Giveaway for parents who want their family eating healthy!

Today you’ll want to make a comment or ask a question below because we’ve got a cool prize from my friends, Amy and Natalie, of—an insanely popular site and Facebook page. Like 2 MILLION popular.

They’re serious about helping families feed their kids right, and they practice what they preach. So tomorrow I’ll tell you WHO WINS! But make sure you not only comment below, but are also signed up here, and “like” us on FB.

More $200+ prizes still to come . . .  Stay tuned and thanks for supporting BlendAid for Mothers Without Borders.

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    1. I have two picky eaters and they don’t like healthy food at all. I spend most of time thinking what I should cook or make that is healthy and that they will enjoy eating it. Need help

  1. Finally an education on feeding our children the right way. Hope all families will join in! Even Doctors do not educate moms on proper nutrition for their precious ones and it must begin as early as they begin eating solid foods. Thank you for all your effort.

  2. Oh wow, how awesome is this. Thank you for hosting a great giveaway.
    My daughter is 17 months old today and she is a very picky eater, just like her mama (thats me) but i try to introduce everything to her but she is still picky. We have tried meats, over and over as I was advised to keep trying this. She loves her fruit, mac and cheese, black beans and rice, potatoes and other things but it just i wish should would like other foods as well. Do you have any suggestions or just keep on trying like i have been. She is a good eater thats for sure but only certain things she will eat and or like.

    1. Hi Jeannie! I know it’s frustrating, but you are right- just keep trying! Even if it takes till she’s a teenager, you won’t regret the fact that you continued offering healthy food all along the way. My story may seem discouraging to some, but my son had salad on his plate for 10 years before he started choosing to eat it without me asking him to! it does happen 🙂 Good job on raising her, you are doing great!

  3. I love, they have great tips & recipes! I’m glad they have passed your page along because we are always running out of ideas for healthy & delicious meals for our 2 yr old & 16 yr old. I look forward to checking the site out!

  4. I really like adding lemon to my smoothie – thanks for answering the “smoothie” or “chunky” question. Great to have in an emergency, but i’d be jones’in for my blendtec for sure. PS – Love the plate idea.

  5. So excited for this giveaway. I have tried several of their recipes and have liked them all. My family is wondering how Todd is doing? We are ALL cheering for you!

  6. Feeding my kids healthy is something I am really trying to work on. Being a mama to 5 young kiddos sometimes makes it challenging to find time to prepare healthy meals and I fall into the easy prepackaged stuff but I want to teach them how to eat a healthy balanced diet

  7. I will definitely try the lemon idea. Too much sun for me also!! We just need to teach people how to actually cook instead of opening a box!! Don’t need the plates anymore, but great idea.

  8. A plate…how clever (and one for mom and dad, too?) In the busy-ness of life it is so easy to skip one of the important elements. I can definitely imagine my kids saying, “Hey Mom, where’s X?” (“X” being whatever it was I forgot about in the rush.) Also, I didn’t know about the lemon peel. Thanks for that completely helpful tip, Robyn!

  9. I was having a conversation with my son the other day about his school lunches. I was really surprised because I thought their options were healthier. This particular day the lunch didn’t include any vegetables and the fruit was packed in syrup.I don’t keep junk food in the house so we’re not tempted but my children get it from school (classmates). How do I counteract the habits they get outside of our home? Especially when I see the negative effects of those habits.

  10. Love this! We had a plate like that but it broke and I couldn’t find a replacement. My sons love their food separated out like that, but aren’t so big on the veggies. I’ll definitely be checking out the site for more info.

  11. My son is 24. He was the best eater when he was a baby. As he grew, he stopped eating almost everything except hot dogs, chicken fingers and pepperoni pizza. I’m not exaggerating!! I worry about his health, his weight, even his life expectancy. How do you get an adult to choose better food? He literally has thrown up when forced to eat a slice of cooked carrot. I am at my wit’s end!!

  12. Thank you Robyn. I have two young kids and one of my biggest priorities (and worries) is establishing eating habits that will keep my kiddos healthy and happy for life. This is a great prize!

