I’m having so much fun giving away $1,000’s of other people’s awesome stuff!

Our apologies for skipping a day. We are back on track!

And guess who wins a REALLY EXPENSIVE Life Ionizer package, your choice of under-sink-mounted or on-the-counter-mounted (if you rent)! I love this product for shifting my pH to more alkaline really easily. It has made an enormous difference in my health and energy. Congratulations Kenene Farrington of California. Event Promotions will contact you with more information. Thank you, Kenene, and everyone for participating. We hope you love the Life Ionizer and continue to comment!

Today, Desiree of conferenceformoms.com is giving away two conference packages . . . for moms. Learn about her mission in the video blog today, then see you tomorrow for the WINNER!

In today’s episode, I am also showing you some HIGH FAT, HIGH CALORIE superfoods that you might not think of for good brain health.

Comment below for a chance to win, and SHARE it (telling us you did) for another chance to win! We have several more prizes worth thousands of dollars in store for you, so stay tuned . . .

Happy Blending!

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  1. I keep reading post about Macca, maybe someone that has knowledge about this root could answer a question. After reading a few articles it seems that Macca and Matcha have some similar effects to the body. While I know that one is a ground root and the latter is ground green tea leaves, does anyone know specific differences (other than previously mentioned) between these two and their effects? I have read that at least one brand of Macca has a warning label for lead because of California Prop 65 and while I know if used according to recommended it is perfectly safe ( lead is naturally in several things like water), but I do wonder if this is anything to be concerned about in the long run. Does anyone know if the lead can build in the body with regular use? Sorry for all the questions, since you started this challenge, I have come across enough things I had not heard before that I am staying busy with research but there are things I have been unable to find and I hope there is another person reading all the post that can help educate me.

  2. It is such a joy to be able to help and bless others and make a difference for good in their lives. What a great example you are of that. Thanks for blessing mine and making it possible for me to bless others.

  3. Hang in there Todd!!! You can do this. Keep your eyes on the prize – there are some really needy kids that you’re helping by sticking with this challenge. I’m cheering you on from Sacramento!

  4. Go Todd! 🙂 You are going to feel great and this can change your health and life! Hang in there I’m sure it will get easier!

  5. Hang in there Todd! You are doing great. The transition you are making is not easy but will be worth it in the end and your body will thank you for it!

  6. Thanks for showing how Todd is modifying things! I hope and pray things are going better for him and his body adjusts slower. Now for my questions, how you know what to put in your smoothie? Do you repeat any or is each one different? Basically everyday I choose between 3 or 4 greens, add some ginger and sometimes fruit. How are you picking what goes in your smoothies? Do you use GSG protein with each one? Which ones do you use water? Coconut milk? I know the possibilities are endless. Are you choosing by what “sounds” good right now or is it a matter of which greens have the most punch? I hope you make a video with this info!

  7. Way to go Todd! Keep up the hard work. Cool prize package that I can really benefit from. Posted on fb, Pinterest and Instagram!

  8. Ionizer!!!…… What!…..Amazing gift!…. Thus could really help keep so many people on track. I have been pricing these for years. It would be well appreciated in my home, as I am striving to gain my health back. Thank u for this amazing week GsG!!!

  9. tODD, you can do it, low energy And sugar withdrawals are just par for the course when changing from artificial energy to really viable healthy energy. Your giving your body the best head start, keep plugging through the transitions, we are rooting for you.

  10. Adding soup and salad sounds like common sense and a good healthy plan, Todd. To my way of thinking, flexibility on an individual level with vertical whole foods moves like this is forward-thinking and far removed from cheating or failure. I hope you were able to see/feel/think this way, too. We’ll find out in 24 days! Congrats Kenene, and bless you, Desiree!

  11. Todd, you are an inspiration! It matters, keep going- your struggle is not in vain!
    Just donated to Mother’s Without Borders, and am inspired by you and Robyn to take my own words of advice…”It matters, keep going, don’t quit”

  12. Love the tip about adding avocado and coconut oil. Didn’t know coconut helped with MS and Alzheimers type issues. Keep up the good work Todd! Hopefully it will get easier after some of the detoxing! The Conference For Moms sounds amazing!

