What I Did About My Skin Cancer

A skin cancer treatment no dermatologist will tell you about!

I was in a TV studio last week filming a segment about green smoothies, and the ladies who did the segment before me were dermatologists along with a company selling skincare products. When I told them this story . . . well, let’s just say I received the Look of Death. “Disapproval” would be a word far too mild.

They were less than pleased that I didn’t think spraying yourself with chemicals was helpful to your health. (This video talks about what kind of sunscreen I DO use if I have to be out too long.)

Disclaimer: please consult with a trusted healthcare professional before you make any decisions for yourself. I do not give health care advice. This is my story and I do not suggest you do what I did. It’s not for everyone. You should, however, know your options, the pros and cons.

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To Your Health!

Robyn Openshaw

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  1. Where can I buy this? Checked the Alpha Omega Labs website and there is a product called Casema, but not the exact product you show in the video. Same thing?

    1. I had been afraid to use it on my face also,,but i finally bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago and treated the one on my eyebrow…now it has gone thru the course and the center has fallen out and the scar is almost gone.. i think the vitamin E oil I use on it helps too..what an awesome product… I know some friends that have cancer spots treated over and over on their face and none had as fast a clear up as I just had..love it.. Thanks Robyn

      1. Interesting, Pat, glad to hear it! My squamous cell skin cancer I burned off in April resulted in having to treat it twice, and a pretty ugly keloid scar I haven’t had the guts to post on FB yet. Of course, I might have had one, anyway, with conventional treatment that I don’t trust.

        1. Robyn, I didn’t know you had a squamous cell. Maybe you didn’t write about it, or else I missed it. I thought burning it off was a conventional treatment? It must not be, but are you talking about going to derm and burning off? I haven’t had anything burned off in the past….only excised. So I’m not sure what the burning process is. I just wonder how a derm would know they “got it all” without cutting to check for margins. Curious why you chose the route you did over the black salve? I’m sure you have a VERY good reason! I would love to know.

          Most of the people in the black salve facebook group see very good healing with very little if any scarring. I have been very impressed. One guy had HUGE scar that ran in the shape of an upside-down L on his face (like they cut his cheek skin and pulled it back to do 4 surgeries and stitched it every time. He called it quits and took over as his own doc. Used salve for I don’t know how long, but his face looks like nothing ever happened. It seems the salve healed the scarring. And he may have used one of Zenith’s medi-creams after he was done salving. (It’s a Zenith group).

          I haven’t had any spot resolve yet to know how mine will look when they are done. Still massive amounts of stuff coming out, with no end in sight yet.

          Pat, thank you for the Vitamin E tip! I will tuck that away for a time I can use it.

  2. Great video Robyn! Living in So. California I too have gotten a number of sunburns, but luckily no skin cancer. Just a couple of ideas for using those lemon skins. After squeezing/using the juice freeze the skins and grate them frozen on a salad or veggies. I also take the skins and dehydrate them or just put them in the sun for a few days to dry them and then pulverize in my coffee grinder and use it for a natural vitamin C supplement. You can also do this with any citrus rind.

    1. Billie–here is the link for Alpha Omega Labs. It is located in Brazil, but, they ship online. No need to go to Brazil 😉 For some reason GSG must not be allowed to give the company information. But since I’m a regular person, I think I can :). If somebody knows something differently, please let me know. http://www.altcancer.net/ If you are in the U. S., click for that and it will take you here: http://www.herbhealers.com/. Black salve: http://www.herbhealers.com/ and Sangere de Drago is on this page: http://www.herbhealers.com/immune-support. 2nd row, 1st column. 🙂

  3. Hi Robyn, Thank you for all your hard work, studies and investigating. My health is tremendously improved since I started to follow your advice in greensmoothiegirl.com. May I know where to purchase the Black Salve you talk about, in the video.

    I have seen a few sites online, where it is being sold, but am hesitant to purchase the Black Salve from them, because I am not sure of the quality. Thank you, in anticipation.

  4. You make G-d PROUD!!!! Sharing many of His abundantly available remedies to heal all that ails us and to keep us healthy from the get go is the joyful privilege and responsibility of those who choose to be His ambassadors!! What better mission in life than to inspire people to be their healthiest & most vibrant selves!

  5. I love hearing that you feel the way I’ve believed for quite some time since learning for myself what the medical doctors I worked for told me.

    Robyn, could you Please please PLEASE do a video or post on all of the products that you use in terms of beauty. You said you had powder on. I would love to know where to look for better, chemical-free products for makeup, hair and skin.

    I love your emails!!! ❤️❤️

      1. I applied to a couple of suspect bumps. I do know I have a systemic fungal infection (candida overgrowth). It took me a little while to realize that what was coming out was fungal. The “explosion” of white mass every time I applied just a little bit of black salve was stunning to me. But it didn’t function like skin cancer was described (no eschar forming and falling out). Apparently my body wants the fungus gone (imagine!), so this is an ongoing and entertaining project. (I’ve never been able to SEE the infection until now).

        I don’t know what it shouldn’t be applied to, as “they” say it’s safe for healthy skin–will just redden and do nothing. But Greg gave that link so I’d read it, as I’m sure there’s plenty I don’t know.

        1. Escharotic Salves (and this includes our Cansema) are designed to take out cancers “in situ.” But systemic problems require systemic solutions. Fungal overgrowth is common not only because of the proliferation and over-prescribing of antibiotics, but because of the devastating effects of “halogen displacement” which is now ubiquitous — (see : http://www.altcancer.net/lugols.htm). Candida and other fungal issues can be readily eradicated by taking Lugol’s Iodine at therapeutic doses (called “orthoiodosupplementation” in the medical literature). It’s cheap, effective, and without serious side effect (though the inconvenience of Herxheimer’s may be experienced). Yes, you can use internal escharotics for this (like our Amazon Tonic III), but it’s like shooting a mouse with an elephant gun : it’s overkill.

