Win a $200 GSG shopping spree today!

Congrats to Kathy Clark from Utah who wins a YEAR of free green smoothies from any Roxberry stores in Utah, don’t forget to check out the drive-through for the easiest greens ever!

Check out in today’s video blog how I make the “Ultimate Green Smoothie.” Comment below to be entered to win a shopping spree, winner announced tomorrow! Make sure you’re also signed up here, “like” us on FB, and comment using the same email you signed up with on the BlendAid page.

Remember to SHARE this with someone you know so you both have a chance at winning the best bed I’ve ever had, intelliBED (pick a KING worth $5k, if you want). Or a $4,800 2-man Infrared Sauna. Or a Blendtec Designer Series. Or how about a really expensive water ionizer. There is so much more. Just wait and see. Every prize is worth at least $200. Watch today’s video and comment below!

Happy Blending!

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  1. I am a GSG Apprentice, I am watching these so I can learn more, and hopefully be able to encourage others to join in on the path to better health

  2. I’ve been reading and hearing about chia seeds and the amazing benefits. I am going to buy some this weekend and hope to reap the benefits it has to offer !! Go GSG!!

  3. I wish there was a roxberry close by to where we live. I really feel like I’m missing out on good fast food while our and about. Thanks for the demo on how to make the perfect green smoothie right!

  4. I forgot about chia! I’ve been making smoothies more lately, but my chia seeds fell off of my radar somehow… Time to add those back into the rotation! Keep up the good work–I bet you’ll both feel amazing after this challenge 🙂

  5. How is everyone feeling? I feel great! One green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away. I am going to try two a day and see where that leads me.

  6. Will you be doing any warm vegetable smoothies? Tomatoes, celery, carrot, green onion, cilantro 21 Salute? With Utah weather cooling I’ve been thinking about you two 🙂

  7. Wow. I can’t wait to try the GSG protein mixes and the sprouted flax blend. I love this challenge and have been watching with great interest. Thanks for all you are doing.

  8. Great information. I haven’t tried the protein and will order some today. I do incorporate GSG products in our smoothies along with the greens, fruits and vegetables. Robin and Todd you are doing great.

  9. LOVE the GSG Super Food Greens!! Bring it with me whenever I travel! Would love to also try the GSG protein powder and sprouted superfoods! Keep up the good work!!

  10. I decided to create a win opportunity for myself. I am doing your level 2 detox this month along with you. Day one for me. Wish me luck too! Don’t get me wrong, I have my fingers crossed that I win a prize, but I am going to be a winner with my health regardless. Let’s do this! Good luck on your cleanse too. It helps to know someone else is doing something hard too right now.

  11. We’ve purchased nearly everything on the table at least once and live the superfood instant smoothies. My kids love their junk food dude book and pick it nearly every night at bedtime. We have a couple more in the cupboard but we would love a $200 shopping spree on the website! Keep up the challenge…

  12. I would love to get the shopping spree! Then I could get the 12 steps book! I have been doing the 8 weeks menus for the past 3 weeks! I love it, it is so easy recipes, shopping list and what I will eat each day! It makes my life so easy I don’t have to think about what I will fix for meals it right in the book

  13. I’m loving watching your videos each day! I’m on 4 of my green smoothie challenge too! I love GSG Berry Protein with Tri-Omega’s… so yummy!

  14. I have been making green smoothies since July 1st. I haven’t added any GSG protein powder or superfoods yet. Winning the GSG shopping spree would be terrific!

  15. I have several Green Smoothie Girl products and they really are great. I feel confident that I’m really getting good nutrition. Looking forward to trying the Berry Protein Powder! Great stuff.

  16. I have been following you for about the last 4-5 years. I had fallen off my green smoothie routine as of lately. This 30 day challenge has inspired me to get back into it. Thank you! Would be great to win this prize to add to my smoothies 🙂

  17. I didn’t know about the single serving presentation that is so practical and awesome! love green smoothie girl products, I love the sprouted flax with berries, love the 12 steps book, I can see just in three days more glow in Todd’s face, and He looks like he lost more that three pounds I mean he looks better just in three days, amazing! Thanks GSG for letting us being part of this

  18. You’re pretty awesome, Robyn! I’ve learned a lot from you. In fact, I’ve got black salve on my arm right now…and it’s working!

  19. Congrats!!! This is so exciting to me. I wake up everyday to see what the next prize is and to keep updated with what’s going on with you guys!! I am chugging my smoothie right along with you guys!!!

