Today it’s a $2,600 prize! + my tennis team shows up in uniform!

The winner of the GreenSmoothieGirl $200 Shopping Spree is Margie Broomall of Texas!

Event Promotions will contact you for more of your information so we can send the GSG goods your way!

My tennis team showed up to SUPPORT, today! They are all rocking the green smoothie fast with me for 3 days, check out these hot mom-athletes! (Try not to laugh at Tiff, who looks frozen—she thought she was posing for a still shot, and my team has been making fun of her ever since.)

And our giveaway is the BIGGEST ITEM YET! It’s a $2600 Life Ionizer….the winner can choose countertop- or under-sink-mounted. It’s a very important tool in my health and anti-aging arsenal, and you can read about it HERE. Thank you to Life Ionizer for their support of this humanitarian campaign and for giving some lucky friend of mine an amazing, expensive gift! Remember you must “like” us on Facebook, be signed up HERE, and comment on the blog below.


To Your Health!

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  1. Green smoothies are the best! I try to give them to my kiddo’s at least 2 times a week. They get picky, but we are working on it.

  2. I have wanted one of the water ionizers for a few years now, I hope I win!! You all are doing great, keep up the good work!

  3. I have been soooo interested in Water Ionization since early this year and it would be sooooooo good for our children and ourselves to win this. I would be so so grateful to win this. Thank you Robin for being an educator in areas of nutritional health that have been pushed to the sidelines for so long. I looked for the girl that was posing but couldn’t find her. I’ll have to re-watch it!

  4. I’m lucky enough to live near a natural spring, which is my main drinking water source, however, I would love to install an ionizer and not have to make biweekly trips to the spring and just know that the PH balance is correct 🙂

  5. Hey Robyn, I was making a peach smoothie today and the recipe doesn’t call for greens but I thought of you this morning and threw in a big bunch of kale! The greens didn’t change the smoothie in fact it tasted better! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Is begging to win allowed?? Pllllleeeasssse. I NEED ONE OF THIS. So cool that the team is supporting you Robyn. YOU GO

  7. Just wondering….what changes after day 3?? Not hungry? Chewing urge disappears? More energy? Love what you are doing and all the reasons why you are doing this challenge! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  8. I have a Berkey filter for my drinking/cooking water, since we are on city water. I’d be interested in know how acidic/alkaline our water is after putting it through the filter. Hadn’t thought about that before!

  9. When I was a teenager (years ago:)) I made the decision to drink only water for as long as I could. It lasted several years and even now I mostly only drink water. I love how it makes me feel. Also, it’s so interesting to see how water can taste so different with every tap, brand of bottled water, or at different restaurants. Kind of a little scary, too! I really have enjoyed following your campaign and the little tidbits I have taken away are so valuable. Thank you!

  10. Robyn, is it better to put an extra scoop of protein powder in my shake for extra protein or drink a shake more frequently with just the one scoop?? I work out a lot and have heard your body only absorbs so much protein at one time but sometimes I don’t feel full after a shake or I seem to be hungry faster.

  11. I’ve been having 32 – 40 oz. of green smoothies daily since the challenge began and my stools have become “urgent” and the consistency of pudding. Question… Does this change over time, or is there something i can incorporate into my smoothie or diet to firm things up again? Thanks for you help!

  12. Nothing worse than watching yourself on video!! I’m totally a deer caught in headlights! Robyn, you are a pro! Love everything you are doing!

  13. So glad you have the support of some friends! That’s awesome! Thanks for doing this challenge and bringing a greater awareness to so many things. I appreciate it.