  13. Good luck Todd. It’s gets better. Great idea on conference for moms. I really like that you made it so it could be watched while at home. Nicely done.

  14. Thank you for clarifying about avocados. I love them and know they are healthy but thought I needed to eat in moderation. Yeah!!! More for me!!! Keep going Todd. I did the 26 day detox once and felt like I was in my 20s again. It’s worth it.

  15. Good luck Todd! I know how you feel. I like donuts too! This challenge is super hard but you have a great coach by your side. Thanks for both of your inspiration to getting back to good health.

  16. I get excited everyday to watch your videos! I love gaining new information, seeing how you guys are doing, seeing what the next prize is, and most of all, knowing it’s all for a great cause!!! This is such a great idea All around 🙂 Thanks!

  17. Todd, I am rooting for you. I hope with Robin’s tips and our encouragement, you will succeed and conquer the 30 day green smoothie challenge. Which green smoothie or smoothies help you stay full and energized the most? Again, good luck and I wish you the very best.

  18. It was through Confrence for Mom’s that I learned of Robyn and her green smoothies as well as so many other great people that have changed how we eat, play, and parent. Thanks for the Conference and all the expertise you bring to it.
    Todd, You’re a great example for all of us!! Keep up the good work! Wishing you energy today and the next 25!!

  19. When I was pregnant with my daughter I went through a carrot and avocado obsession. In fact I ate avocados SO much, I couldn’t eat them again for about a year after my daughter was born! But I know she got all those healthy fats and that was why I was craving them!

  20. DeZi……………..
    ……………. What a great site and idea, helping moms who are “stuck” at home raising our precious little futures, to access a wonder abundance of helpful ideas. Fresh thinking. And needed.

    1. This is so exciting! I love getting new information, I am a new subscriber and I am very happy that I found You and your work! Wishing hard for this amazing giveaway! Thanks for your generosity! <3

  21. Todd keep up the good things you are doing. Robin has been doing the Green Smoothie drink for a long time and she is a great teacher. You will be amazed, after you complete this experience. You are also an inspiring your followers because we also have bad eating habits and want to improve. You are doing wonderful!

  22. You got this Todd! I’m struggling with eating bad dogs right now tioo, but I will get back on track and eat healthier. Watching the two of you go through this challenge helps motivate me! 🙂

  23. Todd, It sounds simple, but focus on one day at a time. You have got this, buddy.. Just curious, do you think you will make some permanent diet changes after this green smoothie challenge?

  24. Todd, I did GSG’s detox last year and it was hard to do so I understand what you’re going through (even though what you’re doing is way harder!). You will be so glad that you did it when it’s over and the detox at least got easier as I got further into it so hopefully this first week has been the hardest. You’re doing great and I hope you start to feel really good soon!

  25. Thanks to both of you for your quest to raise awareness and money. Can’t wait to check out the website conference for moms. Todd, my 3 year old says “I have an uncle Todd!” I say, you got this! Keep it up. I quit sugar over a year ago and found it very hard at first, BUT, once all that junk is out of you body, you will feel AMAZING! Until then, remind yourself everyday your goals and why your doing this! 🙂

  26. Go Tod! You can do it! It will help that you can add a salad and organic soup. Hang in there. You will be glad you did…so many benefits you will experience.
    So glad I watched the video. Always learning something new from Robin. Go moms! Thanks Desiree for all that you do, too. I’m glad I found out about the Mom Conference you’re in charge of.

    I was wondering what happened to a Sunday post…and now we know. Thanks!

  27. Hey Todd! Hang in there! Good job man! Today is day four on Robyn’s detox. Had a rough day yesterday too. Spent the morning nauseous. We can do this anyway buddies! Don’t give up. I want to show your experience to my hubby. He’s in the same boat you were before you started. I love him to pieces and want to grow old with him. Today is hard because I am cooking (healthy) foods for my family like usual, and I can’t eat them on the detox. They are also expecting a birthday treat today, and I will be sitting it out (even though it’s a nautural yeast cake and fresh elderberry dessert). Elderberries are in season! Maybe I’ll stick some in my green drink when I add berries back in. Still trying to be strong and make my 39th gift to myself a cleanse. We can do this! Go everyone trying to improve their health!

