Get your tissues out for this one!

Congratulations to Kristin Lillemo of Minnesota on winning the Thrive Life shopping spree!

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Today is my FAVORITE blog. We take a break from talking about green smoothies, superfoods, and prizes, and we focus on the plight of AIDS orphans in Africa. You will LOVE this interview with my tennis teammate, Cindy Mason, who just got back from serving these kids for 2 weeks in Africa. Get your tissues out. We’ll be back to giving away prizes TOMORROW.

Today you can comment just for fun, and we LOVE you extra if you DONATE here.

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful that God loves all of his children. What a blessing your contribution and your future contributions will make. Thank You for the life lesson today and for your willingness to give back.

  2. My heart breaks for these children, but my heart is full knowing that there are so many wonderful people doing what they can to help make these beautiful children’s lives better. God bless!

  3. My oh my! Thank you for sharing this video. I hope to join you on this journey to Zambia to help these wonderful children. May God bless this cause.

  4. Wow…very moving. Thank you for sharing and for your sacrifice of time and love for the children of Africa. The children God created and loves deeply. What a blessing

  5. Wow I’m so glad you saved your sweet friend Cindy for today. Thank you so much Cindy for taking the time to share your moving story about the village and the beautiful children you met. What a complete reflection of God’s glory. Love truly is the foundation of so many good things.

  6. Beautiful.
    Thank you for the awareness you’re bringing to this situation. It is good to be reminded of how much we truly have.

  7. I’m glad you warned about the tissues. I was having a REALLY difficult day yesterday, and this brought it into perspective. I might have to save it to my favorites to watch every day to be thankful for what my family and I really do have. I HAVE been to other countries where upon returning home, I felt like I had so much, and am so thankful. We will have to monitor our finances, but will see if we can sponsor a child.

  8. For years I have been thinking of a family project that would make my grandchildren truly appreciative. Maybe this is it. I will look into it.

  9. You were right Robyn about the tissue. After watching this hoping I win a prize seems trivial in comparison. My heart goes out to them and if I had money I would donate that as well. They will be in my prayers.

  10. Robyn & Cindy thank you so much for highlighting the stories & plight of these amazing children! Cindy as soon as I hit play on the video I knew that I recognized you. My 15-year-old son Jason was on your June-A team in Zambia! I went myself 3 years ago, & I’ve seen 1st hand that MWB is changing these children’s lives! “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.”♡ – Margaret Mead

  11. I hope many people will make an effort to help. There are so many people over there that live on so little, and we have the ability to help. Every little bit makes a difference.

  12. I would love to go there too. This is so great with what you and ‘mother’s without borders’ are doing. I hope you get plenty of support and donations through this.

  13. WOW thanks ladies for sharing ! I went to Kenya over 10 years ago and still remember how amazing the people where. God is truly working through this campaign and Todd watching today’s segment will hopefully give you a new sense of “I CAN DO THIS!”

  14. Thank your for sharing, educating, and reminding us that love is the greatest and we don’t need as much as we think we doing in life. I will spend the next coming days thinking about this issue and deciding how best I can help/contribute. Thank you

  15. 1) My son graduates college in May. I am going to share this video with him. I look forward to your video on the next mission trip there, maybe my son and I can join you.

    2) I just switched my “Amazon Smile” charity to Mother’s Without Borders.

    Keep up the great work ladies!

  16. Amen to Cindy’s experience! I was involved in humanitarian work in Cambodia when I lived in Asia for 8 years. There are no words to describe how your heart breaks and is filled at the same time when you have an experience like this. I encourage anyone who can to take advantage of Robyn’s invitation to go to Zambia. It will change your life and the lives of so many others.

  17. Your willingness to bring awareness to us about these lovely children and the support you are providing is beautifully done. Thank you for giving of your time, talents, energy and resources.

  18. Very Inspirational! So many lessons: Happiness is not about things, every human deserves dignity, every gift is from God, to whom much is given much will be expected. I will be contributing. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  19. Zambia has a fascinating history. To know the destruction that AIDS has caused is devastating.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Mothers Without Borders.

  20. I am so moved by your journey to Zambia and those beautiful children. God is so good and loves each of those children with an infinite love! They are happy because they know that God is their hope, and will never abandon them. He has placed loving people in their path to make a difference in their lives! Love works! Mother Teresa always taught the young ladies she worked with to love first and all GOOD will follow! Amen.

  21. Everyone should be required to live in a 3rd world country and see the disparity and injustice. God is using some amazing angels to assist Him in the much needed work that gets to be done. Thank you for sharing and caring and doing an awesome job in making a difference in the world!