  14. Day two of level 2 detox. Check out Robyn’s detox program too if you haven’t already. This is about my third time through. This time I am doing the level two with a few more tools than I had in the past. I am expecting to feel squeaky clean on the inside at the end of 26 days. Thanks for inspiring me. I know your regular detox program isn’t what you are promoting right now, but I am sorta considering you and Todd my buddies. There wasn’t anyone on the forum board to buddy with, and honestly, my last two buddies from the forum were not super gung ho and they gave up. They were nice, and kept in touch, but they both gave in to lots of temptations. Made it hard to stay committed. So, thanks for being my hard core buddy. You doing something successfully is inspiring my success. So far I am feeling good! Awesome cause too! Also, if anyone goes to Roxberry in Highland Utah the have a jar there and are collecting money for this cause. Hope my spare change be magnified by others giving too! Go Mom power!

  15. What a fantastic support system you have! I love watching your videos everyday. I have been learning so much! BTW- cancer survivor right here. Balanced my pH instead of chemotherapy and have been in remission for 10 years!!

  16. Also, don’t everyone think the buddy forum is not a good tool or helpful just because of my experience. It was a challenge, but not impossible and I was able to still be successful and my buddies did an awesome job of doing much better than they would have that month than they would have other wise. I think both had intended to come back and have another go around. It was still a good experience so I’m not dogging the process. Honest! It’s a great program.

  17. I would love to win the Life ionizer. I have drank ionized water in the past but haven’t been able to in years and would love to start again. As always, good luck and a good luck to your tennis team for as long as they all participate!

  18. I have been so intrigued by alkaline water! Haven’t tried it yet, but would love to! Thank you for all the good you are doing in the world. You have really made a difference in so many lives. Thank you!

  19. 🙁 I don’t know what happened to my original post. Makes me sad because I would’ve been the first one to make a comment. I had originally said that I’ve been very interested in water Ionizers since earlier this year and how I’d love love love (only said it once the first time) to win one, and was Thanking you, Robin for educating on alternative health choices. Oh, and I didn’t see the one who looked like she was frozen…………………I shared on FB by the way!

  20. Go tennis team! The not chewing is always hard on me when I do the 3 day smoothies. The ionizer is on my wish list! I’d love one for my family so we can all be less acidic. I love your vanilla protein. I put it in my flax/cottage every morning. Mmmmmm! Thanks again for an awesome video.

  21. Awesome prize! I have been wanting a life ionizer but have not been able to budget it. I have been waiting on the next group buy and have been drinking bottled alkaline water….this would be petfect for me…fingers crossed!

  22. I have an older used ionizer and only drink the alkaline water from it, and add the water to my smoothies every day. Your tennis teammates are lovely, you all look like you have a great time together. Great video, good luck with your challange.

  23. My kids are really loving green smoothies! I’ve been replacing their breakfast cereal for smoothie. What a great way to help kids learn to be healthy for the rest of their lives. I told each of my 6 kids when they get married or off to college mom is giving them each a blender. They were actually excited! Imagine a world where kids ate healthy. We would never hear about little kids getting diabetes. I just saw an article about a 2 year old having type 2 diabetes! Let’s change the world one green Smoothie at a time. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! I would love to see a healthier world too, without all the diabetes.
      My in laws give a blend Tec to each of their kids as a wedding gift. It was my absolute favorite gift.

  24. Good luck Robin and tennis team! This is such a great cause. I would love a life ionizer!!! I have wanted one since I started following gsg!!!

  25. ok ok I’m dreaming … meanwhile all you girls are so beautiful … in terms of smoothies, sounds like the ionizer might really be the main event … count me in

    there’s a … kind of parallel product to the ionizer that GSG might consider marketing, tri-oxy re-ion … it’s an ozone injector for laundry and for shower, and for kitchen as well, at gohealthynext

  26. Living in the country, we have hard well water. The water tasted really good up to 5 years or so ago. But since there’s been so many people that moved into our area, it doesn’t taste the same. I drink lots of water and believe your body needs to be alkalized to be at its best. Would be so awesome to have a Life Ionizer installed!!!
    I drink smoothies everyday, but I’m going to try a 3 day challenge with your tennis team.

  27. Way to go everyone! I’ve done the detox twice, so I know the tennis team can do 3 days of green smoothies. Glad to see such support!!