  20. I need to try some cocoa beans bru. What an amazing way to get off coffee. I love my blendtec also. Thanks for inspiring us to get healthy again. Sometimes we fall away back into old habits.

  21. I just discovered your website/info this week after following the link from Chris Wark’s website. I received a cancer diagnosis earlier this year and would like to convert the entire family to a whole foods diet. Menu planning and food preparation are much easier if everyone is on the same eating plan. Which books/products do you recommend for starting out and staying on track? Do you have a specific recommendation for cancer patients? I have chosen not to do chemo and hormone supression because my immune system is (obviously) already compromised. My preference is to heal the body instead of merely treating the symptoms of the cancer; research indicates that the body has the ability to heal itself from cancer if properly nourished.

    Are your whole foods classes ever offered in the midwest?

  22. I definitely want the omega and cha cha cha chia. Haha. Oooo sprouted berries i definitely want to. I love protein and will need it. This is all great

  23. The GSG powdered greens mix is the best I’ve ever tasted – and I’ve tried a lot of them! Todd – how are you managing the headaches (herbs, supplements, just waiting for them to resolve)? Thanks!

  24. Heading off to Zion’s for a yoga retreat today. I’m taking my Blend Tec blender, and I’ve also got lots of GSG Life Proteins and SuperFood single packs all loaded up and ready to share with others there! Hopefully I’ll have internet to be able to comment tomorrow. But I’ll be thinking of ya and cheering you on either way!

  25. where can we learn more about plant based proteins — if we believe the college whitecoats who teach raising beef and dairy, protein means just about anything with nitrogen in it — if we believe paleo-weston price foundation advocates, we need to eat red meats of dead animals

  26. I’ve enjoyed watching your videos every morning and I’m feeling more inspired. Haven’t checked out the smoothie recipes yet and I will today. Thanks for what you’re doing!

  27. Great proteins from GSG! So much flavor and I put it in all of my baked goods! Flax w/berries sounds good. I haven’t tried that yet. These would be great for the kids in Zambia.

  28. I have your 12 Steps to Whole Foods and several other ones. Love them. My mom and I used to make a double patch of granola, then shared. It was doing it together.

  29. I have been using Green Smoothie Girl since January. My husband is drinking the shakes now as well!! We LOVE THIS PRODUCT LINE!!!!

  30. Not going to lie. I really really want to win this out of everything else. Day 4 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge, and i can feel such a difference.

  31. Awesome!!! One of the things holding me back from kicking caffeine are those caffeine headaches!! 3 hours not so bad…thinking about trying!

  32. Awesome, delicious looking products! I can’t wait to get on the “GSG Bandwagon”. Congrats to Kathy, good luck to everybody! I’d love to win and purchase a lot of these life changing products. 🙂

  33. I love smoothies and try to incorporate at least one into my daily routine and now I’m contemplating doing a smoothie challenge such as the one you’re doing. Thank you for sharing your experience and for talking about your wonderful products. I will definitely be making some purchases!

  34. Hi Robyn, I’m so glad you addressed protein. I always wonder how important it is. I will make sure to get more protein in my smoothies. I was surprised to learn how good Flax is for cancer prevention! I love this prize especially!!

  35. I still remember the first time you ever told me about green smoothies, Robyn! Your life is such an awesome example. Thanks for doing what you do an making a difference in the world. 🙂

  36. you guys go….I recently did the GSG detox (me and my husband)…it was great and I felt super! The hardest thing by far was all the blended food…I missed chewing! So, only smoothies for 30 days….while I know you guys will feel fabulous, I know you’ll look forward to a nice plate of salad when it’s all done! you go!! It is definitely for a super cause. 🙂 Definitely glad you have a pal in the process! it makes all the difference.

  37. I have used and recommended to many people most of the greensmoothiegirl products. I really appreciate all the research Robyn does to find what our bodies need and then to formulate it into foods that are tasty and easy to use.

  38. Glad I didn’t win that one since I’m not in Ut. But I’m seriously excited about this one-green smoothies are super important but my body needs protein! I love finding GREEN proteins!!!

  39. I just discovered the great benefits of fulvic/humic minerals. They have made a drastic difference in my health. Robyn has a great deal on them. If you aren’t taking them you should be!!!

  40. I’ve never tried your stuff, Green Smoothie Girl, but I hear it’s great, so I’d love the opportunity! I’m a big fan of Blendtec already, and Roxberry! Best of luck on your 30 green smoothie challenge.

