Announcing our new probiotic enzyme . . .

GSG Prezyme Pro

I have something amazing for you.

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And here’s our biggest news in a long time……with a BIG introductory discount offer…..and we have only 700 units of it, so you’ll want to grab three of them fast…..

I have just formulated a brand new product—something I’ve always wanted and that doesn’t exist in the marketplace. Virtually everyone who has ever been on antibiotics, or who has eaten GMO foods or gluten grains, has gut issues at this point. How do you rebuild and support great digestion?

I’m excited to announce our 3-in-1 digestive support called PreZyme Pro. It’s formulated with 6 different digestive enzymes, plant-based prebiotics, PLUS 15 different probiotic strains! You’re getting 7 BILLION living probiotic organisms per capsule!

We’re getting so much great feedback from our employees and friends who have been using it, including one of our management team who said her first night using it was her first no-nausea, no-heartburn night of her 8+ month pregnancy.

PreZyme Pro is the first product of its kind to contain prebiotics, probiotics, AND enzymes. And, as you expect from us, it is plant-based, GMO-free, gluten-free, and soy-free, with no fillers.

The gastrointestinal tract is a complex system and sometimes, regardless of how carefully we eat, it needs some help. Stressors like poor diet, antibiotics, environmental toxins, and harmful bacteria can cause digestive upset, along with other factors like aging. Studies show that after about age 30, the body’s natural production of enzymes goes into decline and we may need additional digestive support.

New studies are linking gut health to that of other systems, including immunity, neurological health, and, most recently, mental health. Taking good care of your digestive system has more benefits than just avoiding stomachaches, bloating, and gas!

Check out the INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL on this exciting new product! Throughout the month of September, you can get 15% off a single bottle or 30% off a three-pack. (Only 700 left, act fast!)
To Your Health!

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  1. Maybe a certain percentage. Very delicate fermenting and interchanging with our natural protective cells that can be altered. It’s just a perception and gut feeling with out all information and studies.

    Diligently trying to get on board with GSGlife, Teresa

  2. I would love to order several sets of 3–staying healthy starts in the gut. The naturopathic docs I’ve seen in the past (in other states than where I live) have always supported this claim: clean up your intestines and you will have health all over the body. Robyn, do you know any holistic or naturopathic docs in Salt Lake or UT county? I’m looking for that, whether its an MD, DO that specializes in natural or alternative health, or a chiropractor that has taken his practice to these levels. I’ve been looking for a couple of years.

  3. My digestive tract was decimated after chemotherapy. For a time, all I could digest were juiced carrot and apples, soup broth and salad. I believe probiotic supplements were very helpful!

  4. I so applaud you Robin and all those connected with your business and products. They are wonderful and your information and enthusiasm I can feel right through my computer. Your products are very “healthyisizing” (made up a new word) for me:) Looking forward to trying your new product. Also looking forward to celebrating this new school.

  5. For a while I made my own rejuvelac (fermented wheat drink) but had one bad batch and haven’t done it since. I might give this product a try, not sure quite yet.

  6. My husband had his appendix removed a few years back and has had nothing but trouble since then. He’s just agreed to start taking a probiotic and while there haven’t been miraculous results, he was able to eat our homemade pizza last week and not spend the entire night in the bathroom. I will be sending this information to him and showing it to him a couple times this week. 🙂

  7. So excited that you are introducing this product. I see that people need that help for their gut brain and I am looking forward to trying it so that I can recommend it to my clients. Go on with your bad self Robin!!!

  8. Hi, What are your thoughts on products such as Culturelle, etc.. that we can but at our local big chain stores? There are so many choices that it gets overwhelming at times.- Annette Chastain

  9. I had my gallbladder removed 14years ago and have had/has every complication in the book. Doctor after docter, tests, and frustration. So I have decided to forego western medicine (most of it anyway) I want off prescription drugs, lose weight and become healthy. This seems like the place to start.

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