Love chocolate? Win THIS $200 prize from Crio Brü!

Today, our prize giveaways kick off with Crio Brü roasted and ground cocoa beans, but first . . .

Today we announce the first prize and tomorrow we announce the first winner! Yesterday was an introduction to the campaign and we were blown away by all the amazing comments and questions. Sorry if it wasn’t clear yesterday that we will announce a winner tomorrow, but good job practicing and keep commenting today for a winner announced tomorrow!

Watch our video about our first day to learn what our blood tests said. At the end of 30 days, we’re going to report what happens to our biomarkers overall, especially to Todd’s blood pressure. He’s on statin drugs and wants to get healthier and off them!

You’ll want to watch today’s video with Crio Brü, a company I really dig….because they’re giving away the first big prize package! Tomorrow, watch for which of you commenting today on the blog wins the prize.

(Are you signed up HERE? Have you “Liked” us on Facebook? Have you commented below? These three steps are required in order to win.)

Please make sure you SHARE this with someone you know . . . someone who might need the best bed I’ve ever had, intelliBED (pick a KING, worth $5k, if you want). Or a $4,800 2-man Infrared Sauna. A Blendtec Designer Series. A really expensive water ionizer. And so much more. Just wait and see. Every prize is worth at least $200. Watch today’s video and comment below!

And don’t forget TODAY to come by ANY Utah Roxberry juice store from 2–6 pm for a FREE 16 oz. green smoothie. I’ll see you at the American Fork store between 5–6 pm.


To Your Health!

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    1. I LOVE chocolate. My 2 favorite smoothies are made with cacao powder! Thank you for sharing new, healthy products. I am always excited to learn how to make my smoothies healthier and yummier. Where is the best place to order the Crio Bru products?

      1. but its also available on amazon Prime and you can search your local grocery store in the coffee aisle. If you want to know if crio bru is sold near you, go to under “Find a store” and enter your city. Hope this is helpful!

  1. I love what you are doing – your intentions and integrity are perfectly aligned to be successful in your goal. I truly enjoy learning from your experience and am thrilled to learn more each day. Thank You!

    1. Crio is a little bitter as it is 100% chocolate grounds with nothing added. Black coffee drinkers seem to think it doesn’t need any sweeteners added but I like a little bit of coconut or almond milk in mine:) Stevia, coffee creamers, and agave are all great options as well. Even if you add creamer it still only has 45 calories!!!! A Starbucks hot chocolate is 350!

  2. Chocolate – yes!! My favorite! Are you adding any sweetener to this smoothie? Is the cacao bitter? Does it need some kind of sweetener? Thanks and wishing you the best!!

    1. Hi Mary, there is natural stevia sweetener in the GSG Chocolate Protein Powder that adds sweetness to the entire smoothie. As far as crio bru goes, it brews just like coffee, so if you like adding sweetener to coffee, then you’ll want to add sweetener to this as well. Of course, we recommend an all natural sweetener like stevia extract. Cacao is slightly bitter but still chocolatey. Just imagine unsweetened chocolate.

    2. Crio Bru is one ingredient: 100% cocoa beans! So it is bitter like a 100% chocolate bar would taste. You might add sweetener to it like you would a coffee. But we have lots of people who drink Crio Bru “black” because of the smooth chocolatey taste!

  3. I’m already signed up for the newsletter, love your recipes. Now to go find you on FB. BEST of luck with your 30 days! That’s a lotta smoothies!!

  4. I’ve never heard of Crio Bru before but I am definitely interested in trying it! The chocolate smoothie (Todd’s treat) sounds delicious! Will you post the recipe for us? I hope it helps Todd as he transitions off the energy drinks!

    1. OMG! This is the product I didn’t know I was looking for. Ive heard of chocolate tea but it wan’t very good. This product sounds amazing and may be how I kick coffee goodbye forever!

  5. Fabulous! I love chocolate and I want to wean myself off of coffee. I guess I can look at the Crio Bru website but wondering if the product is organic and raw.

  6. What a great cause and spreading the word of great products. I can’t wait to try crio! What a great guily free way to get your chocolate it.

  7. Would love to try Crio Bru! I love chocolate!! But, i would really love to win the intellibed, water ionizer, or sauna!! Good luck with your green smoothies all day every day!!

  8. Is it weird that I teared up a bit watching the video? I’m a total crio supporter 100%, I love Roxberry and so excited for how Todd will feel off Rockstars, I’m so amazed at your charity and what you’re doing for kids in Zambia, and super excited to get to know green smoothie girl, you’re awesome! I support you all!