  22. You were right, Robyn, I was brought to tears, as I am sure anyone who watched this video was! I would love the opportunity to accompany you to Zambia, in July. I believe we all take that which we have for granted and are often wanting more. I think it would be an eye-opener for my teenage girls, my husband, and myself! Many blessings to your work.

  23. How amazing is Gods work. He provides for all of us amd even those with little possessions are consent and grateful for what they have. I love that they want people and to share love the most. Its great to give to them as they dont expect a lot of material things. Thank you for doing this give back donations.

  24. Thank you for sharing your experience. What a blessing that these people who have so very little trust in our Lord and Savior. We can certainly learn a valuable lesson from this video. The poor – the meek – the innocent children – the disadvantaged will inherit the earth. Please make a donation to this worthy cause.

  25. Once upon a time … a long time ago…I was a little girl who dreamed of going to Africa and feeding all of the forgotten….Now is the time for me to do this….I may never come home lol

  26. Yeah, this one touched my heart! Makes you take a step back and rearrange your priorities, thanks. And thanks to people like you who give from the heart, Karen

  27. We have been considering where to sponsor once our World Vision oldest ages out in just a year or 2.. Guess now we know.. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  28. I cried all the way through this one. It’s hard to believe that there are people suffering so much when we, like you said, live in the lap of luxury. Thanks for all you are doing to help this situation.

  29. Thank you for sharing about your experience in Africa. I am moved to tears to hear about how the children live yet what amazing attitudes they have. We are so blessed but many times do not have thankful hearts.

  30. Wow that is so awesome what you are all doing!!! I came from a divorced home. And my mom moved us here to Utah. This is where she is form,,she worked so hard to provide for us and then we got a Hud home in Orem. We lived on 100$. A month. We struggled for food. So I really feel for these people. ❤️

  31. I watched this video and it made me grateful for what I have and more willing to give to others. Thanks for sharing this information and video.

  32. I have been to a third world country and worked along side the people and their children!! I found that my experience with them was more of a blessing to me than what I did to help them!! It is very humbling!

  33. I have had similar experiences with kids in 3rd world countries. We have so much to learn, in so many ways we have everything and nothing at the same time. thanks for sharing your story.

  34. Wow such a tear jerker! I have friends in the doctors without borders so seeing mothers without borders is amazing. Once my children are older I would love to take them to countries in need. I have my hopes and pray that by the time they are old enough we won’t need to help these people as much.

  35. I really want to learn about how I might go to Zambia! Can’t wait to hear. What a beautiful cause. Thanks, Robyn! And Cindy, you’re amazing!!

  36. My husband and I volunteered for Engineers without Borders in Uganda in 2010. We were so touched by the generosity and beauty of the people we met and worked with.

  37. A very moving video indeed. We all take for granted what we have and if we all had to live in Zambia for 2 weeks just to see what these children go through, it would really change our feeling of helping out more. I’m really glad there is an organization like Mothers Without Boarders to see these children receive the best, but we all need to do our part also. God Bless you Robin and Cindy for enlightening ALL of us!

  38. Those kids are so amazing. Thank you for the great story and inspiration. I wish I could hop on a plane and go there! Will try to make a donation…it’s hard when you live on a retirement budget, but so worth it.

  39. My husband and daughter have both been to different parts of Africa on mission trips with our church. It is heartbreaking. Thanks for raising awareness.

  40. Wow! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing this…makes me want to go to Zambia now!!! I have been to Mali 3 times and what an incredible and life changing experience it was. We are so blessed in this country and going to a third world country really opens your eyes more and more to all the we have. We need to be much happier and grateful like those beautiful Africans!!!

  41. More love, less hate…more giving, less greed. The world would be a better place with more people like you guys!
    Thanks for all the DOING!

  42. Life is so full of challenges, that it is so nice to find products and people who help us who are trying to be healthy. You make it easier with all your wonderful products, thank you:)

  43. Thank you for bringing awareness to such a great cause. I need to better at following these ladies examples and looking more outside of myself.

  44. Thank you for caring and showing God’s love to these children. It is so hard for us to even imagine the lives they lead as we live our comfortable lives here. We hear and know about this, but have to really listen to God’s voice, and yours’ as he uses you, to let ourselves be touched and changed and to give, serve, and share as God calls us to. Thank you again.

  45. Thank you thank you for “being the change you wan to see in the world”. It’s contagious and those rippled effects are going a long way!

  46. Thank you both for sharing your story and your heart! I’d love to learn more about MWB and the Zambia trip. My heart is with you all and my contribution will follow too. Thank you for your inspiration!

