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Our BlendAid campaign with Bloggers Without Borders is underway and you can join the fun!

We’ve just started our 30-DAY GREEN SMOOTHIE FAST! Would you be scared to go on camera every day, show your measured weight, report it to thousands of people, show your before and after, all without chewing? For 30 days? 😱

Come watch our journey. Support us. Sign up to follow us, Like us on Facebook, and comment on the blog every day to be entered to win a $200 to $5,000 prize we give away EVERY DAY from our sponsors!

I’m not doing it alone. My friend Todd, president of the Roxberry Juice franchise, wants to lose 20 pounds from his 6’1” 235 pounds. I’m going to see if I can NOT lose much from my 135 pound 5’8” frame.

By the way, ROXBERRY in Utah is giving you a FREE 16 OZ GREEN SMOOTHIE at any store, TOMORROW, from 2–6 pm. I’ll be at the American Fork store from 5–6 pm. Come on in to hang out with me, Utah friends!

We’re doing it all for a great cause. Well over 1 billion people on the planet do not get 2 meals a day. In Zambia, thousands of kids have been orphaned by AIDS, and many don’t get a single hot meal a day.

Next July, I’m taking my 3 youngest kids—and hopefully some of you—to build a school in a Zambian village. Half our time will be spent in intensive self-development classes taught by the amazing Kathy Headlee, and the other half will be spent working on service projects. Bring your teens. It will change them FOREVER.

Along with my friends at Roxberry and BlendTec, I am donating $1 for the first 10,000 people who simply just follow the BlendAid campaign!

Every day we give away something amazing, like a $5,000 intelliBED, a $4,800 Health Mate Infrared Sauna, a $2,600 Life Ionizer, and a $750 Blendtec Designer Series. These are my FAVORITE tools in getting and staying healthy!

We’re giving away a YEAR of green smoothies made for you by Roxberry, and even more big prize packages of delicious and healthy stuff from companies and people I love!

When you sign up to follow, you also automatically get our eBook 30 Superfoods Green Smoothies  that we’ll be drinking for a month.

The fun all starts tomorrow…..check in every day and comment by midnight, so we can do the drawing the next morning and announce on that blog post.

Please SHARE this on social media so your friends can win, too. You must comment on the blog, AND be signed up here, AND “like” us on FB. We’ll give you an EXTRA ticket in each day’s drawing for each share. So tell us in the comments that you shared on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. so we give you extra tickets!

p.s. Continental U.S. only…..sorry we can’t ship to Canada, etc., because it’s outrageously expensive, even though we love our Canada and Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, etc. readers!

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    1. I love green smoothies! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get ahold of the eBook so I can try out new recipes. I usually have a smoothie each morning, but I’ve been slacking. This should help me get back on track. I’m also excited to check out the product. I shared the GSG Challenge link to my Facebook lastnight and I’m adding The video now.

  1. Wow!! I’ve been waiting for this to kickstart. You guys are doing a wonderful thing!! I’m so excited and plan to participate by reincorporaring the green smoothie into my daily routine. I’m gonna start out the first week with 1 for breakfast, 2nd week breakfast and dinner and am hoping to finish with green smoothies only to support you guys. I have exzema and am hoping this will help clear my skin issues. Good luck to you both… And me lol

  2. I have kicked the caffeine habit several times (coffee) and I’m ready to do it again. And this time FOREVER!! But I’m scared. It hurts. My husband makes super strong coffee and breaking my 1.5 cups per day addiction creates a headache so bad that i can’t function as a mom. I don’t have time for the withdrawals so I keep the addiction. But I feel so awesome OFF caffeine after about 3 weeks and I want that for my body!!

    1. You can do it Dina, Stay strong. Just think of how much better you’ll feel in the long run. If the headaches and withdraws are unbearable though you don’t have to beat yourself up going cold turkey. It sounds like caffine has a strong effect on you.You may benefit by going down to half a cup for the first few days.

