Today you can win a YEAR of free Roxberry smoothies!

CONGRATULATIONS to Margaret Bohrman from Florida who won the Crio Brü package!!!!

Margaret, please send your mailing address to from the email address you signed up with.
And don’t worry, you can ALWAYS win twice . . . even three times. Every day. We don’t care. Thanks for your support!

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Today is the next day of our green smoothie fast. I’m telling you about another superfood, and giving away another awesome prize—a YEAR of free green smoothies from Roxberry! Plus you get to meet one of my all-time heroes, Kathy Headlee, the founder of Mothers Without Borders.


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  1. A year of smoothies? That’s equivalent to winning the lottery! OK, maybe not equivalent, but it’s dang near close! I have a green smoothie every morning and that would make a huge difference. Maybe I could start having two green smoothies a day! Now that would be perfect!!

  2. It’s interesting that you guys are already losing weight. I have done 3 day green smoothie fasts and lost nothing. I’ve tried several times as well. So interesting the differences in metabolisms.

  3. Ya know – I honestly can’t imagine life without my morning smoothie anymore! Changed my life in all the best of ways 😀 Wish there were a Roxberry around here – would love to try them!

  4. Woohoo! I have a question, why after drinking a green smoothie everyday for over a year do I get such painful bloating and gas? I eat pretty clean otherwise, and right now I am not drinking a green smoothie but still eating clean and no bloating or gas, but feeling great? Thanks!

    1. Hi Christin, that’s a sign of a gut issue. Check out Step 8 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods, to rehab your gut with probiotic-rich foods! And take our new PreZyme Pro, scroll down in the blog, we just released it and we have a launch special going on!

  5. Excited to try Roxbury smoothies now that I know where to purchase. Raising money for this school is a great way to give back – we have so many blessings!

  6. Hi! I just came across your blog today! It’s great! I love that you are supporting mothers without borders, and I love that you are promoting good health! I will be visiting often. 🙂

  7. I’d love a year of smoothies! I’d also love to have you share your meal plan – what smoothies you had and liked best – and see a favorite demonstrated each day. But, I love the demos 🙂

    I shared on pinterest.

  8. A green smoothie a day has changed my family’s health. We went from being sick frequently to only every once in awhile getting a mild cold. I’d love to win a year of green smoothies.

  9. my challenge is to have a green smoothie for 30 days. Hoping to work my way up to nothing but green smoothies like you guys to help me loose some weight the healthy way, but not there yet and that is okay. I feel better when I know I am putting healthier food into my body. Thanks

  10. Roxberry’s Iron Strong smoothie has changed my personal taste for green smoothies forever! Who knew a slice of lime could do so much?!

  11. My experience with green smoothies was one of overall feeling better but, not losing any weight. I actually gained some until I went all green with lemon. Then I maintained but, no loss. If you persevere and continue will you start to see weight loss? Even on the detox I had a minimal 6# loss and I have a considerable amount of weight to lose. I love all the benefits I just wish the weight loss was one of them for me.

  12. I love love love this!!! I love his thoughts about how NO ONE is perfect. Health is totally a journey!!! And I love green smoothies to help me with mine! 🙂

  13. If I live nowhere near a Roxberry, can I still get them for a year?! I started a smoothie a day with you and feel so much better-I wonder what it would be like to only do smoothies!? Crazy!

  14. Loved my “free” (with a donation) smoothie yesterday. Can’t imagine what I’d do with a whole year of them! And thanks for answering Christin’s question — I have the same problem with the painful bloating. I refuse to give up on my green smoothies, though, so I just push through. I’ll try some probiotics.

  15. It’s amazing how delicious and different each green smoothie can taste, even when made with the same ingredients! I am often pleasantly surprised at the goodness I guzzle!

  16. My wife and I really enjoy making smoothies and when we run out of ingredients we use the Green Smoothie Powder with minerals. I have the Blendtec and have been using it for two years. It is very simple to operate – toss in the ingredients with some water and press 1 button. Less than 1 minute you have a wonderful smoothie. Todd and Robin – congratulations 10% completed.