  9. Are the chocolate covered beans dairy free? Curious about the ingredients in the products featured today. Could you tell me a little about the ingredients?


  10. getting my blender tomorrow, then my husband and I will be starting our green smoothie diet too! can’t wait!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Congrats to Todd on making it to day two! Your first detox can be really hard, but you can do it! BTW, please make the Todd’s treat available at Roxberry! I love getting my morning smoothie from Roxberry when I’m running behind and can’t do it at home.
    Robyn, Thank you for all that you do for people with encouraging their health. Your products have changed my life.

  12. I’m trying to imagine… Is this like hot chocolate? If not, how does it differ? Does it taste like hot chocolate?

    Do you offer GSG Protein Powder without sweetener? I have not acquired a taste for Stevia and am ok with less sweet/bitter flavors.


    1. Hi Barb, it isn’t like hot chocolate….it’s like coffee, only roasted cacao beans instead! You can drink hot or cold and you CAN add coconut or almond milk, and a sweetener of your choice to MAKE it hot choocolate!

      YES, we have Natural protein with no flavoring or sweetener on…..perfect to add to green smoothies.

  13. I am so glad I went into Roxberrry this morning and saw the info on this!! How awesome. I just had a baby and am needing to go off dairy. Does this stuff have dairy? I know all chocolate does, so I am guessing it does, but just thought I would ask!

  14. What an inspiration! I am a military wife, and it has been rough with all the deployments, so I sort of stopped taking care of myself to take care of everyone else, and definitely depend on coffee to keep going. My sweet husband has encouraged me to take care of myself more because he hates to see me having health issues. I would love to win this, get off of coffee, and start doing green smoothies. My body craves it! I will be following you every day, and learn all I can. So glad this came across my Facebook feed! I know this will go to someone who really needs it, no matter who it is. Supporting the charity you are doing is icing on the cake! Good luck everyone!

  15. Ok, more questions than comments as I’m trying to learn. You talked about biomarkers. Are those just the numbers you have on the body scan? If so, where do you go to get such a body scan? Is this tied into a regular medical doctor? Is it with a gym or an alternative/wholistic health practitioner? Thanks tons!

  16. Thank you for introducing Crio Bru to me. Sounds like a good addition to my green smoothies. Maybe my husband can go off coffee after trying Crio Bru!

  17. I am very curious about this. I have not been successful with adding chocolate to smoothies. The family always gives it a thumbs down. I would love anything that would help with this. I can live in a world that is all chocolate! Thanks for showing this.

  18. I’d love to try brewed cocoa! Sounds like a great alternative to sugary hot cocoa. Can you drink it plain or is it recommended to add it to smoothies? Is it okay for kids to drink too? Are the chocolate covered cocoa beans a snack?
    Thank you for your educational videos and good luck, Robyn and Todd.

  19. Inspiring info. Sorry I won’t be able to win a prize cuz I live in Maui. But still want to participate because Robyn’s info has changed my life and that of my entire family. Excellent as always

  20. I’m excited to learn about this product. I love chocolate don’t drink coffe but getting a chocolate flavor in my smoothies is great. This would be great to try.

  21. Thank you for the free green smoothie my family and I are going to enjoy at Station Park Roxberry. Did not even know that they offered green smoothies and freshly pressed juices. Very excited about todays product another I did not know about. Can’t wait to try it.

  22. I have heard so many good things about Green Smoothie girl, and so proud of Crio Bru girl Carrie Christensen for promoting being able to promote Crio Bru on your site. I was introduced to Crio Bru about a month ago and am so grateful!!! I love hot cocoa but didn’t like the sugar, so i thought i would have to live with out it. well no more, i found my answer and I LOVE Crio!!!! Thank you Thank you for keeping this mom of 4 sane with her hot or iced cocoa!! LOL

  23. This is fun!
    Question: You mentioned the three steps required to be eligible, but how do you know that I am following it on Facebook if my Facebook account has a different email address?

  24. So question… you added Crio Bru as the first ingredient, then you added something else that looked like a chocolate milk… what was that? BTW – I had never heard of Crio Bru, so thanks for the intro. I think I’ll check it out.

  25. I love Crio Bru. I just heard there is a Roxberry in Tooele so I will drop by there to try their treats. I wish there was a Green Smooth near us.

