut butter powder in one day??)

Check out the fun and don’t forget to SIGN UP, “LIKE” US, COMMENT, and SHARE, for an extra shot at winning! We’ll see you back here first think Monday morning! Let’s see those comments . . .

Happy BlendAid-ing!


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  1. Stephen Richards your products look inviting! I will check them out. Also Todd, you are a Rockstar! Way to go ditching the caffeine and staying the course. Best wishes! Thank you Robyn for all the great giveaways and local buying options.

  2. Continue success to you both. I am doing 90% Green smoothies, I have a hard time on weekends, to be supportive of you two. I have lost 5 pounds. Yes! Y’all are doing a great job. I think the hardest part on staying on green smoothies smoothies is having to stay prepared. Better Body Foods would be one great way to do that!

  3. This smoothie sounds yummy. I think I will make it up for an afternoon snack today. By the way, the first thought I had when I saw this video post was….wow you can tell Todd has lost some weight. It shows. Great job you two! Shared and liked on FB.

  4. Todd….You look fantastic!! Keep up the good work you two! Love the prizes you are offering and of course the great cause! Watch out for that PB…looks yummy but fattening!

  5. I noticed first thing, before playing the video, the difference in Todd’s face. Great job, Todd! These Betterbody products sound good; thanks for sharing where they are sold, too. I am sharing with my 100 Facebook friends

  6. Yay Todd! Way to go. You DO look better somehow! And you seem to have more energy about you! And thank you Robyn for introducing a new healthy food opportunity to me!

  7. I would so live to win this. You are inspiring me to get back into my Smoothie habit and my young boys are enjoying it too – especially anything with PB.

  8. Here’s a shout out for Todd! Way to go giving up caffeine! It’s a difficult thing to do. Good job doing hard things. I bet your wife and family are thrilled to see you doing this for yourself so you can add quality years to your life. Keep it up Todd and Robyn! I have hit a plateau with my cleanse weight loss too. I am supposed to be 105 according to Robyn’s chart on her website. I am currently 122 and 5’4”. I feelmi am relatively muscular because I run lots of hills, but I do have some body fat to loose too. Ugh…I am doing weights and could probably step it up a notch. Any other suggestions to get down to 105? How do I mentally go there, because I suspect that is one of my biggest hang ups. I WANT to be there, but I have this fear that is too thin. Any thoughts for me Robyn? Thanks!

  9. Way to go Todd! Keep up the great work on your weight loss journey! This is the 1st introduction I’ve had to Better Body Foods, but the products sound amazing! Shared…fingers crossed!

  10. You two look terrific! Eyes are clear, bright, skin looks great, and both are showing signs of wt loss (in a good way :). Thank you for introducing us to so many great guests! I’d never heard of Better Body Foods, but am enjoying researching their website and hope to win!!

  11. Todd & Robyn you are doing awesome! I joined you for two days… But then caved a little… Still drinking green smoothies every day tho! I love that my two grandsons, ages 2&3, come running in & asking for smoothie with their YaYa!!! ” )

  12. Looking good Todd!! Glad to hear your energy is up! No more caffeine!
    Just tried BetterBody’s coconut oil this month 🙂
    Sharing your journey with all my facebook friends

  13. I’ve used several of the Better Body products!! Good stuff!! Todd, not only do you look slimmer, you look more awake and energized too!

  14. I can see it in Todd’s face – looks slimmer. Keep it up! Would love to win this product. Love peanut butter – who doesn’t.

  15. Todd, before you even said anything I could tell a difference in your face. You are looking so good! Better body foods look like a great products.

  16. Congratulations on your achievements, thus far, Robyn and Todd! AND, thank you so much for all the great information. I am familiar with the PBFit peanut butter powder – YUM! (I totally understand the 2lbs., Robyn!)
    I do look forward to trying some of the other products. Continued best wishes on your journey!

  17. I have seen some of these products in my local stores. I wasn’t sure about them, but now I think I would like to give them a try! Shared on Facebook and Pinterest

  18. Woo Hoo Todd, Looking Good! Would love to win this one! I love shopping sprees! I posted on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Twitter, Stumble, Reddit, Tumblr and Linked In 🙂

  19. Robyn and Todd – congratulations on your weight loss and you both look very healthy. Friends have told me about PB Fit Powder and they really like the flavor and it is so much healthier then Peanut Butter in the Jar. I need to buy greens and will look for this at Walmart.