    1. Awesome, Valerie. I’ll be cheering you on too, and anyone else on the GSG detox! I’ve not done it yet; your courage and determination as you meet your family’s needs while meeting your own are inspiring!

  28. Keep it up, Todd! It WILL get better (way better) and it WILL be worth it. You are so brave to do this; keep it up for folks like my husband who likes donuts too much as well. 🙂 🙂 You are leading a revolution….

    Have enjoyed Desi’s blog/site for a while now, and it’s fun to see her. The Mom Conference was neat last year.

  29. Great job guys! So grateful for your example and hard work and dedication. Thank you so much for sharing all the great ideas. I am loving it and inspired to keep at living a healthy lifestyle!

  30. I don’t mind that you skipped a Sunday blog!! Had an awesome day refilling my spiritual tank! Thanks for all the good info!

  31. I’m so discouraged I’ve been eating healthy doing green smoothies and the 8 week meal planner! Went to doctor last week and now am having acid reflux and am animic! All the vegies and salad are causing the reflux and I’m not eating meat so my iron is extremely low:-) I just don’t know what to do??

  32. Big congrats to Kenene! 😀 And so glad to learn from today’s episode too…. who knew, right?! Thanks for all of this! (Oh – and happy Monday, y’all – may your week include wonderful things!)

  33. Todd…You can do it! Keep up the green smoothies. . .donuts won’t even look good after the challenge 🙂 I LOVE avocados and guacamole. We also eat a lot of coconut oil. Fat’s fuel us…I am a believer in that!

    1. I totally agree with you Chris. And that’s the way our family eats, too, many thanks to Robyn. But about the donuts….um….they still look good to me!! 😉 hehehehehe (tis true though!)

  34. Food is medicine! I still occasionally crave something not so healthy…like holiday candy!!!!! October is right around the corner with candy corn….hoping to NOT partake this year!

  35. I am not a mom, but I have many friends who would benefit from the prize. Todd, I think it’s great that you are so honest about your journey right now. Good for you for not giving up! You will be much happier in the end!

  36. I agree On the calorie caounting.. That video really helped me. Just over two years ago. I met you on the tram form parking to the airport. I was the one who did try your green smoothie, don’t ask why. I never drink or share my drinks with others . I had never heard of you till then. I watched you videoing in line and trying to get others to dtaste it. It was good . I was surprised. So I followed a bit since then. I had lost 86 pounds by then and was in size 10 I was so excited. Then I couldn’t afford the program anymore . I racked up our American Express doing it. So I tried weight watchers and gained almost all of it back. So now I’m where I swore r I wouldn’t be again… So I want to learn your smoothies and get back to healthy. I need to behealthy. Ty for your videos and hard work.. It does look fun also

  37. Super info! Thanks so much! Todd, hang in there! You’re not only going through caffeine withdrawals (no fun), but are also detoxing!! That’s really a challenge in itself! Getting through this, you will feel so amazing and have so much energy (after clearing the toxins), you won’t want to go back to the “before” diet, guaranteed! The cause you and Robyn are supporting is so vital, and the kids need you! Blessings, energy, and health to you both!

  38. Hi Todd,

    Just want you to know I support you and feel for you. My emotional connection to certain foods/drinks is far greater than my physical need for them, so I can imagine you’re dealing with a lot of emotions right now, not to mention the physical symptoms. Sometimes I just have a good cry because I want coffee with cream or I want meat (I’m moving toward a vegan diet), and when I cry I try to connect to the reason I want it so badly. What are the feelings I’m trying to avoid by getting my fix? Sometimes my investigations help the cravings subside, but sometimes I just go ahead and get my fix and then continue to look at why I had to have it. Either way, it’s been a learning experience each time. My best to you!