  28. I can not Thank You enough for the $200.00 GreenSmoothieGirl shopping spree!!! I can not wait to taste the new protein drinks. I have tried several of your products and they are delicious! I have a little bit of the mineral drops left and put it in my smoothie every day. Thank you again.

  29. Such a great challenge and cause! Good luck with the 30 days! I would LOVE the Life Ionizer and could really use it. I’ve always wanted one. Thank you for entering me in the drawing! 🙂

  30. YAHOO! Great clip today! I love the way your team is supporting you, Robyn! I would SO LOVE to be selected for the Life Ionizer prize! Our water quality is not so great and I know it would make a HUGE difference in our family! Just finished Phase 3 of the GSG Detox. Feeling great! Thanks to GSG and Life Ionizer! Keep earning money for Mothers Without Borders! #GSGLIFE

  31. Green Smoothies have helped me stay healthy through a pregnancy with twins! I make sure I have them once a day along with the protein shake. When you are constantly starving and all food is gross, this really helps to get some good nutrition to us all.

  32. I loved seeing your beautiful tennis team, that was really fun.I had my first cup of Crio this morning and it is great! Much better than coffee. Who knew?

  33. How fun that your team is joining in for 3 days! You girls seem like you have a blast together. I definitely want to start my own challenge and only drink green smoothies, but can I do that if I’m currently nursing?

  34. An Ionizer is Just what my family needs!!! Would love to have one 🙂
    I’m on day 12 of the 26 day GSG Detox. The 3 days of green smoothies is Far better than what comes prior in the detox 😉

  35. I have really been focusing on what I eat this week and drinking tons of water with my ultimate minerals. I FEEL AMAZING! A life ionizer would be even better.

  36. Love the girls joined in for 3 days! Robyn you inspired me to drink green smoothies years ago! Still love and enjoy them. I would like to take my water to a new level and would love to win the Life Ionizer!!! Thanks for all you do!

  37. Ok, something happened to my earlier comment, so I’m going to comment again.

    I would love an Ionizer for our new house we are building! Thank you Robyn, Thank You Life Ionizer!

  38. It’s so fun to see your tennis team & see how they are supporting you! I’d love to reap the benefits of the ionizer!!! Thanks!

  39. AWESOME!! How cool to be part of a team like that 😀 Congrats! (And fingers crossed — one day I would LOVE to know the joys of getting to live with this kind of ionizer, LOL!) Thanks for the opportunity – and it’s fun to keep up with you too!

  40. Where do you find time to play tennis on top of everything else you do?! I think I see another branch to your business-time management advice!

  41. Congratulations Margie Broomall! Thanks Robyn for the fun giveaways and awesome products for my green smoothies I make EVERY morning! I especially love the berry protein! I just love it!! Thanks!

  42. I have been buying spring water until I can afford an ionizer. The fluoride in my culinary water makes my Hashimoto’s so much worse. Thank you for all the good information!!

  43. You are doing a great job. I have read about the ionizer and think it’s a wonderful product. What an awesome prize for whoever wins!

  44. Our water here is so hard and doesn’t taste very good. I have to drinks loads of water every day due to natural dehydration, but also medical conditions and the medications I take, which also cause me to dehydrate even more. Thank for this opportunity to win a Life Ionizer! Keep up the great work with the campaign!

  45. The Life Ionizer sounds like a good way to clean our water. I’ve tried water filter pitchers, but the water makes my tongue feel funny. I need to do some more research on this. You’ve picked out some awesome prizes!

  46. GSG detox day 6. Down 8 pounds. Most probably inflammation. Feel so good not to have joints in hands and knees constantly hurting. I am thinking about 3 pounds weight loss which is a bonus too. 🙂 Thanks so much for the blog, motivation and doing this for such a great cause.

  47. I have been wanting to get one of these for the longest time. You all are awesome! Also shared on Facebook, twitter and pinned on pinterest.