          1. thank you Greg for posting this. I’d not heard the Lugol’s information….and I do feel like I’ve heard it all when it comes to candida :). I’d been using Undecenoic Acid (a natural botanical) internally, but even though I was following a plan to limit/reduce/eliminate the die-off effect, I wasn’t able to handle the die-off and had to discontinue for a while. It was the report from Genova Diagnostics that indicated UA would be an effective anti-fungal for me, while garlic, among other things, is not. (Apparently I am resistant to it).

            I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing on the internal side, but I welcome any information you have to share. I learned the most I’ve ever learned about candida from Dr. Jeff McCombs (candidaplan.com), and its his program I’ve been following. The most fascinating videos on candida are on youtube–his 11-part series, “the science behind candida”. Pictures, scientific stuff….I love it. Here’s the link to part 4 where it really starts getting interesting.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imqBgZAy1W4&index=4&list=PL779025261D62DE43

            And here’s the link to the whole series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kk7eKWTdVQ&list=PL779025261D62DE43

  6. Thank you, Robin, for this info! Would you be able to give the company name that you buy the black salve and sangre de drago from? My husband was just told he has precancerous spots and I would like to have this product to use on him. I am very light skinned also and have been burned numerous times so I am probably going to need it also.

  7. Robyn,
    Sangre de Drago, we use for everithing in the Amazon , on cuts, Moskitos bites, even drink for stomach ulcers. I always had the same concern as you about the sun and sunscreen. Now I am goin to get the info on the other stuff Black something.

  8. We did find it on the internet, and used it about a year ago. You can go to http://www.bestonearthproducts.com/ and look up Black Salve with DMSO. That’s the stuff I use. They have an after care product that they suggest you get to go with it; we did, and had great luck with it. FYI: what we found is that if you put it on something that is not cancerous, nothing happens. If it is, it will start a reaction.

  9. I did some additional looking around. There is a lot of bad press out there about black salve. Please check it out before you try this stuff. sample:

    [–]Hapax_Legoman 826 points 1 year ago
    It’s worth mentioning whenever this comes up that so-called “black salve” is not something you should put on your skin. It’s what’s called an escharotic; that is, it’s a chemical that destroys tissue to the point where the body sloughs it off.
    The active ingredient in “black salve” is nothing more complicated than zinc chloride, a powerful corrosive that destroys skin and underlying tissues if left in contact.
    If you have a wart, go see a doctor. Do not purchase or use “black salve.” It will only make the problem worse.

    1. I think you have been listening to scare tactics. I have used black salve many times and yes, it burns off the lesion and sometimes leaves a scar, but you are healed. I have used the products from best on earth and they are good. I do not hesitate to use the black salve even thought it hurts, and burns and may cause a scar. I know that when the lesion is gone, its gone and won’t come back. I have the spots to prove it. I am 78 yrs old and am not afraid of this product. I am afraid of doctors.
      And also regarding warts: I have been told by those who have done this, that putting duct tape over the wart and leaving it there for a time, the when you remove the tape, the wart comes too, and without any pain or scarring.

      1. Jacky, thanks for weighing in. We got some hate mail, from people inside the medical profession who apparently didn’t WATCH my video that specifically says I am recommending NOTHING, just stating what **I** did about my own skin cancer. Which I should have the right to share. THOUSANDS have used black salve, for many, many years. I got a scab on my leg, twice, in the past year, and have a scar from both. So if you have skin cancer, ANY treatment that removes it has the potential for scarring. Of course it does. But it’s not witch doctor stuff and it’s not illegal and it’s not unethical to point out that the medical profession was UNABLE to get rid of my cancer with their cancer-CAUSING treatments, and black salve got rid of it for good, in my case without scarring.

        1. Robyn, where are instructions on how to use the dragon’s blood on a cansema treated new wound (the eschaR hung on for 4 weeks and just finally came off yesterday).I tried mixing a few drops with a wonderful homeopathic cream: emuaidMAX, but it burned a little. I don’t mind the slight burning but I don’t want to do anything to irritate or delay healing. It’s on my forehead. How did you use the Sangre de grado? Thank you,

    1. Charlotte, I had that thought and then I was a bit shy. Two of my pre-cancers had JUST fallen out and they are still healing. It’s been 2 weeks since I filmed that and they continue to look better and better. Time will tell if there’s any scarring. If so, it certainly won’t be disfiguring. None of my other precancers have come back or scarred after using the black salve, followed by dragon’s blood (and now I also use vitamin e oil).

  10. Thanks Robyn! I’ve been successfully using the black salve for my pre cancer (actinic keratosis) for about 2 years. I put the paste on before bed and leave it for as long as I can stand it – about 6 hours at night. It only burns when it is near cancer cells but when it does it burns me like crazy. So the burn tells me it’s finding the cancer which is worth it. After I’ve taken all I can stand, I clean it off using colloidal silver and spray colloidal silver repeatedly for several days. Within a week all of the dead cancer scabs fall off and within a few weeks there are no scars and nothing but nice new skin. I’m good as long as I don’t spend too much time in direct sunlight which I like to do. So I repeat the process about every 6 months. Great video! Keep up the great work!

    1. Good to know there’s another way that doesn’t involve leaving the black salve on for days, like I have done, following the directions Cansema posts on their website. That seems more doable. My stinging is very, very mild. Maybe because my pre-cancers have been very superficial, I don’t know. It’s never been very painful, just slight stinging for a couple of hours at most, on my worst one.