  17. Since being diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago a green smoothie has been part of my daily habit. I do have a question, I just installed a life ionizer and my question is Is it good for you to add alkaline water into a blender with my greens and does blending change the properties of the alkaline water? would love to hear from others this subject. Thank you Robyn and all green smoothie girls and guys, Patricia Hayes

  18. I don’t drink nearly enough fluids through out the day (causing me to create kidney stones). Smoothies are a great way to get fluids along with nutrients. I need to loose weight and smoothies seem to be the way to go.

    1. Mike, we have sponsors donating…..and all those following us, we’re teaching you about this cause and will ask you to chip in, at the end!

  19. Wow, Mother’s Without Borders sounds wonderful. The thought of a 12 year old being head of household is heartbreaking.

    I am seeing this challenge as cooler and cooler! 🙂

    P.S. Todd, when will Roxberry make it to Southern California?

  20. Green smoothies have become an integral part of my life! It’s becoming easier to find smoothie establishments when traveling. The world is catching on! #blendaid#bloggerswithoutborders#greensmoothiefast#greensmoothiegirl#kathyheadlee#motherswithourborders#roxberry. Posted on FB and Twitter!

  21. Thank God for People like Kathy Headlee, who care so much about children that she has dedicated her life to helping them. It’s great that you Robyn and Todd, are giving up your time and food right now for this cause. We love smoothies at our house and I’m going to try putting Maca powder in some of mine! Thanks.
    Congratulations Margaret!!

  22. How could you use the year of green smoothies if you don’t live near Roxberry? Thanks for sharing your journey. Please share details about HOW you are raising the money. Sponsors? Donations?

  23. Cheering you on from Georgia. I bought a blender today for my adult son, who is interested in making smoothies for himself and children. (shared on Facebook).

  24. I have two over weight teenagers and have recently started use green smoothies as snack alternatives. So far we have each managed to lose 5 lbs. The extra energy we feel is the bonus we need to be more active.

  25. I didn’t realize that Zambia was is such terrible shape, with children raising their younger siblings.Building a school is such a cause.

  26. Congrats, Margaret!!!
    Robyn, let us know how the diet is working. I’m sure that you’ll learn some new tricks to add to the 26 day detox program that works so great – at least it did for me….

  27. I don’t live in Utah to pick up Roxberry Smoothies; However, that would be a Fantastic gift! I absolutely Love Green Smoothies! Yum! Feel the Energy of Green Smoothies! 😉

  28. I have never had a Roxberry smoothie and I live in MIchigan 🙁 But love the videos and the information that is being shared.

    Robyn: you mentioned that you had 5 1 quart smoothies in a day. Is that a typical amount? I was under the impression that would be too much?? What is the ratio of protein – fat – carb that you try to meet? Also do you space them out so that you drink one every 3 hrs or so?


    Shared on facebook 🙂

  29. CONGRATULATIONS to the first prize winner. Keep going guys you can do it. I am still drinking smoothies for breakfast and lunch and having a plant base dinner and I am feeling good….then again I have done this before. Can’t wait to see the final results on you guys

  30. Hi guys!!! I’ve commented/shared on FB about the wonderful things you all are doing!! I am still drinking my smoothies to feel like I’m participating!!

  31. What great information today. I cheer your progress and curiously wait for continuing daily results. Are you going to make graphs? I don’t live near a Roxberry (Las Vegas) so I wish to donate to deserving person as Robyn and Todd agree on.

  32. I love green smoothies! They make a world of difference in my life! What an awesome thing the Mothers without Borders is doing for the kids in Zambia, and what an awesome goal it is for GreenSmoothie Girl to plan to build a school next year!

  33. Very interested to see what happens with your blood sugar levels and I’m intrigued by the maca. I need some energy! Mothers without borders -doing great things. It’s inspiring

  34. I love green smoothies! And ROXBERRY…? Oh man wonderful! I will be having a baby soon and not only will roxberry green smoothies will help me lose the baby weight it will keep me AND baby very healthy.

  35. I am so touched my what you guys are doing and I want to do it with you! I would love a year of free smoothies too. I am addicted to smoothies!