  3. I’ve been following GSG for 5+ years now and love everything that you offer! I have a BlendTec blender, have done your cleanse, and use your Chocolate Greens and Chocolate Protein powder daily! Would love to win one of your big prizes, especially the sauna or water ionizer!

  4. Wow, I especially drool for an INtellibed or a Sauna but everything you are giving is great. Thanks to you GSG my husband now will drink a green smoothie when I fix them for him. Love your products.

  5. You are awesome and inspiring! What a worthy cause. Green smoothie cheers to reaching your goal “clink.” It will happen! And the ripple affect will be phenomenal!

  6. So excited to see your progress unfold (and a little nervous to see how MANY smoothies it will take for you NOT to lose weight!) and to know that your efforts will benefit those in Zambia! Good luck!
    (shared on Facebook)

  7. Good luck on your mission! My smoothie to start the day is kale, spinach, ginger, blueberries, cinnamon and purified water. I have heard that combining fruit with other food may not be ideal. Is that true?

  8. Hope this is the right spot for my comment? I think this is a wonderful campaign, I will be sure to give my donation. Good Luck!

  9. Bon Voyage to all of you on a wonderful journey and a great cause! I am on the 26 day GSG detox right now and feel inspired by your commitments.

  10. Hi Robin!
    Is this the 1st Blog? I want to make sure I find the right blog so I can follow you daily. Please let me know the title of the 1st Blog and where to find it on your page. Best wishes! You can do it…no problem! PS I saw you in Tampa, FL a few years ago. Was pleased to see that you met Chris(Beat Cancer), too!

  11. Hi GSG and Todd, I am super curious to see what happens with your health during this challenge. Maybe do a modified challenge that we can join in if we get the all clear from our doctors….I’d do a challenge.

    Good luck to you both!!!

  12. Nothing like a little international positive “peer pressure” to keep you focused on your goal! Looking forward to reading along and entering. I would LOVE a Blendtec! Not on Facebook so can’t follow in that way, but I’ll be checking in as often as possible via the blog.

  13. My wife and I are looking forward to your 30 day challenge. We are thinking about doing this but want to see how you react to this amazing experience before we embark on the Green Smoothie challenge. We do drink Green Smoothies on a daily basis but have never sustained ourselves with just smoothies. We hope your journey produces the results you are looking for.

  14. I’m a fan of green smoothie’s and have been using Green Smoothie products for a couple of years now. I am also a BlendTec fan. We’ve had ours for 6 years or so and it is still going strong. My wife is an even more avid fan of both. 🙂 I love this campaign to raise awareness to those suffering in Zambia. We’re going to up the program on our end and do at least 1 green smoothie every day. Thanks for all you are doing.

  15. Hi Robin and Todd,
    Congratulations on day one! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures and trying some of the new smoothie recipes you sent.

  16. I was reading through the recipes I received from signing up… Why do so many have bananas and blueberries 🙁 I cannot consume either of those… Also cannot do pineapples:(
    good luck!
    ~Margorie F.

  17. I really enjoyed your first video, I’m excited to see the changes that both of you endure and I love the organization you are supporting in Africa.

  18. I think what you are doing is amazing!! Not only are you setting out on a journey for health, you are doing it with a totally unselfish motivation. I wish you all the best.

  19. I don’t think my comment posted previously–Such a great cause, thank you for giving back! Looking forward to watching you guys through this! 🙂

  20. Thank you for the information you gave given me. I am moving to a new home this weekend and am looking forward to starting the 30 day green smoothie fast!

  21. This is exciting! Drinking smoothies is a wonderfully healthy was to transform your health and then on top of that to build a school for so many beautiful children! Now that’s changing the world!

  22. Good luck to you Robin and Todd!!! I’m excited to see if you can go 30 days without chewing food. I have a hard time going more than 3 days without something crunchy.

