Love chocolate? Win THIS $200 prize from Crio Brü!

Today, our prize giveaways kick off with Crio Brü roasted and ground cocoa beans, but first . . .

Today we announce the first prize and tomorrow we announce the first winner! Yesterday was an introduction to the campaign and we were blown away by all the amazing comments and questions. Sorry if it wasn’t clear yesterday that we will announce a winner tomorrow, but good job practicing and keep commenting today for a winner announced tomorrow!

Watch our video about our first day to learn what our blood tests said. At the end of 30 days, we’re going to report what happens to our biomarkers overall, especially to Todd’s blood pressure. He’s on statin drugs and wants to get healthier and off them!

You’ll want to watch today’s video with Crio Brü, a company I really dig….because they’re giving away the first big prize package! Tomorrow, watch for which of you commenting today on the blog wins the prize.

(Are you signed up HERE? Have you “Liked” us on Facebook? Have you commented below? These three steps are required in order to win.)

Please make sure you SHARE this with someone you know . . . someone who might need the best bed I’ve ever had, intelliBED (pick a KING, worth $5k, if you want). Or a $4,800 2-man Infrared Sauna. A Blendtec Designer Series. A really expensive water ionizer. And so much more. Just wait and see. Every prize is worth at least $200. Watch today’s video and comment below!

And don’t forget TODAY to come by ANY Utah Roxberry juice store from 2–6 pm for a FREE 16 oz. green smoothie. I’ll see you at the American Fork store between 5–6 pm.


To Your Health!

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  1. had my green smoothie this morning and added some beet greens. not bad! i’m glad you are both doing good. chocolate! I’m in…

  2. I love the videos. They are packed with great information. I’ll be looking forward to following BlendAid and to all the great recipes. Thanks

  3. For all of the chocolate lover out there…and who isn’t…these products look amazing. Thank you for caring enough to go the distance for such a wonderful cause. Stay the course!

    1. Just want to let Todd know HE CAN DO IT!!! And getting off those horrible energy drinks is great! He will be thankful he did it in the end. I became familiar with Green Smoothie Girl courtesy of my friend Beth Wray 5 or 6 years ago and am so appreciative for all you do to help us get healthier <3

  4. Crio Bru is our “go to” comfort drink. I have been buying it for 2 years and share it with friends and family. Good Luck on the 30 day adventure!

  5. I haven’t had a chance to see how you did today. Will be viewing it in a half an hour. Wanted to tell you how in awe I am of what you both are doing for Mothers Without Borders.

  6. Would love to win something, but also excited for Zambia getting a school. Our family got to travel to Zambia in March. It was amazing. Our school has also opened a school there. It might be wig the same program you are helping out. Excited to see results.

  7. My green smoothie was scrumptious. I used the recipe on the Tri-Omega Superfood bag. Looking forward to trying a different smoothie each day.

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