  26. This video was really helpful. My husband got off coffee but sometimes craved it, so I bought some Crio Brü and we made it the same way he’d make coffee and he didn’t care for it. He is going to LOVE mixing it with the GSG Chocolate Protein. I would have never thought of that! As always, thanks for having such great ideas you share with us!

  27. Chocolate without the fat & calories?! Chocolate instead of coffee?! I can’t wait to try it! Good luck and thanks for the fabulous info.

  28. Keep going you two. Bummer that there is no Roxberry in my area. I am excited to see how all this ends up. I love green smoothies my husbands allergies gone because of them.

  29. I would love to try this stuff….especially with my husband who is addicted to Rockstars and Mtn. Dews and hopefully get him off of them. Drinking my green smoothie as I comment too.

  30. It will be so interesting to see how Todd handles the lack of Rockstar. My hubby “needs” his coffee everyday or he gets headaches… Thanks too for being so open about the health stats. My husband and I have both had those scans done in the past and am pretty much where Robyn is, but coffee-loving husband is where Todd is. (He did respond fantastically to a month-long juice fast a la “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” but I suspect making smoothies regularly is a much more feasible/practical way of achieving the same results. We will see, right?)

  31. Now I am curious. I have to research Crio Bru now – especially the coffee substitute. Exciting. So far I have never put cacao or any type of chocolate into a green smoothie and I have smoothie’d for a long time. But I am willing to try. I have to be a little bit more adventurous because I am starting to get bored.
    And, I like to chew and tend to have the feeling that a smoothie is ‘not enough’ for a meal. I’ll get there one of these days….

  32. Oh my goodness! I need this! I love my coffee and would love a sub for it. Way to go guys. I am not sure I would last 3 days let alone 30!

  33. Sounds yummy:) I’ve been drinking 2 quarts of smoothie for 9 days straight and my energy is really improving. Is it normal to lose a pound a day? Not complaining lol. I’ve also lost an inch off my waist! Maybe water weight? I’ve never had this great of results this fast.

  34. I am so excited to see how Todd does without those energy drinks! I have many friends that claim they can’t go without them, please please please Todd show them it can be done. I don’t have a facebook profile but made my husband like your profile a long time ago so I hope that our “family” effort counts.

  35. Hi Robyn… I don’t know if my blog posted,, it’s told that smoothies aren’t really good for you.. That you need to eat the fruit etc. whole. I do love Roxberry.. Haven’t been there in a while…I need to loose a lot of weight and get healthy… What is the best smoothie for this and what kind do you get at Roxberry.? Please Help!

  36. I’ve heard of brewing cocoa beans instead of coffee, and have wanted to try it because I enjoy coffee but have issues with the caffeine (and I REALLY enjoy chocolate!). My husband drinks a lot of coffee and was interested in it also, but what we found was so expensive. Crio Bru is less expensive than the other company I’ve heard about, so I think I will be ordering from them soon! Thanks for letting us know about them!

  37. Thank you so much for trying to help me and others to get healthy, eat healthy and make proper choices. I’m so tired of being tired and feeling lazy with no motivation, poor eating habits . I’m excited to start today. wish me luck..

  38. Oh Crio Brü, the gift of the gods! I’m so glad I have this lovely treat in my life! It makes everyday a whole lot brighter! Plus I love sharing it with my friends. They’ve become crio junkies too lol

  39. Today was the first I hear of Crio Bru. I must confess that I am strange individual and don’t really like chocolate. I does not call to me while I am in the market or haunt my dreams by night. Nor have I ever had the habit or desire to have a cup of anything…Noodles don’t really count. 😉 But I am intrigued enough by Carrie’s description that I am now on the website about to buy some Cavalla.

  40. How do the greens and fruit taste with the chocolate? I’d be nervous to try that. The chocolate sounds amazing though. I a three a day coffee drinker.

  41. My kids are also smoothie drinkers and LOVE coffee (I have older teens – not little ones)! This is fantastic! My kids favorite smoothie I make them is Blueberry Mocha. Yum! 😛

  42. I know that theobromine is similar to caffeine in that it is a diuretic and stimulates the heart. Does it have any health benefits?

    1. Absolutely! Cocoa has more magnesium than any other food, which supports the heart, aids digestion, balances brain chemistry and builds strong bones. Over 80% of Americans are chronically magnesium deficient.The trace mineral manganese found in cacao assists iron to oxygenate the blood and form hemoglobin.

