8 Foods You Think Are Healthy But They Aren’t!

I did a new video last week on 8 foods you may think are “healthy” but the evidence shows they AREN’T. Check it out. 

How many of these do YOU eat on a regular basis? If your answer is ZERO, you get 100 GreenSmoothieGirl points! 100 more if you drink your quart of green smoothie every day!

Have a wonderfully healthy week!

6 thoughts on “8 Foods You Think Are Healthy But They Aren’t!

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  1. I’m back and I love all this wonderful information. that will help me achieve my ideal weight. Looking forward in teaching these wonderful GSGlife classes along with doterra. yay!, ?Thank you for all yoiur hard work, Teresa

  2. Love what you said about soy – I know so many people who eat a ton of soy products thinking that they are being so healthy! I have to admit – I am a bit of a sucker for yoghurt… but only the unsweetened kind! I never eat the flavoured stuff, only plain, unsweetened yoghurt 🙂

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