    2. Steven or Robyn, could you help me figure out what to do? I put the black salve on, and cleaned it off with hydrogen peroxide 24 hours later. The results for me were crazy and interesting. In each spot I had what felt like a small pebble under my skin. (arms and legs). After the salve being on for just 24 hours on that one bump, the bump popped open with cancer (white), and about a dozen other white bumps popped up too–places at the surface that the salve hadn’t touched. They were all within a 1 to 2″ radius of the initial bump. It seemed to me they had come from a root system of some sort, so I applied the salve another 24 hours topically over the whole area of where the bumps were. More appeared the next morning, and I took the salve off and haven’t reapplied black salve since then.

      I read on this site: http://www.altcancer.com/can5.htm that you’re supposed to start applying the after-care cream (not Sandre de Drago–but still natural) immediately after you take the salve off. I had had some questions about Robyn’s videos–just detail questions–and so I googled and found that site and figured I was doing the right thing to be applying the Sangre de Drago and Vitamin E after I took the salve off.

      Well, I’m about a week out now, and they’ve been scabbing over nicely until yesterday. A day or so ago I put bandages on the two largest areas. Nothing has fallen out yet, and it seemed they might be better covered. Yesterday when I removed the bandage to apply the SdD, the top layer of scabbing pulled off, but then the open wound area was visible and it was white gooey–cancer I think.

      I just watched Robyn’s video again, and saw one of my new questions answered–that the Sangre de Drago shouldn’t be applied until after the cancer falls out.

      Given where I am, I’m hoping one of you has time to comment on what you might do from here. I’ve had 2 spots of basal cell on my face and arm before–treated by dermatologist–and I am not going back to dermatologist for this. Many reasons, but if you feel you should advise me to possibly go to an MD or a dermatologist, I’m not going 😉

      I’m thinking I should take the bandages off (??really not sure on this part) and let the scabbing form again and when the cancer falls out, then I should start applying the SdD. However, Robyn said she left the areas covered with bandages until the cancer fell out, and then started applying the SdD and Vitamin E.

      The other half of me says to leave everything covered until all the stuff falls out. Then remove the bandages. If there’s still white goo at that point, then I can re-apply the black salve and start from square one on that spot. Last week everything was white. This week, most everything is scabbed over, so no white showing. Black dot formed in middle of most.

      I’m sorry to make a short simple video so complicated. I hope one of you can help direct me.


  11. Having worked in a surgical skin cancer clinic for years at the Huntsman Cancer Institute this is so alarming that you are advertisingthe use of black salve for diagnosed skin cancer treatment. I have seen dozens of patients who come in years later after using black salve and have skin cancers that continued to grow under the surface of this skin. Sadly I have had to witness many people lose their nose, eyelids, ears, large areas of tissue that could have been excised with a much smaller area in the beginning but instead were treated by black salve which only took care of the surface concern. In terms of a precancer or actinic keratosis maybe it would do the same as liquid nitrogen, ED&C or efudex cream but black salve is not adequate treatment for any diagnosed skin cancer. Any American Academy of Dermatology physician or fellowship trained MOHS surgeon would agree. If an individual has a skin cancer in a critical location they need to be treated with MOHS surgery which is a skin sparing procedure in which the tissue is tested while the patient waits or at least a simple excision. MOHS sugery is the only way to get the the highest cure rate for a basal cell, squamous cell skin cancer. Melanoma skin cancers always require surgerical treatment and possibly more depending on the depth of the melanoma. Please do not promote or spread misinformation about black salve or treatment of diagnosed skin cancers.

    1. Hi Breeanna,

      I agree that the M.D.’s, who are ONLY trained in chemos/radiation/surgery, would denigrate all other approaches. However, you can see HORRIFYING videos all over YouTube of the “topical chemotherapy” for skin cancer. Weigh that against the photo of the girl on the internet whose skin cancer fell out of her nose, leaving a hole. That is the devastation of SKIN CANCER, because any way you treat it, the treatment is potentially disfiguring.

      I would invite you to listen to my video all the way through since I repeatedly state I am not promoting and that I am not suggesting anyone else do what I did. I do, however, think people should know that they have options. MOHS surgery is NOT the only way to “get the highest cure rate” because the medical monopoly is not ever going to study a non-patentable natural substance that people have used millions of times effectively for skin cancer.

      Nor did I spread any misinformation. My family has used it for 3 generations, and I will use it again, as I have additional pre-cancers. Cutting, burning, and poisoning is not MY choice, and choices should be available, despite the medical monopoly.

  12. Great video and info! I’ve seen you while you were wearing your band-aids/treating your cancer, and after, and I didn’t see or notice any scarring on your face. I may have to give this a try!

  13. Hi Robyn. So glad you got the word out about black salves. I have extensively used them for both melanomas and less serious cancers. I usually use Two Feathers ointment, which is a Native American formula with no caustic ingredients. I even use it internally, as cancers are systemic and what shows up on the skin is often only what’s visible.
    The man who makes and sells Two Feathers recommends spraying the area with colloidal silver after the eschar falls out.
    One more idea – I read somewhere a while back that coconut oil is an effective sunscreen. Not sure if that is true. I have used it a few times and I did not get badly burned, but then I don’t usually remain in the sun more than a couple of hours anyway.

    1. Hi Michelle, I considered that product as well, and it seemed interesting. I think Two Feathers gets away with selling it because of the unique ability for Native Americans to have some protection from the law. I have read that about coconut oil as well, and have tried it and it seemed to be a very mild sunscreen for me, at least. but it makes no sense since it’s a main ingredient in tanning LOTION meant to accelerate tanning!

    2. As far as natural sunscreen you can use Helichrysum E.O. and Sandalwood E.O. and mix with a lotion that is healthy for your skin. I am a redhead and when I use this, I have no problem with burning. I am getting better at covering myself when I am out all day with my husband, but you still get exposure on your face and hands, and this does the trick (I just read about the Sandalwood also being a natural sunscreen and have not gotten to use it in my lotion, but the Helichrysum works great!)