  39. I would LOVE to have that awesome mom resource! Wow, what a great partner to have involved with this Mothers without Borders campaign. I am inspired and really do look forward to your messages every day. Thanks for this opportunity!

  40. Going through withdrawal is not fun, but it feels wonderful on the other side. I can look at all those sweets and breads now with detachment. Cheering you on Todd and singing your praises Robyn. Thank-you for filling a big, important need of all us moms Desiree.

  41. Todd, You can do it!!! I LOVE sugar and any type of treat…..still do……I went on a No sugar fast for a couple months once, and I can’t say that my sugar cravings disapeared like people told me they would, but it definitly got easier and I really did feel SO MUCH better after a while. It takes time. You can do it!

  42. ThAnk for your passion. It’s great to know that even though change comes and it may be difficult for some,but the important fact is to keep going…woo woo hail to the avacado

  43. Hi Todd I was thinking about you over the weekend, and the fact that you did not get to ease into the “greensmoothie” world. Most of us add the green smoothie to our normal diet for a long time before we move on. I think you are doing awesome. Hang in there.

  44. Todd – you got this. Things worth our committment are not easy but definitely worth it. Thanks to you and GSG for your inspiration!

  45. So proud of you Todd! Not only for doing the 30 day Green Smoothie challenge with Robyn but to go public to boot! EEEEEKKKKKK. Keep it up and call Robyn alllll the time until you are feeling great…sorry Robyn. 🙂

  46. First of all Todd,I feel your pain however you will be amazed at how fantastic you are going to feel. Keep moving forward, I’m cheering for you! Second, I am so glad to hear that avocado and coconut are two super fats!! Yum!

  47. I love Unconventional Kitchen! I watched the Mom’s Conference last year, and I really enjoyed the content that was given. Thanks for all you do here on Greensmoothie Girl.

  48. Good luck, Todd! You are doing great, hang in there. Just a few more days and you will start feeling better. You will never be able to go back to donuts again! They will make you sick!
    Thanks, for all you do, Robin.

  49. Todd, if you stick with the green smoothies long enough you’ll find that the donuts, candy, and energy drinks will make you feel rotten! Go Todd!!

  50. Hi guys!!! Still watching, commenting, sharing and guzzling lol. I’m up to my two smoothies a day. Last week went well. I shared on fb today. Keep up the good work.

  51. GO TODD!!! You CAN do this! YAY, Robyn, this is GREAT information to continue to teach to the world. Thank you for ALL you are doing. Casey

  52. The more green smoothies I eat, the less I can handle eating the junk! My body doesn’t want it. Thanks for the motivation to do better!

  53. What a wonderful prize. I have not gotten one yet because of the cost but happy for who won it. I know that being alkaline is so important to our health.

  54. Shared on FB. I love Desi’s Unconventional Kitchen! I attended the Mom Conference last year and loved it!!! So many amazing people giving free advice is kinda awesome! I’d love to win a package and share with my sister.
    As for Todd, I admire your willingness to stick to it. You know it’s gonna be so worth it to have your insides cleaned out! Pretty sure you’re going to start feeling light and clean and energized very soon! Hang in there man! You’ve got a lot of people supporting you in this great cause!!!!

  55. Good going Todd! I am not a mom, I am not able to get pregnant, but some of the conference sessions sound like they are good for everyone.

  56. Todd, this is totally worth the effort. Hang in there! So great to see you supporting Mothers Without Borders and improving your health.

  57. My question is regarding coconut milk in a can, coconut butter, coconut oil are not recommended by the American Heart Assoc for people with high Cholesterol due to high in saturated fat? what’s your thought on that?
    I ask this because-
    My cholesterol goes higher every time I get tested, they put me on statins a several months ago, I took my self off it a month later after watching a trailer movie on statins recently came out, I don’t like to take drugs, not evan tylenol etc. I’m 50 yrs old, I exercise -running, weight lifting, cardio plyometrics 5 to seven days a week. I eat organic, I read labels, I try not to eat at restaurants or processed foods
    . my resting heart rate is 44. My doctor was shocked I’m shocked my cholesterol is high. GRRRR!