  47. I love that you are doing something for the communities of the world. There is so much that one person can do and then you multiply that by hundreds and thousands, and we really can save lives, by helping communities overcome disease, ignorance, unclean water (or no water!) and teaching people about health and safety. I have loved this organization for a long time. Thank you so much!

  48. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for getting more people involved. I love what Mothers Without Borders is doing and how dedicated they are. We can each make a difference! How fortunate we are to have all we do. It is time to share!

  49. Such a beautiful and wonderful thing you are doing! Thanks for sharing and providing opportunity for us to be a part of it all. I hope to find a way to help out more personally but in the meantime I’m helping the best I can by sending lots of love and prayers and gratitude for all those sweet children and all those wonderful people who are making a difference in their lives.

  50. very moving. It sure puts things in perspective. So much need around the world, so many suffering! Always amazes me, the courage and strength some people have to help those that desperately need it- like your shirt says “Love Works”

  51. Wow.. This got me so emotional. What a beautiful thing you’re all doing. I feel so blessed to be watching your journey and the kindness you’re spreading in the world 🙂

  52. What you are doing to raise awareness and funds for those in need is beautiful. I’m glad you are using your platform to inform about human suffering in addition to teaching about health and wellness. Keep it up! This matters!

  53. Yes, that was a Kleenex Moment….beautiful presentation. Really moving and makes me want to help, especially because of the local connection.

  54. I just watched this video, and I was so excited about Mothers Without Borders! I teach at a high school in Idaho, and I am the moderator of Africa Club. We currently sponsor a young man in Zambia through World Vision. We would be happy to help Mothers Without Borders in any way we can. I am also interested in bringing a group of students to Zambia. Can’t wait to hear more about this awesome organization!

  55. Look at the power we have! Sometimes it so discouraging to see all the negative in the world and to think there is nothing we can really do to make a change. This shows we can! So inspiring.

  56. My heart goes out to those suffering in Africa. Thank you for letting us know what Mothers Without Borders is doing. I am so proud of you for starting this fundraiser.

  57. I was able to go to South Africa,Zambia, and Zimbabwe in February of this year. It is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see, but there is so much poverty too. I too realized when I came home, how blessed I was, and the need to give a helping hand to those who struggle so much for a daily existence. Thanks for sharing that. You truly have a great cause!

  58. I’m going to pray that I can attend next summer. My son has been overseas to asia and had the same reaction as you did. i’m just so happy that we are doing this.

  59. I am so very touched and humbled by the efforts being made in Zambia. What an incredible and worthwhile cause. Thank you for sharing.

  60. What a blessing you are for these children. And love that they are so happy and have nothing…we truly have way more than we need and are not always happy……..thank you for sharing this….

  61. What an amazing experience, it is humbling to see others with so little and be full of joy. It changes your perspective and makes you realize how much you have. Thank you for sharing.

  62. A couple years ago I read a book, Kisses for Katie, she has done a lot to help children in Uganda. In reading her story I fell in love with the children and listening to Cindy’s experiences renews that love. One day I hope God blesses me with the ability to help these children. These children are so precious and have so little but in reality they have so much, pure love and a hope in God. God bless you for this work you are doing to help these children.

  63. Thanks for sharing this. I think most of us here don’t really appreciate all we have. Choosing to be happy is an awesome response for these kids..

  64. I’d not heard of Mothers Without Borders until on your site. Thank you for sharing your first-hand experiences of this wonderful organization!

  65. So touching. A great reminder not to get caught up in things that don’t matter. I would love to join you next year or at least donate. Thanks for sharing!

  66. I really need help getting my 50 pounds off! Please help me with any give aways you have! I started my smoothies on the 15th and feel better but the weight is not coming off! What am I doing wrong? Thank you very much!

  67. I felt like crying with every word you said. I could tell it was very emotional for you to talk about your experience. I would love to go next year. I have 9 children and will have to see if the Lord wills it. Thank you for sharing with them and us!

  68. So many of us take for granted all the things and opportunities we have. We need to learn that there are so many others less unfortunate and reach out as you are doing. Your dedication to helping the truly unfortunate is extraordinary.

  69. I have been to Africa, not for a humanitarian trip like Cindy, but did visit schools there as well as villages where the people lived. It is truly transformational in a way you can never understand. Eagerly awaiting information on the trip next year.

  70. I have a dear friend going to Ghana with a group in just a few weeks to serve the people there for two weeks, including visiting 4 schools to teach a program there and to donate books, medical supplies, etc. It’s been so fun just to see her trip and the group evolve and gather together precious donations. What you are doing is so amazing.

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