      Found naturally in cacao, copper helps build healthy blood.
      Nearly 80% of Americans are deficient of the trace mineral chromium that helps promote a healthy blood sugar level.

      This is another reason Crio Beans are truly a healthy chocolate. An endorphin or “bliss chemical” called anadamide is produced by our body after exercise that makes us feel great. It has also been found in one plant – cacao.

      Our body produces the chemical phenylethylamine when we fall in love and increases focus and alertness. This natural chemical is also found abundantly in cacao.
      Cacao contains serotonin, a primary neurotransmitter in the body that helps build a “stress defense shield”.

      Tryptophan is a natural anti-depressant amino acid contained in cacao that transforms into stress-protective neurotransmitters that enhance relaxation and promote better sleep.

  43. That is totally surprising to me! I have never heard of brewed cocoa but I am definitely going to check it out! MMMMMM chocolate yumminess in the morning. And what a great cause you guys are doing this for. Thanks for all your inspiration Robyn!

  44. Where did you do your bio marker scan? How is it done? Was it with blood tests and weights and measures or a computerized test? Also, why does the peach juice concentrate in the Iron Strong smoothie at Roxberries have added corn syrup in it? I know it’s not high fructose corn syrup, but it is corn syrup. I had one of the blending girls tell me because my kids can’t eat corn. Is there another that doesn’t have added corn syrup? Thanks! Good luck y’all! Cheers to whoever wins the prizes! Lucky ducks!

  45. What you are doing is amazing! I do hope all of us will give you the encouragement to get through….such a great cause. Hats off to both of you and Robyn… You are a wealth of informative knowledge. Go Guys!!

  46. “Chocolate is the first luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it: Deliciusness in the moment, childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good.”
    Mariska Hargitay

  47. Thanks Robyn and all; I have been experimenting chewing cacao nibs, and I like them lot. I looked up theobromine, and saw a lot of good things, thanks for giving us useful details like that little jewel, so we can empower ourselves :-). But I had NO idea one could brew cacao. Every time I begin to follow a lead or a person who seems direct, honest, and progressive, it never fails to lead to more than I expected!! Thanks for doing this!!

  48. Wish I could sub in for you Robyn! I have weight to lose and would LOVE to be in the kitchen with all the Chocolate and the crio bru!! To lose weight with wonderful smoothies that have CHOCOLATE would be the best! Thank you for all you’re doing for this worthy cause.

  49. I am a chocolate addict and would love to which to the good stuff. thanks for having I available. is it sweetened with anything? should I use stevia?

  50. Todd’s chocolate smoothie sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing Crio Bru with us, chocolate is always a good thing. I would like Todd to let us know if it helps withe his caffiene withdrawal. Morning coffe is hard to shake! Good luck!

  51. That chocolate smoothie looks divine. I eat WAY to much chocolate and need to get back on track but I have never heard of Crio Bru, where have I been? Maybe it’s because I live in the mountains of Wy!

  52. Congratulations Robyn and Todd on one day down! You can do this!! Thank you both for motivating and educating us followers on how to make healthier food and life style choices. Crio Bru’s products are new to me. As a long term coffee addict who has tried and repeatedly failed at quitting coffee altogether, Crio Bru sounds like a viable and delicious alternative!

  53. I’m a day or 2 behind, but I’m gonna jump in here. I was just thinking about this this morning and got out my Green Smoothie Diet book.

  54. Left my green smoothie unattended in the kitchen for a bit today and found my baby had hidden in the corner and was drinking it down! Glad it’s a drink that the whole family can enjoy!

  55. Day 3 for me on the GS detox. I maintaining motivation with your video series. 🙂 Down 4 lbs. So great to here about Crio Bru. Never would have know about it if it wasn’t for this series. Thanks so much.

  56. Good job, guys! I’d love to introduce my hubby to Crio Bru! I made sure to eat much healthier today because of you guys! I’ll keep going because you are. Any headaches from no caffeine? Keep going! MaryD

  57. Wow…yummo. Loving the videos. Has my brain churning on new smoothie ideas. You mentioned that chocolate was one of the highest foods in antioxidants. Wondering if a smoothie with Crio Bru and dōTERRA clove oil (mega high on ORAC scale) would be the POWERHOUSE smoothie? Suggestion….concoct a killer smoothie. This would be the week to taste test lots of newbies right?

  58. I love Crio Bru!!!! It replaces my Mt.Dew. So, what I am wondering is….where can I find the rest of the smoothie recipe? Thinking just blend with greens and whatever fruit you want. Love what you are doing in Zambia.