  48. I asked a question earlier this morning and submitted it and then saw it submitted but don’t see it anymore so if this is redundant, I apologize. This is my question: for the added protein in my shake, should I add an extra scoop of protein powder or drink a shake more frequently with just the one scoop?? I work out a lot and sometimes I am still hungry after my shake.

  49. I have been to Robyn’s life presentations twice and always popularize her green smoothies with my friends and family members. I would be happy to popularize the Life Ionizer if I get lucky with this drawing!

  50. First, your team is hilarious fun! Way to be! Second, we started drinking purified water about 2 years ago and it made a huge difference for us. We get it out of the big, blue machines at the store. Is that much different than your Ionized water or is it the same thing?

  51. How fun to have the support of your team. I would totally love to try anything that would make my water even healthier. I just recently started trying to drink enough water every day. It has been tricky but I’m sure it will be worth it.

  52. Half way through watching the video I realized I was drinking my green smoothie. Pure coincidence. Looks like a fun group of ladies! Keep up the great work!

  53. Sitting here in beautiful Zion’s on a yoga retreat feeling complete bliss and gratitude. This morning I had my green smoothie with GSG protein and several others wanted some too. Life is perfect right now. Keep going strong!

  54. Thank you for letting us know about the ionizer. It is so great to be able to learn about new products! Good luck with the rest of the challenge! You are doing great!

  55. I’m a 49 year old widowed mother of two teenage girls who wants to become a healthy, happy woman truly living this life I’ve been blessed with. Looks like I may have found a valuable tool to help me get healthy and love living again. Thank you.

  56. I have been fighting health issues for nearly 50 years. 6 months ago I went gluten, sugar and dairy free. I need better water to be part of this change and would love to win the Life Ionizer!

  57. Awesome! Loved to see the support from your tennis team. I love tennis! I’ve never heard anything about alkaline water, so this is news to me!

  58. WOW!!!! Glad you see your tennis team support you. Looks like you have lots of fun together. Thank you for your daily updates. very inspiring!!! way to go!!! How is Todd doing today– did not see him. I believe what you are saying about the alkaline water is absolutely right, but never have tried it. Is there a certain time of year for the group buys and is it the same price? Thank you for the great information. Keep Going!!!!!

  59. Love my ionizer! I did the group buy a few years ago and it is great! The lucky winner is getting a real treat! Good luck with your journey, loving it.

  60. My husband and I love the way our lives have changed due to drinking our green smoothies every morning.we love sharing the message with anyone who seems interested.

  61. Great idea and motivation to even just do a 3 day green smoothie challenge! I’m definitely thinking about it. I would also LOVE a water ionizer! All of the drinking water around me is so acidic and I always feel bad that this water is my only affordable option 🙁

  62. . I used to drag my glass jugs over to my friends house as they had one. They moved away in the spring and I miss the healthy water! My family is on a fixed income and raising our 8 yr old grandson so we could not afford one. I would love to win one for my family!!!

  63. How cool your tennis team is there to support you and this great cause. I can relate to trying to give up the soda. Good Luck everyone!

  64. I recently tried some ionized water for the first time that was shared to us by a friend. I would love to have a water ionizer, but can’t afford one yet. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of health with all of us!!!

  65. I’m really loving these videos every day. I feel inspired. I do smoothies every morning but I’m going to increase them for awhile. Telling my friends about you. Would love the Life Ionizer!

  66. I have heard so much about alkaline water and how much healthier it is for you, would be so great to win the Ionizer!!! Such a blessing to have such great girl friends to support you!

  67. Day 5 and very alive….Great example! How much green smoothie are you each drinking a day? Do you drink one when you feel hunger, or whats your signal to drink more?

  68. I am so happy that I found your website just in time to learn about your battle/victory, products, friends and to observe the 30 day green smoothie challenge. I find myself looking forward to the next video and results.

  69. I have been looking at water ionizers for a few years now. The water in Fargo tastes okay but whenever it floods, the water is no longer palatable or safe. It would give me such peace of mind to know my family and I had a water source that was truly good for our overall health. Thank you for all you do!

