Today’s $500 shopping spree winner GETS PREPARED!

We’re giving Karen Foster of Utah the prize package from, enjoy!

And today is really fun . . . you get a shot at winning a $500 package of Thrive Life freeze-dried food storage products. And you can check out how Jodi and Julie of Food Storage Made Easy

overhauled my crappy emergency preparedness, they’re my new best friends! (After a divorce and 3 moves, my preparedness was in shambles.)

You’ve got to watch the video to see me make a green smoothie with NO ELECTRICITY! With no produce from the grocery store. Yep, it can be done, turns out, and it was deeeelish!

Preparedness is on everyone’s minds these days, and Jodi and Julie are the PROS. I’m so thankful to them! See you tomorrow, and make sure if you want to WIN that you “like” us on FB and you are signed up here.

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  1. We have been using thrive life food storage for years! I sold it for a really long time too. Now we just keep our distributor account for our own use. My kids ate it as baby finger foods and I love to use the fruit and veggie powder left in the cans in smoothies and applesauce!

  2. That smoothie looked pretty chunky…how did it drink? Maybe you got some chewing in on that one! I have some Thrive foods & they are all great! The shelving is awesome too!

  3. I like celery! I will eat it plain too. It satisfies that crunch crave. Didn’t you have carrot and celery sticks when you were growing up? I enjoyed today’s video. Thank you! I would love to win this one. One of my sons is getting after me to do the food storage/preparedness in our home. Great job ladies! Love what you did with Robyn’s food storage. have a fantastic day!!!!

  4. Still working on preparedness here so dont feel bad. I have tried a couple of thrive items but not been able to afford much.

    1. As a mom of four who is trying to feed her family in a healthy way, I have got to get this product. Thank you for sharing this important information!

  5. I’ve been wondering about the use of freeze dried foods – thats a great idea to supplement the other items in my food storage. I’ve been thinking about that very subject lately and have added powdered greens and chlorophyl to help. Robyn, how was the texture with the blender?

  6. I never thought of a hand cranked blender! So many great things out there for emergencies. Thanks for helping our family think ahead to be prepared.

  7. I have a hard time preparing healthy foods when I’m camping or don’t have time to go shopping and Thrive Life would be perfect!

  8. I must say I have never heard of this product and I’m puzzled as how it would taste. It is interesting. Robin keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks for revolutionizing how people eat, how much sense it makes to use freeze dried, real food. We love green smoothies and are excited to use our Thrive foods to make them.

  10. Okay, I’ve always wondered about what I would do in an emergency and still have my smoothie… Genius!! Hand cranked blender??? Whaaaaat?? So cool!!

  11. This is fantastic! I didn’t realize how easy it could be to eat healthy green smoothies even in emergencies! This is the first hand-cranked blender I’ve seen, a great preparedness tool. What a good idea to use Thrive’s freeze-dried produce for smoothies. I love Thrive’s products, they are so tasty and colorful. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Sadly, my food storage preparedness looks a little more like the ‘before’ photos. I am interested in having a better system. I would really like freeze-dried foods on hand.

  13. I watched your video on how counting calories is stupid. It was very informational. You said cow’s milk is not good for humans which makes sense but how about coconut milk or almond milk?? Are our bodies not suited for digesting that as well?

  14. I drink green smoothies about six out of seven days per week, with other meals as well, not only smoothies. I have a hand blender my mom gave me that I am gonna try this with. I have tried samples of the Thrive freeze dried foods and it is really good. I have never thought of making my green smoothies this way, and having the ingredients in food storage for green smoothies. I am super excited about this! Thanks for the great information.

  15. I too love celery — even plain. Good stuff. I have the Thrive Life rotating shelf, but my fruits and veggies row is looking really sad. I’d love to fill it up! $500 might help a bit.

  16. Shared on Facebook and pinterest! I love the idea of the hand crank blender. I need to get one of those for my food storage.

  17. Actually I have to reply twice. Just saw the video twice and am really glad to know about this product! (Who knew — a hand crank blender – how cool!)

  18. Wow – I won the package from Conference Moms – unless you have another Karen Foster from Utah following! Thank You – so awesome!!!