  23. What an absolutely terrific venture – and so happy to see a way that teens can be involved (hands-on) as well (so right about making a positive impact by virtue of such powerful participation!)! Longtime fan of green smoothies here. With you in spirit and green-goodness! 😀

  24. Thank you for the awareness you have brought to ME through this campaign. Even building up to it has been exciting. I can’t imagine a better cause! And I can’t wait to see what it’s like to ONLY eat green smoothies everyday for a month. 🙂 Will you be keeping us updated of the funds raised throughout this campaign?

  25. I can’t wait to see what the results are of the 30 days of nothing but green smoothies!!! That will take some serious will power!!!!

  26. I attended one of Robin’s lectures two years ago in Encinitas, California. The things she taught rang true and I have been drinking green smoothies ever since. I have been able to lose 40 pounds so far and feel younger and stronger. I am 60 years old.

  27. Congratulations on your 30 day challenge! I think what you are doing is amazing and I’m excited to follow along (hopefully win cool prizes too!) I drink my quart of green smoothie every morning! Thank you for contributing to a healthier me!

  28. I’m really excited about supporting Robyn and Brad as they take the challenge to eat only Green Smoothies for the 30 days! I think it’s great you are doing this to raise money for a very worthy cause!

  29. I’ve toyed with the idea of green smoothies but have never dived in. I just started back to the gym yesterday in a quest to create a body of health. I will be watching this with great interest to see the results. (And I wonder how long it will take to become converted!)

  30. Best wishes as you begin your 30 day journey! Looking forward to tagging along, learning from & being inspired by your experiences – and becoming a “quart-a-day” GSG myself!

  31. Very cool campaign you are doing… I did basically only smoothies for 40 days once. I felt great! Look forward to following your journey.

  32. I think it’s going to be very interesting to watch how the 30 day smoothie challenged goes. I like the chewing feeling so it would be hard for me!

  33. So excited to follow you on this journey and learn more about how to make green smoothies!!! I have a friend who was diagnosed with AML and I am wondering if these smoothies would be good for him?

  34. I’m so so excited about this! Can’t wait to follow along on this journey! I’ve been a huge GSG fan for years and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my green smoothies!!

  35. So excited to see how this goes for you guys! I drank green smoothies for a year and a half but they would make me super bloated and gassy, painful all through my middle section. I eat pretty clean with little sugar(honey, coconut palm sugar and maple syrup), and I feel good, my body must not like all that fiber.

  36. Thanks so much for the eBook! I’m going to try a smoothie a day out of the eBook and see if I experience any positive changes as well.

  37. I started following the green smoothie girl two years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. Starting a family made me want to change the way I eat and also look at life. I love the recipe book Robin has created! I threw out my old one and replaced it with hers. This has not only changed my life, but my family as well, thank you Robin and good luck with the challenge, you can do it!

  38. It looks like you have created a powerful team for this event. Blendtec just demonstrated to me great customer relations by courteously replacing my Wildside container last week free of charge. (It had started making a loud noise.) Also, are you going to spotlight their line of Blendfresh – dried raw blends of fruits and vegetables that make a nutritious smoothie quickly and easily? People need to know!

  39. Hoping this is the place to reply. I don’t think I’ve EVER replied on a blog, but the challenge idea along with the donating for a bigger cause is a great way to bring people together for personal health and global health. It’s really touching. The prizes are there just to make sure you keep coming back to see the progress, but who really cares about the prizes. Not too much anyway. 🙂

  40. What a great cause… Plus I’m very axious to see how you guys do with this! I can’t begin to tell you how many things I’ve tried to lose weight. I could lose it but it’d always come back. Best wishes!

    1. This is Fun! I love how you combine a goal to “nourish our bodies” for a healthier life, with a playful game and competition to “keep things interesting”,then add supporting a deeper cause Like Mothers Without Borders to “fill our souls” with love for others. Perfect formula for success! A Green Smoothie Toast to you Robin!

  41. I think you’re pretty amazing for doing this 30 day challenge and I’m excited to see your journey throughout the process. Not only are you doing something that will ultimately benefit you, but you’re helping so many people in need. Good luck!

