Win a Dressing Your Truth membership… who you really are!

Today, Ronda Dressen from Utah wins the awesome prize package from! Congratulations, Ronda, and Thank You, Natalie and Amy!

Today’s video features DressingYourTruth’s Carol Tuttle, who is giving away a great membership gift package to her program to help you LIVE YOUR TRUTH. She’ll help you discover your energy type, then choose clothes, hairstyle, makeup, and many other aspects of your life that really show and shine true to your nature! It’s about $300 in value and you’ll love every minute of it….so comment below to win a membership to her program!

Want more chances to win amazing prizes like this? Sign up here, “like” us on FB, comment below, and share with a friend. Thanks for following our BlendAid campaign where we are helping Mothers Without Borders build a school for orphaned children in Zambia.

Happy Blending and Happy Dressing Your Truth!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this sounds awesome! I could really use this program to learn how to Dress my Truth, just don’t know what My Trust is.

  2. Being able to feel comfortable and attractive in clothes, knowing what to wear, that would be priceless. To maybe draw attention to a charity through this Facebook page is the icing on the cake.

  3. I love carol’s book the child whisperer, though I’ve never taken the plunge to dress my truth. I would love to finally do that, and I want to see Robyn dress your truth. will you show us before/after if you do? Good luck with the smoothies, Robyn and Todd!

  4. That wold be wonderful for my wife. I remember seeing Robyn go through this a while back. Let it stick Robyn. You are beautiful inside and out. Let’s see some congruency 🙂

  5. Robin, I received the vanilla protein powder along with the other items yesterday . I was in a rush to out the door so I added it to the Red Light Superfood Blend. The protein powder is the final addition that completed my need for longer sustained energy. We love all your products!!!!

  6. Love Carol Tuttle and all that she does! People- if you don’t win…check out her site. Life changing! Appreciate all you are doing Robyn!

    1. Absolutely agree, Cynthia!!! For me, the best thing about her program is learning validation for who I am!!! Love Carol! And Robyn’s vids were what led me to Carol 3 yrs ago 🙂

  7. You have so many amazing friends! I love Carol Tuttle! I’m in the middle of reading one of her books and have learned so much about myself.

  8. Great tip on the ginger! I’ll have to try that. I loved this video today and learning about dressing your truth. I’ll definitely be looking in to that because I’m certain I don’t. Ha! Thanks for all the inspiration the last few weeks!

  9. Very interesting concept, I am intrigued I could use this. I have a difficult time saying/believing I am pretty but on the other had I don’t think I am ugly so I guess it is always a struggle. Looking forward to you reaching your goal to build the school. Have a great weekend.

  10. This is truly amazing. Never heard of Carol’s work before. And I am very very interested. Loved her energy so much! Please Universe, send me this gift 🙂

  11. A really positive thing Roxberry has done was that I was able to get a larger sized 24 oz green juice rather than just a small 16 oz. Their employee told me where as it isn’t reflected on their menu yet. Plus, there is a change jar to donate spare change to this cause too! Awesome! Go get a juice and donate too!

  12. Have read both Dressing Your Truth and Remembering Wholeness…love them both!!! Thanks Carol & Robyn! I’m really curious how the green smoothies diet is going for you??!!!

  13. Today’s video made me so giddy because I found green smoothie girl and carol tuttle’s energy profiling all in the same month and dove in to both programs. My husband knows more about Robyn and Carol then he wanted to lol. So glad to see that the two people I look up to are helping such a great cause.

  14. I’ve been doing green smoothies all week to help support you with the exception of one meal and chia seed pudding. Happy to say I have lost 5 pounds. I actually looked in the refrigerator for something to eea last night, but nothing sounded good. So I just drank more water and was satisfied. Having a weekly menu is key.

  15. Never thought of adding ginger to my smoothie! I’ll keep that in mind for the colder weather ahead. Fingers crossed to win this amazing prize!!!!!!!