  20. Yay Todd! Cinching your belt must have put a huge smile on your face! Congrats! Also, way to go on detoxing that caffeine out of your body.

  21. Mmmm! These products would be amazing to win! I love finding out about new products, thanks for all the info you put in these videos.

  22. Thank you for the introduction to Better Body Foods. I would love to put some peanut butter powder in my smoothies. Todd and Robyn keep up the good work, looking good.

  23. I have been enjoying my smoothie every day for lunch and feel healthier and more energetic. I hope all you 30 day drinkers of smoothies are doing ok.! My best to you.

  24. Todd, you look GREAT!! I noticed a difference right away on this clip. It would be so exciting to win this amazing assortment of Better Body products. Good Luck Everyone

  25. MARVELOUS, really usable products, some of which I have already purchased at local stores.
    Although I love seeing the new to me products you have introduced, it is nice to see the ones
    I am already and thankfully using. Good Pick!

  26. Todd I can tell the benefits are really showing on you AWESOME keep going. I would love love to win this time pretty plllleeeaaassee. I keep sharing on FB

  27. Looking good Todd! Congrats on going caffeine free…your body must be so happy! Would love to try the Betterbody products. I’ve only used PB2 in smoothies and love the size of these containers…less plastic waste. 16 gallons Robyn? That is IMPRESSIVE! Would love to know what’s in your smoothies eat day. Do you ever make them in the evening for the next day?

  28. It is so nice to be able to trust these products with the recommendation from Robin…..sometimes I just don’t know where to turn to find reliable products. Thanks….Diane

  29. So impressed you’re both still going at it Todd & Robyn! You’re an inspiration to me! Would love to try some of your superfoods Stephen!

  30. I love that you are doing this for Mothers Without Borders. For anyone who is looking for a worthy cause and a charity who assumes very low overhead, this is a charity worth supporting. Keep up the great work.

  31. I had no idea a lot of this great help was out there. Can’t wait to learn what’s next. It’s becoming more about learning than winning. Also happy to hear Todd is still in the game. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. #dontwantthistoend!

  32. Way to go, Todd and Robyn! I’ve been drinking a quart of green smoothies for 6 years now. I’m doing my 6th, 26-day detox right now! 😀 Love having you both as examples to me!

  33. What a coincidence! I just happened to buy the BetterBody agave last week…had no idea about the company, but what I saw on the label looked great. And here they are! :-

  34. Those look fantastic! Ok this weekend I didn’t do very well eating and I can feel it. My body hurts all over. So tomorrow back on the green smoothies. I am going to need to buy some of that peanut butter. Less calories! I’m in.

  35. Is there a way for you to confirm that I am signed up and have done all the steps necessary to win a prize? just want to be sure. thanks!

  36. Very inspiring to hear about your smoothie progress, especially Todd with the caffeine replacement and weight loss! Better Body foods seems like a good way to add some taste and nutrition to keep the motivation :)!

  37. I had no idea Better Body had so many items. I just looked at the arsenal! I got hooked to their coconut oil from Winco in Portland, OR about a year ago. I just moved to Provo….is there a store front in Lindon? Or do I have to get from suppliers?

    1. WOW Todd you’re doing it…You ROCK!!! It’s so cool to see how after the detox all the energy @ excitement you have. And off course like always we LOVE you Robyn. XOXO Thank you for all these great educational video’s everyday ~ I don’t want this to ever end. 🙂

  38. Todd, I noticed you looked different right away. Awesome job you guys
    I didn’t know this was a local company. Going to make more effort to support them.
    Also, I shared this

  39. May be too late to enter, but the products all look great! I have used a few of them myself, but I didn’t know they were a local company. Wahoo!

  40. Before I even hit play on the video, I noticed how good Todd looked! Congratulations! And a huge congrats on kicking the caffeine. What an accomplishment…what freedom! Keep up the good work.

  41. Woo hoo! Way to go with the weight loss Todd and Robyn! How are you guys feeling? Sorry I missed a day or two of posting. I’m thinking about you and sending you some love!

  42. I have some of the products shown in this video but I will be checking out some of the other ones. Todd does look like he is healthier since the challenge began. Keep going!!!

  43. Better body foods. Yes. Yummy. I like peanut butter powder. Oh to win this and the blentec blender. I would flip my head up and say thank u JESUS

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