  42. Good health and wishes to all of you! I’m planning to do the smoothies with you with some modifications due to dietary issues. Your motivation to help others is inspiring!

  43. What an inspiration to people around the world. Not only are benefiting Todd and yourself, but actually showing others it can be done–it is not just talk. The children in Zambia will remember what you have done for generations to come. Thanks for being an inspiration to all.

  44. Best of luck on this Smoothie fast! I felt so healthy after the last GreenSmoothieGirl detox that I’m inspired to join along…at least with the smoothie part! Can’t wait to read about your adventure!

  45. Hope I’m in the right place to post. I’ve printed out my smoothie recipe book and starting my own challenge to do along with you as a way to get myself in a better place. Don’t worry – I’m also eating food too. Wish I was brave enough to join you all the way!

  46. I’m really interested to follow your success. I know it will go well and anxious to hear your experience. I struggle with Lyme disease and would so benefit from the sauna. All the prizes sound wonderful!

  47. add me to those waiting to hear about the results. I love all the products that I have used so far. Thanks for being there for everyone.

  48. Good luck! What a great cause. I hope you’re able to raise all $150,000!! I’m inspired to do another quart-a-day green smoothie challenge! I’ll start today.

  49. I’m going to incorportate a quart of green smoothies a day! I hope I get hooked and drink more than a quart.
    Thank you Robyn for all that you do to make the world a little healthier!

  50. This is an exciting and powerful challenge! Good for you at making a difference and getting others involved. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing your daily blog.

  51. Two years ago I wouldn’t touch a salad. After attending the green smoothie girl lecture I have a green smoothie every day and have cut back significantly on the amount of meat I eat.

  52. I would like to know daily what is in your green smoothies – like a battle plan. My biggest problem eating this way is taste fatigue.

  53. A whole month of smoothies is quite the commitment. My hat goes off to you both. Todd, I did a cleanse after quitting caffeine and had the worst headache of my life. It’s doable just hang in there.

  54. I have been following the Green Smoothie Girl ever since I saw a full page write-up in the Daily Herald many years ago. That has been MANY green smoothies ago too!!! It will be great to follow the 30 day challenge. Thanks to all for doing this.

  55. The BlendAid campaign sounds incredible, I am excited to follow along! Great to see you have teamed up with Tom Dickson, I have been using BlendTec blenders for years and I love them!

  56. I am looking forward to the results of this challenge! I did your GSG-Detox a few months ago and the results were incredible! Good luck to the both of you.

  57. Loving GSG for years now! Robyn, I’ve seen you speak so many times and you are an inspiration. Thank you for helping me renew my love of green smoothies! You’re the best!

  58. What a blendid idea for an amazing cause! I am sure you can do this GSG and when Todd thinks he can’t go another day tell him to take a look at those gorgeous children in Zambia just waiting for his help! Hoping and praying for those children!

  59. Bought your Green Smoothie book and a BlendTec 6 years ago and have been making green smoothies ever since. Shared your book with family and friends. I am now 74 and started running 5 K races and now half marathons. Love what you have done.

  60. I really hope that this challenge is revelatory for you, and all of us reading and following at home. I have been meaning to do this, I have all the right equipment and time and access to organic, good food. I just lack the motivation to get started and STAY on it. Thanks for doing this, and keep ROCKING ON!

  61. I’m excited for you guys! Robyn, I want to go to Africa and help!!! And I thought the Detox was hard! Really, not so much with the support of others. Know we are thinking about you guys! Good luck!

  62. I have thought about doing a just smoothie ‘challenge’ you are all brave. The most I have done it is 5 days a great way to cleanse

  63. You guys are amazing! I love my green smoothies, but can’t imagine not chewing anything for an entire month! We’ll be here to cheer you on!

  64. Daring and compassionate, always willing to try anything. That’s some of Robyn’s amazing qualities. Thanks for making the way again!