  14. Thanks for sharing this, Robyn! This one made me laugh, as well as informing me. I’m getting some for Greg… his poor head is always getting burned and spotted and cut or burned. Good to “see” you! Hope all is well.
    – Linda Carrington

  15. Wondering if you looked at or considered Curaderm, an eggplant extract, that has been recommended to me as another alternative treatment/cure?

  16. I am so thrilled to hear about the black salve. I have a girlfriend that has had cancerous cells removed on her nose and forehead several times and the scarring is so bad they now want to fix the scarring with reconstructive surgery…Seems like it would have been much easier to use the black salve once. I have only been to the dermatologist once time and since then my cancer has spread rapidly on my skin… No thanks. Black Salve here I come.

  17. I have read some amazing stories about cancer “falling out or off” of people as they injest totally natural real food and leave all fake stuff behind. I have not heard about these products but am grateful you shared this information. I grew up in AZ with massive sunburns, nothing yet that has come back at me, but I will be ready now with these products.

  18. I’m so thankful to have found GSG! I first learned of GSG through “Chris Beat Cancer”. I’m excited to read through your other topics. I had skin cancer several years ago, and had seen so many doctors, which were clueless to what I had. This makes you lose your faith in them. I had been given so many horror stories from these doctors about what I had, and none of them were the same. Long story short, I did try several different “natural” salves, which I believe were working. I was ridiculed by others telling me that natural cures weren’t going to take care of the problem. I ended up getting it cut out, and it was smaller than it had been when I was first diagnosed with it. I firmly believe in natural cures, and I applaud you for helping others see that there are other means of treating oneself. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading more of your informative articles. 😉

  19. Hi Robyn, quick question: You said you put the bandaids on, and then 4 or 5 days after the application of the black salve, the skin cancer fell out. You also mentioned following the directions you found on the internet. I went looking and found a ton of videos for black salve. So far most of them have said they removed the bandaid after 12 to 24 hours.

    I’m not sure what I should do. Is the best thing to do to leave the black salve covered by bandaids for 4 or 5 days? Or is it better to remove the bandaids after 24 hours?

    I’ve had two basal cell cancer spots removed (one left a huge scar). I’ve decided not to go the cut/burn route any longer. So black salve it is for me…just trying to clarify when to take the bandaids off. Thanks in advance for your help!


        1. I’d love to hear Jessica’s answer. That is where I ordered it, and the Sangre de Drago also. They both are packaged exactly like what Robyn shows on the video. I’ve already applied it, and it’s working!

  20. Hi GSG’rs, I’m assuming GSG isn’t allowed to post the actual site where Robyn ordered. Hopefully I, as a non-GSG staff member can tell you where to get it ;). I paused on the close-up Robyn gave of the product, and googled the product and company name. Here’s the link to get what I think is exactly what she got: https://www.herbhealers.com/store/http-www-altcancer-com-cansema-htm.html.

    You can also get the Sangre de Drago here. It looks identical to Robyn’s.

    As well, I found directions on exactly how to use the salve here: http://www.altcancer.com/can5.htm. This, in combination with Robyn’s video, provided me with all the details I need. Hope this is helpful to everyone!!

    What a great new product to learn about. I ordered some and am currently using it.

  21. I’m not sure if this is the correct place to comment for the blog challenge, however, I wish more people would try a more natural way to treat cancer, such as this, then with all the toxic chemicals being used on most.

  22. Cindy May, I too have had some white bumps come to the surface within an inch of the places where I applied the black salve. It was like it had killed the routes that spread out from the main area, so I was glad to see them. I’ve never bandaged my areas, so they’ve always scabbed over without showing any white movie, but it sounds like it’s working well to kill the cancer for you. As I mentioned earlier, I leave the spots uncovered and spray colloidal silver throughout the day for about a week, and the scabs all falloff in about 7 to 8 days. Then after about another two weeks everything looks as good as new with no scars or any signs of issue.

    1. Thank you so much Steven. Hearing that you had the same experience is helpful I am not going to bandage my arms next time. Turns out I was allergic to the bandage too, so my arms are a mess with a big red itchy rash plus the dying off cancer. YUCK! On my way to amazon to get some spray on colloidal silver. What I can’t figure out is why so many of the scabs aren’t falling out. But I’m not going to touch them. I was expecting a chunk of tissue to fall our as Robyn described, but nothing like that so far. The scabs are thinning out, but there are still some fairly good-sized ones that appear to be just sitting there. In any case, I can always go for round 2 if I need to. I’ll just let this play out.

      1. It sounds like you’ve had some extra challenges. I highly recommend the colloidal silver from Blue Ridge silver on Amazon. The 25 ppm colloidal silver is what I use, and it works great by preventing infection and helping everything heal more quickly. I’ve also read the colloidal silver kills cancer cells, so it should help there too. I hope everything works out for you.

  23. great vdo! I’ve used the salv before on my body never tried on my face, had serious operation to remove skin cancer , healed now but definitely don’t want that again. Never knew about the lemon advice, I’ll try it. Another thing I’ve used in the past to heal surface cancer on my neck and chin was fresh aloe vera, just taped jell on daily for about 2 -4 weeks and it totally healed it and never returned.

  24. I am SO glad to know about the black salve. I assume you will know about or have seen pictures of what I’m going to tell you….below. But first, my question. I have 8 active bumps that I think are BCC. This all started back in September when I ordered the salve and applied on 3 tiny pebble rock hard bumps under my skin. They exploded with all kinds of stuff. I was thinking about getting them biopsied (really for curiosity), but just heard in the black salve FB page, that biopsies can cause cancer to spread. Have you ever heard this?