  70. Curious what are the smoothies you gravitated to the most this week? Would love to hear what you’re drinking on a few days. The inonizer looks amazing. We have sooo many minerals and yuck in our water over here on the East coast. We refill 5 gallon jugs weekly as we won’t touch the water from the sink. Would love to win this ionizer!! Keep up the great work…in 1 year you’ll be celebrating the fruits of you labor overseas!

  71. Drinking alkaline water is very awesome! I did it for a while and noticed the difference immediately. Since having to go back to regular water I can now notice it affects me to drink regular water

  72. How great your team is there supporting you! I used to play in my college days….trying to get back into it. I’d be guzzlin that awesome water while I’m playin’ if I could win it!

  73. I would LOVE this prize, especially since we just moved to Houston and I can smell the chlorine when the water comes out of the tap!! Fingers crossed!!!!

  74. Congrats! Man,I hope I win this. I really love ionized water my neighbor has one and I always go over with a pitcher. Lol
    Question: Robyn, what exercises did you start with 20 hrs ago when you were over 200? I’m about 230 and when I workout it puts a lot of strain on my joints. I have bad knees and wrists from a car accident, makes it worst. I just turned 33 and for the last 15 hrs I’ve been obese. I really want to change this and feel like myself again. I just want to be healthy, but physically fit would be nice too. Any pointers?

  75. Good luck to the tennis team.OMG my wife has begged for the ionizer for almost a year. Please pick me 🙂 Husband of the year is at stake

  76. I love drinking alkaline water. I know it helps keep nasty diseases like cancer away. I would love to give this to my friend that is suffering from R.A. I believe it would help her joint pain. Thanks for this awesome help for Mother’s Without Borders. I have been there twice and will be going again next summer!

  77. Looks like a really fun bunch of ladies. Hoping to one day be able to do something like that. You’re living the dream….. Great gift today! I’ve been commenting and reading/watching every day but now I’m wondering if I don’t have a chance for a prize because I’m not on Facebook. Do you have to “Like” on Facebook AND comment? I’m signed up. I’m just wondering if being on Facebook is a requirement of being included in the drawing??????????????????? Thanks

  78. How wonderful that your team is supporting you like that. I have to say that I can’t believe they could be around you that frequently and not have been converted to Green Smoothie ladies already. 🙂

  79. Alkaline water is something I’ve been wanting to learn more about for a while. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it today. I would love that ionizer. What a boost to have your tennis team supporting your efforts this way.

  80. Would love to win!!! Congrats ladies on your journey to not drinking soda I have been soda free for 5 years- once you get used to not drinking them they taste awful and the craving for them will be gone- My 8 year old has never drank a soda and that is something that I am so proud of 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

  81. Enjoying watching the daily videos, I have good quality well water so not that interested in the Ionizer, but learning and becoming more enthusiastic in becoming more healthy myself.

  82. My wife told me about water ionizers years ago and the health benefits associated with its use. Green smoothies are also amazing!

  83. You have inspired me to be more consistent with my green smoothies. Love your site and the high quality products you sell!! Thanks!

  84. I drive to a health store every 4 days to refill my three 5 gallon water jugs with Kangan/alkaline water. We use it for cooking and drinking in our house. It would be awesome to have this product! Liked this on facebook too.

  85. I recently had to redo my kitchen because of mold under the cabinets!! And when they put in new counters, I had them drill an extra hole in hopes to one day get an ionizer!!! My mom and I read all about it, and we are so amazed by all the many health benefits!!

  86. What an awesome prize! I’d love to win this because the city in which we live keeps adding strong amounts of chlorine and other chemicals to the water, and it smells and tastes really, really bad. Unfortunately, they said that the water will be like this for several months, and I’ve been buying bottled to drink and cook with every since. 🙁

  87. In the old days I use to be addicted to pop. One day I added up how much money I spent drinking that poison. That was the day I said that I was going to quit. And I did. I sure would like drinking water from an Life Ionizer.