  65. Hats off to you and the crew for such a meaningful and wonderful cause! Thank you for your work by educating people on the benefits of eating healthy food! Looking forward to the next 30-days.

  66. Ok, hope this is the spot to make a comment for the contest. Been following GSG for 10 years at least. Trust her research which sure saves me some time.

  67. Looking forward to seeing how you both do. I am a little nervous for Todd since he has energy drinks to give up right away but hopeful that by day 3 or 4 he feels much better on real food!!!!

  68. Wow! 30 days! I am interested to follow your adventure. I am hoping your inspiration will help me make the changes I need for myself.

  69. I want details on the trip to Zambia. Sign me up! I am trying to spread the word for you, by sharing on FB. Go Green Smoothie Girl!!!

  70. I’m on day 7 of the GSG Detox! I’m so excited to follow your journey over the next 30 days. I have had very few detoxing symptoms so far except for a rash on my upper chest, back, neck and face. Just small little bumps. Does not itch and is mildly painful. Have you heard of this before? Thank you for taking us on this challenge with you.

    1. Nikki, yes, unfortunately as people detox chemicals from their body, rashes are fairly common. Sorry you’re enduring that, but I’m excited you’ve undertaken the process!


  71. Hello! my family and I have been very encouraged over the last few years by you in our healthy eating and nutritional lifestyle journey! So thank you! I actually support you on my blog when I’ve written about Green Smoothies… I’ve signed up to follow Blendtech campain, Liked your Facebook Page, and Shared this Blog post to my inspirational and healthy living Facebook Page ( Excited to see your journey over the next 30 days! and love the humanitarian work you are doing next summer! amazing.

  72. You guys are brave! Looking forward to following your progress and seeing how it goes, especially with Todd. When will you post your pre-30 day cardiovascular bio markers?

  73. Good luck, Robin and Todd. Can’t wait to see u r bloodwork results! I will continue to drink my quart of green smoothie a day! It’s so good!!

  74. So cool you are raising money this way! Sadly, I left my green smoothie on the counter this morning when I left for work, but I am so glad to have green smoothies in my life!

  75. My family and I just watched a series of short (2-3 min.) video overviews of clinical nutrition studies that answer a lot of questions about green smoothies on My family is increasing our green smoothie making as a result of hearing these convincing study results. We look forward to learning more from GSG.

    1. Hi Robin, yes. Robyn and Todd are varying the recipes each day. The recipes are coming from the ebook 30 Superfood Green Smoothies, which you will receive when you sign up to follow the BlendAid campaign. 🙂

  76. I love GSG and everything that you offer!! Ive been having a green smoothie every day since I started 5 years ago!! Ive done the GreenSmoothieGirl 26-day detox twice, use your minerals, and your Chocolate protein powder and chocolate greens daily, and use your flax powder! My daughter’s favorite vegetables are always greens thanks to my green smoothie habit while pregnant and nursing with her! I would LOVE to win any and all of these prizes!! Really hoping I win something! Will share this on FB also!

  77. What you guys are doing is great! I have to admit I was glad to hear that you did not expect us to do this. I haven’t ever had a green smoothie before and worry that I won’t like them, but I would be willing to try! Good luck with this project!!

  78. I’ll be watching and wishing both of you well every day. We’ll just take it one day at a time. Thank you for doing this for MWB, for yourselves, for us!

  79. Robyn, looking forward to your posts on your awesome challenge for Mothers Without Borders! I’m a green smoothie girl too 🙂 God Bless!

  80. Good luck to you both, but my money’s on Robyn to go the distance. Dealing with caffeine withdrawal headaches may be the deal breaker for Todd. Even so, I think he can do it! Can’t wait to see the results.

  81. This is so awesome! I don’t know if I could do it – so I’m looking to you all for inspiration! Best of luck; I’ll be checking in!

  82. Good luck to all of you!! I will start drinking my green smoothie again for breakfast. It’s so easy to get distracted & stop preparing them, but when people like you do a great thing like you are, it’s very motivating!! Keep up the good work!