  58. Hi. I’m interested in using turmeric in my smoothies. Can anyone suggest an amount per quart that would be healthful? Also – any reasons not to use it? Thanks. BTW : I have a blendtec. Love it. Would love the new one.

  59. Hang in there Todd 😉 It gets better, I promise! I went cold turkey just like you when I first started. It was rough… I felt miserable and like I was gonna starve for the first two weeks then things started turning around and I felt better than I ever had. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water too, and if you’re not already doing so I would suggest taking a 20-30 minute walk 3-4 times a week to help get things moving and out of your system (toxins). You can do this!! 🙂

  60. When you take anything into your gut and extremely acidic stomach (to protect from bacteria) will neutralize whatever pH you may consume. So it’s really hard for me to imagine any alkaline product will actually do anything to your health. Any thoughts on that? Is there any validity on consuming alkaline products associated with any health benefit?

  61. Enjoying checking the blog every day. Lots of fun learning about new stuff! Even my husband was checking out the intellibed site. I may convince him soon!

  62. Todd, You are doing an amazing job already!!!! just take it one day at a time. Now is the time to get healthy before you get sick. You can do it!!!!

  63. Day 8 of the GSG detox. Down 9 pounds. Starting back at day one. I feel like I have a lot of inflammation so I should really start back at day 1. Going good. I am not hungry at all. Sleeping better already. Hang in there Todd you can do this!

  64. Hey Todd, hang in there. Trying to ramp up to do the diet that is right for me I know how hard it can be. Looking to you for inspiration!

  65. You can do this Todd! Just think how much better you will feel and how much more energy you will have at the end of this journey!!!!! You got this!

  66. WooHoo for moms. What a great prize! What a great idea to host Mom’s Conerences. Now someone needs to take on Grandmoms! Todd, keep going. You may not be feeling great, but you’re looking better. Don’t give up! Robyn is a great cheerleader.

  67. I’ve found that adding raw nuts that I’ve soaked in water for several hours to my smoothie gives me extra energy. My personal favorites are cashews

  68. I am wondering what all you put in
    your smoothies. Or did I miss that info somewhere. Keep up the good work. It will be worth it in the end with better health and less cravings for the bad stuff. Drink lots of water to help with detox!

  69. Hang in there Todd. Detoxing is so difficult!!! Love the support for the moms out there too through the conference. Being a mom can be a very isolating and lonely job at times not to mentions physically and emotionally exhausting so resources like this are priceless!!!!

  70. Conference for Moms….brilliant idea! I just sent a link to another Mom in the industry that would be a great addition to your conference. So fun to share the success of strong women. Todd…you’ve got this. We only learn when we step out of our comfort zone….and you’re there. Imagine what an impact this will have on your life and nutrition choices…keep it up with moderation…you can do it! Curious if you are making your own smoothies or are you following recipes from Robyn’s books? Still so curious WHAT smoothies you each are having daily…oh do share!

  71. Keep up the good work, Todd. After awhile you won’t miss the donuts! Thanks Robyn for reminding us that we need to take care of our neurological system. Moms are awesome and we need to nurture ourselves too!

  72. I have been using an avocado in my green smoothie for a year now, they’re great!!! Also use coconut products. Love to read all your information on your blog!!!

  73. Todd and Robyn–I am impressed by your commitment. It makes me want to try something hard and challenging in my own diet. I will have to think about it. . . .

  74. Hang in there Todd!! Doing the 26 day detox, I experienced some of the things you are working through and I know you can do it!! Lucky for you Robin is there to guide you through this sensibly!! Thank you for being honest and sharing what’s really happening to both of you!

  75. The conference sounds like a great win too. Todd, eventually the foods you craved will be the foods you despise. Gave up soda in the 90’s, just doesn’t look refreshing like it once did.

  76. Keep going Todd!!! You got this! Definitely add the coconut oil and avacados! My kids are adults now, but I know this conference can be a huge gift for moms with young’uns!