  41. This is super amazing! I grew up in Brazil with very healthy organic food. But how can I afford to buy all the things here? I just feel like I can’t afford to be heathy.

  42. I’m on the road traveling a lot for work and I need to win the shopping spree so I can set myself up with all the single packets so I am not forced to eat things that are bad for me. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

  43. Thank you for all the great information in your vlogs! Maybe I spaced out during one of the videos but have you listed the base ingredients in the smoothies you are drinking or are they to varied for that?

    1. Deidre, I would but then the videos would get too long! So we sent you the eBook with all our recipes, when you signed up on to follow…..make sure you’re signed up there, to win. That and commenting here gets you entered each day. Thanks!!

  44. I’ve tried so many of the GSG products, recipe books, 12 step program, detox, etc and you cannot go wrong with ANY of them. Everything has exceeded my expectations. Good luck you two, great to see you are both doing what appears to be, quite well, on this journey!

  45. From 1 to 10, is it a 5…
    on this the 4th Day you’re sharing live?
    Adjustments in Protein seem just the thing
    to advance the comfort and good it’ll bring.
    Yea, early days but the progress is REAL;
    SO good to hear how well you both feel! (as all things relative)

  46. Awesome! I’ve been living the GSC life for quite a while now. I’ve lost weight, improved my health and focus and decreased my high blood pressure down to the normal range! This is living! 🙂 That $200 GSG shopping spree would be icing on the cake for me.:-) Thanks for all your knowledge, Robyn!

  47. We <3 green smoothie girl!! you are all about abundance! Video was great, I never a go a day without my green smoothie. It helped support me when I found out I had cancer. All those gifts sound stellar!

  48. I love that you have plant based protein powder. All my babies have been milk protein intolerant for the first 18 months of their life. So I can’t have milk when I’m nursing them.

  49. I would love to win GSG products they are wonderful. My family wouldn’t drink green smoothie before I started adding GSG protein now they will drink them. Thanks for the wonderful things you do to educate about whole foods.

  50. My question for today is, are the ground flaxseeds the only kind of fat you add to your smoothies? I’m curious whether it would be possible to add something like coconut oil or olive oil to a smoothie to increase its caloric value. And perhaps to help you feel more full?

  51. Got my superfoodREDs and vanilla protein single serves today for on-the-go nutrition 😀 I’m interrested to watch your energy levels through the 30 days, and if your stomach adjusts to only liquid foods. This was the hardest part of the detox for me!

  52. I’ve been doing more straight protein powder drinks lately. Need to get back on the wagon with the green smoothies, adding back in the fruits and vegetables, along with some sprouted flax or chia. Thanks for the reminders. I just bought your Ultimate Minerals. I think I will start throwing some of that in too. I love how it is flavorless.

  53. Love your products, I have been buying for years now! Your kid’s book is fun too. I read it to my children’s class and then of course, followed up by making them a green smoothie!

  54. I went to a informational session Robyn hosted in Omaha and got a chance to try some of her products and really enjoyed them. You can tell they are very high quality products. I would be thrilled to win this giveaway.

  55. I’ve heard that sprouted grains, seeds, etc. are far better than their unsprouted versions, but I’ve never seen anything showing actual proof of this. If it is, I might spring for sprouted breads with which to have my daily peanut butter sandwiches.

  56. I love so many of these products, especially the Ultimate Minerals, Tri-Omega Superfood and Chocolate Green Light. Just add to yummy smoothies, skip the McDonald’s, and feel better! 🙂

  57. Thanks for making available to us the products that you know are really, truly health-promoting! I hope I win your giveaway today!

  58. Hello, My husband and I are planning to live aboard a catamaran and circumnavigate the world in 2018. We are gathering resources now for good nutrition on the boat. Products like yours are ideal for long passages when we don’t have access to fresh, healthy food. I’m excited to try your products. Thank you for helping Mother’s Without Borders. The six members of my family have gone and it is truly life changing!

  59. Such great info! I have REALLY been wanting to try Green Smoothie Girl products because the ingredients are so clean and amazing! The Tri-Omega! Fingers crossed for this prize! Would love to be apart of GSG Life!

  60. I order GSG stuff every month. I would love to try some new stuff. I am in a buying rut. I also have several of your books. Including the full detox program.

  61. Drinking my green Smoothie now 🙂 I added fresh lime juice and it was so good! 🙂 I’ve been using GSG protein powder and it really is yummy. Helps so I can do more greens and still taste sweet. Thanks Robyn! 🙂

  62. Way to Go!!! Robyn you are such a blessing. Thank you for being such a great example and following your passions. Todd, glad you are not having many detox troubles. You have a great coach. Keep going !!!