  83. Many prayers for you on this challenge and for the future school to be built in the Zambian village. The children will love your energy! I have shared this on both my personal Facebook page and my business page, as well as in my detox group! I started my day with a green smoothie in your honor! I picked chard, spinach, romaine and parsley from my tower garden and blended with canteloupe seeds, pineapple core, lemon and 2 local pears Delish!

  84. I have been drinking 1 pint to 1 quart a day since the December green smoothie challenge. I am doing the best ever in eating a whole food diet with 60-80% raw this whole year! Thanks for your challenge to me in December and now I am wishing you the best with your challenge for the next 30 days! (and to be honest, I am tempted to want to join you!) Happy Smoothying! ” )

    1. Love the whole deal!! The challenge, the blog, and the comments are wonderfully inspiring too. Good luck with the Challenge 😀 Long time GSG follower near Boston!

  85. I LOVE that you’re doing this and hope NOT to lose weight, Robyn. That would be me and I’ll be following everyday to see. I’ll definitely join you for one, maybe two a day but am very interested to see about ONLY having smoothies. Good Luck:)

  86. Green Smoothies helped me with acid reflux. I can’t wait to see your results. Day one is almost done:) Only 29 more to go. We will all be here cheering you on!

  87. I’m assuming you will also be drinking water during this challenge? What are your thoughts on WHEN to drink your water? Some say drinking during a meal slows digestion or does something to that affect. So will you drink your water an hour before or after a green smoothie? Thanks

  88. Awesome cause, hope you make miracles happen! I will be drinking a green smoothie every morning right along with you! Good luck and drink in good health! 🙂

  89. Thanks for this opportunity to help ourselves and others. I’m getting closer to starting this… I work so much and drive b over 90 mind to work, I’m fearful that there’d be “repercussions” from starting on fermented foods. What’s a way to enter into this program in baby steps??

  90. You are great to be working so hard for such a great cause. Being a Mom and a teacher, knowing kids will be taken care of and educated makes my heart smile!

  91. I love everything you do. I love the information that you share with us everyday. Can’t wait to follow you on your journey.

  92. Yahoo! Very excited for the challenge and joining many others in making a difference in the organization Mothers Without Borders! It is exciting when you pull focused people together with a common mission! Thank you to all the sponsors!

  93. Robyn and Tod, hope that you endure to the end. Your journey has a wonderful purpose and inspires others to participate in some way.

  94. Awesome, Robyn! A 30-day Green Smoothie Fast is a fantastic idea! I’ve done a couple month-long juice fasts, but this is an even better idea with the fiber from the greens and lower costs for fresh organic foods (since juicing uses so many veggies for the juice). You can do this! Thank you for sharing your journey and your efforts to help with the school. You are a real blessing!

  95. I think I did everything…I liked you on FB, I had signed up for the challenge a few days ago, and here I am commenting. Thanks for letting me be a part of this! Good causes all around!

  96. I am so excited to see how this challenge goes and what a great cause to be donating too. Good luck it will be interesting to see how your health is affected by eating or I should say drinking, green smoothies.

  97. What a great cause! I did a 28 day green smoothie detox through Tera Warner a few years back…there were a few days it was kinda tough but in the end I felt better than I had in a long time and it was so worth it. Shared on Pinterest.

  98. Go Robyn and Todd! Your journey is inspiring. How wonderful to off FREE smoothies at Robbery and keep it REAL with Robyn in the store. Only wish I could be there…..over here on the East coast 🙁 Curious if you BOTH are using Robyn’s new probiotic enzymes daily during the challenge?

  99. Robyn, I love the cause you are supporting! 🙂 I’m drinking green smoothies twice a day. I was wondering why you don’t suggest we do the challenge with you? Thanks!