  16. Congratulations to the winner yesterday! So excited about this Dressing Your Truth giveaway! I am also looking forward to putting whole ginger in my smoothie. I’ve tried ground ginger, Robyn, is that significantly different from whole fresh ginger???

  17. Thank you Robyn for these opportunities. And thank you Carol for your site and give-away. I have always thought I was missing something… I realize what it is…I don’t see me. This is a great program I never knew existed so thank you again!!!

  18. I have looked at her program but can’t figure out what type I am.
    I am waiting for a new container for my vitamin so I can get back to smoothies.
    Meanwhile I am following your success with Blendaid.

  19. This sounds awesome, Robin and the people she surrounds herself with are truly awesome people with huge hearts! Learning to “see myself” would really help us all with our self esteem! Just WOW!!

  20. Yay! My 2 FAVORITE YouTube-ers together again!! DYT is so very much more than fashion. For me, it’s the very last thing I think about when it comes to this knowledge of energy profiling. It is such a blessing to the soul. Robin blesses with the physical well being-ness, and Carol with the personal, emotional and spiritual! Big hugs to you both!!! I would love to win this for the Lifestyle portion for myself and gift the basic program to a family member! xox

  21. I Love how all of this is a change of lifestyle. Being yourself being healthy. I have been trying to make huge changes. I’m trying to budget my money to do dress my truth and green smoothie girl because it is so worth it to me to be me and treat my body with that respect of it does know better than me and I need to listen to that. Thank you! You beautiful women are wonderful!

  22. This is exactly what I need! After having my twins 2 years ago, I’ve just been mom. I want to find me! And feel good about myself again. Also love the campaign and the love behind it!

  23. I would love to win this!! I’ve seen before/after photos and they are so amazing. People are able to shine brighter when utilizing these tips.

  24. I love my Dressing your Truth membership! Carol is right, I understand myself and others more and feel more supported for who I am. Love it! Made a world of difference in my life.

  25. Another option for your smoothies is to use DoTerra ginger & lemon oil in the morning when you are in a hurry making your smoothie.

  26. Oh how I could use this……I am a mom of 8 plus a daughter in law after pregnancy and kids needs mom’s wardrobe, make up,hair etc comes in last! We are done having kids due to emergency surgery this summerso now I am ready to invest in figuring out how to dress and buy something other than maternity clothes, ha! Love learning about all these great resources!

  27. Hope you’re both feeling great Robyn and Todd. I made a donation to Mothers Withiut Borders yesterday immediately after watching the video!

  28. This past year I adopted a new exercise program & changed my eating habits to be healthier. I would love to get help learning what to dress the “new” me in. It would help compliment my transformation. Honestly, if you looked in my closet you’d scream & run! 🙂

  29. I hate hate hate going clothes shopping. I see cute things but I don’t know how to put them together to look nice. Shoes are a matter of comfort for me and another reason I don’t like to go clothes shopping because cute clothes just don’t go with ugly old blue tennies. My husband tells me to go out and spend a little on me… and I wish I could, but I can never make up my mind and so I feel defeated before I even go. My poor daughter suffers because of me and she is a teen. Even thought I’d love to win the other really grand prizes, I think this one would probably make me a happier person.

  30. Congratulations, Robyn and Todd! Another day closer to achieving your goal!
    Not only are you helping people become more educated on how and why to become healthier, you are bringing together many pieces to, what I call, “The Wellness Puzzle”.
    Dressing Your Truths is another amazing piece to peel away the layers of “DIS-EASE”, to become your true self. Thank you! I will definitely check out Carol’s program.

  31. Wow my to favorite people. I love all you do Carol I have been to several of your classes on mind valley I wish I could buy all of your programs. I am on week two of a quart a day thanks green smoothie girl. You both gave me hope.

  32. It’s wonderful what you are doing for others! I would love to win this and feel better and know what fits me best, be true in my energy.
    At the moment I feel some stressed out…
    I feel inspired by your sites and publication and try to find out more 😉 Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom!