  13. Such a great idea. I’ve been trying really hard to help my 3 young girls to eat healthy and make it a lifestyle that they continue with. It gets hard sometimes and I wonder often if I’m feeding them what they really need.

  14. This is such a wonderful idea! Instead of just helping adults overcome bad eating habits, start kids off with practical, healthy ingrained food relationships!

  15. I have been slowly trying to incorporate more healthy foods into my families everyday eating. Would love to add this to my kids learning.

  16. Always great information and I enjoyed the video and was thinking I could use a plate like that myself and I am 67. Robin keep up the great work – what happened to Todd?

  17. Wow crazy! I have your site bookmarked and using it to get ideas for healthy meals and ideas to celebrate my grandson first birthday. The plates would be a great gift for him to shift to healthy people food

  18. Me & my (almost 7 y.o) son moved to the US a year ago from Europe & I was very disappointed to find out how hard it really is to eat healthy in US compare to EU. One has to spend lots of time & effort to find a healthier food,besides it’s much cheaper to eat unhealthy 🙁 Very grateful to SuperHealthyKids for their great ideas – found them very helpful & useful! 🙂

  19. So glad to learn of this website! Thanks for sharing as I have wanted to start focusing on healthier eating for my kids. (shared on Facebook)

  20. Meal time can be sooooo stressful at our house because 2 out of the 3 of my kiddos are super picky eaters! I would love to win this giveaway & get the tools I need to make sure my children are getting what they need! 😉

  21. I stumbled upon “SuperHealthy Kids” on FB a few weeks ago. My family loves the new foods we have tried. Love it! I never knew Healthy food could be fun to make with my kids and taste good. Taste good thats the KEY word!

  22. I have a very picky eater (2 year old) she only wants carbs and i am trying to find way to incorporate fruits and veggies. My family has a strong history of obesity and other health issues due to poor food choices. I hope I can have a plate like this to motivate her.

  23. I’ve been on that website and enjoy all of the options! I really encourage balanced and healthy eating in the classroom all the time. I recently was looking at different “Super Healthy Kids” recipes because we were making our own pizza in the classroom for our pizza party. Great giveaway!

  24. i recently started following them and really do appreciate knowing more people are working hard to help their kids eat right. people are usually surprised my kids eat veges and ask how and why. simply because thats what i feed them.

  25. This is something I could use with my two boys I’ve been wanting to eat healthier and haven’t quit known best way to make the switch. This prize is perfect! Sure hope to win!!

  26. So glad I found gsg right before I got pregnant with my first child. My kids eat a lot different than they would have. I have found that kids like to eat what they are used to eating. Luckily for me it’s pretty healthy stuff because that’s what I make at my house.

  27. Figure this one out…my oldest that had her start with solid foods on fairly standard fair (baby cereal, jarred baby food, ugh, I know bad) …granted I think I was still probably more healthy then some…(BF her till 18 mo and did not ween her to cows milk) is really good about eating all her vegs and eats and loves a wide variety of good foods without questioning or complaining even with a ton of changes in the last 5years. She only has a hard time drinking GS because it seems she’d rather chew her food. (I’d often give her a choice between eating a green salad and drinking a GS …she always chooses the salad)
    My 2nd on the other hand is now 5yo and when she was a baby I read Robyn’s Green Smoothie Diet and began a shift to eating more healthy/green smoothies and my journey to more plant-based eating. She was weaned (BF till 2) onto green smoothies and LOVED them. But since turning 3yo she started a rebellion of what seemed like all food that has been severe and extremely frustrating to me. The only thing she would continue to eat consistently was GS (thank goodness! Or else I would’ve really worried) She still generally likes most breakfast and lunch foods but dinner is where she wouldn’t and still doesn’t eat much of anything. It’s like it was too much of a show for her. I think there’s things I can do to help her view and negativity toward foods change a little but I think I maybe am spoiled with my oldest being so easy in this area. I wish there were Kids Food Classes for picky Eaters ( and their parents) exploring and making food fun for toddlers…I saw a class like that on a show once…and that it really helped the whole family (not just the picky toddler). That’s what I think I need(ed) for my 2nd DD! I’ve ready Robyn’s Junk Food Dude Book many times…she likes it, and I’ve done a Junk Food Dude class with her friends. Alas, she doesn’t equate those good things to her behavior about food at dinner though when offered vegs and healthful foods at dinner. I will never give up though. 🙂 hopefully it’ll work itself out!