    1. Janelle, I don’t want to be seen as giving health advice. It’s a radical thing to do! People who aren’t used to eating a lot of nutrient dense food can temporarily feel pretty AWFUL when their body detoxes. And a lot of people would think it’s NUTS to eat nothing but green smoothies for 30 days. But of course…..folks in Africa eat a LOT less than that, millions of them. And it’s temporary. And we’ll be fine. But people can decide to do it themselves, but we don’t want to be seen as trying to encourage that!

  100. I shared on FB, Instagram and Pinterest. I just love GSG and today I made the yummy hummus recipe for a dinner party I am having tonight – it is delicious!

  101. I love what you are doing! What a sacrifice you are all making to help Mothers Without Borders build a much needed school in Africa! Such inspiration!

  102. I have been doing green smoothies with GSG for a while now! I’m excited to learn about some new things I can add to them for nutrition and taste!

  103. Shared! I’m so grateful for your constant inspiration and challenging others to better their health! Go Todd and Robyn! You’ve got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. At work today I shared in person with fellow nurses and told then about your campaign. I am excited for the proceeds to go to this fabulous organization! Is there a need for in person volunteers as well at the orphanage? I currently go on a surgical mission trip to the Philippines and am looking for trip in Africa. I soooo need a blender…keeping my fingers crossed and good luck!!

  105. I’ve been following Robin since the beginning. Good luck and as I drink my green smoothie for dinner I’m thinking of you!

  106. Started the GS detox today! Hoping to get motivation and inspiration from the wonderful cause you are supporting. So wonderful to see the good that people do for each other. Now I am so excited to start feeling more energetic, improve my sleep and to stop the daily body aches and pains. Go go green smoothie!

  107. This is such a wonderful cause. I’m so excited that a school wool be built for those sweet children. Good luck on the challenge. I have faith in you! 🙂

  108. You guys totally ROCK! I’m cheering you on. So grateful for the changes you have all made possible in my life personally. Robyn, Roxberry and BlendTec! All daily blessings in my life. Thank YOU!

  109. SO fantastic! wonderful to hear you guys are teaming up to help such a great cause! can’t wait to stay tuned each day to watch and hear the progress

  110. I love this effort to help those seeking education! “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
    Nelson Mandela

  111. Hi Robyn, I have seen you at events three times in Idaho and think what you are doing is such a blessing to the children and mothers in Zambia. So wonderful of you and Todd to do this. You inspired me to start eating green smoothies a few years ago and I started with a nutribullet blender because that was all I could afford. I am hooked on green smoothies now, I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thanks for all your wonderful products. Excited to see how many smoothies you will both need to drink to maintain your weight!

  112. Wow! I drink 2 qts of smoothies daily but can’t imagine only smoothies for 30 days without other foods! Best wishes. I hope you guys succeed!

  113. I’ve been following you for over 8 years Robin. It’s a great thing you and Todd are doing. Looking forward to following all 30 days. Good Luck to both of you.

  114. Where will we be able to see the starting stats? 🙂 Thanks so much for doing this, I think it will be very interesting to see what happens, especially with Todd’s energy level!

  115. My Dad passed away today, the day you start this fast, from complications of him NOT taking care of his body throughout the years. Over the past week, while he’s been deteriorating so rapidly, I’ve found myself grabbing junk food just because it’s quick and easy – knowing how bad it is for me, but not really caring because, hey, my Dad was dying. But I now choose to refuse to follow in those footsteps. I am going to honor my Dad by taking excellent care of my own body. Drinking green smoothies every day sounds like a pretty good part of that plan.

  116. Wow, go Robyn! I love the idea of drinking green smoothies for a cause. I’m not sure a 30-day smoothie diet would work with my training schedule, but it might be worth a try. Best of luck to you and Todd!

  117. That’s all SO GREAT what Y’all are doing for so many in need and sharing with us!
    Thank You & God’s Blessings to You Robyn & All Your Team, Partners & Supporters!

  118. Excited to follow this challenge! Good luck Robyn and Todd! Has any vlogs or info been posted yet with your stats going into the challenge?