  33. I feel like I know my inner self but definitely don’t express it by my outward persona and don’t have any idea really how to. This would be awesome! Liked it on facebook too!

  34. I just finished writing my LifeStory – forward looking, design plan kinda thing – and in the personal development section I state that I go to Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth class. I have a neighbor that took it and she looks amazing every day. Wouldn’t it be cool if this were how that part of my LifeStory came to be?

  35. I love ginger in egg rolls. I tried it in a smoothie, and you have to be careful or it will make it very spicy! I know it is good for you! I really am enjoying all that you introduce us to and with I could do the green smoothie only thing. I know for macular degeneration prohibition having spinach or kale every day plus, 10 times per week will help us not get macular degeneration, which my mom and grandmother have and had, so I need to motivate myself to have those greens every day and salmon, tuna or mackerel or sardines once a week, eggs 2-4 x/week and C,E,Zinc so I can see all my life. It is very easy to get those greens in a smoothie, and the fruits which you are supposed to have 3 of in a day! Yea greensmoothies!

  36. I think everyone who posted today, should win this one. Or at least get a sneak peak at how to make ourselves more true today than yesterday. I really don’t enjoy clothes shopping or buying shoes. I am still holding onto my jeans from the 80’s. My husband forced me to buy jeans in the 90’s. I don’t see what is wrong with wearing black or why Robyn needs to change.

  37. Being whole, body mind and soul…now that’s being truly healthy! You are both true heroes of mine. Thanks for all you do to help people learn to love and feel good about themselves and their lives. I’m one of those people whose life has been blessed because of you.

  38. I am totally loving all your guests! What you are doing to expose so many to the world we live in and the world that these children live in who need a school. I find myself telling others about you and your guests. Again thank you Robyn

  39. GTeen smoothies have become a part of my life, and I am just learning a bit of myself from Dressing your Truth. Have an idea of my energy type, have purchased some of their amazing clothing! Would love the course to feel confident in my type 3/1 or is it 1/3? Not sure! Need this course!!! : -)

  40. I know that it technically isn’t the 25th anymore but I will comment anyway!
    I love the Child Whisperer but cant seem to profile my own kids! I can see it others kids but not mine. The videos help but I second guess my thoughts about it.
    Anyway that we can have professional look at our kids and just tell us?

  41. Green Smoothies, I try to have them every morning knowing that I will not be eating to get any vitamins or minerals until the end of the day. Also seem to give me that little extra pep after the first couple of weeks of using them.

  42. Sat. Sept. 26, 2015 the month is almost over. Boy, time flies by so fast now. As a young girl it felt like time just dragged on. It felt like school would never be over. I kept wishing I was older than I was. But now that school is over and the years have caught up with me I find myself wanting to go back and do things a little differently. Once that time is gone there is no getting it back. You just have to start where you are and do the best you can from now on. Stop waiting for the future, live in the present it may be all you get. Good luck on your journey Robyn I hope you meet your goals. And I hope I win the intelligel bed:).

  43. Carol’s program sounds wonderful; I would love to be a part of it. Robyn, thank you for all you’ve done to help me. The green smoothies keep my arthritis under control so I can lead an active life, it is amazing. I would like to win to help the whole and real me be released and come forth. Thank you!

  44. Robyn, you really would look AMAZING dressing your truth. I’ve been dressing mine for almost two years now and I’ve never been happier in my life with the way that I look and feel about myself! I LOVE dressing Your Truth!!!!!!

  45. The Blendaid challenge is a powerful instrument for change. And the DressingYourTruth experience has the same power on an individual level. Fantastic opportunity for growth. Thank you, Robyn and Carol!

  46. So important to make feeling comfortable in your own skin fast, easy, and affordable so that you can focus on the “good work”…helping others.

  47. Love the BlendAid campaign. What a great cause… so many children in need. Thank you for a chance to change their lives and ours. Love and light~

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