  36. I live in Israel, but I think it’s awesome that you’re giving away green smoothies. What a great way to change the world one drink at a time!

  37. It’s so amazing to see what a group of people can rally together and do! My heart hurts for those kids in Zambia. What a powerful force for good you guys are!

  38. As a teacher, I am excited about the opportunity that you are giving to these children.
    A year of green smoothies would be so convenient! I enjoy drinking mine daily, but I am always looking for ways to save time on making them. Since you are consuming so much each day, how far in advance do you make them?

  39. It’s hard to find a good green smoothie place like Roxberry in my area here in GA. I’m so thankful I found out about making my own from Robyn. I love the GSGLife protein and Spouted Flax that makes it a complete meal!

  40. Awesome!! Like BlendAid on FB and I posted about the giveaway on my FB page – I hope all of my 4,957 followers come on over and get on board!!!

  41. A year of smoothies! Oooh yes please! Might have to make a road trip to hit a Roxberry’s. Hang in there, Todd, it will get better, upping your protein should help alot.

  42. These beautiful Children are our future of this world! God bless all of you working towards a better life for all of Zambia. May the children more fortunate than these, see the generosity of all of you and begin to “live simply, so others can simply live”

  43. I really admire the fact that you would embark on such an adventure – I love green smoothies but my goal is just to have 1 smoothie a day for 30 days. Good for you two, I know you can do it and that makes me think I can accomplish my goal too!

  44. Shared on Facebook.
    Doesn’t the body require using the process of breaking down whole foods? Smoothies seem great, but feeling hungry seems unnecessary. Can’t you eat the whole food ingredients to feel fuller, along with the smoothies?

    1. Danielle, nothing wrong with whole foods. We’re just doing this to SEE IF WE CAN and to promote a great humanitarian cause. It’s been interesting to think about people who are hungry ALL the time.

  45. It would be so awesome to win a year of Roxberry smoothies! I’d use the prize to introduce smoothies to friends who could really benefit! Spring through fall I make my morning green smoothie from my own garden fruit and vegetables. Currently its peaches or cantelope with kale, lettuce and spinach. Thank you to Robyn for introducing me to Green Smoothies years ago!

  46. Would LOVE a year of smoothies, however, no Roxberry anywhere around this area means that isn’t likely! We really need some good smoothie/raw or vegan establishments in this area of PA!!

  47. I’m excited to see the progress you both make as you embark on this journey! We love Mothers Without Borders and all the good they do in the world.

  48. I hope all you 30 day smoothie drinkers are doing well. I am now having a smoothie every day for lunch! I really like smoothies but just need to be committed to making them. Keep on going! You can do it!

    1. Donna, on you can sponsor a child, and to FEED her, it’s $30/mo. More than that for school, medical, etc.!

  49. I have a few questions that I hope some on here that is smarter than I am can answer. I am watching this challenge very closely mainly because I have recently had a few health issues crop up that I hope to reverse and am looking for better ways of doing just that. First, all of my life really I have struggled with, what most people who know me would call, a severe lack of appetite. Every doctor that I have spoken to tells me that they can’t find a reason for this and I need to force myself to eat. My problem is that when I force myself to eat it makes me physically sick, does anyone have any idea of what may be causing this, test I need to ask to have done and/or how to fix it? The second question I have is to do with the children that you are trying to help. My family has had a lot of financial struggles over the last couple of years and while things are 150% better now I am still not in a position to help financially. However, I know that I can help in other ways such as, donate my children’s clothing and shoes that no longer fit or donate seeds for gardens and other small things that my not be a lot but may still help and I am positive that my community would also want to help with donations such as these so it may add up. Are there any programs that I can look into that will collect these items and make sure they get where they are needed? Being from Oklahoma the prize today, which sounds amazing, will not help me all that much, so good luck to all the other contestants!

    1. Deidre, I don’t know much about why you aren’t interested in food….maybe someone else has some tips for you? XOXO, hope things get better, go Sooners!

