My Thoughts on Managing Stress

10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Doesn’t stress have everything to do with your overall health? Stress—or our reaction to it—is as powerful as food is, in achieving a high-vibration life or a low-vibration life.

Last year was possibly the most stressful year of my life. I wanted to share with you what I learned from it and the 10 ways I turned it all around.

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To Your Health!
—Robyn Openshaw

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  1. Robyn, your stress video really touched me. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to inspire others in their journey. You have a tremendous gift and are using it well. I listened to all of your CD’s while cycling when I was so busy raising 3 active kiddos. You inspired me then. Now, I’m empty nest and trying to find my way on a new path and you’re right there again. I’m so grateful. Congratulations on being on top of your life and not settling for anything less. Did you read Shania Twain’s book/story? I just went to her concert in Dallas and was so touched by her whole journey and where she is now. Totally amazing! I’m enjoying your GSG products and congrats on the success of launching your very own. So proud of you!!

    1. Pam, thank you so much. This meant a lot to me. See you soon, next year on tour with a lot of NYT best-selling authors and change-makers. XOXO, will have to read Shania’s story. She’s been through a lot.


  2. Robin, for the active person like yourself, I would recommend learning and daily practicing of Qigong. It is life changing and will balance your energy, create powerful feelings of compassion and vitality – for yourself first and then you can share out of overflowing abundance.

    Our physical body is made from 1 egg and 1 sperm – plus healthy, nutritious food, oxygen, clean water, and sunlight.

    But the energy within our bodies is created within 3 main “energy centers”:
    the Mind, the Heart and the Sacrum. Each has a different type of energy – an energy which you can learn to cultivate – just as you have learned to cultivate your external body.

    First, within your mind, you will learn to cultivate peace and serenity.

    Secondly, within your heart you learn to cultivate compassion and total acceptance (Perfect love) for yourself first, then for others, then for anyone who may create anger or hurt within your heart.

    Thirdly, you will learn to cultivate vitality and magnetism within the Sacrum/pelvis. These are the 3 gifts you will receive: wisdom and intuition (head), radiant love and compassion (heart), and a vibrant feeling of power and aliveness (sacrum).

    The 4th gift is the integration, harmony and balance of all 3 of these energy centers and a real – internally felt connection to the divine. You will enjoy inner harmony and balance, wisdom, radiant love and perfect acceptance, and vital life power.

    You have helped teach me how to create a radiant body, now as we are all “earthen vessels” made from healthy food, the next step is to cultivate the energy that flows within this body.

    This system fits nicely into Christianity also, if you are concerned about the spiritual dimension.
    1. Head- Father – The Word –
    2. Heart – Christ Consciousness & self-compassion which then radiates out to others –
    3. Sacrum – Holy Spirit – create and protect life power.

    QiGong will show you – and you will feel within your body – The union of all three energies. You will also learn how to willingly surrender, allow and RECEIVE these Divine energies of this trinity to flow into you.

    This wisdom is from thousands of years of practice.

  3. Thanks so much for the excellent video. I love everything you said. It makes so much sense. I hope I can remember to do your recommendations. I love self help books. My problem is putting the information into action.

  4. I really enjoyed your video about how to better handle stress, also I wanted to let you know I have been making smoothies for over a week and I really like them and I am feeling better. I have battled getting to my ideal weight for sometime and am very interested in the exercising on the vibration plate. I have one in storage and while it is not quite the machine you suggest I still thought why not try it. Do you have any suggestions of how to add resistance, or what to use while doing this.
    Finally, I am a Chiropractor of 31yrs, and I really believe you are on to something, I plan on bringing your ideas to my patients, keep the good stuff coming.

    Chris Zimmer DC

    1. Chris, you can get some hand weights and use them, but maybe the company who sold you the cheap one has an attachment? Because when I use my attachments, a lot of the vibration transfers to my UPPER body. Which is nice because normally it is mostly in the lower body, of course. Also bend over and put your hands flat on the platform, in a yoga stretch, and do squats, which also redistributes the vibration higher in the body, for the variation.

      1. Robyn: thank you very much. I thought I knew all the anti-stress tips:) Obviously I didn’t. It’s exactly what I needed right now!

  5. AW!!!! Thanks so much for this forward thinking information Robyn….I need to implement your suggestions and will share them with my new-to-the-adult-world son so he can get a jump start of peace-fullness.

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