  77. So I love avocados, but am leary of the fat and calories when I have pounds to shed. Your video makes it seem like I’m cutting out something I love for crazy reasons. How much avocado in my diet is reasonable?

  78. Tired?


    1. GSG Lifestyle

    2. RAW Almonds – For Low Energy — which may be from Low Blood Sugar — NOT from low or diminished Protein.
    Raw Almonds also help with Depression that’s caused by Low Blood Sugar. (Tip from Ann Blake Tracy who helps people (with competent supervision) to SLOWLY come off of Antidepressants, etc.: Eat 6 every waking hour. http://www.DrugAwareness.org )
    Soaking them in water softens them for blending or chewing.
    Organic, non-pasteurized, raw almonds are even better, which Robyn has included in her GSG Group Buy.

    3. MORE & BETTER SLEEP (also prevents/improves/cures Depression) Wake up NATURALLY — WITHOUT an ALARM clock.

    Not being a Cleanse expert, or even having done a short GSG challenge, I wonder/suppose that the low energy, fatigue tiredness, etc. may NOT be from Your (Todd’s) perceived Insufficient Protein (See Robyn’s post after her African Safari.), but instead from Addictive Withdrawal, Toxic Cleanse, OR from at least 1 of 4 current and/or cumulative DEFICIENCIES — (1) Nutrients, (2) Sleep (DUH!!!) 🙂 , (3) Exercise and/or (4) Positive Emotional State — Deficiencies that have been Artificially Chemically “Compensated” — that is, MEDICATED with Energy Drinks and other things that were being consumed.

    One (of several things) that may GREATLY Improve Sleep — AND Your Whole Day — AND Your WHOLE LIFE:
    Go to bed EARLY ENOUGH to wake up NATURALLY — WITHOUT an ALARM clock. Make it Your HABIT!!!

    The Habit — and BLESSING of Good Sleep for All, would nearly wipe out the market, or at least, the need for Coffee, Colas, Energy Drinks and Antidepressants.

    Being like The Green Smoothie Girl, is the other Critically Beneficial Remedy and Lifestyle for our Good Physical and Mental Health?

    Good Luck in Adjusting and Continuing!

  79. Hang in there, Todd! Don’t give up, you’ll be through the yuck part of this in just a few days and then on to all the awesome benefits that Robyn and all the other green smoothie drinkers enjoy!

  80. Go Todd Go!! You can do it! I always eat an avocado a day during its peak season, my husband tells me I’m going to get fat, and I never have gained any extra weight! In fact, I always feel better and more energized! I cook in coconut oil too! My kids didn’t even notice the day I switched!

  81. One more day, and how are you dear Lady? I know you are feeling healthier everyday! I’m staring my day with a green smoothie! I love your new YouTube video on the calorie counting stupidity. I agree! Sending you hugs and strength.

  82. Great video today. Keep up the great work Todd! You’re inspiring all of us who like junk food =)

    I think I will start adding some coconut oil to my daily green smoothie and have some guacamole at lunch.

    Thanks for the daily updates.

  83. yea~! Todd…..i recommend you put a lot of high quality lecthicin in your smoothies…we need it. and i think along with the avocado and coconut oil, it will help you with hunger, energy level.
    very good for neurological function, too

  84. THIS is EXCITING! Just signed up and am thrilled to hear more from Robyn and her wonderful collaborators! Robyn, I’ve missed seeing you in person this year in Charlotte, NC!

  85. i commented but it looks like it disappeared. I thought Todd might try putting powdered lecithin in his green smoothies. unfortunately, finding a lecithin supplement is very tricky since most soy is gm, and because people are having allergies to “it” they’re experimenting with making it with sunflower. i would love some help finding the best source of phospholipids and glycolpils for human health. impt as you get older. any recommendations, anyone?

  86. I love celery!!!! This is a food I often crave. I eat it raw in salads, smoothies, juices, and when I cook, it goes in soup. Yum. Yum.
    Thanks for everything Robyn. Blessings to this project you are working on.

  87. Way to go Todd! To change your diet that much and still keep drinking the green smoothies while detoxing takes amazing will power… great job!!!!!!

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