    I had 2 basal cell carcinomas (bccs) about 10 years. I had them both excised, one leaving a huge scar on my arm, and the other being a MOHs…can’t even tell anything was even done there. They were both just tiny circles of dry skin that never healed.

    I have the exact same arms as my dad, and he gets pre-cancers removed (frozen off?) every few months. I had the same dry spots on my forearms as I had before, and as my dad had. I had also developed 3 tiny hard pebbles under the skin on my arm and leg. I was curious what they were, and since I am my own doctor now–no MD’s for me thanks–, I ordered some black salve and applied. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say I have dozens of pictures of what has exploded out of my body. I think it’s fascinating, but my poor, sweet mom, finds pictures very hard to look at.

    I will say that the outcome of mine is FAR different from your neat and tidy outcome. I will send you pictures if you want. I’m still not done. I have 8 active bumps with all the pus and barbs and strings, and mold (yes mold) that come out. I am treating and retreating, because all roots have to be gone in order for it to be considered healed.

    I am in healing time-out right now 🙂 Will start again later if these don’t completely heal. And there are pictures in my black salve group that are far worse than mine.

    I’d do it all again in heartbeat. I had no idea I had all this garbage inside of me. Mine has a shallow root system, so it just spreads quickly as soon as it hits the salve. I get sattelite bumps. And my eschars are not deep at all. Still nice to get them out. Ever time I’ve applied salve cancer did not come out. I’ve learned quite a bit in this group. It’s been good. I’m also happy to send you an email with tips and tricks to keep the healing process under control, less painful for some people, and to reduce the number of times you have to retreat a spot. I’ve also noted that many women treat their breast cancer with this, and quite a few have said that their doctors told they they had clear margins, but they came home and put the black salve on it, and removed the rest of the cancer the doctor didn’t see. Interesting….really.

    1. Doctors have known going all the way back to Hippocrates that when you cut into cancers — even to do a biopsy — you cause the cancer to spread. Numerous studies and reports support this. See : http://www.altcancer.net/cutting.htm . . . As for breast cancers, including Merkel’s, malignant phyllodes, and common ductal and invasive cell carcinomas, Cansema (Black Salve) is frequently used for treatment ( see : http://www.altcancer.net/breast_protocol.htm ). We have hundreds of pictorials and testimonials collected over 20+ years at : http://www.altcancer.net/cansema.htm#testimonials

      I don’t know which “black salve” you’re using, but if you keep having to come back to retreat, something is off. In our case, the directions are very straight-forward. See http://www.altcancer.net/can5.htm . . . certain “after care” products can actually inhibit the healing process, so you have to be careful. See : http://www.altcancer.net/aftcare.htm

      Other questions can be answered by writing to support@herbhealer.com

      Greg Caton
      Alpha Omega Labs

      1. Hi Greg, you probably saw I found you and posted on FB. Funny thing is, I got your Amazon brand of black salve (formerly Cansema) and it’s the directions I was sent, and online, that talk about re-treating if the cancer went too deep and the topical treatment didn’t get it all. It makes sense to me that the topical can’t necessarily access cancerous cells beyond a quarter inch or so? I’m going to run a more detailed series of blog posts soon, after the big controversy and hundreds of comments on my FB page!

        1. You are correct, Robyn. But re-treatment is a matter of degree. With Amazon Black Salve (Amazon) you will normally have one or two “cycles” to ensure that all remnant cancer cells are cleared out. As an example, I did a pictorial of 5 growths I took out of my own body in 2009 and most of those were “one cycle.” A couple spots I had to hit twice. ( See bottom of : http://www.altcancer.net/docs/quack/eschar.htm ).

          This stands in enormous contrast to something like Curaderm, where you have to apply twice daily for MONTHS to see results. It is far more expensive and there are side effects. See : http://www.altcancer.net/ashwin/ashw1015.htm

          LASTLY . . . Cathryn and I want to thank you for covering the subject of Black Salves, since even in the alternative media, there are those who are hesitant to discuss it openly. Many thanks and much gratitute . . .

          1. Well, Greg, I’m taking shots for it! Including from my influencer friends! But it seems RIDICULOUS to say that because it might scar, I shouldn’t tell people what I did. The cutting approach by dermatologists scars, too. Why does that whole profession get a free pass from scrutiny and QuackWatch? I’m going to review the pics at your link…..I have readers sending me their astonishing pics of using black salve, on Facebook Messenger and in email. I’m glad to know you have to apply it twice—I think I remember that this carcinoma I just burned off, I tried to burn it off when it was a pre-cancer, and I must not have gotten it all. A friend read my FB post, bought some salve from you, and he told me today he’s been reapplying every day after his shower. OUCH!

          2. Robyn — yes, multiple applications are often required, as discussed in the User Instructions (www.altcancer.net/can5.htm) . . . but the “OUCH” factor can usually be greatly mitigated, if not eliminated, by observing simple pain management techniques, where the size of the growth being removed requires it. See : http://www.altcancer.net/cansema_pain.htm

      2. Greg, thanks a million for your email. I’ve been resalving for 2 reasons.. You can tell me what you think. My body is utterly sick. I have two other main ailments–severe fungal candida overgrowth being the one I think could affect me. I’m 45 and have been bedridden for 8 years.

        Since I am bedridden, I don’t go see doctors. I have a friend who is a naturopath and he helps me along the way. But leaving the house to get a biopsy isn’t something I can do really.