  63. Every time I green juice, especially with mint or lemon balm from the yard, the weight just drops off and the detoxing is so easy. I cut it with water so I don’t get nauseated from the intensity of the greenness.

  64. I’m in love with all things green smoothie! They have changed my life! 🙂 Good job you guys! You’re doing amazing things!

  65. Realized I have no idea where to find Maca from yesterday, it isn’t in you store. I am supposed to follow a hypoglycemic diet, which is very low carb and protein based. Wondering if the detox would work, to keep me from bottoming out?

    1. Tina, hopefully you’ve checked out the…..we don’t sell maca, but you can get it on the internet or in a health food store.

  66. Oh! That would be an awesome prize to win! I would like to do the detox with my daughter! ! Today I tried figs & an avocado in my green smoothie mix.

  67. Robin, a lot of great products. I see your out of the “Just Great Stuff” Chocolate Dream Greens Bars. Will you get these back? They are so great, and if not will you ever come out with your own version of these? That would be just awesome.

  68. It is so hard to find good quality protein powders! I had chia and flax in my smoothie today; it really helps to keep me full. I enjoy your 28 day detox and try to go through it at least once a year!

  69. What an inspiration. Live learning about GSG. Definitely interested in doing the 26 day detox and reading your books to pass on better habits to my boys.

  70. I gave my 3 year old niece “Junk Food Dude” book and “Junk Food Dude Recipe Book”. Her dad said that she wants him to read it to her *every* night and gets all the foods right at the end!! Wish I could attach the video here, but ha you’ve seen it Robyn! I’m the oldest of 18 cousins and they’re all having babies…and you know what my shower present to them will be!
    PS: Question…I’m sure that I missed this along the way…but are you and Todd “allowed” to consume as much Green Smoothie as you want during these 30 days?

  71. This is so inspiring! My health has improved so much since I started over a year ago drinking my green smoothies almost every day!

  72. Hi Robyn! I am struggling to gain weight with a mostly raw foods plant diet. The nutritionist said I have lost 9 pounds and need to add around 20 grams of protein with my breakfast smoothie. Can you tell me how much protein you have in your protein drinks? Your products look amazing and I would love to try all of them!!

  73. I’ve been trying out several different protein powders and superfood blends as I move to more whole foods and increasing my protein intake. I use flax seed in all my smoothies but have not used sprouted flax so I am excited to try your flax/chia/broccoli blend!!!

  74. I have to admit, I’ve been off the green smoothie wagon for about eight months. Watching your videos are inspiring to get myself eating healthy again. I never knew you had berry protein. What a great addition to a green smoothie.

  75. Awesome! $200 of GSG!! Also, had my first GS in almost a year this morning. It felt great. I’m excited to be doing that again. Thanks Robyn and Todd, for reminding me I need this.

  76. I would like to read the 12 steps book.

    Is it possible to get your protein without stevia? I prefer to add a piece of fruit and have not acquired a taste for stevia — taste more like Equal or Splenda to me (which I don’t use either). Thanks!!!

  77. What a great prize to help me get started on my new journey. Liked on FB, shared on my FB and Twitter, and commenting here. Fingers crossed it works! Good luck everyone!

  78. Ugh. Has been a few days since my last green smoothie and I feel completely cruddy. The video has inspired me to get back on track!

  79. I am once again impressed with your products and your books, Robyn. You have put a lot of work into your products. They are a great resource! Keep up the good work. I am excited to try your new probiotic product.

  80. I can totally tell a difference in my day when I don’t start with a Green Smoothie! LOVE your awesome products Robyn!

  81. Thanks for the incredible products! 8 weeks of meal planning- woohoo!!!!!! Keep thinking of more great things, Robyn! U have a great heart.

  82. Great job on day #4! Happy to see you both full of energy…you’re oozing that GS vibe of smiles and health. I use to use the Superfoods Greens powder 2 yrs ago when it had a minty taste. Once, I portioned out tiny jewelry bags full and took them on a back country/4 day/ 25 mile backpack trip with friends. Let me say….they were a huge hit on the trail. Packing all your food in the back country must be very strategic and when I busted out these little gifts for my friends, they were BEYOND excited. Now I see in your video you have singles. Soooo much easier for on the go or better yet for backpack trips. Hope to try your new greens superfood soon. Love the minerals…and so does my ever growing hair and nails 🙂 Keep up the great education Robyn!