  59. Oh my goodness!! CHOCOLATE!!!! Who knew it could be low calorie and still give you that fix. Could you use it like a hot cocoa for kids or is it too stimulating?

  60. Wow…That was the first I have heard of crio bru…..I have to try. Thanks again for all the great info you bring to us. Blessings.

  61. These products sound delicious! Good luck to you both! You already answered my question about your activity level during these 30 days. I’m very curious to see how you feel and perform while only on green smoothies.

  62. While I don’t do Facebook (no prize chances here), I want to say how happy I am for Todd that there is a healthy option to caffeine that will also help to ameliorate any negative effects he may experience not drinking coffee. Really nice surprise for him, and I’m grateful to learn about it, too! Thanks, and all the best for a great Day 2!

  63. You know crio bru sounds amazing. We have this craving for chocolate… The REAL kind! And cocoa roasted aroma and taste is so satisfying and mood elevating. A great energy source and filled with antioxidants.

  64. I have never liked coffee or tea, but wanted a cup of something (not sweet) to drink. The roasted cocoa beans sounds like just the thing! I am on an elimination diet for a month, so something to try next month. : )
    When posting a comment or question, should one do it after a product they really like or are all comments(except previous winners) drawn from collectively for each prize?

  65. Day one down! Good Job! I have a couple of questions for you: Are you both drinking the same green smoothies each day? Are your quantity of smoothies the same?

  66. I am super interested in seeing how you try to maintain weight robin. I love green smoothies but I don’t need to lose weight. I add nuts avocados and or coconut oil to add calories. What else is are some good ideas to add healthy calories to a green smoothie?

  67. I love CrioBru! I started sneaking coffee at 12 because I loved the way it smelled and tasted! I didn’t think I would ever quit, because I just loved it so much. Due to some health issues I was advised to quit drinking coffee. A friend suggested CrioBru, and I love it more than coffee! I’ve even convinced my mom to drink it, and she loves it too! I just discovered GSGLife products, so the idea of putting them together makes me giddy inside!

  68. I love chocolate! But more importantly, I will be eager to see how it goes with Todd’s blood pressure. My significant other is on meds as well, and I try and get him to eat healthier (smoothies etc), but it would be great to be able to SHOW him the difference with actual numbers to back it up.

  69. I hope that you post the variety of smoothies each day from the recipe book, or your imagination, that you drink. That will show how you’re trying to balance your diet… Good information for the very large crowd following you…

  70. CHOCOLATE!!! Sounds amazing, hope I’m the lucky winner. If not definitely enjoyed learning about a new product. Have to check it out. Posted on FB!

  71. One thing we really enjoy is using cherries and chocolate to make a cherry-chocolate smoothie. Another perk to having a chocolaty taste is the smoothie always turns out red so even by adding our greens it looks very very appealing to partake of.

  72. I’m interested in knowing more about the ingredients in Crio Bru. It sounds yummy, but I don’t drink coffee. Is this more like hot chocolate, without the calories?

  73. Way to go Todd, day one done!!! Looking forward to following your journey to better health for a wonderful cause. Robyn,what a great friend you are to encourage so many around you to better health. Thank you for all the great information. I have not heard of crio bru and excited to try it. Wish I lived closer and could stop by Roxberry for a smoothie with you all. Very inspiring!

  74. I have to be so careful when it comes to chocolate. My bestie can’t tolerate dairy, and I order special vegan chocolate to make sure he isn’t left out of my cooking endeavors!

  75. I really can’t wait to see how the 30 days goes I have thought several times that I should drink smoothies for a couple days but I have not done cleanse before and am nervous. Good luck.

  76. Hi Robyn, Thanks for sharing this video and introducing me to Crio Bru. I was wondering if we could get the recipe of the smoothie you make with this stuff. Also, you added two ingredients at the start of the smoothie, the first ingredient was the Crio Bru. But, then you added something else that looked like a brown creamer or chocolate milk. What was that? Thanks!

  77. I have done the 3 day smoothie fast twice. It wasn’t that hard, but I couldn’t imagine going 30 days until I saw this Crio Bru. Looks delish.

  78. I think I commented on yesterdays again instead of today’s. Not sure which time zone comments have to be received. Chocolate sounds good. I like to add coconut oil to hot chocolate.

  79. I’ve heard of Crio Bru, but never tried it. Sounds interesting. One thing I was wondering is what liquid Robyn added to the blender? It didn’t really look like water, was it coconut milk or something like that?