  19. Jodi and Julie are awesome! I started following them a few years ago and love their advice. I would love this prize! My food storage is definitely lacking in fruits and veggies!

  20. Wow, where do you buy the hand cranked gadget and how much? Is this freeze dried food from Thrive Market? Thanks for sharing so much awesome information with us. Keep on keeping on the journey.

  21. I just caught up on three days worth of BlendAid blogs. (whoops!, got busy) Lots of great information. Our preparedness could use a big boost, so glad for this information and these resources!

  22. I live in Earthquake country and a year after our terrible earthquake, I am looking for better, healthier emergency food. Beef stew will keep the family fed but this is a way to continue good eating habits even after a disaster. I’m not sure about the hand cranked mixer….

  23. Thanks Jodi and Julie! It’s great to get information for how to include produce in food storage. Beans, wheat, rice etc. are easy but I would definitely miss my healthy fruits and veggies!

  24. Yay! What an awesome prize! I’ve been wanting to try Thrive Life but haven’t yet. I am amazed you can hand crank a smoothie and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. I want one of those hand crank blenders……where should I go to get one?! I wonder if soaking the fruits longer would allow the smoothie to actually be smoother?! Have a great day everyone!

  26. Wow, that hand crank looked awfully difficult! Is it possible to NOT have ice, and maybe let the freeze dried foods soak a little first? The food looked very bright and fresh in the can!

  27. Wow! This is amazing! I loved this video. We’ve been trying to get into food storage so I’m definitely going to be checking their site out. Thank you! And good job on your challenge! You’re doing great!

  28. Great idea! Can’t wait to go check out their website. Thanks for the honesty Robyn – it’s somehow reassuring to know that even the Green Smoothie Girl cheats with chocolate once in a while.

  29. Thank you for sharing this awesome giveaway with us! I am trying to build up my family’s food storage and would love to win and try some food from Thrive. 🙂

  30. How cool! I had no idea there were hand cranks for blenders! I have some Thrive products and would love more. Thanks for the great ideas.

  31. I have a rather long wish list for items at Thrive Market, and after watching this video it got a lot longer! Thank you for these amazing giveaways, and for the tip on how to make a green smoothie when the power is out!

  32. I just got a Thrive cookbook and would have way too much fun with this giveaway!!! Also I didn’t know there was a hand cranked blender, cool!

  33. This is such a great idea for healthy food for emergency preparedness. Makes me want to revamp my own food storage. I’ve never seen a hand crank blender before. Are you thinking about offering a group buy for those on your site? Thanks for showing us.

  34. I love the idea of being prepared with healthy ingredients in my pantry! Especially here in Florida during hurricane season! Thanks for the great videos!

  35. Curious… Are those BPA free cans used to store the food? I think it’s a great idea for freeze dried items… Especially for busy people and emergencies…

  36. I was disappointed that you didn’t taste the smoothie on camera. How was it? I was thinking it might take some time for the water to actually reconstitute the freeze dried ingredients and might be better after letting it sit for awhile, then blend it again. The hand blender was AMAZING! I really need one to be fully prepared for an emergency without electricity!

  37. Because of my busy schedule, I prepare food ahead of time but it’s usually just for the week or maybe two weeks. I had not thought about healthy options in case of an emergency. Great points made and sounds like a great product!

  38. These products sound Limey would be perfect for us. We already buy some dried fruits to add to our dishes, we also live in Florida and we can get some mean weather during hurricane season so it would be perfect for an emergency preparedness kit for us. 😀

  39. My husband’s entire division was laid off in the summer or 2001. I was pregnant at the time. My daughter was born just after 9/11. We ended up losing the 25k that we had planned to live on. So we lived off our food storage for over a year. It opened my eyes to just how important it is to have access to fresh fruits and veggies. Because of my 2 youngest children, we were able to receive assistance from WIC. The irony is that we could use those credits to buy items like cheese, milk, and even Wheat Chex. But I had to walk buy the apples and oranges and realize I couldn’t buy those. As you can imagine, I have since overhauled my food storage to include freeze-dried fruits and veggies. Those are the foods that I personally cannot live without!!!