  88. So fun your team is supporting you too! I’m really interested in good drinking water, I just found out my city puts fluoride in the tap water. 🙁

  89. What a great support your tennis group is. I think they will love the green smoothies! I know they really make a difference in how I feel.

  90. Great video with Your tennis team, Robyn! I hope they all are switching to be healthy like You! The Life Ionizer is a wonderful prize. Win or not, I want one! Thanks for helping us be healthy & for helping the Zambian kids, with a lot of help from Your friends, too.

  91. Thanks for the info on ionized water & whey protein. If the water tasted better I would drink more of it. I usually just drink tea to get more water.

  92. Very informative. I learned something new!! I’ve been trying to post all day and see how the progress was going.(twins bday) Every morning I wake up thinking about this program and your efforts to accomplish this task. Stay strong!!!

  93. I know we’re supposed to do this by Midnight… but I honestly thought you didn’t have a blog post today (saturday). I went to your site at 7:30 and again at 8:30 this morning and it was still only yesterday’s post… so I figured you were doing one today. I would love to still be entered in the drawing for the Ionizer… this and the bed are the two prizes I am coveting the most! Thanks!

  94. I know this is after Midnight… but as my wife stated… I didn’t think you had a blog post today (Saturday). Yesterday’s post was still up at about 8am when I logged on… so I figured you were taking weekends off. I would love to still be entered in the drawing for the Ionizer… this and the bed are the two prizes we are coveting the most! It seems I saw in the comments on another day that some late entrants were accepted, so I hope that applies here. Thanks!

  95. I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date…Day 5 is technically over!
    I CANNOT miss my support of this, the school is FAR from clover!
    Green Smoothie Girl, Green Smoothie Girl, YOU don’t miss a day
    to reinforce through action and voice the course we ALL must stay;
    to follow you…to see this through…for that school where kids can play,
    And eat, and learn, and become the leads who’ll show their country the way!

  96. I would like to know which blendtec model does the Greensmoothiiegirl uses at home as her personal one. I would like to purshase one like hers and a recipe book becsuse I am a 10 year servivor of cancer and if I start eating more greens I think I can make it 10 or more years or reverse my cancer and wipe it out!
    Thank you!
    Frances R Smith

  97. Fun to see you with your tennis buddies and it’s great their trying green smoothies.i have a well and my water has to go threw a commercial iron filter and softener because it has so much iron. So it sounds like the life ionizer is something that would be really appreciated in my house.

  98. Not sure why I’m not seeing my comment, but here it is again…Soo excited about all this! For the prizes, for the cause and that your friends are taking the challenge. It IS GOOD to feel like you are not alone in the healthy journey!! Best wishes to them all!!

  99. Ionizer is one of the next few steps in completing my family’s health/medical overhaul. We’ve been sick for years and finally are seeing postive progress. I buy alkaline water but worry about the plastic even though it’s BPA free. Would love to have this water system!

  100. Hi. How’s it going guys?! Lol and how would a family participate/volunteer. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I shared today’s post on fb and Google!!!

  101. Hoping this counts for Sunday the 20 th – but either which way, BRAVO on your first week! Many thanks for the company as those of us out here follow along with you!

  102. We have the most horrible public water in our area, this would be a nice addition to the water filter I hope to convince my hubby to get for Christmas. Oh, and it is wonderful to have the support of your tennis team Robyn!

  103. Yes!! It looks so great! Would make life much more flawless and easy. Thank you so much for giving all of us this wonderful opportunity to win such a life support help!

  104. Had a really good green smoothie this morning for breakfast. Cantaloupe, Spinach, alkalizing minerals, almonds, bananas, and there was something else, but I forgot now 🙂 . But it was really yummy.