    2. Deidrerhae, I’m wondering how your sense of smell is, because some people who have problems smelling have problems with eating issues. Thats just a thought, but I would suggest you look up a doctor of Osteopathy for whatever intestinal issues deals with and talk to them. They are like regular doctors, but take a look at the whole and offer alternative therapies as well as traditional. Good luck to you.

  50. I really appreciate the candid responses from the CEO of Roxberry…..hoping to see great results from you and what a great cause.

  51. Never tried the Roxberry smoothies but if you drink them, they must be good! A year’s worth would be awesome for my out-the-door in the morning surf sessions. Woohoo!

  52. Shared with my Facebook world. Thank you for introducing us to Kathy Headlee! What an amazing woman and such a worthy cause!

  53. The stats on Zambia…? Are startling. That’s awesome that your school is feeding them at least one meal per day. Great work! Keep losing those lbs…well not you Robyn but your compadre.

  54. Would love to try a Roxberry smoothie! Don’t think there’s a store near me, though. But can’t wait to try my free green smoothie recipe e-book!

  55. Wish Roxberry was in the East Coast! Is the chocolate smoothie you made yesterday in the recipe book we were emailed????? Will you please let us know the name of the smoothie you are making each day? Good luck to both of you!!

  56. Green smoothies are awesome. I love Roxberry’s! My neighbor was born with a defective heart valve and she drinks the smoothies every day. She told me they help her with her health challenges.

  57. Todd, it really does take a lot to own up to your shortcomings and I commend you on your honesty. Hopefully others can see your commitment and continue to invest in your product.

  58. My daughter and I want to go to Zambia and make green smoothies for all those precious children! Love your heart of care for those children, Kathy and Robyn!

  59. I recently started using macs powder for my green smoothies and sometimes I add it to the GF, DF brownies I make! I like how it adds a little sweetness.

  60. I learned a lot I did not know. My heart goes out to the children in Zambia. I will pray for them. I wish I could give, but I can’t at this time. My husband just lost his job in June.

  61. Will love to have a year of smoothies. It will makes my mornings a little more easy and with an aspie teen and a full time job I need all the help I can get.

  62. Way to go, Robyn and Todd! The first week is probably the hardest. (At least it is for me when I’m trying to make a lifestyle change.) Thanks for choosing to sponsor such a great cause.

  63. Mothers Without Borders is an amazing organization! I’ve been working with them for many years now and you can be confident that your giving to worthy cause. Love the smoothie ideas too!

  64. very beautiful idea — building a school for kids in Africa — there is so much to do, so much to teach — even in adversity these kids radiate the power of innocense — wonderful

  65. Ahh, green smoothies are my fave! It would probably be very healthy to live off of just green smoothies like Robyn and Todd. I want to see some results for myself!

  66. So happy you are doing this. I have my smoothie every day at least once a day. I posted your info on my Facebook account also.

  67. What a great gift. A year of green smoothies, I hear so many people comment that they would be better equipped to change their diet if someone made the smoothies for them. Now here is your opportunity. No backing down.

  68. How much and how often are you drinking a smoothie? I just started making smoothies at home but I normally still feel hungry afterwards. Are you only using the smoothies from the recipes we got when we signed up? Thanks and good luck!

  69. what an amazing project. Educate a girl you educate a nation . Thank you Green smoothie girl
    I am in California and have a business in Nevada. So I will make my own smoothies. Good luck to people who live in the Valley and get the 1 year smoothie prize.

  70. Robyn, quick question for you… I noticed that on your biomarkers and measurements that you showed in yesterday’s video, the date of the test was 8/17/15. Were these pre-recorded? In the last month, what have you done that may have affected the results of your “experiment”? I am really interested to see the results of your 30-days but I am interested as to why we are seeing your initial numbers from a month ago, but it seems like your results may be skewed. Unless, of course you are already done with your 30-days and are just now publishing the results.

    1. Hi Dean, yes, we started early for our video editor to do his work, and to continue lining up sponsors. So you’re not seeing it in “real time.” But…’s REAL!

  71. I really appreciate all you do to help us live a healthier lifestyle. And, a year’s worth of smoothies would certainly enhance that experience 🙂

  72. I can’t believe you guys have lost 3# each in 3 days! How do I get on the list to be a volunteer to go with you to Zambia?! I do mission trips now, am a RN, and would looooove to go on this trip!!