  40. GSG is becomeing an encyclopedia of solutions for health … where did you find that hand blender — IMHO very cool — make that a prize?

  41. I’m so excited about this, just recently found out about Thrive, it’s awesome! I so want to get some of their stuff, this would be an amazing opportunity to get some food storage, that has been to expensive in the past, pick me… pick me!!!! 🙂 thanks ladies!

  42. Great video Robyn and Thrive Life ladies. It never dawned on me what I would do about NOT having green smoothies if our island was devastated by a hurricane. We are in the bullseye for hurricanes on the east coast. A hand crank blender would be key and having freeze dried veggies a MUST. I’m uber cranky without a smoothie daily! Never thought about my nutritional game plan in a natural disaster! ! Just signed up on the Thrive Life site…hope to try your products…or even win! Thank you 🙂 PS…I love celery…in my fridge smoothie basket weekly!

  43. A few years back, when the economy was in the toilet, our family ended up living off of our measly food storage & what we could grow in our garden…for 9 very long months. I learned my lesson, grain & beans & NO veggies or fruit gets old fast!!! Now, even though we have recovered financially, I must say I have shied away from storing too much “canned, processed” veggies & fruit…preferring the real fresh alternative. I think I have finally found my storage alternative!!! Yay!!! Very excited to try your storage foods…they look so healthy!!! And I LOVED your “before & after” storage makeover utube on your site…you made it look SOOO PRETTY, LOL. Thanks for sharing ; o )

  44. What a great idea. And after surgery i cant go to grocery store. What if i run out of food. We go through produce a lot. This is great.

  45. Wow that hand crank blender… Brilliant!! I so need to have food storage. And not just rice and beans. This is amazing! Great giveaway!

  46. Love the hand crank blender! I bought Thrive for food storage and it’s great, but I need to use it more. This is a great idea to prepare ahead & bottle a freeze dried smoothie. Thanks for the tip

  47. My 14 yr old son loves celery! Keep up the great work- always looking for more ways to incorporate healthy foods into our busy lifestyle.

  48. Wow. I had no idea this company existed. Can’t wait to check them out ! Question – do they offer the hand crank blender? If not – who? Thank you. Ps – step away from the chocolate.. 🙂

  49. Preparedness is something I have been interested in for a while, just need to need to know best way to start. Will look at Thrive Life site and check out the blogs. Thank you for the information. Shared with Facebook family.

  50. I never knew you could make a green smoothie without electricity!!! Thrive foods are so healthy. Great idea to store items you normally eat. Never heard of a hand crank blender. Way to go Jodi and Julie—- smart mommies! Todd nine pound, Wow wee! Robyn glad to hear your not losing a lot ! Will be following really enjoying all the information

  51. I love seeing that I can eat health even in an emergency. I never knew there was a hand blender. I have received been signed up with Judi and Julie for years, love what they do.

  52. Such a great gift to receive and give- Beats a ton of boring can goods in my pantry. Healthy alternative to many other brands out there. Thanks for the video too!

  53. A hand crank blender who knew! I keep hearing amazing things about thrive maybe I should try it out. Todd I am glad to hear you are getting some energy back. way t go both of you!

  54. Amazing stuff…those freeze dried fruits and vegetables!
    What a fantastic way to always have those ingredients on hand for smoothies!

  55. Oh my goodness!!! A Hand powered blender??? That just blew my mind! That freeze dried food looks amazing! I’d love to add that to my humble food storage stash.

  56. I guess I had better get on the “emergency food preparedness” ball….. that is one area I have yet to really address. Thanks for the information!

  57. Our family has done a health overhaul. Unfortunately, an emergency supply of food is lacking! I have wasted so much money trying new food items that have gone to waste, this my reason for not having any freeze dried
    food. Would love to try Thrive!

  58. What an awesome giveaway. Would love to get my hands on some of these fruits and veggies to fill in my Harvest Rack (purchased through Jodi and Julie, of course)!!

  59. Perfect timing! My food storage is in shambles too. Good to know how to keep the smoothies flowing during emergency times. Thank you. Sharing on FB,

  60. This is brilliant! Not just for emergencies but for travel. Just had a conversation this morning with an airline pilot who told me he couldn’t eat well because of space/weight/refrigeration issues. I’m showing this to him.