  119. What a great event! I am looking forward to following along and at least consuming one green smoothie per day! I wish I could get the courage to do only green smoothies. I think a lot of my skin issues would subside. I shared on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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    Holisticgal in CA

  125. You are inspiring! We have been drinking one quart of green smoothie every day for over 5 years now and our lives have been forever changed. Thank you for teaching and inspiring so many to take control of their lives and for sharing this experience with us.

    1. Hi Diane, we were going to go into retail but we decided to take our raw, organic, whole-foods products into direct sales instead……my courses and books, too. Check out 🙂 We have amazing Instructors who teach our classes now.

  126. I think this is awesome what you are doing. I worked with a bunch of RN’s who have gone with mothers without borders to Africa. I hope to go one day and be apart of a great cause.

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    1. Hi Mary, we will post every morning, so just watch the video ANY time during the day, and comment by midnight…..we will do the drawing the following morning, every day!

        1. Dean, we will announce ON THE BLOG every day. The first prize is ANNOUNCED tomorrow….and then the following day, we give away! Good practice, everyone, starting to comment today! Sorry if I wasn’t clear!

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    I am so inspired and excited to follow your journey for 30 days, and extremely curious to see the effects on your health. I am confident it will be ‘all good’! Robyn’s books and blog were my introduction to Green Smoothies a few years ago, and I have been feeling the benefits ever since.
    I will be cheering you on every day!

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  144. What an awesome idea to raise money for a great cause. I am going to start the quart a day of green smoothie as you are on your journey. Good luck to you all! Sharing this on FB!

    1. Janet, I drank 5 QUARTS of green smoothie the first day! After a couple of days, my caloric needs will come down and 4 oughta do it!

  145. I’ll be interested to see what results you get. I’ve done juicing for a few weeks before but didn’t get anything tested to see how it affected my blood work.

  146. Okay, I’m concerned about oxalates from drinking green smoothies. It is my understanding that oxalates come primarily from plants (especially spinach) also nuts like cashews and peanuts. These foods bind with calcium and can cause kidney stones. So how do I drink green smoothies every day without worrying about kidney stones or arterial blockage?

    1. Anita, it’s a rare person who has an issue with oxalates, but they’re also in soy, and strawberries…..and I’d worry much more about drinking soda, and eating animal products, which are far more likely to cause oxalates binding with calcium. There are so many ANTI-stone-forming compounds in greens. Unless you know you have one of those very rare diseases where oxalates are an issue, it’s a “tempest in a teapot” on the internet, in my opinion. Arterial blockage, no way… can’t do anything BETTER to clear your arteries than eat lots of raw, organic plant foods like what’s in your green smoothie!

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    1. Michelle, this is it, you got it! Start commenting Weds when we do the prizes, thanks and XOXO! The blog is now on the homepage 🙂

  151. Wow this is a great event that will help many in more ways than one. I love what your company stands for. Keep up the good work and I also will be taking on your challenge.

    1. Hi Dina, thank you for the support! It means a lot to Robyn and Todd. However, we just want to clarify that neither of them are challenging any one to do the same thing–that is no one is challenging any one to drink only green smoothies for 30 days. If you are up to it, then go right ahead, but this is a special mission Robyn and Todd are on to build support and funding for Mothers Without Borders to build a school in Zambia. The fast is symbolic of the many meals children go without in this part of the world. Thank you for your solidarity in this matter and good luck to you if you choose to do the same.

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  154. OK I *do* have a question for ya this morning – or anybody, actually: any advice on a way to make kale less reactive for me when I put it in smoothies??? I’m guessing it’s the oxylates (spinach does fine! it’s just kale that gets me…. every time….) – is there some trick about that?? Thanks! 😀 And keep it going! You got this ;D

    1. Hi Jan, this answer comes straight from Robyn: spinach is at least as high in oxalates so it is probably goitrogens. The evidence does not show that cooking it will help, plus that kills enzymes. What happens if you add some good fats like coconut, flax, etc.?

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