  80. Your taste buds gets used to , and you can really taste the real chocolate . Also, u can use stevia chocolate flavor. I support ur humanitarian cause to raise money to build the school. Keep strong.

  81. Chocolate is a vegetable right because it’s made from a cocoa “BEAN”! 🙂 So we can eat and drink and enjoy it in abundance, at least this good stuff anyhow. The darker the better. Yum! Thanks for sharing.

  82. Would this chocolate smoothie be ok for children too? I have picky 5 year old twins. Looking forward to daily inspiration and watching your challenge

  83. What a great cause! That is definitely “going the extra mile”. I am happy to be associated with Green Smoothie Girl and support this cause! I would imagine that drinking green smoothies everyday for 30 days will only help your bodies become healthier in many ways…a type of cleanse. I am excited to follow this adventure and see what results you both find. That is wonderful you are going to be able to help so many children in Zambia. I definitely take for granted all the things I am blessed with when I hear their situation. God bless.

  84. I am so excited to learn about Crio Bru!! I don’t drink coffee, and I no not to drink energy drinks, but I crave a jumpstart in the mornings! Sometimes it’s just so hard to get going! This is such a great addition to our regular green smoothie in the mornings!

  85. I shared this new GSG adventure on Facebook, Pinterest, & Google. Ya, because I want to win an infrared sauna… 🙂 …and it is something worth sharing.

  86. I drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day so this would be amazing if it works that way where I don’t crave the coffee, especially now that it’s getting colder weather and I like warming drinks. Liked this on Facebook 🙂

  87. Great products! I love what y’all are doing with the whole challenge. I look forward to seeing the effect on Todd’s high cholesterol and the statin drug. Wish I had a cup of crio bru right now!

  88. I truly think this is an amazing thing you guys are doing. I’m so excited to see Todd’s results and how he’s doing with giving up the caffeine. I myself am a coffee drinker so to find a better alternative would be awesome. Good luck on this amazing journey!

  89. What a great way to start the mornings watching your video. Looking forward to trying this coffee especially on my husband who drinks way too much of it.

  90. Thank you for information on Crio Bru….had no idea you could use chocolate instead of coffee. Your videos are genuine which we like. Keep up the awesome journey.

  91. As my diet has moved to being much cleaner, I’ve found I really don’t need (nor want) much (if any) “sweet” in my choc’late – 1 oz a day of 100% cacao feels very necessary on physical, emotional, even spiritual fronts – LOL! LIfe is too short for [poor] quality chocolate! 😀

  92. Can you tell me how the Crio Bru products affect blood sugar. I struggle with my blood sugar everyday. I would love to be able to have some flavor in my life.

  93. I love love to have a simple way to enjoy the greens for my health and have taste good also it’s like eating your cake with the frosting!!

  94. I’m motivated to drink 1 huge green smoothie for breakfast for the next 29 days in honor of your effort to only drink green smoothies during that time!

  95. This product sounds awesome! I need something to help me quit drinking so much coffee 🙁
    You actually eat the cocoa bean? Like Espresso beans?

  96. My green smoothie was scrumptious. I used the recipe on the Tri-Omega Superfood bag. Looking forward to trying a different smoothie each day.

  97. Would love to win something, but also excited for Zambia getting a school. Our family got to travel to Zambia in March. It was amazing. Our school has also opened a school there. It might be wig the same program you are helping out. Excited to see results.

  98. I haven’t had a chance to see how you did today. Will be viewing it in a half an hour. Wanted to tell you how in awe I am of what you both are doing for Mothers Without Borders.

  99. Crio Bru is our “go to” comfort drink. I have been buying it for 2 years and share it with friends and family. Good Luck on the 30 day adventure!

    1. Just want to let Todd know HE CAN DO IT!!! And getting off those horrible energy drinks is great! He will be thankful he did it in the end. I became familiar with Green Smoothie Girl courtesy of my friend Beth Wray 5 or 6 years ago and am so appreciative for all you do to help us get healthier <3

  100. For all of the chocolate lover out there…and who isn’t…these products look amazing. Thank you for caring enough to go the distance for such a wonderful cause. Stay the course!

  101. I love the videos. They are packed with great information. I’ll be looking forward to following BlendAid and to all the great recipes. Thanks

  102. had my green smoothie this morning and added some beet greens. not bad! i’m glad you are both doing good. chocolate! I’m in…

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