  28. At 11, my son can taste when food has additives and preservative and frequently declines food that “tastes like chemicals.” Mom win every time I hear it!

  29. I love their website kids of great recipes and the meal plan would be so fantastic along with the plates. My 7 year old refuses to eat most everything I offer him, he would prefer to go hungry than to eat. Maybe the plates would help him.

  30. Amy you rock!! I didn’t realize you’re business has really taken off from way back when we worked together at HU and you were selling your plates…I knew you would do something good with it and here you are!!! Congrats!!!!

  31. I love these short but really educational videos!! I look forward to them every day, thank you.
    The plates look like a fun way to bring nutrition even more into our home. I will have to win or look into buying them. 🙂

  32. Do you have advice for introducing healthy foods to kids who lived on hot dogs, mac n cheese, scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets, etc? I know one who is not interested in trying anything — and they are not my child. Thanks.

  33. We are in such a rut right now. I have 4 kids 9&u and they used to be amazing eaters and now-not so much. Doesn’t help that I’m exhausted. I need HELP!

  34. What an awesome idea! Thanks for spreading the word so I could find their page 🙂
    Love the lemon peel idea… Starting that tomorrow

  35. My girls would definitely prefer to eat junk if I let them but I’m always looking for ways to slip in more veggies and fruits!

  36. I am so passionate about learning about healthy eating and our new family meals are actually tasty using organic “clean” foods. I look forward to learning more about how many amazing foods are out there that I have never tried or even heard of. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  37. Thanks for the lemon peel tip a few years ago, Robyn!
    Since then I eat almost all my citrus peels, except a few limes and rarely all of a grapefruit peel. — Too bitter. Lemons are the mildest of all, to me.
    I’m sure sure the contribution of Amy and Natalie, is a MAJOR step and IMPROVEMENT over and away from The S.A.(D.)D. Standard American (Depression) Diet, towards a more optimal diet that Robyn teaches.
    Sorry, but “Registered Dietician” is almost as much of a RED FLAG to me as “M.D.” is when it comes to Nutrition.
    Same with “USDA-Approved.”
    My friend who completed & passed the Registered Dietician course & certification, told me about who backs the curriculum: BIG Junk Food and Beverage Companies. Just like Big AgraChemical/Pharma Companies fund universities and medical schools, and whose executives and attorneys go through the revolving doors of position and influence at USDA, FDA, Congress, State Governments, etc.
    And the Major News Media are sponsored by them, too.
    So, of course, we must ask, who influences USDA Nutrition Guidelines, which the Healthy Kids’ Meal Plates reflect?
    But again, a DEFINITE IMPROVEMENT above the norm.
    So THANK YOU!!!

  38. I guess we were lucky we were poor…..we lived cheap and ate out of the garden….in small town Van Horn that was just how everyone lived….of course in DFW people are on the move non-stop and they choose drive thru

  39. My kid used to eat everything !! But she won’t even eat granola bars. She does Band/color guard and we are always on the go. I have to come up with ideas for lunch,dinner and snacks!! It is very hard to do!!

  40. I would love this for my grandchildren! My daughter does a great job of making sure they healthy, but this prize package would be a great help for her!

  41. My son is 2 years old and was diagnosed with a stage 4 upper lip and tongue tie at 14 months and had to have it lasered so he has had the worse time progressing onto solids as he had never used them before then as he couldn’t so I have to make it fun for him as he is still working on his mouth muscle strength poor little guy these plates would really help make eating a fun experience and get him to explore new options thanks so much

  42. It’s hard to get kids to teach kids about making healthy choices & portions this is great to make it fun for them & make them want to make those choices. Thank you !