    1. Donna, you only need to COMMENT here on the blog every day that you hope to win. You don’t have to sign up on the Blendaid page again!

  73. I love having a green smoothie everyday and I would love it even more to have someone else making it for me! Great job, guys. Keep it up! 🙂

  74. My children have had 2-3 green smoothies a day since they were 18 months. It’s their favorite meal. Upon waking up they always ask for it! And always have at least 1 other smoothie before bed. They are now 4.5years and 3years old! Lots of bananas and kale on our shopping list every week. (Although we do have kale in the garden during summer months, and part of the winter in the greenhouse). So yes! –we love smoothies and would LoVe to win free smoothies for a year! Wahoo!

  75. Roxbury rocks! Smoothies have changed my life–I’m so healthy and energized now! You are doing amazing things to bring positive energy to our planet!

  76. Cheers for Mothers Without Boarders – absolutely amazing! Thank you Robyn & Todd for the inspiration! I do have a question – since you are only drinking green smoothies each day, are you drinking several different kinds or making a large batch of one kind to last the whole day?

    1. Marie, for convenience’s sake, I’m making the whole batch to last the whole day…..Todd mostly gets his at Roxberry made to order!

  77. Don’t live in Utah but still wanted to send well wishes to you both. The video was so good and raised awareness for the needs in Zambia. Thank you, Robyn for doing this!

  78. Listening to Kathy made my heart ache for these kids. If someone in a state where the Roxberry smoothies are not available wins the prize (I live in rural Idaho) maybe Roxberry could add the value of the year’s supply of smoothies to the donations for this cause.

  79. It was so much fu going to Roxberry yesterday with my children. We made a donation, and while drinking our green smoothies, talked about the charity and the amazing work you will be doing there. Thank you for the opportunity to teach my children a valuable lesson on giving.

  80. Great work Kathy, Robyn & everyone supporting aid efforts & resources for the poor & orphan children!
    Good Luck Robyn & Todd! — Only 27 days left to enjoy nothing but Green Smoothie Girl green smoothies!
    & Thanks for the chance to win 365 of them?!?!

  81. Thanks for your honesty Todd. I’m sure this isn’t an easy challenge, but what an amazing cause. I’m rooting for you and all those kids who will benefit from a new school!!

  82. Can’t imagine how great it would be to have a year of green smoothies! Or how someone could go without a green smoothie for very long and miss the BIG health benefits!

  83. Lots of people are finally listening to the message of whole foods……and it is wonderful to be able to incorporate this into the green smoothie way of life. Thanks for the inspiration Robin.

  84. Good luck to everyone! I had two green smoothies today! Nothing like a video from some of the most incredibly selfless people to drink your green smoothie to. Since your giving a whole years worth of smoothies away you might have to start a new challenge or club… the 365 day green smoothie challenge and Congrates to Margaret enjoy.

  85. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge about health with us. And I hope you are able to raise enough money to build the school that will provide a wonderful opportunity for these dear children

  86. Robyn I would like to get more info on Mothers Without Borders. Do they have volunteer programs set up for people to go there and help? If so can I get contact information for the best person to learn more about it?

      1. Thank you. I love to travel (I’m in China as I write this) and adding volunteering to it only makes it better, especially when I visit third world countries and see the great needs the people have. I love what you’re doing!

  87. I don’t live in Utah, but am still sharing your message. The school and children sound wonderful, this is a fantastic cause. I posted on all the media sites.

  88. We love smoothies at our house, but sometimes they aren’t green smoothies, does that count as a healthy smoothie? Keep up the good work.

  89. Wow! It was hard to hold back the tears. Thanks for bringing this issue to the attention of so many people. Good luck and God bless in this endeavor to build a school for those sweet kiddoes!

  90. Love the healthy lifestyle this evokes, wish I had a better machine to make them on, my oldie but goodie is chugging along though . Thanx for the inspiration!

  91. Thank you for providing us with this education on these poor children while making a difference. In addition, it’s a great reminder how blessed we are here in the US.