  83. I have been using GSG drink mixes since a year ago. Also learned a lot about new healthy food choices from 12 Steps to Whole Foods and detox manual.

  84. I love this! I just became a GSGLife Apprentice, and this journey you’re going on is giving me exactly the knowledge I need at the time I need it! Thank you!

  85. I love this quote from author Michelle Snow: “God has told his people how to eat. Why should we choose what man has made over what God made? He knows our bodies best. He made them.” Eat real foods…yeah!

  86. My husband has become a green smoothie fan! We have watched so many of your videos. I love the tips, money saving tricks, and shopping advice you give. You’ve got a good thing going. Thank you!

  87. Your products sound great! I can’t wait to use them all! Thanks! & I’m enjoying seeing & hearing & following Y’all’s progress, while getting us all to be more healthy & involved in a great cause for the Zambian kids.

  88. I’m doing the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge too and just finished day 4. This would be the perfect prize for me right about now. 🙂

  89. Today I shared my green smoothie with my 3 year old and almost-2 year old. Thank you for helping me learn more tips to feed myself and my kids more nutritiously.

  90. I feel I am getting the best products on the market by ordering from Green Smoothie Girl. I trust Robyn’s judgment and know she has done her homework before putting anything on the market. I had purchased the super foods greens, reds and chocolate. Loved the flavor and drank them frequently. I bought some for my parents and my kids. I was very excited when the ingredients became all organic and ordered a lot for my family. But the taste was totally different. I wouldn’t think just switching to organic would make a huge taste difference. Did anyone else experience this? Is there a reason for the taste difference?

    1. Keena, it was a lot more than making them organic. It was a total reformulation. We took out the green tea extract (which LDS people complained about) and there was a soy lecithin we wanted out…..we simplified the formula a lot because we don’t feel the body wants so many ingredients at once. And we used all raw, organic, WHOLE foods, rather than extracts of some.

  91. I have looked at all of these products on your website many times, but have never ordered anything. I would love to try the protein powders!

  92. heading to work at 4am is never fun but, GreenSmoothieGirl makes it a little bit easier with all
    her awesome products. Gotta Get Me Some!

  93. Robin, I remember trying your green smoothie recipe several years ago and I loved it. I make it regularly along with many others.

    1. Hi Dina, there’s such a big difference in proteins. Most are cheap synthetics and animal proteins full of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids, or isolates (highly processed) of plants. We make our own because they are all organic, whole, raw plant foods. That’s how I got my health back. Eating whole foods. XOXO,

  94. Keep on keeping on. I am on day seven of a quart a day I just received my supplements that I ordered from you and can’t wait to try them. I love how adding a green smoothie every day has helped me not crave the junk food. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  95. Really upset that I missed this giveaway…I was busy yesterday and forget to check the page. I’ve been really wanting to try some of these products.

  96. Wow! Your products seem amazing! And kid friendly at that! How could this help my kiddo who’s high function autistic & ADHD? He’s 9 years old & weighs 145 lbs…I know the mess he takes causes weight. He’s my Grandson whom we’ve been raising since he was 18 months… And an honor to do so! I’m over weigh also & at 59 need to take care of myself! Right? I’d love to win!!!!!! Judy

  97. Robin thanks for great products. I have really noticed an improvement in my overall energy and health since using your protein powder, the tri-omega and I use the ultimate minerals. I have adrenal/thyroid disorders and this has helped me lose weight and feel better.

  98. This may be basic to your avid, long-time followers, but I never stopped to think about different types of protein as far as where protein comes from. Thanks for new info in my mental library.

  99. You make it look so easy!! I missed having a green smoothie yesterday because we were busy. My body is starting to crave that healthy drink, feeling a difference already. Need to make smoothies a habit!!!

  100. You guys are doing good! I’ve been checking out the Mother’s without borders website to learn a little bit more about what they do.
    p.s. I really love the tri-omega blend!

  101. Congratulations, Robyn and Todd! You are providing such encouragement BY EXAMPLE. I have a Green Smoothie 2-3 times a day, with GSG products, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the FLAVORS and HEALTH BENEFITS! I teach fitness classes and always express the IMPORTANCE of eating HEALTHY FOODS!

  102. I am loving my green smoothie. It has date, 3 handful of spinach, scoop of chocolate superfoods, tablespoon on almond butter, 1 drop peppermint essential oil, 3 cups almond milk, 2 bananas. Yummy! My whole family loves it!

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