  43. I love, love, love this site I use it constantly with plan to eat. The recipes are healthy and YUMMY!!!!! I don’t use FB so I can’t like you there, sorry! We have 5 of our 8 kids at home eating a lot of your healthy recipes. Thanks for all you do!

  44. I took my sisters to one of your seminars in Minneapolis a couple years ago. Lori and I struggle a lot with keeping up on our healthy habits but our sister Lisa has a smoothie every day since. And her three kids and husband love them too. Her healthy eating habits just get better after that!

  45. Oh wow this is great!!! I’ve not heard of the company before but the ideas and information is awesome. I’ve passed this on to my sister and brother. I have 3 boys, one with autism and I’m going to start incorporating some of this especially for mr picky himself lol. He’s come a long way but has a long way to go!! Shared on fb for extra tickets!!

  46. I would love that! I need all the help I can get. I feel like I’m beating my head against the wall since I am the only one in my family that is trying to be healthy and trying to get my kids to be that way. I feel like i have screwed up as a parent because my kids don’t want to eat what I cook but would rather eat junk food.

  47. Getting kids to want to eat healthy while young, yay! What a great mission and service you’ve created for kids and moms. Congrats on your success. Best to you.

  48. I love this! I’ve been following Amy & Natalie for a while and appreciate their work. I have several go-to recipes from their website. Thank you!

  49. I can’t wait to learn more from these bloggers! My oldest is picky and then the younger ones follow suit and veggies are not popular at my dinner table

  50. What you’re doing is remarkable. I need ask the help i can get to break the circle and teach my family to eat right my fingers are crossed for this giveaway. Thank you!

  51. Great idea!! Love to see anything that gets kids involved in their good nutrition. Hope you’re going strong with your challenge!!!

  52. I’m starting my family and I on an adventure to “healthier”. I want to get my kids excited by fresh food, and start choosing fresh myself. With a lot of weight to lose, and health to gain, I’m hoping this is a “life change” for all of us.

  53. I have never been able to get my son to eat right. He doesn’t eat vegetables, the only fruit he eats is bananas, won’t touch any type of pasta. Sometimes he tries food but ends up spitting it out. I think it has more to do with the texture of food than the taste.

  54. Thank you for helping educate the world! I wish I knew this stuff when I was raising my little family. Maybe there is hope for my grandkids! 🙂

  55. Is Todd okay? Please tell him that our family is praying for him. My dream is to help my family convert to whole foods and I am saving for your program. I will definitely check out this site. God bless keep strong you are amazing.

  56. I have always looked for ways for my children to be healthy. It has saved me thousands in doctors bills, not to mention my time taking care of sick children. Health is a great way to go.

  57. I’m excited about this website and surprised that I haven’t come across it before. Thank you for the info on the peel and I can’t wait for tomorrow to try it. As always thank you for all you do.

  58. Just getting started with all of this. I am the mother of 5 boys and hate how unhealthy our life has become, and hate even more how expensive and difficult it is to BE healthy. Would love a jump start.

  59. this looks very interesting since I am caregiver to a niece and nephew and it can be a challenge to get wholesome healthy food into them

  60. I totally agree with teaching kids how to eat a healthy well balanced meal while they are kids, so that when they grow up they can pass the habit along to their children.

  61. My kids are older too – I have struggled with this for years as the mainstream america food constantly undermined my efforts as my kids grew into teenagers and were able to “find” food on their own. Thank you trying to get other kids to eat healthier!

  62. Granddaughter used to eat very healthy, then when Mom had to send her to daycare… Unfortunately, most children in the US today are fed, not nourished. Looking forward to exploring Amy & Natalie’s website. Thanks for all that you do!

  63. My husband refuses to eat anything green and I have such a hard time getting my 2 year old to eat healthy!!! Any tips and help would be AWESOME!

  64. Good evening. What a tear-jerker yesterday. So happy to be participating in this event. Praying about attending with you next summer! Keep it going!!!

  65. What a great tool to teach your kids the importance of eating healthy!! And to know what to cook without even having to think about it!!! So amazing!! Great idea! I’m learning so much!