        I had 2 BCC spots about 10 years ago. Had them both excised. Over past decade tiny flesh colored bumps had appeared. Bumps were hard and not poppable. My husband really wanted to cut me open! I will mention that I had questions after watching the video. I finally joined the black salve FB group, and everybody does things differently. After I applied the salve to the 3 bumps, I exploded! I’ll send you pics if you want? I just need your gmail email address. At the end of every salve, there were little teensy white bumps. (same with everyone else in the FB black salve group) Lots of people salve 5 or more times. I’ve seen 10 and one poor woman did 70 over a number of years. And she still has horrible looking arms. Just more cancer than bone or skin. Hers are deep. Mine appeared to be roots that run a tunnel through my entire body. (a little sarcastic humor there).

        When it healed over, I noticed two things, the bump that I first treated was still there, and then when I resalved, I had another explosion all over again. I have rubbed salve on areas that show nothing, and that area immediately explodes. Honestly, I think I have systemic cancer or something. And at this point the other things bother me so much more, I’m not concerned (like scared or frightened) about the cancer. I do want to get better, but this doesn’t hurt, so it concerns me less than the other stuff going on.

        I started with those 3 tiny bumps and I’m in the healing stage of 8 large bumps right now. Every time I salve them, they get larger and larger and put out more stuff. I started in September and have taken little breaks, but most of the time I’m healing or salving.

        The only thing I read that I haven’t done correctly is I haven’t put a cover on it once the eschar falls out. Mine are very shallow. Sometimes I don’t get an eschar. I just wake up with satellite white bumps (cancer) all within a 2″ radius of the original bump. Next day I wake up with even more and further away. The original bump not being gone, but being bigger, I think I need to resalve. What do you think? I also don’t always cover during the application stage. It seems no matter what I do, I get the white roots, and then the “ring-around-the-rosy” which is white, sometimes filled with pus, and eventually heals over….and gets resalved. I’m guessing I’m one of your more unusual clients. I wasn’t expecting an email from you, though I appreciate it. Oh, and I did buy exactly what Robyn held in her hand–from Alpha and Omega labs. I was confused bc lots of people were calling it cansema, but my bottle looks just like hers and says black salve. I know other people are ordering from Best on earth. I don’t know which is the right one or if they both are. But this one seems to work?

        One last thing–I think that all the salving I’m doing will help the candida heal. It’s all fungal/cancer/mold stuff.

        Sorry so long….I didn’t know what kind of info you’d want if any?

      3. I will say I haven’t cut into any of these lesions that I’m treating. So it’s not for that reason that I’m having to resalve. At least in my opinion 🙂

    2. Cindy, I am writing you privately. I am very interested to hear more about your story, see pics, and learn everything you’ve learned in this process—I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this.

    3. Cindy, to clarify, you said, “Ever time I’ve applied salve cancer did not come out.” Do you mean it DID come out? We want to know…..

      1. I replied to this one already, but I don’t see it (not sure if I should be seeing it). Anyway yes, you are right. I suffer from “wonky brain”, and wrote the wrong word. Sheesh. Yes, tons of stuff comes out every single time. And I get sattelite cancer showing up to 2 inches away from where I salved. And the next day it will go even further. That just makes me think root system.

        I have all my pictures in Google Drive. I usually just share it to the other person’s email. They are all on my arms and leg–nothing private, so any of your staff can see it. I get lots of redness and swelling around the site after I apply the salve. At one point it went up almost my whole leg–from little dime-sized bit of salve. You can make a movie on my crazy body someday.

        I’ve learned two interesting things (and many more) on facebook. First one has a long name that starts with an M. Its basically GMO cancer. It’s the most awful thing I have ever seen. This poor girl. It is all over her entire body. She had blue fibers coming out of her leg–she hadn’t done anything to bring that about–she didn’t know anything was wrong with her. Can you imagine? Sitting there watching TV and blue stuff starts growing out your leg. Fortunately she found the black salve and she is healing up nicely. But she looked like the bride of frankenstein, poor girl. And I saw there are other groups on FB with other GMO diseases. NOW there is proof. I wish I was born in another country. I’m sure I ate GMO food without knowing it….

        Bless you Robyn for all you are doing. If someone sends me an email address to use, I’ll send you my lovely pics.

  25. I am 45 (blue eyed, light brown hair) and have MANY (like 2 dozen) AK’s that my dermo and I have been trying to treat for the past 4 years. (Totally a sun worshiper my whole life!) Carac, PDT, ingenue mebutate and after many awful (or “good”) reactions to these treatments, my pre cancer spots still remain. We have frozen one and it has not come back but I am wary of doing that for the 20+ spots on my face. I have to be honest, this black salve frightens me too, and I don’t want to go at it alone. Do you know any Holistic Dermotologist in the Pittsburgh, PA area that would guide me through the process?
    I truly believe “Let Food be thy medicine” and eat very clean. I have tried almost every other “natural” cure for Actinic Keratosis (apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, essential oils, etc…).

    I am desperate to get this issue behind me once and for all! Thank you for any help you can give me!

    1. Tracey, I had a rough start to my salving, and it was mostly because I really had trouble figuring out the specifics and technique of what to do. After a year of doing this, I have learned so much, that if I can write one stinkin’ long post and save you a year’s worth of learning and a lot of time messing up, I am happy to help. My issues are complicated :)….I am not saying it will take you a year. So be forewarned, this will be long!

      I’m saving this, so all I have to do is copy and paste in the future to help others.

      I also am 45 with the same coloring you describe, except my hair has moved toward brunette. I joined the Black salve group on facebook, as well as the Blood Root group. They are both closed groups, one has 3000+ members and the Blood Root group has 10,000+–just to help you identify them. Blood Root plant is what is in black salve. They are sort of sister groups, as I joined one, and that somehow joined me to both. If that was the only advice I gave, it would be well worth it!–to join one of those groups. If you need any help finding them, just reply back here. I have learned A LOT in there. I honestly think they are a lot more helpful and knowledgeable that most doctors, MD or ND. And they are free. And available at any time of day, since it is a global group with a lot of members from the land of Oz (Australia).