  61. Thank you for that video- I’ve never even heard of a hand cranked blender before!! Love it. I have, however, heard of but haven’t tried Thrive Life freeze dried foods. I’ve only tried freeze dried bananas in my smoothies and was happy to have that option. Always ready to try something new- especially something that makes my life easier!! Yeah:)

  62. Wowza….I had no idea there is an appliance you hand crank to make smoothies.!!! Thanks for this incredible information. Its fun tuning in everyday.

  63. That is so Cool! Having a hand cranked blender That is Awesome! I’ve heard of thrive and wanted to look more into it so thank you for putting it on the video. It looks so fresh. Freeze dried food is amazing. I’ve been trying to become more self reliant, but also eat healthy foods. Thank you for answering a lot of my questions that have been running through my brain! thank you thank you thank you

  64. Thank you for the great videos, especially today! I have food storage however, none really I could blend up like you did today! I am learning all sorts of great new things! Prayers for Todd that he will be feeling better! Cleaning can be challenging and yet from experience I can say well worth the results!

  65. I love the Thrive products! I had never thought to use them for green smoothies. I do use the fruits for other smoothies so now I will have to try a green one!

  66. These freeze dried foods would be awesome for those of who live where there’s winter! I was just lamenting the end of fresh fruit and veggie season!

  67. Woohoo! This is perfect. I’ve never started a food storage because the kits I see are full of corn, wheat and dairy! Blech! I hope to win this prize (or order for myself if I don’t!) A hand cranked green smoothie? Pretty awesome GreenSG Hulk power! 🙂

  68. I am a strong believer in food storage. I liked the concept of using the freeze dried fruits and vegetables for smoothies. I also liked that the products do not have fillers and other stuff in them.

  69. Hi Robyn! I have to say that with your introduction tease of “no electricity” etc., it was a must see to log in to watch your video. Very intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a hand crank blender. Who knew? That was an absolutely beautiful baby in the video…..boy? Girl? Would have loved an introduction. 🙂 I really liked seeing the freeze dried greens, way moreso than the fruit. I was curious if there were other green leafies beside spinach? That would have ROCKED to see that! I think it is fabulous that you showed products for preparedness that are not processed, canned, boxed, etc. Way to go!

  70. That hand crank blender is pretty cool! You get a workout while you’re making your smoothie. And the Thrive products all look so good.

  71. What awesome products. I did not realize these products existed before this blog, so win or lose, thank you very much for the information.

  72. Keep up the good work! And thank you for reminding me that I need to replace my old stored food with a healthier alternative. I will have to check them out!

  73. I have had my mom, my sister, sis in law get on me about having food storage. I am a green smoothie fan and have 32 oz a day and also have a new family to take care of with having had my first miracle baby at 35 and marrying with two new step kids. So this is great info to get and have for my food storage because it is the way I like to eat and actually have to eat do to having adrenal failure. Thanks for the help and tips Jodi, Robyn and Julie

  74. Wow I loved the video today something new I didn’t even know a blander that didn’t use electricity excisted and the shake looked good:) was it? I love to see all the videos or the green smoothie girl thanks for all your input on how to eat right! God bless you:)

  75. What a great giveaway! I like that they do not have preservatives. I am also going to look into the hand blender. Thanks y’all for making us aware of these products.

  76. Where do you get a blender like that? And did you only put ice in the smoothie along with the dried fruit and spinach? What about the celery? Was that in as well?

  77. So just a strange comment, but GSG, what’s up with the tank tops in every video? Its not that hot outside…. I do like Jodi and Julie and love their website! Keep up the good work girls!

  78. In the past when we went on vacation we brought a special cooler with just kale, spinach, apples and “frozen” berries, to make our smoothies. These freeze dried products sure would be more convenient!

  79. I love the freeze dried foods!! One of the hardest parts of doing green smoothies is keeping up with all the fresh food at the same time – one thing seems to go bad and then I’m missing an ingredient in my smoothie so this would be awesome!

  80. I have food storage that is almost 40 years old!! It could sure use replacing!! Finances have prevented us from doing that for the last few years.