  66. Thank you Robyn for introducing us to all of these amazing people. Love the food plates and their mission to raise a generation of healthy adults!

  67. What an awesome service! I think those plates are amazing! Also, Thanks for telling us about the lemon peel. I never knew it could help with that.

  68. This has been our goal for the past 18 years with out kids and we are thrilled that the idea is getting more and more talked about, as well as popular enough to find resources. We would LOVE to get more information and connection with these ladies and their program 🙂

  69. Would love this! My husband and I both used to be athletes and know that exercise & healthy eating are the way. But I seriously fear that our lack of both in our household now will be bad news not only for us but my almost 1 year old daughter! She deserves to be fed wholesome healthy food and a tool like this would be wonderful simple way to start us in that direction of a healthy household!

  70. I love Super Healthy Kids facebook page! ALthough my picky eaters sometimes make it hard to try new recipes, so it’s always a MUST to keep it simple.

  71. I say if people want to be picky eaters, let them be picky. It’s their decision. All we can do is lead by example, they will come along when the time is right for them. Unfortunately for most it only happens when we get really sick we look to get healthy.

  72. Thank you, Robin for introducing us to such fantastic sources! In looking at Amy and Natalie’s website,, I found a treasure trove of amazing meal plans and recipes that looked so yummy! Why did I not know about this before? This is the answer to one of life’s most challenging questions: What’s for dinner? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this resource! Robin, you are an inspiration to me to help you as you lead the way to a better tomorrow for so many children.

  73. I had no idea that that such a positive eating program was even out there. It’s a no brainier mother’s want something simple and easy most don’t have a clue. Thank you for using your talent to help others this way.

  74. I LOVE this! As moms we know what kids like and don’t like and I love that we can help one another with getting our little ones to eat better. Yes it takes patience sometimes but it’s worth it!! I struggle at least 1 time daily with my 2 year old. Right now it’s veggies. She loved them a month ago and now flat out refuses to eat them. Any tips moms? Help!!

    1. Make things extra fun. Peanut butter on celery with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds. You eat it and sigh over it-Yum that is so good. “It good thing I am nice or I might eat yours too it is so good.”
      And of course the ultimate- dessert for those who finish their food–Yogurt with peaches and chocolate dripped on top.
      Less food on the plate. Smaller portions, And a veggie snack or two during the day. Mix it up,
      Sorry a little more work.

  75. This is so great. I try to feed my kids healthy, but it would be great to do a lot better. I have a lot of need for improvement for eating healthy!

  76. Finally made a fruit smoothie today for my boys and myself for breakfast. One liked it and the other didn’t. The food divider plates are a great idea and a good reminder for my boys to see how to balance their food intake. One likes carbs and the other likes meat. I have seen the plates somewhere in a magazine.

  77. Would love to have a meal plan that would feed both my meat earing husband and my vegetarian daughter without too much time (or sorry pots and pans!).

  78. I know this is really bad but i have trouble with balancing healthy meals for my family and the need of convenience. This is also made worse by having no idea how or where to start in understanding labelling….I would love it if there was a course or something to build this understanding!!!

  79. Would love these for my family allwsys trying to feed them healthy meals just struggle with the portion sizes. I also have a teenager looking at studying nutrition In the future and an autistic daughter they would be great for to give her a bit of inderpendance in serving her own meals.

  80. Trying to find ways for my family to eat healthy isn’t always easy, but when I make green smoothies for everyone, they all like them! Thank you, Robyn:)

  81. I have an extremely picky eater, I work 10 hour days, five days a week, & am not a good cook. I need all the help I can get please. My daughter is three & I want her to have a good base for healthy eating & I need help setting that good example for her. Thank you!

  82. This is such a great idea! I have two grand babies and their eating habits are not very good. Their mommy tries really hard but these plates might just make the difference. And those meal plans would really be a great help for my daughter-in-law.

  83. Yes. And schools dont feed kids very healthy. My kids love my smoothies. I have to sneak kale in. But i need a blentec blender.

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