  105. This would be amazing for my family’s health! We cannot drink our well water and buy deionized water, as that is what is available. I would love to filter our water! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  106. Wow! That would be very nice…water, clean water…
    We like your Green Smoothies every day! We still like our grass fed cattle steaks occasionally but certainly agree with you of the importance of a mostly veggies/fruit diet!! The story given to us in the Bible about Daniel makes it very clear of the importance of lots of green veggies in our diets.
    Thank You Robyn!
    For all of your lectures, videos, books–everything you do to try to help America be a healthier nation!
    May God Bless you and all of your employees.

  107. I have recently been buying distilled water and adding fresh squeezed lemon to it for my drinking water. I am loving the taste and am anxious to see the changes it will bring to my health. I would love to have my family get this important nutrient right from our own sink.

  108. I’ve been commenting and reading/watching every day but now I’m wondering if I don’t have a chance for a prize because I’m not on Facebook. Do you have to “Like” on Facebook AND comment? I’m signed up. I’m just wondering if being on Facebook is a requirement of being included in the drawing??????????????????? Thanks

  109. Way to go tennis team! I drink more water then ever in my life now. A life ionizer would make it so easy to get clean pure water ❕

  110. Even though we have great water here in Utah, a Water Ionizer would only make it better! Love seeing your tennis team support this cause. Especially love hearing their candid, real comments. Way to go drinking the green smoothies for 3 days! Impressed.

  111. I love alkaline water! My body really can tell the difference. It’s like the water gets in the cells better. I get heartburn now if I drink any other kind of water for more than 2 days. And my daily green smoothie gets my day off to a great start. I love it!

  112. A few years ago, we got a whole house water purifier, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough; however, it was a start. The Life Ionizer has been on my “wish list” ever since. Baby steps though, right? This would be a dream to kick things up a notch and finally get the water our bodies need!

  113. Thank you Robyn, for reaching out to the world with your passion and inspiration. You are the change you wish to see in the world.

  114. I’m excited to have a chance to win the Ionizer. As much as we try to eat right, the water can sabotage us. This would be wonderful!

  115. I would love to win the Life Ionizer. I love drinking alkaline water, but I always have to add something to mine that makes it that way. This would be wonderful!!
    Thank you for all of the information you give us Robyn. It’s very much appreciated!

  116. What a fun video, Y’all look so cute and bottoms up on the smoothies!! Green smoothies is literally changing my life! Took me many years to learn that without my health I have nothing, I would love to be able to use ionized water as the base for my green smoothies. Huge thanks to Robyn and Life Ionizer for the opportunity to win.
    Blessings and good luck to all!

  117. Life Ionizer, alkaline water for life! Since water is 80 percent of our body make up, it’s important to drink non toxic water. Doesn’t get any better than this! Sign me up to win! Thanks Robin:-) Shared on FB and Twitter

  118. Yaya! LOVE tennis…but haven’t played in…ummm…probably 4 years!!! Way to be ladies! And way to support Robyn in this! Me and my husband did a juicing/green Smoothie fast for 3 days straight this past january…and added a few whole foods on days 4 and 5 even…I lost 5 stubborn “pregnancy/holiday pounds” and kept them off ever since…. Water quality/alkalinity has been something I have been curious about the last few years since discovering it would be interesting to see if it would make a difference in my family’s health!

  119. Thanks for a chance to win a Life Ionizer Robin. I’m gonna do an all day green smoothie day at least once a week. It will be an easy pre planned meal day!

  120. What a great giveaway prize. My aunt of 55 just recently passed away from lymph cancer and one of the biggest struggles was getting her PH up higher. She did purchase a ph water ionizer for her house but unfortunately she got too late. Hopefully I’ll be able to protect my health.

  121. So nice to see the support. I have never used or had an alkaline Ionizer. I love hearing about the different projects. I can’t wait to see what your up to tomarrow.

    1. p.s the ionizer would be awesome, I have just recently learned how beneficial alkaline water is for the body, My body needs some real help – healing – I would love to have a way to have alkaline water to drink, Water is my favorite beverage but it sounds like what I have been drinking is not the best water and I need to make some changes – Are there ways to get alkaline water that are a bit more affordable? This system looks awesome but is a bit out of my price range.