  81. This is the best yet! I never thought about trying to make a smoothie if I was in survival mode. That hand crank blender is the business!

  82. I had no idea it was even possible to have smoothie ingredients in food storage, who knew? Wow this is great and the blender is genius.

  83. I have Thrive Life – NEVER thought of making a smoothie TOTALLY from freeze dried. Jodi and Julie, after I finish this comment I am jumping over to your website. THANK YOU, Robin, for sharing!

  84. I love the freshness of Thrive Life foods! What a great idea to get the hand crank blender so you can keep having your smoothies in an emergency!

  85. Celery is something I’ve never put in my smoothies. I’ll buy it for different recipes then it seems to find its way to the bottom of the crisper…Thanks for the suggestion, Robyn!

  86. My son watched this video with me and now says we need that blender so he can use it when ever he wants. He’s 12. 🙂 I want to know how long it took to blend that and how sore your arm was when you finished!

  87. Can’t believe how excited I get to see what the next big thing will be. I’m hoping there will be a list and links to all these great websites when the 30 days is over. Please!!! Thank you for doing this!

  88. Wow, ever since I have gotten into green smoothies and trying to eat a more whole-foods diet, I have wondered how in the world I could have “healthy” food storage, that didn’t involve electricity (freezer mainly…and blender too) and now, here are some solutions! Thank you for this great video and info. Where do u get the hand-cranked blenders, btw?

  89. I love it! I’ve wanted to buy a hand crank blender for emergencies but haven’t know which to buy or how well they actually work. I loved seeing it in use 🙂 and I never thought freeze dried foods would work in a green smoothie. Great idea!

  90. I’ve been buying thrive foods for a while, but out never occurred to me to use them for smoothies until I read this. I used the bananas, strawberries, and spinach in today’s smoothie and it was the best.

  91. Wow! This looks delishious even just for snacking. We live in earthquake Southern CA…looks like really good food preparedness items.

  92. This is super helpful to know! I would love to get some of the freeze dried products and try making a green smoothie with it. Awesome!

  93. Missed eating my green smoothie today and really missed it. What a great idea for college students!! I’m going to their website right away!

  94. I have been a subscriber to Food Storage Made Easy for a few years now. I enjoy learning about ways to modify my techniques for food storage and usage! The products are much more convenient than they were 30 years ago when I first began to prepare. I would love to win the Thrive Life fruit and veg combo package. It would be great for my Vegan spouse and the two kids that are still at home!

  95. Loving all these guests and giveaways! I have a question… I have a daughter (19) that WILL NOT drink green smoothies and is researching powdered meal replacement. What can she buy from your store to use once a day for lunch in a shaker? Or what can you suggest for a meal replacement that isn’t as bad for you as the popular ones on the market.. i.e. (Isagenix, shakeology, slimfast)

  96. I was just talking with my sister today about how I need to get myself together when it comes to preparedness….and how it’s so overwhelming! I love THRIVE! Great product!

  97. I am always looking for healthy food storage options…no ramen, cup o noodles, or fruit snacks here! That smoothie did look a bit chunky…did you crank it more after the video? Haha! Thanks for sharing!

  98. I loved this video. We are going to circumnavigate on our catamaran and are looking for great options for fresh fruits and veggies and this product looks fantastic. I would love to try it. I also loved the hand blender, I didn’t know they existed and would love to know how to find one. I love my Blend Tec but underway in the boat the hand blender would be a great alternative. Thank you!!!

  99. What a wonderful giveaway and a perfect way to start eating a little healthier and start stocking up and being prepared for anything.

  100. I’ve never seen a hand crank blender! We need one to add to our emergency supplies. We would love to try ThiveLife freeze dried delights!

  101. I live in earthquake central and even though I have an emergency box on hand, I honestly never thought of adding freeze dried food to it and I never knew that hand crank blenders existed. Very cool! I’ll be visiting Jodi and Julie’s website soon to place an order. 🙂

  102. these freeze dried products seem really cool. I definitely see the benefit of taking your smoothies on the road. Thanks for sharing!

  103. HMMMM interesting. I think the hand crank smoothie was a little to chunky for my liking. 😉 But I love the idea of freeze dried foods. Never thought about that before. Thanks for the info.