      I started with 3 teensy bumps, flesh-colored, 1 on my arm, and 2 on my right thigh. I am dealing with some pretty big and complicated health issues, and I’m on toxic medication, so don’t let my experience scare you in any way. I really was just curious to see what was inside those bumps, and thought it would be a nice diversion for a week! Since I could use the salve diagnostically, I did, having NO idea what would start emerging and spreading (on my skin–not inside my body). I had never heard of black salve, so I am so glad Robyn told us about it. I spent most of my time this last year in the larger Blood Root group. There’s so much experience in there, and people are very supportive and will answer any question you post. Before you post, I’d suggest taking a look at the group pictures, because that will give you a very quick idea of how in depth the group is. Most people are using the salve in conjuction with huge diet changes because they are battling breast cancer, extensive skin cancers, and even internal cancers like liver, lung, sarcomas and pretty much anything else. This salve does amazing things. Just from applying to the outside over the liver, one woman pulled out breast cancer that had metastasized to the liver.

      If you are squeamish, just be prepared. Cancer is not pretty. I had no idea how ugly and goopy it is.

      Everyone’s experiences are difference. A lot of people do have pain because the salving is so extensive, and the deeper the root, the more intense the pain is. I have really not had any. I do get itching when I first salve, and at the end when the eschar is ready to fall out. They have so many natural pain and itch remedies in the group. For intense itching (mixed with some burning), I use Terramin bentonite clay mixed with purified water to form a salve/paste. Don’t bother buying any other brand of clay. Terramin is far superior. It’s 100% minerals (75+), a great detoxifier, and it will also gently pull things to the surface, but I apply it with the itching I can’t handle. Works great. And puts a lot of minerals into the body….a nice plus! You can take it internally as well. I will take it daily the rest of my life. A teaspoon in a large glass of water—it gets everything–virus, bacteria, toxins, food poisoning, etc. The book “The Clay Cure” is a must-read. So good. If you are on any medication, take the Terramin clay 1 to 2 hours or even 3 hours away from any medication.

      I have learned that everyone has a different style and set of “rules” for salving. The best tip I learned is to salve in the morning and gently remove the salve at bedtime so that your body can rest and heal. Then reapply the next morning. Applying 24 hours straight is the general rule of thumb, but so much healing is done while we sleep, I thought this tip was invaluable. Following, is the exact process that works well for me. Apply salve, the less, the better! Cover with 100% lanolin, pharmaceutical grade. Then cover with the round flat cotton things that you might use to remove makeup. And on top of that, Tegaderm film to hold it in place. Almost everyone, including me, has found that bandaids of any sort cause a bad reaction. Some people use coconut oil in lieu of the lanolin, but the things I’m drawing out are very dry, and the lanolin will keep it moist for at least an entire day.

      So day 1: I salve 12 hours (using the exact steps I outlined above). If you are in pain or very itchy, remove salve (with a little water or a little peroxide on a Q-tip). If you feel fine, then leave salve on and go to bed. Remove salve the the next morning, after about 24 hours. If possible, I leave the salve on for the duration of the process. But if it’s itchy, I’ll remove it.

      Day 2: Salve again for another 12 hours (if you removed it the night before).

      Day 3 through end of process: I change bandage daily, morning and night, only bc the eschar dries out too quickly. Moisture makes the process go faster. Some don’t change the bandage for a week. You will know when the process is done, because one day when you change the bandage, the dead tissue will be expelled onto the white round cotton. And you’ll do a happy dance bc THAT is your trophy! It is imperative that you do not pick, prick, squeeze or otherwise do anything to the area you are treating. As soon as you do that, the cancer can spread like wildfire. You’ve already done some removal and maybe biopsies (same with me). But from this point forward, I wouldn’t. A lot of people don’t know what they are salving bc they don’t want to biopsy it. It’s honestly not important that you know what you are salving. Cancer is encapsulated so that it doesn’t spread. As soon as you cut into in any way (i.e. biopsy), you are likely making the process a lot harder and longer for yourself. And it’s for that same reason that you don’t pick at or even lift an eschar that is forming. Toward the end, the eschar will start pulling away from the skin, and more than once I’ve lifted it to see if it’s ready to come out, and every time I’ve done that, it has broken the eschar. And that means all the work and time you’ve put in will need to be redone. When it falls out on its own, the root will come with it. At the end, when the eschar starts to pull away, I start changing my bandage less (usually) bc if the eschar is too moist, it is more like to partially fall out. And you don’t want that. Just happened to me last week.

      Based on what you are describing on your face, you may see two things that a lot of people don’t. (This is true for me). 1) I don’t usually have one nice eschar. Mine are very shallow and I may have 20 tiny eschars in one patch that I’m treating. Or sometimes I don’t get an eschar at all–there’s clearly a reaction, but it ends up healing like a scab might. Same rules apply: No picking at the dead skin. It may be a very thin tumour. You may get to a point where you don’t need to bandage it, bc there is no risk of it being knocked around or accidentally hitting something and coming out early. 2) Satellite reactions are very common. I almost always put salve in one tiny spot, and I’ll get satellites within a 2″ radius. I treat any satellites with salve, starting from my day one process. I often find the satellites will end up joining with the initial spot that I saw. So if I salve those at the same time, I may end up with a larger eschar which is always nicer. I did have one time that I salved my upper arm at night, and next morning had a satellite reaction there and on my left ankle. The root system can be crazy. Anything that shows itself, just salve.