  92. These are my favorite smoothies because of all the incredibly healthy choices & the variety. No matter what I get, I have loved it. I always add spinach or kale to “greenify” it. Seriously, I could live off these!!

  93. I don’t live in a state where there is a Roxberry Store. Hopefully with their success they will spread to California. Kathy Headlee is a true hero. It was a very interesting, yet so sad, to hear about Mothers Without Borders. What a great cause!

  94. I realize it’s after midnight but I just wanted you to know that I’ve been thinking of you guys and your great work and examples all day I honestly just haven’t had a minute until now to post anything. Crazy day! But at least I got my green smoothies in, two or three today actually. 🙂

  95. Good luck. I would love to learn more about maca, what it is exactly, what it does what is in it, nutrition wise, etc. If I am lucky enough to win the year of Roxberry green smoothies, us that one a day, one a week, what exactly does it mean. Just curious.

  96. Robyn, I saw you in Seattle a few months ago and you totally sold me on green smoothies! I take them to work every day and the security guard who called them “swamp juice” and said he’d never drink one now drinks them with me several times a week. It’s awesome! Thank you for making high quality nutrition available to us.

  97. It was nice meeting Kathy Headlee and here her speak about Mothers Without Boarders. Its such a shame that in our time children are being mistreated and have a need for such basic things. Its all our responsibility to help in any way even if it is small or in prayer. What a good cause!

  98. I live on the East Coast, I’m commenting on yesterdays blog because the new one isn’t up by the time I leave for work. Does that qualify me for todays prize even though its yesterdays blog? Just wondering. Here’s to HEALTH!

  99. A Year of smoothies!! I’m in grad school, and eating healthy is SO hard. I keep a blender at school and do the best I can. But this would be such a godsend.

  100. in past when doing a 7month fast of about 80% of my diet in raw green leafie juices, i developed b12 deficiency and wham, it hit hard. it was the second time in my life i dealt with b12 def so i knew what i was experiencing that time.
    would love to go back to 100% vegetarian again.. good luck with your fast! it’s very very exciting.

  101. Love GSG and Roxberry Smoothies! What a great combination. Happy to share this wonderful news on Facebook so more people have healthy opportunities. Thank you!

  102. I drank nothing but smoothies for a year. Lost 50lbs. Now I am back on the standard American diet(SAD) and I would like to get back on track. Having Roxberry smoothies for a year will help me get the motivation to do that. Thank You

  103. No nothing wrong with food if it is the right food. My friends son has diabetes and is 12 years old. He spend some days with us and his blood sugar was always over 300. I told him about GSG. Again 12 years old. After I was done he said it made perfect sense and he would like a green smoothie. He really loved it. I made him a green smoothie every day and after a week his blood sugar was down to 110. He drinks green smoothies since and even got his parents to by a blender for him. He felt the difference and so do I.

  104. Robin, a lot of great products. I see your out of the “Just Great Stuff” Chocolate Dream Greens Bars. Will you get these back? They are so great, and if not will you ever come out with your own version of these? That would be just awesome.

  105. Thank you for being a steadfast and constant reminder that choosing Healthy is totally possible even with a chaotic life, and completely worth it. I need those reminders 🙂

  106. Have so much respect for a guy (or gal) who puts it out there and is open about not being perfect AND about wanting to take it to a new level!

  107. wonderful progress so far guys! Have always wondered about Maca powder. fairly new to this green smoothie field and have lots of questions – which you seem to able to answer along your journey! Thanks

  108. Love roxberry Smoothies!! Would be so great if I won! I save my money by not taking my kids out to eat at fast food places, and we splurg every once in a while at roxberry! Its so worth it knowing my boys are getting something good for them! And it’s beneficial to me cause they are on their best behavior to earn a smoothie! I love it! Thank you green smoothie girl, you really have made my life better: )

  109. What a wondrous cause. I am motivated. Advised to lose weight otherwise meds will become an unwanted friend. Just did my first workout in months and am off to make a green smoothie. I know you will reach your goal(s) as I strive to reach mine.

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