  122. What a great thing for your team to support you. I try constantly to get people to try green smoothies. My friends are starting to ask and now that you guys are doing this to help others it’s something else to talk to people about. My granddaughter is 21/2 and is very, very ill. She has been tested for diabetes and cancer in the last three weeks. Her spleen and liver are inflamed. I told my daughter to give her at least one green smoothies per day and two if she can and to massage her with essential oils. I believe the green smoothies can help get rid of the toxins in her body. You guys are making a difference with what you are doing for the kids in Zambia but for people here too. Keep going! Todd, glad your headache is gone. Good job!

  123. Nice to see the support you are getting! The Life Ionizers are so amazing. My Mom recently bought one when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did have the lump removed, but no chemo and radiation. She opted to making dietary changes including the life ionizer, she was able to beat it naturally!

  124. It is wonderful and inspiring to see your tennis team looking fit, trim and being active! It is a great example of staying fit and healthy at any age.

  125. Is it to late to enter to win this? So excited for all the prizes that can really help with regaining my health! Hope to win something. Fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone! 🙂 Shared on Facebook and Twitter!

  126. Would be fabulous to win this. I wasn’t aware that non-ionized water was bad for the joints. I have quite a bit of joint pain and would love to have some of that alleviated!

  127. I have heard so much lately about using alkaline water and have been wanting to try it but it has been too expensive for me so far. I do have a question. Is it possible for your body to become too alkaline if you are trying to eat and drink things that will bring down the acidity that tends to thrive? Can it cause problems just as much as being to acidic?

  128. What a great way to incorporate good clean water adding it to your green smoothie. Once again “Thank you for taking us along on your journey”

  129. This would be so awesome! We have contaminated water where I live, so I drive out of town and fill up big jugs of water every week, then haul them up the stairs and into the house . . . it’s not so much fun. This would make life much easier. 🙂

  130. Love that you are doing this. It will guide the rest of us who might like to try this also to know that we can do it without any ill effects. You are a wonderful example of what a person can do to their own health. I remember when you spoke in Mesa, Az some years ago. You have come such a long way from then! Rooting for you all the way.

  131. I have been battling a return of breast cancer and and firmly convinced that drinking green smoothies has helped me tolerate my chemo better and not have the GI issues normally expected with this medication.

  132. What an awesome prize giveaway! Thank you Robyn for making it your life’s mission to educate others on healing with whole foods! Would love to win a Life Ionizer!

  133. I would love an Ionizer! I started living a more alkalized life around 3 years ago! For my morning breakfasts, I always make deliciously healthy smoothies! I would love to win an alkalizer to help me drink clean water and better my alkalized lifestyle!

  134. Love your products Robin. My hubbs and I have been using them for over 2 years. My 2 year old granddaughter had come to visit last winter after spending time with other relatives. They had given her a bowl of Reese’s chunks and without my daughters knowledge Scarlett ate the entire bowl of them. Needless to say by the time they drove the three hours to our home little Scarlett was a mess. Irritated, tummy ach and out of sorts. We had just made a batch of green smoothies and I gave her a quart jar full to see if she would take a few sips. She devoured the entire smoothie! Her tiny body was starving for nutrients after their 2 day stay with relatives that constantly fed her sugar which is not allowed by my daughter. We have shared your smoothies with many family members and they are hooked as we are

  135. hey…i am here. water ionizer, wow. wonderful thing; hope whoever gets it cherishes it. i am on my way to health, and thank you for doing this, robyn, et all!!

  136. WOW! Thank you for your honest confession Robyn, it helps to know you are human:) I also find today’s topic very helpful and am personally grateful you introduced us to alternatives in our food storage pantry.

  137. I’ve heard an ionizer is great to get rid of the bad stuff in our water; who knows what’s in the water we get in our house? Wonderful idea to gift one!

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