  104. Thank you for offering videos such as this one. I am new to the whole preparedness thing. I am learning sooo much! I recently switched to a vegan diet as well and was considering preparedness. I would have never thought whole foods could come freeze dried that would last long enough for preparedness stocking. To do it and save electric as well makes it even better…thank you!

  105. I have some of Jodi and and Julie’s material. They make everything pretty clear. We have moved recently as well so I need to get back to food storage too!

  106. Love those Ladies! They are great. Glad you are working on your preparedness – one of my passions. I’ve wondered in the past what your food storage was like. 🙂

  107. Thank you so much for the presentation on the Thrive freeze dried food. I have never seen freeze dried spinach before. I appreciate that you can prep it in advance in a quart jar. I also appreciated Robyn’s honesty and “realness” about having to chew something. I know I couldn’t make it 30 days without chocolate. You’re a true inspiration!

  108. I am always looking for new smoothie ingredients. This is my first time to read about Thrive, and I definitely see several items I want to try!

  109. OK – it’s me again. I’ve been commenting and reading/watching every day but now I’m wondering if I don’t have a chance for a prize because I’m not on Facebook. Do you have to “Like” on Facebook AND comment? I’m signed up. I’m just wondering if being on Facebook is a requirement of being included in the drawing??????????????????? I keep asking this question because as far as I can tell (I check back) no one has answered me yet.

  110. So glad you all joined forces to do this! I think I’ll pulverize my Thrive foods for my smoothies and store the mixture for smoothies made in the pantry at work 🙂 Would love to win!

  111. This was amazing! I always wondered if you had to eat junk or preservatives for emergency storage.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  112. Freeze,dried lasts a long time. We lose our power grid….I can blend great nutrition in a hand blender….how clever is that. Please send info on the hand blender.

  113. So excited about storing some healthy food choices and have enjoyed exploring the “food storage made easy” website as well as “green smoothie girl”! Have been checking out the “Thrive” website, too! Thanks for the great inspiration for me, and the wonderful help you are doing in provision for others in need.

  114. Love that you’re hitting all aspects of healthy living. The smoothies are a healthy given. And if there is an emergency, it’s great to know that our healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be interrupted. I so respect all you’re doing as an humanitarian.

  115. I haven’t tried Thrive products before, I had no idea you could use their fruits and veggies to make green smoothies. Great idea. And a hand crank blender, who knew?

  116. I love the idea of a hand crank blender. I haven’t tried much freeze dried food, but my mom loves it and has a lot in her food storage. Thanks for sharing!

  117. Very Impressive! – Both the food and the no-electricity-needed hand-crank blender
    Who sells it?
    How’s the fundraising going for Zambian orphans & school, for week 1? (Hasn’t been mentioned for a while).

  118. This would be a great snack for my kids’ lunches. Not sure about the hand crank blender. I would prefer hooking it up to my bicycle and blend faster.

  119. Love thrive foods!! Who knew you could make a delish green smoothie with freeze dried foods. The hand crank blender is an awesome idea to have.

  120. Well that was pretty awesome! Just add some GSG Sprouted Flax and Protein and SuperFoods to it all and you’ve got the food storage that people will be wishing they had and begging to trade you for when they decide all their sugary canned foods and beans and wheat isn’t tasting and sustaining all that well. I’m definitely including this in my food storage. Thanks for sharing!

  121. I’ve never heard of Food Stoage for Life! What a great company! I would have a hard time making it last in food storage!!! My boys and I would devour it!!!

  122. I’ve heard such great things about Thrive & have put their products on my “wish” list many times. Unfortunately, if we had to survive on our surplus right now, we’d be eating cat food…gasp! Our family of 5 could definitely use this! 😉

  123. This is a fantastic idea!! I’ve known about Thrive for a few years and now truly see the daily use of it!!! Not just for storage, but in the kitchen daily!!!

  124. This would be great as a recent widow going to the store is a after thought so to have healthy food choices on hand would be q

  125. I keep watching the video. It is another day….time for another comment. Praise the Lord for He is good, and his mercy endures forever. I thank the Lord for Jodi and Julie and for their business! Have a great evening everyone!

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