      4. Lastly, once the eschar(s) have fallen out, then it’s time for healing. At that point, I will use coconut oil or Christopher’s complete Tissue & Bone ointment, as they are more healing than lanolin. If there are any open cavities, I may bandage for a day or two. They heal very quickly. Exposing them to air will also help them heal over more quickly. Once they are healed enough that there is no more open wound, then the rule is, you resalve until you get no reaction. If you had a lot of pain, it is fine to let that area rest and salve something else. I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone who hasn’t had at least one more reaction. It’s not uncommon to salve an area 10 or 12 times. It just really depends on your internal health and how extensive the cancer or infection is. (Just bc you get a reaction doesn’t mean it’s cancer. One guy with an ingrown hair developed 3 HUGE eschars all down an entire lower leg (knee to foot). So apparently that infection that had developed around the ingrown hair had really spread.

      5. Don’t know how long you’ve been reading Robyn’s or other blogs…..but just in case you don’t know yet, anything that shows up in or on your body, from acne to cancer, is merely a symptom of what’s going on inside–which is generally a toxic body. (It’s your body notifying you that it needs help and attention. And if you don’t give it that, then more symptoms (or “diseases”) will develop. The more raw, organic food and home-made pro-biotic food you eat, the fewer chemicals, white refined sugar, additives and GMO’s you consume, the faster your body and your immune system will heal. If you are not familiar with whole foods eating, I would highly recommend Robyn’s 12-step book. I have always been slender and healthy (I thought), but I didn’t know anything about whole foods. It’s a really good way to about it. One change a month. Much more manageable that way.

      Since you are concerned with salving your face, especially close to your nose, just know that it’s highly likely that you could alter your diet enough that your face would heal without a drop of black salve. Depending on what’s going on, it may require really massive change, like eating and detoxing Gerson-Therapy style for 2 years. (2 years is how long it takes for your liver to re-grow completely). So just balance what you decide to do with diet and salving based on your preferences. I agree with everything Steven wrote. I just wrote 10 times as much since I’m female 🙂 I will say, once your liver and other detox organs are clean and you’re healthy inside, you should not get flare-ups or recurrences. When your body is healed and your immune system (lymphatic system + flora in gut) is functioning at an ideal level, you really don’t need to have any symptoms at all–not even a cold or flu.

      Hope all of this is helpful to you. I’ve been wanting to get it written out, so this seemed like a good time to do it 🙂

      The other thing I would do, as it is SO healing, is to listen to or read the Bible as much as you can. The Word of God literally heals us entirely. When Jesus was here, he healed every single person who asked. He never said no. He always did it immediately. It’s God’s will to heal completely every single person. We don’t see that a lot in the U.S., and there are reasons for that. And they’re not related to God testing or punishing us. They’re related to a passive church (everyone who calls themselves a Christian) and Christians who don’t follow the awesome instructions Jesus gave us. If I’m pointing the finger anywhere, it’s at me, because I didn’t learn most of this until the last couple of years. Just want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves you even more than a mother loves her kiddos. You can listen to audio bible online at Biblegateway.com. Also really good is Todd White on youtube.com. He’s practically a walking Bible, so you’ll get a lot from him, and he is nothing short of amazing and quite entertaining to boot. He’s got hundreds of videos, so here’s a first one that is his story. Good place to start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN7Xkl1JFZ4

      And then I just want to pray for your complete, supernatural healing. Jesus, thank you for cleansing Tracey’s body inside and out, head to toe. Every spot on her face, leave now, in Jesus’ name. All sickness and disease be gone in Jesus’ name. Thank you for loving us so much that you’ve provided everything we need for complete healing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

      Blessings to you!! Cindy

        1. p.s. again–Just found out today that Todd will be speaking in PA next Spring. God works all kind of amazing miracles through him every single day. And his conferences are no exception. (No one is called up on stage to get healed and pushed over. It’s just nothing like what you might see on TV.) He totally doesn’t care about money, and never asks for it. Often his conferences are free (depends on who is hosting it), and if there is a charge, I would love to pay for it for you to go. Here’s some of his schedule. http://tinyurl.com/zfub8oy

          Cindy <3

  26. As I wrote earlier, the Amazon Black Salve works well for me. I’m 49 years old, (also blue-eyed, light brown hair) and cancer seems to run in my family. I’ve had AK’s for about 10 years, both of my brothers have had skin cancers removed, my mom died of cancer, and her brother and mother both died of cancer. I’m trying to avoid that path by avoiding sugars and processed foods. Also, I have not been to the doctor since 1999 which was for a work-related physical.

    I drink colloidal silver daily, and I spray it on the AK’s after treating myself with the black salve on small pea-sized areas – not more than 2 areas at once because it burns like crazy. I apply it about once every six months when the AK’s flare up – which is usually after I spend too much time in the sun. I don’t leave it on for more than about 8 hours because I apply it at night, it burns, I don’t take pain meds, and it can’t sleep. I apply it to small area, and it seems like a quarter-sized area is cleared up. I use colloidal silver – soaked paper towel to wipe off the salve, and then I spray the CS on the areas to stop the pain and speed healing. After 7-8 days, the scabs all fall off, and I spray the CS for a few more days. Within a couple of weeks, there’re no signs of AK.

    I haven’t yet tried it on my nose, but both cheeks it works well. I suggest trying it on one tiny area first and see how it goes.

  27. Dragons Blood looks like tincture of Bloodroot. And Bloodroot got rid a thousands of skin tags around my neck, along with Hydrogen peroxide spray…and you wait and roll off the dead skin with your hand a little at a time….

    1. good to know. for the keloid scar i have from twice burning off my squamous cell skin cancer with the black salve. i appreciate this tip!

  28. Hi Robyn, thanks for the info. I have decided to try this and started 3 days ago. I have one of those precancerous growths on my nose. Well, it has formed quite a big escharo (?) and I am in quite a bit of discomfort. Should I continue? I am feeling a bit nervous that it is going to take a huge chunk out of my nose… Please could you reassure me… How long does it normally take for this to heal? Thanks again!

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